15 Cheap Celebrity Engagement Rings That You Could Afford

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15 Celebrities Who Got Cheap Engagement Rings


When we think of celebrity engagement rings, we generally think of the hugest, sparkliest rings available. But not all stars believe in going big or going home when it comes to their jewelry. Some of them, like Priscilla Chan and Jessica Simpson prefer non-traditional rubies instead of going for more costly diamonds. Many people wonder why Michelle Obama has never upgraded her modest ring, and that’s because it simply means too much for her. Mila Kunis may have a solitaire engagement ring from Tiffany’s, but her wedding band is a completely different story because she got to pick it out herself. Alyson Hannigan got a surprise proposal from her husband of ten years! For their anniversary he wanted to renew their vows, and gave his wife a beautiful yet simple engagement ring. What would you dream ring look like if money was no object? Tell us whether you’d splurge or save in the comment section, then click subscribe for the latest videos from TheTalko.

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381 responses to “15 Cheap Celebrity Engagement Rings That You Could Afford”

  1. Share Bear79 says:

    My wedding set is a carat in the middle and there are smaller diamonds on the wedding band! I love it! I would never take any other wedding set! Ever! My husband bought it and paid for it! He worked hard for it! I will appreciate it a lifetime! ❤️

  2. kelly mcphaul says:

    I don’t understand the whole diamond thing. DeBeers came up with the whole wedding ring diamond thing to boost their sales.

  3. Edutainment Tamil info says:

    The title so cheap.

  4. Michelle Thomas says:

    I love the look of a diamond but was not willing to spend the cash. My fiancée got me a 1.75 carat moissanite ring for 1200 and I love it soo much. I never hide that it’s not diamond but people can’t tell that it’s not.

  5. Aslan Allahverdiyev says:

    Come after days

  6. AVA RICE says:

    When did 250000 become cheep

  7. Nóra Kiss says:

    so Blake Lively’s ring is also on this list: “Top 10 Ridiculously Extravagant Celebrity Engagement Rings
    ” next in autoplay by the way… So is it affordable or ridiculous? hmmm cant decide

  8. chattima charnsnoh says:

    No wedding rings can be cheap.

  9. Blue Lemonade says:

    Platinum 2 carat ring no that’s not cheap at all do your research

  10. Petrina Chin says:

    Meanwhile, i can’t evem afford to die

  11. lacy russell says:

    People are too vain and materialistic in this world. Ashton Kutcher spending 250,000 on the ring is ridiculous I am with his wife

  12. Regina P. says:

    ok ok wait a minute, mark zuckeberg ring doesnt look cheap… in fact a good ruby is suuuper expensive!

  13. Naeva Cheah says:

    Lol I won’t let you know a jewelry actually is cheap than you thought and u can get it free from some poor ppl. Because America and EUROPE country their diamond is not worth it to bought.

  14. TheBooty28 says:

    All ugly!!!!!!

  15. derek flint says:

    I had always heard that celebs almost never get mined diamonds because of the cost, the risk of robbery, and ethical concerns. Instead they would often get cubic zirconium, moissanite , or some other substitute . The big flashy ring is good for publicity, but generally a lousy investment. Why waste money when you can be more flashy and get more publicity with a synthetic? With synthetic diamonds substitutes getting cheaper every year, you can expect mined diamonds to continue to decline in value.

  16. M m says:

    why was this video even necessary, clearly someone’s running out of ideas

  17. Tepee Peer says:

    When my husband gave me my engagement ring it only cost about 300.oo dollars but to me it was the most beautiful ring on the planet. I was so proud to show it off.And I still have it today!!! 40 years later and it is still beautiful so no its not the ring.Its what stands behind it.

  18. blugirlsirop says:

    Michelle’s ring has since been upgraded. AF.

  19. R K says:

    I think simple is nicer lol

  20. Eye on art says:

    Scarlet joehanson use to be so beautiful in the movies with the long dark hair now she looks like an old lady with the gray hair, man cut. Terrible.

  21. MUDSWAT says:

    One ring would change my life.

  22. Gibby Cates says:

    World’s worst pictures – I don’t know what any of those rings really looked like. 🥴

  23. Q Q says:

    I see diamonds and my mood is instantly lifted

  24. Q Q says:

    Simple solitare is the way to go. I hate the rings with all the tiny diamonds going around the center stone and on the band. Just tacky.

  25. Val Stefanelli says:

    I don’t understand why they just dont buy a moissanite they Sparkle ❇️ so much. I have a couple of things made with moissanite and they are beautiful ! !

  26. Cpmf Feilberg says:

    I have moms 18kt gold 1kt engagement and wedding bands now on my finger with my own wedding band. The monetary value is not as important as the sentimental value of these rings as both mom, dad, and my husband are all now deceased.

  27. Tracey Gregory says:

    I always thought simplicity was more elegant…
    To me diamonds are played out. You other gorgeous gemstones to choose from. If you pair it up right it be or just beautiful as a diamond.

  28. Mary LG says:


  29. Pearl the rebel says:

    Wtf is the point of this video lol

  30. Settings Showroom says:

    What an ignorant video. None of these rings are cheap or affordable for normal people.

  31. Teresa Manley says:

    affordable to who?

  32. Pooja Fauzi Alagan says:

    You just need to rub it in with that 250k story

  33. Just For fun says:

    I dont have any tacos!

  34. Taylor Peppino says:


  35. Leann S says:

    My engagement ring cost about £80 it was in the sale. Out wedding bands was from ebay cost £28 for both. Our wedding cost less than £4000.

  36. Jose Camacho says:

    Before I started to watch the video, there was a ad about rings!💍 What a coincidence!

  37. Tracee Stannard says:

    I have to laugh when they say it’s a small ring, “just 1 carat”. Hellooooo, that is not small to most people!

  38. derek flint says:

    Some celebrities get huge engagement rings just as a way to get publicity. What they often don’t publicize is that the huge stone is not a diamond, but rather cubic zirconium or some much less costly option. It looks good for the camera, but costs much less.

  39. Jah-Raye Brady says:

    Those engagement ring look so nice

  40. Sharon Creamer says:

    Very pretty rings. You should consider getting one for every day wear, and then, a bigger and/or more elaborate one for ‘date’ night.

  41. Ladida386 says:

    Engagement ring is so overrated. I prefer simple wedding bands and a good solid marriage ⚭.

  42. Kirsten Ismond says:

    My fiance got me a stunning two tone (rosegold Knott and white gold split band) two stoned diamond ring. The sides of the split band are crapped in tiny diamond to add sparkle. The two main diamonds make out to about 1/4 of a kart to 1/3 of a cart. It’s really the perfect ring for me ❤️ the two stone symbolizes us, and the rosegold knot is our love ,💕

  43. Tia Isaac says:

    A white opal on a gold band

  44. chrstiania says:

    So did the women actually pick their own rings? Sounds like it

  45. Azian Ziana says:

    Lol I can’t even afford a one carat solitaire diamond (that has good specifications). And I would rather have a good quality smaller diamond than a huge lousy diamond. The 5Cs matter.

  46. UsernamesForDummies says:

    My dream ring is the one I’m wearing. It was chosen with love by the man I love beyond words. It doesn’t matter what it’s worth whatsoever.

  47. c y says:

    who thinks 250k is cheap? i would be happy with a ring pop tbfh

  48. Rachel Mulveen says:

    He has bought it all I gave him my size so he calling it a friendship ring gift from him in a box 8 years together now I love him and have a heart feeling in me now asking me to marrying him I can’t stop blushing over him smiling happy I miss him loads and just adore him soild deep love science day one my dream come true

  49. Rachel Mulveen says:

    My boyfriend is going to be giving me a friendship ring in a box we are 8 years together now I gave him my size so he can get it I told him the one I like just waiting for the ring he says soon very soon to me 8 years together now and happy new I can wait to see this on me he has done it all I don’t know anything about it all I know it a friendship ring in a box from him only love each other a lot

  50. Kristina Starkey says:

    Eh I thought this was about engagement rings we could afford? I absolutely LOVE Blake Lively’s ring but $2 million is not “affordable” unless you’re a celebrity or in the top ten of riches

  51. Ms. Bizlady says:

    My dream engagement ring is a marquise inspired or emerald cut ring. Whatever he can afford. I once had a channel cut cubic zirconia ring which I received many nice comments on.

  52. Sharon Stromley says:

    Bravo..after visiting South Africa and finding out diamonds are so common they would be like agates, I didn’t want one for my engagement. (I chose a pearl) but I ask why would one pay for a stone so common it would be silly cheap if prices weren’t artificially inflated? The moonstone one girl chose in this video is so rare a gem quality stone is very hard to find…a one of a kind. Why spend money you could use as a dòwn payment for a home, for a stone that washes up on the beach in South Africa (guarded of course). So, girls and guys, consider something different. Diamonds are friendly but then so are emeralds (green) moonstone, tsavorite (also green but the sparkle of diamond), tanzanite, (a bluish purple gem),
    South Sea pearls, morganite (pale pink) or how about Zultanite, very rare that comes from one place in the entire world that changes colors from an orangy golden color to a reddish green…Oh, I cannot describe have to see it for yourself…anyway, be ahead of your friends..anyone can do diamond…one in several million will have one of the gems I listed..
    Have fun looking…

  53. Guilherme Branco says:

    The stone on my wedding ring is an amethyst. Why only diamonds? We are not twins. Also amethysts used to be way more expensive back in the 17th century. Diamonds are very “new”

  54. Adelaide hula hoopers says:

    A good natural ruby is more expensive than a diamond.

  55. Pandora Box says:

    1. Crown Princess Victoria favoured a “Western style” ring. Just where you think Sweden is?
    2.Is Elsa Pataky featured in the thumbnail? What a pity there’s nothing about her in the content.

  56. GMF GMF says:

    If you want VVS buy here

  57. Jay Success says:

    Just because something is simple doesn’t mean its cheap!!!

  58. Rachel 84 h says:

    I like a simple ring I’m just not all that flashy

  59. Ken & Shan says:

    I wouldn’t let my fiance spend too much on mine. He already got me a diamond girlfriend ring so the wedding set is a tiny diamond 💎band with chips in it and the engagement ring is like 3 times bigger but smaller if that makes any sense! It has a bigger diamond but it’s not raised up like the girlfriend ring so it looks like 2 engagement rings and a wedding band.

  60. Jessica Wang says:

    What’s the point of buying an expensive ring if you can’t even wear it?

  61. PaperwormsCat says:

    Misleading video title.

  62. Jessica LT says:

    I really like the moon stone!!

  63. Ms.muffin NonBussines says:

    How simple and cheap?

  64. Jewels OMG says:

    I love antique rings. Just look at them:

  65. Mirian V says:

    Plain doesnt equal cheap.

  66. 95b says:

    The cost of the ring is not representative of it’s value.
    The value of certain YouTube channels though, is a direct reflection of the cost to watch their “content.”
    Just sayin.

  67. abhirani devi says:

    That elephant is not from India😭

  68. Anna Reaper says:

    Do you actually know how much real moonstone is???

  69. Lilly3344 says:

    1 carat isnt small lol and keep in mind even if they are “small” stones the quality of them are at the highest level which makes them extremely expensive

  70. Anne Davis says:

    10:25 “it may be on the small side” 🙄🙄🙄

  71. chelsea kc says:


  72. skorpia g says:

    I hate when people dont wear their beautiful rings. Yeah yeah its expensive BUT WHATS THE POINT OF GETTING BIG RINGS😋

  73. lunar limit. says:

    I love Sterling silver, but not a huge fan of diamonds lol too common! There’s literally so many beautiful stones that shine just as good as a diamond. Moonstone, aquamarine, quartz many types, sapphires, etc literally so many choices other then diamonds.

  74. lunar limit. says:

    Etsy jewelry is gorgeous.

  75. Zuwena Zarah says:

    Am I the only one who came here because of scarlet johannson on the thumbnail

  76. Carol Dimech says:

    My wedding ring was on sale for $125 dollars. It is in shape of a star with 9 little diamonds and on the middle was a larger stone. The band is plain white gold..

  77. Robyn Downing says:

    This announcer is so great …… Julia Stile’s engagement ring does not have “ba-zells” it has “beh-zels”.

  78. Robyn Downing says:

    Christine Ricci’s wedding gown was by Givenchy ….. pronounced “zhiv-on-shee” not “guh-vin-chee”.

  79. Sara Anna says:


  80. Empress Sparrow says:

    If you like diamonds and want something maybe in between cheap and expensive cause you’ve got money but ain’t rich go with moissanite. If you really want cheap though you can go with cz. If you want unique but reasonably priced I’d suggest sapphire or Ruby because they’re both incredibly durable and come in at 9 on mohs scale. Only stone stronger than them is diamond and moissanite.

  81. No.Where.Near.Normal says:

    Where I live $250,00 can buy you a mansion and a new car!

  82. JT N says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who think these rings are nowhere near ‘cheap’. Most of the rings shown in the video are at least a carat or two or have intricate designs which add to the cost.

  83. H O̸ O̸ D I E M A S T E R says:

    Was I the only one who cracked up when they read the title ?

  84. i like bread says:

    Wait… Are you calling me poor (not rly an insult, just facts)

  85. Kawaii_Pineapple123 Oop- says:

    Jtv rings don’t tarnish and look real

  86. Silje K Risøy says:

    Wtf is wrong with a «cheap» ring? If someone wants a candyring, they can buy a candyring, if someone wants a $200 000 ring, they can buy a $200 000 ring 🙂 This is just a stupid video, it’s more important to love your ring that cost $10 than buy a $100 000 ring that you hate

  87. Laura Robinson says:

    Where are ALL of the prices? Even an estimate would be ok.

  88. Wendi h says:

    Hell no ! I can’t afford this

  89. С рюкзаком вокруг света. Записки путешественника says:

    I am sorry but 2 carats diamond ring is not simple ring! 0,100 is a simple!

  90. Azteca says:

    I got my diamond wedding band at a pawn shop. $100 bucks.

  91. Richa Elizabeth says:

    The title should be changed to : 15 Simple Celebrity Engagement Rings

  92. Ροζινα Βλαχου says:

    Music is so loud…

  93. prettylittlepsycho 1027 says:

    To me the ring doesn’t matter how much the person spent or how big it is bc the value of it is from inside your heart. I had been engaged twice and the 1st one he told me that it wasn’t even a real diamond but it didn’t matter bc I wore that ring with such pride like it was the biggest in the world bc that’s how valuable it was to me. Unfortunately it didn’t last and when we spoke again it was like we spoke the day prior even though it was yrs but when u came home from service and had reached out his father answered and was very against me which is his thing bc he was a pedofile in my eyes for what he did to me and put me through
    So I never got to speak to him again. I heard he’s married from yrs ago and has 2 step children. He ALWAYS said he’d never have a child unless it was from me. But I will always have love for him and wish him the best in his life and marriage. He became an amazing person but what we went through was hard on both ends and I will and can never talk bad about Jason Treat. He’s a man’s man truly. So God bless him and his family. Xoxo

  94. Cerveza J.R. says:

    Rubys are more expensive than diamonds…so , those rings cannot be cheap xD

  95. Rick Bruce says:

    Jee Vonn Shee. Got it? Dianne.

  96. Carrie Chavanne says:

    I didn’t have a ring when my husband proposed. We planned to get one at a later date, but ended up rushing our wedding (his grandmother said she was dying, turns out she was a hypochondriac). We never did get an engagement ring, but this past December we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary so I don’t think it mattered that much.

  97. Glossy says:

    Ya, I can totally afford the rings

  98. JKL says:

    LOL Cheap? Nope

  99. Featherstone Jewelry & Healing says:

    spend the money and go handmade! watch some videos on here of the process and you’ll quickly find out why. the craftsmanship will last alot longer. i should know i make jewelry.

  100. Community Awareness says:

    nformative and eye catching. For diamond lovers, i recommend to whoever reads this to visit popular diamonds @t

  101. Tiffany LeClair says:

    5 mins in and 3 ads…. just, no.

  102. T Muralitharan says:

    I can afford anything I want

  103. Avengers Assemble says:

    Dude this is like Turbo
    Narrator: Now I know $250k sounds like a lot of money.
    Viewers: It is a lot of money
    And I know some people may sound crazy.
    Lol relatable🤣🤣

  104. dunning8 says:

    My now husband helped design a delicate white gold ring with a heartshaped amethyst. I absolutely love it. I always loved delicate jewelry and my favourite colour is purple. I couldn’t have designed a more beautiful ring. And I tell him so regularly

  105. Emma wickman says:

    Sweden is located in north west Europe. A bit unclear to say “prefer a more western style”, maybe the word she was looking for is American. Also we have to rings a wedding band and an engagement ring.

  106. Cupcake Beauty says:

    I love a single solitaire ring so simple and classy. My engagement ring cost £400 for my engagement ring and wedding ring. I went mad at my husband for paying £400. He could have proposed with a Haribo ring and I still would have said yes. My husband picked out the set I wear and love it so much I married my Rock , best friend and night in shining armour not the ring xxx

  107. M S says:

    Is it me only or does scarlett Johnson really looks emaciated in the thumbnail??

  108. Sangwan Phasomwong says:

    I hope they going well after married hahahs….

  109. April Showers says:

    Dislike. Anna Paquin did NOT have a moonstone. It is a rose cut diamond which exudes a demure and unique glow. It’s also a slightly colored diamond which could lead to confusion. But you can absolutely tell it’s not a moonstone. It’s a gorgeous piece regardless.

  110. Pierette Schaafsma says:

    Who are al those people???

  111. M Watts- Riley says:

    My engagement ring was a sofa. We burned it eight years later. Still married. M

  112. Eunice Audian says:

    the worst naming for a video.

  113. Collette Landwer says:

    Inexpensive would have been a better choice of words, but none of these rings are even close to being accessible to the general public.

  114. ReRe Jones says:


  115. Bebita Mira says:

    Mine cost almost 300$ from Macy’s.
    Is small, is simple and I think is like a 1/4 of a carat. It is special and meaningful to me.
    I’d rather have an inexpensive ring but a great husband.
    We’ll be 19 years of marriage on May.

  116. Shymiera Entwisle says:

    An engagement ring for me would be an alexandrite, an opal, a sapphire, or a rainbow quartz. No diamonds

  117. Stefani Joanne says:

    Princess Victoria’s ring was not round it was a square lol

  118. Susie Q says:

    Since when is a one carat diamond “on the smaller side”??? 🤔😂😂

  119. Ashley B. says:

    Give-in-chy. Hahah no. Try again. Plus you don’t even show half the actual rings

  120. Michelle Arianna says:

    Please find someone else to narrate !!

  121. Samsons Delilah says:

    I got a beautiful dimonique ring, the central stone is just over 2crts and looks huge, everyone who has seen it thinks it cost an arm and a leg unless I feel like telling the truth, which I don’t. I let them think what they like.

  122. Ayotola Fowora says:

    The world is so materialistic these days. It doesn’t matter if your engagement ring costs $1 and it doesn’t matter if it costs $1Million. Be happy for anybody that’s engaged!

  123. Alimoo1971 says:

    in 95 my boy friend and i where looking at engagement rings. since our favorite color is blue, we look at different sapphire and diamond rings. He let me pick out five different ones which i did do and left him to decided on which ring to get. We didn’t look at the prices. Two months later when it was my birthday he gave me the ring he choice. it was an oval Ceylon sapphire with two small diamonds on each side with round Ceylon sapphire on the end set in white gold with 9ct yellow gold band. After we got married in 99, i found the certificate of the value of the ring and the recipe of how much he paid for it. He paid $1800 for the ring but the value was $4200. that was back in 95. And yes we still married today, have been for almost twenty years.

  124. Greenjewelrysparkle says:

    Nope I cant afford a 250k ring wth

  125. Booper 343 says:

    Wish you would have given the carat weight of each ring

  126. thinspetta ana says:

    the talko is shady af 😂

  127. Arialle Lee says:

    How come a 2 carat being categorized as affordable?!

  128. Wolfgirl 22 says:

    My ring is $1000 it’s affordable and beautiful! We went untraditional round cut teal sapphire surrounded by 14 natural diamonds. Everything was conflict free and it’s beautiful 😍

  129. endless nameless says:

    I see most people are missing the point. Of course these particular engagement rings are very expensive because the men are going to top designers where the price markups are huge, but you can get rings that look the same for much much less if you shop smart.

  130. Luiza H. C. Braga says:

    I think we have different notions about what is “cheap” !!! I found all the rings beautiful and nothing cheap.

  131. Alex says:

    The background music is way too damn loud

  132. B K says:

    Rubies are literally one of the most expensive gemstones… so Mr Zuckerberg didn’t cheap out there.

  133. Catherine Malian says:


  134. sue carrigan says:

    Why does it have to be the big rock, something small and intimate, is just as beautiful,

  135. Missie McMissus The Mysterious Light says:

    Wedding rings don’t have to be just Diamonds it can be different gems like Pearls Rubies Sapphires Garnet’s Peridots Moonstones Zircons Topaz’s Aquamarines Tiger’s Eye Onyx’s Opals Kunzite’s Lapis Lazuli’s Larimar’s and ext

  136. endless nameless says:

    The point of this video is not that the actual rings are cheap, but you could get something like it for cheap.

  137. Andrea Liu says:

    Diamond? PLAIN??? U kidding me?

  138. Murangi Primrose Mulugisi says:

    mark Facebook is just cheap in the back yard really dude rent a botential garden privately

  139. Just You says:

    You idiot with your video

  140. M Sark-Darte says:

    I got my ring myself at a pawnshop… 1 kt ……..had it on layaway for a few months…. After our 15th he said he wasn’t going to buy anymore,,,,,,,,,,,so I did it MYSELF…………pawnshop or not ………still gorgeous ring LOL

  141. Rian B says:

    Diamonds are overrated anyway..

  142. Neuroo Vines says:

    Just because their celebrities it doesn’t mean they have to wear expensive things

  143. Mary LG says:


  144. yoyoann says:

    Even Mila Kunis wears a $590 ring. And still there are bunch of women not celeb but asking for a Tiffany lol

  145. Miriam Israel says:

    So what!? My engagement ring was only $2,000. My sister’s ring was $10,000 and she can’t find it. However, I don’t know where my ring is at right now.

  146. Star Begaye says:

    Tyler Jospeh (Singer of twenty one pilots) wedding band was only 5 dollars. I call that affordable!

  147. lazalazareviclaza says:

    Nothing more embarrassing in life than a cheap engagement ring.

  148. ant wto says:

    The point is they’re marrying rich men. Therefore it doesn’t really matter how cheap the engagement ring is.
    People really need to study the history and reasoning behind the engagement ring, it was supposed to be a dowry for the woman so that if her marriage didn’t work out she would have the ring for security. Well these women are married to millionaires and billionaires (and yes I know many of them are rich themselves!) therefore a ring isn’t that important to them, the marriage is because if the marriage doesn’t work out its no big deal as she will still walk away with a lot of money after the divorce!

  149. Amanda Mayville says:

    On wish you can buy anything that looks something like this stuff.

  150. BbVanz Tv says:

    True love

  151. Jools99 Caithness1 says:

    Why not go for bridge jewellery? Real gold, possibly real stones like sapphires or rubies- but moissanite or cz in place of diamonds? Carat of London or Green and Frederick online do these. Or head for McGowans in Scotland where a ring very similar to Kate Middletons will cost £1800

  152. Kathleen Biederstadt says:

    Yeah I think I’ll buy that little one Ryan Reynolds bought his wife…..note the sarcasm…oh in another video by these same people they say the ring cost 2 million and is 12 karats

  153. Michelle LaFaille says:

    Get a morganite, its beautiful and not expensive

  154. Ben Thor says:

    Yea. 250k is affordable unless you’re a pauper.

  155. Sanjna Iyer says:

    The word cheap combined with Blake Lively’s ring is something that will never match….

  156. Leyla Mamat says:

    My engagement ring is only 150usd. We are married for 13 yaers and i am still wearing the same ring. Its symbolised our love and commitment.

  157. Saura Sarkar says:

    U don’t have anything else to make videos on

  158. Ashes, Ashes says:

    There’s a difference between cheap and inexpensive. And inexpensive is relative, as others have noted. While I enjoy the symbolism of a ring, it’s not my favorite type of jewelry. I’d rather have something interesting or sentimental and modestly priced. Spend the big bucks for a down payment on our dream house in the country. Apple trees and front porches and pug dogs, oh my! Really though, to each their own, especially about jewelry, I believe.

  159. Saba Sabina says:

    A band costs around 200$ depending on material. So have a Cubic Zirconia instead of a diamond, looks the same. Nobody has noticed that mine isn’t a diamond lol.

  160. NoXiousBLD says:

    6 ads for an 11 minute video….

  161. I R says:

    Why Big flawless Dimond never come with happiness?

  162. Lily P says:

    The smaller ring the more expensive it’s flawless no way can it be found on a huge diamond

  163. Helen25243 says:

    Princess Victoria’s was a ‘round solitaire diamond’ it clearly shows an emerald or princess cut ring!

  164. Lupa lykn says:

    U the maker of this vid are shallow.

  165. Katie S says:

    Who wants a ring that is so expensive you need a bodyguard to wear it? I love jewelry and I love bling. However, the desire for a successful and loving marriage is worth more than all the diamonds in Africa.

  166. T G says:

    Do you mean “cheap celebrity rings that I still can’t afford”???

  167. victrola2007 says:

    My old boyfriend’s parents were poor US teachers in ’60 when they married and all she got was a wedding band. When I met them the father was running US schools in Germany for decades, and their 5 adult children aged mid-20’s to mid-30’s were successful adults. On one of the anniversaries he gave his wife a ring with two beautiful round diamonds set diagonally with the words ‘I would marry you all over again’. They were still very much in love.

  168. victrola2007 says:

    Clearly narrated by someone without gem knowledge. Good rubies and emeralds are much more rare than diamonds and are much more expensive. Jess’s ring could run in six figures dependibg on the stones.

    • Nick Reeder says:

      Exactly. It’s like saying she bought a car – it could be an old banger or a Ferrari. Just like with rubies, it could be a lead glass filled piece of tat, or an untreated fine Burmese stone. Just saying ‘a ruby’ means nothing. 😉

  169. Beth Johnstone says:

    When we got married we just had plain gold bands. I inherited the ring my father gave to my mother on their 25th anniversary and that’s special to me!

  170. ML B says:

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    • Astrid Wollerton says:

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    • ZeB 8 says:

      Jazzie Red like a Burmese ruby (pigeon’s blood ruby). They are auction off at a higher price point because of their vintage royal vibe and the color they give off under the light. Most jewelers don’t have quality Burmese rubies in stock, unless they’re a specialized luxury store that caters to celebrities, royalties, or the super rich.

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    My engagement ring is almost exactly the same as the one at 4.20. My fiancé gave it to me outside a castle in Scotland and I feel very blessed to have both the ring and him!!!

  185. sue carrigan says:

    The next engagement ring I get will be the last, so it won’t be my choice, it will be my mans, I don’t care how much he pays as long as its from the heart, I’m not a flashey girl,

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    My future husband is lucky because I think big diamonds/stones are ugly . At most I would want a 4mm in diameter gem.

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  194. Dayana Alvarado says:

    Understanded!! I’m not huge on bling and I’m not materialistic..

  195. Ana Amaya says:

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    Oh, please! My 1,300 dollar solitaire is a HUGE deal to me (as I come from a low socioeconomic class), and I couldn’t afford a single one of these engagement rings. My ring costs significantly less than the national average, yet it’s more expensive than that of most people in my family. And I’m not even engaged!

  203. Shorty Beck says:

    Oh, please! I couldn’t afford a single one of these. My 1,300 dollar solitaire is a HUGE deal to me (being that I come from a low socioeconomic class) and even IT costs more than the engagement rings of a lot of my family members.

  204. ripxxxtentacion😔💔 says:

    This is so wrong to post. Imagine one of the people that bought the rings was watching this and how they’d feel. And it’s not like we’re all broke or they’re all crazy rich. If your running out of YouTube video ideas don’t make offensive ones.

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    • Danna J says:

      lmaoo, she clearly doesn’t have knowledge , to think that diamonds are the only expensive stones , which in fact , geniune rubies ofc! are as expensive as diamonds and most them cost more , ruby is one the most expensive gemstones with record prices over $1M per carat, sapphires and rubies are as expensive as diamonds!, but diamonds are mainly a traditional concept for wedding rings

    • E Dennis says:

      Well don’t buy it from Tiffany’s, then. It’s a classic style that many jewelry stores offer for 1/20th the price of Tiffany’s.

  219. SagePerception says:

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    I’m sorry i want a fatty Rock!!…. i guess ill being staying SINGLE!!

  224. koolaiddude7685894 says:

    Just got a massive morganite ring for my girlfriend and it was under a grand and she loves it. It’s a huge stone too

    • Shorty Beck says:

      Good for y’all. It’s great that she loves it and you didn’t break the bank. I myself have a ten carat white sapphire (as well as a few small diamond solitaires).

  225. A Cabsalt says:

    oh, sure a 2 ct Diamond ring is ” a small” ring…what a bs…

  226. Marsh says:

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    • punkybrewstar83 says:

      My favourite color is pink, and I literally wanted a rose quartz ring. This is the thing though, people judge the guy and his intentions based on the ring. Anyway, he got diamonds, and spent more than we can afford, but I kind of get it now, and I’m glad he is happy.

  229. Sanbika says:

    Some people know the sentiment of the ring is far more important than the size or monetary value of it. Some say cheap and plain they probably say sentimental and practical.

  230. Darian Craft says:

    My engagement ring was a collaboration. I chose platinum, a darkish blue tanzanite with flickers of green and fire, and a bright faux diamond halo, my fiancé chose the pear shape. I play with it all day and stare at the sparkle, and we didn’t break the bank to do it. None of those rings were affordable.

  231. Nikki Gloom says:

    Teardrop shaped 5 kt and tiny diamonds all around and a platinum band OR poor girls version – Cubic Zirconia- 925 silver 5 kt. My dad got an opal and diamond ring for Mamma and managed to match every single stone not easily done with opals. She got the nicest jewelry at Jack Kelmers in the 90’s. She wanted the 50k$ necklace of emeralds and diamonds. She went back to get it, but it was gone.

  232. Golden Yonis says:

    You can have the biggest engagement ring but marriage is work like full time job. They need to focused on that!

    • khawla says:

      Golden Yonis true I have no rings I don’t like jewellery much and I don’t find it practical either attracts dirt. if I had to have a ring I’d get plain platinum or 22k gold bands

  233. Queen Niyah Tutorials says:

    so it dosent matter how a cheap or expensive it is its not important

  234. Annette P says:

    Seriously, your definition of affordable is still too expensive for most people. Why not name the video ‘special’ or ‘unconventional’ engagement rings?

  235. Awoken Jalapeno says:

    Oh sorry i forgot all celebrities must have expensive rings that we cant afford

  236. Mrs Baston says:

    My wedding ring is real but no diamonds in it cause i honestly don’t want it to get stolen or lost

  237. Iyannah Bennett says:


  238. Amærø Røßãlíê says:

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  239. Jouw Moeder says:



  240. ThunderBass says:

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  241. Shrimp Dance says:


  242. MorningSunshine says:

    The Michelle Obama one is so me. I will never “upgrade” my ring. The thought behind the original one is what makes it so special. Before my wedding ring there was a promise ring my husband gave me (we met as teenagers lol) and I still to this day wear it only now its on my right hand, we will be married for 10 years in October.

    • ZeB 8 says:

      My friend who works at a jewelry store saw an increase sales on the Michelle Obama inspired yellow gold solitaire ring at her store. It’s definitely a timely classic in the world of engagement rings!

    • Erika Porter says:


    • A Cabsalt says:

      why should you ” upgrade” your wedding band? It is not to show off…it is to make a symbol for your love…

  243. Angrynoodle Twenty Five says:

    I want jade on my wedding ring it’s my favorite stone.

  244. Mister De Porter says:

    Not a very well researched video. I usually like the Talko but they should write about things they know, and this makes it clear that they know nothing about jewelry.

  245. Kate Evans says:

    In what world can I afford any of these?

  246. Nicole Sotelo says:

    Awesome video. I love it. Also, the rings looks so amazing!!

  247. Mary Bray says:

    Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean that they have to buy expensive rings

  248. Ishan Ali says:

    Wrong. I can’t afford this

  249. M.Bee says:

    Those weren’t CHEAP rings. They were just untraditional or not outrageously huge by celebrity standards. I understand the man’s reasoning on trying to get the biggest, most elaborate ring they can afford but most of the time it’s just not practical for everyday life. My husband gave be a beautiful 1.69 center stone engagement ring with 2 smaller stones on the side which I love. Years later, he asked me if I wanted to upgrade it to a larger stone. I said no. #1 The size is perfect proportion-wise to my finger. And #2,. A larger stone would get in my way and will end up looking like a cocktail ring. #3. Also, my band wouldn’t be able to accommodate a larger stone. And it is so unique, I would never replace it just to have a larger stone. I told him he’s free to give me any other jewelry though!

    • Melodie Chartier says:

      Haters Need Not Reply Well a 1.69 stone ring is quite bigger then the average ring (supposed to be 1 karat ) so right there your diamond is quite big for an ordinary none celebrity person.

  250. vbtktr says:

    all the rings are expensive, i cant afford any of them.

  251. Sarah Bales says:

    *ehem* “Simple” and “Non Traditional” does not mean “cheap” or “affordable.” Some of those rings were upwards of 20-30 thousand dollars. Maybe by millionaire standards that’s affordable, but the average person can afford to spend a maximum of 5,000 on a wedding set. And to them that’s a LOT of money. So while I appreciate that these people don’t want obnoxious looking rings that require a separate security team, let’s be real.

  252. Lilly Xoxo says:

    They are also humans the rings are not from heaven lol

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    Can’t think of anything else.

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    The title goes harder than Nicki’s verse in Monster lmao.

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    Did anyone else noticed that about midway through the video it changed to untraditional rings instead of cheap?

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  262. Booper 343 says:

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  263. Marshmello Youghurt says:


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  270. Liv’n With mimasss says:

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