DIY Bridal Jewelry Beading Tutorial – Wedding Statement Necklace

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DIY Multistrand Statement Necklace – Bridal Jewelry Tutorial – Wear it 3 different ways!

Visit for more tips and a complete list of supplies to make this beautiful bridal statement necklace!

This beading tutorial shows you the steps to make your own versatile multistrand statement necklace. I’ll show you 3 different ways to wear this pretty style! Of course, you can choose other colors and materials if you’d like to make a non-bridal version of this stunner, so take a look, and have fun!


For the detailed tutorial on how to use a crimping tool, see this video:



Crimping tool: *
Crimp tubes: *
Chain links:
Tulle ribbon (various colors): *
Chain nosed pliers: *
Flush cutters: *
Beading wire: *

Enjoy tons more free jewelry tutorials here:


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10 responses to “DIY Bridal Jewelry Beading Tutorial – Wedding Statement Necklace”

  1. Creativedesignsbyappealinglady says:

    You are such a creative woman and a very great teacher coming from a NYSLic. Teacher and artist. Fabulous clear instructions.🍀🌹thank u Fran

  2. Liz Taylor says:

    Lovely Necklace &  simply explained ..Thank you .
    I will try & make this! 😉

    • JewelryTutorialHQ says:

      +Liz Taylor Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the tutorial and I hope you have fun making your own necklace 🙂

  3. Fairy Pixieboots says:

    Thankyou! I followed your tutorial & made a beautiful necklace for my wedding; i used real pearls that my mum had given me & am so proud that so many people complimented me on them. When I saw your design, & just knew I had to make it & how lovely it went with my princess-style wedding dress! I was meant to come across your channel! X

    • JewelryTutorialHQ says:

      @Fairy Pixieboots Wonderful!! I love to hear this – thank you so much for coming back to share, and congrats on getting married 🙂 I am so happy and proud of you too. What a great feeling to get so many compliments on something you made yourself!

      I’d LOVE to see pics if you feel like sharing them on my FB page?

  4. JewelryTutorialHQ says:

    Hi Cheryl! I bet either of those places may have something similar. Just make sure it’s nice and sturdy and the links won’t open easily. You may also look for links that aren’t necessarily part of a chain!

    I do sell this exact chain by the foot in my etsy shop. If you would only like a few links I’m happy to oblige. The link to the chain is in the ‘about’ section above or find me at

    Thanks for the kind words & I agree. I can picture this style in so many other colors!

  5. Cheryl Hill says:

    Where would you get links of chain like that??? Would Joanns or Michaels have something like that or would I have to order online??? Love the video…..that necklace is so pretty and would be beautiful in different colors!!!!

  6. JewelryTutorialHQ says:

    Thanks very much 🙂

  7. Maria Lopez says:


  8. Maria Lopez says:

    I love it very cite and simple &:]

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