Emily Ratajkowski and Her Husband Smelted Their Own Wedding Rings

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Emily Ratajkowski chats about her untraditional proposal and courthouse wedding, gets some marriage tips from Jimmy and discusses starring in Amy Schumer’s comedy I Feel Pretty.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Her Husband Smelted Their Own Wedding Rings

833 responses to “Emily Ratajkowski and Her Husband Smelted Their Own Wedding Rings”

  1. J S says:

    2:00 – We’Re BoTH inTeResTiNG LittlE huMAnS

  2. jan bar says:

    Kto Ci babo powiedzial, ze Ty nie jesteś brzydka?

  3. WINTER says:

    Pay rent entitled skank

  4. Nathaniel Lowry says:

    She looks like a turned off, rough piece of slap. Sorry, but…

  5. Yasemin S. says:

    Omg so boring

  6. The Last Melon says:

    Everyone is being so mean to her. It’s scary what jealousy can do.

    • The Last Melon says:

      Jacqueline Ess eh I just disagree. She seems perfectly nice and normal to me. Also, I’ve heard Nairobi Campbell is a jerk lol

    • Jacqueline Ess says:

      …check out videos of Monica Bellucci, Naomi Campbell or Candice Swanepoel. Women LOVE them as they are genuinely STUNNING women, with actual talent. This girl could never compare and women just appreciate true beauty and give credit where it’s due. They don’t get stiffies so they see clearly who is and who is NOT.
      Hope this helps.

  7. Yas Al says:

    « Interesting little humans » dont really mention that 😂

  8. Captain National Express says:

    Happy Birthday to the Model of simple connection, Represent from London of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the European Parliament Emily Malinowski. Best of the Model in place, In the event where a cover girl has the preference to be traditional in the Edition. [GBR] [EU]

  9. Dolson Gaming says:

    Goddamn, what is people’s problem in this comments section? I’d like to see them on Jimmy Fallon in front of a live audience and millions of viewers XD

  10. Phoenix Alpha says:


  11. Luciana Girard says:

    so „funny“ how even boys envy her. she is beautiful as fuck and no one can change that so get over it and live your life

  12. Nicholas D'Amico says:

    Your hot, your influential. But you didn’t make shit yourself you damn communist. I wish you respect Poland and your Eastern heritage more, because you dont fucking get it.

  13. Ana Lucia Camacho says:

    I’ve always wondered how they set this up… Do they say something like: “ok, so you are the ugly one and you are the beautiful one…”, or what???

  14. suckyourmother says:

    This bullshit about spreading some message is pathetic it’s a wank film that you only did for money

  15. Nick Wilson says:


  16. vitalij grabovan says:

    It better to look at her on pictures than to listen 🙁 such an empty persone.

  17. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Please don’t say bad things about her

  18. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    I love her a wonder how is her personality is she’s nice person how is her attitude like I don’t care if people don’t like her personality I love you Emily ratajkowski

  19. Joe Julian says:


  20. Legalize Ranch says:


  21. Victor Mora says:

    Most hot chicks are boring, because they don’t have to try.

  22. Biz Denardo says:

    she looks kind of like Kendall jenner but she is nicer & humble with it.

  23. alia ali says:

    she is not even beautiful

  24. Jose Andre says:

    No disrespect but that’s an ugly ass ring

  25. Jacks Bob says:

    Im just here because she doesnt pay rent

  26. Ayush Oraon says:

    I mean she is beautiful, but she is kind of boring, maybe that’s why she got dumped in the movie

  27. John Glass says:

    Boo no offense

  28. Vic Cypress says:

    Busted hella nuts over this Sexy specimen!
    (Rick Flair voice) Whooooooo!!!

  29. R G says:

    What the husband doesn’t know, the divorce is already planned. This feminist hoe is going to ruin him, Mark my words. 09 12 2019.

  30. thersten says:

    A lot of jealous women in the comments. 😂😂😂

  31. poopface says:

    Dream girl o.o
    So perfect. What a woman.

  32. gonstotwriter says:

    Apparently she’s a top model even though she’s only 5’7″ and my model friend assures me that the agencies insist that their ladies stand at least 5’9″. How can that be?

  33. vegeta is better than goku says:

    Ahh…. U are not funny

  34. Noteman says:

    Just another no talent. Wear tight clothes and walk your dog to stay relevant.
    Wearing clothes and walking. Now, that’s a talent. LOL. STFU.

  35. chima chibi says:

    It’s the host. HE is painful to watch. HE makes her seem boring. I mean she’s obviously not the wittiest or the funniest person in America but the host should’ve made something out of this interview.

  36. David D says:

    Dont dare let her raise her arms up..full of hair!!! Soon as heard that like most guys def turn off.she said she not care and up to me if I do shave it.always gotta have atleast one flaw on anyone that has everything else..course she not have the chest tho

  37. Vi Cuñita says:

    worst actress ever.

  38. Celli Elsinger says:

    This girl is so down to earth and a little bit naiv, she doesnt understand that people who aren’t as happy as her and embrassing themselves could find that funny. Thats really it. dont be so hard on her:

  39. E K says:

    I don‘t believe it. You are all so jealous. Just treat yourself to her beauty. She is just natural

  40. lea rodriguez says:

    she isnt that bad…

  41. Stevo Canuck says:

    that’s a shame she is married. Now i have to come in and be Mr.StealYoGirl

  42. Frepa Gioerne says:

    When half the planet still jacks off at your photos and videos the least you can do for the guy is to…smelt his ring apparently. This marriage is going to last for decades this way !!!

  43. MrMustangrick says:

    She is so self important……pay your rent In NYC diva.

  44. Karolina says:

    ‘we both interesting little humans’ LOOOOL

  45. Linzy Callahan says:

    Poor Emily. She’s my favorite but she seems a little off in this lol

  46. Jolly says:

    Her physique is amazing but her personality is kind of bland. Actually just passed her on the street and was not particularly impressed.

  47. feeling good says:

    She is beauty without any personality . She’s just… blank if i can say. She’s shallow . Not the whole package

  48. Quixotic Reacts says:

    This is the first comment section I’ve seen where I agree with like 90% of the people lmao

  49. Roberto Martinez De Leon says:

    She’s not boring. Not everyone needs to make you guys laugh.

  50. czimano17 says:

    She is so boring…and hiw do you want to marry a girl who is always naked on her ig and internet…She is just famous because she is hot. I am a man and i would not marry her i would die of boredeness…there are women like blake lively who are incredibly charismatic but dont expose their skin…take example girl….

  51. Donald Duck says:

    Sexiest female voice

  52. MrKickYouNdaNuts says:

    Dead beat squatting model with her ugly dead beat husband… Pay your rent losers!

  53. Caroline v.G says:

    All these comments are brutal. You don’t have to like her, but everyone is just insulting her. Not everyone is bubbly and naturally super funny. Just chill and let her have that interview.

  54. down under says:

    Overrated :/

  55. Phalguni Agarwal says:

    The moment she takes her clothes off and sexualize herself, everybody in the audience will find her attractive. This is exactly how entertainment industry works. Everyone should know that human body is beautiful in all its form and everyone has their type.

  56. Jessica Alonso says:

    Boring and not that spectacular woman as in her IG 🤷🏻‍♀️

  57. Ava Durant says:

    Amazing body …actually DREAM body but I don’t think she’s pretty at all.

  58. Imani Imani says:

    Noooooooo! Fck my dreams are shattered lmao she’s married nkt!

  59. GODz Emlit says:

    She’s beautiful

  60. Andalus101 says:

    Hey she isn’t nude for once

  61. Ioana Ioana says:

    Where are her lips, what’s her hack

  62. Nadine Odeh says:

    An israeli man? Oh come on…

  63. MN Galindo says:

    How are these people considered actors???? omg. Worse acting than a beginning drama class in high school. Good looking people are always so superficial and narcissistic, they make for terrible actors… You hide nothing from the camera.

  64. MrSottobanco says:

    jimmy is checking out Emily’s boobs at 00:07. She is married jimmy!

  65. Panos Panitas says:

    Ωραία γυναίκα ωραία σώμα.

  66. Spoon Face says:

    Boring AF. I’d rather just look and not listen

  67. Agung Widi says:


  68. Allscool - says:

    Am I the only one that liked this interview and didn’t find it boring? I think she has a cute personality, like the jokes she said weren’t funny to everyone which I think shows she has a unique character. Plus she was only answering the questions that he asked her, what did you guys expect her to do? Start doing cartwheels and jumping through hoops of fire?

  69. Thomas Danforth says:

    Ah yes, all the nice guys have banded together in the comment section.

  70. seekr34 says:

    don’t know people thought she was boring. Interview, what they expect?

  71. Babygirl A says:

    My God this is so boring. Nobody is laughing apart from her!!!

  72. VINO9411 says:

    She married an​ UGLY MOFO!!!!

  73. aysel Rustemova says:

    She looks like 🐍

  74. Ken Elyon says:

    Emily Ratajkowski tweeted: “Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.” I wonder if she tweeted in 1998 if it would have read like this: “Today I was arrested protesting the presidency of Bill Clinton, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.”

  75. Greatbritishpatriot Greatbritishpatriot says:

    Hate this woman because she became self righteous and condemned Brett Kavanaugh based on lies
    She is a dangerous woman and a threat to all men.

  76. C. C. says:

    Asian,J. Countr& code,n.r.f.,n.d.f. “Gothic Cathredal”

  77. Lionsheart31 says:

    I love the smell of divorce in the morning…..

  78. Danielle Belle says:

    For the people who are commenting back to people saying she’s not attractive to them with “Oh it’s just because she doesn’t have blond hair and blue eyes blah blah blah” you really have to stop because it literally has nothing to do with coloring. I’m sorry but when there is an undeniably beautiful brunette or exotic woman I don’t think it’s ever frowned upon. This woman really is an acquired taste, when I first saw her I honestly really didn’t think she was that pretty and I was surprised they used her for the movie “I feel pretty” as the “gorgeous” girl. She has very strange features, it has nothing to do with coloring she just really isn’t that pretty to some people.

    And for the people also commenting that the girls must be insecure or jealous to say she isn’t very pretty you really have to stop too. I could definitely understand that in some cases but not this one. Like I said before she is an acquired taste.

  79. Salamanca says:

    She’s actually pretty chatty and enthusiastic here, its just the audience isnt that vibrant, why everyone hating lol

  80. Ketamine Machine says:

    She and her ex broke up, and then married this guy like 6 weeks later. Look it up.

  81. Super Justin says:

    She kinda look like Cheryl cole

  82. leah says:

    her mouth reminds me of that momo statue thing lmfao

  83. Vlado says:

    She is a sweet Diamond…

  84. Jonathan Ng says:

    Smelted is not a word

  85. Ioana Ioana says:

    Where are her plump lips

  86. mel .10 says:

    Everything about her is boring af.

  87. Vinu Sunuwar says:

    Meaningless conversation 😤😤😤

  88. Rose Imbriano says:

    I think she’s an idiot she’s so conceited not not even close a good actress

  89. Viktor Dimitrievski says:

    she’s so fake

  90. Baraa Buhajar says:

    she’s not boring.. she’s just nervous. lol. give her a break

  91. oujibertolli says:

    This interview is so much better if mute the audio

  92. Glowboutin says:

    Ofc she looks nothing like instagram

  93. Gok Korkmaz says:

    So overratedddd

  94. Bunny Gary says:

    No one in the audience laughing

  95. Liberty Daniel says:

    the cringeeee

  96. Mubdi Mim says:

    one dumb brunette

  97. Corissa says:

    only famous for parading her naked body around and calling it “feminism”

  98. Adrian says:

    She’s her own biggest fan.

  99. Beatsro Broly 23 says:

    She’s god damn fine 😍

  100. Mikka says:

    am I the only one surprised by the looks of her new man? i mean…. there’s levels to this shit.

  101. Tim Cook says:

    she doesnt wanna be notice? not everyone knows her. i dont even know her

  102. iniohos2 says:

    WTF?? she has that awful standard american accent…she is an american with just a polish surname?? what a put off…and she is boring as hell

  103. Benja T R says:

    SHE’s far more interesting than KImmy kimu kardashian

  104. david heinig says:

    her and lucy pinder the hottest chicks in the world

  105. Dave TheBrave says:

    She clearly isn’t that much in love with him

  106. rowingman says:

    She looks smart until she opens her mouth and starts sounding like the stereotypical bimbo.

  107. Kornelijus Kort Kiss says:

    ajte u kurac, vi i ovo balavče, gluposti priča voditelj i ona

  108. ps says:

    She’s borrrrrrrrrrinnnggggggg

  109. Jillian Maloney says:

    she’s so small! lol

  110. king of the hill awa says:

    I loved her : (

  111. Artur Gaynullin says:

    yep AUDIENCE SUCKED!!!!! 😉

  112. Ysa behm says:

    Obvious transgender

  113. Jessica Jimenez says:

    Idk why everyone is saying that this interview was “awkward” and that her acting is bad. It seemed pretty average to me. If anything, Amy S. is the one who can’t really act.

  114. Jessica Jimenez says:

    Since when is mustard orange?

  115. fuzzybear655 says:

    Emily and Miranda Kerr, most overrated vacuous ppl on the planet…there are just better looking people out there period

    • Ysa behm says:

      fuzzybear655 better looking than Emily definitely. But Miranda? She is gorgeous l have rarely seen prettier girls/women.

  116. NEVER LOOSE HOPE says:

    Would avoid everything Ratajowski promotes.

  117. NEVER LOOSE HOPE says:

    Lousy 3rd Claas Model Ratajowsi in the OnePlus advertisement. With straight hair she looks better but I don’t like her face and body language in those ad videos.

  118. Tierchen Koen says:

    Boring. She’s trying to be funny and nobody is laughing..

  119. Anja R says:

    I like her

  120. Emmaxtube says:

    I’ve just realised that she really looks like Anfisa from 90 day fiancé 😂

  121. Nicholas Ferrara, Esq., Realtor says:

    As boring as ever.

  122. John Scallan says:

    Who is this vapid and insipid woman? She is boring and annoying.

  123. Francisca Vargas says:

    Wearing black on your wedding, must be bad luck

  124. watchyoutubeaccount says:

    LOL when she looked at Jimmy hand to see his not there ring

  125. Chasing theUnknown says:

    But them making their own rings is interesting. These people might be pretty much judgmental

  126. Dana Ussenova says:

    What is her hair color?Anyone know?)

  127. MRah says:

    This was just awkward…

  128. NEVER LOOSE HOPE says:

    Ratabowski is extremely unattractive to me. Specially her face and body language is disgusting !

  129. Anto Chan says:

    Punfucius Say:

    Whoever Smelt it dealt it

  130. Billy Ocean says:

    This woman is nothing more than a fuck doll.

  131. Ruwaida BillaBee says:

    fucking obsessed with her hair and her hairline its so damn sleeeeeekkk

  132. William Schmidt says:

    I see losers

  133. Coco M says:

    She is gorgeous but not funny at all…even jimmy didn’t laugh at her jokes

  134. K Lu says:

    Oh gosh her personality is so bland

  135. Ryan Fabry says:

    For people who think that was awkward, watch THIS!!! (Dick Cavett 70s interview for the film Zabriskie Point) …..

  136. joey shy says:

    oh god she is horrible at interviewing



  138. redpistola says:

    She is a TERRIBLE actress! Sooo much cringe!

  139. redpistola says:

    “Interesting little humans” – oh pleaseee!! Em is literally the cringiest, try-hard, girl ever. She tries to act all intelligent with her stupid feature articles about “feminism” (where she talks about how hot girls don’t have friends — sooo feminist, Em *SMH*)… but she’s just a try-hard.

  140. Niket Sharma says:

    Why is Amy Schumer so overated?

  141. s s says:

    Doubt it’ll last longer than 5 years.

  142. somekindofmonster7 says:

    Models think they’re awesome because they’re so used to getting praised for doing nothing, that it goes to their head, and they actually think they’re interesting in some way. That’s why they’re all fucking retarded.

  143. gaia says:

    gorgeous as f

  144. vullne7 says:

    I cant 👀 Emily like this , i mean undressed sorry 😯

  145. x13goneforever says:

    i honestly feel bad people are hating on her just because she’s pretty???? like wat

  146. Yani says:

    So boring. She doesn’t really have a personality.

  147. Mr. Sir says:

    It’s so strange watching her with clothes.

  148. Mooshe says:

    I honestly don’t know what she does. How did she become famous? Was she an instagram model? What was her big break?

  149. Lootmare says:

    she is so weird looking.

  150. That Girl says:

    I love how she looks at the audience for laughs and then the audience is like “….oh…heheheh”

  151. C gatz says:

    whoever smelt it ,dealt it

  152. Varunprasad Athi says:

    Emily Ratjakwodnckssie

  153. emercycrite says:

    She’s not a good actress

  154. Jacob Monroe says:


  155. ABS says:

    After hearing all the hype about making her ring out of real gold and the story behind it, I expected it to be some extravagant, beautiful, unique, and expensive ring, but then she whips out a $10 ring someone made on Etsy.

  156. Ria says:

    The comment section is more interesting than the interview 😂

  157. V.S. says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? It was a normal interview, she told about her engagement and wedding. You didn’t get a laugh? I don’t think that was the idea, tbh. Seriously, so many jealous losers in the world smh…

  158. Shadow Marley says:


  159. galleon figurine says:

    no tits no like!

  160. Douchy McDouche says:

    That awkward interview when Jimmy is pretending to care about what she says when all he can think about is her naked.

  161. Spinks says:

    you get fire hot enoughhhh for that…there’s actually a lot of scrape and junk out there that isn’t alloyed and pot metal…and actually could be used for a lot of cool shit.

  162. clorox says:

    isn’t she one of the hoe on the blured lines video

  163. Ayen Deirdre says:

    Ha! She’s the girl in Robin Thicke- Blurred lines

  164. theoneandonlyKJ says:

    Famous for being hot.

  165. Esra Amer says:

    The more she talks the less beautiful I see her

  166. sushilover9 says:

    She sounds like a man

  167. hello fellas says:

    She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo androgynous

  168. Serafina Azmi says:

    The interview is fine but emily tends to talk too muvh

  169. Ask MiName says:

    Who is she? Why is she?

  170. Tramaine Terrance says:

    Hello, Humans. I’m known as Terrance. For 29 years now, I’ve been on Earth. It seems every time I look up, theres more and more Humans on this planet. Apparently, there are more than 7.5 billion Humans on Earth. 7.5 billion?!! What the fuck?!!! Sometimes in life, this planet is getting overcrowded. Once I gather enough Intel, I’m leaving this shitty planet. I’ll make my own planet. I’ll call it, Planet Terrance.


  171. Tiddlers says:

    *sigh* Jimmy is falling of the map. I used to enjoy his shtick, but I’ve grow tired of it. Also this bitch trying to be funny is the definition of cringe.

  172. Sword of Etro says:

    this girl is a complete weirdo. the audience and jimmy are like “uh…” the whole, semi-coherent interview.

  173. Don Quixito says:

    Pissant soup? Fuck Newport harbor wanna be preps….and I’m a wanna be I wanna be past this….I am disabled now … people take credit for it like a guy dancing to a DJs song and a girl only dancing towards him on the way to take dump………….

  174. Hanae *The e is silent* says:

    Was she the girl from iCarly who dated Gibby?

  175. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT says:

    Didn’t she play Ben’s side-girl on Gone Girl Gone?

  176. david white says:

    her pants ? are to tight for her

  177. Mr.Brightside says:

    Eyy lemme smash gurl

  178. The Kid says:

    Wait. Why is she famous?

  179. The SuperMarioM says:

    She is beautiful 😍😍

  180. Andrew Rothman says:

    I didn’t smelt my wife’s wedding ring, but I definitely dealt it.

  181. Juliana Ortiz Marquez says:

    Just came here to hear Jimmy say her last name, BUT he didn’t 😫☹️

  182. jacasforever says:

    she looks like a transexual girl

  183. mike savelli says:

    Great story of you too! 👫

  184. D boy says:

    Why every time I see Amy schmur, gets bigger

  185. Poopy Buttfart69 says:

    i would suck the tonails off her feet

  186. Clark Kerr says:

    Fuck this dirty bitch!

  187. The Avakin Granny says:

    My names Emily Ulatoski 😮

  188. Crypto Crips says:

    I think she’s an Israeli robot. no emotions or anything.

  189. lana says:

    watching this after his interview with Cardi B, Jimmy isn’t so awkward and uncomfortable around straight white people smh…

  190. LMNOP Hdz says:

    She looks like Kendall Jenner!!

  191. E. D. O. says:

    If they smelted it, does that mean they’ve dealted it ?

  192. anon hater says:

    Ok I really don’t mean to be like negative but she is so boring and I don’t really think she’s attractive

  193. junkmail says:


  194. Not Yours says:

    Gorgeous and beautiful? Of course! Let’s get real here for a sec…she’s fucking HOT!!

  195. TrinkBruder says:

    She married in a secular court

  196. TrinkBruder says:

    Ephesians 5:32, the mystery, or sacrament of marriage, will it save Emily from eternal punishment? I don’t think so

  197. Alex Bennett says:

    I don’t even know who she is so I wouldnt have noticed her at city hall regardless….

  198. msdogooder says:

    You have heard God LOVES you. But is it true and do you believe it? It most definitely is true. In fact, He loves you so much that for a time, He gave up what was most dearest to Him: His only Son (Jesus). Jesus offered His life as a payment for the punishment that we sinners deserve (there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood). Jesus the Christ died in our place on a cross some 2000 years ago and then defeated death, rising on the third day. We can escape hell and receive heaven via God’s free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    Don’t be deceived, trust in the Savior Jesus and follow Him. Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” God’s free gift to man is eternal life. We have all sinned (lied, stolen, lust, used God’s name as a curse word etc…), so we are guilty of sin against God. First admit you are a sinner, then ask God to forgive you. Accept and believe what Jesus has done for you and start following Him. Find a good, Bible-believing, Christian Church where you will be encouraged to follow Jesus Christ. Then share the GOOD NEWS with others. ❤️❤️❤️ (Zaphaniah 3:17; John 6:55-59; Psalms 73:23-26; Luke 1:37; Ephesians 3:20-21; Psalms 23:1-4; Ephesians 2:6-10; John 14:27; Matthew 14:28-32; Matthew 24:30-39; Matthew 16:27; Psalms 34:17-19; Deuteronomy 31:6; Isaiah 41:10; Psalms 86:15; Romans 8:38-39)

  199. TrinkBruder says:

    Matthew 18:7 Woe to the world for temptations to sin

  200. TrinkBruder says:

    Our generation in the far West has a problem with seeing women in general as malefactors, when in fact, women are more independent and autonomous than ever before in the far west. Whatever progress has been made, a women still must be a victim when doing evil to Westerners.

    No, Emily is no victim, and she is not benevolent, or doing good. She is a malefactor, and there is no blame game against males to exculpate her from the fact she will burn in hell for eternity for her lifestyle decisions

  201. Dana Pink says:

    6 Months… maby a year if there lucky….

  202. PradBitt_TV says:

    She’s so talented

  203. TrinkBruder says:

    To hell in a handbasket. She sold her soul guys and gals and her last name isn’t going away after marriage. She is sealing her pact with the devil going forward as well, with a stamp more permanent than any tattoo

  204. TrinkBruder says:

    Scanned comments to my most recent. Problem is not being addressed. She’s going to hell boys and girls. She sold her soul to the camera. Marriage won’t fix it

  205. David Catherall says:

    when you try that hard to be “cool” it just comes off desperate. “we are interesting little humans” so much cringe…these hollywood types are more alien than human.

  206. Sam V says:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  207. Maria’s Life says:

    Hi guys 😊 please check out our vlog and mukbang channel, would really appreciate it ❤️

  208. setmedic says:

    I didn’t recognize her with her top on🙂

  209. crazyBloodmonkey says:

    lol i came here to see how bad the comments were i thought it would just be a bunch horny dudes saying nasty shit but nope it’s just full of jealous women being crazy. like if you think emily is ugly then i think you’re blind. she’s hot as fuck, though i don’t think she can act also i find weird how when i see her naked i’m like “man she’s got some big boobs but when i see her with clothes on i’m like “hm i thought her boobs were bigger” what the fuck is this sorcery

  210. bee nice says:


  211. Allahu Akbar says:

    I don’t get acting jobs because I have “Big BOoBs” …….WHAT ?????????Maybe it’s because you’re bad at acting

  212. maria salazar says:

    I thought she was prettier.

  213. bernardthefourth says:

    Why is she wearing clothes?

  214. Gustavo Goikoetxea says:

    Who is this? Where did she act? Why is the #dailymail obsessed with her?…Next.

  215. Michael Woldemariam says:

    Interviewing models is a concept I find hilarious.

  216. Arrowflight says:

    as a female blacksmith, just yes

  217. Soljarag5 says:

    I’ve seen her boobies

  218. Иван Федорович says:

    why when she married now she look not so I say sooo good, now just normal

    this haircut don’t look as much as previous

  219. ShonColle says:

    This Kim K wannabe gets on my nerves.

  220. JJ Garcia says:

    Lookin like an ostrich

  221. Michael says:

    She’s sexy as fuck but boring as fuck too.

  222. littlemira89 says:

    There’s literally nothing good or funny about amy schumer lol

  223. phosphorescence says:

    Most boring interview, lol

  224. Pixinerd says:

    I found her funny but the audience’s silence made it awkward

  225. Cory Klein says:

    She has a tiny head.

  226. turtles says:

    Kewl stuff snooty patootie.

  227. Mocha B says:

    this was so not ‘the tonight show’ interview style, cringing. shame 🙁 could’ve been a good interview it it was actually interesting

  228. Ian W. says:

    She has the best tits.

  229. Josh The Introvert says:

    Since this is trending, I might as well spam.

  230. Ernext says:

    boring boring borin borin borin

  231. Jay says:

    I remember her from an episode she Guest stared on
    ICarly, she played Tasha gibby’s girlfriend.

  232. jojojaykay says:


  233. Jay says:

    I remember her from an episode she Guest stared in
    ICarly, she played Tasha gibby’s girlfriend.

  234. Ndizzle says:

    kendall jenners twin yo

  235. Jacob Halenda says:

    Is she married to Gibby?

  236. Sandy M. says:

    i thought she did great

  237. Mr Research teaches Politics 4 Black Men says:

    =============COSBY should have hired ESCORTS,
    macking free V like KOBE isnt worth it

  238. Kelly Marie says:

    I legit thought she was British?!

  239. Trihard7 says:

    She would give great head…

  240. lobomuerto11 says:


  241. Bloodthirsty Vegan says:

    WOW!!!!! Surely your love will be eternal, and so unlike all those unselfsmelted Hollywood romances. Douchenation.

  242. david c says:

    How much time we give them? 7months?8?

  243. Cris LeRose says:

    Follywood…..wait a year they’ll be resmelting them into weapons…..

  244. New Message says:

    who dat ho

  245. Care Bear says:

    didn’t she have a boyfriend for a long time before this husband??

  246. Eddie Camacho says:

    It’s a movie with Amy Schumer. You guys really think there is going to be good acting in it?

  247. Rhino546 says:


  248. danielleidk says:

    ugh this was awkward for some reason ….

  249. Walter White says:


  250. CJayin says:

    Her boobs were great in Gone Girl.

  251. Ned Flanders says:

    How do you smelt metal? Isn’t smelting the process of extracting metal from ore

  252. Abigail Mae says:


  253. TrinkBruder says:

    Eph 6:18

    pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

  254. TrinkBruder says:

    There is never a moment we should not pray, according to the New Testament

  255. TrinkBruder says:

    Women should pray with heads covered, always, in all circumstances, constantly. That is all Islam will tell you about the new testament, which is correct. The New Testament says that

  256. TrinkBruder says:

    Like the Muslims say to the Westerners, we understand Jesus better than you

  257. TrinkBruder says:

    Jesus will return in West China

  258. AFO3310 says:

    Her acting is fucking terrible…but hollywood loves pretty faces so that’s all that matters these days

  259. MrDarfoot says:

    Why cringe? Two people are having a conversation

  260. TrinkBruder says:

    The silk road is being built as we speak, Islam is moving every direction in Asia. You can post all the thongs you want on whatever app

  261. TrinkBruder says:

    Discover the Burqa Westerners

  262. EezyPeezy says:

    that was a really bad scene and not bc of Emily.

  263. Garrett Morrell says:

    This interview sucks cause no one cares

  264. TrinkBruder says:

    Those aren’t clothes

  265. J Mac says:

    Does anyone remember that show on MTV where they had these jersey girls looking for love and one was in a long distance thing which caused her to cry and freak out (not Jerseyshore it was a truelife episode I think) anyway one was named Dottie and this girl is like her twin but maybe with a bit of a nosejob (same tiny body and scrunched face). So crazy!!

  266. TrinkBruder says:

    Woe to the world for temptations to sin proclaims Jesus in the gospel. Definition Ratajkowski

  267. TrinkBruder says:

    She’s committed to idol worship for eternity

  268. TrinkBruder says:

    Marriage actually augments the chances God will judge Emily and throw her in hell for eternity with all the images she left behind.

  269. TrinkBruder says:

    The chances of Emily Ratajkowski last name never changes obviously from YT promo ceasing to be a stumbling block to sin and reducing the chances the Father in heaven will hang a millstone around her neck and drown her in the sea for eternity have not been reduced

  270. James Nick says:

    Can someone make robot out of her

  271. Maria Hernandez says:

    She looks like Maria Menounos

  272. mack dre says:

    We don’t give nigga about y’all getting married

  273. hahahaziel says:

    She’s beautiful.

  274. Josaphat Lee says:

    Forever stuck in clueless starlet mode (being interviewed by the perpetually cackling suck up).


    Don’t like those names .

  276. My Life is My Style says:

    I think she has a Polish roots like I have, overall a good interview

  277. Vanessa green says:

    she has a very bird like face but it’s beautiful and her boobs, praise the lordddd

  278. Bhushan says:

    Yes Amy schumer is the best at taking other peoples jokes and she is the best at failing to b funny and she is the best at being disgusting

  279. J Greenseed says:

    Almost famous

  280. Barry Blue says:

    She’s the ho from the blurred lines video now she thinks an actress

  281. I Love Everyone! says:

    Wow, she’s so talented at… whatever she’s popular for…

  282. Big G Man says:

    Wait a minute….

    Isn’t that Gibby’s girlfriend?!?!?!?

  283. gonzostwin1 says:

    By going brag about knowing the fat Jew, doesn’t he steal jokes all the time

  284. Karışık Karuşuk says:


  285. João Miguel Monteiro says:

    To me she’s so Fucking hot. Married, unfollow 😂

  286. Salvatore James says:

    This chick just became my new favorite hottie in Hollywood….until she admitted to doing a movie with Amy Schumer. Launch all of them into space…

  287. Daniel Soto says:

    i saw her naked

  288. TR-8R says:

    She looks like a Raptor.

  289. Kelsey Lynn says:

    Yahoodi gtfoh

  290. The American Soccer Guy says:

    Isn’t that the chick that’s naked all over Reddit all the time?

  291. TheJoker says:

    how does anybody find her pretty, beautiful, gorgeous..etc? shes so unattractive. white ppl have weird taste.

  292. Sal Ami says:

    hahah get it because she’s hot but she got dumped hahahah get it guys hilarious

  293. Nina Jacobs says:

    specialize interaction monitor agenda nothing around after black.

  294. Brooke Stop says:

    She is beautiful. But grrrrl those pants are just a smidge too tight.

  295. strawberrynumberone says:

    She seems dumb

  296. Shayna K says:

    what wait married?….

  297. Lizzy says:

    For some reason I thought she had a different accent

  298. Maha Sarkar says:

    MAIDC Mumbai Recruitment 2018

  299. Maha Sarkar says:

    RRB GK, GI, Current affairs 15 Questions with Answers Set 7

  300. Not Informed says:

    She got married? *unfollows on IG

  301. frengki hadi says:

    Shes soooo gorgeous and natural than Kendall

  302. Tom SB says:

    People are pretty mean in these comments

  303. Sterling Archer says:

    How she’s not naked?

  304. tadsite says:

    Inside and out she isn’t pretty.

  305. Abdul says:

    She’s Sooooooooo damn bad at acting I never seen someone that bad holy shit

  306. Recovery Account says:

    Boring interview, terrible actor. She’s just hot that’s all.

  307. Pavi ii says:

    Gibby’s GF is a model wow.

  308. entrust9 says:

    married??? what??

  309. ALATAWA77 says:

    Looking like a prehistoric dinosaur with her skinny ass

  310. Seeking Perspective says:

    That’s the Clip they used? 😶

  311. kawaii_pabo says:

    Do you have every rib that I have? 😂

  312. Bee Mon says:

    she’s so fashionable lady.

  313. shi ying says:

    Yea idk if her rs gonna last

  314. Julia says:

    The audience did not like her at all

  315. warmestglow says:

    Love the wedding ring story! What a beautiful idea. x

  316. Larenzo Cizzle says:

    Hottest of all

  317. Eliza K says:

    I wonder how she is not materialistic at all. I would die if my marriage was like that 😂😂😂😂

  318. Derrick H says:

    Her voice makes her even more hotter

  319. Daniel W says:

    Emily is the new Megan Fox in Hollywood.

  320. Erin Mullen says:

    god she’s dull

  321. lilliesxo says:

    she looks like franklin. heeyy its fraaanklin

  322. Andrea Lugo says:

    Never thought I’d see her on a talk show… 🤔

  323. Nika Jalilova says:

    Looks like Emily didnt have time to make a lip fillers before the show

  324. Adil Ashar says:

    pap p

  325. Hodown173 says:

    She got married! Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  326. Hollie Sealey says:

    Hard to believe she played gibby girlfriend on icarly

  327. AlJalandhari says:


  328. The Singing Gamer says:

    She got married!! She use to be the Pirates of Carribean mermaid! 😍

  329. in the pursuit says:

    What went wrong is that she´s considered herself a FEMINIST!
    That totally ruins a career, ask Lena Dunham.

  330. Wandering Winona 🪐 says:

    Her photos in Instagram are melting hot 🌋🌋🌋

  331. Bertha Lovejoy says:

    vapid bimbo attempt at being humorous or entertaining…she seems too into herself

    • Chelsea Simone TV says:

      Bertha Lovejoy you should never have a problem with someone else being too into themselves because that has nothing to do with you. The only reason you’d have an issue with someone else being confident is because you’re insecure as fuck. That’s why you’re so bothered

    • Big says:

      I’d pee in her butt

    • Noah says:

      You’re probably a prune fuck off

    • Alex Bennett says:

      I don’t know who she is but she’s really annoying and she obviously thinks she’s really famous lol

    • Bertha Lovejoy says:

      you’re right she looks more like a meerkat…can you instathot cultists at least find someone with outstanding qualities to defend? i follow tons of REAL models in the fashion industry…so how does the subtlest observations suddenly = jealousy LOL

  332. Z S says:

    The people calling her ugly are laughable. Someone shows up with slightly exotic facial structure and suddenly they’re ugly. Mind you she looks exactly the same on instagram

  333. Z S says:

    Do people realize how horrible they sound tearing the woman to shreds in the comments. She’s being attacked for being boring, ugly, anorexic, fat and more. Women DON’T exist to live up to your standards.

  334. Eric P says:

    I made a ring in shop class with a better finish. That said, it’s so rewarding to make stuff yourself.

  335. dynamics says:

    her “””acting””””” is cringe af

  336. LisaH says:

    Shes weird lol

  337. DajDaDonDada says:

    Lmao girl y’all are not that famous…..

  338. Trash Head says:

    She Looks like a bitch

  339. Max Gibson says:

    she went to my high school

  340. Mahmoud Hourani says:

    Fuck Israel free Palestine

  341. Celeste Midolo says:

    Can someone explain me what a smelted ring is?

  342. Whiskey and Cigarettes says:

    This made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for her. She isn’t a good guest.

  343. Sir Omen says:

    Who the fuck is this bitch anyways …

  344. iThomas says:

    I THOUGHT this was a 12 or 13 yr old till I read the title over

  345. JJ says:

    The valley girl voice…

  346. Sara Rodriguez says:

    Why are people coming at her like dam let her live. She amazing and beautiful.

  347. Kevin Smith says:

    Emily is so gorgeous, sexy, hot & beautiful. I can never understand why all the best girls are taken !! Sigh…….

  348. Global Warmhugs says:

    Yah, crazy that she doesn’t change, but feels pretty. #sooutoftouch #model #smrt

  349. FemBot says:

    Friends of mine made their own rings. The husband bought all the equipment, bought the platinum and made them. Super cool!

  350. FreeSpirit xoxo says:


  351. ps13215033 says:

    Don’t know who she is, but she is hot af. Would Mute her tho

  352. Adib BehrooziTV says:

    This is fake as fuck

  353. Indira Passadores says:

    I really don’t find her so pretty as every believes she is…

  354. Mario712145 says:

    She’s beautiful.

  355. Henna Sahota says:


  356. Stef with an F says:

    She’s not naked oh my god I’m shooketh

  357. San Set says:

    Wasn’t she Gibby’s girlfriend?

  358. Martina Ceroni says:

    That acting scene was CRINGY, I think she’s gorgeous but not that great of an actress, boring interview btw

    • Don’t Worry About it says:

      She is hideous! Not gorgeous at all

    • Robin VM says:

      She acts like an average person who has zero experience in acting. She’s not a gifted actress, but she’s not TERRIBLE. I finished acting school, trust me I know how cringy acting looks like lol, I’ve seen things. She just needs to practice more. Regarding the interview, it is look a little bit awkward and tryhardish, no doubt about that. But why all the hate and negativity? She could’ve been nervous or have anxiety. Her Vogue 73 questions interview for e.g. was much more natural and easygoing than of the majority of celebrities.

    • Salvador says:

      She look like a ostrich

    • James Huffmar says:

      #FEMINISM: an ugly & FAT woman hits her stupid head and starts thinking she is beautiful :O

  359. gabrielle de la rosa says:

    she has clothes on!

  360. sportagus3 says:

    Gibby ain’t gonna like this.

  361. 5Bigfoots says:

    Yeah I don’t think anyone knew who this girl is. She is someone unheard of promoting a movie that not very many people will see. Of course this all seemed lukewarm

  362. Callum H says:

    Every celebrity after making a ‘joke’ – “yeah, no…”

  363. Cosmo Kramer says:

    I would give my left toe thumb to be her husband for a day

  364. Julien Aziza says:

    Sounds like when the director pitched to her the movie she said “wow, awesome I’m in”. That movie pitch sounds as interesting as she is lol

  365. Keller Vid’s says:

    Most beautiful woman alive

  366. Dani Elen Rique says:

    She looks like Victoria Justice!

  367. melissa saint says:

    Wow, those pants look soooo uncomfortable

  368. Sean Williams says:


  369. Luis Antonio Santiago-Ramirez says:

    She’s been ran through and he still wifed it. “Gold star jimmy big gold star”-Al Pacino

  370. Myke Kelli says:

    Thought it was ganna say smelted what they had dealted

  371. sa:sha peace says:

    “whatever your idea of beauty is”
    hmmm… you

  372. Steph Gutièrrez says:

    I found so mesmerizing the facts her features are ugly yet she is pretty

  373. Pheonia Belle says:

    Boring. His jokes are so dry. The poor audiance, they sound like someone is prompting them to laugh.

  374. nhlpa17 says:

    Guy clearly was desperate to lock her down. I predict misery.

  375. JJGalz says:

    She’s really weird looking

  376. Lydia Lomelin says:

    she looks better with her clothes on…

  377. Lintang Calista says:

    I thought it said they smelled their rings

  378. Jess & Georgia says:

    Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a great day!
    I’m new to YouTube and would love it if you could go to my channel and check out the video I posted for my girlfriends Birthday. Go show her some love. Any support would be amazing. Thankyou!

  379. Israel Sixtos says:

    I came here for the boobs.

  380. Erica Ramirez says:

    Ok this may sound weird but she kinda looks different in person than her Instagram lol

  381. Jake G says:

    Is this the bitch who had her titties out in the Blurred Lines video?? Lmao who let her on the show

  382. Dante says:

    Amy Schumer “the best” bull shit

  383. Vien Le says:

    Tear that shit up

  384. Tenet says:

    Getting married in a freaking white tracksuit? Not even slavs do that shit.

  385. dhimas gusy says:

    Was she on the Oneplus commercial? Damn

  386. Iktaj Bhinder says:

    She looks like that classic russian chic in uniform that plays a medical role in a soviet army in a war themed movie

  387. Christina Fred says:

    Loved the wedding ring. It does sound better to make your own.

  388. EVILDEAD says:

    I love her! She is gorgeous!

  389. rylee mock says:

    She’s so gorgeous it bothers me😭

  390. Noisy Ship says:

    Check out the Noisy ship band on our channel!

  391. Mama Bear says:

    Not sure why I find her unlikeable. 😕

  392. Bauman says:


  393. Noisy Ship says:

    I met two girls before that look exactly like her, just didn’t get their Facebook or number cause their boyfriend’s were jealous about them talking to me

  394. Snake_whisperer says:

    Who the fuck is she?

  395. Hanna Danielle says:

    What waist????

  396. Igor Schmidlapp says:

    The shortened title threw me… they smelt WHAT? their buttholes? OR COURSE I had to click…

  397. Liyte Bulb says:

    They should replace Fallon with Pratt tbh( have you seen him hosting on kimmel ).They shouldn’t have fired Conan and replaced him with jimmy.

  398. KK says:

    WHO CARES???

  399. tranche2pain says:

    In 20 years she gon look like Donatella Versace

  400. SDPRZ says:

    One of the most overrated celebrities out there

  401. Super Skrull says:

    Big TITS

  402. Steve27775 says:

    They smelled their own rings? Oh, smelted.

  403. BrotoSwaggins says:

    I just didn’t expect that voice for her

  404. Ellie Reynoso says:

    Her voice 😩♥️

  405. MFO says:

    She is so dumb and boring and she knows it. Hence why she is always undressed.

  406. Keep Fighting says:

    I hate the accent from girls in Cali

  407. 17 Sailo says:

    No hate,but why is she popular? And again no hate,really

  408. Estela S. says:

    Who is she?

  409. Dream says:


  410. Aliana Wood says:

    I have seen lots of pictures of her, but have never heard her speak. I had no idea she was American. lol. I was totally expecting an Eastern European accent of some sort.

  411. jelena tesic says:

    She is not that pretty

  412. Overtone says:

    “i dont think she’s that great REEEEEEEEE”

  413. TheCuteMoi says:

    She’s beautiful but the interview was so boring

  414. Deepsikha Bhattacharjee says:

    The audience seems lost but i like her.

  415. Spjuthinator says:

    I would let her sit on my face as many times as she pleases

  416. Te Ka says:

    Would you marry a girl who showed naked boobs to whole world, seriously?

  417. Chill Patrol says:

    I Feel Pretty is basically Shallow Hal but in reverse…

  418. deactivated says:


  419. deactivated says:


  420. Sarmad. says:

    Sure she’s genetically blessed but MY GOSH, the woman is boring

  421. Anastasia A says:

    Her last name is a whole new type of complicated like damn I thought my last name was complicated

  422. Maria Kocurowska says:

    She Polish? 🔥❤️

  423. Hysterik3o6 says:

    Smelted their own rings?! Omg, that man is WINNING!
    He got that fine ass on LOCK DOWN after that romantic shit. Damn.
    Take notes, fellas.

  424. kugell45 says:

    but for real though. everytime I see her in some interview, I ask why is she a celebrity? What did she actually do in life that she’s famous?

  425. Czecher86 says:

    how long it will last..the wedding

  426. PrincessRiners says:

    how could people not notice a mustard yellow suit LOL

  427. Rohit Naik says:

    Met her dream man JUST after a break up and within 2 months she marries a new one ….TRue love does exist ….$$$ TRUE LOVE$$$

  428. Jazmin Bailey says:

    Instagram makes ppl seem so much more interesting.

  429. Kemal Beyaztas says:

    Go on her Instagram.. You won’t be disappointed

  430. bob thorton says:

    so its like shallow hal but backwards? lmao

  431. Mhonchumi kikon says:

    She is so gorgeous 😍

  432. TheBlazinfury says:

    with her last name….i always thought she had an accent :/ but she does not

  433. phenomenalwoman6111 says:


  434. Gutter_Witch says:

    who is this person

  435. bethany Larenee says:

    strange?…. not as pretty when she not naked

  436. Rodrigo Ramirez says:

    Yo, that’s Gibby’s girlfriend

  437. AC DC says:

    She looks like a lizard, never got why She is so praised for how She looks

  438. Lila Schmitt says:

    add briefly direct rnhbfv resume end back input native silent

  439. Arquivo Secreto says:
  440. Thett Project says:

    The way she talks, her facial expressionssssdc ugh, can she be more annoying

  441. Bradlee297 says:

    Who is she?


    Oh it’s Emily Ratatouille! Darn, auto-correct

  443. Jay Z says:

    Who even is she

  444. Just Sayin says:

    we love you Emily Rathlajlsdjflksadjflkjlfjasdfj;

  445. Hano Ali says:

    Throwback to iCarly 😅

  446. Milk Carton Podcast says:

    where is Jimmy’s wedding ring??

  447. Iron Fan says:

    I know it’s low hanging fruit, but she said “Blowterch”. xD

  448. JoRoWi83 says:

    Gone Girl…. all you need to know

  449. Jo Bic says:

    Wait, she’s taken? fml….

  450. Nimzo25 says:

    She stayin in the city for the weekend?

  451. b0zina says:

    I don’t think she’s beautiful….

  452. ReverentGhost says:

    was the crowd asleep?

  453. Kingwoods says:

    It’s good that’s she beautiful, because she’s dumb as shit.

  454. Anton Goode says:

    Its like I’m looking at DUA LIPA and VICTORIA JUSTICE and VICTORIA BECKHAM at the same time

  455. bowtie345 says:

    Why do people think she’s so gorgeous. She has a great body and she’s like pretty, but I just don’t see that she’s so out of this world beautiful

    • Audra Davis says:

      @b kelly She has an incredible body. Not many women are blessed with a body like hers. She is absolutely gorgeous and obviously the modeling industry agrees. Anyone who takes the time to comment on how “ugly” they think a famous model is, clearly had insecurities of their own.

    • Audra Davis says:

      @b kelly Let’s see a picture of you.

    • b kelly says:

      @Audra Davis lol her nose is huge and her eyebrows are gross and bushy

    • b kelly says:

      @Audra Davis lol no they are not. Lol! She looks like a kid and she is anorexic and bulimic

    • 로라 [Laura] says:

      bowtie345 You most likely won’t be able to attract a girl that’s as pretty as her😂

  456. Franz says:

    There wasnt much to talk about…

  457. its steph says:

    blow terch

  458. John Fultz says:


  459. TBiRD network says:

    what a personality on this one!!! pure talent!! what character and charisma!!!

  460. Dominik O'Callaghan says:


  461. CusWeAre says:

    They’ll be divorced in 5 years.

  462. purplefashion03 says:

    She’s just not beautiful and any woman can take their clothes off. Next.

  463. GR3G says:

    Most beautiful, biggest crush forever

  464. Alex Steel says:


  465. Tal Moore says:

    She’s easy on the eyes.

  466. Alexandra Nicolescu says:

    I feel like they don’t really know each other.

  467. R James says:

    Serious question wtf does she do and why is she on the show??

  468. Pamela Konjevod says:

    I do really feel her and her hubby would be a cool gang to hang out…little weirdos….I hope more of them are out there

  469. GriffShan says:

    Who else thinks she’d be really dumb?

  470. Michael Donald Pietrzak says:

    She is fine as fuck

  471. рустам маганов says:

    Соска нереальная

  472. David Heaven says:

    Oh Man!! Am i glad that i was born in the 80s!! 😉 I saw & witnessed real Celebrities on TV. you saw celebrities from the 30s until the 90s.

  473. Joe Dickson says:

    She’s not very relatable not a fan

  474. Adela Saunders says:

    i finally know how to pronounce her name now.. haha

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  476. Atef says:

    Hehehe, Amy Schumer is the best my ass

  477. Lisa N. says:

    I’ve never really understood why celebrities don’t get their teeth fixed. She never smiles in her pictures so this is the first time I’ve noticed how messed up her teeth are. No shade- just saying.

  478. Ryan Marshall says:

    I feel like the only people here calling her beautiful and “perfect” are women. She’s really not that great.

    • Ryan Marshall says:

      Ya I get why people would say that about her but to me she’s like pseudo-hot not like genuinely. Btw just about any girl will get comments like that online.

    • Francisca de Vasconcelos Pinto says:

      I get that you’d think that, but I speak, at least, for the men around me and they are crazy about her! Check her Insta account, you’ll see the comments! Even the likes, she has around 18 million followers and gets more than a mil likes per post, which is not that usual for that amount of followers. A lot from men.

    • Ryan Marshall says:

      That pic was from like 5 years ago lol. I’m not a teenager anymore

    • the truthh says:

      Ryan Marshall *lmao bruh you look like a hobo*

  479. weenermeat says:

    2:57 BlowTERCH

  480. Alshan Husain says:

    Fucking delicious she is

  481. glamour Welt says:

    Her personality is so much better than hailey baldwin

  482. Floppy Bird says:

    why would you marry a woman
    whose full naked body can be found on Google within 5 seconds?

  483. tired says:

    When I first saw her in a movie I thought she looked pretty unusual. And I still think she has a unique face but now I feel like she’s one of the baddest actresses ever.

  484. ben sumen says:

    And we still see her naked

  485. Phil Rogers says:

    You go girl..Emily so her

  486. The Theory of Everything says:

    What happened to her lips? 🙄🙄

  487. Kislay Kunal says:

    I’d rather make babies with her …

  488. Psych Makiio says:

    One of the most stunning girls on this planet

  489. Ilovethevangos says:

    She’s so hot

  490. Jaclyn Callista says:

    she’s so pretty and kind.

  491. Big Doinks says:

    I follow her on Instagram.

  492. farah says:

    Her acting is not acting as she is just playing herself in the movie.

  493. Ash A says:

    This was dumb bring Cardi back

    • La la la says:

      Ash A 😂😂😂😂 THIS was dumb but you want Cardi back? Cardi is illiterate and borderline retarded. At least Emily has beauty, and NATURAL beauty at that.

  494. akaalex97 says:

    Woah Emily kind of looks different with clothes on

  495. Mery says:

    Why are people saying she has a big head? I don’t quite see it

  496. Brandon Of The Leaf says:

    The iCarly star that could

  497. Grace Watson says:

    She looks like someone gave her some bad drugs in the thumbnail🙄

  498. Bertin Freckmann says:

    She´s soooo cuuuuute !!!

  499. Lelemonster says:


  500. Anthony Vincent says:

    Looks like that clip was of her and Nick Swardson

  501. ExtraEpicGamer says:

    I love when people expect a reaction from the audience and get absolute zero

  502. Ultimate games says:

    Love her

  503. Nova Quinn says:

    is she a model?

  504. Fabri says:


  505. Prohn says:

    I really have the biggest crush on her for no reason

  506. Superhero Buzz says:

    and she will divorce soon lol

  507. Josh Lucero says:

    What a dud

  508. erg wdg says:

    Tough crowd . They usually laugh at the simplest shit damn not even jimmy laughed

  509. Sana Amjad says:

    There is no heart or feelings in this interview. Thats why its off

  510. Honeymagmangospoof says:

    Why does her story feel too good to be true? Part of it sounds fake and made up

  511. Karthik sritharan says:

    Gibbys girlfriend from icarly

  512. cal_ ypso says:

    Wow I Love her voice😂

  513. Peachy Peppa says:

    So it’s basically Shallow Hall …….

  514. Peter File says:

    The fuck is “smelted”?

  515. H Mel says:

    I would smelt her ring

  516. SqueeBopBadoo says:

    For some reason if you’re an attractive person you GOTTA carry yourself like you always know it. Insecurities (being a normal human) will get you lynched if you’re attractive like Emily & myself 😏. Quite frankly people are animals and think in simplistic patterns. People expect beauty to act pompous, sad. Give my babygirl here a break! You hideous envious trolls

  517. HΛYΛBUSΛ says:

    Lucky man!

  518. bluemoonastronaut says:

    I couldn’t stand thugs interview for more then 2 min

  519. Shannon says:

    i thought it was nina dobrev in the thumbnail 😂😂

  520. Donna October says:

    For some reason, I find this very cringy.

  521. vegangirl says:

    She reminds me of a meerkat

  522. Doctor Apo says:

    Che fregna

  523. Terrestrial_Bullitt_5373N says:

    She was insanely hot in “Gone Girl.” damn Batman!

  524. ModerateGiant X says:

    Who is she?

  525. breqthins says:

    OMG,she is dressed😂😅

  526. crymeadinner says:

    3:01 Ugliest. Ring. Evah. Looks like a ring from Bronze age.

  527. Whitely says:

    Look at us we are so alternative with our melted rings

  528. sepehr 13730 says:

    Fuck amy schumer

  529. Thugasaurus Rex says:

    Forged, not smelted.

  530. eva farhat says:

    Boring to watch . . .

  531. Isild B says:

    Why did they invite her? What is she famous for, apart from constant stripping off her clothes?? She’s not a SUPERMODEL (like once were Cindy, Christy or Naomi) she is not interesting, not charismatic at all. They should at least invite someone, who has Personality, and not just body.

  532. gizel brown says:

    OMG did you guys know that this girl has done one movie and didn’t even acted well simply just known for Instagram posts vacation and her boobs, not worth the full watch,
    geey so boring , and laame..

  533. Alex P says:

    One of the most gorgeous Juventini out there!

  534. manguy2000 says:

    This kind of ridiculous wedding ceremony is precisely why gay marriage is now legal. If so many heteros have degraded the institution so much plus all the contraception and pre marital sex, they would be hypocrites to say no to gay marriage.

  535. Mister Mars says:

    She has clothes?

  536. Hari Putra Senjaya says:

    What a lucky husband .

  537. Max Mustermann says:

    It’s so weird to see her dressed…

  538. nobody survives even one bit says:

    remember when she…..

  539. BRUH 6972 says:

    Too much clothes.

  540. James Burty says:

    She is stunning

  541. a person says:

    I heard “Amy Schumer” and threw up a little in my mouth.

  542. Joshua 1 says:

    Who the fuck would leave her

  543. Bella llavhyosha says:

    She’s perfect 😍

  544. MrXelium says:

    Who’s this?

  545. XX XX says:

    For a moment i thought she was Anfisa aka The Russian Gold Digger from “90 day fiance” lol

  546. Matthew Garnham says:

    Emily Rat-teeth-jowski

  547. Maxwell Kimamo says:

    simple and low key. i think she rocks!!

  548. Dad Boss says:

    I want her! Now.

  549. Joel & Lia says:

    She’s beautiful!

  550. Jujhar Bling says:

    her tits ❤❤❤

  551. sarcamstic says:

    “SMELTED” ??? Dafuq ! I’m french and I know that it’s smelt !

  552. Tristan Robertson says:

    Experiment orange most lfkkel off privilege naturally church directly.

  553. LF Drumming says:

    What’s she from? I’ve seen her before but I can’t remember where or in what.

  554. JXMES VGHN says:

    I must be the only guy who doesn’t find her attractive whatsoever

  555. Najvals says:

    Weird seeing her clothed.

  556. syed Naimatullah says:

    so many hearts broken

  557. k tab says:

    Idk that much about her, but she’s clearly nervous in this interview. Hasn’t done this type of press/media that much maybe? Guess she’s still pursuing the acting thing. I wish you the best Emily, but it’s going to be a rough time for you judging by that clip. Partly because of the Amy Schumer eternal cringe, but mostly because of the cliche plot. Either way, get that paycheck.

  558. K1OKEVA ِ says:

    Damn she got a loong neck

  559. K1OKEVA ِ says:

    Emily Ratatatata

  560. Svvet Lana says:


  561. Simplyhyesu says:

    She’s so chill, I love her 😂

  562. Ruta J. says:

    So skinny

  563. John Goldsby says:

    She a doll. Happy she had and enjoyed her weird marriage.

  564. mahesawri uma says:

    Good girl

  565. Bunrany Heng says:

    emily always reminds me of anne hathaway

  566. murry001 says:

    Emilys boobs. That is all. That is all you need to know

  567. Bangerz Radio says:

    Someone in her family threw that “J” in her last name jus for spite lol

  568. Sergeant. says:


  569. PlasticRevolver Bee says:

    Kendal jenner?

  570. Næp Sæck says:

    Smelted? Isn’t it melted?

  571. erlich says:

    hottest girl alive today

  572. Reema AA says:

    When i saw the thumbnail I literally thought she was 13.

  573. jerome sri says:

    Does not look like a pleasant person..but still hot af

  574. itsshebeth says:

    She so gorgeous 😍😍

  575. Andrea Munoz says:

    Why are people so rude???

    • Michele Ferreira says:

      Andrea Munoz i cant understand as well :/

    • Moody Bloom says:

      Andrea Munoz lol you are so delusional. Do you honestly think that every person who doesn’t like another is dissatisfied with their own life/appearance? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion . Ever heard of 1st amendment – the right to talk shit if they choose to? Sounds more like a personal issue of yours than anything. So now you on youtube trying to spread “love” . Lol get over it 🙄😂

    • Andrea Munoz says:

      Moody Bloom 1. I only replied to like 2 comments 2. At least I’m defending someone whereas you are just spreading hate because you’re dissatisfied in your own life

    • Moody Bloom says:

      Andrea Munoz same way you taking your time to respond to EVERY comment on here 🙂

    • Andrea Munoz says:

      Moody Bloom what a way to waste your time and energy.

  576. Stephen Anna Marydas says:

    This was extremely awkward

  577. Rachel Fernandes says:

    Did anyone else find this interview.. off?

  578. TimGray says:

    It’s like the audience isn’t even there haha

  579. team 89er says:

    Her husband ? this is boring to watch

  580. ErosLikesGames says:

    She has a husband? 😣😭

  581. MikeeYo says:

    lol @ people with random profile pictures calling her ugly.

    • crymeadinner says:

      MikeeYo Bastards. If somebody has humongous head it doesn’t automatically imply that person in question is ugly.

  582. Lizzie's Lukas says:

    All internet dwellers exist in 2013 have seen her tits and vag in black and white

  583. Hayhee says:

    At least you find yourself interesting

  584. Al Gale says:

    My wife and I are always arguing. Just because I dont wash the clothes once in a while, make dinner, sleep with other women etc. you know.. Small stuff.

    I Really feel like leaving her. Last Night she got mad at me for coming home drunk with some lipstick on me, and she actually yeled at me.. probably mentally ill or something haha.

  585. Mariana Ruiz says:

    Why is she famous?

  586. Glorious Mustache says:

    Who the fuck is this chick, what the fuck is she famous for and why is she on a fucking talk show?

  587. TheLoneWolf says:

    Why is everyone obsessed with her in the comments?

  588. armancz says:

    See girls, you don’t need to study, learn and develop new skills or apparently even read, all you need is look pretty, flash your vag and tits and you will be a celebrity!


  589. saary Sal says:

    Can you please translate Arabic?

  590. crymeadinner says:

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty and all but her head is just too big. I’ll pass.

  591. K P says:


  592. Sunny Singh says:

    Her bod is insaneeee

  593. I’m crying in a corner While i count my money says:

    The only thing a girl deserves
    Is a over the top Uber expansive ring 💔
    But I ain’t marrying nobody

  594. Brown Fitterman says:

    She is jewish and it is a huge sin for her to be married to a gentile

  595. seven says:

    Long winded nothing of a story. Mrs. “I got married to spite my ex” would think a dude she just met making her a paper clip ring is romantic. They’ll be divorced this time next year. Her interview was awkward af. Why was it necessary to say the man was Israeli? Lol. She’s fake woke she was about to do an impression of the man

  596. Jazib says:

    bruh what is good with these dead ass fuckin audiences, will it kill ya to give some sort of reaction at all

  597. Haley K says:

    Lol shes an adorable human

  598. ItsLebeau says:

    Am I the only who think she’s extremely ugly…?

    Didn’t know my opinion offended so many people, but then it’s the internet so everyone wants to feel important! 😂

    • Farhiya A says:

      ItsLebeau She’s really pretty.

    • Audra Davis says:

      Interesting because the modeling agencies seem to disagree.

      Unless you want to post pictures of yourself to be judged by others, I would suggest keeping your negative comments about her looks to yourself.

      There is really no reason for your post. It’s rude and quite immature.

      Looking at her features and her figure, she is gorgeous. How anyone doesn’t see that is beyond me.

    • Avril Vadillo says:

      The other day I saw her in that movie with Zack Efron and I was like, she was prettier before. I see her kinda uggly now. I get You. (I Do believe she has a body to die for)

    • crymeadinner says:

      She’s definitelly not ugly, far from it but does she have giant head? Si, senor.

    • Hashanthi Ekanayake says:

      ItsLebeau fair enough that’s your opinion but I don’t think it’s nice to leave a comment saying someone is ugly on a video of them but anyway whatever

  599. devansh jayant says:

    Married model

  600. TaiwansBeast says:

    Gone girl

  601. Krish Gambill-Read says:

    Not first

  602. AtomicKitten666 says:

    she’s a selfish, greedy hoe, let’s call a spade a spade … Pretty, sure, but a hoe. And I can’t stand her… Ugh… :/

  603. Nilav Saikia says:

    Not first

  604. Khalil Arzengani says:

    Most beautiful creature

  605. V Anirudh says:

    She’s so pretty!

  606. Anaxx James says:

    Am i the only one that thinks married emily is a mistake, like did you see her husband? :SS

  607. John Mitchelson says:

    Why is she famous? What does she do besides getting naked?