100 Gorgeous Wedding Rings for Women (Latest Styles & Designs)

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100+ pictures of gorgeous wedding rings in assorted designs and timeless styles, to inspire stylish brides-to-be. You’ll find photos of gorgeous wedding ring sets, gold wedding rings, silver wedding rings, wedding rings with assorted stones including diamonds.
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43 responses to “100 Gorgeous Wedding Rings for Women (Latest Styles & Designs)”

  1. PookNSaav Griffith says:

    Oh this is for a Nigerian wedding. Wow. Some Nigerian guy tried to email me with a scam. I gave him a fake bank number. He emailed me back saying there was a mistake, and I said no mistake, and please throw yourself in front of the next fast-moving freight train. Have a nice day.

  2. PookNSaav Griffith says:


  3. Rachel Mulveen says:

    My one is coming in a lovely red box 8 years together now with my boyfriend soild and I am just wearing my claddagh ring on the finger now engaged 8 years just I am putting the ring on my finger Saturday

  4. Rachel Mulveen says:

    Thanks for looking at all the rings there they are all lovely looking but I can’t wait to see my ring soon enough from my boyfriend a friendship ring 8 years together now we are depply in love

  5. Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot my name says:

    Donavan Martin Landry marry me Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot

  6. VZ VZ says:


  7. Ivette Quinones says:

    So many styles to choose from, a lot of diferent metals, colors, gold comes in yellow but the van use techniques to change the color yellow to a variety of colors, is also, Sterling silver, silver, platinum, etc.

  8. Ivette Quinones says:

    They are very nice only few didn’t like as wedding and engagement the mayority were right on, I like most of them.

  9. Amani says:

    Magnifique sublime stupéfiant waw très grand merci

  10. jenniffer eve says:

    Beautiful engagement 💍❤

  11. Pamela Noble says:

    Amen..A dream came true..

  12. Raquel Guzman says:

    Our Gorgeous Wedding Rings 😍😍😍

  13. Валерия Филина says:

    Ничего нового, старые модели.

  14. Patricia Freeman says:

    beautiful ring

  15. Talat Iqbal says:

    I love gold ring

  16. טבעת אירוסין | איך לבחור טבעת אירוסין says:

    alot of options. how does one choose…

    • Shari D57 says:

      You decide which features suit your style – or the style of the lady for whom it is being purchased. Or, you simply involve the lady in choosing the rings which she shall wear the rest of her life. What colors does she prefer to wear in jewelry? What types of stones does she seem to favor? What is her personal style? Does she prefer the clean, stylized lines of simple pieces? Does she prefer ornate, vintage styles? Is she a “romantic” who would love heart shaped stones set in romantic designs? You need to take into account the type of woman the rings are being bought for, and *listen* carefully when she expresses interests and desires in a particular style or design feature. It’s really not so difficult if you know the woman you want to marry well enough to propose to her!
      If you ARE the woman being purchased for, it’s even easier. What kind of metals do you like to wear? What is your personal style? Elaborate and “over the top”? Simple and elegant? Do you want one stone to take center stage, and be played up by the metals and style of the rings? Or do you want smaller stones surrounding the main one, with them on both bands? Or, do you want one simple, elegant band without stones at all? Take a group of pictures, and try playing the “Choose only one” game, by telling yourself if you could have only one ring, or set of matching rings, which one would you choose? Do it again with other groups of rings, and pay attention to the styles you are choosing. It will be narrowed down soon, and you’ll have a clearer idea of what you really want.

  17. Gertrude Abbey says:

    pls where can the shop be located

    • Rachel Mulveen says:

      I am just going to be having a ring on my finger now engaged 8 years this Saturday 14th of December I am just wearing my claddagh ring on the finger now just got engaged in December happy

    • Shari D57 says:

      There is no one shop where all these can be found. These are just photos of many different styles and types available from many sources. Some are from companies who make their own pieces and sell them only in their own stores, like Tiffany. Or made by one company, and sold through retailers they choose to market their merchandise, like Tacori. Others are only available online from relatively unknown companies, and sold through large online retailers like Amazon. Then, there are jewelers who don’t have real shops to go to, but have online stores only, like Gemvara, Blue Nile, or James Allen. It just depends on which ones you are looking for, and how they are being sold.

  18. Vera Saturday says:

    all of them are so so beautiful I mean all.

  19. Bunnyshooter 223 says:

    I love the gold wedding bands they really stand out i like they way they sprakle they are extremly beautiful the ones that stood oiut the most would be the gold wedding bands its for the way they are made because they are so gold it really cathes your eye everytime when you see the gold on the band .Gold ones 🙂

  20. Roberto Rodriguez says:

    All of them are pretty but me I REALLY like the gold ones

    • Shari D57 says:

      @Ivette Quinones – Green gold has been around about 100 years, if not longer. It’s made by mixing yellow gold and silver. In the late 1890s to the 1920’s it was a popular color for all kinds of jewelry, including wedding bands and engagement rings. Of course, it’s not brilliant emerald or grass green, but has more of a green tone to it. I have access to copies of antique wholesale jewelry catalogs from J.R. Wood & Sons, the original name of the company which designed, created, and became Art Carved wedding jewelry. It was first opened in 1850 by Mr. Woods, Sr., who began by making wedding bands. His company eventually ended up located in an extremely modern, state of the art production facility for the day, in the late 1910’s, which employed hundreds of production staff. They used the most modern techniques available for the time, and invented a few themselves, including the first seamless, solderless wedding bands, and they introduced intricately carved floral motif wedding bands as well to the marketplace in the early 1920’s.

      But before the later pre-WWI period, they were already involved in producing all forms of jewelry available on the open market, in addition to wedding jewelry. Their catalogs show green gold as a common alternative color choice in most of the stock that was offered at the time.

      Also, if you look up “Black Hills Gold” jewelry, you will see pieces made today that use several colors of gold in the same piece, including green gold. The designs commonly follow a grape vine and leaves motif, with the grape vine leaves made in green gold. All the different colored pieces are usually made individually and then soldered together to produce individual pieces of jewelry. Rings are extremely popular, including wedding jewelry, although other pieces are also available, such as earrings and pendants, plus men’s jewelry. The name comes from the area where the original pieces were first designed and constructed, which is the Black Hills area of South Dakota.

      “Black gold” is not a through and through solid alloy, but produced by plating the pieces with a black rhodium compound that gives it a black external coating, just like plain rhodium gives a piece a bright silvery color surface plating, as in the case of *most all* white gold, and some silver jewelry. In both cases, the plating will eventually rub away and require replating at some point. When depends on several factors, for both colors.

    • Ivette Quinones says:

      Shari D57 I haven’t seen green metals yet. and yes it can make the color change from yellow to white, rose, black, etc. by using some techniques melting diferents metals and mixing them.

    • Ivette Quinones says:

      Shari D57 yeah, I know the gold is yellow naturally and they combine diferent metals and techniques to make then more durable and to have the jewelry in diferent colors metals, every one hace diferent taste and like diferent things, he meant that like or prefer the yellow metal color rings, some are still consider gold even do they no longer are the natural yellow color they originally came from.

    • Shari D57 says:

      @Ivette Quinones – Yellow, white, rose and green are gold colors. Florentine is a finishing technique that gives gold a specific rougher, vertical line texture, and can be applied to any color of jewelry metal, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc.

    • Ivette Quinones says:

      I know, I meat to write gold can be change to diferent colors, from yellow, to white, rose, florentine. etc. by melting, mixing using some expecifid techniques. You meat to say that the yellow color is your favorite.

  21. sweet pota says:

    yea which one would you like?

  22. jason baptiste says:

    I can’t wait for this ring for day of my wedding

    • Shari D57 says:

      @Danny Milian – These are pictures of many different styles from almost as many vendors. They aren’t all available from any one particular store or shop. Many are from high dollar designers and sellers like Tiffany, who make and sell their own pieces in their own stores, and Tacori, which makes the pieces and sells them through stores they choose to market them. Others are only available online from various relatively unknown companies and the sites which choose to sell them.
      You can save images of the types you like, and go to a trusted merchandiser, show them what you like, and have them help you find what you’re seeking. Or you can do searches online based on the pictures of those rings you are interested in and find the companies that sell them. Many of these styles are basic designs sold by many different retailers.

    • Danny Milian says:

      Wow love it where i can get the 3 pieces ring

    • Michael White says:

      jason baptiste who are you I can’t wait to get my ring to

    • Deen Shawn says:

      ring them up affic get one fi me lady were can I find the shop

    • Amelia Hussain says:

      who are you getting married to please tell me

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