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Affordable Engagement Rings

When friends and family come to me with a modest budget but want something special made for them this is what I recommend, and I’m also offering it to you. Visit us and pick your stone and mounting , our just call the team during business hours and we make it happen, 347 306 3132 or 212 331 3738 #engagementring #weddingring #traxnyx

Details on these pieces:
Watches call here (347) 752-3274
Custom line call here (347)306-3132
Grillz line call here (347)752-3331
&ééTraxNYC is located in New York City’s famed diamond district. We offer the most exclusive pieces and the most unbeatable prices.



Call us at (212) 391-3832
Get your jewelry at


Call us at (347) 752-1312
Email us at [email protected]


  1. R P says:

    Thanks man, one day when i can ball ima def try to get a piece from you. Also was dope to see you in uncut gems with adam Sandler.

  2. ramces gaston says:

    This is a nice thought for men that think a lot about their woman.

  3. Nicolae Tineam says:

    Lab diamonds will ruin the industry!!!

  4. Richie Sukhdeo says:

    I wish I knew this earlier

  5. Fs777 Fs777 says:


  6. Eric Tran says:

    You are very handsome. It’s a pleasure to watch.

  7. Greg Snavely says:

    I got a 2.22k heart center with a white gold setting with some small baguettes on the side for 8k….it is not flawless or GIA but, the prong hides the flaw. It looks huge and my wife loves it.

  8. jbarres80 says:

    Never understood the avg working person over spending on rings you can do so much with that money

  9. jbarres80 says:

    I bought our wedding rings from you 12 yrs ago time to upgrade

  10. Elena Pina says:


  11. key480 says:

    I fucks with you traxx

  12. Thompter S. Hunson says:

    Dude is being ultra honest by telling you the mention at the store is for marketing reasons! Mad respect.

  13. Juan Ramirez says:

    I can’t trust you, you can’t even fix your teeth

  14. STEPHEN DOKU says:

    I hope this finds you Max. But please how many Karat of gold will you recommend for wedding rings? 10k 14k 18k or 24k? Thank you.

  15. Jimmy Rivera says:

    I like your videos, keep making more

  16. Ed says:

    I like this guy

  17. Cindy Usquiano says:

    After alllll this chaos is over , i am definitely reaching out to you. Definitely appreciate your message and what you stand for. Keep doing your thing bro. 🙏🏻

  18. Raul Medina says:

    Yo traxs is hilarious. His sense of humor 😂😂😂😂😆

  19. Jeez Sour23 says:

    You bout to make me cry man fee like you speaking to me cause I’m ready to blow a bag on my wifey shit

  20. Jeez Sour23 says:

    No sugar coating I love it I done watched all your clips bro

  21. Jeez Sour23 says:

    I’m gonna be on my way lol 💯 I don’t want no bull shit when I get there either

  22. sonal patel says:


  23. Lydia Ferdin says:

    With all the lab grown diamonds out there, I would never buy a diamond without certification.

  24. Victor Gomez says:

    Do you guys ship outside America? thanks for the video

  25. Vincent Joe says:

    When he said “it is the same shit” I was crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I got to respect this guy because he is a real one. I wish I got money; I will buy my dream bracelet from him.

  26. Danny Geez P.B.F PrettyBoiFlako says:


  27. Brockyy61 says:

    Your a hustler , you getting them synthetic diamonds for sure

  28. VOSHA says:

    This Cameraman deserves to be fired lmao. No hate tho

  29. Garion Koziar says:

    Rip off. Get the certificate.

  30. Itsyaboyyang says:

    Damn can’t beat that price tho!

  31. John Wick says:

    This guys a con artist an up front con artist thou
    Plain and simple no hate just seeing the man for who he is

  32. phar2345 says:

    That’s why I fucks with trax, he’s real as fuck.

  33. Frederic Gagne says:

    Wow thanks a lot for all those informative video. I feel like I’m starting to get real knowledge on how to buy diamond.

  34. Megs Lin says:

    Hi Trax. I really appreciate your honest and real videos. My boyfriends cousin makes some of the most beautiful heirloom jewelry, and engagements rings. I am looking at an emerald cut, and a rather larger one and she is insisting that lab grown. I’ve done some research, but still feel that I’d like a natural diamond, what is your opinion on lab grown diamonds from companies like diamond foundry?

  35. mj Rotondi says:

    Consider lab made diamonds n save. They r just as beautiful. The diamond scam is unnecessary.

  36. Manny Smokes a lot says:

    You should know that the bitch ain’t gonna appreciate neither one .

  37. Bookie Brown says:

    Trax your a real sincere guy & real down to earth

  38. tsocanuck says:

    great vid …thanks for the info

  39. gamejr84 says:

    Snitch9 pay you back yet?🤔

  40. Neil says:

    These guys have awful reviews on google and sold someone a fake rolex! I like some of your chains but wont take the risk

  41. SwAggY P says:

    I fucks with trax he always keeps it 100 i can respect that he always trying to help your pockets not robb them. He is a good dude for real he is good to the small people like myself id feel confident going in there with 1500 and know im leave satisfied and with more money worth then I went in for sure 👍👍🙏🙏🙏 TRAXs #1

  42. doves1 Pellegrino says:

    I really enjoyed this Video…Where are you located in New York??

  43. Bob Riith says:

    Hey Max, slow done on the Yao. You always seem to be tweeted out.

  44. sarah abraham says:

    DIAMONDS is NOT a long term profit ,its just a pay extra for a show off thing. also when a diamond is not certified it’s a disaster because most DIAMONDS are lab grown which is a fraction cost of a real Diamond.

  45. Willie Peterson says:

    Hell yea get her a nice eye clean SI and tell her its vvs

  46. JennyQ says:

    What you paid is what you get, to get a diamond GIA certified will only cost $80-$150 so why don’t jewelry shop do it, the reason why some jewlery shop don’t do it simply because they know their diamond is either bad quality such as bad clarity, color and cut, the diamond is not earth created it’s grow in a lab, the diamond have been drilled with laser to take out all the inclusion so it look like the diamond have better clarity so seller can sale it for more, or the diamond have color enhance to give a yellowish diamond look more colorless, if jeweler send a diamond in for grading all that will be exposed on the GIA certification no one will want to buy it, always buy GIA so you know exactly what your buying! But honestly if your buying a ring under 1ct and under $5,000 it really doesn’t matter because it not that much anyways, but anything over $10k you should always buy GIA and upgrade is always free at most place of the diamond is GIA.

  47. TheTrillestOne says:

    If its not GIA how you know the stone is what youre saying it is? Whats the cut grade?

  48. Mia Garrett says:

    “Normal person,
    Normal life,

    Well said👍🏾

  49. Alfonso Chavez says:

    So in this vid you learn about what true engagement ring prices are and you get a life lesson in between, what else could you ask for?

  50. bad Good says:

    Setting is garbage stone is garbage. Who da hell where’s 18k yellow gold bracelet with 14k yellow gold chain and white metal watch. What a d bag.

  51. geno816 says:

    Uh oh. Jewelry and counseling

  52. Shem Believer says:

    The bigger the diamond, the quicker the divorce rate sorry lol that’s actually been studied. I have large fingers and need large coverage, the rings you showcased are too slim design on the shanks for me. And as much as I would love a 3ct diamond I could never expect that over my family priorities and it would not fit into my lifestyle either..would have to hide that thing anytime socialising. Total waste!

  53. Mr Criterion says:

    Shit Cameraman !!! He is blinded by the quality of the diamonds that he lost his balance

  54. Cherish theday says:

    Brilliant breakdown Trax, you’re already a Master yet so young. How can I intern for you?

  55. Just a nigga tryna help says:

    All u nutt ass niggas dont realise stones that aint certified u have no idea if they real or not !! Nut ass niggas !!!!

  56. asmard tech says:

    lab grown.

  57. jackie smith says:

    I gave my ex wife a 250 dollar ring it was well worth it. The diamonds were cloudy as hell. Look like a dust storm in side. Thanks costco

  58. Joe says:

    I agree I’d rather get a much cheaper stone that looks to 99% of people like the way expensive one

  59. Martin Rodriguez says:

    I wished I would have seen this video earlier. Just bought an engagement ring yesterday. 1.25CT, VVS2, color F, with true heart cuts. And dropped a ton.

  60. Turbo Mike says:

    Real one

  61. whereistherealslimshady? says:

    I don’t know why my lonely ass is watching this, lol

  62. MUDSWAT says:

    How come $100 in gold in an 18k 3-gram band but you charge $800.00 or $900 for it? Then say people are making it hard on you with their prices? Surely there is not $700-$800 in labor in that band or is there?

  63. MUDSWAT says:

    I have a couple grams of gold and a few ounces of silver. I have a small treasure channel I’d love for you to check out. I”m trying to go big though, would you like to help me open a store?

  64. Cbooth1988 says:

    Best video I’ve seen so far very informative

  65. libero724 says:

    I callbullshit. $350 to 850 to cert a .70pt stone!!!!!

  66. J F says:

    Yo Trax will be looking for a setting soon I already have the stone what discount you give for your Viewers who are Subscribed

  67. Uzzysero Bojert33 says:

    Nice info

  68. Felicia Rivera says:

    How do I contact you? I’ve been looking for an engagement ring ever sense Kay jewelers ripped me off. I want an oval diamond. Preferably .80-.90 carat. Plain solitaire setting.

  69. Churchill Coins says:

    As a New Yorker that grew up going to the Diamond District, Canal Street and the Philly Jewelers Row many stores are there just to rip you off. You seem like an honest, upfront, reasonable jeweler. You’ve earned my business, no one talks about this. Also as a gold and silver stacker I appreciate that you’re sharing the knowledge.

  70. Param Jani says:

    already saw this video on your IGTV

  71. Lowcountry Native 843 says:

    12:45 You’re building a normal life, and you’re a normal person, congratulations.
    lol good video bro

  72. Kaiden Rodriguez says:

    Me and my wife watched uncut gems in the theater, and I noticed you right away lol. Great movie, thought it was dope that they actually put real jewelers in the movie.

  73. Awake says:

    Subbed and hit the bell. Awesome vids man! Been binge watching your vids!

  74. Javier Cartaya says:

    I like ur videos! U keep it real!

  75. Jack Frost says:

    Great video man I will be purchasing a ring from you when the time comes 👍🏻

  76. SM GLS says:

    Best video ever. He is 100% correct. Why the fuck would you spend to much money on a wedding ring if you can’t afford it. Also laugh ass of when he said the thing about a girl i want a minimum of 3 karat diamond. Bitch please like are you going to pay for that. The average person doesn’t have 10k laying around to spend on a ring only. Remember there is still the wedding costs and honey moon.

  77. Justin Wiseman says:

    Yo I need a wedding ring!

  78. Vi Bou says:

    Do you sell lab diamond/ man made diamond?

  79. Gregory A. Karageuzian says:

    Cut quality, baba!!!!

  80. Slap Nasty says:

    Traxx u made me think twice. Imma make a trip to spend with you instead 💯

  81. CoinJoiners Unlimited says:

    Definitely need a better camera man!

    But yo ! This is a steal! I need to get on the phone with you ASAP

  82. Savage Hustler says:

    Yo you talk about Chain’s or rings but get yourself camera man because the guy sucks

  83. Lord Auric Curmudgeon says:

    When a jeweler tells you to be reasonable with your money….He deserves mad respect.

  84. Nino Romello says:

    Ma boi keeping it 100.. Cant do nothing but RESPECT.

  85. D Burr says:

    Great informational vid but bruh at times u be like look at this here…and the cameraman be all over the place…

  86. Just K says:

    Roman Sharf camera guy is dope. Reach out he may know a guy near you.

  87. Haroldas Giedraitis says:

    Gia certificates aren’t 350 to 850 lmao it’s like 100 bucks at most for a stone that size

    • Haroldas Giedraitis says:

      @Andrew Baldwin or hes selling some type of moissanite which is basically impossible to detect without gia’s help

    • Andrew Baldwin says:

      Haroldas Giedraitis Exactly, if you look at the GIA current price list as of today, diamonds that are 0.70-.99 carat are $85 for the full certificate grading report and everything. If you just get one of the lower tier options without the inclusion plot, it’s $51. To have the report number laser engraved on the girdle of the diamond is only an extra $12. Telling people that it cost $350-800 for a diamond report is so off the mark and a jeweler would know that. Meaning that he is probably selling diamonds that are grade inflated. That 0.70 round SI2 H color is probably a I1 clarity I/J color if GIA was to grade it. All diamonds always look great under the jewelry store spotlighting when they’re perfectly clean

  88. CapN says:

    Don’t spend shit on the ring, your bitch is cheatin.

  89. johan esteban says:

    So what happens with the insurance and appraisals she wont be too happy afterwards.

  90. Doni Darko says:

    The second ring this quality for this price. BEST DEAL i need this here in Belgrade.I must open a jewelery store.

  91. Elysium T says:


  92. A Zone says:

    Buy a lab created diamond. Done.

  93. Kalob A says:

    Are you in la

  94. Matt G says:

    Saw you on UnCut Gems with Adam Sandler……do I get a necklace? I’m in Australia. I will showcase your jewellery. What about a watch?

  95. Maurice Lorbek says:

    Bro you were on Uncut gems on Netflix

  96. Lounge with Ace says:

    I’m some what a diamond expert this is a phenomenal deal I’m definitely buying my tennis chain from traxnyc

  97. George Quintanilla says:

    Thanks for the knowledge from McAllen Tx

  98. A Small Bitchy Banana says:

    Yes i agree with you, we dont have to break the bank on a ring. Ive been married twice and both engagement rings were modest.

  99. Paper Plates Clothing Co. says:

    Preaching, you gotta respect it though. Seems like all of his life advice comes from a good place

  100. G MAN says:

    Trax nyc get to know

  101. Ibo says:

    $1250 for a .7 ct H SI2 not worth it

    You can get a 1.0 ct VS H for around $1000 if you know where to look

  102. DatBoy Slick says:

    A jeweller said to me. If you not gonna resale it there is no need to get a cert, once certification the price goes up by double and triple get uncertified an use a loupe and diamond eyes will tell you all you need to know.

  103. King Ent. says:

    Yo max I got a question about ur chain ur wearing

  104. Arias Lim says:

    I wouldn’t trust this guy to even clean my ring – let along sell me a diamond

  105. Jose Martinez says:

    11:45 beaver S.

  106. Markietrill Hernandez says:

    Do you still have layway matching the down payment

  107. TrapStar003 says:

    @traxnyc. Can I purchase that diamond & have it done as an earring, on a 14k screw back?

  108. Hunnid Pacent says:

    Knowledge is power thx Traxx!

  109. Tommy Degreorio says:

    This make sense. Why spend the money when your going to end up divorced in the end lol 😂

  110. Smood47 says:

    Yaaaaaaaa sideways recording, great!

  111. Dawson Stockton says:

    1250 for that stone is a head slap diamonds in reality are worth nothing compared to gold I have a ring with over 2 karats if diamonds each pointer is .40 with 16 diamonds I didn’t even spend 1250 my ring wasn’t brand new but still my Homer Simpson pendant has 2 karats of S/1 diamonds and there’s fog and pepper in my chain and ring I only paid 1200 for the pendant

  112. Ryan Shabib says:

    excellent video. much appreciated

  113. Tony Batista says:

    Trax you the man bro…iv learned so much from you…u always keep it .💯💯

  114. Eddie The Car says:

    Lmao 😂 Jump out of the plane. Love it

  115. J Maximus says:

    Hey bro luv ur video’s man !
    Always very informative and helpful. Have learned a lot.
    really appreciate the straightforward style……no B.S.
    Will definitely do business with u when i come to New York in the future.
    I am a Canadian boy but also a straightshooter.
    BTW u gotta fire ur camera guy or put him in rehab !

  116. Richard Borja says:

    Very honest💯

  117. DIBZ MILLY says:

    Yoo this is real asf 💯 i respect you bro frfr

  118. $murf107 says:

    Make your own jewelry who doesn’t kno those rings were already made all you are doing is adding a stone. Reseller every other jeweler can show they production and yall just got a 3d printer. Show videos of the creating process from the idea to the computer to the wax to the gold, diamond setting etc you have flea market jewelry

  119. EX IN THE STREETS says:

    Keeping it real …with the pricesses👍

  120. k smith says:

    Trax you just gained another loyal customer. I was literally in Jared’s and Kay this week and got a quote of $5500 for a 1kt SI1 stone plus $650 after discount for the 14kt basic looking ring itself. Keep putting out the great info, I’m like a sponge. I WILL be calling Monday.

  121. agaspar691 says:

    Definitely thinking about getting a ring from here

  122. Yoshi Green says:

    Right on,, Great info mane…

  123. Fredo D says:

    Saw this on ig 💪💰

  124. STAR NOTES says:

    Can I come In an record some of that for you and really capture the brilliance of every piece? Keep up the great job brotha!! 😎

  125. Big Bro says:

    I went to jewellery in Baltimore I paid 6000 for a half a cart ring

  126. Joey I says:

    How is the vs $50 less than the si? Lol

    • Maximum Energy says:

      Joey I the si was .70 points while the vs was .50 points meaning the Vs is about 1/3 smaller also they was different cuts and probably different colors. All these guys say a good color si will out shine a bad color vs and that rappers r stupid because they don’t understand that and r convinced they must have vs . How ever in reality most rappers buy fake jewelry and just say it is real and that it cost alot

  127. isaac lee says:

    saw this man in uncut gems and i was like holy shit lmao

  128. cookietote says:

    Yo Camera Dude WTF

  129. swarna mohanty says:

    If not certified, it may moissanite .

    • Tommy Martinez says:

      swarna mohanty lol have you seen a moissanite those things look like oily see through opals.

    • Dawson Stockton says:

      swarna mohanty if u see fog or “pepper” it’s a real natural diamond flawless diamonds are very rare and very expensive so if u see fog or pepper it’s not a moissanite

  130. Noel C says:

    Dropping them jewels literally

  131. Bishop Mayberry says:

    I can’t believe this jew went from canal street to Dimond district

  132. Makana Peralta says:

    Yo Trax you’re a man of the people, if you’ve got anything to say about Milano or Figarope chains (anything you got to say is interesting) would love to see something about it

  133. EN1GMA says:


  134. Carlos says:

    Thank you for your knowledge. Gonna have to make a purchase soon.

  135. T.waterz says:

    Do u make the Joe Rodeo watches??

  136. COP KILLA 357 says:

    I learned so much from traxx. He’s the only jeweler that gives tons of information that the average person wouldn’t know but needs to know. Thank you

  137. Refurb Kings says:

    Question, I was at a jewelry store where I’m from and the “jeweler” was saying that swimming in oceans and pools can and will damage jewelry, is this true? Great idea for a video too, #peace

    • Romeo Brown says:

      Refurb Kings anytime bro. Now say u have diamonds in ur SOILD gold chain he might have meant that the jewelry will be damage because if u swim in a pool or ocean the diamonds can get knock out and that like having damage jewelry if u look at it that way. If u have a plan solid gold chain then no it will not be damage what’s so ever if u go swimming bro.

    • Refurb Kings says:

      Romeo Brown appreciate that. Yeah he was referring to “real” gold and I personally thought he was incorrect. Thanks for the reply,

    • Romeo Brown says:

      Refurb Kings hey bro to answer ur question that depends on the jewelry. Let me explain if the jewelry main material is made out of brass, copper, or alloy and it’s been plated with 14k and u go swimming in the pool or ocean then YES it will damage the jewelry. Now say the main material is silver and it’s plated with 14k right then NO the jewelry won’t be damage if u want to go swimming in a pool or ocean. That goes along with any jewelry that the main material is either pure silver, pure gold, or pure stainless steel. I hope I answer ur question u where looking for bro.

  138. All Gucci Drip says:

    Man could literally scam the shit out of you with his products, but will drop knowledge instead and inform you about what you need to know when it comes to this industry

  139. Sammy Herrera says:

    Always with the blessings 🙏🏼

  140. All Gucci Drip says:


  141. Yurrr says:

    I want to get into the industry

  142. Sabrina Merrick says:


  143. Phill says:

    Yo Max get a real cameraman bro, who ever is controlling the camera is not even focussing on the item. A real cameraman will make yours videos a million times better.

    • Nicolae Tineam says:

      The message it’s very important ….did you ghet the message!!!!That’s important…

    • ismail adam says:

      @TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry who cuts your stones out of curiosity? I’m a gemologist and I also cut stones.
      Do you also deal in coloured gemstones or only diamonds.
      Keep up the good work.

    • Phill says:

      @TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry Damn 4k? that will be fire Max. I wanna see the Flatiron Diamond Ring item #49610 in 4k if you can post a video on that? to go with my 251 gram Cuban link chain i got on layaway with you.

    • TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry says:

      its actually because its zoomed into a portrait format because these videos are originally from my IGTV. in any case im work it out and make a wide screen 4k for youtube just for you bro. Thanks

    • Just K says:

      Facts a camera man / editor / audio guy. Roman Sharf’s channel video/edit guy is dope.

  144. Nikko Abadilla says:

    I love the fact that you get out of your way to educate us about the products and their prices. For watching this educational video we get discount for just watching. This dude’s talking real shit on this industry. Much respect for this guy. 👌

  145. darth sith says:


  146. darth sith says:

    Straight knowledge, thanks man

  147. Aaron Arratia says:

    This comment is just to let you know I watched your video. I’ll be there one day to pick one up… LoL

  148. RaspingPompano2 says:

    You guys make jewelry!

  149. Eddie Reyes says:

    TRAX the GOAT

  150. Guadalupe Preza says:

    Camera guy is a bum

  151. Ivan Delgado says:

    ….. Very professional….. Much love and respect.. God bless😇

  152. Tomy Luv says:

    Today ya Cameraman lil bit stoned 😜 Follow very well 🙈

    Lil bad Joke Buddy 😘

  153. RaspingPompano2 says:

    That’s $6000 all day at Kay’s or places like that. That’s a hell of a deal.

  154. Michael Ortega says:

    Your the truth bro from the start.

  155. rk702 says:

    Does the price per Karat remain the same as the stone gets larger? For example the .50 K VS quality cushion cut you are charging $1200 would a 1k stone in the same quality cost $2400 or does the price go up due to the size?

    • cleveland brown says:

      Trax made a very good point when discussing the quality of the cut. I work for an auction house. I cant tell you how many times people come though with good size diamonds, great color/clarity and the cut blows. This kills the resale value of a diamond!

    • cleveland brown says:

      Larger diamonds are more rare. Therefore, the price per carat will be much more.

    • cleveland brown says:


  156. Armando Gonzalez says:

    This guy smoking to much weed 😂

  157. yusuf bahar says:

    I like this guy
    Lots of love bro from London uk🇬🇧 we just left Europe Sad day

  158. Muh Baykun says:

    Do I video with FL or IF compared to VS and SI

    • Tommy Martinez says:

      Muh Baykun visually there is no difference. A vs1 and higher can only be seen with higher than 10x magnification. A si1 stone will show the same light performance as a vs1 or higher if they are CUT the same. Cut is the determining factor and even then beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  159. AB YZ says:

    Great info 👍

  160. Noe Meza says:

    Killer deal traxnyc

  161. Nikon Zoom says:

    are you planning to make any pure silver jewelry? or 999 silver coins for investment since silver is low? I would like to buy from you than others!

    • Nikon Zoom says:

      @HARLEMBLING Are you doing new customer discounts?

    • Romeo Brown says:

      Nikon Zoom bro Harlem bling sells pure silver. Sterling silver isn’t pure silver that is why u will get a stamp that will say S925 for Sterling sliver and for pure silver the stamp will have only 925 on it. So again Harlem bling sells pure silver bro. Check out my channel bro I think u will like what u see. Also TraxNYC sells pure silver as well and here is my custom piece from TraxNYC . Keep ur head up bro.

    • Nikon Zoom says:

      @HARLEMBLING im not looking for 925 silver im looking for pure silver jewelry

    • Nikon Zoom says:

      @HARLEMBLING Are you part of Trax?

    • HARLEMBLING says:

      Nikon Zoom chef

  162. Ontario100 says:

    Beautiful diamonds, plain talk, reasonable price. 👍

  163. The Man says:

    i learn so much just by watching ur video

  164. Atsuko Tenshi says:

    Uncut Gem

  165. Almighty Tre says:

    Ben Baller > Trashnyc

  166. Tommy Reusse says:

    550 plus 1250 so 1800. amazing price for such a nice ring

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