Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Tips for the Curves

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Get ready for new adventures in conventional piecing with celebrated quilter Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Create stunning Double Wedding Ring quilts with breathtaking innovations on the classic pattern. With full-size patterns for 10 quilts, the book will teach you the Double Wedding Ring basics. After you’ve mastered curved foundation piecing, try your hand at Victoria’s unique fabric slashing and “Made-Fabric” methods—it’s easier than you think! You’ll feel liberated as you improvise on her designs, with full instruction for some quilts and others that invite your creative discovery. Read the stories that inspired each of Victoria’s designs, and then take inspiration from the artist at work in her studio, with photography of her creative process and 3 bonus quilts to jumpstart your own art.

• 13 modern Double Wedding Ring quilts and their stories
• Peek inside the studio of award-winning quilter Victoria Findlay Wolfe
• Full-size patterns! Learn paper piecing, fabric slashing, and tips to create “Made-Fabric”
• Modern traditional designs with fresh color choices
• From the award-winning author of 15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts

7 responses to “Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Tips for the Curves”

  1. Lesley Gordon says:

    Where do you get the printed interfacing?

  2. Erin Hankie says:

    I have many many painstakingly pieced scrap diamonds pieced to make an 8 point star. ..which I gave up on because of the massive bulk of the pieces in the center of the star. Halp!

  3. Christina Shappy says:

    That was my problem.. over pinning! Thanks!!

  4. Lydia Stevenson says:

    Great information about lining up the quarter inch seam allowance at the beginning and end of the curves.

    • Erin Hankie says:

      Totes! I have 10 million pieces of various bluey fabrics, hand cut by my great grandmother which I have kept in a bag for almost 10 years now. I would get them out and look at them wondering what she planned for them. I think I’ve finally figured out it was for a ring ring quilt. I have no pattern though, so I’ll be winging it.

  5. Tineke Williams says:

    no problem for me, use my curve master!

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