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Wedding Jewellery is one of the BIGGEST topics of discussion for any Indian bride. Well my case was slightly different. As you would have watched in the previous video, a lot of my jewellery was either made by my mother, or it was old pieces made new by adding new beads and re-setting it. My mother decided that she wanted to get herself new sets for my wedding as for many years of her life, she never got herself any gold jewellery. The process of buying gold involves a lot of research and trust. For us, we loved Kanchi, because they are the kindest and most patient jewelers you will meet. Their designs are amazing and they have something to fit your budget – from Gold to Kundan to Silver to Imitation – whatever you need as a bride, they have for you

We are in conversation with the owner, Shivani as she takes us through what kind of set works for which bride. She also takes us through some amazing options in silver and imitation jewellery

You can watch part 1 of this video here

This video has also been shot at Kanchi Jewels and you can check out their fabulous collection or Silver here and gold here You can also follow them on Instagram

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  1. Red Dot Jewels says:

    Useful tips for India Brides

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    You look fabulous!!!

  3. Misu says:

    Bridal jewelry designs

    Trendy jewelry for daily wear

  4. S ali says:

    What is the address and phone for this store

    • Tishya Pradyut Hande says:

      Hey I have added their location and website address in the description itself – also if you contact them on Instagram, they will share all the details with you

  5. tufel shaikh says:

    Aap ki mom ki voice bahut acchi hai

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    God bless you always didi tc

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    Nice Di m apke Sare video dekhti hu

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    ur moms voice is soooooooo sweet and lovely ur the lucky girl ur mother is so caring or apne reception vidieos bhi upload kijiye

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    tishya tum very lucky ho jo itni achi mom mili m bhi itne hi achi mom bnne ki kosis krugi m apki mom ki hr ek video dekhti hu

  11. Jyoti Bedi says:

    I m very quries about your videos bcoz I love them mam

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    Daughter mother duo is awesome 👍❤
    Btw b’ful jewellery😍😍

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    Ur all video very superb 👌👌👌👌👏👏❤️❤️❤️🤗

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    Nice video

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    Nice informative video..

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    How are You?😀
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    Hey Tishya
    I noticed your n your mum’s suit in many videos ( purple with flower dupatta ) can you tell me the details regarding suits)

    I really like 😘

    • alka chandel says:

      @Tishya Pradyut Hande I ll wait 🤗

    • Tishya Pradyut Hande says:

      So my mother is a trainer and she travels all over the country. So loves going to local markets and shopping. I will ask her to share more details 🙂

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    *i love this video*

  26. shivani mehta says:

    I was the first viewer in the premiere 😀

  27. Tishya Pradyut Hande says:

    Hey everyone! In the last video, I spoke about my wedding jewellery and in this video, Shivani from Kanchi Jewelers gives you some hacks on how to pick your wedding jewellery. You can check out their fabulous collection or Silver here and gold here You can also follow them on Instagram

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