Bridal A.D Jewellery Collections in Whole Sale Price / Get Bridal Jewellery in Whole Sale Price

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Dear Friends & Sisters,
This video is all about Excellent Collections of A.D Stones and Bridal sets, Which is available in Sowcarpet. Hope you all like it.

Shop Address
Hitesh Fashion Jewellery
No.3 Periyanikan street Sowcarpet chennai79

Paras Fancy
Mint Street 146 Vardhman Complex 29
Sowcarpet Chennai 79
90929 70159/84285 12961

WhatsApp Number for Online Shopping 98407 59910
No Cash on Delivery

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124 responses to “Bridal A.D Jewellery Collections in Whole Sale Price / Get Bridal Jewellery in Whole Sale Price”

  1. Asif Ibrahim says:

    Wholesale pannuvagala sis

  2. Kalpana Kalpana says:

    Sister how I can purchased it? Am in Coimbatore sis.

  3. Jyotirmayee Padhy says:

    I want a set.. How i can order it

  4. priyanka priylu says:

    Hi Mam I just loved the collection.I want a set .How can I get them

  5. Manisha Sankaran says:

    I love the collections its awesome

  6. Eluru Laxmi says:

    Cash on deliver is there aa

  7. Kambalapalli Shekar says:

    Mam can you translate in Telugu pls I like this collection but I can not understand this language

  8. bandhu jyothi says:

    Madam I want this pls send me address..

  9. vaishnavi Shankar says:

    Mam jewellery rent price and how many days rent time mam

  10. durga durga says:

    Price low ah bridal set venum

  11. karthi keyan says:

    Where is the place located

  12. Ideas At Home Padma says:

    I want 5000,6000 between sets

  13. Marina Stanislaus1997 says:

    How can I contact

  14. Marina Stanislaus1997 says:

    How can I order ?

  15. Shobi Sweetdoll says:

    I want to buy own

  16. Shobi Sweetdoll says:

    Can we buy own also va

  17. Jhancy vijayalakshmi Sarvepalli says:

    If there any damages when we brought ,is there any chance to exchanges

  18. our lady's collections says:

    Mam trusted a irukuma online purchase pannalama

  19. Sathya Raja says:

    One doubt …marriage or engagement bridal collection video la irukardhu venumna how to buy per day rent … plzz reply

  20. Sowmiya M says:

    Wonderful✨😍✨😍✨😍✨😍 collection

  21. mohana priya says:

    5000 rupees la collection iruntha potunga pls

  22. Asif Nisha says:

    Mam entha sets rent 2000 mam?

  23. mahadevan sathappan says:

    Akka red saree ku white stone jewellery set Nala erukuma

  24. Rajpandian Rajapandian says:

    Mam shall i want small necklace can I buy separately plz reply me

  25. geetha bhagavathi says:

    is this shop have a branch in hyderabad
    if had please give address

  26. monica xavier says:

    ஒரு 1000–2000 வீலையில் காட்டுங்க

  27. M LoveQueen says:

    Very very nice

  28. Mythily Baskaran says:

    one day ku rent evlo sis..

  29. prabakaran sivamani says:

    Plz whatsapp number send me

  30. anitha Anitha says:

    Super address sluga pls

  31. Devi Bavish says:

    Intha bridal set nm ena ad set ah

  32. Salomi Londhe says:

    How to order

  33. Gs Rizwana says:

    I want mang tika video sis

  34. R.subash Subash says:

    super 😍😍😍

  35. Fouziya S says:

    Hi.. Mam collections are really awesome mam are they have any app were we can do online shopping

  36. Renuka Velu says:

    Online la kudupangala

  37. Mud Huthaifa says:

    What’sapp number la ugaladaya sis

  38. neerath selvi says:


  39. Naga Raj says:

    Wonderful collection super

  40. musicmy world says:

    Mam beauty parlour products Anga eruku sowcarpet adupathi oru video podunga

  41. pravallika nagarapu says:

    You given numbers are WhatsApp number or phone number

  42. ramki govindan says:

    How much madam

  43. Sujitha Prashanthan says:

    Online shopping erukka?

  44. MANII Nani says:

    how to purchase online ?

  45. learn professions says:

    Thank you for your wonderful video mam

  46. whatsapp Atrocities says:

    Intha kadaila verum ad stones matum thana? Illa covering jewels iruka?

  47. Petchi Ram says:

    Which place

  48. Keerthi SK says:

    Wow superb collections

  49. Mohammed Anas says:

    Osam madam. madam ad.stonela.necklace. haram.earing.sets kamega madam with price.thank you. madam

  50. Triveni Sanjana says:

    hi mam nice jewellery
    spr spr

  51. raj Paramu says:

    Madam online shopping pannalama onnum problem varadulla madam

  52. keerthana pr says:

    Very pretty collection! Kindly upload videos of wedding invitation shop in soucarpet

  53. vijihari v says:

    Parlour ku purchase panna rate kuraithu tharuvingala mam

  54. Jagadeeswari Thulasingam says:

    Superb sister thanks for the clear video for the way of the shop💐

  55. nancy subhu says:

    Wow semiya eruku ellam design yum tq for sharing…

  56. sathya dinesh says:

    Nice video sister

  57. Monika Rajendran says:

    Wow semma collection 😍😍😍😍😍

  58. Monika Rajendran says:

    So sad i missed to 👀

  59. annapurna chintalapati says:

    phn number kavali maku sect kavali

  60. Zoya Ahamed says:

    Necklace and haaram Mattum kudupaangala sis…

  61. Chitra Chitra says:

    Hi.. Inda AD jewels la rent ku tharamatingala?

  62. M.kalpana Murugan says:

    U r always unic….. nice

  63. Aqsa Fatima says:

    But how to by this

  64. Palani Gomathi says:

    Superb collection 👍👍👍

  65. Dhanya V says:

    Mam, last week I went to Parry’s corner to buy some bridal jewel set .but I can’t find this shop .then I bought it for some other shop but rate is high

    • Lakshya Illam says:

      Sister Once you reach sowcarpet landmark is famous Kakada shop..once you reach this place call to shop ma.. they will guide you sister

  66. Thiyagu .D says:

    Very nice I am really like your all video i loved it

  67. snegha sarathy says:

    Furniture also pls make a video

  68. snegha sarathy says:

    Kalyana seru varusai patharam video pls

  69. Jayapriyakarunakaran AC says:

    Antique jewels For bride r semi bridal video podunga Sis.. Thanks in advance 😊

  70. jas ajmal says:

    Unga video yallam use fulla eruku madam unga number kedikuma

  71. Saranya M says:

    Mam i want daily wear Impon chain collections it will not fade or no itching on neck area

  72. Saranya Uva says:

    Wow super collection sister……

  73. zayan shoppingz says:

    reselling possible?

  74. Sujibilla SRM says:

    Home delivery panuvagala reply me

  75. Sujibilla SRM says:

    Sis ethula aram matum kadaikuma

  76. Najima Mansoor says:

    no more extra talks very clean and clear video sis… Nice collection….

  77. galatta cs says:

    Salwar and blouse stitch panna tailors details share pannunga

  78. Jacob Jacob says:

    Very very happy thanks tihs video

  79. Janaki K says:

    Hi sis pls do video on tailors in sowcarpet plsss

  80. Saravanan Mariyappan says:


  81. malarkodi sankar says:

    Minimum amount

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