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Lots of sparkle for these statement pearl earrings! Learn how to make these blingy pearl cluster earrings by following this simple tutorial!

Supplies you will need*:
-(2) 10mm, (4) 8mm, (4) 5mm, and (4) 4mm of
Swarovski 5810 Round Crystal Pearl Light Creamrose
-Sterling Silver 6mm Glue-On Earring Post (Pair) & Backs
-(2) 2mm crimps
-Swarovski 27004 Rhodium-Plated Cup
Chain with 1028 PP24 XILION Crystal by the Foot (need two links cut off)
-Beading wire
-Wire cutters
-Crimping pliers
-E6000 glue
*all supplies are from




The songs that were used in the video, in order, are:
♪ “I Don’t Want to Get Over You” by Alex G ♪
♪ “Just the Way You Are” by Deborah Gan ♪

Alex G
ITunes: …

Deborah Gan
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Filmed with Samsung WB250F camera.

Edited with Corel VideoStudio X6 Ultimate.

Disclaimer: I filmed and edited this video myself. The model agreed to be in the video. All products used in the video were purchased by me. Music was used with permission directly from the artists. ♥

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45 responses to “DIY Cluster Pearl Earrings Tutorial | Wedding Jewelry Series | eclecticdesigns”

  1. Lidieth Marin says:

    Preciosos me encantaron!!! 😍

  2. Modhy says:

    رائع جدّا.💐

  3. ellen segal-smith says:

    Didn’t like that the thread showed through.Other wise it was a great video to show how to make a cluster earring.

  4. Online Sopping_Guide says:

    Womens wedding Earrings are available at following link

  5. fabiola infanta says:

    Wonderful creation. 👏👏.
    But i have a doubt. If we cut stone from stone chain, will there be hole to insert string inside? Pls clarify.

  6. Halima Yusuf says:

    Ur vidoes is so easy and beautiful please can you do both earrings and necklaces attached with different design thank you

  7. Kinza Humayoun says:

    too good i love them😘😘

  8. Suetrue says:

    I LOVE the earring, but you still can see the wire. I would put on some pearl seed beads to cover the wire up. I haven’t made it jet, when I do I will let you know. I definitively want to make this earring. Good job.

  9. Vaishali Tayade says:

    wow it very awesome earning can u please suggest me how to use glue because I am scare of it, it remove again and again

  10. Toya j Addison says:

    Oh yes girl 😍😍😍😍😍
    I’d love to make these beauties 😍

  11. MANVVA मनवा JADHAV जाधव says:


  12. B W says:

    If anyone is looking for custom wedding head dresses and pins,
    This was a lovely video!

  13. Lucineia Koga says:


  14. Unnatimaheswari Maheswari says:

    really really love itttttt …osam eyering ..plzz keep it up ..& u made this type of eyeringsss….plxzz plzzzz …

  15. Tiffany Martin says:

    Im going to make these for my wedding what could I do so the beading wire doesn’t show or is it something else I can use instead of the beading wire

  16. Lillian Wessel says:

    These are absolutely hideous Catherine

  17. Adeel Hussain says:
  18. Taylor Sones says:

    Gorgeous! I would like to make these for my wedding! Where do you buy your materials?? Thanks!!

  19. Sumaira Naveed says:


  20. Maria Hernandez says:

    Me gustan muy buen trava*o sigue asiendo mas

  21. Rasp Berry says:

    Take is so cool😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  22. Michael Noonan says:

    Hi I figured out the problem in the infornation box was
    ine type of crystal and in the video the larger
    two hole crystal the one the earring posts
    are glued to just the beading wire .019
    doesnt fit twice inside the pave stone
    so I bought 008 inch diameter
    beading wire .I really like your earrings

  23. Shaliah Alston says:

    Thankyou so much my bridesmaid will look lovely all because of your video

  24. theGlamRepublic says:


  25. Shannon Rathernotsay says:

    I want to warn everyone making these earrings. If you use cheaper glass pearls they wil get scratched very easy while making the earrings. so be very careful. I learned this the hard way lol.

  26. Shannon Rathernotsay says:

    I really appreciate you posting this video. I needed to make some cluster earrings for a wedding rush order and yay!!! This video helped me a great deal!! Thanks again

  27. Luz Elenia Ovalles says:

    I love them. thanks for sharing.

  28. houseofgemsonline says:

    I love it how you make this jewelry making look so simple and easy. Your designs are surely beautiful and appealing to the eye.

  29. PrettyToya World says:

    Beautiful as usual!

  30. martinas gemz says:


  31. Mortessa says:

    This is super pretty and fairly simple too! Thank you for sharing!!

  32. Dennis Siple says:

    Very pretty design, Catherine.  So glad to see you back!  I love that you use quality pieces to do your work.  Perfect bridal earrings.

  33. Nikki Wilson says:

    Very cute earrings, enjoy your channel

  34. vidbox44 says:

    Great job, Catherine! Beautiful design, and the video was well done! Glad your back on YT again – we missed you!

    • Cat Fox Designs says:

      @vidbox44 Haha, I missed making videos!! I seriously have so much fun coming up with designs and sharing them with people 😀 So glad you enjoyed the video!

  35. Cathy Veux says:

    Your tutorials are so easy to follow !!!
    Aahh… love it

  36. Moody4jewelry says:

    Love this earring will definitely be doing this. I will use a 20 or 22 gaudge wire instead.

    • Cherry Pearl Pantilgan says:


    • Cat Fox Designs says:

      @Moody4jewelry Good idea! I used the beading wire because some of the pearls I used had really small holes that only beading wire could go through. Otherwise, I would have used silver wire instead.

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