Engagement Ring Diamond Size Comparisons for All Shapes: Oval, Round, Princess, Cushion & More

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Diamond Size Comparison on Hand Finger and Engagement Ring
Carat Sizes: 1 Carat, 2 Carat, 3 Carat, 4 Carat, 0.5 ct, 0.75 ct, 1.5 ct, 1/2 ct, .99 ct, 1.25 ct, 3/4 ct, 1.75, 2.5, 4 Ct.

Engagement Ring Shapes: Round, Princess or Square, Cushion, Oval, Asscher, Emerald, Radiant, Marquise, Heart, Pear


In this video we will do a side by side engagement ring diamond size and shape comparison on the hand or finger. First we compare the different shapes at each size. Then we compare different sizes with each shape. I give you price comparisons from both brick and mortar stores and an online jewelry retailer that I will link to below. All along giving you different tips and tricks to save on quality diamond engagement rings.

Before we move on you can see with this 1 Carat Marquise cut diamond from Kay Jewelers like other brick and mortar Jewelry stores you’d pay $15,900 but if you buy the same quality diamond from the link below this video you would only pay $5,260.

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162 responses to “Engagement Ring Diamond Size Comparisons for All Shapes: Oval, Round, Princess, Cushion & More”


    Yes diamond is precious ❤️

  2. Pat Pat Moo Moo says:

    04:35 :))

  3. Daddy I D says:

    Have a question about the emerald cut. What should I expect to get on spending between $5-7000?

  4. Jou says:

    What is the model’s finger size, please ?

  5. Annie says:

    I’d love to see this on a smaller finger. As a size 4 even some 1ct stones look ridiculous on me 😇😂

  6. Whippy99 says:

    When we decided to get married, my now husband couldn’t afford an engagement ring as we ploughed all our money into buying a little house. We both turned 60 last year and my husband bought me a beautiful round diamond (with halo) platinum engagement ring. Honestly the most romantic experience of my entire life!

  7. 龍Kin shun Sharon lung sha sha says:


  8. Monique Lehnhardt says:

    I thought I wanted a oval but now aim leaning to a round. I have a very lovely diamond wedding band with three rows of round and rectangular diamonds. I’m thinking a 2 carat round would look better with it.

  9. sonal patel says:

    Expansive ! Full Hand Finger

  10. Peter Griffin says:

    Kay is a scam loooooollll

  11. Crystal Hiscock says:

    When my boyfriend ask me to marry him I will not care what size my ring will be all the matter is my love for him 😍

  12. E Rivers says:

    When can we communicate? DM me please.

  13. Oppo Oppo says:


  14. lang chou says:


  15. lang chou says:


  16. snappin says:

    you lost me at cows

  17. Sucheta Saha says:

    What is your Indian price

  18. LangBellsChannel says:

    I want a 3Ct heart cut diamond with a rosegold band.

  19. Johanna Alzona says:

    I was given a 1 ct round diamond for our engagement. Its the most beautiful diamond ive ever seen. From up close and from afar

  20. Margarita Martinez says:


  21. ginni p says:

    Oval 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. mimi rich says:

    Diamonds are still a girls best friend. I have been wearing mine for thirty years. Compare that to how many cars you will own. Diamond still a bargain. Gives you joy every time you wear and it can always be handed it down.

    Sinerely, retired diamond sales NYC

  23. Justin Hopkins says:

    Or, you could just get a colored stone, which are much more beautiful and rare. Be different.

  24. brian says:

    Moissanite is in diamonds are out

  25. Joyce Mimi says:

    Normally how much is the oval brilliant cut clarity K 2ct with equality I1?

  26. Christina Delrio says:


  27. Slash111111 says:

    Your the guy from body language understanding.

  28. blakris says:

    why do you present 2 prices for the same diamond??

    • Terry Tran says:

      He’s comparing similar diamonds based on the 4 C’s…the top is from Kay Jewelers and the bottom is from James Allen

  29. Kelly Wilder says:

    It’s really hard to see the rings and the brilliance of the diamonds with how far the camera is zoomed out. We don’t need to see those giant claws— we don’t care. Zoom in a bit.

  30. greenshp says:

    Rick, I appreciate – as a woman – your comments about a diamond ring representing the woman’s worth. However your history is a little skewed. The American custom of engagement rings really goes back to the custom of Anglo-Saxons (early Middle Ages) and “bride price”. This was a sum of goods or silver given to a bride by the groom. It was not a dowery – which is something given to her family as payment for her. This was something that went either directly to the bride upon the wedding, or was given to a close male relative who then passed it to her. This was something valuable so that in the event the man deserted her (and children), abused her badly, or died, she would have some property with which to help herself. It was a sort of insurance against a bad marriage or irresponsible husband, or his death (although his brothers would also be responsible for her in that case, if he had any). The value of the bride price reflected her social status (and his) but also his willingness to see that she be taken care of no matter what. Today this law – and it was Anglo-Saxon law as well as custom – is remembered in the form of a ring. In the event the husband dies or marriage is dissolved, the ring can be sold and the “price” used to help the woman’s financial well-being. This custom of the engagement ring that grew in the UK and America eventually spread to continental Europe and the rest of the world. (Interestingly, the Anglo-Saxon groom also gave the bride a “morning gift” – more valuable goods or silver, upon consummation of the marriage.)

  31. Kelsey K says:

    The 4 ct Oval is stunning. I’d say yes immediately. Also love the 2.5 Pear but would prefer a 3.5 or 4 ct. Think those shapes look stunning on small hands with slim, long fingers.

  32. RomanticRosebud says:

    My sister’s is a 1 carat princess cut

  33. Sueli Antunes says:


  34. Diane Carolle Ntumba says:

    Thank you so much now I know I should go for Radiant 😍 instead of emerald

  35. sugarplumfairy20101 says:

    I love emerald cut but you’re right is not as shiny as the other forms. I will leave emerald for other stones and for diamonds definitely radiant!

  36. h says:

    Is there any website you recommend to pay for what you’re actually getting?

  37. Darth Vader says:

    where are you located Rick? thanks for the information.

  38. Dilara ŞİMŞEK says:

    Çok güzel, ben de beğendim bir tane, Sevgilim alacak bana.

  39. Beau Lancaster says:

    Wow i want one for my love doll not for human girl

  40. Miss Cadets says:

    All you could see was moving hand, nails & no diamond detail. Great info tho!!

  41. Marina C says:

    I don’t know who to believe. I was ready to purchase our rings online after reviewing your content; even though we found something at a brick and mortar store. Only to further research and the jeweler was saying don’t buy from the link you provided or Blue Nile; now I’m confused and don’t know who to believe.

  42. Teddy Kurniawan says:

    Radiant and Brillianr-Round cuts please

  43. Coco Rolon says:

    I have so much to learn. Imagine you paying thousands and is a cheap diamond 💎🤦🏾‍♀️

  44. Alpha Girl says:

    Give me that 4 carat cushion cut masterpiece!!!!

  45. raincouverrr says:

    What’s the model’s finger size?

  46. fauxhawkmullet says:

    D FL triple E Florence: none. The perfect D diamond!

  47. Geria Wright says:

    Cows and diamonds, lol.

  48. Jacob Turner says:

    Do you recommend any lab grown diamond companies?

  49. Glamour Bella says:

    I love Emerald cut, it’s breathtaking. My engagement ring is an Emerald 😄

  50. Sandra Mullen says:

    Emerald is my fav, then asscher. Xxx

  51. CiscoRock says:

    #metoo Women should buy diamonds for men. End the oppression.

  52. N says:

    Cushion 2 carat looks noice

  53. Mariah Heard says:

    How is it possible for online stores to sell them for so much cheaper? I understand you’re paying for the brand in big stores but what else is it?

  54. Jack Phillson says:

    If a diamond with a poor cut grade looks the same size as one with an excellent cut grade but the bigger one is a lot cheaper than the one with the good cut grade than why not get the bigger one? (assuming you don’t care about the sparkle) I mean you can’t really say that someones getting ripped off if you don’t know the numbers.

  55. Naz Kon says:

    Those nails are so ugly the stones just disappear

  56. Yane Pena says:

    Regular gold ring. From Tiffanys

  57. Lorraine G says:

    I’m not a fan of the round cause they’re too expensive and not my style but, I need that sparkle! So I’ve been doing my research and making ring styles but am still torn on what to get. What would shape would come next after round for most sparkle? From most to least. PLEASE HELP!!!

  58. animal lover says:

    Why can online places sell what you say are the exact same (basically) stone for thousands less? I understand brick and mortar stores have overhead, etc., but saving $21k or more for some????? Doesn’t seem ……legit?

    • E Dennis says:

      Jewelry stores charge from 200% up to 800% markup; it’s their choice. Costco only charges a 4% markup, at least they used to. So you see, there’s a huge spread; it’s buyer beware.

  59. Arona 44 says:

    Would Emerald or Radiant Be Stupid To Put On A Chanel Setting?

  60. NewFriends&DatingItUp YupYup says:

    I’d be really happy with the 4 CT cushion cut or radiant cut. The princess cut would be my third pick. Hate round cuts.

  61. BigBootyHoooe says:

    What is the ring finger size??

  62. elton rivera says:

    Too bad I can’t afford 2.5 ct diamonds 😂😂😂

  63. Agung Taruna says:

    I have some diamond jewelry legacy from my mom around 50 year old, maybe about 4 ct totally. I want to sell, who want to buy, I live in Jakarta Indonesian, thank you

  64. Jamie Ridge says:

    If anyone pays $15,000 for a 1 carat D VVS theyre sadly uneducated

  65. Emme Elle says:

    I just want to know what size the band is

  66. Marcy Miller says:

    A diamonds beauty is the sparkle, not the shape.

    • Zinc Well says:

      I disagree, I hated round diamonds until I saw August vintage old European cuts. You can also make fingers look slimmer with an elongated shape like a marquise versus a cushion or princess cut

    • Carlo Ando says:

      Hilda J i

    • Jamie Ridge says:

      I agree, but I think its neat that there can be hearts and arrows round and cushion diamonds, and the brilliance and sparkle of antique cuts is so unique as well!!! They all are lovely. Just depends on personal preference 🙂

    • Marcy Miller says:

      Hilda J and that’s priceless.

    • Hilda J says:

      Yea, but I think the shape matters a little bit too. I honestly don’t like round diamond even if they sparkle more. I was happy when my husband got me a princess cut.

  67. NikkiNicole Hernandez1026 says:

    I’m torn between round and princess cut

  68. Mandy Waynick says:

    What is the models ring size? That is important when looking at karat sizes

    • Jade Duncan says:

      Mandy Waynick I think he said in a different video a size 6 but I could be wrong

    • Jamie Ridge says:

      Carat size wont accurately tell you size a lot of times usually. The inclusions, cut, and other info will have a lot to do with it too- in case you didnt know:) ive seen 1 carats cut really deep that only look like half carats and vice versa!

  69. Hail Satan says:

    Diamonds are overpriced and useless rocks.

    • Tranquility says:

      I agree. What ppl dont know is, they are A. Not rare. That was the biggest lie the diamond industry led us to believe. And B. They have zero value upon resale, a store might give you 75 bucks for a 2,000.00 or more ring.
      Go to Etsy and consider a non diamond for an engagement ring. The most durable stones are, sapphires, rubies and moissanite. Rubies are the same substance as sapphires, they are just called rubies due to their red color.
      Also, contrary to popular belief moisonnite are not fake diamonds. They are silicon carbide which is formed in the earth but in limited amounts.
      They are grown in a lab, and are identical to what the earth creates, the only difference is the location where the stone formed. They are a 9.5 on the Mohs scale. So, very durable for everyday wear just like sapphires.
      If you want a look similar to a diamond without the RIP off price tag, consider a white sapphire.
      But if a person has all of this knowledge, but yet they want to invest in something with no value, let them.

    • NikkiNicole Hernandez1026 says:

      @boimackhead YES, KEEP ON PREACHING IT !!!!! Finally someone who understands those who have the money can buy whatever the fuck they want. Even if they lack wealth, nothing wrong with saving up for a beautiful ring for your partner to wear all the time. 🤷‍♀️💕 I looove diamond rings. Far prettier than the fake ones 😂

    • boimackhead says:

      @NikkiNicole Hernandez1026 exactly. always call it a ‘poor persons response’ because honestly i’ve never heard a rich man complain about having to buy a diamond/diamonds for his girlfriend/wife/mistress

    • NikkiNicole Hernandez1026 says:

      @boimackhead thank you!!! Peope here have nerve and act as if they aren’t materalistic yet are the same people who splurge on the next Apple product, high end brand purses, expensive ass shoes and game stations. 🤷‍♀️

    • boimackhead says:

      so are many things in life but i’m sure you’d still waste your money on certain useless things if YOU wanted it
      you simply call diamonds useless rocks because you can’t afford one…

  70. Polaris Walls says:

    Question, what store do you recommend to get an accurate appraisal? I just bout a 3/5 carat Cushion online and I want verify it’s the quality I was sold.

  71. Nestor Cervantes says:

    At least cows are worth more than a sparkly piece of rock. Just my opinion.

    • shakhir r says:

      you must live in a village

    • Nestor Cervantes says:

      @boimackhead you can get some of that good milk and calf from it that you can sell or trade.

    • boimackhead says:

      @Nestor Cervantes by then the cow would be dead though wouldn’t it??

    • Jamie Ridge says:

      Well, it depends. Feeding a cow can get expensive lol.

    • NikkiNicole Hernandez1026 says:

      @Nestor Cervantes too bad you talked out of your ass. My partner wants to go all out with buying me a diamond ring, specifically a Tiffany Harmony set.

      He does so because he says I deserve a beautiful ring. One that I will wear 24/7 and always gaze at. One that I can happily show off to loved ones who ask. One that makes me think of how much my partner loves me for buying me a gorgeous ring because he WANTED to.

      So dare to say I don’t know what love when I been with him for 5 yrs, known him for 8, and have our careers lined up. We’re even planning the date we want to get married in court. Hell, don’t mean to sound prudish but we RARELY ever argue. If we do, we make up right away. We both value our future wedding rings so nice try assuming shit.

      Not all men are cheap, only boys are. Only a boy would spend less than 100 on a ring. But a man would go all out as much as he can for the ring of the woman he loves.

  72. 7389 says:

    This was very helpful thank you!

  73. holyhellitsautumn says:

    So do you only care about white diamonds?

  74. chempanda says:

    Why is it that smaller, dainty size also happens to be the cute looking? O_0

  75. Tiffany and Co. says:

    That 2.5 ct. Oval was breathtaking!

  76. Elvira Yazar says:

    I like obling cut

  77. Nathasha Tricta says:

    Thoughts on Lab Gown Diamonds?

    • shakhir r says:

      moissanites are better than lab grown diamonds because they sparkle like real diamonds and can sometimes be mistaken as a real diamond with a diamond tester. i’ve ordered supposed lab grown diamonds and sometimes it just looks like glass.

    • Jamie Ridge says:

      They can still technically be diamonds, but the re sale value is nothing. Dont buy into the expensive “real diamond,” alternative.

    • 44TJG says:

      Stay away, it’s not a diamond

    • Rick Buck says:

      Well. It just depends. People like the authenticity of a natural diamond. If you dont then just go as cheap as possible.

  78. Christine Rouse says:


  79. melinda counihan says:

    Where can we buy diamond rings from you

  80. Chris Kay says:

    What’s your Instagram name?!

  81. Justin Lao says:

    Hi, was wanting to know what one can look for in terms instead if “cut” for an oval diamond/What is the next criteria closely related to the “cut” for the oval shape. Thanks

    • Jamie Ridge says:

      Make sure your oval doesnt have any bow tie effect as well. That can be very unappealing depending on what you like. I personally feel a little color like a G is gorgeous on ovals. Going for something with minimal inclusions or atleast checking the inclusion patter is important as well.

    • Justin Lao says:


    • Baseline Dental Practice says:

      I explain it more in my oval diamond size comparison. You need a website that gives unofficial grades. I put it in the description of that video.

  82. Leora Cho says:

    Too bad… round diamonds are the least prettiest in my opinion

    • Hilda J says:

      Yea, I don’t like round ones. I know the shine the most and that almost made me tell my now husband that a round one would be nice too, but I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve always loved the princess one and I’m glad that’s the one he chose.

    • bb liu says:

      yes, i think round is too normal, almost all men buy a round diamond for proposal. i have no feeling towards round diamond. pear and heart are my favourite.

  83. luckyrabbit2 says:

    Gonna have to bite the bullet and get 2+ round, it just looks so amazing!

  84. OH NAH says:

    where is the Instagram link for Oval diamonds?

  85. daisyhinojosa23 says:

    I love the fancy cuts!! Marquise & emerald are my favorites 😙😍

  86. Wanyenze says:

    Emerald and radiant 🙋🏾‍♀️

  87. Mansi Arora says:

    What would you choose between marquise and asscher cut diamond?

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