3 Easy Bridal jewelry | Oxy jewelry | Hand made jewelry | DIY | Art with Creativity

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3 Easy Bridal jewelry | Oxy jewelry | Hand made jewelry | DIY | Art with Creativity

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32 responses to “3 Easy Bridal jewelry | Oxy jewelry | Hand made jewelry | DIY | Art with Creativity”

  1. Rizwana Parveen says:

    Excellent jewellery design

  2. Bertha Msodoki says:

    Where can I get those materials pls replay

  3. bhavya Jain says:

    Send ur no

  4. Mohammed Firdaus says:

    Plz j all materials uses explain i proud very worderful work ✔💯 thank u 🙏

  5. Mrunali Shinde says:

    wht is the material used
    plzzz rply maam

  6. Arvind Kumar says:

    Very beautiful

  7. Chhaya Kholambe says:

    Good nice job

  8. Priya Choudhary says:

    very nice 👌👌👌👌

  9. BOB Zarquira says:


  10. Dheeraj Saini says:

    Ye sara material kaha se milega or ise kya kehte hai. Plz tell me

  11. Dheeraj Saini says:

    Very nice 👍👍

  12. Rajesh Sutar says:


  13. Eswararao.A A.Eswararao says:

    Chala bhagunayi

  14. Donna Diesburg says:

    Could I use ear clips not pierced?

  15. sukhi grewal says:

    Your creations are stunning. Great channel.

  16. RR penting says:


  17. Smita Padhy says:

    so beautiful

  18. Chandrika Bhonsle says:

    Very nice please tell what are the things used called

  19. Eli Yusif Abisovlar says:

    Super eladi super 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  20. Sana Creation says:

    Wow beautiful

  21. Galil Galil says:


  22. Hanifa J Shaikh says:

    Material kaha milta h

  23. Soumya Dokka says:

    Where did you get the materials

  24. Komal Waghmare says:

    Nice mam

  25. JT Manjula says:

    97th view

  26. JT Manjula says:

    2nd comment

  27. Sanchari Dey says:

    1st like and 1st comment ❤️❤️❤️

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