ALL ABOUT MY RING! Moissanite Engagement Ring | Wedding Ring Details

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Hey guys! Thanks for watching todays video all about my moissanite engagement ring! Xo- Franceska

Ring Dimensions that we told our jeweler @CraftRevival
5 carat Moissanite Center Stone
11×9 mm
Radiant Cut
Diamond Halo around center stone
Solitare 14k Gold Band
Thin band width with hard edge
No designs in the gallery under the stone

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280 responses to “ALL ABOUT MY RING! Moissanite Engagement Ring | Wedding Ring Details”

  1. Andrea Kersey says:

    Your ring is so gorgeous girl!!! Another thing to consider from what I’ve researched about moissanite is that it naturally carries a larger carat weight than diamonds so they aren’t directly comparable in that sense

  2. GEA BADELLES says:


  3. Betsy Davis says:

    I like Francesca but her videos are long so long and repetitive,
    Shoot it straight and to the point please.

  4. DreamBig I says:

    I haven’t see a moissanite before but from the video there is no fire at all! Why people keep saying it looks like the real deal?

  5. Sharon Stromley says:

    Maybe too much talking about ‘before’..could get to the point sooner but s o savvy buying
    moissanite. Why go into debt for a diamond when the price is artificially
    inflated. If you needed to raise money using your diamond, you would quickly find you would never get all your money back. Moissanite is stunning, sturdy, and unlike a diamond that can shatter if hit just right, a moissanite is strong and safe to wear. Very smart!

  6. Valecamon96 says:

    What jewelry store did you use?

  7. Miranda Lynne says:

    Is your stone Colorless or near colorless??

  8. Horse says:

    Holy fuck that’s ugly lmaooo stop saying diamonds, they are not diamonds!! All this imitation shit. It’s like people putting a Ferrari body kit on their piece of shit fiero. Stop trying to be something that it’s not.

  9. Quit3Cut3 says:

    Wish I would’ve gotten a moissanite. I’d have a much larger ring for sure. Mines a 1.25 3 stone diamond and platinum ring. My hubby spent 10k on it. He spent another 3500 on my wedding band. He’s crazy lol. I never asked for him to spend that much.

  10. Elena Pina says:

    Just wondering what price range would that be in? Or a 3 ct for that stone

  11. J'adorMyCC says:

    How much is the ring?

  12. Alyssa Lesko says:


  13. Alyssa Lesko says:

    I love it

  14. Elma Tutundzic says:

    Sorry if I missed this in the video..not sure if it was mentioned but, what is the color of the center moissanite? Is it colorless (DEF) or near-colorless (GHI)? Thank you!!

  15. Ana Grgic says:


  16. michelle m says:

    It’s loose?😬

  17. Koroppi lover💚 says:

    I really want a moissanite ring but my boyfriend really wants diamond. 🙁

  18. Lauren Nasca says:

    I have a topaz but it clouds up soooooo quickly whenever I wear (only at home bc I can’t wear for work) we just upgraded to a crushed ice Moissanite and I can not wait to get it!

  19. T F says:

    So this video inspired me to go to Craft Revival because I want a moissanite ring & wanted to talk to someone in person. They no longer work with moissanite diamonds so I couldn’t look there 😭 I thought I would let you know if you wanted to change your description!

  20. Santi Vargas says:

    So she pretty much rushed the guy, chose her ring, even the box 🙄 jezzz controlling much lol poor guy. Girls pls let the guy do the work and not babysit and control them through the process it takes away from the romance and beauty of being proposed to. To each their own

  21. Yasin Jadauji says:

    Great alternative for those who can’t afford a real diamond!

  22. Alexis Y says:

    I got a morganite engagement ring and obsessed, however I dont think I was prepared for the amount of cleaning these kind of stones require to stay clean and sparkling

  23. Kassidy Sparks says:

    Oh my god we got engaged the same day

  24. El Ce says:

    What polish or dip color are you wearing? And what brand?

  25. Sazon Man says:

    What clarity and color

  26. Shane XC says:

    I love Moissanite

  27. DetroitRed03 says:

    Im glad i found this video. I recently went ring shopping too and i found 2 moissanite rings that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE. My BF thinks that its weird that i am pretty much picking out my own ring. But i couldnt help it 🥰🥰🥰I want both rings .. and i will get them 😏

  28. Johnny Blaze says:

    Franceska, how much did your provider pay for it!

  29. Mailee Chang says:


  30. Just_u&me says:

    It’s beautiful, Can you please send me the link for this ring

  31. pimpballer3 says:

    All these poor people calling themselves smart…

  32. ILove Diamonds says:

    Anyone that owns a Moissanite ALWAYS say they buy it for a gem of its own. But let’s be honest it looks very similar to a diamond and deep down they do try to pass it off as a diamond. If it’s not diamonds that they care for then why not buy a color stone or something different looking from a “diamond”?

  33. jana hogan says:

    Moissanite and lab grown diamonds are great alternatives to over priced diamonds.

  34. Ruthanne Veillard says:


  35. june1stgemini says:

    Great info on Moissanite!

  36. Joy says:

    A lot of talking!!!

  37. Taylor Lee says:

    After watching this video I have seriously considered getting a moissanite!

  38. Joyce Jumalon says:

    I have a moissanite too! It’s been almost 2 years and it’s still so beautiful! So prefect

    • Samanthaxx says:

      Amie Tiger that’s awesome, thank you so much 🙂 have a great week

    • Amie Tiger says:

      @Samanthaxx Happy hunting! I LOVE my moissanite! It is the most beautiful ring and fools EVERY jeweler I have come across!

    • Amie Tiger says:

      @Samanthaxx I am sorry! It is JTV! I was wrong, I will LINK you up hon!

    • Samanthaxx says:

      Amie Tiger what is JVC? Tried finding the website and I couldn’t. Hope you see this 🙂

    • Amie Tiger says:

      @Juliana Nkoma I know you didn’t ask me…but I am TELLING you girl, JTV is the way to go for a moissanite. And they have to option of real gold. If you want to pay about the same as you would for a regular diamond then use someone else…but if you want to save some SERIOUS money-use JTV. Also there is videos of the rings that you can actually SEE the ring you are getting…and I own a JTV ring and they are ABSOLUTELY as beautiful as they look in the video…My ring is FIRE. And I have owned it 7 years now…it is just as beautiful today as the day he bought it.

  39. Seema Nawathe says:

    Girl it’s just youre perception, butdiamonds ate fore ever, you’re ring is superb

  40. Coco Rolon says:

    I love your ring. I took 100,000 pictures to see if I can get it done 🤣🤣🤣 but with white gold.

  41. Margie Arriaga says:

    Where online can I find a good trusting site to shop for my ring?

    • Mandi Santos says:

      Nicole Rose where’s the link? I don’t see it

    • Nicole Rose says:

      Mandi Santos hey girly:) just click on the link I sent to Margie Arriaga. The ring is super cute.

    • Mandi Santos says:

      Nicole Rose omg, I wanna see too!

    • Nicole Rose says:

      Margie Arriaga I will send you a pic if you are interested.

    • Nicole Rose says:

      Margie Arriaga I just read your message and you should get your ring made from Moissanite co. I’m having a custom made ring done by them. I found a really gorgeous radiant cut Moissanite ring with a halo setting on Lauren B and really wanted it but they wanted way too much money. Moissanite co is going to create the same ring with a bigger Moissanite stone and in platinum for half the price. They are trust worthy.

  42. Cody Fast says:

    “I made it perfect, and then I was not involved” but you designed the entire ring lol

  43. Cody Fast says:

    I know it’s pretty normal to ring shop as a couple, and kind of fantasize about getting engaged, and dreaming about rings as a woman, but I feel the girl shouldn’t pick out her ring.. lol the guy is to go pick out the ring and surprise it to his girlfriend.. just what makes sense to me.. haha

  44. Sazon Man says:

    aquamarine, is my birth stone…which you are so right, it a beautiful color and stone

  45. Tessa Vawn says:

    My engagement ring has a 2 carat princess cut amethyst and a moissanite band, no one would even guess that they weren’t diamonds lol

  46. Ethernica Gape says:

    so beautiful! If I get engaged some day, I’d rather get a white topaz or a white sapphire ring instead than diamond. I prefer the translucence of these stones, which let the light passing than an opaque diamond

  47. C Lini says:

    My husband and I could care less about rings. He ordered his from Amazon and I got mine at Macy’s. We spent under $200. We have good careers, a house, a beautiful family….we just thought putting so much thought into a ring is silly.

  48. Guillermo Butler says:

    Can you please tell me where you got your ring. I’m very interested

  49. Tyrea Jenae says:

    Can we get an update on the band?

  50. Maritza H. says:

    I also have a Moissanite ring and I actually chose it over a diamond! It sparkles so many colors instead of just white sparkles like a diamond, you can get a wayyyy bigger rock for cheaper than a diamond and it’s more beautiful than a diamond in my opinion 😍 I absolutely love my ring. It’s unique and beautiful

  51. E. I. says:

    Moissanite is for smart buyers. You get more fire and rainbows for a fraction of the price and without the overpricing, environmental exploitation and slave labour. 💅🏽

  52. Alex PerOc says:

    Price of thé ring?

  53. Caroline Hansen says:

    I got mine in white gold

  54. Veronica Juarez says:

    Why people is so materialistic, just want to show up, don’t care for blessings and other more important things in life, most of the people think so stupid 🤔🤨🤪 blessings!!💕💓

  55. Laura Ann says:

    The sizing beads are the BEST to keep a moving ring still. I love mine and my stone does not budge from dead center now. Before the beads it was so annoying. You can’t feel them, either. Congrats on your engagement!

  56. Jennifer Dwyer says:

    I LOVE my moissanite ring. I told my fiancé before he proposed that I would be 100% okay with a moissanite. I feel a lot of men feel as though they ‘need’ to buy a diamond and I told my fiancé that I would actually prefer a moissanite! More cost effective, more sparkly, more ethical, more environmentally friendly. I love it. My ring is perfect

  57. Katherine Robertson says:

    I know that I want a moissanite too! The rainbows that it reflects is the biggest reason for me 😅 but it also makes me feel better since there is no ethical issues, I’m not walking around with an obscene amount of $$$ on my finger 😰 (thanks De Beers for that marketing ploy) and its very durable as well. But to each their own! ❤️ I always thought I would want to get a colored center stone (bi-colored blue/green sapphire) but the traditional clear goes with anything and I can always get a colored stone ring later in life 😊 Now it’s just the waiting game with my boyfriend of almost 6 years (we’re high school sweethearts and only 23 so we aren’t rushing). I’m so excited!!!

    • Anne Davis says:

      With the money we “saved” by picking moissanite over diamond, we are making me multiple engagement rings. I’ve never wanted a diamond ever, but we took part of the budget some people have for a diamond ring to get more than one ring.

      I like options, I like nontraditional, I am happy I could use some money we saved on getting more bang, haha

  58. Angela Marcinkevich says:

    What brand of ring was on the box

  59. Angela Marcinkevich says:

    Franceska about how much does a ring like that cost estimate not the exact total so pretty

  60. Marissa says:

    Moissanite is superior for those who have high use of logic and great intelligence. Diamonds are only popular with those who are easily influenced by marketing.

  61. Nicole Rose says:

    Is your moissanite by Charles and covard? Forever one colorless moissanite? Please let me know. I love your ring so much. And your so beautiful:)

  62. Angela Marcinkevich says:

    Where did you get your husband ring from the one on the magnetic box is like to get one for my husband

  63. Wendy Baptiste says:

    My boyfriend let me pick out my ring

  64. Jasmine Donohue says:

    i noticed you can spin your ring so easily maybe reconsidering your size

  65. Melissa Saint says:

    Hi Franceska! I love your vids hun!
    Quick question, what clarity is your beautiful rock? Is it D color colorless or G near colorless? Thanks and luv ya🎀

  66. mel says:

    I’ve always wanted to go ring shopping with my boyfriend, and when I came across your video a couple of months ago, I was so in awe!! We decided to order my ring a couple of weeks ago, and I went with a moissanite as well! I don’t regret it a single bit, cost effective and just as beautiful. Your ring is beautiful; and hope marriage life is treating you well ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Nathan Poulos says:

      Lol takes the surprise of it all out. Seems like a want want mindset rather than being proposed to …

  67. Cat tastico says:

    Girly your ring fits you too big! 🙁 The european shank is pretty cool!

  68. Ava says:

    Hey Frankie, did you ever consider fire and brilliance in your Moissanite search & what are your thoughts?

  69. Livin Like Lyss says:

    I’m go to school in Grand Rapids !

  70. Anne Davis says:

    Moissanite was an awesome choice. I agree, moissanite is an amazing stone in and of itself, I don’t like it when people frame it as an “alternative” stone. It’s its own thing, it has more fire, etc.

    May you wear your ring long and happily

  71. Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

    Yes! I love that you were the first one to bring up ring shopping and that you were so open about wanting to be involved in the process to get what you want, go girl! I talk to so many women who are so scared to talk to their partners about what they want because they feel like they are ruining something. Some people don’t care what ring they get as long as it comes from their partner, which is 100% ok. But if you know what you want and what you like, it’s also 100% ok to say that you’re going to be involved and that you guys are going to go into this process together. Also, like you said it can take so much of the pressure off of someone having to find this perfect thing on their own, when they might not know what that perfect thing is. Thank you for sharing you experience, it’s so important that people who do want to be involved know that they have permission. 🙂

  72. Norma Casto says:

    Your ring is so beautiful 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  73. Tiana-Rose says:

    Simply stunning. I wish I did more research into rings before we decided. I do love my ring but we bought it on a whim. I was thinking of upgrading the set for when we get married. I’d love a moissanite. I didn’t even know they were a thing. So informative xx

  74. Mich Pool says:

    A little advice…Your ring seems loose.Pls watch it dear😣

  75. I Should Know This says:

    Did anyone hear anything about price of this particular ring?

  76. I Should Know This says:

    Time saver: at approx. 16:00, she shows the ring and describes dimensions.

  77. DMTHOTH says:

    Moissanite is far more ethical and eco-friendly than diamond. It’s also more beautiful. Thumbs up for you!

    • Dj Tanner says:

      Its also more drop down the sink friendly too

    • igor says:

      Not more ethical than lab grown diamond. By the way, moissanite cost 900$ per kilo. So u are being screwed when u buy this diamond simulant (half carbon half plastic) for few hundred per carat

    • ScorpioMoon says:

      E. I. This exactly what I hate about it the way it sparkles. I’d rather get a different gemstone than get that.

      I don’t think u got what I said diamonds don’t sparkle loads of different colours which is what I dislike about moissanite nobody making up anything.

    • ScorpioMoon says:

      Marissa A. It doesn’t sparkle a million colours though I disagree with being more beautiful it’s really not

    • Marissa says:

      @ScorpioMoon it really is. Diamonds are flawed unless you have 20k+ for a stone

  78. Ezgi Karakan says:

    a video about a ring?!

  79. Taylor Lee says:

    I have been in love with this company’s rings that are Moissanite, but I’m a little shy to tell people that.

  80. Brittany Rivera says:

    OMG this ring is to die for. I also have decided to not go with a diamond ring as I rather my future husband spend that money on a house or something we actually need. I am in love with your ring!!!

  81. Morgane Harvey says:

    I had mine custom made and went with a 8×6 lab grown 2 carat Emerald cut sapphire and it’s gorgeous 😍 I’m in love with it

  82. Skye Waters says:

    how old were you when you got engaged? i LOVE your ring!😍😍😍

  83. Emily lopez says:

    When people get married why do they have 3 rings on the ring finger? I thought it was supposed to be only 2 the engagement ring and wedding band.

    • R S says:

      They guy gives you a
      Promise ring- he promises to marry you
      Engagement ring- he proposes to marry you
      Wedding band- gets married to you!

  84. My2 Loves says:

    Ring is gorgeous….. Fill your nails……beautiful!!!!!

  85. H Butzin says:

    I have a 4.75 carat radiant ♥️♥️♥️your ring is beautiful

  86. Caroline Harper says:

    I have a moissanite and love it!

  87. Emma Green says:

    I have a 2ct cushion cut moissanite solitaire and I LOVE it. It is amazing! I love it and I am so happy with it.

  88. Patty Urban says:

    I love your ring, but mostly I love how you glow when talking about it.

  89. Simply Steph says:

    I love your little corner set up! Where are your little stools from?

  90. sugarplumfairy20101 says:

    I think for the average people, moissanite is way more cost effective and the smartest way to start a life together. If you have ll your needs covered and still can afford a $15,000 diamond ring good for you!

  91. C B says:

    Thank you so much for your candor! Really enjoyed watching – now a new subscriber 😄. Where did you choose the actual Moissanite stone?

  92. Nicole Innocenti says:


  93. Nicole Innocenti says:

    Until about 50-75 yrs ago people didn’t exclusively use diamonds. It was a massive advertising campaign by the big mining companys!!!! So your really helping to bring back an old tradition. Good for you!!!

    • PB PB says:

      @E Dennis thx for info, interesting!

    • E Dennis says:

      More like 75 years ago. Fifty years ago, it was a diamond ring or nothing, even if it was the teeny-weeniest diamond. I know because I was engaged in 1972. In the 1930s, though, an engagement piece could even be a brooch or necklace. There’s a Cary Grant movie where he gave his fiancee an heirloom brooch, and that was her engagement jewelry. [My Favorite Wife, 1940]

  94. Cynthia Tingler says:

    Blue Nile?

  95. jjaykay3 Jawes says:

    My fiancè and i decided on moissanite too instead of a diamond ring

  96. Katrina Morgan says:

    Love the cathedral setting ♥️

  97. Karla H says:

    Sooooo pretty

  98. Jacki Jessi says:

    I love the eco friendly decisions more and more people buy instead of overpriced diamonds, diamonds are discovered by the ton and market them @ a 300% profit

  99. MKyleigh Asper says:

    I did a double take when you said Grand Rapids, and I was like, “Surely it’s not Michigan! Its gotta be some other Grand Rapids!” Googled the jeweler, and hot dang! I’m from GR too! And your ring is stunning! I’ve always loved moissanite ❤

  100. Violet Rose says:

    So unromantic

  101. Kennya'Ade Johnson says:

    Hello, what size is your ring finger? I’m thinking about getting my girlfriend a 3ct round Halo Moissanite. I’m worried it will look too big for her hand!!! HELP?

  102. Tracey Gregory says:

    In my opinion a diamond is very over rated. Mossianite, morganite, or even you birth stone to me are considered precious gems. That are just beautiful and has the fire and the sparkle, and is a fraction of the cost of a diamond. You can accent you ring w/a pave or channel set diamond ring. Remember it is the promise of the ring. Also, wedding planning is fun also stressful. After a the pomp and circumstance. You and your husband to be have to live when it is all over. I hope this helps…

    • Spring Lady says:

      Tracey Gregory I was talking to my mom and sisters the other day and mentioned how maybe I’d like a pearl vintage looking engagement ring. Then I said it’d be cool if we got our birthstone instead of a diamond, but realized my birthstone is a diamond 😂

  103. Liz Loran says:

    My boyfriend and I decided on a moissanite also! 😍 there are some girls that look at me crazy when I say I picked out my ring already because they want their man to pick theirs out.. and I was like ummmm my boyfriend knows me too well and asked me to pick out my ring because he knows how picky I am!! 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 to me, that’s an man win! 😋❤️

  104. Katie Fox says:

    I have a Moissanite ring too! I love it and get compliments everyday. And I also got my fiancé a tungsten MANgagment ring!! So funny.

  105. Rose Po says:

    Does moissanite cloud or scratch through the years? I’m scared it’s gonna get cloudy through the years

  106. Monique Lehnhardt says:

    When we got engaged I told my now husband I really wanted a unique diamond wedding band rather than the solitaire engagement ring that everyone else was getting, All my friends who married around the same time have tired of their rings or replaced them. I still love mine as much as ever. Don’t be afraid to do something uniquely you.

  107. christine cervantes says:

    Your ring is beautiful, but for me it sits up too high. I’d be getting it caught on everything.
    My husband’s ring is a Mokume design…check them out…they’re gorgeous.

  108. Rebecca Ellison says:

    I have a moissanite ring as well! We were buying a house at the same time so it was a much better option for us for costs as well as getting what we wanted! I love it! Congratulations!

  109. Geraldine Feind says:

    I’m so
    Happy that you chose what you wanted!!!! I’m happy for both of you!!!! You are going to make a
    beautiful Bride!!!! ❤️💋

  110. Informed Beauty says:

    My fiance and I also decided on a moissanite engagement ring, and I love it. It’s awesome seeing more people talk about moissanite on social media! Thanks for this video 🙂

  111. Niko Barros says:

    My fiance and I did the same when it came to me getting him an engagement ring as well. People made it seem like it was weird but that’s how we wanted it.

  112. Meagan Hamill says:


  113. animalsandiphones says:

    I love your ring!! ❤️❤️❤️ I would rather that than a diamond

  114. Abigail Klemm says:

    Beautiful ring!!!

  115. Shanice Janyssa says:

    My bf and I talked about getting married next year. We just pick out my design for the moissanite ring. He found alot of stuff off of reddit and he is ordering from a China vendor. It’s only like 450 for the custom engagement ring. Dont know when he is going to propose but I totally get the part of wanting your nails to be done. I should probably start doing that lol

  116. Or says:

    You have such an a beautiful smile !

  117. Lizette Hartman says:

    I have the littles balls on the inside of mine (my ring size is a 3.5) so with my ring being on the bigger side it has helped a lot with my ring not slipping off or moving around so much.

  118. Melissa Withrow says:

    Frankie, my jeweler is Craft Revival too! I love Jayson and Brandon! They are so talented and amazing to work with! One of my custom rings is their Instagram profile picture! Isn’t it amazing living here! Congratulations!

    • Kris Garcia says:

      Melissa Withrow hi! I’m trying to look at their jewelry work but can’t find their social media how can I find them or contact them?

  119. Yachy Ivy says:

    I looooove my moissanite! I have an 2ct oval with diamonds under halo, prongs and on the band. My band is 1.5mm too. The dainty band makes the stone look BIG. I have some photos posted on my IG @happilyeveralanis 💍

  120. Life As Lys says:

    My fiance and I made my moissanite together too! I loved the process so much. It’s so cool hearing about other couples doing things a little less “traditionally.” Congratuations! Your ring is gorgeous!

  121. Neonlgihts says:

    A moissy queen! Yes finally!

  122. Caitlin Catt says:

    It’s crazy because I typed in moissanite engagement rings and this is the first video that popped up. I used to go to st Martha’s when you went to st Thomas and we played basketball together LOL. How crazy

  123. Land Lord says:

    This video is so boring. OMG…

  124. Crystal Huang says:

    “less than a year after we started dating, I already told him what kind of engagement ring I wanted, already bought a ring box, and bought him his engagement ring, I also started doing my nails regularly, but I just wanted to be honest with him, I wasn’t pressuring him at all…”

  125. Alex park says:

    If you want real diamonds in the future..

  126. Goose says:

    Beautiful ring!
    Aquamarine is also gorgeous, but I think I’m partial because it’s my birthstone… Hehe!
    Thank you for sharing about your ring. I love that people are sharing about their non-diamond wedding rings. So beautiful!

    • Prodigal Nurse says:

      Hello! I’m planning to get an aquamarine ring since it’s my birthsone too. 🙂 ! I’m just wondering if it can survive daily wear and tear since its hardness is about 8 compared to the 10 of diamonds. Hehe. Thanks!

  127. Twigs says:

    Frankie, are you still using/applying the lash serum? Thank you,
    Loyal Subscribers ❤️

  128. Kik Rothschild says:

    We have very similar rings! Mine is also radiant with a halo but I chose white gold ans the band has the little diamonda imbedded. Love Moissanite!

  129. Christine Rice says:

    How often do you clean your ring ??

  130. JocelynDeE says:

    I have a moissanite engagement ring and it’s STUNNING! I will always reccomend moissanite over a diamond.

  131. Stacey Anderson says:


  132. Iuliia Onyshchuk says:

    Who cares about your ring ???

    • Nicole Rose says:

      I care about her ring. I love this video and she has gorgeous taste. I’m going to create a ring similar to hers.

    • I Should Know This says:

      If you take the time to comment, you care….🙌

    • Spring Lady says:

      Iuliia Onyshchuk Yikes. You are taking a video about a ring way too seriously. This video has nothing to do with kids being left in cars. I’m not saying that isn’t important, but this is definitely not the place to argue that topic. You just seem petty and jealous. People are allowed to be excited about things. Just because there are bad things happening out there in the world, doesn’t mean you can’t do things you love or get excited about something as silly as a ring. Know when and where to have a discussion.

    • Iuliia Onyshchuk says:

      Spring Lady in today’s world people care more about the ring than about their kids… Statistically, 52 kids died being left for hours in hot cars for the past year .. and maybe it’s happening because people can’t recognize what is important and what is not ..

    • Iuliia Onyshchuk says:

      Mal Bala and???? Do I need to be care about how many people liked this video also???

  133. Diane N says:

    I’m not close to being engaged soo how did I get here? haha o_o I love moissys too, they are such a magnificient stone in its own light.

  134. Jackie McManus says:


  135. Kable says:

    I absolutely love moissanites!

  136. Christina Hagopian says:

    Omg yess! We decided to go with a more affordable option for now as well! My fiancé got my ring from an Etsy shop Simplybridall! It’s so perfect and shines like crazy! Really is no visible difference to a diamond at all if anything it’s so much more clear!

  137. popinfresh says:

    My engagement ring is a moissanite too. It’s much prettier than a diamond because it sparkles more and have more colors 😄

  138. Kristen Toffales says:

    I just got engaged in March, my grandmother graciously gave my fiancé her mother’s 2 carat round stone to have re set for me. My extremely generous fiancé took my great grandmother’s original setting and had it fixed (it’s from 1920 and it was completely cracked and breaking because of its age) and had it set in a moissonite that is identical to the 2 carat diamond that’s now in my ring that was her grandmother. Soooo so special!

  139. Myriam says:

    Absolutely beautiful I love Moissanites!!! 😍😍

  140. Yazmine Q says:

    You’re ring is so beautiful Frankie!!!! My boyfriend just proposed on Easter Sunday and I’m now rewatching all of your wedding series videos. I’m so excited!!!!! I was completely left out of the loop when ring shopping, I honestly had no idea and I’m happy about it. Every relationship is different and I love that you emphasize that on your videos 💖 happy wedding planning!!! 🙏🏼😊😊

  141. Alison Dick says:

    I have an aquamarine engagement ring and I LOVE it! 💎 My husband designed the ring and bought it by himself. It was a total surprise, I had nothing to do with it but he absolutely nailed it. Your ring is gorgeous Frankie! 💕💍

  142. Gaylee Weymouth says:

    Wonderful video Frankie! Your ring is dazzling!

  143. Aamanda271 says:

    This makes me wanna go ring shopping again (just for fun, I love my rings lol) 😛

  144. AmberRick Deal says:

    I would be careful with Tungsten rings, if he does anything with his hands or if his hand ever gets crushed with his ring on, hopefully not, they cannot cut through tungsten. Just wanted to let you know. I was looking at them for my know husband and we decided on gold because of that.

  145. Adria says:

    Your hair 😍 . Ur such a beautiful person with a radiant soul. So refreshing to watch ur videos always.

  146. Jackie M says:

    Damn my 1.5 carat diamond is looking awfully small 🤣🤣🤣

    • Anne Davis says:

      Just cause the diamond cost X does NOT mean you get X when you try to sell it. Diamonds have depreciating value, too. I always giggle when someone talks about having gotten theirs as an “investment” instead of a different stone. Diamond is a 10 on the mohs scale, Moissanite is a 9.5 on the mohs scale. Diamonds are significantly less fiery than moissanite, and about 10x moissanite’s price.

      Also, moissanites are ALWAYS an ethical stone. I want to know that no one got hurt for my ring, thanks.

    • Missy Be says:

      @H Butzin I think you meant not more valuable. The resell value for diamonds is ridiculous!

    • H Butzin says:

      Alexandra Cen diamonds are more valuable then moissanite. They are just more popular because of marketing

    • Alexandra Cen says:

      Jackie M but maybe much more expensive & valuable🙈

  147. Emily Quinn says:

    I have an oval Moissanite from Lauren B and I love it!! It’s so sparkly and always catches people’s eyes.

  148. Peyton says:

    I also have a radiant cut moissanite with a diamond halo. I love it dearly…no regrets! Can’t wait to see how it holds up as decades pass.

  149. Alani says:

    this video is my life 😂 I even lost the 20lbs so my ring doesn’t fit now…..

  150. Rachel Tyson says:

    Almost at 70K 😭❤️

  151. Jessica Belle says:

    Ur ring is beautiful! I inherited my mother’s aquamarine ring when I got engaged and I loved it! Congrats

  152. Cindy says:

    Your ring is stunning!! So happy for you!

  153. Olivia Sara says:

    So beautiful! I also have a moissanite ring for all of the same reasons you mentioned 🙂
    Also, PLEASE do a makeup tutorial on this look! We’re getting married on the same day and the eyeshadow look you have in this video is exactly what I’m looking for!

  154. Monique Tait says:

    Similar experience to my fiancé and I. We were honest with each other the entire process. went ring shopping and thank goodness because all the ones I thought I liked I didn’t. Together we chose the perfect one that had such special meanings to us both. The ring then sat in a safe place for almost a year before the proposal happened 😊

    • Jacqueline Baros says:

      Monique Tait Yesss! I tried on my “dream ring” in the store with my fiancé and realized I hated it. I am so glad we went together and caught that mistake before it caused major disappointment down the road!

  155. Kim Goes says:

    You and your ring are beautiful and blessed💕💕

  156. vanessajayde says:

    I have a moissanite too! 🙂 I’m so happy with it!

  157. XtotheZ Beltran says:

    I just got engaged in march and i love my ring . My fiance and I went ring shopping just so i could show him what I liked and didn’t like and the rest was up to him. I got a radiant cut 1.53 diamond with a halo and a vintage setting in white gold .. the band has small diamonds around it .. he did such a good job . I wanted a moissanite but he ended up getting a diamond just because that’s what he wanted but i could have gone either way

  158. Kimberly Santos says:

    Beautiful ring Frankie the closeups were awesome!!

  159. Angie J says:

    So beautiful!! I just got engaged February 23rd with a pear shaped morganite!! Dream ring!! My fiancée also wears the rubber bands because she works with kids but I’m going to propose to her soon too 🤫💕


    wow thats a beautiful ring. thanks for letting us know all about your ring. you are so sweet and nice. Can’t wait to see more.

  161. Michelle D says:

    Just for future reference what price point was your ring?

  162. Tanisha Klein says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 1/2 years now, have 2 kids… never been fond of getting married or care to look into rings, dresses, etc… but I gotta say you’re ring is literally perfect! And now it’s got me thinking I would love to have a ring like that if I were to get married 😊💖

  163. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful ring! I’d love to see a video on guys’ rings!

  164. Margarita Segarra says:

    Your ring is beautiful. Congrats to you and Brett!!!

  165. Marie Diana says:

    So glad you are happy. Can’t wait to see your new home and how you decorate. xo

  166. Lisa Mondo says:

    Beautiful beautiful ring wear it in good health can’t wait to see the wedding band 😊😊

  167. Taylor C says:

    My wedding ring is a moissanite and I absolutely love it! I gave my husband a few options of rings I liked and I’m so glad he got the one that he did! I get so many compliments on it! I don’t regret my decision of getting a moissanite at all!

  168. Theresa Clark says:

    Your ring is just beautiful and I think you made the perfect choice!

  169. M.W.Coast says:

    I think Moissanite is astronomically more cost effective… not just a LITTLE! lol.

    • JKenipela says:

      So how much was her ring.? I would’ve thought she’d say the price!

    • Tina M Fam says:

      @Chemistry Cam it wouldn’t be a 100K$ ring, thats just what they would charge for it it jewelery has 1000% markup or more lol

    • Mich Pool says:

      @Chemistry Cam that is why i would not choose a bigger stone if I get a moissy. Also the mousey has much more fire than a diamond. I fear it would be too much even though I love bling and sparkle

    • Melissa Mitchell says:

      I’d never even heard of it.

    • Chemistry Cam says:

      Exactly, that would be a 100,000 dollar ring if it was a diamond. The biggest tell tale its not a diamond, is who’s wearing it. Not a celebrity? Not real.

  170. Arlene says:

    Interesting how everyone is different about their ring, my daughter wants a real diamond (to pass on to her daughter or son). She will tell her fiance what she wants (hahaha with my help) but wants the whole process a surprise not planned! Good luck to you and Bret.

  171. Ten says:

    Frankie you are literally SO SO CUTE 😍😍 lol

  172. Karina Hernandez says:

    Your ring is so amazingly beautiful! I also would love a moissanite! When I saw yours for the first time I immediately decided I wanted a moissanite as well.
    Wishing you endless blessings 💛

  173. Michele C says:

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  174. Megan says:

    Love your nails!

  175. Paula Castle says:

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  176. Jake & Mandy says:

    *Your ring is soo so gorgeous! I literally love all your wedding content even though we’ve already had ours LOL! <3*

  177. Gris Sánchez says:

    My boyfriend and I are going ring shopping tomorrow. I decided on a Moissanite! They’re absolutely beautiful. I’m going to try to pick 3 different types of band, I really want an Oval Moissanite, once he’s ready to buy and propose then he’ll pick whatever we choose when we were ring shopping.

  178. Olivia Limbrick says:

    Ahh where is that shirt from????

  179. Patrice Bailey says:

    Beautiful ring!

  180. Amanda Toland says:

    I have a morganite from the same jeweler your sister got hers from. I love the meaning behind morganite! Your ring is beautiful. Congrats again future Mrs ❤️☺️

  181. Carmen Cardenas says:

    I love your ring so much! The center stone being seen at the bottom is gorgeous! I use the Enso rings for strength training!! Check them out. I love the unicorn style.

  182. Lluvia G says:

    Yes yes yes !!! I picked out my ring and it took about 4 different places because I do look very young but I’m 26 and no one took us seriously when buying diamonds but I liked the fact that I was able to pick it out and then just wait until my boyfriend proposed. We’re married now but everything you’re saying is very true and honest !!!! I love your perspective

  183. Savannah Kizzia says:

    Gorgeous ring ✨ Love the thin band! A thin wedding band will be perfect with it 💕

  184. Brett Boerman says:


  185. Rania Abdelnaby says:

    Beautiful ring for a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you for sharing 💜

  186. Jordan Hannah says:

    It was fate for me to find this video!
    I literally just searched up mossanite engagement rings and your video was just posted 😍

  187. Debra Giroux says:

    Your ring sure is stunning & I love the dainty band 💍

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