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54 responses to “Bridal Jewellery Collection৷৷Best Jewellery Market”

  1. Stay natural says:

    Wer is it

  2. Strange Kajol says:

    Onek price

  3. Shahena Begum says:

    Hello I’m from London but can u giv us price in pounds

  4. Jui Islam says:

    Api ai dokane vdo korona..ara onk besi pp bole

  5. baishali bhowmick says:

    Kolkata te poa jabey?

  6. Mrt Priya says:

    আপু ৪,৫০০ টাকার সেটের কানের দুল দেখান।।আর এটা কোথায় পাওয়া যাবে

  7. Sana akter Sabanur says:

    Ai shop ta ki.india te

  8. Sabikun Nahar says:

    eto price a borolok chara k nibe api……ektu 1000/1500 r modde dekhaw plz

  9. Tamnna Khan says:

    সবগুলা খুব সুন্দর

  10. arifa orthi says:

    price onk beshi

  11. Maria Akter says:

    Apu 2000 taka modha oi pothor er set ta ki paw jabe

  12. n s says:

    Onek price

  13. Bharat Chandra says:

    Apu Joty bridal collection ar dokaner collection gula dakhata parben ki???? onek valo collection aca sekhana

  14. shelpy akther says:

    ato dam kno apu

  15. khadija Akter says:

    Beshi hoiya gese

  16. khadija Akter says:

    Price ta ekto kom hole valo hoto

  17. Coōk Añd Êàt says:

    Eto price hole keu nibe na.. 1500/2000 er upore keu nibe na

  18. Shapla KM says:


  19. Aktara Khatun says:

    West Bengal a order hobe ki?

  20. Samatha L says:

    I want your products.iam started business,that’s why iam purchasing your products with whole sale rates.

  21. Samatha L says:

    Can you delivery to india

  22. Keerthana Keerthi says:

    Looks cheap

  23. Pooja Bhoir says:

    Aapki dukan kaha hai

  24. Bidhisha Adak says:

    Very Nice

  25. Akhi Ooo akhi says:

    আপু আমার বারি বিশালগর আমি কী নিতে পারবো

  26. sunitha matta says:

    Wow super contact number please

  27. Madhumita Das says:

    West Bengal theke kivabe order korbo

  28. Aarti Chauhan says:

    Phone no Pls, I m reseller

  29. Aparna Kakade says:

    Nice but hindi me batao

  30. Arif Hossain says:

    Woaaaaw, oneeeek sundor, apu sitahar er collection dekhte chai please

  31. Aman production says:

    Hindi me bolo

  32. Shankar Bhorde says:

    Nice pz price batayiye

  33. Archana Trivedi says:

    Pls use hindi language also will recording the video so everyone can understand/ if u don’t know hindi than pls atleast mention the price in description box in english…

    • Anika Proma says:

      This shop is located in Bangladesh and this video is a guide for Bangladeshi people , it’s not meant international. If you are interested to buy something from our country then do visit and look out for jewelry shops yourself.

  34. Jannat Moni says:


  35. MD SAIFUL says:

    Your tube a ja dekhai sob vuya.dekhai akta dey arekta batpar sob

  36. Suraj Shaw says:

    Very costly

  37. Sabiya Khan says:

    Can we order from Kashmir

  38. usha budur says:

    Can u deliver to India?

  39. Nabila's Tube says:

    nice all

  40. Farha Pria says:


  41. தமிழன் தமிழன் says:

    Nice all

  42. Murshida Rahaman says:

    apu simple choker er video kren

  43. Jahed Unus says:

    Eto price keno?1500tk er modde Kew dite parbe?new and one time use holeo problem nai

  44. meg Akter meg says:

    nice all

  45. Craft & Arts by Sk says:

    Nice 👌 collection’s 🌹

  46. Naw rin says:

    Wow… Awesome 😇

  47. Mehedi Hasan says:


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