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  1. Rosalyn Tolentino says:

    is it real diamonds?

  2. Sadmansaleh says:

    This is a scam. I ordered a ring from hellowjewlr and they never sent it to me. Nor do they respond any of their email. I dont know what to do. But dont fall for it guys

  3. sofiyahhot s says:

    Hey love,can you do and update on it, is it still shiny and nice?

  4. Markitia Twilley Johnson says:

    Love the ring and hair. Most people are suggesting to me to get mine out together as one ring!! Thoughts?!

  5. Lisa Jones says:

    You go girl beautiful ring you wear it well yes hunty!!!!!!!!

  6. Yolanda McNeill says:

    I just checked the site out the stuff is beautiful

  7. Mr. Hambrick says:

    Flawless diamonds
    Looking beautiful like always

  8. says:

    Very nice ❤

  9. yvettebooth67 says:

    Love it aww love it. I gotta have. 29 years of marriage ok that’s why I gotta have it. Thanks for sharing


    You are correct as usual! It doesn’t hurt to have a secondary Ring. I use one like this when I travel. If something happens and it gets lost or stolen, you won’t be that upset.♥️

  11. jewelzofthasea says:

    Absolutely beautiful 😍💍 I love rings

  12. Daphne Dowell says:

    Yessssss, I am feeling this set

  13. FindingDiamond says:


  14. reddpurselady says:


  15. Tina Lady says:

    I love the rings and the price not bad

  16. Sori Yazz says:

    I like it. It’s not 2 big & gaudy

  17. Rita Irvin says:

    That 💍 is breathtakingly beautiful!!!!

  18. Tamarra Christmas-Stradford says:


  19. Monica Davis says:

    That wedding set is beautiful. But let’s talk about your hair. Gawjus!!!

  20. Courtney Cherry says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  21. Celeste Reed says:

    I love your makeup up!! Omg

  22. Ms Dee says:

    Mesha, I love the rings 💍, nails💅🏾 and hair. 💖

  23. 925mika says:

    Gorgeous!! 😍

  24. master mind1757 says:

    Ring set is very nice! your hair is beautiful . is that from friday night, can you tell the name of it? Thanks

  25. Tawana Pickens says:

    That ring set is absolutely gorgeous 💕💕💍💍

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