Beadaholique Live Class: Wedding Jewelry Trends 2019

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– In this live class event, join Beadaholique designers Kat Silvia and Alexandra Smith as they share their tips for creating the perfect DIY wedding accessories. You’ll also see several quick and easy project that require very basic tools, perfect for beginners.

Designer: Design Team

You can find the supplies in this video at

Bezel Pendant, Circle with Crystal Edge 25mm, 1 Piece, Silver Tone
SKU: PNT-1003

Vintage Style Lucite Oval Cameos Blue With White Holiday Bells 25x18mm (2)
SKU: SPCB-2534

Swarovski Crystal, 5810 Round Faux Pearl Beads 10mm, 10 Pieces, Iridescent Tahitian Look
SKU: SWP-1035

Cultured Sea Glass, Small Nugget Beads 8-16mm, 7 Pieces, Crystal
SKU: BGL-9920

Gita Jewelry Stone Setting for Swarovski Crystal, Stud Post Earrings for 12mm Cushion with 18 Crystals, Rhodium Plated
SKU: FEA-9663

Swarovski Crystal, 4470 Cushion Fancy Stone 12mm, 1 Piece, Jet
SKU: SWCR-4392

Silver Plated 5-Loop Hair Pins – Fun Craft Beading Project – Bridal – 4 Inches (10)
SKU: FCO-9007

Swarovski Crystal, 5821 Pear Shaped Faux Pearl Beads 11mm, 4 Pieces, White
SKU: SWP-1101

Swarovski Crystal, 4327 Pear Fancy Stone 30x20mm, 1 Piece, Crystal F
SKU: SWCR-4192

Swarovski Crystal, 5810 Round Faux Pearl Beads 5mm, 50 Pieces, Pearlescent White
SKU: SWP-5076

Gita Jewelry Almost Done Necklace, 5 Cup Settings for 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivolis with Rolo Chain, Rhodium Plated
SKU: JN-102

Silver Plated Charm, Heart Bride 12.5×14.5mm, 1 Piece, Silver
SKU: PND-204

44 responses to “Beadaholique Live Class: Wedding Jewelry Trends 2019”

  1. Nana Texido says:

    What a wonderful idea! And easy! Thanks!

  2. Cherese Ealy says:

    giving me so many jewelry making ideas…Thank You





  5. fatima arcaro says:

    I love you guys what can I say. From Australia

  6. Donna Marshall says:

    Do you have 14k or Stirling
    /.925silver findings

  7. Kathee Kit Jones says:

    I am having trouble finding the dangle already encased in your inventory. Can you tell me what is it listed under?

  8. crazy4hawgs says:

    Tuning in from W Central WI. 💕

  9. Virginia Cosby says:

    This is so on-time for me. You are actually answering the question that I would have had. I was searching for new ideas to incorporate ‘something blue’ into the brides jewelry. Love the popsicle stick idea also. Thanks for sharing those great ideas.

  10. ShashUniverse says:

    These are great projects to get started on bridal season. Thanks from Toronto, 🇨🇦

  11. blandine max says:

    Thank you so much for your videos, you’re doing a great job!
    I have a question, I hope you can answer….
    I use cable wire for my necklaces. But after a while, the wire can twist, and even break!
    So I’m looking to use flexible wire instead. Like nylon or silk cotton.
    Problem is….I don’t know how to attach the clasp, other than using crimp beads!!!
    I would so much appreciate it if you could answer, or redirect me to a video. I’m sure you have explained how to do it. But I’m looking many videos and can’t see what I’m looking for…
    Thanks for your help! ☺️

  12. Faileas Creations says:

    Are the pinch bale earring finding only available in the kit?

  13. Carine Spiloes says:

    Prachtig! mijn zoon gaat trouwen, dus perfect op tijd om iets te maken, of te krijgen 🙂

  14. elba alcapan levio says:

    Gita me encanta,son muy hermosos

  15. Practical Scents with Teresa says:

    Hi guys, love your channel! How about a live on Saturday? About 2pm? I would love that! Then we could ask questions directly!

  16. Pat Solakian says:

    Tampa. Love your wedding ideas

  17. Karen Raabis says:

    I am in Florida. My daughter is getting married this July. This was great!

  18. MsMcBell says:

    Are these trends same as in Europe?

  19. Annabel Munoz says:


  20. Cheryl Whitney says:

    Do the pearls come in packages or are they sod as singles?

    • Beadaholique says:

      The pearls are sold in packages. The smaller sizes come in quantities of 25-50 pieces, while the larger sizes come in packs of 4-10 pieces. You can find the pearls on our site in the following link:

      Thanks for watching!

  21. Mortessa says:

    Thank you for this! I’m getting married in 2020 and I’m sorry I missed this live! Do the Gita findings come in a clip-on variety? My future SIL doesn’t have pierced ears.

    • Beadaholique says:

      Regrettably, we do not currently carry clip on findings by Gita, but thanks for watching and commenting!

  22. Theresa Sunny says:

    Love all the projects

  23. Reina ALLEN says:

    Hi Everyone!Augusta, GA Here!Love♡Live and the Great videos!

  24. Kathy Czajkowski says:

    2 Questions – I’m making jewelry for my daughter’s wedding. What is the name of the chain you showed with the pearls dangling off? what is the name of the peyote bracelet – I’d like to make that for me to wear. Thanks. You’ve given me lots of great ideas

    • Beadaholique says:

      Here is a direct link to the pearl project:

      And here is a direct link to the Peyote project:

      Thanks for watching!!

  25. StellaMagiaDesigns says:

    Ugh! I wish I didn’t miss the live airing

  26. Mari Ethel says:

    Bea .👍😘 Всегда восхищаюсь вашими идеями .Вы умница и я вас обожаю.💜

  27. Andrea Daniel-Palmer says:

    I love your videos. They are easy to follow instructions. I am tuning in all the way from the land down under. Australia

  28. Jenn's Corner says:

    Very interesting to see old trends come back around. I’m 32 and when I was in high school in the early 2000’s the beaded headbands were really popular. I haven’t worn one since but glad to see them again, I love all things sparkly in my hair lol

  29. Angela Jackson says:

    North Carolina here
    All of them are gorgeous
    I love watching your videos
    Thumbs up, subscribed, bell

  30. Meilna Luna says:

    Love wacth you show. I wish have everything you show how make everything.

  31. Gerardine Berry says:

    Is there a special needles to use with your beads for making your jewelry

    • Mortessa says:

      If you are going to weave your beads, like the big circle earrings she showed with the fireline, there are “beading needles” that are small enough to go through the tiny bead holes.

  32. Gerardine Berry says:

    Hello I am from Virginia .. Lover your videos 💜❤💜👍😉

  33. hdaggs1014 says:

    I love weeding jewelry! I made my own set and my matron of honor’s set!

  34. Virginia Bremken says:

    How long are these earrings?

  35. Kathie Winecoff says:

    Hi Ladies I am finally able to watch your live class! Yipee!! Thanks for all You do for everyone. I am from South Carolina and usually I don’t get to see your live class so I am so happy to watch today!!! Woo Hoo! How long have you been making jewelry? you make it look so easy! I am a beginner so I need all the help I can get! LOL

  36. Rachel Euber says:


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