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Today’s video is talking about cheap, affordable, alternative engagement/wedding rings and even rings for every day wear! I talk a little bit about why white sapphires are a great substitute for diamonds as well.

The ring was sent to me for free from Kate Sparkle. You are welcome to use the code JenniferC30 for 30% off your entire purchase – this is not an affiliate code and I will not receive a percentage of sales. Shop her site at

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  1. Jennifer Chang says:

    What are your ring preferences? Traditional diamond or something else? Love hearing your opinions!

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Quartz is soooo pretty!

    • David Alvarez says:


    • PeridotFlower 02 says:

      Diamonds are forever and I do own diamond and sterling silver rings

    • MrAbah105 says:

      Emerald Muzo

    • Fitness Tech says:

      no you paid for it lol most women believe it or not buy themselves wedding rings whats the world coming to

      • Fitness Tech says:

        @Nichole Ledesma im not married

      • Jennifer Chang says:

        @Nichole D 🥰🥰 yes! Everyone’s relationship is different and as long as they’re healthy and supportive the rest is just minor details ☺️

      • Nichole Ledesma says:

        @Fitness Tech She should feel exactly how she and her husband designed the space in their marriage/ relationship to feel. If they have a marriage that holds space for financial co-responsibility, and it comes with lots of communication and agreeing theyre on the same page mentally and emotionally, then her paying the difference shouldnt make her feel materialistic but quite the opposite. That she’s doing her part of their agreement/understanding. Do not impose your ego or own space in your relationship onto others with words and phrases like materialistic and how she should feel, and that its sad.

        You said as a man you would feel bad. Then I would expect, based on that statement, you and your wife made space in your relationship for you to be the main financial support. That’s great. FOR YOU. Overall, please respect others and the confines of their relationship? Make it, or try to make it, a great day!

      • Jennifer Chang says:

        Lol no he paid for most of it. He’s not wearing it for the rest of his life, I am, so I want the one I like! Yes it is about the love so that’s why it doesn’t really matter who is paying, at the end of the day we’re married and share finances so there is no “his” and “mine”!

      • Fitness Tech says:

        @Jennifer Chang thats sad, as i man i would feel bad and it should make you feel materialistic you should take whatever he can afford its about the love. btw i think you paid for the entire thing haha

  2. Martin Mbugua M. says:

    Thank You for sharing beautiful. Didn’t know white sapphire.

  3. Marki says:

    This is why you dont get a girl

  4. Jerome Wilshank says:

    My girlfriend has made it fairly clear that she does not care for diamonds(but loves gold). I also have a good idea of what she loves aesthetically. I’m sort of happy that people are starting to break the diamond tradition. There are so many beautiful stones out there and you don’t have to get the most expensive thing there is to show your commitment. Of course spending money does mean something, you should invest in things that really show your commitment… like working towards a house. Hopefully I can get something that is both beautiful and realistically fits within my budget.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yes to all of this!!! I love all the alternate options now and it’s a symbol of love between the two of you so who cares what other people think as long as you guys are happy!!

  5. Horse says:

    Diamonds are the way to go. They only increase in value. XXX GIA or nothing.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Diamonds are great but unfortunately not everyone can afford one, so offering alternatives is awesome!

  6. BubbaCrane says:

    If my gf hadn’t hinted at what kind of ring she wants, id do for something low priced. But tbh, she’s down way more for me. Sneaking a couple hundred off to the side for a while won’t kill me.

  7. BubbaCrane says:

    I’m shocked that you finger is a size 5.5. My I had to get the ring resized to a 9 for my girl.

  8. BubbaCrane says:

    I prefer a women, who wouldn’t let me speak $10k on a ring. But at the same time, if you have any kinda of job, you should at least spend $500 on a ring. You have to show that your fiancé is at least work saving up some money for.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yep as long as both parties agree on what kind of ring I support all of it! It’s such an intimate decision between the couple ☺️

    • Raquel Barnes says:

      Aww I agree. I did a lot of research on diamonds and had a pretty good idea I didn’t want one. There’s no right or wrong for me personally they arent worth the investment because it’s not an investment. The slave labor, they are not rare or special and are sold for way more than their value. It truly is a scam. I opted for a moissanite! Best 300 ever spent u truly cant tell the difference. I also have 2 other cz sets very high quality! Whether u r buying the real deal or not thought should definitely be put into it I agree!

  9. D L says:

    Both rings look cheap. Congrats.

  10. Francisco Salazar Jr says:

    I’m getting one of these along with a real one! That way my gf can wear the fake one in a daily basis, and the actual diamond for special events. Thanks for the video

    • D L says:

      Francisco Salazar Jr that’s completely stupid. You spend good hard earned money to buy something beautiful, to be cherished and appreciated, but u want her to lock it up and use a cheap one on a daily basis? You’re missing the whole point in LIVING life. So pathetic.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yay!! Make sure you insure the real one just in case – love that she’s getting two rings!! 😍

  11. Elizabeth Marie says:

    Does your code still work on Etsy ?

  12. DeeZy Boy says:


  13. Tico Nice says:

    Save your money, the resale price on a high end diamond is jaw dropping low !!!
    Don’t get fooled by the diamond hype !!!

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yeah some jewelry stores will give you full value if you trade them back in, but I can see how resale fit diamond might not be very good!

  14. Naenesa says:

    Thank you , I’m definitely going to check out Kate sparkle!!

  15. S.R. says:

    White sapphires look like glass. My boyfriend brought one and I told him to take it back I immediately could tell it wasn’t a diamond.

  16. Crystal L. says:

    I bought a 10K white gold solitaire diamond ring for less than $1000. BTW, I’ve never been married. I was in long term relationships that didn’t work out.

    • Crystal L. says:

      @Brandon Jones I bought it from a jeweler almost four years ago. Don’t worry, the ring has been tested and yes it is a real one carat diamond. The clarity is not the best, but for the price I paid for it I can’t complain. I wanted a ring regardless of whether I got married or not. What matters is that I got a ring I wanted at a price that I could afford. I’m still single to this day.

    • Brandon Jones says:

      @Crystal L. Sorry for your hard times but how did you find that ring ?

    • Crystal L. says:

      Thank you for sending a like for my comment! I’m getting over a breakup right now as we speak. Thank you.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I love that there are so many options on the market now for jewelry! I hope you’re doing well ❤️

  17. kiam Pepper says:

    Im proposing to my girl ladies is sapphire a go please let me know

  18. Kreassiva says:

    My gf and I are minimalists. She asked me for a 8usd ring, I went crazy and got her a 20usd ring.

  19. Snap-Shot-AHP says:

    My issues about sites like this for wedding sets is the size. Most places do not carry a size 4 or a 4.5 I can do a 5 but that’s for my middle finger. So if I want the ring ill just have to wear it on my middle finger also my other middle finger is a 5.5 so a 6 is just big on me. My thumb is a 6. So I’m limited on choices espesuly if they don’t carry half sizes. Not being able to get them sized is also an issue.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yes totally agree! I am a half size and struggle with sites that only sell in whole sizes. If they were able to be resized it would at least help the issue!

  20. Test Test says:

    I prefer your wedding ring, the subtle detail shows it is higher quality. As for everyday wear, I agree with you but stare it look enough or look at many, it is easy to notice it is a budget ring.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      And it’s fun to have a few different rings to wear places like trips or out to dinner like you said!

    • Olivia says:

      I totally agree. By looking at the two the affordable ring has a light blue tint, I’m not sure but something doesn’t look as authentic as her wedding ring. Pretty though, but personally I’d use that ring as a dinner ring. 💍

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I do love my wedding ring and don’t regret getting it at all!! 🙂

  21. Kodey Graeff says:

    I wish women would just say they want cheaper rings. Y’all are fucking rediculous with your diamonds over a shit marketing campaign. Me and my girl are saving up a down payment on a house trying to start life and i have to go backwards dropping a few grand on a ring because it just HAS to be diamonds. No I’d much rather put that extra couple grand toward a house because that’s going to be more valuable to our future but don’t try to be reasonable or anything. Wish you all would just be ok with a gold band like love isn’t materialism and its not a competition.

    New campaign slogan: diamonds, should have put it towards the fucking house.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      My answer for why I wanted a Diamond would be different than hers, so your best bet is to ask her. This is a piece of jewelry she will wear every day for the rest of her life, so it’s worth an investment if that’s what she wants

    • Kodey Graeff says:

      @Jennifer Chang its not about what we can afford, what we should afford. I would never ask for want or accept a gift that costs that much from her while we have such hefty hoals to acheive. I’m not really complaining, I’m just trying to understand.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Every girl is different, some want diamonds, some want something else. It’s a decision made between every couple – if your girl wants diamonds then it’s your decision on if you want to get her what she wants, and if it’s out of your price range see if she’s willing to pitch in. Every relationship has compromises! Some girls just like the look of the diamond, it’s not about materialism or competition

  22. Đặng Hương Xuân says:

    Don’t show your ugly face on review clip

  23. Riaz Hamdan Malik says:

    White sapphires will lose their shine very quickly. Waste of money.

    • E Dennis says:

      If sapphires were a waste of money, then they wouldn’t be used for fine jewelry. Sapphires have been used for the most opulent jewelry in the world for thousands of years.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I think it depends on how you take care of it! It’s a 9 on the hardness scale which is softer than diamonds at a 10 so you’d have to be a little more careful with it and get it cleaned often!

  24. TheBagBalm says:

    Went to a diamond convention in Las Vegas. I bought a bunch of lab diamonds at the cheap.

  25. Robert Paulo says:

    This is a great video

  26. More Baklava pls شكرا says:

    does it have to be diamond what if it looks good?

  27. illreyes says:

    I tried going to those big name jewelers to get my prongs tighten but they said the same as ShaneCo. Best going to a local jeweler that specializes in CZ with sterling silver :]

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Definitely! I think some big name jewelers just don’t like working on other brand jewelry I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. Joe White says:

    Does a wedding ring and an engagement ring need to be bought in a set together? I want to propose but don’t have money for both right now, and on that note, how much should one pay for a wedding + engagement ring based on percentage of income?

    • E Dennis says:

      @Joe White You’re the 3rd man here I’ve explained this to. Do NOT buy a ring without her! Jewelry stores don’t take them back!

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Awe that’s awesome! You could try asking her friends to see if they know her preference or if she has a secret Pinterest board with rings she likes – there’s so many styles out there, any hints from her would be helpful!

    • Joe White says:

      I don’t fully know what she wants. I want the proposal to be a surprise so I don’t to go ring shopping together. I’m probably going to get her somthing traditional tried and true yellow gold.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Nope you don’t have to buy them together! I did but most people actually don’t. How much one should pay is really dependent on circumstances and preference – what does she want?

  29. ShopNSyle2 says:

    Great Video; Smart Shopping Advice

  30. Alysa Maree says:

    The only problem with white sapphire is that they get cloudy over time. not nearly as fast as CZ, but I just prefer something like Moissanite because I’d rather have a low maintenance ring. I know all jewelry needs to be cleaned but Moissanite needs to be cleaned and polished much less often.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yeah I think because sapphires are a little softer so more susceptible to damage! I’m looking at some moissonite studs and they are gorgeous 😍

  31. Mary Bauer says:

    These are lab created, that’s why it couldn’t be sized. So not genuine stones; natural white sapphires are much more pricey.

    • E Dennis says:

      The reason it can’t be resized is because it’s sterling silver, not gold. Most jewelers won’t risk sizing sterling rings with any kind of stone in them because it requires a lot more heat to work with sterling than with gold, and it will make a stone crack. If you can find a jeweler that has a special laser cutter, then they can do it, but they cost tens of thousands of dollars, so most jewelers don’t have one.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I think you’re confusing imitation gemstones and lab created gemstones! Lab created gemstones are chemically, physical and optically the same as a real gemstone because they’re made under the same elements and conditions. Imitation gemstones are NOT made out of the same material, they’re only made to LOOK like a real gemstone! So the link you cited is correct about imitation gemstones, but those are not the same as lab created

    • Mary Bauer says:

      @Jennifer Chang Um, no. From “The more expensive and hard-to-find natural gems, such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are favorite lab-created stones. These imitation gemstone, while artificially made, do not follow nature’s recipe, making it completely different physically, chemically and optically from the natural gem it copies.”

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yeah natural stones are much more expensive. The nice thing about lab made stones is that chemically/physically they are exactly the same as natural stones!

  32. Secrete Jewelry says:

    Great video. Check out our story about engagement ring budgets here

  33. Virginia Estrada says:

    I have a white sapphire engagement and wedding rings. Yes at the beginning it shines like crazy. Most people can’t tell it’s not a diamond. But with time it does lose its shine. But yes it’s much more affordable. I love my ring. Don’t mind the sapphire. But a very honest non biased opinion for anyone wanting to decide between the two. It still looks beautiful. But needs to be cleaned much more in order to shine. Again. No one ever tells me it’s a fake diamond or questions if it’s a diamond or not. I think I notice it because I know it’s not. But if I put it next to a diamond. The diamond is prettier. But I constantly get compliments on my ring to this day and love it so much.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Yeah overall I try to go back to the jeweler to get it cleaned!

    • E Dennis says:

      @Jennifer Chang You still have to scrub the gunk out, don’t you? With the dishwasher method, you don’t risk loosening the stones by scrubbing at them. I lost a diamond out of an earring by scrubbing it with a toothbrush.

    • E Dennis says:

      @Annette M You can’t get under the stones with a q-tip. The dirt under the stones is what makes non-diamonds look dull. Also, you still have to get the polish out of the crevices, which means scrubbing away at them with a toothbrush. I lost a small diamond out of an earring by cleaning it with a toothbrush.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Great tips guys! I also like using dish soap and just soaking it too aha

    • Annette M says:

      Try toothpaste and a q-tip!

  34. Tessy Soares says:

    Talk to fast

  35. Kelsey Todd says:

    my 27 year old boyfriend asked to marry me but he wouldn’t buy me an engement ring for more than £30 and he broke up with me because he said that i cared about expsenive things more than him. Is he a tight guy?? or am I the spoilt brat here???

    • Cindy Yac says:

      No. When a man loves you he’s willing to spoil you and invest in you!

    • E Dennis says:

      You got lucky. Always remember – a man who is stingy with his money is also stingy with his love. I’m 64, so I’ve seen a lot, and it’s always true.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hey dear, I’m sorry to hear that 😢 I don’t think you are being unreasonable, especially for a piece of jewelry you will be wearing for the rest of your life. Is it because he cannot afford something more expensive right now? If yes you always have to option of upgrading later. With decisions like this it’s always a “team decision” – some couples agree to spend $10 on a ring and some couples agree to spend $50k on a ring depending on their situation. If having a real diamond means a lot to you then he should understand that

  36. Mrs. Meadow says:

    Where did you get your actual engagement ring? I absolutely love it.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      We got it at Shane Co! Their radio commercials make them sound really cheesy but they were honestly so nice and patient!

  37. nofreenameforme123 says:

    Kate Sparkle (Charmed Aroma) is nice but HEAVILY overpriced. Just buy Charmed Aroma candles for about 30$ and get the surprise jewelry for free it is just steel or copper (I’m highly allergic to copper!) with a silver alloy. It looks nice and is pretty well manufactured but not worth its price.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hahaha the whole industry is definitely a bit of a scam! Such is life 😂

    • nofreenameforme123 says:

      I won’t believe that any gemstone from KS is real, the prices are way to low – even for lab created stones.

      The Trillion cut sapphire for example: it’s pretty huge and heavy (I saw the ring in real life) and the price for such a gemstone is higher than the whole ring with setting and clear stones.

      So if you really need that special ring from one of the candles you can buy it but it’s still a scam. Ok, the whole jewelry industry is nothing more than a scam, so that’s fine I guess. 🙂

      Oh and you should try the candles! They smell great, intense, but not too intense.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I confirmed that they’re sister companies!! I might have to try a candle haha

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Ahh interesting!! I looked up Charmed Aroma quick and it looks like all their rings valued at under $300 is made with sterling silver and cubic zirconia, but Kate Sparkle sells sterling silver and real sapphires for way less than that! The candle idea is cool though!

    • nofreenameforme123 says:

      P.S.: I really love my Vienna rose quarz marquise ring even if it’s missing a stone. It is sooooo beautiful. 😍

  38. M J says:

    i just wanna say this was the first video i saw when searching for rings .. and this is the one i immediately chose .. you helped me choose the ring for my future wifey so thank you [:

    • E Dennis says:

      @Jennifer Chang Even if the store has a return policy, like Jared’s, it isn’t as simple as it sounds:

    • E Dennis says:

      @Jennifer Chang This is what I’m talking about; most jewelry stores, especially if not a national chain, won’t accept returns. Even some national chains won’t, like Pandora.

    • E Dennis says:

      @Jennifer Chang I guess it depends on where you live, but there’s something sad about seeing some guy try to sell a $7,000 ring in the classified ads because local stores don’t accept returns. I’ve seen those ads. I also tried to return a pendant that was defective and the store wouldn’t take it back. It wasn’t custom made.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Some stores have a satisfaction guarantee so they’ll gladly exchange! Not for custom pieces though

    • E Dennis says:

      Don’t buy a ring without her because jewelry stores don’t usually accept returns.

  39. Sarah J says:

    This is so random but you are gorgeous!

  40. Simon Peter says:

    Also, question: How can I get my gf’s ring size without giving the surprise away?

    Haha, love how you were ready to show your ring ASAP. It’s nice btw, what are your thoughts on moissanite rings? I’m with you on alternative gemstones opposed to natural diamonds, mostly because of price and the surety of it being morally sourced.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Alejandro you’re a genius!!!

    • Alejandro Rodriguez says:

      When she’s wearing a ring and takes it off measure it on your fingers. I discover my girl’s ring finger is the size of my pinky. And I played it off like “damn, your fingers are so small, they fit my pinky” so she thinks you’re being goofy but in really you’re figuring out her size 😎

    • De'Ja says:

      @Sharon Martin all Moissanite is grown in a lab. Actual Moissanite is far more expensive than even diamonds, and very, very rare.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      She sounds amazing!! For the wedding band a lot of people get plain bands, some people get tiny little stones on them. Nothing big! Also I wouldn’t worry about wedding bands now, usually couples go pick out wedding bands together after engagement as part of the wedding process so she will pick what she wants! 🙂

    • Simon Peter says:

      Yeah, she’s really disenchanted with the veneer of righteousness and reason many industries use to justify immoral practices. One of the reasons I love her, another being even if I could only afford to buy her a ring pop to propose with, she’d still say yes with tears in her eyes..

      I digress however and ask, The nice ring is the engagement and at the wedding we just get gold bands right? I mean I’m fine with that but is it more appropriate to get a rock for the wedding ring as well?

  41. SunKarr says:

    Any dudes here trying to figure out what kinda ring to get his girl?

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Awesome suggestion! I love finding gems (pun!) on Etsy!

    • Malia Smith says:

      I know this is a year later but I would suggest rings from Etsy. If you decide to go real diamonds they have some beautiful affordable options and each seller has hundreds, sometimes thousands of reviews with pictures of the jewelry people received. So you know it’s of quality and worth every penny. I have always wanted real diamonds and I found a ring on Etsy for 699.99 so it’s definitely expensive but not In the thousands range and still sparkly and breathtaking.

    • kiam Pepper says:


    • Jovanni says:

      Yeah man lol

    • FloppyPancakE says:


  42. The LongRanger says:

    Save ur money for the divorce and get 3D printer

    • Tico Nice says:

      So true girls like to get married, but they hate being married 😋
      Crazy future cat ladys 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hahaha thanks! I don’t wear a lot of makeup in my daily life like going to work but I love playing with it!
      A 3D printed plastic ring 😂😂 that would be hilarious

    • The LongRanger says:

      Jennifer Chang and your really pretty without makeup btw , and the make up is not bad thing either .

    • The LongRanger says:

      Jennifer Chang true but I was talking about plastic 😂

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hahaha! 3D printers for metal are still very expensive these days, and you can’t print a diamond or sapphire!

  43. Msha says:

    I wear a Moissanite wedding ring. It is a great alternative to a diamond. Mine has a life time warranty.

  44. Molly A. Block says:

    Did you say your ring needed to be re-plated because it’s looking a little gold? Is it sterling? Or white gold? I didn’t catch that part. It’s pretty though! I have my first pair of white sapphire/sterling earring studs and they are brilliant!!

    • E Dennis says:

      @Molly A. Block My first wedding set was 18k white gold. I wore it for 20 years. It looked white to me and was never plated with anything.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hahaha that’s awesome you find some good deals on eBay!! Sterling silver does tarnish if you leave it alone out in the air for long. The best way to keep sterling silver in good shape is actually to always wear it! The contact with the oils in your skin and getting bumped around while you go about your day helps keep the tarnish away!
      You’re right white gold is NOT the same as platinum. White gold will turn a little yellow if you go too long without replating the rhodium (I get my engagement replated about once a year)! Platinum will not need replating however it is a softer metal and can get scratched easily so jewelers recommend that you get it repolished about once a year to restore the shine! I’m not sure exactly how they do the replating, I assume they do remove the stones! I always just drop my ring off at my jeweler and it takes them a few days to replate!

    • Molly A. Block says:

      @Jennifer Chang Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for your reply! You taught me something here: white gold has to be replated. I really had no idea!! Now i must look and see just how this replating is done. I assume any stones are removed first? I think in my head, all of these years, I got confused and thought white gold was the same as platinum. It’s not, right? Platinum doesn’t require replating, does it? You know, I buy a lot of jewelry off of ebay, just for fun…. now I wonder if I’ve ever bought a white gold ring, and then got rid of it, because it started to tarnish and look sort of yellowish, hahahah. I bid on a lot of jewelry from China that claims to be ‘sterling silver’ or “.925” silver. Many times it isn’t. I will file a claim and get my money back. Some things, though, I get for very cheap— under $5. Sometimes it is real, sometimes it’s not. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to spend so little and then one day, when you are not expecting it, you get a little package in the mail, all the way from China, with a custom’s sticker on it, and you are like “YESSSSS!” 😀

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hi!!! My ring is white gold – white gold isn’t actually a silver color it’s kind of a yellowy silver, and all white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium which is a silver color! When the rhodium wears down the white gold starts to peek through which makes it less silver so it has to get replated. For me, the jeweler that sold us the ring replates it for free for life!
      White sapphire/sterling earrings sound amazing – those should be very low maintenance 😍

  45. Tranquility says:

    Etsy is a lot more affordable. You get quality without getting yanked financially. I also suggest that ppl not only go to etsy but consider purchasing from non Americans. Their companies are not as greedy financially and they take pride in their work. Jewelry Merchants is a company I have done business with. The BringMeJoy shop is another shop that is someone we have done business with. No spaces with their name.
    From what you are saying, since she doesn’t charge as much as a lot of stores, Kate’s page might be worth looking at to compare prices with Etsy. Ty hon.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Thanks so much for the recommendations! I think it’s definitely important to look at quality, pricing, and reviews on Etsy, there are a TON of sellers on there and they’re not all great but some are and I love finding new things on there! I do think Kate Sparkle has very reasonable prices (especially after you use a coupon code)!

  46. LL LL says:

    I am glad I found you:) my boyfriend and I are really young we can’t afford such expensive rings. Thanks

  47. Athena Llewellyn says:

    Do you delete all comments you don’t pin?

  48. Knoturally Amanda says:

    Update? Does it still shine? Does it look Fake?

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hi there!! Yes it still shines – white sapphire is much better than the cubic zirconia I’m used to dulling! It does not look like a “fake” diamond unless you use a loupe to look closely! I am more careful with this ring though and take it off for showers etc I don’t wear it 24/7

  49. upload2014 says:

    Great video

  50. joym824 says:

    Your wedding set is so pretty!

  51. joym824 says:

    I dont even know why anyone would get a real diamond anymore. Unless maybe it’s their first engagement

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Jessica f well it takes a ton of time, pressure, and energy to create a lab grown diamond, so I think the equipment to make it costs a lot! Once they become more common and the technique gets better I’m sure the price will come down on a lab grown!

    • Jessica f says:

      Real diamonds-even lamb created ones are SO expensive. I think it’s mostly just due to marketing tactics and “tradition”..?

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Love this!!! The price difference is so drastic – you can easily pay for a honeymoon with the difference in price!

    • Amber Garcia says:

      I was extremely set on wanting a real diamond for my ring, it’s my first engagement but I saw the white sapphire, saw absolutely no difference (except the price) and that’s what we went with!! It’s gorgeous and I’m sooo in love with it! I got mine from italo

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hopefully just one!!

  52. Alexis Satterfield says:

    I have the Enso rings for my engagement/wedding rings. I have 7 total rings currently. And I have a coupon code to get any ring I want for a value of $26 free. Long story short about how I got the discount code was one of my rings is too big. But because of the engraving inside the ring I couldn’t get it to look right on a smaller size ring. So Enso let me keep the code and get another ring of my choice for free. My fiancé got me all of rings as a surprise. He proposed to me on November 24, 2018. We are planning to get married July of 2020. It cost him about $100 for 7 different rings. That includes shipping cost and the engraving fees on one of my rings. My ring size is a 6.5 but he ordered my rings in a size 7. They all fit except one it’s a little to big. They are a silicone based ring. So they are comfortable for every day wear especially if you’re not allowed to wear jewelry for work or you workout at the gym.

    • Alexis Satterfield says:

      Jennifer Chang thank you so much. I will definitely do that.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Wow!! What a great deal! Silicone rings are getting really popular because they’re so practical – and they come in so many colors!! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! That’s so exciting – let me know if you have any wedding planning questions!! 😍😍

  53. OWN12S says:

    If I buy a wedding set, do I give her both when I propose?

    • M J says:

      i was wondering the same thing lol glad i read the comments section. This video was all around so helpful. I watched a bunch after thisl to compare different styles and this was by far the best quality and heart felt video of them all!

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Awe yay!!! Early congrats!!

    • jiamind says:

      I just learned that yesterday. I went with diamond and sapphire. I want to upgrade her diamond and sapphire on her ring. Before i purpose

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Hahaha no worries, let me know if you have any more questions! When my husband and I talked about getting married he didn’t know diamonds came in different shapes 😂 but really how are guys supposed to know?! 😉

    • OWN12S says:

      @Jennifer Chang Thank you so much!!!! I had it all wrong. I can’t imagine how guys know about this. It can be very confusing.

  54. Christina Hagopian says:

    I completely agree!!
    I got my ring from SimplyBridall on Etsy! They have amazing rings and great prices. I got my ring for $120 it’s the engagement ring and the band. Best decision!

  55. Danielle Dudnikoff says:

    So just the main stone is white sapphire and the side stones aren’t?

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      They were questioning the little ones surrounding the halo, but honestly they didn’t look that closely because they were super busy that day. So I guess I’m not sure!

    • Leah Chavez says:

      It’s concerning to think that the place you went to said that the gemstones might not be real sapphires but the owner of the company is telling yo something different. Could it be that this site doesn’t sell real white sapphires?

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I checked with the owner and she said they’re all actually white sapphire!

  56. S S says:

    I watched this by accident.
    Are u really saying lab created sapphires are alternative for diamonds?
    Please learn more.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      It’s an alternative if you want something that looks the same to the naked eye if you can’t afford or don’t want a diamond!

  57. xoplanninglovexo says:

    It’s also important to note that there is a huge difference between a natural sapphire vs a lab made sapphire just like with diamonds. A natural sapphire no matter the color is thousands of dollars. The price increases once more when choosing between a treated natural sapphire vs an untreated natural sapphire.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      I agree that lab grown in today’s market is not worth a lot compared to natural, but from a chemical composition standpoint a lab grown stone vs it’s natural counterpart is the same, so lab grown is a great alternative for people that are looking to save some money! Lab grown diamonds were not popular when I got engaged otherwise I would’ve gone for a lab grown diamond for sure!

  58. DanDan 215 says:

    Will it tarnish or turn ur finger green?

    • E Dennis says:

      @DanDan 215 Tarnish comes from sulphur in the air. Chlorine in water can discolor the silver, if that’s what you’re worried about, but it doesn’t happen quickly.

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      Not a problem, I hope she loves it! If you’d like you can use my code “JenniferC30” for a discount – it’s not an affiliate code (I don’t make any money by people using it) but it’ll save you a few bucks!

    • DanDan 215 says:

      @Jennifer Chang thanks so much

    • Jennifer Chang says:

      This is definitely perfect! If she accidentally gets it wet, no problem. I should say the tarnishing comes from it sitting in one place exposed to air and moisture from the air. I wear my sterling silver rings in the shower all the time! It behaves very similarly to gold but for a much better price. I’d advise not wearing it (or any rings) to the gym because they can get physically scratched. From a stone standpoint, white sapphires are probably Kate Sparkles’ most durable stone!

    • DanDan 215 says:

      @Jennifer Chang thanks for the info but im looking to buy my girlfriend one that she can use for everyday wear, but not get it wet any ideas

  59. Heather Hernandez says:

    Beautiful rings!!!

  60. Ihunda JenniferStyles says:

    Thanks for sharing am one of your sub here to support

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