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Hello Glammiez 😘

In this video I am sharing my new ring that Jeulia sent to me. They sent me this jewelry free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Rene 1111 says:

    They have so many complaints. Buyer beware

    • ST Glamz says:

      Rene 1111 yes I am just recently seeing this from other viewers. I will not work with this company again. Thank you!☺️

  2. derek flint says:

    Never buy a mined diamond! Be safer and wiser with money. Get a synthetic engagement ring Use the money saved to pay off debt or for the wedding costs That makes a lot more sense than spending it on jewelry..

    • ST Glamz says:

      derek flint thank you for your concern of my financials. My wedding was paid in full & so was my ring. We splurge on somethings but are overall very good with saving our money ☺️

  3. Dj Diamstat says:

    They haven’t even been up and running for 2 years let alone 5! They’re a scam! They charged me for a ring I did not but buy. I never even checked out! They want to keep 30% now just to cancel an order I did not make. I don’t even wear fake jewelry so immediately got off the site. SMH unbelievable China is scamming people during a pandemic they caused!

    • ST Glamz says:

      Dj Diamstat I’m sorry you had a bad experience with them!! ☹️ They sent me this ring a while ago & they asked for my honest review, which I gave. I do think it’s a nice ring at a great price, but I do not condone that type of unethical business.

  4. Tee Fowler says:

    I’ve read reviews online from BBB and a lot of customers state that they never receive the items they order!!!! Do you know anything about that?

    • Dj Diamstat says:

      Yeah they are scammers I had to make a BBB complaint too. I have proof emails that I cancelled the “purchase” I never made within 120 minutes but they still want to keep 30% of my money! I heard of them and was just looking then saw it was fake jewelry so left the site but not before they hacked me.

    • ST Glamz says:

      Tee Fowler I have not heard about that. Hopefully that is not the case because I would not work with a company had I known that to be true.

  5. Sarah Elisabeth says:

    does the ring turn your finger green?

    • ST Glamz says:

      Sarah Elisabeth I haven’t worn it a lot because it’s too big on my finger so I can’t honestly say. But it really is a beautiful faux diamond.☺️

  6. Young Beast says:

    I want to buy this exact ring but idk if I should get a smaller size or my regular size ?

    • Young Beast says:

      ST Glamz thanks! Would you know if they would exchange if it doesn’t fit?

    • ST Glamz says:

      Young Beast I would size down at least a 1/2 size. Mine was really big. It would slide off my finger and I ordered my regular ring size. ☺️

  7. Sayada Saeed says:

    From where is your real ring

  8. Sallt e says:

    This company earn a lot of money, dont be fool. do your own shopping you can get this around 50 below WITH GOOD QUALITY.. dont be fooled like tigergem, and company that pretending selling high quality, you are just making them ring

  9. B B says:

    WHICH one is more expensive…. not what😂

  10. Deborah Sorbara says:

    Warning – Do not Buy a ring from Juelia. I made the mistake of ordering a ring set from them a year age. The first set that was sent to me was very phony looking. The stones have a rainbow shimmer that you find on very cheap childrens jewelry but I had to beg them to exchange the ring for another one that I saw on their website and by the way the rings on the site look beautiful! BUT… buyer beware. The next set was slightly better but it is missing a stone on the band. I can’t say that it came that way but after trying it on and examining it after a half hour I noticed it. They warned me that if I exchanged the first ring I was going to have to accept the new one no matter what. They made me feel like I should be so greatful that they even considered to exchange the first ring. Like they were doing me such a huge favor – not that I paid them over a hundred dollars (that was irrelevant to them). I havent even been able to wear the rings out of the house and it has lost another stone on the band just from sitting n my jewelry box. I should throw it in the garbage but it is such a shame since I did pay a lot of money of it. You can google them with the BBB I haven’t bothered to complain to them but others have. PS I hope you have better luck with yours 🙂

    • ST Glamz says:

      D Sorbara thank you for the message!! They sent me this ring free of charge to review & give first impressions. I can’t even wear it because it is too big for me. It looks nice but I can’t give a review on wear & tear because I haven’t worn it. I am sorry you had a bad experience them. 😞

  11. Miss Lala says:

    Why on earth would someone spend more than $10,000 on a damn ring? That could be a bomb vacation with amazing memories if not a decent car! Hell no I personally would be turned off if my husband spent more than $1,000 on a ring. I’d rather spend the money on something else with him. That’s just crazy

    • ST Glamz says:

      Miss Lala lol thank you for your opinion!! A vacation is gone after a week. I have an asset and a ring that I wear & get to look at & enjoy everyday. To each their own! 😘

  12. It's All Okay With CJ!! says:

    What’s the center and side stones?

    • It's All Okay With CJ!! says:

      @ST Glamz Thank you for the quick reply! Shortly after viewing the video I went on ahead to their website and did some research to find out what kind of stones we’re in the Rings. They are in fact lab-created stones. Thank you so much for the review!

    • ST Glamz says:

      It’s All Okay With CJ!! I’m not sure of the actual stone. On the website it just says “Jeulia stones” so I am assuming a lab created stone that looks like a diamond.

  13. Brittany Khader says:

    Will it turn your fanger green

  14. Lindsay Jeanbaptiste says:

    I can’t wait to get my ring

  15. Rob C says:

    I’m worried….I herd some of there rings change colors is that true

    • Rob C says:

      Wow well I’d u could ied like to see a review wit some one wearing this for a month or 2 in the sun rain an doing every day stuff

    • ST Glamz says:

      Rob C Unfortunately I can’t give you an educated answer on this. It doesn’t fit me (too big) so I decided to do a giveaway and give it to a subscriber. So I never wore it. Sorry! 😕

  16. Malekosmom says:

    I am really tripping out right now because I thought my ring set was unique. I am wrong but I would say we both have good taste in rings because my ring set is almost identical to your real ring set!

  17. Brenda Lafferty says:

    Love both sets! Do you know if all they’re stones are white sapphire or CZ?

    • ST Glamz says:

      Brenda Lafferty Thanks love!! Most of them are white sapphire or CZ for the wedding sets. But they also have Morganite & Amethyst sets that I have seen that are also very beautiful.💕☺️

  18. Bethany Meyer says:

    I can’t believe that ring is fake! It’s so gorgeous 😍 but your ring is stunning and more unique!!

  19. Anime Media says:

    Great video sweetie! I think it’s a great idea to have that extra set for times when you feel your real wedding rings might get damaged or stolen.. Jeulia is definitely a great company! Enjoyed doll! XoXo 😘😘

  20. lvluxdelight says:

    Great video sweetie! I think it’s a great idea to have that extra set for times when you feel your real wedding rings might get damaged or stolen.. Jeulia is definitely a great company! Enjoyed doll! XoXo 😘😘

  21. Connie Murphy says:

    HI friend I,m very frugal so this is up my alley 🙂 HUG AKA “over 70 still glamorous” 🙂

  22. Liz Marie says:

    Your real set though is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 😍💯 definitely love that one . But I agree, as a ring to go on Vaca with to the beach and things like that, the other one is perfect! My wedding ring and band is also Neil lane . Double Halo oval ring so I may be a little biased 😂

    • ST Glamz says:

      Liz marie aww thanks love!!! Haha ya I love my real set but it’s nice to have a backup just in case for those times you don’t want to wear the real one.💕☺️

  23. karen Leimer says:

    Those rings are Gorgeous! 💎 Thank you for sharing beautiful🥰xoxo Karen

  24. Cheraye C Lewis says:

    I seriously thought you were flicking us off at first lol 😂 😂 great video doll thanks so much for sharing!

    • ST Glamz says:

      Cheraye C Lewis hahaha I contemplated using this photo but figured it was funny. Hopefully no one gets offended 🤣 thanks for watching love💕☺️

  25. Yoshea Lux says:

    Ok! I thought you were giving the middle finger!! Funny! The rings are beautiful! I will have to check it out!!! 💕 I’ll have to check it out!! Thank you!

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