10 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

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We all love a celebrity wedding. Seeing two people vow to love each other forever is cute, but we have to admit that seeing what the ring looks like is definitely our favorite part. And more often than not, the engagement rings in particular are something to shout about. Not only do these celebrities have the money to put together their partner’s dream engagement ring, they also get to work with some of the best jewelry designers in the business. These famous people aren’t playing around when it comes to showing their loved one just how loved they truly are. And whether that comes in the form of millions of dollars worth of diamonds, or a rare gemstone, they’re not holding back from going all out when it comes to the ring. Nowadays, it even almost seems like a competition to see who can propose with the most ostentatious ring. But we guess that’s all just part of being a celebrity.

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264 responses to “10 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings”

  1. LBlush says:

    Lady Gaga’s ring does not look like a Padparadscha sapphire. It is a pink sapphire. Padparadscha sapphires are sunset orange/peachy pink color like Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring.

  2. Joseph Williams says:

    I want to die after watching this.

  3. 吴子觐 says:

    All of these rings have nothing on KSI’s beerus chain…..

  4. pasi mäenpää says:

    I appreciate only 1 ring. It isn’t maybe the most expensive ring, but it’s value is other things. I keep it priceless. Others are just beautiful.

  5. Ikike Udobong says:

    beyonce’s ring is the only big ring that looks good, the rest looks tacky ….as fuck

  6. keep in style says:

    I like shiny things but I’d marry my bf with paper rings lol

  7. cxutie says:

    Yeah when my mom and dad were married my dad got my mom a 1.5 Million dollar diamond ring with 3 diamonds in it cuz he was rich and had a big mansion

  8. Elyn Eye says:

    How much for the Mariah’s ring ??? I believe you forgot about it

  9. Joseph Jackson says:

    Why did Beyonce try to whap that ponytail to the other side knowing she made that last minute decision on the elevator. 😂😂😂😂 😆😆😆😆

  10. SURAJ S says:

    Hailey bieber ring💍 😍😍

  11. rednebula317 says:

    Dubeers company is laughing towards the bank…costed them like barely nothing..

  12. Evan McBride says:

    The other day i went to a jeweler and ny sister got to try on a 10.000 dollar pearl necklace and a 35.000 dollar ring

  13. Starr Gifford says:

    Yes I would like to have all these and past squares

  14. mellon collie says:

    does it have +10 agility?

  15. Tamara Joy Tabar says:

    i miss jelena

  16. Sara Israel says:


  17. Aly Bocanegra says:

    Why isn’t the ace family on here 😕

  18. Jada Wade says:

    And those rings are fugly the just a thought

  19. Jada Wade says:

    Honestly marriage is great but why buy a ring that just not worth your hard earn money.

  20. Lucas Dé Abrielle says:

    Queen Elizabeth II be like: *LOLOLOL*

  21. The Redd Group Inc says:

    Congratulations to all of you.

  22. Liberty GiveMe says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s ring was NOT “EMERALD SHAPED”, it was ‘OVAL SHAPED’!!!!

  23. Avocado_ V says:

    I literally have no words right now

  24. Mels Antique Jewelry dot com says:

    Antique Diamond Jewelry is more beautiful!

  25. Dal B says:

    Anyone who needs a ring that expensive is not worth marrying or pleasing their ego

  26. Butterflywings011 says:

    I am cheap…. There’s no way I’d buy a ring that’s over 1,000.. Jesus. $20-50 is just fine. If someone spent that much on a ring for me, I’d slap them. Put that money back in the bank.

  27. lisa says:

    Paris definitely paid for that thing herself

  28. Naina Chakma says:

    God even if my fiance boyfriend give me 20$ ring with love and dedication I will happily accept it and it till the end…. Coz I know how much a person need to work to get those money better then spending in a diamond ring I love to buy a small lovely 🏠 house…

  29. Dan Hill says:

    Is there no end to bashing the president you are disgusting

  30. Rachel Zielinski says:

    0:47 Hailey Baldwin
    1:22 Kim Kardashian
    2:13 Beyonce
    2:54 Kaye Middleton
    3:41 Paris Hilton
    4:23 J-Lo
    5:05 Mariah Carey
    5:46 Melania Trump
    6:30 Jennifer Aniston
    7:08 Lady Gaga

  31. Jacob Glenman says:

    💍 $630 30yrs in marriage STILL going STRONG

  32. Maya Chami says:


  33. 11STARFIRE says:

    Only Princess Diana’s ring is beautiful. The other rings are large and unattractive.

  34. Sarah Sathler says:

    Why iam watching this kkkkkkkk

  35. voodooblue61 blue says:

    Yet another lie by Trump!

  36. happy champion says:

    Which of theses jewel would you like to own?
    None ,would not wear something someone else created that didn’t work him him/her..

  37. SOLTBRAF says:

    Umm…sorry to be critical but I worked in jewellery for years so…. Beyonce’s ring did not go up in value because or precious metal cost alone because as you can see, it doesn’t have alot of metal; it went up because it belongs to Beyonce. Jennifer Anistons diamond is not emerald cut, its a radiant cut. Lady Gaga’s sapphire is not a Padparadsha sapphire as those are an almost electric orange- definitely not pink. Also the cost of the ring princess Diana wore is grossly underestimated, being as it has now had 2 royal hands wearing it. Seems like something you should know before making this video.

  38. French Fries says:

    Paris Hilton dumped him after haha

  39. Sniper Cain says:

    Y’all forgot about Gucci mane ring

  40. Hey Tabby says:

    Imagine losing your ring

  41. Iris Trevino says:

    My fave is Kate’s ring

  42. Queens XxX says:

    and catherine ftom the ace family

  43. Ali chudrue says:


  44. shi ying says:

    Y’all… wtf. Material shit is just, that. Plspls if anyone has money, give it away the world needs love

  45. DEPY K says:

    Id be terrified to wear such expensive rings…Besides love matters not the price

  46. Kendall Paige says:

    I can barely afford my schools lunch.

    • Liberty GiveMe says:

      Kendall – Well, look at it this way. Most of them SOLD THEIR SOULS AGES AGO, and are REAPING THEIR REWARDS HERE, while those that their souls are still intact, will have their REWARDS FOR ETERNITY in HEAVEN!!!! So, I’m going with ETERNITY IN HEAVEN, NOT HERE!!!!

    • Jacob Glenman says:

      Preach girl SMH

  47. Iced Coffee says:

    Expensive rings but none are really happy

  48. LeBron James says:

    Where is Gucci Mane’s wife ring?

  49. Toys Kids says:

    i always like sapphire

  50. K. V. says:

    So the more expensive they are, the cheaper they look or what…

  51. Lost Girl says:

    The most expensive for me is the 75 cent chips tf

  52. Ayesha Haque says:

    They all look the same

  53. Zoe Huang says:

    I can see why u want a big expensive ring but i personally don’t want to get robbed sooooooo

  54. Angela Bohot says:

    Geezer my ring was $25 off of Amazon lol

  55. annasimorin says:

    These are high key ugly

  56. Ali chudrue says:

    I wish her Happy life

  57. Robb K says:

    Kate Middletons ring would fetch MILLIONS MORE than ALL these other HUGE diamond rings at auction! 400k…pfttt

  58. Myxtical Gacha says:

    Make it pretty :/

  59. BLiinDsTEr says:

    Bro where’s gucci mane

  60. Valarie's SunShine says:

    Awh shit, ring size means NOTHING!

  61. i_Life_Style says:

    حدث واجمل موديلات خواتم زواج رائعة وفاخرة 2019||the most beautiful Engagement Rings

  62. Felix Payne says:


  63. KC CR says:

    Who care most will be divorced be fore to long 😝😔

  64. Glossy says:

    Welp, there is going to be a lot of robbed rings now.

  65. rodd22 says:

    I’m very happy with a blue 2 carat diamond ring my great grandmother gave to my grandmother on her 16th birthday. Something I love, not for it’s value but because of who owned it before me!!!!!

  66. Ahow Chawn says:


  67. Cj M says:

    I would not want any of them, to me they are all just to big…

  68. Gabriella Trapani says:

    U forgot Catherine paiz

  69. Margarita Marie says:

    everyone knows Kim Kardashian didn’t get robbed

  70. Pixie Lover says:

    Diamond Color Scale is D – Z, not J.

  71. Roman Luna says:

    I’d say yes if I was proposed to, with a Swarovski ring!

  72. Wei Han says:

    Why they all look alike same?

  73. Taylor Howell says:

    “Who would want to buy a used engagement ring?” … um me ? 🤚🏼🤚🏼. It was fucking Jlos!

  74. Marta Melendez says:

    I love Hailey ring and fits her so flawless on her !!!

  75. jason lul says:

    Aint got shit on that micheal guy

  76. Brandon YT says:

    500,000 million…..okay…

  77. m. mache says:

    10 leading by b Seleberity every one of you is remarkable and looking forward to see your wedding both Amazing charming incredible and it’s time for Married I’m wishing you all the happiness public sector voted 400k like Congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube I’m not Stranger’s to the Royal family. Mo

  78. Teagan with an 'EA' says:

    if I was rich and famous i would prefer an average size ring. but with the best diamonds and perdit ( my birth stone) you can get.

  79. Maxwell Alessandro 1992 ,gmail com Stewart says:


  80. T Nelson says:

    Imagine giving a girl a 35 karat diamond ring and she still leaves you. WOW!

  81. Navya G says:

    I love Kate’s ring it is beautiful

  82. Scarlett Ellison says:

    Tbh I don’t like Haileys

  83. ondy andra andra says:

    Oh waw mariah had 10 mill ring

  84. Esther Karanja says:

    we all know…..

  85. Jeo Sioson says:

    And before I clicked, I thought “oh Mariah Carey’s probably here huh.” And I saw the clip in the intro.. I was right. Diamonds and Mariah are definitely a thing.

  86. Samantha Wells says:

    I have a lot so we all can drink so yeah

  87. mary harvey says:

    The voice was saying emerald cut with tapered baguettes, but the picture was an oval cushion, for Aniston. Why?.

  88. Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

    She’s no fool that girl.

  89. Miss Jehan says:

    let us hug

  90. ottomedic51 Texas says:

    TRump lies about EVERYTHING!!

  91. Becky Rode says:

    Maybe the bigger the ring is the better chance of divorce.

  92. Pink Diamond says:

    I wish you guys put La Toya Jackson engagement ring from Jeffrey Phillips

  93. Ima Speck says:

    Just ANOTHER example of Trump being a liar

    • alex j says:

      Ima Speck lol you obese basement dwelling losers are so jealous of successful people. Get off your bum ass

  94. Toys Kids says:

    Nice rings. Wish I have such big rock

  95. Aneth Swai says:

    And still breakup🤭

  96. Duchess of Merania Merania says:

    anistons is pretty and melania

  97. Yvette Grier says:

    Expensive? Yes. I don’t think they are beautiful and I am an avid Liberace fan in all its flashiness!

  98. Elaine Snow says:

    Why did J Lo give the ring back to Afflack? Under law, it was a gift, and she should have been able to keep it.

  99. Best daily videos Vevo says:

    You kinda need to put jennifer lopez on this list. Jennifer Lopez engagement ring is worth 5.5 millios us dollars

  100. Dolly Madeson says:

    Hailey is a dude and her husband is FEMALE…..wake the fuck up!

  101. Mark Freeman says:

    Justin Bieber rings looks plastic

  102. Kit Stark says:

    I think it’s ludicrous to spend that much. They aren’t that pretty. Just think how many people you could help if you chose to. Disgusting.

  103. Night Owl says:

    I thought Jens ring from Ben was a Pink Heart Shapped Ring 🤔🤨

  104. Christine Newhouse says:

    Those rings can help the poor..

  105. Shanara Blue says:

    I have no idea why they are all so similar when they spend that kind of money , unfortunately they tend to dwarf the fingers being so large, I guess they are investment pieces, with fakes being used 70% of the time . ( iam guessing) and will be noticeable off the bat in photos . I just tend to think they are not as sparkly as you would expect so high a grade of gem . More money than sense comes to mind… And I love gems of all types, i love anything sparkly ,jewellery being a passion. I just kind have a flat impression of these …

  106. Beth Campbell says:

    Excuse me, but Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux DID marry and are now divorced!

  107. lala blu says:

    Just because he bought you a big diamond ring does not mean he truly loves you! Hailey everybody knows he is still in love with Selena Gomez

  108. Josi says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s engagement diamond is either really cloudy or the ring was in desperate need of a good cleaning.

  109. Panou Thao says:

    Do the crazy rich Asian wedding rings. Lol

    • Red Irish Rose says:

      Scottied tell me exactly what Nathan would like I may not be able to afford it but I want to know am what is on his mother’s wish list I can’t help if I don’t know.
      Red Irish Rose of the south

  110. Tenaciously Brittany says:

    Kim didnt get robbed. She admitted she made it all up.

  111. Mark Leestma says:

    The Pink Diamond, from Ben to J Lo

  112. Forbidden Rose says:

    I loved Lady Gaga’s ring the most. 😍

  113. Sandra Gruhle says:

    Nap matter how expensive the jewelry, an exhibitionist will still appear cheap if she continues to appear in public displaying as much flesh as the law allows.

  114. Andretti says:

    Any engagement ring could be made in TWO days …she is full of crap saying rings made two weeks.

  115. Andretti says:

    They are worthless , yes diamond are beautiful , but worthless.

  116. jane mckenzie says:

    Most of the rings look similar😒

  117. Flo Malone says:

    0:53 Half a million is $500,000. Not $500,000 million.

  118. Mikayla MacAllister says:

    Crappy commercial. President Trump is the best president we’ve had since Reagan perhaps even better than Reagan. Trump 20/20

  119. Melissa Garcia says:

    My moissanite engagement ring is better😁😁😁

  120. Jam Ardaniel says:

    I believe Mariah Carey 30+ Karat ring costs $21 Million

  121. Sandi Stroud says:

    Can you imagine how many homeless and hungry people could be helped with all that money.

    • doina dragomir says:

      those hungry and homeless people should go to fucking work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely hate them ! lazy bastards

  122. Pam Lane says:

    The ring is for love not how much money you have

  123. Pam Lane says:

    Why do they need rings that size

  124. Nik110512 says:

    Except that a good number of these celebrities don’t pay for those rings… especially if they make a big deal of mentioning where they got it from, they’d either get it for free or at a hefty discount.

  125. pip pop says:

    They pretty much all look the same sorry not sorry

  126. therese says:

    lmao these rings doesn’t even look that beautiful, it’s just expensive because of how big the diamonds are

  127. Gemma Tussy says:

    frankly this is disturbing.

  128. Liv Chapé says:

    That’s not a padparadscha. It’s not even pink/orange colour, it’s purple.

  129. Super maticrack says:

    algunos de tus videos son copiados de doc tops

  130. EURONYMOUS says:

    Seriously nobody going to point out how these people are manipulating our country and its laws and getting away with it meanwhile dropping fortunes on a fucking rock and expecting us working class peasants to just let it happen and go along with it?

  131. EURONYMOUS says:

    Must be nice to be able to spend a million dollars on a rock while the rest of the world is in turmoil all these celebrities are Democrats trying to open our borders to anyone and everyone. Why don’t the illegals live with you guys I mean obviously you’d be able to take care of them if your spending this kind of money on a rock while Americans Legal Citizens are being murdered and starving to death because of your cluelessness to the rest of the world sitting cozy in your mansions with your slaves oops sorry I meant paid servants doing everything for you including wiping your ass dont understand how you expect us tax paying peasants to be able to pay for all these people that don’t belong and be able to survive as well

  132. alva gang says:

    I would propose with a funyuns

  133. alva gang says:

    Damn I couldn’t even afford for 1 carat

  134. Margaret NG says:

    I think it is a descent act to return a engagement ring if the couple broke up, at least before marriage.

  135. deadleyspike 3165 says:

    When are u guys doing a face reveal? I’ll unsubscribe if you don’t do it next vidro

  136. Kevin Rivera says:

    What about Floyd Mayweather’s 10 million dollar ring

  137. Torred Cat says:

    Congrats on 12 million!!!

  138. Tulley Novielli says:

    Awesome video the Ritchs

  139. Rexel _ says:

    Elon musk buts all diamond rings, and launches in to space.

  140. Natalie Luders says:

    Paris Hilton’s ring is hideous

  141. NM Dy LYRIC says:

    Love Steven universe

  142. Investing Hustler says:

    I think I’ll propose with a ring pop instead 😅

  143. Julio Garcia says:

    Does a ring pop count?🤔😂

  144. Alex Stopped Responding says:

    I love the richest I’ve been subbed wince they had 750k and their vids are fascinating and funny @therichest

  145. Peter Piper says:

    You just say Kanye is flawless and everything he creates? Lmao

  146. o0Blue Cheeze0o says:

    Biebers mrs is a growler

  147. spike says:

    Your ego must be small to wear something that expensive instead of donating it to charity shame on all…

  148. Ryan Malo says:

    um 500,000,000 =half a million dollas ?

  149. Susan Raezer says:

    Sorry I don’t believe in wearing jewelry.

  150. Pablo Díaz says:

    *Ahora que tenés más suscriptores tus videos ya no son tan virales como antes, tus videos eran más virales cuando tenías menos suscriptores y el hijo de puta de Doc Tops se robaba tu contenido*

  151. NPS_bolz says:

    That’s very expressive

  152. cuteja123 :P says:

    Cool vid 🙂

  153. Juan Laris says:

    FUCK YOU ALL CELEBRITIES I got no problem

  154. Oblivious Whistle says:

    Great vid

  155. Pagan Min says:

    It’s 500000 thousand not 500000 million…

  156. Mellee Crazy says:

    Y u na good

  157. Damon Vangraff says:

    Mariah Carey ring 💍👑😍💎💪 #1

  158. Official Ibrahiim TV says:

    Ehmm🤔 i can’t spend my money💰on this shit…..But anyway it’s an investment.

  159. X3 BUILDS2 says:


  160. facts 007 says:

    but its not the quantity/ price of the diamond ring that sustains relationships
    its the quality of the love between lovers ☺ 😍 💒

  161. Anannya P says:

    I hate the fact that Hailey has Jb’s ring it’s meant for Selena

  162. THE DIAMOND TV says:

    notification squad

  163. Mustafa sultane says:

    Omg😱😱12 million subscribers I hope one day I gonna have 12 million but I never gonna get 😕😔

  164. Cody Elliott says:


  165. James Toogood says:

    Early omg

  166. yelena gabriyelova says:


  167. fallout boy says:

    Early squad

  168. dem cheetos says:

    Mean while im still using the plastic sweet ring 😥

  169. ProNickGamer says:


  170. Artiom Ivanov says:


  171. Artiom Ivanov says:


  172. Adam Sjöberg says:


  173. Reece Mccann says:


  174. Jason de rulos says:


  175. Leo Robinson says:

    I think you do ace video I love it

  176. •That Short Mexican• says:

    Omg I love ur channel so muchhh

  177. League Of Bugs says:

    Frist yaaaaz early squad

  178. Mellee Crazy says:


  179. •That Short Mexican• says:


  180. Madison Kwarteng says:

    Hello sec one

  181. Pingu Luver says:

    Hey 😉

  182. BilalBWO says:


  183. Josh Worland says:


  184. Jaxson Silvers says:

    For the 2% of people who see this, I just wanna say good luck to you in the future!!


    THANK YOU 🙏🏻

  185. Angel Corona says:


  186. Big Money Vlogs says:


  187. Brooklynn Breckner says:


  188. Christine Williams says:

    Hi omg hiiii
    By the way im first

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