$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring

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Protip: Do not tell them you got a good deal.


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1,859 responses to “$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring”

  1. Tong Wu says:

    11:53 their cameras so good you can see the inclusions

  2. Hieu Nguyen Khac says:

    Ko hiểu chuyện gì

  3. Mikaela Rodrigues says:

    pq so eu nao tenho commemtari pq

  4. Jmfightculb 23 says:

    Wasn’t Steven married already

  5. Kaillee McCrone says:

    My engagement ring is from Adiamor and I cannot say enough good things about them

  6. PoRkChOpZ 2530 says:

    That cheap ring looks just that CHEAP 😳

  7. zh512573 says:

    Middle Easterner: But, where’s the gold? 
    Seriously, the rings they showed had maybe a hundred dollars worth of gold, and the diamonds have very little resell value. Not good investments at all.

  8. Lexi Wolf says:

    It’s never a dull day at Buzzfeed 😂

  9. Saba De says:

    1000 FOR THAT TRASH?

  10. Kimberly Gonzalez says:

    I rather have a ring that’s about $1000 and save the money for a house or vacation. Unless we’re rich lol

  11. Devan says:

    My engagement ring is an antique sapphire and diamond scroll ring in 18 carat gold hallmarked 1904 made in Birmingham England, and my fiancé got a GREAT deal on it. Way less than the estate jewelry shown here.

  12. Haitham Khaled says:

    Steven was nervous the entire episode

  13. Zoids Zu says:

    Who here has a $50,000 engagement ring? Just curious.
    Mine was $400 from Walmart and I love it 😊.

  14. Purnima Chowdhury says:

    All the diamond rings are so expensive.. in India you will get better designs in cheaper me no one use 2k gold.. most of the jewellers use only 18k and 14k gold here..

  15. Felleena Bendijo says:

    My dad is a goldsmith and i can tell, the first one they showed is a work of effort and not a work of skills. It’s cute. But, it’s sooo not worth $1065

  16. Andrianna Leonard says:

    That last one was so beautiful I need a cheaper replica lol

  17. Anastasia Romanova says:

    I’ve been engaged 3 times! I’d be great in a video like this lol

  18. Blanf says:

    The first lady’s diamonds could be diamonds stolen from stores since she uses recycled ones O_O

  19. G says:

    Steven there’s girls in line waiting to know which month moves on to consideration 😂

  20. BlackPiano says:

    The 1st ring is like a ring you give to a child or close knit group of friends before you separate & go out into the world. I’d be disappointed if that was my engagement ring. I’d rather have gotten a plain gold band.

  21. Did-my inner peace Disturb your demons says:

    Vsi 55k better be vvs

  22. safira says:

    That sapphire rosegold 6K is really pretty!!!

  23. safira says:

    I totally loved the 1065 but with different stone (not diamond) preferably colored maybe sapphire?

  24. Yadis Jewelry says:

    I would like to custom moissanite engagement ring

  25. Mikaela Workman says:

    “let’s find out what luxury is” and then they use CAD and Casting 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 trash

  26. THE BUDDHA 420 says:

    $55,000 for a ring that’s more money Then I’ve made my entire life

  27. Molly M says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the first jewellers name was wrong

  28. Lgg says:

    i am cheap its either a onion ring or 1 pound ring

  29. patrick john esplana says:

    After watching BLOOD DIAMOND i will never by a diamond ring even my future wife want one

  30. Judah Gallup says:

    Those rings from Chuck E. Cheese and ring pops be more my style

  31. Pumpkin God says:

    Wouldn’t it cut down the first jewelry makers production costs significantly to use old reclaimed diamonds..? I would assume her profit margins are pretty high on her products if she’s using all reclaimed materials. She talked about it from more of a “less waste/pollution from export” kind of view, but isn’t it actually just a lot cheaper?

  32. Crystal L. says:

    I bought my own engagement ring. I have never been married, though. I’m not waiting on a man to buy me a ring. I already have the ring that I want. If he wants to buy me a ring, it would be a bonus, not a requirement.

  33. Tropical, No Fruit says:

    Said nothing about the diamond clarity or karat size

  34. Kat C. says:

    Kristen is soooooo adorable.

  35. Raquel Ortega says:

    These a difference between Laboratory and Mine Made . The Laboratory is fake and Mine Diamonds are real.

  36. kewl malibu says:

    All diamonds are worthless.

  37. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni says:

    How nice to see con artists in action doing the ring scam dance. Nothing says true love better than a pick pocketed wallet.

  38. Matu Shaw says:

    $1,065 for a wedding ring!?!? Such a waste of money! Get a $100 ring and spend the money something else

  39. Karen Yau says:

    “You just whack ’em.” Best advice ever.

  40. Lena McGee says:

    I would go for the first one over any of the others. I like the more functional rings over flashy. I just wouldn’t pay that much for any ring. I even told my husband I would say no if he spent more than $500 on rings combined. He was smart and only spent $200.

  41. Silvestre Enriquez says:

    The first ring was really not worth it at all lmao

  42. opra Winfrey says:

    im sorry but for $1065 you can do way better

  43. Persephone says:

    Honestly as long as the ring does rust then I’m fine with it.

  44. Justin Doan says:

    I just got an engagement ring ad for an engagement ring worth-it video. at least YouTube is getting their ads on the right videos.

  45. NinjaOfTheKeyboard1 says:

    My best friend’s husband got her ring from a pawn shop for less than $200, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Honestly rings are just way too expensive, and such a waste of money.

  46. joesr31 says:

    Lol the first one is like the ring version of thanos gloves

  47. CarolineP Moberg says:

    I have my wedding band which has 6 diamonds in it, 32 years old now and my late mom’s wedding and engagement rings, over 60 years old and 18kt gold. When mom died last year she left her wedding rings to me.

  48. valf156115 says:

    Something to consider is that your ring is a gift of value that you gain as a wife. A trip or other thing is great but it’s not comparable as a ring gains value and can be traded if ever the woman needed to have money. It’s just something to consider. Times have changed now but when women didn’t work, having a ring was sometimes the only thing of value they had!

  49. its ya boy Ink says:

    just buy handcuffs same thing

  50. Loreena B says:

    My engagement ring is gonna be under $100 and probably from modgents, and it’s gonna be stunning. Price doesn’t matter.

  51. Magik Marker says:

    Steven: ” I did the math”
    Ofcourse you did

  52. Danica Oslund says:

    That last one was S T U N N I N G

  53. Oddballkane says:

    I have heard about a scam with engagement rings.
    A lady will pressure a man to buy a more expensive ring with a pure diamond then she will come back alone ask for the diamond to be taken out replaced with a cubic zarconia and then dump the man give back the much cheaper ring then go get the diamond from the shop. Its horrible but it can happen.

  54. Oddballkane says:

    My wedding ring cost £2.75 I am not spending a fortune on a ring that can get lost or can get stolen.

  55. Goofy Mamsa says:

    Omg I like $55,000 and $60,000 ring 😊😊

  56. Connie says:

    I don’t get rings. Like, you can find beautiful dainty diamond rings for $600. Theres no way my fiancée is spending anything over $500-800 on a ring. They’re so overpriced.

  57. Dominique Dixon says:

    Not that serious everyone knows diamonds are crap (not really worth the price cause they are super common)

  58. Summer Caraway says:

    I would’ve been interesting to make the inexpensive option a CZ or moissanite ring instead! Both are alternatives to diamonds that look pretty similar and can save you a ton. Also because ring under $1,000 would’ve been better for the “cheap ring” since there are a lot of people who would really struggle to budget for a four-figure ring. Still a very interesting video!

  59. Joanna says:

    MIne was $100, screw blood diamonds. I love mine, I picked it out myself. It’s 7 years old and not dinged or tarnished at all. Screw blood diamonds.

  60. Nafolchan says:

    I don’t think I want a diamond engagement ring.
    In my country and gold is more appreciated so if I get engaged I would want a 21k gold ring.
    Then later if I want to get a new ring I can exchange it without it losing its value

  61. Alli YAFF says:

    That ring is not worth it at $1,065. Though I could never afford it, the only one that seemed worth it was that last one, and not even. It’s just that it was the only one that looked like an acceptable engagement rings. You can do a lot better than what they showed in this video.

  62. Tammy English says:

    I love old jewelry… have a few pieces that are over a 100 years old from my family

  63. Paula Miller says:

    60k for a setting that isn’t even crafted by hand. Yowzers

  64. Alexandra Stubbs says:

    Such a cool idea! My dream wedding ring is the heart shape cut diamond from Tiffany.

  65. Danthy DOnofrio says:

    Hello 👋

  66. John Gillespie says:

    It’s so funny because I got a engagement ring add 🤣

  67. avery meyrose says:

    plot twist: he’s gonna propose

  68. Musclebob Buffpants says:

    8:22 Kate Middleton who?

  69. Hannah Goodwin says:

    Wait that first one is the lower cost more budget option?! Over 1k? Not on your life!

  70. Lynn Lazenby-Faulkner says:

    You should really check out the Netflix Explained episode on Diamonds if you are considering buying an engagement ring or any diamond. I really loved the approach taken by Ochre Objects and Trumpet and Horn to reduce the impact on resources and the environment.

  71. Ivy He says:

    Never been in a relationship, want to get a ring for myself at Trumpet and Horn.

  72. my first crappy video Billy says:


  73. Stephanie Bird says:

    Everyone hating on that first ring, I think her business sounds amazing, shes put so much thought into making it, and the ring designs are actually pretty. Yes they’re a bit simple, the diamond is smaller than some. But they are still beautiful rings!
    My engagement ring is white gold and has a pink morganite center stone. It’s a St. Ivy from Sapphire Studio Designs and has 2 little black skulls either side of the center stone. There’s no way i could have found my “dream” ring in stores but I absolutely love window shopping and seeing videos like this. Everyones tastes are so different!

  74. Michael Fox says:

    Most people commenting on this video definitely do not work in the industry…

  75. XTINAMEJIA says:

    they picked the ugliest rings

  76. Ashsaloft says:

    aint worth it tbh

  77. Ernie n/a says:


  78. Reaper Havoc says:

    5:55 legally antique is 20 years

  79. Tina says:

    I laughed at the idea of “recycled gold.” Of course people have always precious metals!
    I liked the ovate ring, but I would only pay $400 for it, with a decent quality small diamond. I wear a low-profile ring with three small diamonds myself.

  80. Sammy5736 says:

    This was disappointing. I was expecting to see a WAAAAAYYYYYYY more expensive ring than $55k which is definitely not hard to find especially in LA

  81. First Last says:

    this infatution over shiny rocks is silly especially in this day and age and knowing the history of diamond mining.

  82. john dope says:

    I didn’t know it was legal to marry a whale know.

  83. Lorynda Benson says:

    55k for that? That’s a rip off. I’ve seen prettier rings with the same or similar setting for 2k or less even in the hundreds. Diamonds are over priced. They’re not rare and easy to create in a lab. Show me a rare gem that was naturally mined bigger than 5 carats and maybe we can talk about the price tag being more than 5k.

  84. Melody Juan says:

    That’s $1065!?

  85. Gurleen Dhillon says:

    I literally got an ad about rings

  86. 3rd eye mar10 says:

    These people don’t know crap about jewelry ….they just made this video to get free rings 😂

  87. Brazen Steel says:

    Meh… I’ve had several engagement rings, from garbage to 2 carat. The right guy doesn’t need to present a ring. I never did get married, lol!

  88. Matthew Richardson says:

    Both are trash. Diamonds are ridiculously overvalued. A massive commodity.

  89. Carrie Myers says:

    1065$ for that? Ummmm no thank you. I got married with a full bridal set for 900 dollars with a big center stone. 18 small round diamonds, and 20 baguettes

  90. Mauri QHD says:

    the audio is all over the place on this one

  91. RIPZYEE says:


  92. La moreneta says:

    Is Steven okay? I haven’t watched worth it in a year or so and Steven just looks.. out of it or lifeless

  93. Amber Klaire says:

    California is an easy guess.

  94. Susie Q says:

    Just so people are aware… you can get a MUCH nicer diamond ring for $1065 than that one!!

  95. D L says:

    marriage in 2019? lol

  96. gyno says:

    fun fact:
    De Beers (largest diamond company) buys all of the largest/ best stones possible and puts 90% of them away in vaults so as not to be sold.
    The reason?
    To inflate the value of the diamond market with limited supply.

    TL;DR The whole diamond industry is a racket and a fraud designed to separate you from your wealth.

    • Michelle Lee Frederick says:

      Sounds about right; EVVERYTHING is designed to seperate us from our wealth….😒

    • Lorynda Benson says:

      I’d rather have a unique ring with a color like a garnet or ruby or sapphire. I wouldn’t go with a stone a really soft gem for the purpose of not cracking it if you were to smack your hand on a wall by accident or something but as far as durability there are tons of synthetic and naturally occurring gems that are durable. Besides most people that have a job that could damage their ring take it off anyway so nothing wrong with going with the cheaper options like Julia jewelry for example.

  97. Maily Nguyen says:

    I’m VNese, my fiance is American, we both live here in Europe and spent €400 only on our gold engagement rings. What’s the point of expensive rings anyway? They’re not really practical for our active life style. We’d rather keep that money to spend on our future family.

  98. MsStarcluster says:

    Is she pregnant?

  99. Mikel Sulph says:

    so no one is gonna talk about the couple waiting to be married for 67 years and got married at 82?
    they were first engaged at 15 years old…

  100. Morgan Robinson says:

    My husband and I didn’t have rings when we first got married so we decided to go antiquing and found an amazing 10k gold emerald cut blue topaz with a diamond halo for $100. Best $100 we’ve spent.

  101. Christina Gay says:

    Eh, not interested or impressed (though I’m married with a beautiful ring set 😚).
    The only way #1 would be suitable is if it was made from something precious, like a grandmother’s necklace or Mom’s broken ring. It would have to be sentimental to make up for the boring, plain look.

  102. Thecatspajamas891 says:

    Who’s the girl in the back seat?

  103. Paul Millbank says:

    I looked up the GIA report on the 4K Diamond listed at $55,000 The cut (arguably the most important aspect of a diamond isn’t listed because it’s a cushion shape. It is a D color (Excellent color) the girdle is thick to very thick (bad, very bad) the girdle should ideally be medium to slightly thick for optimum size. The SI1 inclusions include a long list of problems.
    1) Crystal (potentially bad)
    2) cloud (bad)
    3) feather not usually bad unless it’s at an anchoring point.
    4) Needle (not usually bad)
    5) Natural indented (not good)
    6) pinpoints and internal graining is present but not shown.

    Fluorescence is strong Blue (Bad) can result in less clarity and sharpness.

    $55,000 is extremely overpriced
    $35,000 to $37,000 is a fair price

    $55,000 GIA report 1192569811
    $38,707 GIA report 1196503368

  104. Brandon Hopkins says:

    I got my lady a 1ct moissanite ring for $900 its stunning.

  105. MinecraftSamurai says:

    Yo where did you get that green shirt from!

  106. Bryce junior says:

    Man you need to take care of your nails.

  107. Nope You’re Not Entitled says:

    3ct SI. $55-60k?! SI??

  108. Azlan Foodscapes - Edible Landscapes for Everyone! says:

    I thought ten sixty-fice was USD10.65 initially

  109. Logan Toth says:


  110. gamer waymer says:

    Go sing Kumbya in a drum circle you hippy. Recycled gold and oooh transparency. The more cruelty on the diamond the better damnit.

  111. Mrs. Andeia's Journey says:

    The first ring was an overpriced bubble gum machine ring. Ummmm NO. Just buy a plain/embellished Gold band.

  112. xwiick says:

    So happy im never gona be buying a Engagement Ring

  113. stevie bana says:

    I know someone who makes her own simple jewelry and it is much more cheaper and much more attractive than the 1st one.

  114. li z says:

    1065 for that 2 dollar looking ring? Oh no…

  115. Alexander Savadelis says:

    11:53 you can see why its an SI1 stone. The inclusions are pretty obvious but if you don’t mind then go for it. I wouldn’t buy a 3 caret SI1 diamond though. Go down in size and get a nicer stone

  116. Julia Hoedl says:

    A friend of mine, the wedding photographer Oisín Gormally, is doing an FREE international ENGAGEMENT SHOOT Giveaway:

    the link wont’t show here, so you would have to google him

    He pays his own travel costs and would be happy if you tell him about your perfect engagement photo idea.
    Thought people who are thinking of buying a ring could be interested so,

    😀 if you are engaged or plan to become engaged it would be great if you participate 🙂

    Thank you BuzzFeed for the interesting ring experience!

  117. Alsina Kiria says:

    As a geologist it irks me to no end when I see diamonds in jewelry. It does not actually qualify as a precious gemstone. To be one it has to be RARE (diamonds are super common stones). It’s basically highway robbery. They are worthless. It’s why you can find them in the hardware store (just not cut nicely). Diamond tipped tools are not that uncommon. There are actual warehouses filled with diamonds. The price is inflated artificially.

  118. Mimini 4423 says:

    Remember when Steven said he wanted to propose to his girlfriend during the suits worth it ?

  119. Taylor Isaacson says:

    For all the really pretty rings you can get for a 100-a few hundred, the first ring is definitely not worth it

  120. Cá Tét says:


  121. Ella H says:

    Alrighty or instead of getting a Diamond, which is not actually that rare plus you can still crack it (hardness doesn’t mean its not brittle), get a labgrown diamond. If you want a natural stone, get a white sapphire which has a good hardness and good refractive index (sparklyness).
    Or if you want MORE sparkle than a Diamond (!) get a Moissanite, which has a hardness of 9.25 and a higher refractive index than a Diamond, plus is like 20% of the cost of a Diamond.
    Use the money for a house or travelling

    Also, Vintage is older than 20 or 30 years in Jewellery.
    Antique is older than 100.

  122. Plunicxx Gaming says:

    A cast diamond ring isn’t worth 50,000….. Not even hand made. Bobby White’s disappointment is immeasurable.

  123. وصفات مع منال says:


  124. Irish Flava says:

    The first one was a .25 cent store candy machine ring .🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂

  125. MadQmike says:

    i wanna see the the dude that gave that girl a ring PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  126. Penny and Curtis says:

    I didn’t know americans called time periods like we English do,

  127. Человек Человечный says:

    Столько денег
    За что ?
    Вы что там курите

  128. Fernanda Flamenco says:

    Wait wait wait I thought Steven had a gf that he was super ready to marry????

  129. manupkp says:

    Insane, my wife was more than happy with a $200 ring.

  130. abdullah ahmad says:

    4:21 I wanted to see

  131. Lily Moen says:

    The saxophone playing in the background during the last one killed me 😂😂😂

  132. Women & Women First says:

    Folks if you’re looking for a ring go on Etsy. They have waaaayy prettier rings for about 1000% less then what these robbers ask for.

  133. Hello NT says:

    Give me a few times to register the channel, thanks

  134. James V says:

    Sam and Jennifer are definitely Armenian.

  135. Tre Taliaferro says:

    lol she was acting like it was a talk show

  136. jana hogan says:

    Not worth 1,065,don’t think the stone is even a 1/4 carat.

  137. Md Belal says:


  138. Mario mario says:

    Lol the only reason Americans care about diamond rings Is due to marketing lol sad

  139. Saianna Sweet says:

    11:05 I think that one is the most beautiful one. Not too big and very feminine 💖

  140. FireLordCanti says:

    So wasn’t Steve supposed to get engaged/married back in the worth it “suits” episode…?

  141. Robert H says:

    OfAKind has shut down

  142. Dominant Shark Squad says:


  143. Teewon Freeman says:

    that’s a small ring

  144. Vương Vàng says:

    He lo

  145. PHAT GA vlog says:

    Minh đang ký kênh của bạn . Bạn đang ky lai kênh của minh đuoc ko

  146. Mozely says:

    Man, Steven does *not* seem very excited in some of these lifestyle videos.

  147. _noorxx _ says:

    The first one looks like a ring that comes out of a plastic ball for like 50p from a twisty machine thing

  148. Eka Siswanto says:

    I have a 24 carat black diamond at $ 34,482

  149. Joseph Lehman says:

    Lab grown diamonds are the way to go. ethical, environmentally friendly, indistinguishable to earth made diamonds

  150. AnakSultan tv says:

    Wow 😱Hi, brothers and sisters. Greetings, I’m from Indonesia, please help subscribe to my channel, thank you

  151. Camila Rodriguez says:

    how did they pay 1056 for a recycled dimond and recycled gold ring you could get somthing better tbh

  152. John Sanders says:

    *_BUY_* a ring?…. when i propose to _my precious_ i’ll forge it myself in the firey depths of a volcano thankyou very much.

  153. Herat Borg كانال افغانان اروپا بامديريت ناصر اميرى says:

    Das ist sehr sehr schön 👍👍👍💖💖💖

  154. Mame Bira says:


  155. ansuman palaka says:

    I love♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👌👌👌👌👌🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  156. vivienne georgiou says:

    It’s weird but there was an add for rings before this video

    • Yeti says:

      that’s exactly how youtube ads work
      it’s targeted based on the video and other videos you may have watched

  157. Kelly Anne says:

    Steven: *takes Kristin to the ring shop where Kristin got her engagement ring*

    Kristin: *picks that shop*

    Steven: wow!

  158. Teresita Palms says:

    When my husband proposed me with out a ring. Then we got married still don’t have a ring because at the time we couldn’t afford a ring. So our first year anniversary bought me a anniversary band. Then 13 years later he bought me a beautiful engagement ring.

  159. Maddie C says:

    Steven looks so sad. Where’s his friend from past episodes?

  160. Madajully says:


  161. Quinn aesthetic pancake heaven says:

    i love her so much she so funny

  162. হবিগঞ্জ মিডিয়া says:

    Sub 31

  163. meredyth with a y says:

    The Trumpet and Horn ones >>>>>

  164. timmahtown says:

    Cindy should like, not talk like, ok

  165. Nathalie lh says:

    I would love a recycled ring tbh.

  166. Vedant kadam says:

    Make a worth it bike

  167. Jason Parfitt says:

    They should have specified Diamond engagement rings. You can get a much higher quality engagement ring with a 2ct moissanite center for under $1000 and it will shine brighter than diamonds and last just as long.

  168. SHAH SHAHIN ALI says:


  169. Julia Ballaron says:

    Watching this as a Jewelry Designer is quite interesting. I love the range they showed and options for engagement rings. No matter your budget, style, ethical or environmental concerns, you can find a ring that satisfies them all.

  170. M N says:

    Seriously, if you want beautiful Jewellery you need to go to the Middle East – they have so much gold, silver and precious stones that it’s not even that expensive 🙂 (especially in Iran)

  171. Gavin Seath says:

    Imagine buying a $55,000 engagement ring and losing right before the propose

  172. enclosedencompassing says:

    You can tell it’s 2019 when nobody is commenting/reacting upon seeing this humongous whale, I mean “big-boned” woman. Most people are basically scared of their own shadow.

  173. Eduardo says:

    Russian communist accent( Diamon ring is capitalist idea my friend

  174. Zendrick Nicolas says:

    Peter Marco: Im bouta end this rings career

  175. Jojo Mojojo says:

    Those are probably blood diamons

  176. John McKenzie says:

    Entre la gorda guapa y el chino teńido medio calvo… telita

  177. Kevin Seo says:

    With ten sixty five you can buy someone to get married with

  178. Kaylee Orozco says:

    I kinda like the 1st ring, it was a simplistic design and not over the top

    also i’m one of those ppl who think the fact that you need a piece of metal around your finger to show you have a partner is a bad idea

  179. Marci Sunshine says:

    Go to Jared. I got a beautiful over a carat emerald cut with diamonds around and a band with diamonds..$4k. Lifetime warranty and cleaning 😃 and it was gorgeous!! Clear clean..soo pretty. Comparable to Costco 10k or more rings.

  180. Jordan says:

    So no word on how DeBeers owns and controls most of the diamond industry. With them controlling and making advertising for so long they force a market on literally trash stone, with it’s best purpose for use in industrial processing? You can go get a sharpening stone with more diamond than a ring for 0.001% of the price

  181. Maroulio says:

    the first ring would be my choice, but not with a diamond- with my husband’s birthstone

  182. Jr. Rivera says:

    I can buy the same rings at the mall for like 99 percent less

  183. Nicki Plague says:

    Honestly I must be cheap as all Hell, because if someone spent $1,000 on a ring…that is too much! I feel nauseous just thinking about that. Honestly if I were to he proposed to and have a ring I would prefer to be in the range of $250 to $750 at the most. I am cheap and I don’t care.

  184. Sara K says:

    Anyone else remember in the suit episode when Steven said he was planning on proposing…

  185. What videos to watch today? says:

    No! The 1,065 USD ring with a super minute diamond and thin gold is not worth it!

  186. With Grace says:

    Crazy price. My custom design gold and sapphire wedding ring cost below USD200 after conversion hahahahaha! What’s the point? Better use the money for holidays, home and future

  187. Elen Atanesyan says:

    Armenians <3

  188. Mary J says:

    My mother’s engagement ring is from a Macy’s estate sale! Similar to the vintage idea and definitely sustainable

  189. Carole M says:

    My engagement ring was $150 at Zales. My wedding band was $400 at Kay. 🤣 Both are 10 carat white gold & a ¼ carat diamond.

  190. PA NM says:

    hello,, i have gallery and i have some vintage collection. if you think worth it for wedding ring i choose you for thinking about colour. some color get cheaper with clarity, carat and cutting same, such as champagne diamond. thanks

  191. Fatima Pastel says:

    The rose gold diamond is definitely my favorite I really do love the vintage one though it’s really beautiful and has more meaning behind it

  192. MGMT says:

    It’s interesting because when they review foods, for their “cheapest” food, they always find a restaurant that is a very good deal for its price. However, for the $1,065 ring, this is the worst deal of them all, since you are literally paying for that hipster person’s “artwork.” There is nothing intrinsically valuable to what she has done, and the diamond itself is laughable. They should have found a maker that makes maximizes the value by getting the most significant center diamond (or another less valuable gem) while having the simplest cast, so that the engagement ring is presentable to someone who isn’t 100% a Bernie Sander’s supporter

  193. Twinkle Star says:

    Don’t buy diamonds. They are not scarce. It’s a scam to get your money.

  194. Reny it’s a nick name says:

    Bro it’s a search for the ring … we know what this is … is it too late to say I gotta a crush on you Steven:)

  195. StyleinCali says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not spending $50,000 on a wedding ring that ain’t platinum.

  196. Alisa Holverson says:

    Sourcing consciously is rarely economical.

  197. HBY says:

    10,65? if only that was it…… the wedding band was $7k, the rock was 37k……..10,65 would have made my day….

    these peopl3 dont know how to buy a wedding ring and rock – just use blue nile

  198. mugdays says:

    “Cynthia” CLEARLY said her name was Cindy lol

  199. Nico Evans says:

    This make me want to get engaged!!🤣 Steve you should come to Alabama and propose to me!

  200. Emma St. George says:

    you mean to tell i watched all that just for no one to get engaged😒

  201. Andy says:

    The last one is still too small. I want a 5 kart diamond that is a shape of an emerald! 😂

  202. Njume kogge says:

    10.65 for a ring that look like a ring from a dollar store

  203. sorvynia says:

    Ochre Objects just did not impress me whatsoever. I appreciate the idea. I also love elegance in simplicity. However, the samples shown seemed plain and lacking in character. Nothing I’d feel excited about.

    • Taylor Isaacson says:

      And you can get so many more prettier and interesting pieces with real jewels for a lot cheaper

  204. LevelUp says:

    Is it possible to subscribe ONLY to Worth It episodes? It’s the only thing on BF that interests me.

  205. rmendoza720 says:

    Paying over $100 for a shiney rock thats does nothing is most definitely NOT WORTH IT!

  206. Fernanada Calderon says:

    Steven looks so sad during the whole video

  207. David Mark says:

    Steven you are worth it!

  208. ACE torres says:

    Give this lady a wheel run on

  209. starryeyedashe says:

    Mine is a gorgeous amethyst center with two iolite (blue) with eight 1/10 karat side diamonds in 14K rose gold. It was on sale and the salesman had two $100 off coupons. In total fiance paid $691

  210. Roosa Maija says:

    Hahaa my engagement ring cost only 99€ that is about 106 dollars in us 😂😂 and it is 18k gold ring with some julery stones (not dimonds i dont care for those) 😂😂😂 beaytiful vintage ring from 1940’s 😍

  211. Akalya Ahilathasan says:

    The last one you went to made more sense to me. I like it to be silver but it doesn’t have to be expensive

  212. Hay Hay says:

    Trumpet and horn seems like the best choices for my opinion. The rings were beautiful and they’re vintage my style. Bit on the pricey side but I rather have a 6,000 dollar ring than dress because I get to wear the ring everyday and the dress is for one night and I understand it’s a wedding but still.

  213. umpteenthusername says:

    My fantastic husband bought my rings on Amazon for $60. They’re sterling silver and cubic zirconia and I love them. Then we bought a car! I love that he saved money!!

  214. imogen knight says:

    I really despise the diamond industry, its far to corrupt and valueless to still be thriving.

  215. Me says:

    Diamonds are for drilling, not jewelry.

  216. SEEK and FIND says:

    Some people doesn’t have any worth you know.

  217. Salem Marx says:

    6:47 I love that ring so much

  218. J707 says:

    hey everyone has different tastes so no judging. So whether u get 100 or 1k or 10k. It doesn’t matter so long as you and your partner are really in love 🙂 however, my rings are a total of 11k just wanted to share lol

  219. Missy Maria says:

    Why do they always dress Kristen like she’s 50 years old!? I hate that!

  220. MissMiserize says:

    The first one does not look like an engagement ring. It’s just a normal ring.

  221. Nikki Marie says:

    I’ve honestly never understood the whole two-months-salary thing. It’s been proven that money and specifically debt is the main cause of divorce. This business of spending massive chunks of money on such a small piece or on an event that’s 6 hours out of your lifetime is just bizarre to me.

    I have gotten shamed for this before, but I’ll tell you guys straight up. My engagement ring was $237. It’s opal on rose gold, I think the gold is 14 carats, surrounded by cz. It’s absolutely stunning. I picked it out myself, because I’m not about to be stuck wearing something I hate for my whole life. I told my husband I didn’t want him spending some bs amount on me. We’re three years into our marriage now. I think anyone who puts such a high price point on this tiny little thing that had nothing to do with the commitment you’re actually making is probably not the person you want to be spending your life with.

  222. soul says:

    “great deal”
    >1k for a ring that barely anyone will see unless they actually stare at your finger for some odd reason

  223. Philipp Fischer says:

    The last one is actually not really high quality, any jeweller with some respect for the art would never one piece cast that ring, rather would handbuild it from scratch.
    Its way better quality and durability, cast rings are not made for the ages and at that price tag its a joke to cast a ring. Especially in a form that is perfect for handcrafting it…

  224. Amber Bunny Mama says:

    These videos feel more like advertisements then anything now a days

  225. nellienel181818 says:

    If it’s recycled material why is it $1065?

  226. Laura Mulas says:

    The first ring is cute but it’s way too expensive for how small it is. Also, I don’t think it is an engagement ring, it looks like a common ring I could receive by a friend or my family… it’s not worth it

  227. Nico_O says:

    Belum ketemu HOTMAN PARIS!

  228. SimplySimple says:

    Wow! The last ring could be a ring you give to your future wife on her marriage day…it’s suitable to me.😅 It is really really really beautiful!

  229. JoyJoy says:

    The Edencliffe is pretty much my dream ring. The rose cut diamond cluster with a thin yellow gold band. Perfection.

  230. Kaitlyn St. Pierre says:

    i adore ladylike, i squealed.

  231. Azteca says:

    I got my diamond wedding band at a pawn shop….for $100 bucks!

  232. Jado Bleu says:

    the little diamonds are left and right shark

  233. Megs Lin says:

    Who’s the person in the back seat?

  234. Riizettez says:

    Was proposed with a 5.5k usd ring a week ago and my family thought its a cheap fake plastic ring that cost like 5 usd. idk if i should laugh or not

  235. Ria Rose says:

    1,065? Yikes. It looks like a gumball machine ring..

  236. Sophie N says:

    My advice to anyone proposing to their lady is to actually not buy the ring or use a borrowed ring that is meaningful. Have a budgetted amount ready to purchase the ring after the proposal so she can pick what she likes, as it is something she is going to be wearing the rest of her life and every womans personal style is different. That’s why I plan on saving one of my rings for my son, so he can have something beautiful to propose to his future wife with, but then they can go and pick out exactly what she wants together.

  237. SunDღll says:

    I just realized that my macbook pro is about the same price as an engagement ring O.o wtf

  238. Veronica C says:

    These people are a joke….one day my husband went to this jewelry store bought me a ring as a birthday present cost 300 dollars ..i didnt believe it was real gold so we went to the store and my husband went to to tell a “i told you so” …so we went and asked the lady “hey i wanted to see if its real gold?” ….she said “Umm,no sorry it looks gold plated” then my husband was like “what?i bought this 2 weeks ago and yall told me it was” lady looked scared she said we dont sell this type of style rings i dont know who you bought it from ..he told her i bought this from yall! She just said sorry …what a rip off

  239. Maya Holt says:

    That last ring could pay for two years of my college education

  240. RemyFromRatatouilleAteMyFamily TM says:

    I straight up just want the plastic dinosaur ring from the sims tbh

  241. jana villapa says:

    wait, steven is single now??????

  242. Bill Kong says:

    Lol nope. I’m lathing my own.

  243. Hailey Reynolds says:

    While I agree that the first ring is over priced a tad and I agree that they started at the wrong price point, I dont agree with most of the reasons in the comments. Its important to remember that jewelers are artists with a lot of technical skill. Even if someone doesnt like her work, I think it is important to remember that the ring is her art. Also, not everyone wants a huge ring and its rude to say it would be a disappointment. To some people, reused materials and handmade goods are more important than size. And at the end of the day, all that matters is the two people entering into a partnership.

  244. Aisling Meehan says:

    I would have a hard time spending $1,000 on a ring…

  245. MISSed Bandwagon says:

    This guy looks so sad…

  246. James Robinson says:

    1.) Do one on watches.
    2.) Do one on sports cars

  247. Bre Shajenko says:

    Just a tip, my fiancé got my 1.2 carat diamond halo ring for 1500 on the website pompeii. It’s absolutely gorgeous

  248. JC4 says:

    6:54 before he said “my wife…” i was sure the other guy was his couple

  249. Yahaira Telleria says:

    Not my style the 1065 😑

  250. Cindy Chaan says:

    I’m sorry but the ring at adiamor was absolutely gorgeous! I love that vintage look 👀

  251. Lily Popz says:

    You guys are aware that diamonds are worthless right?…. look it up.. y’all being bamboozled

  252. CerddWen says:

    I’m not American, I’m a Brit, but my engagement ring cost about £75 and I’ve been married for 27 years! Edit: my ring is 18 carat gold – it was bought from Antwerp in Belgium. My mum’s engagement ring is 24 carat gold!

  253. Jessica Keaton says:

    Me and my girlfriend literally spent $4 to get our temporary rings there just the silicone rings they work for both of us, still wouldnt go crazy on a ring.

  254. DragonDancer says:

    Wow… My engagement ring was under $300…

  255. ImmortalChaos says:

    No Tiffany’s or Cartier?

  256. sup_ monica says:

    I dont want a diamond ring. I’ll do a white sapphire! Or maybe even a pink sapphire!

  257. Mr. Banks says:

    i was born in April my birth stone is diamond

  258. none yabusiness says:

    1k for a refurbished, recycled ring? Lmao

  259. Kvng Walton says:

    11:35 That’s a bigg ass rock

  260. Kandy Hopkins says:

    My fiance brought me an .65 heart shaped diamond ring gia certified si1, double excellent because fancy shapes don’t have cut grade, he spent 1070 looks huge because I have quite small finger size, very happy, these rings seem to me like they’re sooo overpriced 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  261. Sara Aguirre says:


  262. Astrid Miller says:

    My ring cost about $3k and I thought that I was being extremely lavish. We got an heirloom stone from the family, otherwise I could have spent $500 on a moissanite (looks just like a diamond, nearly as hard, but costs 1/10!!). Who TF is spending $9k average on engagement rings?

    Most people in my age group (25-30 aka the marrying people) can’t afford a house. Who is buying these $9k diamonds? Who!

  263. Soren Izabella Kipphut says:

    You guys should do $10 baked potato vs $1000 baked potato Ireland edition

  264. R B says:

    Why did the audio change . That’s was weird

  265. Mia Dulcely Martinez says:

    Infinity stones 🔥🔥🔥

  266. XYZ LUCINA says:

    Why do I ship them for real?

  267. Janai Wise says:

    My engagement ring was $150 and i couldn’t love it more
    I told my now husband not to spend more than a couple hundred because i wanted to start out our marriage without a ton of dept and honestly i wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something that expensive every day. I get complimentsbon my ring all the time! Money doesn’t matter people!

  268. Ribbons & Bows says:

    A word to the wise. Even the “rich & famous” are starting to buy artificially created stones in this age when one’s jewellery often isn’t secure even in some hotel safes. I was broken-hearted when the foster child we adopted stole some of mine from under my nose, including my engagement ring……. Having a ring bought & surprised with something you had no part in choosing would not be the way to do things if you’re marrying a European or British woman. The day we bought my ring, we were shown into a private room in the jeweller’s, then asked what type of gold & basic style of ring we had in mind. Trays with said rings were then brought up to the room where I could try the rings on & ask questions. I have both of my grandmother’s engagement rings (both antiques). I remember shortly after moving to the U.S.A. we encountered & befriended a very strange couple. The wife was British-born & excitedly asked me if I’d noticed that her engagement ring was as large & the same as Princess Diana’s (whose single ring tray, btw., was chosen by the Queen & Prince Charles & then given to her to choose her sapphire & diamond from). This “new friend” then proffered said ring for me to see & it was a large but visibly included aquamarine with little diamonds around the edge…. Most women in Europe choose to wear a wedding band alone, day-to-day. Personally, if I had to choose, I would prefer a smaller engagement ring & spend the money instead on other things, travel especially!

  269. Reuel Winston says:

    Thanos had the most expensive engagement ring!

  270. Ceaser are You okay says:

    First ring was cute, I personally like it but I wouldn’t pay that for it.

  271. OctGreen88 says:

    I have rings that are so much better and affordable than the $1065 engagement ring.

  272. sweetcleo123 says:

    When I saw the title I was convinced that for the most expensive ring they were going to go to Tiffany & Co. So slightly disappointed it was an obscure online shopping store(even though the ring was pretty). Showing the in store experience at Tiffany or Van Cleef and Arpels or Cartier would have been more interesting.

  273. JethroSneebs says:

    The longest engagement probably was between two LGBTQ+ people; same gender marriage wasn’t legalized in many countries until the 2010s.

  274. SomethingReallyStrange says:

    What a waste of money though… I mean I totally get its a personal choice and personal interests blah blah, but it’s such a waste to drop so much money on a ring. Buy a vacation, an experience, heck even something practical, not just some jewelery.

    I know I feel like this because I view marriage in general as completely pointless, but still, are people really out there going into debt over rings and find such price points justifiable?

  275. Lila Smith says:

    My Fiance made my engagement ring. I love it.

  276. Thereal GlowDice says:

    When your two favorite dorks are together. I LOVE IT

  277. Rabia Amin says:

    the ring at 9:58 ….I NEED IT!!!!

  278. Dom Bogey says:

    What a waste of money.

  279. Lisa says:

    55k for an eye clean diamond you are getting ripped off

  280. Katya Carmichael says:

    *13,000 for a ring.* I know that’s not the most expensive on the list, but that’s the part I paused at.

    When my boyfriend asks me what I want I literally tell him that if he spends more than 1,000 I will be extremely sad. A piece of string is just as meaningful. Ladies, it don’t matter how much money it costs or what it looks like. The story of your love is much more important. Kids and grandkids never talk about how expensive the ring was, only how it happened. Love has no price tag!

  281. wiktoria kłos says:

    Wait the lowest price was $1065? What the hell? Why do people spend so much on engagement rings?

    • meggyspencer says:

      wiktoria kłos because it’s traditionally a diamond ring which is always an expensive stone no matter how cheap you go.

  282. Gloria Koch says:

    The last ring will probably rub on the little finger causing a callus. My ring does that and it was a drop in the bucket compared to the last ring!

  283. erica simoncelli says:

    1.16 Notice where he looks when he sais it and the girl’s face (backseat) the very next cut… you think something is going on?

  284. Sherry Flavour says:

    “Wil you please cum on this video with me”

  285. Nicole Rodríguez says:

    My ring was $700 and it’s beautiful. I really wouldn’t like to spend over $2,000 on a ring unless we’re already set for life, but that’s just me 🤐

  286. Mar Jan says:

    Umm the one thousand dollars tiny ass diamond isn’t gonna cut it for me

  287. Windy says:

    weird flex but ok

  288. Shea Moriarty says:

    Go with a Moisanitte ring. Theyre perfect!

  289. kingbonz380 says:

    Diamonds are worthless the only reason there is a market for them is because their prices have been artificially inflated also the reason GIA numbers their diamond is to keep track of them because of theft not because they’re better than other diamonds.

  290. ola amigo says:

    i thought steven was engaged to Ying 5 years ago? what happened to that engagement?

  291. Hedry Mayes says:

    8:08 George lopez from shark boy and lava girls showed up on my screen

  292. ITS A GOOD DAY says:

    Kristen: puts on all the rings on her hand

    Also Kristen: Reality can be whatever I want it to be

  293. Curie Skyri says:

    I never had an engagment ring, I ordered our marriage rings online, for 30 bucks (silver), they look beautiful. And I have to say, I would never do it any other way.
    The real bond is within, and buying a super expensive ring doesn’t prove anything, unless you are marrying a golddigger (she or he can sell it after the divorce 🙂
    People should invest their money in more meaningful things in life

  294. pignonMZ6 says:

    Erm… 6k average? I really doubt that.
    I think they meant the average cost, most people I know, including rather wealthy people, spent less than 3k, I would say 2k is average, not 6k…

  295. bby m says:

    I liked the first place the most. A ring is symbolic but it’s become a like status symbol of how much money you have. If you’re concerned with how much it costs I think
    You’re marrying for money personally. I don’t give af how much my ring cost if I wanted to marry someone I’d do it with no ring or id be perfectly happy with a $1000 ring I liked the ochre rings a lot. Honestly I’d be happy with just a gold ring and no diamond

  296. Mit Morj says:

    Yay for repurposed diamonds / jewelry ! No new dirty mining ,, plus the antique cuts are cuter

  297. Alina Reybey says:

    Yeah I’ll stick with my ring pop that I got in middle school 😂😂

  298. hamcio 319 says:

    Make a 100 dollar hooker vs 10000 dollar hooker

  299. Karla Saadani says:

    #1, love it.

  300. Mo's World says:

    That $50,000 ring would be cheaper and sparklier as a forever one moissanite, which I have 😁 and we paid$2,000

  301. isawondfl1 says:

    That $55k ring would peel the skin off of your middle and pinky finger. The stones will be very uncomfortable. Had one like it and hated it for lack of comfort. Designed my own ring and could not be happier. No other like it. Value in diamonds and also style. One of a kind is always better. Notice that they made 5 of the same design. Nope, not for me. I would never buy a diamond ring from a regular jewelry store. When spending $50k on a ring, be an individual. Find a jeweler that will sit down with you and DESIGN one for you. Your investment will pay off in the end.

  302. Mikkle Chua says:

    If i’m paying $1065 for a ring, it better come with a bigger rock lol.

  303. Cameron Shellhouse says:

    Do like CAMPER’S or RV’S

  304. Angèle says:

    Wow, I think maybe the taxes in the US are super high. I sell 18k gold and diamonds, sapphire, rubies, sea pearls among other natural gem stones and the cost of our south sea pearl with natural diamond on 18k gold is less than 100US. Buzzfeed if you ever decide to visit Shenzhen please contact me, you will pleasantly surprised when you see my quality products. I will also happily show you guys around Shenzhen also the try guys are welcome anytime.

  305. Elena Hernandez says:

    Lol I thought engagement rings regular price ring was around 10k
    My ring was 20k and I love it!

  306. VanGogh22 says:

    Mine: $140.00. Kinekt Gear ring. Unique, poetic, budget-realistic

  307. Jon Ultime says:

    The $55K stone is terrible. Not eye-clean by a long shot. Incredibly awful looking inclusions, looks the surface of the moon.

  308. Alopias pelagicus says:

    Is noone going to talk about how Kristens dress matches the wallpaper in Trumpet & Horns perfectly?

  309. Deniz M says:

    is steven ok, he seems love lost

  310. vincent tran says:

    I really thought he was going to propse.

  311. Julz B says:

    While I am iffy on the cost of the first ring, I do like the transparency and recyclable ethics of the shop.

  312. Adriana Tomic says:

    The only ring I would like is ONE RING…the Precious …One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them …..muhahahhhaa …

  313. snowflake says:

    Steven trying out rings: *puts it on any other finger than left ring finger in case of bad luck*
    Kristen trying out rings: *normally puts it on ring finger*

    Asian people are just naturally superstitious lolz

  314. Roxanne Ruiz Pereda says:

    Min 4:27 take the BuzzFeed quiz to know in with month your soulmate was born

  315. Gnarly Chuck says:

    *Ring pop*

  316. Lucy Bai says:

    Costco is the answer my friends!!

  317. Ail Salumbides says:

    When she said 1065 for some reason I though she meant 10.65 and I thought it was reasonable…

  318. Lrsp pscbll says:

    Engagement is just a gate, if you will be married or not.. funny coz people now a days just stays together and never ask “The Question”..

  319. Lisaluff says:

    my ring was 80 euros xD with lifelong repairservice

  320. sarahiceeyes says:

    I would very happy if my future fiancé said got a good deal on my ring. Love saving!!

  321. Nikki Miller says:

    That first ring of $1,065 retail in her shop, in the rest of diamond jewelry stores would cost $200-$350. Then again I have a 1.5 carat princess cut solitaire i bought for $750. I did get it Certified and appraised since then for insurance company and it’s at $4,500.

  322. Katherine says:

    I would be more than happy with the teardrop rose gold ring from pandora for an engagement ring. I think it’s $160 CAD, somewhere around there.

  323. borzix1 says:

    I would gladly give the entire lot for one single Gassan 121. 🙂

  324. Holly Wickham says:

    All these are way more expensive than mine but I am not fond of any! I have opal and diamond which cost my husband about £150, is stunning and didn’t put us in debt. It astounds me how much people may into the wedding industry – we wanted a marriage not just a pretty day and ring.

  325. Instagram ampdav says:

    A James Allen ad was on before this. It’s a engagement ring store just in case someone didn’t know.

  326. ICANanimations says:

    if you have to ask for the price you probably cant afford it.

  327. gynxe says:

    who else got a ring commercial??😂.


  328. candi nunya says:

    The first one was tacky unoriginal an overused design from the 80s and the only thing in her ovate ‘collection’ seemed to be one ring w doff stones. That’s not a collection. That’s one ring in diff options. Its tiny and way over priced. The stone quality was very low in all the rings in her ‘collection’ they were dull drab and just no. That ring will not endure for years let alone decades. You wanna be married for 6 mo that’s ur ring.

  329. Karl Svendsen says:

    Please do backpacks agian

  330. Peter Alderson says:

    I really like your style .. Except your soldering skills are novice at best.

  331. jingqh says:

    Hmmm…what’s Steven thinking at 3:24…

  332. Ewelina says:

    This boob

  333. Kendall Wallace says:

    Okay but why has no one commented on the fact that he apparently got a haircut before going to that last place 😂

  334. Jessica Purvis says:

    Dude. Pawn Shops are GREAT for jewelry.

  335. Ken Torralba says:

    The snake ring reminds me of Taylor Swift. 🐍

  336. Joseph Vella says:


  337. A Mark says:

    Why when 1065 was said I thought they meant $10.65 … stay in school kids cuz I’m going back


    Yeah I like silver and amethyst maybe lol

  339. Vision Truth says:

    Um, this isn’t food D:

  340. ティラ says:

    Please consider moissanites for your engagement rings as well. Its brilliance (sparkle) and dispersion (fire) is higher than a diamond as well as most gemstones. It is not only eco-friendly being created in a lab, but also the cost is around 90% LESS than a diamond! Save that money for a dream home or vacation 🙂

  341. Jack Dean says:

    you could buy the diamond and gold yourself and have the first ring made for you for half the price

  342. gfieqfbh gkjfkjfv says:

    When are you gonna do the heroin episode Steven?? You goddamn coward

  343. Christel Music says:

    Steven looks so sad. You’ll meet a wonderful woman soon boo boo, you are so lovely just hang in there.

    • S M says:

      Christel Music His ex girlfriend Ying is officially engaged to someone else as of today. Her IG is @yingc_lin

    • Anindita Chatterjee says:

      @Christine B. actually;;they broke up like a few months before this episode….thats why hes sad;;
      you can also see in some of the worth it food videos where hes feeling quite down and andrew is visibly trying to cheer him up 🙁 my poor boy

    • ara rzlin says:

      watch steven lim youtube channel his gf’s name is ying

    • Christine B. says:

      Muhsin Harrison who are the other people? I remember I’m that worth it suit video he was planning on marrying her.

    • Never Give Up Dear Friend says:

      @Muhsin Harrison oh , really. İ didn’t know

  344. Helluminati says:

    I don’t have a ring. I just live with the man I love.

  345. Gladys Mba says:

    Rings with loads of tiny side gems freak me simply because their upkeep and maintenance would be a drag.

  346. River Fuelling says:

    They should do stuff on rare coins

  347. Emma Skattum says:

    You should do a worth it – massage – episode!! Would be so interesting to see!

  348. Amanda Biddy says:

    So my first engagement ring was $95 and it was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the metal was weak and it broke due to being resized. The set i have now came from Amazon. Ive used it for about 2 years now and I love it. The set was $25 and its sterling silver (I did pick out both rings) and my husband’s wedding bamd was $20 and its tungsten. So from experience you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a ring. It shouldnt matter either because that shouldnt determine why you get married. Its just a piece of metal becaise marriage is about the love and connection between the person you marry!

  349. Yohanes A.D says:

    Please delete this before Tatsumaki finds out…

  350. Mystic Miserly says:

    Steven u dont look so good Sad.
    It’s like the break-up has sunk in deep.
    Where is the old spark ?

  351. KO says:

    Kristin looks great! 😀

  352. taccora says:

    I love antique engagement rings…especially those of an art deco design. The thing is very rarely do antique jewelers have a full set so I feel like you still need to have a good custom jeweler on deck to get a band that will compliment a vintage ring (if you’re a person who wears a band with your ring). For instance, if her band was a u shape to cup her ring @6:21 her wedding set, which is lovely, would look better in my opinion

  353. mena seven says:

    I like Trumpet & Horn vintage Edenclif engagement ring.

  354. Malorie says:

    I’m not a fan of diamonds so mu husband got me a salt and pepper, or raw, cut diamond. They are becoming extremely popular. It’s a square shape with a beautiful cut about the size of a small button. Cost him right around $1,000.

    An engagement ring does not need to be expensive in order to be sentimental or unique. Mine is an actual diamond, just not the “pretty” kind that is acceptable by society. I couldnt imagine a more perfect ring.

  355. Flutter Plays RBX says:

    ok tbh id be fine if my man got me a 25¢ ring out of one of those bubblegum machines but took me on a nice vacay

  356. fit4ya1975 says:

    Women want to be equal so bad yet when it comes to getting married they get EVERYTHING and the man gets nothing.

  357. choirkitty says:

    Years ago they saying was 2 months salary for an engagement ring. Who is making $360K a year for the $60K ring?????? That ring is my yearly salary!

    • choirkitty says:

      @AndyCalera awww so happy for you! My hubby proposed to me almost 14 years ago and the 2 months salary was still the thing then. Well if he did that, he would have spent well over $10K for my ring! I personally didn’t feel comfortable with him spending that much on a ring. So we agreed on a budget and he stuck with it. The running joke with our friends and family was that he saved so much money on the ring he ran out and bough himself a fancy new digital camera! Lol! 🙂 I also absolutely adore my ring and even though my hubby has offered to upgrade me, I won’t let him because I love my ring and wedding band so much 🙂

    • AndyCalera says:

      choirkitty when I got engaged 20 years ago the saying was 1 months salary. My brother and brother-in-law to be were looking at engagement rings at the same time and asked me if the ‘months salary’ was before or after tax, lol. We had around a $3000 budget (less than a months salary) for my engagement ring, then my husband surprised me and brought one for over $10,000. I love it so much, it’s the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I know that some people put down people who have expensive rings, but he didn’t go into debt to buy it and it really came from his heart.

  358. Stephanie says:

    Is she pregnant?

  359. dhyc777 says:

    my mom gave me both her engagement & wedding rings to keep…

    now all i need’s a man, haha~

  360. Pat R says:

    Steven seemed kinda of Off in this episode like he just wasn’t present like he didn’t want to even be there. His lack of interest showed so much. Idk🤷🏾‍♂️

  361. Ikeda Kazuto says:

    What happened to the food worth it ?

  362. jon saad says:

    Did they stop the food worth it?

  363. Ashsaloft says:

    fun fact : Diamonds are a ripoff

  364. TheCozyWitch says:

    That first one litterlly looks like costume jewelry from Claire’s for 30$

  365. Emilia Vu says:

    Just give a plastic ring from dollar tree and I’ll be happy.

  366. Belinda Chin says:

    11:07 steven was looking at his co-worker’s boobs 😂

  367. Allison Corona says:

    “I’m engaged to the sea” mood

  368. kristy kun says:

    for me personally, I want a badda bing ring bc I have no intention of having a wedding. skip the wedding and you can have that 60k ring which you will have for the rest of your life vs 1 overly extravagant single day.

  369. jen with luv says:

    this gives me another reason not to get married…i’d rather travel

  370. jen with luv says:

    i’d much rather get a not expensive ring & go on a vacation

  371. Elwood Scott says:

    If a man or woman ever spent more than a couple thousand on an engagement ring on me??? JUST- WHy? We could do a million cool things with that money and you spend it on a shiny bauble??? That and you could have bought a physically and chemically identical substance in a ring with the only difference between the two being one was made in a lab and the other came out of the ground! Don’t buy me a diamond, get me a colored stone IDC what color but get me something interesting. Diamonds are honestly pretty boring. If you’re with someone who cares about how much money you spend on what is ultimately a symbol, you should really reassess why you’re with that person.

  372. Nik110512 says:

    Everything here is grossly overpriced. 1k for that first ring is just….😡
    Why would a recycled diamond cost more?
    California is just filled with people who don’t know what to do with money and businesses that continue to make up ways for them to spend it.

  373. Gadget Hackwrench says:

    Is Kristin pregnant?

  374. derpipotatoe says:

    on the online shop, the diamond ovate III ring is about $600

  375. lebkha says:

    The 1065 ring looks like something I would buy for 20 dollars

  376. Arthur Hale says:

    I got my girlfriend a dog instead when I proposed. She loved ot

  377. Lorri Lewis says:

    Average Cost vs. Median Cost are two different things. Average cost will always be higher than the median cost, because the average gets skewed upwards by a few high-cost outliers.

  378. Josiah Craft says:

    She could do a couple crunches. If you say she is pregnant, I don’t care.

  379. Meaghan Merida says:

    I swear Kristin is the real reason I watch BuzzFeed lol

  380. sonie v.kay says:

    weird question, does anyone know what brand that metal frame cateyes glass is from? its so nice. i think her name is kyrsten(and im sure i botched her name aswell…sorwi~)

  381. Kimanh Vo says:


  382. Stacey C says:

    I got my ring for $15.95 off Amazon.

  383. layla gaucin says:

    steven u needa do a worth it video in florida $10 fish, $40 fish, & $100 fish

  384. Mugi Kotobuki says:

    My husband got my engagement ring on etsy, it had my favorite gem on it! (London Blue Topaz). It was… literally 165 dollars. No regrets.

    We’re still finding new rings for our wedding bands since we only got placeholder ones from Amazon. I came out as a guy and now we’re trying to find his and his rings, and it’s difficult!

  385. Steve ldnuk says:

    Why are engagement rings fancier than the wedding? Does the bride need to be reassured she is going to get married by having an expensive ring? Also that Adiamore ring had a lot of inclusions or black speckling, I could see them in the close up.

  386. Annika Orne says:

    Wishing the “affordable” option was moissanite rather than a diamond.

  387. James Swindley says:


  388. Ora D says:

    6000$ average on an engagement ring?! No way in hell.
    Me and my fiance chose my ring together, a white gold cat head shaped ring with small diamonds for eyes. It was like 800$?… best ring ever.

  389. Joseph Sherman says:

    Why do men buy engagement rings? Seems like a waste of money.

  390. Po Lani says:

    She got her engagement ring *and* her dress pattern at Trumpet and Horn. <3 7:49

  391. Matt says:

    Are we not going to address the fact that Stevens hair was different at the last store?

  392. xandralinest89 says:

    ok but lets be real here, for $1065 you can get a wayyyyyy more substantial and attractive ring than the ones they showed. those looked like stacking rings you would wear with 3 others, i’d be so disappointed if that was what my ring looked like and it still cost over 1k!! if go on etsy and put a spending cap of $500 your going to see much nicer options.

  393. Ryoko Smith says:

    I still think $1,050 is a LOT for a ring…

  394. Mallie Moskal says:

    My engagement ring was $150. We got it together from an independent artist, and I love it. It has an ethically sourced garnet instead of a diamond, a stainless steel band that will last forever and not tarnish, and if I lose it, no harm done. The engagement ring industry is a phat scam, don’t get played.

  395. Woozi is Short he only 164cm says:

    i missing the worth it food episodes

  396. soufian n says:

    Her Fatass is married wtf

  397. Ben Lee says:

    Tbh, i like the hex nut rings people make on yt. i looks so cool rather than the actual diamond. i guess its cuz im minimalist.

  398. Imperatrice1 says:

    You know even 1k is too much~? Or is it just me? As long as it’s real gold (so it’ll last longer), simple, nice design and most especially chosen by your loved one for you, it’ll do~

  399. wildhearses says:

    I really appreciate that the lowest price point ring shop owner not only dedicates herself to not contributing to exploitative mining practices, but she uses her own talent to try to make every ring special. I really love that. Even the middle range kind of operates in the same veign. I don’t need a computer to make me a 3d printed “perfect” diamond to know I love someone. You can’t pay for a soul, what a weird society when the money seems to go towards the opposite.

  400. Lisl G M says:

    My rings cost $850 for 1/2 ct center diamond engagement ring and $150 for the band on Ebay. Verified as 18k white gold and real (good quality) diamonds. If you don’t want to deal with that use a verified site like 1stdibs or Etsy or even a vintage seller like Erstwhile. Honestly, it is criminal how much cheaper those rings are and 0 impact on the planet.

  401. Eleonore Bon says:

    Americans are crazy with how much they spend on engagement rings.

  402. Eleonore Bon says:

    The story about paying for the maker and their story was ridiculous. You’re paying her. The rings were lovely, but too expensive for what they were.

  403. D ović says:

    I dont like this girl, the other guys were much better.

  404. J Paterson says:

    With how tiny those bands are, I would have broken those rings within a week. Though with the first ring at least I wouldn’t be catching it on everything.

  405. DARIS says:

    Just imagine buying a 55K ring,for a suprise proposal and she says NO!

    • Kysa Lopez says:

      Just imagine thinking someone has to say yes to you against their own better judgement and want lmao. Maybe having better communication with the person.

    • All Ginger to Me says:

      E Dennis An engagement ring is considered to be a gift between two non-spouses and therefore non-marital property. The woman can keep it after divorce under a non-marital property gift. An engagement ring IS a conditional gift though and if the condition of marriage is not met (fiancé breaks it off before wedding) then the ring must be returned to purchaser or they can sue them under replevin to get their property back. You’re thinking of wedding bands which are considered marital property because they were gifts given to each other during marriage and the courts consider the exchanging of bands to be the beginning of your marriage. No clue why I just wrote this long comment but I love family law so there ya go 😂

    • sʜᴀᴇ ᴀɴɴᴀʟᴇsᴇ says:

      @E Dennis oh…That’s sad.

    • E Dennis says:

      @sʜᴀᴇ ᴀɴɴᴀʟᴇsᴇ In the US, the engagement ring belongs to the guy. At best, it’s marital property, so you’d have to split the value.

    • sʜᴀᴇ ᴀɴɴᴀʟᴇsᴇ says:

      I would say yes…then divorce then pawn the ring…win win

  406. Queen Nemo says:

    Wow every object that the first one was working with my dad has them alllllllll wow 😲

  407. Andjelka Kosovac says:

    i really don’t care about the ring, what ever he comes up with i would be happy even if it’s 10 bucks

  408. -- says:

    ogre objects?

  409. Nathalie Rabearijao says:

    Come on holiday to South Africa and buy all your jewelry here… because it’s the land of gold and diamond!

  410. XxConstant AnxietyxX says:

    I’d go for the antique/vintage rings

  411. Tropical Alien says:

    I really REALLY love the thought behind the first ring option, I’d prefer that just for the thoughtfulness alone.

  412. bun bun says:

    is it for real that the average american spends $6000 for an engagement ring??!!
    in my country, the most popular centre diamond size is 0.5 carat (what my fiance gave me), i don’t know how much did it cost him but i do know he’d received the diamond from his family and custom-made the ring for me which makes it priceless in my eyes…


    “the little diamonds are the back up dancers and the big diamond is the Beyonce”!!!

  414. jayzzee1888 says:

    $1064 for that ring is over priced

  415. Josue Aguilera G. says:

    That first ring should be 600

  416. Zainab Ayuob says:

    I’m still in love with the cheapest ring😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
    Who else???(click like if you agree)

  417. ericting2020 says:

    Are those resell value?

  418. Jordan P says:

    we want a FOOD season !!

  419. Jonathan Lynn says:

    omg the beauty roulette wheel is full of different makeup palettes 👀👀

  420. Rebecca Green says:

    Did Steven and his girlfriend break up? He mentioned her often and talked about getting a suit for his wedding in a previous episode. Here he talks about not needing a ring, so I’m wondering if something changed.

  421. Vincent Van Gogurt says:

    OR i can go to the antique shop up the street and get a lovely ring for $300

  422. Vincent Van Gogurt says:

    i could buy a car for one of these rings price

  423. Toasty says:

    What a waste of money. Rings are so pointless.

  424. TM says:

    Idk, my ignorant self about engaging ring suppose to be simple design and time less. So i think middle and last rings are my ideal ring. First one has such a damn beautiful design, but feel like more like accessories

  425. Julyn WInkelman says:

    I want the snake ring

  426. Mae Tyndell says:

    Wait, no one picked up on the owners named Tom and Jerry! 😂😂 the cartoon! Ok, I’m done. Sorry . 😂😂😂😂

  427. Brittney Stuart says:

    Walbridge ring is exquisitely beautiful.

  428. Sarah Woodside says:

    I’d rather be proposed to with a puppy and a cheap ring without diamonds 😀

  429. um t says:

    I think this was pretty insensitive choice for Stephen sake. He seems really down in this vid.

  430. Tamanna Yasmin says:

    $1065 is still overpriced

  431. Gamer2000 says:

    Damn who or what kind of guy would marry this whale? Like the dude could do way better if he has the money to buy expensive rings.

  432. Michael Nichols says:

    The prices are out of whack. If you live in a large city…go to the jewelry district and negotiate.

  433. Blue Palmer says:

    Ok but is the “average American” the mean, median, or mode? These $55,000 rings could totally be skewing the “average”…

  434. Jay Scaletta says:


  435. Boing Boing says:

    Only in America “romantic” means spending big money.

  436. Sunny P says:

    Its just a rock lol

  437. aracely arredondo says:

    my engagement ring can come from walmart i really dont care.💀👋🏼

  438. Megan Lawson says:

    My engagement ring was less than $400. My wedding ring was only $150. I could never justify spending over $1000 on a jewelry item…..

  439. thanisties says:

    The first ring is disgusting

  440. Dylan Dillpickle says:

    SI1 isn’t great clarity…d is great color

  441. Alyssa Thomas says:

    Steven looked so uncomfortable the entire episode. I found it unpleasant to watch.

  442. Gabriel Bou says:

    i love that fat girls attitude so hot!

  443. salmandron says:

    Am I the only one that fell out of my chair when the guy from trumpet and horn said his wife?

  444. Kandii Krushh says:

    🤣🤣🤣”that month is who I’m marring “

  445. CurlyAndNerdy101 says:

    “The nice thing about this ring is that it wont get in the way.”
    EXACTLY WHAT I WANT IN A RING! Look pretty, but don’t snag on everything.

  446. virginia santillan says:

    OMG so boring and useless

  447. ic u says:

    I’d give up a digit to wear that vintage Victorian sapphire and diamond ring. Holy Hell. Someone is getting to wear it everyday, but it won’t be me. 🙁

  448. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    anyone else not really crazy for diamond rings? Like yes, they are gorgeous but there are far more beautiful rings out there. My engagement ring is actually a morganite ring with a diamond halo and matching band. Its breathtaking <3

    • porcelain says:


    • comegetmyxlove says:

      I always wanted a morganite and finally got one – rose gold setting. It was gorgeous and loved how different it was. I quickly hated it though… The stone gets very dirty and cloudy, cleaning it made no difference. It was bad lol gemstones in general are high maintenance and you need to be prepared to clean it often and baby it.

    • Patricia Gill says:

      Morganite is beautiful. My engagement ring is a vintage Tanzanite with tiny little diamonds in the shoulders. Never been a big lover of diamonds, with the exception of coloured ones.

    • reigny franklin says:

      Hmmm awesome

    • Cybrina Cook says:

      Veronica Rodriguez my ring is a black sapphire and I love it! Diamonds were never my favorite 🤷🏼‍♀️

  449. Jayden tango Tang says:

    Lol. That start though

  450. meilirima says:

    A really cute idea (but corny now that I think about it) would be to have the birthstones of both parties in the couple on your ring finger. That’d be hella sweet.

  451. Fhuura Liulfr says:

    My engagement ring was $300 dollars lol

  452. RedBunnyFromMars says:

    The. Ring. Doesn’t. Matter. I know I don’t want that giant-ass stone on my ring because it gets in the way when I root through my fabric bins and it’ll gets hooked on EVERYTHING. I don’t even have a stone on my wedding band for this specific reason. Go order a $50 ring from amazon.

  453. Pietro says:

    The only rings I can afford are onion rings …

  454. Youwillnever Know says:

    My wedding ring total with the wedding band is roughly 8k….Lol barely made it under the average. (we got discounted otherwise everything is over 10K)

  455. souldy09 says:

    I hope my future wife isn’t watching this video…

  456. Kimber Dunford says:

    She said GAA instead of GIA

  457. Feebee679 says:

    Who thought the lady was Christine sydelko at first

  458. H Weever says:

    Idk if I’d be comfortable having €1500 euro on my hand

  459. mai monterde says:


  460. Cole Smith says:

    $1000 is not a bare minimum engagement ring is it?

  461. Jasmin Santana says:

    Of course Cali with all those celebs buying million dollar rings

  462. Keon Jeter says:

    You should have proposed with a ring pop

  463. Experiencing Interruptions says:

    I’ve seen rings for 200.

  464. valerie whitney says:

    That first girl they went to looked like Saoirse Ronan

  465. Maggie Wilson says:

    When my husband and I bought my engagament ring, he let me pick mine out. I was told to pick one and was not allowed to see the proce. After picking the ring I liked, my husband looked at the price and then at me and said, “You’re a cheap date.” Turns oit the ring was $800. We ended up getting it for 600 in the end with discounts included. My wedding band ended up costing more at about $1100.

  466. A Tachi says:

    people out here spending my college tuition on a god damn engagement ring y’all i hate rich people

  467. Ivy Poison says:

    It’s funny I’m a gem type of girl. I would hate to see a diamond in my ring. I love the vintage rings more.

  468. Maricruz Noguez says:

    Y’all ran out of food to try??? Cause this needs to stop like really engagement rings ?

  469. B TIC says:

    Can u do worth it lobster rolls

  470. Aleksandar Bilandzija says:

    And who is the beauty in the back of the car??

  471. bayliner18cc says:

    onion ring /squid ring / hater backseat ring ….

  472. Kim Liu says:

    Mine was 700 buckrooo

  473. Gumbii Grows says:

    i’ve been making silver engagement rings for years… some as simple as a simple band with a nice hand cut cubic zirconia… some women are thrilled with their 75-200 dollar ring… not everything has to cost an arm and a leg to be meaningful….

  474. Kimberly Schmidt says:

    My fiancé wanted to spend $1,500 to $2,000 on my engagement ring… I told him that he better not!
    We ended up compromising and got a custom engagement ring and matching wedding band set for around $1,000.

  475. Trudi Patterson says:

    There was a sapphire with diamonds and that was my moms engagement ring (except hers was white gold)

  476. björn sjöblom says:

    300-500 is what i had bought and then lay way more money on the honeymoon 🙂

  477. Stephanie H says:

    Honestly thought she meant $10.65 not $1,065 😂

  478. Kobayashi Mattu says:

    3 hilariously overpriced rings at 3 drastically different pricepoints… also if your ring is $55k you don’t want to be making excuses for its quality…

  479. Žak Žabnikar says:

    What happenwd to Keith ?

  480. Saba Sabina says:

    Got mine custom made for 350€ with CZ. I like the look but not worth it for me to spend money on stuff. Better invest in travel and experiences

  481. Federico Bermudez says:

    You should check out producer Michael he does really crazy diamonds and jewelry

  482. Noob Pro says:

    How can a ring get in this fat ass finger

  483. Wendy Sherbert says:

    These two make a great team together! More please!

  484. Genci LL says:

    who clicked here bcs he thought that the title said endgame

  485. Ash says:

    someone tells me they got a good deal on a ring, I’d be happy. I’d probably lose it anyways….

  486. Jan Valle says:

    “That doesn’t really matter as much as the love that you share with the other person” is exactly the reason I will never be getting an engagement or marriage ring for my future wife.

  487. Silvermoon Luna says:

    You….. did not just compare a diamond 💍 to Beyonce……
    oy vey lady 😒

  488. DDG,S Legs says:

    Dear men plz dont marry these feminist women or else you will be fucked

  489. mary wolfcin says:

    I couldnt even tell it was 100 years old – yeah or that it cost you the price of a new car.

  490. mary wolfcin says:

    I got a massive opal ring with white gold and diomands for like 700$ on etsy. Yall are wild with these but hey they are cute

  491. Dawn Jaco says:

    I love the first one because personally I’m not a fan of blood diamonds and she has other options if my wedding ring made of pearls or crystals that are beautiful would be amazing

  492. Sibbhy says:

    Worth it: wedding dresses!!

  493. Διρhα says:

    You trippin if you think I’m gonna spend 6k on a gold sphere. I’m gonna meet my fiancé one day and I hope I don’t get stuck with a girl that expects me to drop an entire paycheck on a ring.

  494. Florean Fortescue says:

    I like BuzzFeeders, they are actually a bit like Europeans XD

  495. Florean Fortescue says:

    Recycled is th ebest <3 <3 go sustainable!

  496. Slime Sisters says:

    Longest engagement in the world

    Pam and roy

  497. Ahmed K says:

    I don’t like the fat lady

  498. edward garza says:

    Definitely not a fair comparison amongst the 3 stores. With any other show they compare apples to apples, with this show the only thing the stores had in common was ‘engagement ring’. What would have been more of an accurate comparison would have been all 3 stores have a 1ct diamond, but at 3 totally different grades. Otherwise a 3ct diamond doesn’t compare fairly to a .3ct stone (just guessing on side of the first stone).

  499. Abe says:

    First one is dope,it’s ethically sourced and isn’t expensive

  500. RJ Jones says:

    My husband got my engagement ring from the TN Ren Fest. It’s 100 percent real and is one of a kind. Doesn’t matter where it came from how big or how much it is. The meaning behind it is what matters most

  501. Abu Hajjar Has Entered The Chat says:

    Me: Hey Steven can I have your phone.
    Steven: Ya sure!
    Me: Thanks, I need to check something
    Steven: Ok cool!
    Me:(checks history for porn)
    But all that comes is: cake fact
    Rib fact
    Car fact
    Animal fact
    Burger fact
    Chicken fact

  502. Meredith Salois says:

    You should have also looked at engagement rings at etsy too because you can usually get a good one for only a few hundred.

  503. Monkeyeasy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    Do Hot pot worth please with mike Chen he loves hot !!!!!!!!!!!

  504. califragmentlemon says:

    Does Steven no longer have a gf? I remember she was in previous BuzzFeed videos. Would have been a great twist if he actually bought one of these and proposed with it! But he made it clear that he wasn’t looking for one anytime soon…

  505. califragmentlemon says:

    I was expecting them to say the reasoning behind each price point and to explain what is the cut of diamonds when they were using the magnification tool to look at them…

  506. Make Up Your Mind inator says:

    This video is insane. The engagement ring that I bought my fiancé cost $13. We’ve been married for 24 years now btw.

  507. Chandra Wagner says:

    “Its not what I expect to see on someone who’s engaged” lmao, my ring is so plain, it’s a super thin white gold band with one tiny diamond. (I picked it, the wedding band is beautiful but not much more ornate)

  508. Petersen says:

    My wedding set was less than $800 total.

  509. LBlush says:

    Hi there. There are other options such as lab created diamonds, mossanites, and gemstones.

  510. Kat the Destroyer says:

    My ring cost $590 and has one .5ct center stone and 8 smaller side stones in 14k white gold. I love it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  511. Jet Storm says:

    Why do I see Jabba the Hutt at 8:10

  512. The_Hypocritical_Polar_Bear 276 says:

    This makes me upset because I remember when he used to talk about his girlfriend and now it seems like they broke up and this hurts for him ❤️

  513. Julie Mankowski says:

    Steven seemed super not into this one at all 😀

  514. K V says:

    That first ring was kinda cute , but for $1065 definitely not worth it.

  515. Julie Mankowski says:

    Jesus, my engagement ring cost $365 and it is stunning. Real diamonds that are small across a thin band. Capitalism has defeated feminism. I was just so unimaginably thrilled that my now-husband was ready to get married to me. He is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Screw the cost of the ring.

  516. candycore says:

    worth it: none of them

  517. Liam bob says:

    steven was so annoyed by the girl

  518. Korben B says:

    Honestly, my future girlfriend will know that if she proposes, 1. Get a lab made cubic zirconia, not a diamond, and 2. Please don’t spend more than $300??? Even that feels like too much lol

    Fun fact: before the 1920s, people would propose with ANY gift, not just a ring! But jewelry companies got together and started an incredibly intensive ad campaign that you HAD to get engaged with a diamond ring, and now here we are.

  519. Linda Chan says:

    This should’ve been released on Valentine’s day

  520. Random Guy says:

    It’s funny because Steven almost proposed to his girlfriend but they broke up recently and now he’s doing an engagement ring episode.

  521. Dahlia AL says:

    Engagement rings are status symbols. Just for comparison sakes. I’d rather have an old diamond n a well decorated meaningful ring than a fake new diamond worth peanuts during re-selling. New diamonds are factory manufactured n they don’t buy their own fake rings at the exorbitant prices cuz they have less value. So always go for the original stone.

  522. Debb Curry says:

    The average ring price paid for my engagement ring, wedding ring, wedding dress, grooms suit, all gifts, reception, and our honeymoon. And we had over $3500 left.

  523. Debb Curry says:

    When she said $1065 I thought $10.65. It’s gorgeous.

  524. BIGGER NEAN says:

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  526. Victor Maxner says:

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  527. Laura P. says:

    My husband spent $50 on my engagement ring. My wedding band only cost $100.
    Ring cost doesn’t equal love.

  528. Raina Kumar says:

    I’m pretty sure you could get a ring with a bigger diamond for $1065

    • Kt Q says:

      Raina Kumar definitely could 😂 I worked at a jewelry store and they even had multi stone rings for that price

  529. SmurfingPanda says:

    4:11 *Thanos has left the chat*

  530. munchkin79nz says:

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  532. YI HSING LEE says:

    Tbh the first ring doesn’t seem appropriate to be an engagement ring for me, it just doesn’t seem like it at first sight. The diamond was so tiny and not obvious because of the ring’s design and the actual size of the diamond as well. I’d see it as a gift for my girlfriend as a promise or something rather than an engagement ring.

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  536. Stephanie Lopez says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t include the lab diamonds those you literally cook in the oven and are cheap.

  537. Wines A Lot says:

    I think the ring my ex-fiancee got me was probably 3K-4K, dunno, never asked and never had it appraised. Gave it back since we didn’t go through with it. A vintage ring seems really cool to me, one of my old co-workers had one and I thought it was gorgeous. I would love to have something unique that has a history to it (not too expensive, though). 🙂

  538. Steph says:

    He can’t stand her lmao

  539. Ashley Cooper says:

    If you are in love, the price tag shouldn’t matter.
    Edit: I meant, you don’t need an expensive ring to show your love, not I love you so spend whatever you want on an engagement ring.

    • Yeti says:

      Indeed, it is a known phenomenon that the most expensive weddings and engagement rings are the most likely to end in a swift divorce

  540. lebby ツ says:

    Who got a wedding ring ad before this?

  541. Peter Sun says:

    I can see many inclusions(little black spots)directly in the video with my naked eyes. 😅

  542. wiixn says:

    0:50 ok didn’t know Steven was this tall

  543. Morgan Radocy says:

    “$1000 is so expensive for something that’s supposed to last a lifetime!” Not everyone lives paycheck to paycheck, some people are middle class, everyone seems to have forgotten that in the past few years.

  544. honey yasss says:

    Just go get yourself a ring from those vending machine thingys

  545. dfine says:

    Dang the audio messed up at the end!

  546. Madelyn Guyton says:

    My fiance and I agreed on instead of a diamond center stone to use moissanite. The band itself is paved in diamonds and the ring setting is platinum. I copied the setting from brilliant earth’s website. It’s beautiful and no one can tell it’s a moissanite. Btw moissanite is the fraction of the price of a diamond and has even more brilliance to it. Total came out to $1500.

  547. KITCHEN FRENZY says:

    is kristen pregnant?

  548. Erika Czerniejewski says:

    I was cringing a little when I saw this episode but watched anyway. I’m a goldsmith and most people who do videos about jewelry just like to bash jewelers, the cost and the “diamond industry” This video was actually neutral and positive. I loved your choice in jewelers.

    As a jeweler I love creating pieces that remind people of celebrations and love. I’m currently carving a custom ring remaking a departed sisters ring into a new piece that my guest can wear everyday to remember her sister. I love being able to help people heal, and to restore grandma’s ring so grandson can propose. Well made jewelry can last generations with basic care. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires can hold up to daily wear (and repair!) Unlike most colored stones-which is why you see it so often in antique jewelry that’s still around. Other softer stones wear down and break.

    This ring I’m working on has already taken hours to design, and now hours to carve the wax, cast, clean up and set the stones. I expect to spend 10-15 hours making this one ring. How is it that jewelry is too expensive when skilled Craftsman take days to create a piece to last generations? 🤷

    It was nice to watch a video where fine jewelers if several different kinds are celebrated. Thank you!

  549. Kiki Sotelo says:

    4:19 when you play too many buzzfeed quizzez

  550. Pray 4 Stray says:

    Meanwhile my engagement ring price is around 50bucks(made from 24 karat gold)

  551. Eli Sophie G says:

    American standards for how much an engagement ring has to cost are insane. Jewelers in my country say most rings they sell are between $1500 and $5000, and that was them advertising themselves, so it’s probably even lower.

  552. Anandhu's Polaroid says:

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    Diamonds are just a scam. Gold is better investment.

  556. hI tHerE iTs mE BARNEY says:

    That first ring is a SCAM

  557. Runaway stargazer says:

    My fiancé got me a ring off of amazon and I really loved it but unfortunately sizing was off and resizing went horribly wrong but now we are getting one off of Etsy which honestly you can a really nice engagement ring off of Etsy for a way lower price point than the first ring.I do think the first ring is worth it though because of how much care is going into the creation of it.I was disappointed that the first price point wasn’t lower than like 300.I don’t know many of my friends and my fiancé included being able to or really wanting to put a couple grand on a ring.

  558. JO MANGEEE says:

    ring & band $324 + wedding $250 = still married after 15 years

  559. Cailyn Allebasi says:

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  560. *** ItzOmo *** says:

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    $1 Ring Pop – *aM I a JoKe TO yU*

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  565. Alice Oh says:

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    In VA 1065 would get you a way better ring

  569. Courtney Wilson says:

    The trick with engagement rings: find a design you like online, take design to local, family owned jeweler, get them to make it. It’s a loooot cheaper. My rings were ultimately the same design and half the cost of the online design

  570. Doll YeSsm says:

    Well the 1k buys a ring like the design of the most expensive one. In philippines

  571. Mike Arredondo says:

    $1065 recycled gold and gem stones
    $6750 used and repurposed jewelry
    $55-65k and ur getting is an si1 diamond 😂😂😂 get the fk out of here

    • Mike Arredondo says:

      Pain Uchiha GIA actually grades man made/ synthetic diamonds

    • Pain Uchiha says:

      Well you have to remember even if it’s SI these are natural made diamonds that came from the dirt after being formed millions of years in the earth’s crust. Hence GIA

    • Peter Parker says:

      slaudiohawaii lol that’s not a inclusion it’s the shadow from the other prong !

    • Mike Arredondo says:

      igor sure pay that price for a giant 3 carat piece of crap I rather get a diamond have the size but with better quality it’ll retain its value a lot better

    • slaudiohawaii says:

      @igor this a terrible price. 11:51, you can see the inclusions.

  572. dUp says:

    Steven, what happend to your proposal plans mentioned in the Worth it:Suits video?

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    So Cowardly it really is
    Tony Robbins said it well in his video “When They Go Low We’ll Go High”

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  582. Sheena Armstrong says:

    I bet there are a lot of engagements that were longer than that recorded record if more same sex married people came forward with their stories because of the history of same-sex marriage legality.

  583. I am Blanco says:

    That first ring seriously looks like a quarter machine ring ! Definitely not worth it!

  584. Anayishah DeWitt says:

    How do I find someone local that puts this much care into where their material comes from?

  585. Seth Amtsberg says:

    Wow the jeweler is so totally woke! Not to mention the obese, unattractive “married” woman (was she manspreading?) and the blonde gay Asian. Is that Gasian? Woke!

  586. Dummy Account says:

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  587. Øh Ms. Believer says:

    they should’ve bought a three dollar ring off of wish they’re cuter than the $1,065 ones lmaoooo

  588. Anne Lee says:

    Sorry but the 1065 is not engagement looking at all, looks like a regular dress up ring I can get for 15$ I would not want that but I guess each to their own

  589. Jason Sontag says:

    My brother spent $750 on a shoe
    My brother spent $650 on a shirt
    Brand:Mauner (I think)

  590. Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs says:

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    They didn’t show the most common type of engagement ring, which is what I think most would choose. .5-1.5ct round brilliant in a modern setting. Cost of 1.5 to maybe 12k depending on diamond quality and size. That first shop was lame, if you have a small budget, buy the biggest diamond you can afford and put it in a basic solitaire setting. Don’t waste money on some handcrafted, recycled gold gimmick.

  593. Kelly Jackson says:

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  594. Rylee ML says:

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    But I just like the rainbow-y ones

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  599. S. says:

    Do a video on moissanite engagement rings! Such a better option! You don’t need a diamond when you can a have a grogeous, lab-grown, moissanite. I, personally, would never buy a diamond again!

  600. potato master 123 says:

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  601. val6000 says:

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  602. C.p.2.0 says:

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  603. V2_Ranger says:

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  605. Friendly Neighborhood Librarian says:

    LOL, my engagement ring was $100. Definitely having a kick ass honeymoon is way better than something I would be afraid to wear on my hand day in and day out!

  606. Ollie Hamilton says:

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    “Today we’re gonna try three different *thing*, at three drastically different prices.”

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  614. Stephie Grennell says:

    While all those rings are beautiful, you can get a really good quality and gorgeous ring for under $1000.
    I didn’t want my husband putting us in debt before we got married, as well as having it carry though to our marriage. However, it did take him a couple months to pay off my ring as he did pay sitting at just under a thousand.
    My engagement/wedding ring is rose gold with a massive center London blue topaz stone and a halo of white diamonds in a basket setting. (Very stunning both in photos and in person). It is a limited edition piece from Helzberg Diamond. And it is probably the best gift he has ever given me. I could not have asked for more as it looks both vintage and modern all at the same time. Very much my style.
    The ring is fun and all, but ultimately, spending the rest of your life with your best friend is way more important than a $60,000 ring. 😉 The most important thing to remember is the ring is a symbol of your love, but the real treasure is your spouse.

  615. Nguyen Hong Anh says:

    1065$ for that tiny diamond ring? Come on, in Viet Nam that could be seen as swindle.

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  622. coffeegirl18 says:

    I would’ve picked the first one too. I liked how much thought went into it and it’s super sustainable. I really get weird about engagement and wedding’s cost wise…I’m still unsure about the whole thing.

    I totally get what Kristin’s getting at with it being unique though. Her ring is super pretty.

  623. Lexie says:

    It hurts me that he didn’t give her a ring pop at the beginning of the video 😂

  624. John Oliver says:

    Go drop $5k on a ring and then sell it the next day. Maybe $100? Biggest scam ever.

  625. hermest99 says:

    So a ring from a craftsman at a reasonable price or a ring from a computer for 60.000 dollars. Yeh no thanks.

  626. Hapa Designs says:

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  627. Bhavik Patel says:

    In other words none of the rings were worth it … alot of the ones showcased were overpriced

  628. jenna says:

    5:56 “Vintage can literally be from last Thursday.” Umm wtf thats just false. Vintage means a 20-99 years old. Antique is 100+. Anything less than 20 years old is just called used, pre-owned, or not new.

  629. Matthew McDowall says:

    Diamonds are so overpriced

  630. Hannah Sturtevant says:

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  631. missy Martinez says:

    Do not take out a freaking loan for your engagement ring. Save up and budget what works for you. And make it special the right person doesn’t care at all what you spent. My engagement ring I think is less then a thousand

  632. missy Martinez says:

    Most people want some money spent to know it was valued but like if it’s crazy exspensive I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it in case it was lost or stolen. And having it more personal like family stones or if u helped with designing it or engraved it I think it makes it super special

  633. The Valerie Lorenzo says:

    I too have a rose gold one. slight design difference as mine is made up of 3 bands, our 5 year anniversary.

  634. RainyDayLady says:

    I wish they’d introduce the lady in the back seat.

  635. Syd Games says:

    When my hubby n I got engaged, I decided I dont need all that $$ in a ring, we looked at lower cost options just for show, but I dont wear jewlery so I decided I dont NEED one. I know Im married, I dont need a reminder.

  636. Victoria McLamb says:

    My engagement ring was around 50 dollars. I didn’t want an expensive ring. I love my ring.

  637. windycitycrew21 says:

    Bro ill give you $10 and a free uber for 100 nuggets

  638. marby says:

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  647. S K says:

    $1,065 is cheap? Mila Kunis bought her and her husband’s wedding rings off of etsy for $190….

  648. AlwaysTheEssence says:

    Awww, what happened to his gf he was proposing to

  649. Out of The Hat says:

    My dream ring is $600 on etsy right now, 2k is still too much

  650. Zoe says:

    My wedding ring cost 75 bucks and I lost it so it’s just as well it wasn’t fancy 😂

  651. Seraphim31 says:

    The person whipping out their loupe to inspect other person’s engagement ring: ME 😁🤣 Not kidding, I’ve examined a friend’s engagement ring, many times.

  652. Ulyana Nikolayeva says:

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  653. PAC93 says:

    Who’s The Asian Lady Riding in the back of the Van?!

  654. Jerome Lacsina says:

    the cheapest ring is the best

  655. KatsObsession says:

    I love simplicity. My husband was about to pay 5-6k on my engagement ring and I wasn’t in love with the idea. I found one I loved under 1k that I thought fit me more. I still love my ring, I don’t think it’s a typical one you see on everyone. Still going 5 years😉

  656. Cujucuyo says:

    FYI if you’re on a budget you can go for Moissanite which is almost as hard as a diamond (9.25 Vs.10), and the brilliance is a tiny bit better than a diamond, you can get a 1 carat Moissanite solitaire ring for less than $900; Your other alternative are lab-grown diamonds which cost significantly less than a mined diamond are are even better since they’re almost flawless.

  657. Alex Chang says:

    tbh i hate fat people

  658. MinerMan says:


  659. Mimirita11 says:

    Is she pregnant?

  660. MMoH says:

    But what month was it?

  661. Samanthat9v says:

    That first one is a rip off wtf? You can get something with a bunch of diamonds the same size for the same price that’s crazy apparently upcycling is expensive

  662. Abhay Daya says:

    4:11 missed opportunity for a thanos jokes

  663. Devina Hunter says:

    Where’s Jen

  664. Bob Lee says:


    Him: just wack him


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  669. Lauren Schlepp says:

    Hahaha I like how they start the cheapest ring at over $1,000 LOL I thought the first one was going to be maybe 300 or something…

  670. Chelsea P says:

    I’d just like to point out that for a majority of us, $1065 is still way too expensive no matter how gorgeous and recycled (which I adore btw) they are.

  671. Jessie O'Neil says:

    Why did they have to start so expensive?! Show me some badass $300 white sapphire rings. Your privilege is showing guys.

  672. Elysa E says:

    I’m sorry but 10k is not “reasonable”. What planet are you living on?

    • Elysa E says:

      @Frank Liu I meant it’s not a reasonable price for most people to pay. That’s not affordable, so it’s not what I would call “reasonable”.

    • Frank Liu says:

      It is rather reasonable; a 1 carat D IF diamond with a good cut could easily cost over 10k. Add a plain setting from say Cartier, and the price could easily reach 30k. The reason that ring was so cheap was because they used old diamonds with outdated (read not sparkly) cuts.

  673. Gabrielle Virga says:

    The most expensive ring is my favorite!!😬😻😻😻

  674. Tawnya Luke says:

    I bought mine and my husband’s wedding rings at the pawn shop on my way to the church! LOL I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on an object you don’t really need. We’ve been married 25 years and never wear rings.

  675. Ashley par 15 says:

    do a dress code video with devin please 👗🙏

  676. Tanya Feliciano says:

    SI1 diamond for 60k?!?

  677. Laura Robbins says:

    OMG that ring is not worth 1065!!!

  678. AmethystSoldier says:

    Midwest culture is being proud of someone (especially a S/O) for finding a good deal. Seriously. It’s an indicator of being smart with your money.

  679. we are all baby says:

    And remember folks, engagement rings didn’t exist not that long ago!

  680. WhoStoleMyFries says:

    Why don’t we get videos with Steven & Andrew anymore? 🙁

  681. thormaster06 says:

    My hubby proposed with a beautiful art deco turn of the century ring that belonged to my mother, and my grandmother (fathers mother) before my mom. It’s white gold with 3ct emerald cut diamond surrounded with a crown of 14 sapphires. It’s gorgeous!!
    I made a copy of it with a white sapphire instead of a diamond that I wear every day and bring out original for spacial occasions. And I plan to give it to my son in law to propose to my daughter one day!

  682. Taylor Lauren says:

    Vintage all the way. Damn those are so beautiful!

  683. Rebecca Cole says:

    My fiance spent about $1500 on a custom made 14kt white gold ring with a good center diamond size and small sapphires on the band (my favorite color is blue – my favorite gem is sapphire even though Ruby is my birthstone). Faske Jewelers is where he got it and as long as they clean it every 6 months (free) then they’ll keep a lifetime warranty on it for gem loss or other damage. I was actually mad at him for how much he spent on it because he based it off a 90$ ring I found online (wasn’t real gems but I didn’t care if it was real or fake), I’d rather that money have been spent on other things. This makes me feel a little better that the ring is worth more than he paid but as a non jewelry wearer I frequently refuse to wear it because it is the most expensive thing I have ever owned or wore. Makes me feel like a bad person because I don’t want to wear it but reality is that I didn’t wear jewelry before because I saw it more of in the way (like washing your hands from paining [I paint] – gonna need to take it off or not wear it to avoid paint on the ring, catches on lacy clothing because the design is so intricate, my finger swells and thins throughout the day and I hate tight jewelry so it’s on the looser side making me even more worried [it’s already flown off my finger once – I’ve only had it for 3 months or so]). With the price it just makes me want to keep it in a box nice and safe.

    Almost the entire jewelry industry is a bunch of overpriced BS.

  684. sossay says:

    The edencliff😭

  685. pip pop says:

    Guys anf girks please dont feel pressured into dropping huge amounts of money on an engagement ring! Personally I prefer unique and/or lab-made stones like gemstones or moissanite (my personal favourite) and I think that’s a great alternative. Or propose with a ring pop 😉

  686. Rizal Adikusuma H says:

    bring back andrew

  687. M. Sheets says:


    Kristen becomes the new (better, nicer, cooler) Thanos and holds the Infinity Ring(s)

  688. Karanvir dev says:

    Do food videos!!!!!!!!this is bullsh*t

  689. Moonie Shin says:

    When she said 1065, I assumed the first ring was $10.65.

  690. Ariffin Kamaruddin says:


  691. Stuie Malan says:

    They couldn’t use Ned’s wife so this feels like plan b.

  692. x910246 says:

    that’s extremely amazing – the first one .. whoo :ooooo

  693. Sammy W says:

    I was kind of choked when my hubby spent $550 on my ring. I wanted a cheaper one 😂😂😂 money can be spent on so many more important things! And I couldn’t bring myself to wear a $1065 ring because I would be terrified I’d lose it or wreck it. Hard to replace that ring lol.

  694. Tomas Oran says:


  695. siukong says:

    Thousands of dollars in jewels, and I was most impressed by the huge magnifying glass …

  696. StarlightRose says:

    What happened to Steven ? Is it just me or does he seem less hyper and happy than before ?

  697. #flightattendantsdayoff says:

    I don’t get what the hang up over price is. People routinely drop $$$ for bags, shoes, memorabilia, and other crap that won’t last. Give me diamonds any day!

    • Imagination Lord says:

      The people who are complaining about the price aren’t the ones who spend $$$ on that stuff, that’s the point.

  698. Carla Ziino says:

    Bruh I still have to meet someone I like lol

  699. Firebird says:

    I’m a little disappointed because you didn’t talk about diamond alternatives like Moissanites…

    • Firebird says:

      Yas!! I feel like I’m the only one disappointed…but now I know I’m not alone!!

    • Hartleyb83 says:

      YESSS! Moissanite is absolutely beautiful and I’d much rather have a ring with it than diamonds. Plus it’s basically just as strong as a diamond, registers as a diamond, is more sparkly than a diamond and cheaper than one too. Moissanite is definitely a win in my book!

  700. Sarah Roeske says:

    My ring was literally $213.89 and it has never left my finger. Get what makes your sing their name and it’ll be perfect.

  701. HealthyByBalance says:

    Hey Guys! I know this is off topic but I just started my own fitness channel and would love some support. Go check it out if you can and I appreciate any small gesture : )

  702. Hailey Krips says:

    Infinity stones

  703. Sarah Blackowski says:

    diamond propaganda lol

  704. emily jay says:

    Im more partial to the idea of a non diamond engagement right.. like an opal or a turquoise or something like that, the imperfections in stones like those make them even prettier in my opinion.

  705. Vic says:

    If I had a partner I loved enough to marry they could give me a ring pop and I’d say yes.

  706. Lauren Poland says:

    I straight up told my boyfriend of 5 years to not spend over like $300, $55,000 is just rediculous.

  707. xgoldlion07x says:

    I vote for the first one, I’m all for recycling! My engagement ring was made from the diamonds from my moms engagement ring. Way more meaningful and no more money goes toward the diamond industry.

  708. Stars3072 says:

    Go with moissanites instead of diamonds!

  709. Hannah Mills says:

    My engagement ring cost around $700 and my band cost around $500. It doesn’t matter the cost, all it matters is the love that it represents❤️

  710. juliazwei says:

    The last one was soooo ratchet. Why does that happen so often that the more money people want, the more ratchet the stuff looks?

  711. juliazwei says:

    7:34 actually 140 years. you did NOT do the math.

  712. juliazwei says:

    The 1st one was the the most beautiful. Not over the top,elegant. Best one.

  713. Madison Ozment says:

    I got my great grandmother’s ring passed down to me, and it’s so similar to the Edencliff ring. 😍 It’s a little smaller though which I prefer!

  714. planetwasabi says:


  715. Muffled Giraffe says:

    Fellas, I got some advice once,”you can have a wedding or you can have a marriage.” If the feelings are real, the price of the ring won’t matter.

  716. TunedSongs says:

    Are we still ignoring that diamonds are actually WORTHLESS and not rare at all?

  717. Rachel Starnes Gallagher says:

    My biggest advice is to go shopping as a couple! I went in thinking I wanted one thing, and ended up picking a totally different style.

    • zazaincalifornia says:

      Rachel Starnes i agree! For us we ended up with a really non wedding model but amazing for my taste and hand

  718. Paolo Soto says:

    I like the ring from crazy rich asian

  719. Joslyn Fraidenburg says:

    My engagement ring cost my husband $164, with $25 to set the pearl we got on vacation in Hawaii. I adore it 😍

  720. Hagop Ghazarian says:

    Christine good for you you’re pregnant

  721. Julia says:

    Who else is waiting for worth it food season 6

  722. Tesla Op says:

    ProducerMichael is laughing right now

  723. Emilia Treviño says:

    I’m not bragging or anything I just think it’s cool

    My grandma had like a $50,000 engagement ring

    When she got engaged to my dad it was $7,000 so it was a lot!! I think it’s so cool! I’m

  724. Andrew Reyes says:


  725. Tim Bolin says:

    Please never have her on the show again.

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  727. Livvy says:

    Kristen annoys me sometimes, but she’s also such a mood 😂😂😂

  728. Jeannie Ford says:

    Over $1k is still a TON of money to a lot of people. That’s not really what I’d call affordable.

  729. Cindy Tran says:

    the lowest price point should’ve been a moissanite ring, looks like diamond for a fraction of the price

  730. Zoé Le Lan says:

    her engagement ring is bomb

  731. Jocelyn L. says:

    i love the first one but my sausage fingers 😭😂

  732. NightOfChange says:

    This video was so cute

  733. says:

    My then boyfriend (now husband) didn’t earn a lot and then got a job abroad. We weren’t sure if our relationship would last once he moved, nonetheless before he left, he bought me this simple gold ring and left it in my drawer. He called me from the airport and asked me to check the drawer and inside was the ring with a small note, saying this was all he could afford and if I’d wait for him to come back and get me the real thing. He did come back a year later and bought me a very large, very gorgeous diamond ring, we got married and also exchanged wedding bands. But my tiny gold ring is still the most precious piece of jewelry I have. It’s from a time we both had nothing and only love got us through. Now we are both doing really well, but I still wear my tiny ring and it reminds us of our humble beginnings.

  734. kylehawkinlee says:

    Is Steven okay? 🙁

  735. Anneloes Barth says:

    Wow the average engagement ring here is 500 euros or something… especially since you have 2 rings, for both partners 1… traditionally proposing here is just ‘hey wanna get married?’ ‘Yeah cool lets get rings together!’ I don’t think they have diamonds usually? In the US, do you keep your engagement ring on after the wedding?

  736. Anthony Co says:

    Let’s be real when they asked the ‘Engagement Fact’ did anyone NOT think California

  737. Ddawg M says:

    DeBeers sponsoring this?

    They blatantly tell people diamonds have no other use other than to fill a psychological niche.

    Millennials know diamonds are a farce and can’t afford them because of all the avocado toast.

  738. Charlotte Knudsen says:

    Honestly, I think I’d be a bit annoyed if my husband wasted $1,065 on an engagement ring.

  739. Jessie Steele says:

    $6,324 for the average engagement ring?? My whole set was $150 and I absolutely adore it! You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a stunning ring.

  740. Evilqueen1985 says:

    I don’t understand flashy jewelry. Look how terrible you are so we need to attract attention to something else. Just because a diamond is rare doesn’t mean it should be valuable and desirable. Plutonium is even more rare, but you wouldn’t want a ring made with it.

  741. Cat Rabbit says:

    We are financially so pressed that we skip the engagement ring altogether and are going for wooden, handmade wedding bands for about 60€ per ring. And the honeymoon will come later… it is us as a couple that matters and not the ring.

  742. Mechanical Boss says:

    Stephen what day of November were you born in?

  743. energy waves says:

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  744. kahaam Snatzel says:


  745. Mayah McGraw says:

    She should of pretended to say no at first to make it funny for us lol

  746. Icesamurai 902 says:

    Maybe this could been like a $1 fake ring vs a $1000 real ring because this video makin me feel poor I’m crying in the corner of my room

  747. Richie B says:


  748. lexie brasher says:

    sad thing is that my dad spent 98,000 on air ring

  749. Reggie Schwartz says:

    i mean like 55k isn’t rly THAT much for a ring that you’ll have for a lifetime

  750. Jonah Noelle says:

    My engagement ring cost $110 and I love it. I don’t think high prices are necessary.

  751. Cristhian Macias says:

    I bought my wife a beautiful 1 carat, SI, Vera Wang, 5k dollar ring for my wife and still took her to a 5 star resort in Phenix AZ.
    To this day she still smiles every time she thinks to our honey moon or sees her beautiful ring every morning..
    Lesson: Don’t cheap out fellas!

    • Cristhian Macias says:

      @Mish_ elle Yeah it is. I got it 3k under original price. The color was one of the highest grade also. You just gotta go in the right season and negotiate.

    • Mish_ elle says:

      that’s pretty cheap for a 1 carat actually but I guess it depends on the colour grade as well.

  752. Kaitlin R says:

    Cynthia sounds as dull as her rings

  753. Karen Pham says:

    That sound quality at the end….

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  755. Dianna White says:

    Etsy has way cheaper and cuter rings

  756. Yasmin Ahmed says:

    tbh idk why but this video was just v awkward. Steven was a bit off ngl

  757. hi says:

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  758. Yun Park says:

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  759. Ryan Murray says:

    Insert hipster comment of how some idiot is now married after using a ring pop and how everyone who buys an expensive ring is a sucker.

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  764. DiamondTeardrop6 says:

    A friend of mine married a really poor farmer. He made an engagement ring out of a a pig tooth. Eventually they were able to afford a walmart ring but she still has pig tooth one.

  765. Vitya says:

    Sorry diamonds are extremely overpriced and inflated. They are not even that rare!