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Just another crazy day from our last Florida trip!
This day was September 29th, 2016 🙂

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Love you guys!!
Jess & Gabriel xx


  1. Maria May Jackson0522 says:


  2. Vidyut Krishnasrinivas says:

    4:01 Gabe that’s what we call a GAMER MOVE

  3. Neil De Guzman says:

    im enjoying this haha so much memories from old jess and gabriel kerrrrrmmm in

  4. Marisca Anna says:

    i love u guys so much !!😘

  5. Himani Haldar says:

    Gabe, stoooooopppp!!!! My heart can’t take this cuteness anymore.

  6. Dan ny says:

    2019 dec??? ha

  7. Maria I. says:

    …and you r my dad’s daughter 😂😂 this got me cracked up …!! Watching all your old vids again coz I’m in love with you guyssssss❤😍

  8. areesha batool says:

    gabriel taking the eyelash off from jess’s eye. “this is what fiances are for” sofia 😂😂😂

  9. Raheela Allie says:

    Love Gabe more now cause he likes one direction

  10. Haley Faragalli says:

    I love your siblings

  11. Гозал Мухаммедова says:

    Is there anyone who haven’t heard the words like “you are so loud,i have been hearing your voices all the way” esspecially when you were young

  12. DarkEthMiner says:

    Aww haha wet your hand with water! I remember in T ball we’d all spit in our hand, lol.

  13. Justice Fregene says:

    They hardly kiss

  14. Hayden Waters says:

    What’s the song at 2:16

  15. alex bolleau says:

    We have netball in South Africa

  16. Brendan Chwascinski says:


  17. Lilly Wilson says:


  18. Priya Suresh says:

    10:00 is the house they own now!

  19. Riley Prosser says:

    Wait does America not have netball.😳😳😮😯☝☝

  20. Kailey says:

    Why are they such #goals ? I want to marry someone just like Gabe.

  21. sydney elizabeth says:

    I’m still a HUGE One Direction fan, but i don’t listen to them as frequently as i used to, so when you sang ‘If I Could Fly’ its gave me the feels hahaha

  22. Teresa Ngo says:

    Omg I play netball at school and I remember my school won and we went to shake their hand this girl she slapped my hands so then my team has this team handshake I did in front of them and they started cursing I’m like they’re not good sportsmanship

  23. Fareena Bacani says:

    what lipstick did jess use in this video?

  24. White Radish says:

    An easier way to get the stuck eyelashes on your eyes is to get some cotton and it will absorb some of the wetness on the eyes along with the stuck eyelash. I cant explain it well but it works great. I learned it from my brother lol. Love you guys~

  25. Tia Golla says:

    2:11 THE SOUND 💕💕🌞

  26. Leonie says:

    12:40 hahahahaha

  27. Kara Nash says:

    My favourite part of the video was when you were standing in the kitchen hugging

  28. areyuanna jung says:

    The end of the blog tho
    I’m dead

    Not literally

  29. MaKayla McKie says:

    What is the song that you guys do this dance to?

  30. Kelsey Frasier says:

    I know this is a year later.. but it’s worth a try… what is her lipstick? It’s perfect!

  31. - Emily - says:


  32. Ansie Kuhlewind says:

    OMG the two of you 😍😍😍

  33. Zara Jane says:

    I think I melted when they were hugging because my heart hurts so much rn

  34. Maddison Orr says:

    My 2 year old started watching this vlog with me and she says “awww it’s so cute”😂

  35. Ananya Kaul says:

    You’re the 😍 lovliest couple in the world

  36. Don Florentino says:

    im like gabe when it comes to losing lmao

  37. Reiyah Mission says:

    Jess is so gorg 😍😍😍
    Still watching in 2017 😉

  38. kyla says:


  39. kyla says:

    “I’m wearing gab’s dress again” hahahahaha i love you both 😭

  40. josephine jarjis says:

    i used to play netball too

  41. joni marshall says:

    Back when gabe didn’t know what juju was 😂😳

  42. Mariel Amorin says:

    Jess is always so stunning!

  43. Iveta Balogova says:


  44. Aidee Garza says:

    What is the app that Gabriel uses for the roasting???

  45. reagan lynn says:

    Rewatching this over and over because this is literally one of my favourite vlogs😍

  46. taelobobminion logank says:

    did you know that there is always a double rainbow🌈🤔i just looked that up😂👏🏻(p.s. Ilygsm❤️❤️❤️❤️)

  47. Karen Galvan says:

    The first two songs are If I Could Fly by 1D and The Sound by The 1975. The song Gabe is playing when he pulls up in the car is Take It to Da House by Trick Daddy. Which took a sample from Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band

  48. Sam Duran says:

    In the close up her eyes looked green???

  49. Abbie Baldwin says:

    We have netball in the uk im a ga

  50. Heaven Giusti says:

    I love how gabe started to say something negative about how bright it is and then jess comes out of no where singing something so positive! Love y’all so much!❣️ y’all make my day so much brighter and better!👌🏼

  51. Tai Parboosingh says:

    I love Jess’ ring 😍😍

  52. Tai Parboosingh says:

    When Gabe was dancing with his siblings 😂😂

  53. Michelle Madero says:

    I kept replaying @2:[email protected]:58

  54. Shimaa M says:

    What is the song 6:41 !

  55. Constance Medrano says:

    a seaporation only happens if god is not in the relashinship

  56. Arisha .S says:

    Wow the red lighting was lit…..

  57. Mariale Rangel says:

    “Ven pa’ que veas este monstruo” was legit the best part!

  58. Grace Lemon says:

    Sophie looks like Moana!

  59. Noya Shenhav says:

    Anyone know what’s that sound effect called

  60. Daniel Davison says:

    Jess you’re sure a bae and that cute smile x

  61. Amadis Ramirez says:

    Ahh one direction!!

  62. Georgia Hilliker says:

    I dont understand why people get mad at them in other vlogs man u cant document everything give it a rest

  63. Mafer Rangel says:

    Every girl wants a boyfriend like Gabe but where are the boys who wants a girlfriend like Jess?! I mean… SHE IS SO SWEET💖

  64. Senuri Silva says:

    nipple 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m laughing so hard. NETBALLLLLL 😂😂😂

  65. Natalie Chan says:

    What’s the app Gabe used to make the sound

  66. kathryn Lawrence says:

    Gabes sister is third wheeling so much and keeps saying AAAAAAWWW
    where if my brother was like that I’d first say ew and then whisper in her ear “your waisting your time he is the definition of idiot,” then run back and whisper “just saying,”

  67. Dylan Lobb says:

    Baseball is originally Canadian NOT American 😂

  68. Elene Thelander says:


  69. Gül Göktuğ says:

    I was watching random videos on youtube and found myself binge-watching their vlogs! 😀 Like the comment if you do that too!

  70. always pizza says:

    “Wooaah… It’s a double rainbow!!! 😍” like if you know what movie that’s from

  71. Mya Peets says:

    I almost didn’t realize that nipple was netball.

  72. Zach says:

    “Within The last METER…I’m not gonna say her name ELSA”, had me cracking up

  73. xSinCity_USOx says:

    NET BALL NOT NIPPLES LOL Kerrrrmmmmm’ooon 😂

  74. diysbyzgirl says:

    “you’re so weird”
    “i know” 😂😂

  75. Sheila Lambrecht says:

    What’s The Name Of The Song At 2:15?

  76. Priya P says:

    What’s the song at 6:34 ?

  77. Caroline Christensen says:


  78. Puteri Nadhira says:

    just when gabe said he likes 1D…


  79. Laiyba Ali says:

    the part where they were just hugging omg it was so cute

  80. Kayleigh says:

    What’s the song called at 2:02 ?

  81. thao tran says:

    Also one of the custest couple ever besides laurex

  82. thao tran says:

    Jess is soooo pretty love her lavender dress!

  83. Marah Saadaoui says:

    this is the best vlog ever .. love you guys xoxox

  84. ZAYN MALIK says:


  85. Ericka Romero says:


  86. mary Angelic says:

    what song 2:18?

  87. Rolie Dela Cruz says:

    what is the title that you sung together?

  88. Theadra Thomas says:

    I got you jess because I played netball too because Jamaica is a great country.

  89. rita says:

    8:54 that lighting tho XD

  90. Yen says:

    rewatching and im still in awe of jess’ beauty

  91. Therese Incorporado says:

    jess is so fine

  92. R says:

    @1:58 “I’m not ashamed that I like One Direction songs.”

    ..and I loved him even more. ❤️

    Hello, Directioners! We still alive!

  93. Brooke Burns says:

    Her makeup is goals… 🙂

  94. Drishti Bhattacharya says:

    Jess is so beautiful!!

  95. Maya S says:

    Was anyone like dying at 3:39? nipple??? im laughing so hard lol

  96. Naiya's World says:

    Gabe kind of looks like Bruno Mars

  97. Hetvi Patel says:

    I legit could not stop watching the part where Gabe asked her if she won and Jess just giggled and Gabe burst out laughing😂😂😂😂

  98. Olivia Julicher says:

    Omg 5:40 my hearted melted

  99. lianne lim says:

    1000th comment!

  100. lianne lim says:


  101. Alondra Urdiano says:

    They are totally directioners

  102. Ushashi Basu says:

    “we plan to be together forever” my heart ❤❤❤❤❤

  103. Athena Punzalan says:

    jess why are you so beautiful at every angle?? Gabe.. you’re so lucky to have jess 😊.. #relationshipgoals 😍😍

  104. Sarahí Carrasco says:

    “Ay pa’ que veas esta monstruo” i died

  105. Samantha Scott says:

    I’m uploading a video of them scaring each other so stay tuned for that and subscribe if you want to see it uploading it now!!!!

  106. valerodriguez says:


  107. Iqra Zahir says:

    Binge watching all their vlogs 😝 and the outro sounds so weird compared to the one they do now when they’re married 💍✨

  108. Cheyenne Parker says:

    What store did you get her ring from?

  109. Derpy Lyf says:

    Jessica’s american accent is on point but she sounds really weird

  110. Derpy Lyf says:

    someone needs to make a compilation of them doing cute stuff together

  111. E F says:

    nico and sofie killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  112. Ananda Salma says:

    If I Could Fly😍

  113. Lance Sarmiento says:

    and this, is where gabe been addicted to juju on dat beat.

  114. Maryam Girl says:

    this is my favorite vlog out of all the vlogs you two have made😂💗

  115. Clo Clo says:

    i play netball

  116. Vanessa Angel says:

    omaigah!! gabe likes one direction💖😍 ( ik im extra late😂😂)

  117. Beth Lauren says:

    I’m binge watching your vlogs

  118. Gabrijela Smoljo says:

    Guys i love you so much,you are listening to 1D😱😱 you are cool

  119. Kaitlin Kal Lee says:

    “I’m not gonna say her name …. ELSA.”
    Elsa shoulda let the race go … she shoulda just let it go 😏

  120. Jaiden Hermans says:

    i agree nikko was hilarious!!best part for sure!

  121. Alice Dias says:

    Music on 6:40????

  122. larry stylinson says:

    i heard one direction and kinda almost died

  123. GELIE SATURNINO says:


  124. KAYLA Paredes says:

    jess is good at taking English good jod

  125. Sophie Dayz says:

    I Live You Guys So Much!❤
    I Wish You Lots Of Happyness 👏

  126. Rita S says:

    omg jess I play netball I died when it said nipple haha anyway cutest couple

  127. Anna Schmid says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song that came on at 2:14

  128. Naw'f says:

    Ayyye i also play netball lolol !!!

  129. That Crazy Couple says:

    You guys make me so freaking happy

  130. faiza lool says:

    I’m wearing Gabe’s dress again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  131. Evelyn urbina says:

    There are so adorable and all the haters leave

  132. aynesley emma says:

    When one direction came on I was singing too😂

  133. burger king says:

    I love how Gabriel turns into a kid😂

  134. MissNA20 says:

    i LOVE watching your vlogs and you two are just perfect for each other 😍 God Bless you both!

  135. kaylin worthy says:

    technically the number one cause of divorce is marriage😂😂

  136. eden • says:

    my eyes fully watered when the eyelash was in jess’ eye😩

  137. Kassandra Villasenor says:

    How old are they both ¿?

  138. Karen Garcia says:

    Do yal speak Spanish??

  139. Robyn Walton says:

    Omg you guys are so amazing !! The cutest couple ever! Love you so much💕💕

  140. Yunsoo Kim-Kadonsky says:

    This is the day I got engaged! Crazy 🙂

  141. Xhevahir Koka says:

    Lit fam🔛🔝

  142. rawan mahmoud says:

    i love you guys

  143. Noah Sebastian says:

    gabe have an amazing family

  144. Lia says:


  145. Nixylalala says:



  146. Alice Schwer says:

    Jess’ makeup!!!!

  147. Ariannas World says:

    i love you guys so much you guys are such a cute couple

  148. Jade Gill says:

    What’s the song where Gabriel is in the car and jess laughs?? 6:33??

  149. starbutterfly231 says:

    one direction, yesssss

  150. multifandom queen says:

    and 5:29 😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  151. multifandom queen says:

    but like come on 3:36 is just 😍😍😍😍😍

  152. multifandom queen says:

    i obsess over this vlog sm because of all the cute jessriel moments 😩😍

  153. Nehemias Rodriguez says:

  154. alina pumar says:

    gabriel is latin??

  155. Elia Gomez says:

    OMG JESS THE WATERBOTTLE THING?!?!?! I DO THAT TOO!!!!!!!! i was hoping u would say that

  156. Caitlyn Samantha says:

    plz replay your my favorite youtubers

  157. Faiza Chowdhury says:

    It was so cute when they were just hugging!!!!!😘😘😘

  158. kristy carradine says:

    I play netball too

  159. Jackie Mishanie says:

    love u guys u guys are so cute together

  160. Saffie Elles says:

    Im so lonely wtf

  161. Amber Xoxo says:

    Gabe you need to be an actor !!!

  162. Ava A says:

    theyre such goals omgg these vlogs literally make me so happy

  163. Ellie Bug05 says:


  164. Jeoramae Joven says:

    I fangirled when they sang 1D, sorry

  165. mouna AR says:

    2:17 song please *.* ♡

  166. Jake Glosup says:


  167. Saida says:

    sofia:”i wish i weren’t here..” .. then you shouldve left instead of filming them x”D

  168. GT GT says:

    Don’t give him too much coffee or sugar

  169. Jess Oladi says:

    your vlogs always put me in a good mood. You guys are the cutest 😁

  170. Sammy Culp says:

    what one direction song is that?

  171. Orlagh Mulligan says:

    I play netball too

  172. Yazmin Dominguez says:

    I love when jess talks like a American 😂❤️

    • jonathan says:

      @Yazmin Dominguez thatdoesnt sound weird sound weird is when you cant sound like american but try to talk english but you cant thats would sound weird

    • Yazmin Dominguez says:

      It sounds weird how I said it 😂 idk if you guys get me

  173. Yelena Amirjanyan says:


  174. Alexa Ortiz says:

    TBH Jess just slays my life

  175. Esria Mausisa says:

    4:50 WTF😂😂😂😂

  176. Yaj Daz says:

    what’s the title of the second song?😍😍

  177. Tiffy Tran says:


  178. Irie Naomi says:

    the idea of both of u pretending to kiss and close the lens is actually pretty cool HAHAH idk

  179. Permanantlyattached says:

    oml they like 1d songs :’)

  180. Gianne Fiona says:

    You two are soooo adorable….
    BTW.. I’m a Directioner!! 🆔🆔😍😍😘😘

  181. Mel Ng says:

    YES BLAST THAT 1D 😩😍🌹🌹🌹🌹💦

  182. Ally Gonzalez says:

    one direction

  183. Kate says:

    Where is her engagement ring from? It is very beautiful! xx

  184. Lizzie Arreola says:


  185. Game Freak says:

    What app is that on 11:20

  186. Nancy Philip says:

    What was the song in the car when they did the little dance

  187. Samantha Sadowski says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like Selena Gomez??? She is so pretty.

  188. Laney Dawn says:

    family goals 😂😂😍

  189. Dakisha Borrego says:

    The ending tho! 😍#GOALS

  190. Danae says:

    Awww your grandpa is so cuteee😁💜

  191. Stephanie Ogar says:

    when are you guys getting married

  192. Tabitha Caldwell says:

    No wedding bands?

  193. Dark Celtic Star says:

    When a lash gets in your eye, use a cotton swab. Spin the cotton between your fingers to make it compact. Then lightly touch the swab to the hair and slightly turn it away from your eye.. It will lift onto the swab with little to no irritation!! :3 Hope that helps! I was like Oh my goodness I would cry if I saw tweezers coming at my eyeball!! LOL Jess your so brave!!

  194. Cole Gilmore says:

    ohh my gosh.. that lean back in the car seat got me soo bad. 😂😂😂😂

  195. Kiana Marie says:

    She said Net Ball not Nipple 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it threw me off to think she actually said nipple though hahaha

  196. chempanda says:

    ah the sound of youth so full of life and hope.

  197. Maoly Palma says:

    All Gabe’s family needs to have their own channel in youtube, they’re sooo funny!

  198. Laura says:

    Your taste of music is excellent, guys! 😊 1D is great haha ❤
    you’re so entertaining! 🙂 Love you both xx

  199. Diandra Vasquez says:

    omg when the señora talked spanish! love it shfsdfjsdkf

  200. Diandra Vasquez says:

    Yas girl use that dress! it cost money, and you don’t buy clothe just to put it in one day! yas girl yas

  201. chiraz ghedir says:

    OMG the most hilarious dance moves ever !!

  202. J J says:

    One direction! YESSS ❤️

  203. My name is no says:

    She’s so pretty💖💖

  204. Caz Rodrigues says:

    I know in Aus the divorce rate for Christians have soared thru the roof this last decade 🙁 and they also found out it was due to couples getting married so young. not saying it’ll happen to these guys but I know a lot of young couples from my church are already struggling bc ppl change as they mature and they follow their desires to rush into marriage instead of listening to God. hopefully it’s not the case for u guys 🙂

  205. Caryn Wee says:

    i serious in love with ur guys move/dance with the “the sound-the 1975′”!! LOVE U GUYS 😉

  206. trevor phipps vlogs says:

    no balls

  207. Vanessa robles says:

    Omggg!!! Jess that happened to me when I was running my 800m during my track season , love youu❤️

  208. LeeAnn Mekeel says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I love you guys so much!! you’re so adorable!

  209. kady thompson says:

    Haha don’t be ashamed, one direction is amazing

  210. Jessica Appolon says:

    Jess is so beautiful 😍

  211. Junaid Noor says:

    What was that app which made that sound and btw your videos are amazing and yu are an inspiration

  212. JP says:

    Omg yesss I’m not the only person who puts on sunglasses for the rain 😂😂

  213. Melita Hudson says:

    From 5:30 is goals! Absolute #goals! I can’t.. I want it so bad!

  214. Princess A says:


  215. Madison Pratt says:

    2:15 is goals

  216. Shaeleigh Ehlert says:

    Gabriel your grandpa is so adorable

  217. Melanie Villalon says:

    When they play If I Could Fly, i flipped

  218. Morgan Mitchell says:

    They are relationship goals 🙂 LOL

  219. peace2out1 says:

    got better on that outroooo. i look forward to the outros (and the blogs overall). Can’t wait for Gabe to be back with Jess in Aus!!!

  220. Lindsey B says:

    Does anyone know why they said Oklahoma?

  221. Jaquelin Contreras says:


  222. Annemarijn Boerboom says:

    Where have you bought your earrings jess? I love them!

  223. Lauren Doesn'tCare says:


  224. Nim Belle says:


  225. Ellie Plemons says:

    Jess’s American Accent is so great. Wow

  226. 민지 says:

    🔫will you make vlogs until you guys get white hair and get old?👏👏😇😇😇😍😍😍❣️❣️❣️

  227. chocolategal20 says:

    They’re doing the #jujuonthebeat dance 😂😂👌

  228. Lily sheldon says:

    Netball gets so intense I’ve played for 8 years and soccer for 1 netball is so catty

  229. The Fabulous Friends Show awesome says:

    you suck

  230. Kieran Cunningham says:

    RIP headphone users at 3:18!!! 😀

  231. hannah m says:


  232. Ailish Condino says:

    what’s the song at 2:11?

  233. bethany c says:

    honestly the best couple i’ve ever known besides jelena but that’s sadly long gone

  234. Josephine Nicole says:

    What is the song name in 2:14

  235. Cassandra Corrales says:

    forever is a big word

  236. Sophie Element says:

    Her brother Toby goes to my school in my grade and when we were getting back from Canberra from a school trip I get to meet her😋😉😂❤️

  237. Mallory T says:


  238. Yeily Martinez says:

    what is the name of the music 57

  239. Aleyna Kose says:


  240. Rupalika Johri says:

    Love how he is shocked when he kisses her. And his brother’s dance was actual epic dope xd

  241. Deema says:

    U make me happy ❤️

  242. Ash Evans says:

    Wow I didn’t think you guys would be getting married this quick haha

  243. Faith Arruiza says:

    Goodness gracious I laughed WAYYY TOO HARD watching this entire video lol

  244. Bianca Jacobs says:

    Nippel.. haha.. Netball..

  245. Kiana Lopez says:

    Jess and gab is freacking cute❤️❤️❤️

  246. Elise Michelle says:

    Omg I used to be a MASSIVE one direction fan like I would scream at the sound of someone saying 1D… In April I sorta moved on bc of their hiatus so I haven’t heard their songs for months and when “if I could fly” started playing I got emotional and idk why 😂😂😂

  247. Andrea Gonzalez says:

    Gabriel is boyfriend/fiancé goals af ❤️ i need that rn 😩❤️ jess is so fuckin lucky ❤️ to find a good guy like Gabriel ❤️

  248. Ellie Bug05 says:

    What’s that app that had that noise

  249. showjumpinggirl100 says:

    Finances are number one cause for divorce, always make sure everything is good financially. I’ve heard of it divorcing a couple people

  250. B r E e says:

    Your little brother is so funny

  251. Shahida [Multi•Stan] says:

    I need a Gabe in my life and that hug was goalch 😊

  252. Angel Jeanty says:

    “That gave me some umph in my umph.” OKAY JESS 😂

  253. cowsrock1q says:

    Omg have you ever heard of a q-tip?! You could have seriously damaged her eye with sharp tweezers like blind someone. Don’t ever do that people, never put tweezers in your eye EVER!!!

  254. Science Nerd says:

    Gabriel you should prank Jess with one of the 3 songs.
    Nightiming by Coconut Records- Basically about how a girl he loved cheated on him and that him and everyone else knew about it.
    The Middle by Jimmy Eat world- How he’s telling a girl he loves that she doesn’t need to try and fit in to be accepted but to just be herself.
    West Coast by Coconut Records- He is explaining to a girl how much he misses her probably because of their long distance relationship? Perfectly fits you and Jess situation 🙂

  255. Devonta Ford says:

    I’m addicted to saying kerm on like its lit fam

  256. Natasha Lindsay says:

    Your next vlog should be swapping clothes for the day!

  257. Teshlyn Leaman says:

    I play netball too!! Jess!!

  258. Alice Dias says:

    Song on 6:33??

  259. megan marfori says:

    I’m a fan from Philippines. Hope you can visit here. I wanna meet you so bad.

  260. Mickey Young says:

    4:44 sophia and jess so cute

  261. Megabloom Gaming says:

    ITS LIT FAM 🔥🔥🔥

  262. Lamb says:

    What’s that app he used for the sound at the end

  263. Brunie says:

    Yall are so cute!! I love how Gabe went to get the car cause of the rain, that made me say “awwww”. Jess and Gabe love each other no matter what, you guys really are the cutest couple I have seen.

  264. Danielle De Angelis says:

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    • Neisha Ngungi says:

      MissSunshine221 I honestly respect what u said . There young and they don’t know what’s ahead. But never have negative vibes. I truly don’t believe they will break up. I trust that God has his way . He knows how this marriage will go . It looks like a strong relationship so I believe it will be one strong and healthy relationship cause in Jesus Christ I trust

    • Jaycie Plett says:

      Do you know them personally? No? I didn’t think so. This is your pessimistic opinion and you have no right to go raining on a happy couple’s parade, especially if you have never even had so much as a conversation with either of them.

    • upintheclaud says:

      The issue here is that that was YOUR experience. Just because it did not work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for them. You’re basing your whole opinion on your own experience. There are plenty of people who have gotten married young and lasted forever, and many people who got married after having known each other for less time. Also, adults have gotten married older and after years of knowing each other just to get a divorce in the end. It does not matter the length of the relationship, nor the age of the individuals. If it is going to fail it will fail, and only time will tell. But to sit there and say that their marriage will be doomed because of their age simply because you thought you were in love at 18 is ridiculous. Maybe YOU can’t get to know someone within a year (which, by the way, is a stupid point because you still get to know more about the person through marriage. and you can know someone for years and not really know them soooooo…). Everything you stated is something that can happen, yes. but it isnt things that will happen just because of their age or whatever. it’s things that happen regardless. You are not Jess or Gabriel. You do not know anything about THEIR relationship, because it is theirs. Be it doomed or not, that is for them to find out. In the end, i know most of us (you know, the ones who don’t have a holier than though attitude) hope that their marriage does in fact work out. because that is what normal people do. not write comments about how someone elses marriage will go to shit because their relationship when they were 18 didnt work out.

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      Nope. How old is Jess? 20? You don’t even know who exactly you are when you’re 20. Jess won’t be the same in 5 years. She’ll mature. Listen when I was 18 I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with my first boyfriend but we’ve both changed over the years. And THANK GOD. The guy I like now is completely different and I never would’ve met him if I stayed with my dumb ass ex. Marriage means ‘forever’. Not 10 or 20 years. In their case it would mean 60+ years. And that’s ridiculous. Believe me, their marriage will not last. Not forever. It just won’t. Also, how long have they known each other? 1 year? YOU DONT KNOW SOMEONE AFTER ONE YEAR. This is ridiculous. Have they ever been through difficult times? They should see each other when shit hits the fan. They’re in the honeymoon phase now. No problems at all. Many marriages break bc problems, REAL PROBLEMS, come up. Like someone loses their job, money, sickness etc. that’s what CHANGES people. Just believe me. It won’t last. Maybe for a few years, heck, maybe even 10 years, but that’s about it.

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    Love you guys <3

  761. Zray Clan says:

    love you guys

  762. jae williams says:

    Ultimate goals honestly

  763. Duenna Do says:

    GOALCH 😍😍😍

  764. michelle obama says:

    parents !!! i love you guys

  765. JasminsLvs says:

    Love yall So Much Cant Wait To Be As Happy As Yall Are ❤️💍