10 Royal Engagement Rings That Are Even Better Than A Crown

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10 Royal Engagement Rings That Are Even Better Than A Crown

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

Princess Charlene of Monaco

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Princess Victoria of Sweden

Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

Queen Letizia of Spain

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18 responses to “10 Royal Engagement Rings That Are Even Better Than A Crown”

  1. Minna Uyeda says:

    I love Sophie, the countess of Wessex’s ring has trillions on the side. Princess Beatrice ‘s ring is simple but elegant, Too bad not shown here. Princess Claire of Luxumburg had a gorgeous, large emerald cut, not square!

  2. Sladjana Simic says:

    Kate’s blue sapphire is too dark. I don’t care how much would cost to buy but from jyotish point of view, not fortunate stone. I just hope is modern version of setting and that stone is not touching the skin since that would allow the stone to effect her directly

  3. m. mache says:

    Princess I agree with you 100 percent your engagement ring is more than eny thing it that your lifestyle happiness started engo it you are looking Absolutely stunning gorgeous sparkling beautiful charming yong prinsseces both suit each other my best wishes to you by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo? Mo?

  4. Parmjit Kaur says:


  5. Joye AndBlessings says:

    Watch without sound – much more pleasant. And Queen Letizia of Spain doesn’t wear any rings. That engagement ring was part of the tax/laundering scandal her sister in law and her estranged ex-husband are a part of. Letizia doesn’t even wear her gold band

  6. Collette Landwer says:

    Giant gum ball size rings aren’t practical, even for royalty. Sometimes “less is more”, especially when the stones and setting are delicate and classy. Unfortunately, most of Hollywood’s engagement rings are akin to what Elizabeth Taylor wore, and you have to accept her jewelry was gaudy.

  7. Rev Laird says:

    all these little tiny diamond reflect the little tiny pink pennis that the so called men gave, real insulting to there title wow!!! Thank God my diamond 12in half yellow pear shape from 1hubby.🏦🏦🗽💒🌆🌉🕍🌃🌁⛺️🕋🌇💈🎢🎡🎠,🎭🚥.

    • Taps fan says:

      If you’re going to brag in English at least learn the language. And truly nobody really cares about your little ring… You sound like an idiot.

  8. Beth Gorden says:

    The transition noise between ring stories is terrible and too loud. Can damage esrs. It was used on you tiara video too I believe.

  9. Mrssewhardtoplease says:

    that band is definitely NOT silver. Get your information right so as not to appear stupid.

  10. carol s says:

    These rings are as common looking as can be… Proof that money doesn’t buy taste. I was expecting breathtaking rings

  11. Mariam Kerolos says:

    They can’t compare to any tiara or crown. Even, Hollywood and other celebrities got the engagement rings that can compare to crowns and tiaras, like Jackie Kennedy ‘s emerald diamond ring, Liz Taylor’s diamond ring, Melanie Trump’s ring, and even Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga

  12. JBrumley32771 says:

    Geesh, I was expecting really fabulous diamonds, but all of these are small! They could have taken a diamond out of an old collette necklace, and it would have been bigger. I guess the best here was Kate’s/Diana’s sapphire ring.
    Also the announcer said one of the rings was diamond and silver. It looked modern, and I’m so sure it wasn’t silver. Important diamonds are set in platinum! Also the yellow stone in another ring was probably a very good yellow diamond or at least a very good yellow sapphire.

    • Shari D57 says:

      JBrumley32771 – The ring that said it was diamonds in “silver” was a very expensive diamond and platinum ring. And the “yellow diamond” one as far as I can recall is actually an orange sapphire, which was set that way in honor of the national colors of the bride’s new homeland. She’s Argentinean, but married the man who became King of

  13. Teja Lee says:

    And the royals killed Diana

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