choosing my engagement ring + how much it cost

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  1. Anna Paula Havard says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy your ring? 🙂

  2. vanessa martinez says:

    No close caption ? 😒

  3. Nichole vanessa Canlas says:

    I’m looking for an oval solitaire 18krose gold…Tara solitaire. And want to know the price of it! Please help me! Thank you!

  4. Diandra Morin says:

    What is the karat size of your moissanite ?

  5. Natalia Montano says:

    Where did you get the ring!!!? Love this!

  6. Ashley Brice says:

    I have a moissanite engagement ring too and I am obsessed with it ! I am sooo happy with a moissanite over a diamond. Mine is from Olive Avenue Jewelry, it’s also rose gold but I got a vintage looking one. Love your ring and style too !

  7. Bailey Jackman says:

    Currently considering moissanite for my ring because my partner and I are both in grad school and don’t really want to wait to save up money for a crazy expensive diamond…

  8. Paige Watson says:

    Where are your earrings from? They are so beautiful!

  9. Andrea A. says:

    Another tip, other gemstones like sapphires and emeralds are also a cheaper engagement ring option that still looks stunning. My engagement ring is a deep blue sapphire (my favorite color) in a halo of tiny diamonds and it’s only going to cost about $1500! Nothing wrong with a colored stone – Etsy is full of them.

  10. Shannon Catton says:

    Me an my fiance opted to a reclaimed diamond engagement ring I got a 9ct band with a .80ct diamond but the way it is set looks like a 1ct diamond for only $520nzd

  11. Savannah Forsten says:

    Thank you so so much for this vid! I have been researching moissanite and sharing all of the info with my bf. Now all I want is my ring hehe

  12. Samantha Cacace says:

    This is my DREAM ring so thank you for sharing all the details!!

  13. Primrose Takahashi says:

    Because engagement rings are irreplaceable, I think thats a factor of what it makes it special and Grand. That’s why many people have their engagement rings insured. ON the other hand, Moissanite rings are much more affordable but so are antique engagement rings. For me, I would prefer my engagement ring to have a more value compared to other gifts, or jewelry I could be gifted in the future. Moissanite can never replace the quality classic diamond ring.

  14. BK4Eva _ says:

    The fake email is sooo clever!!! Too bad he showed you, that would’ve been perfect!

  15. FMarieT1 says:

    My moissanite came from SamNSue, 8×6 in 18K yellow gold and came out to less than $850!

  16. Chaseyourdreamszzz🌈 says:

    Hi Marah,
    Congratulations on your wedding.Your ring is so beautiful.
    I stop by, to watch your video cause I’ve been researching a lot about moissanite lately. Unfortunately I lost my ring almost a month ago 😔 I’m looking for a cheaper ring that still holds quality ,shines and durability. So far I haven’t seen any other company like ‘Truegem ‘ -Their moissanite look very authentic and comes with an appraisal.Would you say your beautiful oval moissanite shines a lot and have a lot of sparkle?That would help me to decide.Thank you Marah 🌸

  17. Andrea C says:

    The Moissanite that you are wearing is a lab made, is almost impossible to find a natural one, at almost 2 Carats people ask 600-700 dollars for it. On blue Nile with 1000 dollars and even less you can chose a 0.40 C diamond, maybe a J color, ideal cut…and you will have a diamond with a GIA certificate. The ring you have most probably comes from starsgems or someone who buys from them and sells them overpriced in Etsy, is a true business with these stones. But then again, is a matter of choice. And after hearing the price…you get more than half carat real diamond lol with those money.

  18. Quit3Cut3 says:

    My hubby spent way too much. He spent 12k on my ring, and 3500 on the band. The clarity is out of this world though and that was important to us. Wish I had a bigger stone but that would’ve been way out of our budget. It’s crazy how expensive diamonds are. Plus it makes me nervous wearing it sometimes. Your ring is really pretty!

  19. Marie P says:

    What wedding band did you get from the true gem?

  20. Marina Cover says:

    I don’t even have a boyfriend but I’m obsessed with everything weddings and I have the exact same taste in rings so this is super helpful!!

  21. Mercy Mills says:

    Diamonds all the way . It’s very clever marketing duping people into buying moissanite as something special rather than just a man made stone.Don’t buy prime steak buy spam people 🙄

  22. Meredith Liu says:

    In general store fronts are a rip off. My fiancé got my ring from blue nile. He picked a 1.29 oval natural diamond in a solitaire setting. The clarity is VS1 K color and was 4K with the setting. The measurements are similar to yours with 9mm x 6mm. We looked at similar rings in a store and they were more than twice as much. If moissanites are not for you, I definitely recommend going online. The savings are incredible and the quality is great. I definitely think its a responsible decision regardless of how much money you have to be reasonable with the price of your ring.

  23. Theresa E says:

    Can also get your ring insured guys!

  24. Quiwda Lin says:

    Absolutely beautiful ring… looks great on you. Moissanite’s are definitely a “cheaper” option. BUT they are not “cheap” in anyway. Almost 1700$ is still quite a bit but definitely less than other options for sure. Congrats girl! 😍

  25. Jackie Castillo says:

    I have a heart shaped moissanite ! 😍 I absolutely L O V E it. I also specifically told my fiancé that I didn’t want a diamond either. Your ring is gorgeous 💕

  26. Sarah Gabrielle says:

    Another cheap option is lab-created diamonds. They are real diamonds but just created in a lab using a sliver of a real diamond to create it

  27. Faith Gaffney says:

    Vrai & Oro creates beautiful, simple engagement rings in California and sources its diamonds through the Diamond Foundry. All diamonds are lab-grown and don’t contribute to the sketchy diamond mining. industry. I chose my ring from them and I LOVE it. The diamonds don’t change hands a ton of times so you can find a beautiful ring for much less than retailers.

  28. Mercedes Lewis says:

    Awe, I love your ring so much! It’s very classic and gorgeous! Is this called the “Tara Ring” on truegem’s website?? 🤗

  29. MsFabFlav says:

    Love the ring, but where is that sweatshirt from??

  30. Ashlyn Dosch says:

    My fiancé and I both got moissanite engagement rings. Once I found out about them and did research I was so in love. They are great on the environment and are so durable and affordable. There were other options that I liked (using materials that aren’t “perfect”) but they were still out of our price range. Being able to have a beautiful ring that checked all the boxes is the best feeling. They are truly beautiful gems and I love breaking the mold and not sticking to a tradition that makes many people feel guilty for not being able to do more or break the bank trying to afford an expensive diamond engagement ring.

  31. k fatima says:

    The only issue I have with moissanite is that it doesn’t sparkle in indoor lighting like a diamond does. A. Diamond sparkles in any light.

  32. Eve Innocent says:

    love love love the video, thx 1000000 times for the advice ! obsessed

  33. Goose says:

    Just FYI, for the people who either have diamond ring, moissanite, or whatever, getting a jewelry floater (Insurance), is *NOT* that expensive, and can come in really handy, if you ever lose your wedding ring.

    • Lee Lee LV says:

      Goose I too get mine appraised every few years and while mine have gone up in appraisal value , having my husbands uncle who is the jeweler who designed my rings ,I know that what it appraises for and what it would actually be worth to a jeweler if I ever tried to sell it (something I would never sell , guess that’s why they came up with the slogan “A diamond lasts forever “ ) are 2 totally different things ,however should my rings ever go missing , get lost or damaged , Yes Jewelers mutual would cover the full appraisal cost in order for me to replace my rings ,so I agree with you 100% ,always better to be safe than sorry !

    • Goose says:

      @Lee Lee LV
      I used to sell cars, so I just have a very different idea I guess, when it comes to insurance.
      Unless you have a ton of money and can afford to replace ANYTHING you have of significant value (for me personally, that’s like $2k and up), I say to look into insuring things. Yes, most of the time you don’t ever need to use it, but I feel it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’ve seen numerous friends by cars for between 4-8k and not insure them, and I think that’s crazy. It’s not that expensive to carry full coverage on an inexpensive car. Granted, I haven’t ever just paid cash for a car, if I did, I would want to cover it if it were ever totalled. I wouldn’t want to have to fork out another $4-8k, I would at least want “some” money to go towards a new purchase.
      I just feel the same way about nice jewelry.
      I recently sold my ring, but people to selling it, I was shocked to find out that it was worth over $18,000. I had paid a pretty penny for it (over $10,000), but I didn’t think it would be worth _THAT_ much. Fortunately I was getting it appraised every few years to double check that my insurance was the right amount.

    • Lee Lee LV says:

      Goose I agree ,I used jewelers mutual for mine and my hubby’s wedding rings ,while mine and his are both diamond ,I did refer 2 friends to use Jewelers mutual insurance company and 1 of them has a Morganite Stone ,the other has a Moissanite Stone ,not only are they both gorgeous ,they are not cheap either like a CZ , both are stunning I must say and both were a couple of thousand dollars ,Jewelers Mutual did indeed insure both friends gems ! They are a great company that doesn’t just insure Diamond rings ,they insure anything that is valuable to someone with a proof of purchase and an appraisal ! I think it’s super smart to spend a few extra bucks annually to protect any costly investment such as Engagement and wedding rings !

  34. Elly Donado says:

    When it comes to more expensive jewelry- regardless of the stones being diamonds or a man made stone. In the case that you lose your jewelry- you should have insurance. You lose your diamond or which ever stone, you are covered- be it worth 1000 or 20000.

    Something to seriously consider for anyone buying jewelry. ☺️

  35. Boo Tiko says:

    I choose my ring aquamarine which is my birth stone. wasn’t expensive like diamond but I love it. it’s not about price or gems it’s all about real love!

  36. Hanna Leadstrom says:

    where did you get your earrings?

  37. M.Lenaxo says:

    Mine is round solitaire Moissanite with 14ct yellow gold. I LOVE IT. I got it for ethical reasons

  38. Micki_Cam says:

    Your ring is beautiful

  39. Amira says:

    Mine is also an oval moissanite 🙌🏼

  40. Tricia G says:

    I got married in 2006. I didn’t know very much about Moissanite then, but if I could do it all over again, that’s what I’d get now.
    I didn’t want my husband to spend a lot. He was just out of college so I told him no bigger than 1 carat for the center stone. Mine is a half carat center stone with another half of channel set diamonds on the band. I love it and it’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. It’s exactly the style I wanted and sparkles like crazy, but he could have gotten the same or bigger for a fraction of the price in Moissanite.
    And I have fallen in love with Moissanite. It is a beautiful stone. I own one 1 carat round Moissanite now and I just love the way it sparkles and catches the light and the rainbow colors in it.
    Anyway, your ring is a stunner! I love the dainty band! I’ve always preferred a thin band. It shows off the stone so much!

  41. Anna P says:

    My husband bought my engagement ring as a set from Moissanite Co. he had it custom made it’s gorgeous I’d NEVER trade it for the world

  42. Errika Stiltner says:

    Loooooove. I told my fiancé I didn’t want a diamond. This is the stone I loved and wanted!!!!! Great choice

  43. Sarah Cook says:

    This is great! I actuallt switched from diamond to moissanite. I think eventually diamonds will go away anyway. They just aren’t sustainable!

  44. Jay says:


  45. Anna Noronha says:

    Yay! I have a moissanite too! And we are Christians and had a DIY outdoor wedding. Subscribed ✅

  46. Regina P. says:

    Me, just to make sure I have a diamond engagement ring and a moissanite one 😀 I use the cheap moissanite on vacation where i wouldnt mind loosing it! 😛 also u got a 8×5.5 mm moissanite? thats a bit over half a carat, and they made u pay 1650? thats insanely expensive for a moissanite… I have a 2 carats charles and covard G-H-I hearts and arrows and I payed 500.-dollars for it (this was just the stone).

  47. Milla Mikolenko says:

    That’s literally my dream ring

  48. bethbethbeth says:

    what a beautiful timeless ring!

  49. Michael Salonga says:

    Another great option if price is a consideration (or you don’t want to support diamond mining) would be choosing a white sapphire (although it doesn’t reflect light the same) or buying a vintage engagement ring. The truth about diamonds is that they are NOT AN INVESTMENT. This is a huge lie. They lose their value immediately- like a new car. You can buy diamond rings pre-owned for fantastic prices or if you are into history you can get Art Deco pieces for much less. Moissanite is absolutely beautiful. I have a pair of moissanite stud earrings that I wear instead of my diamonds because they have amazing sparkle. I recommend it to everyone. It’s also better for the environment. And some companies like MoissaniteCo use recycled metals.

  50. Hui Mi Choo says:

    My fiance and I picked out a moissanite from Harro Gem ! The sparkle is to die for and so affordable too ❤

  51. Ciana Vander Molen says:

    What is the width of the ring’s band? I always love the simple and thin bands!

  52. LTh70 says:

    I don’t know anything about you or your Channel, but as I was scrolling thru UTube & saw the Title of this video, I’ve got to tell you, I am appalled! Since when does a “She” Beautiful, Romantic & Private Moment end up on a UTube Channel as being “All About the Cost & Size” of “The Ring”? How Very Shallow, of you!
    I pity you if THAT’S all you have on your mind when you talk about your Engagement! I’ve been married for many years & the kind of people We Socialize with would NEVER discuss this Event in their Lives in such a Cheap Manner! You have ALot to Learn about the Values of Life! & I hope you learn them before you make any Irreversible Mistakes!

  53. Josie says:

    Can you tell me if yours is Modern or Brilliant oval? I’m looking at their website but I can’t decide 😩 Thank you!

    • Whitney Whitlow says:

      @RachelMadeline lol I’m in Houston so thinking it wouldn’t be too bad to take a trip there. I would definitely be trying on everything too! Thanks for the reply and I’m glad it was a good experience.

    • RachelMadeline says:

      Whitney Whitlow it was great! It was a little hard to find at first b/c they are in an office building. They answered all our questions and were really friendly and helpful. I tried on allll the bling 😀

    • Whitney Whitlow says:

      @RachelMadeline how was the experience at the store?

    • RachelMadeline says:

      Josie Xing my bf and I went to their store a couple months ago to see their moissanites in person. I ended up choosing a brilliant cushion. To me, the brilliant cut was clearer and more crisp

  54. lovexperfusion says:

    Yas!! I have a pear moissanite from true gem.

  55. Faithtasticness says:

    This is my dream ring! I’ve been telling my bf to go for a moissanite instead of diamond too. Same look for a fraction of price. Could be money for our honeymoon. I’m definitely showing him this video lol.
    With that being said….

    Hi baby if you’re actually watching this. Look how GOOD it looks!

  56. Taylor Peppino says:

    i also went with moissanite for my engagement ring. i saw this amazing round round charles & colvard forever one solitaire at helzberg’a that was $3100. i joined the moissanite subreddit and found out people actually use a couple of companies in china to either buy the loose stones or design their own ring with them. i went with Starsgem and designed a ring identical to the Charles and Colvard one. I paid $509 including tax in shipping for a 9.5mm round moissanite in a 14k gold setting. I can’t say enough good things about Starsgem and their sales reps. They do everything they can to get you exactly what you want and really take pride in the jewelry they make 🙂

  57. Jenna Sexton says:

    Mine is aquamarine it’s a light light blue! It’s really nice 🙂

  58. monalisaa says:

    Wow, I would have never guessed it wasn’t a diamond. But seriously, who cares. I say, if it’s your style/ fits within your budget, why judge. I think it’s beautiful! 😍✨

  59. boimackhead says:

    to anyone reading, if you go on ebay you’ll find several sellers from ebay India who sell moissanite rings for as little as $50 – and they can make it in any size you want, even if you have large fingers.
    and I can tell you from experience that they sparkle like real diamonds under any light! I bought one before christmas and my whole family told me it could pass for the real deal. suffice to say i’ve already ordered three more.

    • annichaaa says:

      Sarah Cook can you send me a link to shop that you ordered from? Thanks

    • Sarah Cook says:

      I got my moissanite stone from India and my jeweler confirmed it was real. I set it in a white gold antique art deco setting.

    • annichaaa says:

      Michael Salonga I got one for about $90 usd. So now I’m starting to get worried. I payed $130 Australian dollars. Hoping it is the real thing when I see it in a few days otherwise I will return it

    • boimackhead says:

      @Michael Salonga yes i mean my suggestion is for people who just want to own a nice piece of sparkle jewellery and not care about the authenticity or re-sale value. i buy fakes a lot, good for the moment and worth it when you can’t afford the real thing

    • boimackhead says:

      @annichaaa the two that i used are sparklediamond2019 and blueworld5

  60. Emma Green says:

    I adore my Moissanite ring. It was ethical, affordable, durable and beautiful. I can’t imagine choosing anything else after knowing about the true cost of a diamond (child labor, blood diamonds) or knowing the diamond market is basically a scam. (Diamonds aren’t rare, thanks DeBeers! And they are basically worthless! They do not hold their value upon resale)

  61. ANDRA LOVES says:

    My ring is moissanite as well and I wouldn’t want anything else! We got the stone and has the ring made by a gold Smith

  62. A Small Bitchy Banana says:

    How come the stone looks so dull. Im not hating just a question.

  63. lovewildpeace says:

    Your ring is beautiful! I also didn’t want to spend so much money on a ring so I went with a lab diamond, not quite the same as moissanite but definitely cheaper & more eco friendly than a mined diamond

  64. krystin says:

    Yesssss I have a true gem 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 they’re AMAZINGGGG

  65. clxry says:

    Your ring style is my dream 😍 I’m getting engaged soon and I’m set on getting a moissanite too for the same reasons! Congrats!

  66. Gabby Sanchez says:

    Love seeing more Moissanite videos. Love my moissy and I love telling ppl about my moissy (without being overbearing). More affordable, environmentally and socially friendly, and just a beautiful stone overall ❤️

  67. Katie Nicholls says:

    Great video! My fiancé and I designed my engagement ring together and as I’d always dreamed of a moissanite that’s what we went with! I love a simple design with a large centre stone so my moissanite is the equivalent of a 6 carat diamond. To have actually gotten a diamond would have been almost the cost of a house!!! I love my ring more than anything and I get compliments daily. Moissanite is the most beautiful stone I have ever seen and I’m so proud to wear it 🙂

  68. Sol Studios says:

    Your ring is gorgeous! I love the simplicity, and a moissanite is definitely the route I want to go if I do a stone. Is it weird that I almost don’t want an engagement ring with a stone? I love other people’s rings, but for me, I really just want a really pretty vintage-looking band with maybe a teeeeeny stone, plus a plain wedding band. I’ve never been one to think that the price of the ring matters. For me, I just want something that I’m going to love and that is special to us. 🙂

  69. kimberface says:

    My husband bought me a diamond ring almost cost 10K with a setting a didn’t care for so I bought myself an alternative ring with a larger stone w/the setting I wanted and I end up wearing that more! I really wanted the classic solitaire setting LOL

  70. Joanna Ferrer says:

    May i ask what you nail polish is? shade and brand thanks

  71. linda Mathew says:

    Where did he get the ring from sIs ?

  72. Christina Delrio says:

    Myself looking finding at new enegment ring ..

  73. Christina Delrio says:

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  74. chempanda says:

    Simple and chic!

  75. Στελλα Σάββα says:

    It looks a lot like my ring 💍

  76. lindalately says:

    It’s beautiful! Me and my partner chose moissanite also! Saves so much money

  77. shi ying says:

    good on u man this is such a more ethical choice too!

  78. Nicole H says:

    Such a beautiful simple ring! ❤️❤️love love

  79. Amanda Wood says:

    so pretty!!

  80. Angie J says:

    I chose a morganite for my engagement ring! It’s so perfect!!! Love your ring!

  81. caitlin tye says:

    My fiancé bought me a 1.5 carat oval solitaire moissanite. it cost him $500, which came from Etsy @ Yeefvm. It’s absolutely gorgeous, wouldn’t trade it for a diamond. The fire in it is absolutely stunning!

  82. Rikaz Rameez says:

    White Sapphire is a better choice than moissanite. It’s natural and also cost a fraction of the price of a diamond. Also white sapphire is a precious stone with a hardness of 9

    • Lilly Valley says:

      White sapphire is definitely not better than moissanite. It’s porous and absorbs oil and becomes cloudy easily plus moissanite is more brilliant than diamond with higher refractive index whereas white sapphire has a lower refractive index than diamond, it also is lower on the Mohr’s scale of hardness

    • Emma Green says:

      White sapphires go super cloudy after a very short period of time. They also do not have as much fire or brilliance. A moissanite does not go cloudy and has much more sparkle.

    • Katie Nicholls says:

      White sapphire – as beautiful as it is – tends to go cloudy, whereas moissanites never go cloudy! A moissanite is also harder than a white sapphire so is slightly more durable. But yes both are used in engagement rings 🙂

    • marah czyk says:

      i personally don’t think white sapphire is nearly as radiant as moissanite for a center stone! but thank you for your opinion!!

  83. BeeBee 2121 says:

    Congrats on your lovely ring! My wedding ring and band are both from Moissanite Co, and I’m so glad I chose to get moissanite over diamond. No regrets at all. Wishing you much happiness and love!

  84. The Twenty Something says:

    your ring is so stunning! love that you actually discussed price since so many people aren’t willing to do so. also love that he chose the oval!!

  85. Second Opinion says:


  86. Worry Less Smile More says:

    My diamond wedding ring which cost my husband around 7 grand at the time 20 years ago was overwhelming for him to save up for…( took along time) ….I felt a lot of guilt for him having to get me something so expensive to prove his love. We didn’t know their were other options other than just your standard diamond ring at the time. People should not have to show love by the amount of money they spend on you. We could of used that money for other things. Had I known about Moissanites 20 years ago (if they even were invented) I would of definitely had my husband purchase one instead of an overpriced, overrated diamond that everyone seems to thinks they “have” to have in order to be married and happy. I’ve been thinking about getting a moissanite ring and retiring my wedding ring because they just look so dang pretty. Congrats to you both

  87. michelle says:

    Your ring is gorgeous! I also have a rose gold moissanite e-ring love it to death!

  88. Alondra O says:

    Omg I have the Sienna in 8.25mm (2ct) from True Gem! Greatest choice ever, wouldn’t ever want to replace it.

    • Stephan Phillips says:

      I love true gem! I’m currently looking at them for my engagement ring, but I would like to know if you have any problems with your ring or do you still love it?

  89. Miriam Kamens says:

    Me and my boyfriend ended up picking out a moissanite over a diamond as well! I’m so excited about it, and am so glad about the price difference

    • Stephan Phillips says:

      Do you mind sharing where you got your moissanite?

    • GracieGirl7 says:

      Miriam Kamens They are gorgeous and I got a beautiful ring! I told my hubby and only wanted a moissanite, the right cut & setting. It’s set in 18k Gold! I looked for a long time and finally found it & he got it for me! I have a few diamonds but this ring is much more beautiful. Just saying. It’s in the I of the beholder.

  90. yellowboxes09 says:

    I sourced my diamond with my fiancé to save a few thousand but still ended up spending over 10k for a mere 1.4ct brilliant cut stone. It is a gorgeous excellent cut, H color, flawless clarity stone but some days I seriously consider selling it so I can get something less expensive!!! I have purchased a CZ ring for less than $200 to wear on days that I’m too scared to lose the actual ring. Haven’t found a moissy I like sadly.

  91. Bailey Mire says:

    I have a moissanite too! Also, ring insurance is soo worth it! It’s only a few dollars a month when you add it to an existing policy.

  92. elle says:

    omg it’s so beautiful 😍

  93. Rachel Nicole says:

    I got a moissanite ring on etsy and it was for the same reasons as what you said! so much cheaper and less anxiety about something happening to it! mine is an oval shape too but with an infinity band. I am so happy we decided to o something other than diamond 🙂

    • Rachel Nicole says:

      mine was from szeki studio. rosa do’s box is also a really good one

    • Lauren Nasca says:

      cait marcella I’ve been eyeing her rings! Debating between a few shops to replace my current ring I got from another Etsy shop that has issues.

    • cemoreno22 says:

      Also check out Oscar Gama Jewelry on Etsy! They have vintage inspired moissanite rings! 🙂

    • N H says:

      @caitlin tye Im nowhere close to being engaged, but i’ve been eyeing up the ring you’re talking from that seller.. it looks unreal!! defo second this

    • Martha Galea says:

      @caitlin tye Oh thanks! I’ll check them out! How long have you had it? Is it holding up okay?

  94. FMarieT1 says:

    My fiancé and I went with a salt and pepper diamond, as opposed to a traditional white diamond. It was half the cost and we were able to have it custom made by one jeweler, it’s unique and beautiful and I love it so much. And we didn’t spend a crazy amount.

  95. Haylie Michelle says:

    I want a moissanite ring from Etsy that’s about $1,000. My plan is to have 4 kids (hopefully that happens lol) and I figured if I replace my ring every decade or so to suit my style until I die, then that’s still less than $8,000. Then I can give each of my kids (and a few grandkids) a ring instead of choosing which one/the first born.

    • Erin Murray says:

      My dream ring is a 650 dollar Moissanite pear on Etsy 🖤💍 I have no desire for a real diamond!

    • MortViolette says:

      A lot of women love receiving a family heirloom for an engagement ring, myself included. There’s something beautifully meaningful about it.

    • mywetblanket says:

      The Charles and Colvard IP on Moissanites has expired and you can get them now for $20 a carat on Alibaba. Costs will continue to go down. They are basically harder and blingier CZ, not heirloom stones that are worth passing down.

    • Leora Cho says:

      Leibnizth M giving ur kids earring is cute! I personally would NOT want my husbands mamas ring lol… I want my own like any other women

    • Sharon Hughes Johnson says:

      I love this

  96. RN4christ says:

    We just engaged and I shared the same exact feelings as you and got my fiancé on the moissanite bandwagon, and I couldn’t be happier! Your ring is beautiful!

  97. Emma Thompson says:

    LOVE your ring! I’ve been eyeing the True Gem for a while now and I’m obsessed with all of their solitaires. I decided on the Jennie round solitaire and I’m so excited for when my boyfriend decides to surprise me with it!

    • Stephan Phillips says:

      Did you get it as yet? I’m so anxious to choose mine, but would love to hear more reviews about them.

  98. Anna Xarissa James says:

    It’s beautiful! I had the hardest time picking out my ring 😂 so many options. Your ring is gorgeous!!!!

  99. thealyssamorrison says:

    I am so shocked that this is not a real diamond !! I have no idea it looked that similar!! amazing.

  100. Jenn N. says:

    Girl I’m right there with you! I picked out a moissanite engagement ring from Etsy and I am so happy with my decision. Also moissanite is a naturally occurring stone (found in meteors so they’re “space rocks” 😉) but they’re usually lab made because of how rare they are. Your ring is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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