Engagement Ring – How it’s Made

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In this video jeweller Bobby White hand makes a three stone engagement ring. The ring is made from platinum with a 3.50ct round brilliant cut centre diamond with two pear cut diamonds on the side. This engagement ring was made in London over three days.

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  1. Bj Martinez says:

    Bobby you’re hot 😍

  2. Victoria H. says:

    Thanks Maestro Bobby, so ADDICTIVE watching you work. I enjoy every aspect of jewelry design work, execution & completion. Your loft is “krack lin'” good. (I just made that up. Couldn’t think of a better descriptor.) What does Mum & Dad think of your Enterprise/Empire? Could you do a video on your Dad’s business? I believe you mentioned he’s in the biz. Enquiring minds want to know!! Love your artistry. Keep the vids comin’. Your fan in CA. 💌

    • Bobby White says:

      Glad your enjoying the videos. My mum and dad are proud of what I do. My dad wasn’t in jewelry, I am the first one in my business to do this. My brother Tommy joined me after. He is sometimes in the videos. My dad had scrap metal yards when I was a kid that was the closest link metal.

  3. nipa ahmed says:

    Sir ur work is amazing but u r not fully detailed about ur work.

  4. Alt+F4 says:

    I would buy this ring, but keep it xDD (if i had enough money)

  5. Ro Bey says:

    I’m amazed! I hope she said, YES! Absolutely a beautiful work of art. Breath Taking! 💎💍💖✨

  6. LaChelle Flood says:

    It’s an amazing piece!!

  7. Денис Реджепов says:


  8. mauro pereira da cruz says:

    Show de bola 😃

  9. Caz Russell says:

    This is something I’d love to do myself, have you got any helpful tips at all for someone who wants to get into this sort of business please? P.s your creations are beautiful!

  10. jthepickle7 says:

    Lovely. But not as satisfying as a well made wooden box.

  11. DreamBig I says:

    I or J colour

  12. Reena Singh says:


  13. Hiba Elia says:

    Is this going to really work????????????? What do you guys think 💭

  14. T J says:

    I wish I new someone with this kind of talent I need my very important wedding ring fixed…love your work

  15. Berenice Cúneo says:

    Muito lindo

  16. Mel James says:

    Was that oil on the saw blade? I’ve heard people use beeswax?

  17. Eckie Fleckie says:

    I’m having déjà vu watching this

  18. Anastasia Jones says:

    anastasia a rings for me

  19. Ms XY says:

    OMG This ring!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  20. martha klatik says:

    How much do you sell them for

  21. Sara Ierace says:

    I was wondering, do you make grooves in the bezel when your setting the stone, or is it flat? I’m trying to learn but I’ve never done stone setting before.

  22. boomer1954ful says:

    I like to see colored gemstone accents in an engagement ring. Lot to be said for that pop of ruby, sapphire, amethyst, or bright citrine next to a nice diamond!

  23. A. D. says:

    The music is incredibly loud and distracting. I want to see the ring being crafted without anything being taken from it.

  24. Suma says:

    *Man you do amazing work*

  25. Eduardo M says:

    The torch lighting thing lost its cool factor after about the 400th time.

  26. Gianna D'Christofaro says:

    Beautiful ring . Nice job .

  27. Lois Ray McInnis says:


  28. MrsOcie1 says:


  29. Kathryn Carter says:

    Looks awesome

  30. Mason Lalanne says:


  31. JJ24x7 says:

    before you think you can do this at home…. you can’t….

  32. Renae Rowena says:


  33. Tamora P says:

    XCLNT job!!

  34. Jason Smith says:

    I have the same style ring with a cushion cut yellow diamond in the center – classic

  35. Carolan Yu says:


  36. Wanessa Santos says:

    It’s wonderful! I accept. 🤭

  37. footyfan101ful says:

    How long does it take to make one ring?

  38. Alex Balbuena says:

    What is the metal made from?

  39. Kad G says:


  40. Feisty Vixen says:

    Can you make me one 🙂 😍

  41. Muhammad Chohan says:


  42. Arpan Ghosh says:

    Could u please tell what is the of it

  43. Morgan Olfursson says:

    Can you make any kind of ring or pendant if an order is placed to you ?
    There is one i really want but it doesn’t exist on the market. And since you are English and i live in the UK i thought , why not look for a local jewelry artist.

  44. Rosa Ortiz says:

    Its really pretty this ring loveit

  45. Нино Нинидзе says:

    I thought all should be done & the ring polished before the stones are pleced in…

  46. bellyisis says:

    For a rock that size I’d wish to have 6 prongs( I do & mine is only 1.5 pear solitaire). Great custom work

  47. Talha Adams says:

    this is called talent

  48. MaaHee says:

    U are truly talented..

  49. Juan Cervantes says:

    Love the video an the ring 😍 how much would a ring like this be $$$$

  50. Giebbie Serah says:

    Is he married? Asking for a friend

  51. J Mitch says:

    Hey is there any way you could tell me the specifications on the diamonds. I really like the ratio.

  52. Adam Ford says:

    I like. That’s a very nice ring

  53. Juragan Cantik says:

    Really beautiful

  54. Christina Perry says:

    Youre soo inspirational

  55. theguitarpicker says:

    Where does one go to learn how to do that?

  56. crochetcatcrafty says:

    What talent Mr. White has! I was wondering how long it took him to make this ring and I’m glad he told us. Amazing, just amazing.

  57. Drama Addict says:

    thats alot of eye concentration there.

  58. YANINA says:

    Nice job 👍🏻

  59. Angèle Babin says:

    It is beautiful ! You are a great artist..I am glad that someone recognize your skills as a artist and purchase the ring from you. Craftsmanship must be cherished.

  60. Sam Marshall says:

    This is phenomenal. Such dedicated and hardwork and talent!

  61. Lucy Sunshine says:

    Beautiful 😃

  62. Gabby says:

    That’s a magnificent free style made engagement ring. Well done 👍

  63. Toni says:

    He is not a jeweler, he is a master artist. Amazing journey into this art form. Thank you!

  64. Frosty121 says:

    i would love to apprenticeship under bobby could learn so much

  65. Vee Bee says:

    I love how the diamonds are just nonchalantly sitting there

  66. Paru Ap says:

    What’s the metal

  67. Savage Hustler says:

    That would be a lot cheaper then buy from someone else

  68. Yexin Nehelenia Suzukaze says:

    Due to economy, I am totally okay receiving an engagement blueberry cheesecake.

  69. Gwen Sosa says:

    What do you charge for your custom work? It is so refreshing!

  70. Kemer Russell says:

    That was beautiful. I love that ring .
    My favorite is the yellow diamond. I would love to see him do that

  71. Echo says:

    Breathtaking ring

  72. Teressa Cooks says:


  73. Katy says:


  74. shem Haque says:

    Is that a Meko Midget torch? 😉 Nice ring, i’m actually trying to teach myself how to stone set

  75. Reese Allore says:

    this would be a lot better if he didnt have that shite music

  76. Diviandry Cardona says:


  77. D.H. Fremont says:

    Bobby, you’re looking much better in this video. I think you are following Jesus now.

  78. 7charlierox says:

    Excellent video Bobby , very nice ring . Was good to see you doing a classic ring . Great job on your videos , just retired as a goldsmith this year , just do it for the love of it now .

  79. Borey Chek says:

    I like.very nice

  80. Elle says:

    Imagine a guy proposing a girl with a ring he made all by himself.. that’d be something.

    • K G says:

      no need to imagine cause this has been a thing for a long time already, a man who created an engagement ring using twigs from a tree that he designed himself. Though others would criticize, “it doesn’t have a diamond or gold or silver in it, does it count?” well, It’s not the material the man used to make the ring, it’s the thought and love with it that counts.

    • DIAMONDS says:

      And then she says no

    • Anne Perlmutter says:

      my old boss did, he spent months making it, took her on a camping trip (which is how they originally met) and proposed on the top of a rock in one of their favourite spots! they got married soon after and had a daughter. sadly, she passed away in the fall from cancer, leaving behind a bright, bubbly three-year-old. love can be so beautiful and tragic!

    • Dylan Thomas says:

      Alec Steele

    • khadija shah says:

      Thinking the same

  81. AB YZ says:

    Great craftsmanship. Quality over quantity is 🔑

  82. Brandi Meck says:

    How would anyone go about starting to make rings like this, it’s not exactly beginner friendly and idk what the beginner version is lol

  83. chloenkitty says:

    I had a ring exactly like this

  84. Jody Wilcox says:


  85. M K says:

    Wow this is talent. I could never do something like this.

  86. Joceli Ferreira da Rocha says:

    Boa tarde, Bob! Sou brasileira e fiquei encantada com seu talento. Mãos mágicas. Faz um anel para mim. Confio no seu bom gosto. My adress: Rua Domingos dos Santos, 225 – Bento Ribeiro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ- Brazil .Cep: 21550-580.😍👏👏👏👏🌹

  87. Cmoney Dreamz says:


  88. Yinka Davies says:

    Gorgeousness is showing off this ring wwwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwww

  89. Tiger Princess says:

    OMG! LOVE that ring! Such beautiful stones! ❤💎💍

  90. Lisa Jhonson says:

    So beautiful

  91. Shelly Lyons Cline says:

    So lovely.

  92. Zack Lariviere says:

    It is magnificent Bobby!!

  93. Christine Gomes says:

    You are a Genius. I say this all the time When the British makes Something they put their heart and soul into it thats why the end results are so great. . I would love to win one of your Creations..

  94. Jane Spencer says:

    ONLY THREE DAYS?! WOW. I really enjoy your videos. It’s such a pleasure to watch a true craftsman.

  95. Robby334 says:

    Such a skill

  96. Dwightinho56 says:

    A lot like Meghan’s ring. Although the stones on hers is a bit more square?/rectangular?

  97. E Rather says:

    I have a question
    Why do jewelers – mainly ringmakers – always use a random piece of wood to work on? It seems like they could definately use something better made from machined metal or something

  98. Barbara Tiekenheinrich says:

    Enjoyed watching your tutorial! I did realize how much work goes into it making a engagement ring! Such a act work! Wow 🇨🇦

  99. Michael Schmidt says:

    What was the price of the ring?

  100. slab6046 says:

    Oh man! That is gorgeous

  101. Catwoman says:

    I thought they were supposed to b gold.
    Gold is better just saying, the ring is gorgeous but it would be Goddess-worthy if it was Gold

  102. Sarah Matteson says:

    I’m taking silver-smithing classes and holy balls this is the most satisfying and infuriating craft I’ve ever learned, and I taught myself wire wrapping!

  103. Zoe Gonzales says:


  104. agentkrautsalat says:

    Hey Bobby you guys make really wonderful videos, I enjoy them immensely. I’m curious to know, what is the solution you use to reduce chatter on your jeweler’s saw?

  105. mayra martinez says:

    Where did you learn to make rings ?

  106. Queen Stella says:


  107. V Johnson says:

    Fascinating to watch you create a magnificent ring which would look amazing on my finger just in case you were wondering.

  108. Naitsirhc christiaN says:

    Feels like nenya the elven ring.. BTW can you make a video creation of that ring..

  109. Cindy Preciado says:

    So beautiful

  110. Cherlock McFly says:

    The craftsmanship that went into that ring was incredible; how many years of training did it take for you to become this skilled?

  111. Jewels19903 says:

    Wow! Such wonderful craftsmanship used to make this by hand!

  112. Liabah Khalil says:

    I liked the video the moment I clicked on it cuz I knew I’d love it



  114. H M says:

    Beautiful design and craftmaanship

  115. Marie Jeanne De Wit says:

    What a beautiful art

  116. shehzy malik says:

    gorgeous ring.. how much it cost to make a ring like that? plz reply

  117. Maureen Hansen says:

    Not enough time on the finished ring. Barely a few seconds. That’s what everyone is waiting for.

  118. Sierra Williams says:

    I wish i could have my ring re-fix it’s hard to find somebody that can do that where I live at.

  119. Cindy Chen says:

    How much this ring sells?

  120. Christy Mccullough says:

    I just love your work and your accent also

  121. Sam Aj says:

    Hey Bobby I’m.your big fan I’m also design jewellery love you bro

  122. nohx grey says:

    What is that liquid lubricant you used on the saw and drill?? Also what is the container you have it in?

  123. Reptile Boy says:

    I make jewellery just because of you because you inspire me

  124. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Excellent job

  125. Angel CityGirl says:

    6:22 GORGEOUS!

  126. Sean Wilson says:

    It’s amazing
    You got it across fine brother

  127. Charles De Gaulle says:

    It’s gorgeous 👌👌👌I like so much your work 🌹🌹🌹
    Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊
    Happy New Year 🎈 2020

  128. Kerrie Leavitt says:

    Labor of love. It’s great to see someone so passionate about their craft. Lucky woman!

  129. Liezl Bloem says:


  130. Marisol Gavina says:

    Wow. This. Is. Art.

  131. Sandeep Maity says:

    Hmmmm simple things got complicated .

  132. Yap Si Yuan says:

    How long (average) does it take to make a solitaire diamond ring?

  133. Mike Ivy says:

    Always look froward to ur masterwork ….such a talent u are sir. Merry Christmas. 🎄

  134. Daniel G says:

    Hi Bobby, When filing the setting prongs you don’t remove the stone? Your hand eye coordination must be through the roof! You don’t utilize wax molds either ? Thank you for sharing good looking rings on your site too, do you offer satisfaction or inspection grace period for possible returns after purchase?

  135. jaykay415 says:

    Phenomenal video quality and organization. And a beautiful piece. Can’t say how glad I am this came across my YT page. Subscribed, of course.

  136. Yelir Milas says:

    You are a skilled dude😷✌🏽

  137. gaz gaffa says:

    I’m a brickie, but I appreciate the skill involved with this craftsmanship, I wish I could do this, good for the soul

  138. Chazz Ram says:

    I’ve got a few rocks of my own I’ve had them for decades I’ve had diamonds since I was a kid and I would never ever invest in a diamond ring or other wise for a woman I’ve tried that and they never appreciated it and I wound up buying rocks for myself cause you can’t get your money back….

  139. Manuel Angelito Antolin says:

    Is it white gold? Wow i never thought that its so easy to bend .. I thought they use machine to bend this stuff.. Cool video by the way

  140. Randolph Crane says:

    Why does every Youtuber ever feels the need to use some annoying chipmunk ass music?!

  141. Sarahgrace DuBois says:

    wowww this is just beautiful.

  142. Irene Fomichova says:

    Thank you!!!

  143. T W says:

    Looks exactly like my ring.

  144. Gutta Butta says:

    This craftsmanship is like fine art ; for the elites not ur average ,, he creates pieces like a dam mad scientist

  145. Collette Landwer says:

    Wow … amazing to see it go from chunky metal pieces to that beautifully delicate ring. 😍

  146. Megs Lin says:

    So much quality here. That’s how a diamond engagement ring should be made!

  147. Jeffrey Bodkin says:

    Thank you

  148. S. says:

    Beautiful work! It really is a piece of art.

  149. Eddie Cox says:


  150. Blood mark says:

    Love it!

  151. Beckk says:

    That music, it’s the worst.

  152. To Yang says:


  153. Christian Haney says:

    Does anyone know what the thing at 1:46 is I’m trying to buy one but don’t know the name of it

  154. L S says:

    How did you develop such an interest in diamonds and jewellery making? You’re so young!

  155. Rebel ZenArt says:


  156. Aaron Garcia says:

    I appreciate the great care you put into your work. The effort that went into the ring makes it even more special.

  157. smoothlyez says:

    Lucky lady

  158. Maysa Hazife says:

    Love this. Would be nice if you give us like a view of the ring on like a turn table of at least 5 seconds so we can appreciate its beauty more. Great job

  159. Monika Nikolova says:

    This is a true gift and passion!It’s very satisfying to watch.Such an amazing talent!

  160. shubham chadha says:

    Hlo sir i am learning to make jewellery from last 2 months , but i want to learn it your way, u made it look so clean and tidy , is there any way u can make me ur intern or just teach me ?

  161. Dr Cutsyour Boobsoff says:

    You on insta bro?

  162. Alex S. says:

    Master craftsmanship. Hope lady do appreciate the work. Unfortunately, most of the time, in such occasions they just accept it as granted, even if they’ve got this unique piece of whitesmith’s art.

  163. Ilija Stojanovski says:

    flawless eyes and steady hands.. i would like too see bobby white design for Ferrari .. imagine it coming together with the tech they have..

  164. Shawn Zimiga says:

    ever try wet forming with wet clay an molten metel ?

  165. ramces gaston says:

    That is a special ring and should be for a special woman that knows the true value of real love like the stone is precious to the heart.

  166. sweet68pea says:

    it makes sense to have those gorgeous diamonds put into a handmade setting with all your care and attention to detail..

  167. Tayshawn Hill says:

    Can someone tell me the name of the instrumental/song ?

  168. Аня Петрова says:

    Очень понравилось!!!!!

  169. Khadija Al Roja says:


  170. Jose Joshuam says:

    Just amazing. Thanks for sharing your art

  171. U2girlz says:

    Another awesome video Bobby!!!

  172. The Racing Monkey says:

    Anyone got the title of the song?

  173. Tyler Runyon says:

    I’m gonna stick with Pablo’s videos. I’m just not really feeling the free spiritness here.

  174. Dalton Graham says:

    I really hope you see this bc I really would like to know the name of the mill you use to get the right size for the gold or platinum or whatever you are using to make the ring

  175. Maxie says:

    How much would this cost if I were to buy it from you

  176. Rô man tịt says:

    like (Viet Nam)

  177. Natawan Kyle says:


  178. Molly Brooks says:

    So beautiful. A smaller version of this but with a cushion cut diamond in the center would be my dream ring

  179. D.H. Fremont says:

    Doesn’t that ring look similar to Meghan’s engagement ring?

  180. boimackhead says:

    how much?

  181. Andre Newcomb says:

    Doesn’t have to be “engagement”. Really nice. I’d wear that IF he’d let me. Get some sleep, friend. Keep YOUR shine going.

  182. Pulak Das says:

    Super cool dude

  183. impete r says:

    Beautiful mate

  184. Raymond Petit says:

    So young and so talented.

  185. Margarita Martinez says:

    Amazing Beautiful Engagement Ring!😇

  186. Little Faye says:

    I am in love with this ring

  187. U C says:

    Is that gold or platinum? What’s the difference between be two metals? I see a lot of diamond rings using platinum.

  188. ceesev p. says:

    What a gorgeous ring! Mine is extremely similar to this, except my side stones are teardrop diamonds. Beautiful craftsmanship!

  189. Alison MacKenzie says:


  190. SPARKIE MELODY says:

    Bobby… You are the man. Incredible craftsmanship.

  191. Chris Diaz says: watching these vids bc i am a owner of jewelry and i always like to think of the person who made my piece instead of “look my shit iced out” the craftsmanship is what i like to look at not just brag abt it it takes skills to do any pieces. This just makes me greatful bc there is a story behind every jewel it wasnt made in a 3d printer so for those of you who own jewelry look at it amd thing of what the jeweler had to do for your piece.

  192. Denise Huey says:

    where did you learn all this

  193. Tessa Chen says:

    Gorgeous ring! The diamonds are set off so delicately by the way that they are displayed! Beautiful!

  194. Yummy Mummy says:

    Still scares me when I see you snipping off the excess metal from the claws or filing so close to the diamonds 😱

  195. Ann Soldano says:

    How gorgeous. It’s wonderful to see the creative process. Very talented

  196. Paula Laye says:

    Oh Bobby what a true artiste you are, I’m a sixty four year old lady who has many diamonique rings from qvcuk, and adore them all but watching you create this genuine diamond ring tonight was magic, thank you soooo much paula x

  197. M B says:

    I really enjoyed watching you create this diamond masterpiece. I wish the segment of setting the stones was longer because I never tire of looking at beautiful diamonds up close. And, my opinion only, I would be happy to help you select a different sound track for your videos.

  198. Sarah Booth says:

    What a talent! I loved watching this whole process from start to finish😄 What an amazing job to have, love it! 😍👏🌹

  199. farnaz Gbd says:

    Magnificant. 😍
    I felt so little with my limited primary tools🤭

  200. Megan Weaver says:

    What is the stone thing he uses and then paints from? Sorry, I’m ignorant to jewelry making!

  201. Ellen C says:

    No eye protection though – that makes me twitch. No way would I do that in my studio.

    • T K says:

      You probably can’t see most of it. Remember this isn’t your normal average video. This shit is highly edited and filmed specifically for entertainment purposes. There are shots of his face, but most likely those shots don’t relate to what’s happening on camera. It’s all post productive magic. This whole video is b-roll goodness

    • Im Dexur says:

      Good thing it’s not your studio! Amirite??

  202. Valeria Caro says:

    las marcas gm y cn en un arete devrillan platnio que significan tiene una piedra muy vonita alrededor muchas piedritas chiquitas l el grabado delasletras gm y cn se es lo que quiciera saber sy se puede gracias

  203. Cole says:

    Beautiful ring and a true work of art. Definitely not showing my girlfriend this video.

  204. Kirat Sun says:

    I wish I could intern with you.

  205. theresa42213 says:

    l’ve just started watching Artisans, watchmakers, and jewellers work on YT. There are people who do wax casting videos ….but those just don’t fascinate me like the handmade vids like yours, and a little dude from ltaly …l think his name is Alberto. Watching it done from scratch makes the metal, and stones _come alive!_ l only wish l chose this as a career! l’ve never seen a fine artisan ‘bummed out’ about his job! xD BEAUTIFUL ring btw! A real _STUNNER!_

  206. johno01970 says:

    Nice job

  207. Michael Sotomayor says:

    it would be nice if he mentioned how much it would be worth at the end

    • استمتع / Have fun says:

      @Josh Harris i know i sound radicuolous and i know a gia certified vvs diamond like that can cost up to 110k
      But the numbers iam telling u are real

    • استمتع / Have fun says:

      @Josh Harris the gia certified diamonds are always much more expensive (if that where you get you diamonds from)
      I have my freind who buy the diamonds just from the company that dig it up from the ground
      You can always find one at 16k$ if you know where to search
      Btw yes i meant his labor by bobby white branding

    • Josh Harris says:

      @استمتع / Have fun Where are you getting a 3.50ct round brilliant with VVS clarity and good color and cut for $16,000? I think your estimate is off. Also, the description says it’s platinum, not white gold. You also didn’t factor in the three days of work to make it, unless that’s what you mean by “Bobby White branding.”

    • استمتع / Have fun says:

      I can say the white gold is about 10 grams so thats 450-500bucks
      He didnt mention the clarity of the diamond
      But suppose it is vvs
      The big 3 carat one i think is about 16k $
      The both pear shaped retails for about the same price
      And of course never forget the money for the branding of bobbywhite
      It should retail for about 35k$
      Note that iam assuming his diamonds are certified

    • GEVEREST says:

      @LIL Poishii • Peasant.*

  208. 4MTZnMCK says:


  209. Rumple SteelSkin says:

    Awesome video

  210. Airis Damia says:

    can I have the ring

  211. Biggi Rodewald says:

    georgeous 😍 stunning 😍

  212. Robin Yarborough says:

    Bobbie the ring is very beautiful

  213. Mila Lima says:


  214. Jae King says:

    Can you please make me a ring for my wife

  215. unclebugspayton says:

    New sub here. I have to say….sick work!

  216. TheGem Dropper says:

    True master of his craft!!!!

  217. Paulina A. says:

    Oh man that’s a beautiful rock!!

  218. 文青说饰 says:

    The speed of the manual is too slow! I use jwelCAD rhino zbrush to make these rings.

    • Bobby White says:

      Manual = slower however you get higher quality. CAD = faster but lower quality. All depends on what your custom wants. I use Matrix for my CAD work but its just a tool I use sometimes it is not my full production process. For me, hand made is what I offer my customers.

  219. Justine McQueen says:

    What a skill! What a ring!

  220. walmart khaleesi says:

    This is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen wtf

  221. Marcy Miller says:

    You truly did those diamonds justice. One of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen.

  222. Sebastian says:

    he made those diamonds look stuning

  223. Radio Parsi says:

    This is FANTASTIC. Please make more videos

  224. Eli Dumas says:

    Amazing work, it must be really satisfying to create such beautiful designs with your own hands.

  225. Paul.w w says:

    Free carrots yay

  226. Sue-hyun Kim says:

    what’s the oil you are using when drilling and sawing?

  227. FancyShoesVlogs says:

    You should collaborate with Alec Steele youtuber.

  228. Marie Iacullo says:

    I love to have that ring.

  229. Deb Malouin says:

    GORGEOUS! I’m So in LOVE w this ring!!! SOMEONES gonna be VERY Happy…I’m not as fond of round stones,as they are so common,BUT THATS such a Spectacularly Brilliant stone & the free form setting really lets the light thru & highlights its brilliance & cut. The sparkle is blinding…I really LOVE the free form settings for that reason. Wish I studied how to make jewelry…
    What an amazing artist👍

  230. J H P says:

    Where are you from?

  231. Berta Estrada says:


  232. M Lastname says:

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      If you email me via my website let me know what you would me to customise on your 10g bar. Myself or a member of my team will get back to you!

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    • Shari D57 says:

      @Bobby White – My maternal grandfather was a marvelous goldsmith and also a “lapidary” (gem cutter.) He worked privately – he did not own or run a retail store, although he did provide repair, remounting, and custom creation work for several local stores, which kept him plenty busy. He also did some custom diamond faceting for Harry Winston “back in the day.” Everything he made or set was strictly handmade – unless the customer came to him with their own remount setting, and then he would only guarantee his setting work once he had verified the mount was of suitable quality. Mostly he preferred to construct his own, and he did it with great skill and “heart.” I have a few pieces I received as gifts from him while I was growing up. (Just to give you a proportionate clue to the time frame, I graduated high school in 1975, and got married in 1976! 😉)

      He started teaching me about the craft when I was all of 9 years old, and I haven’t stopped learning since then. He of course did not have many of the more modern tools that you have to work with, such as lasers, and the torch lighter (I love yours!!) he used was a flint “striker” like those used in chemistry labs to light Bunsen burners, (or his cigarette lighter if he couldn’t find that close to hand!) but so many of the things I see in your video are the same as what he used, that it tells me that most of the craft is in the hands, the heart, and the mind of the craftsman, not so much in the equipment. The work bench is familiar, reminding me of his in so many ways. Of course, he has been gone for some time now, since 1993, but so much of what he taught me I still remember, and I love watching other craftsmen at work.

      The ring you created here is absolutely wonderful, and I totally agree that stones of such beautiful quality deserved to be set in a mounting created specifically for them, not in something premade, or mass produced, that was “adapted” to them. I also love the fact that the shank was not some tiny, thin little thing, under 2mm wide, but more substantial in order to be proportional to the stones and the setting. So many rings these days look so insecure and too delicate to be really safe, or able to stand up to even one lifetime worth of wear, much less become a true heirloom. That’s what caught my eye about this video to begin with – the thumbnail image of the finished ring, and the words, “Making this RING” – so, I had to play the video and find out how you did it! Bravo! Outstanding results! Personally, I would be so proud and completely over the moon to have such a creation on my hand! NOT that I don’t love my own ring, of course, because it came to me with 💖 love, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? 💝

      And no, I did not take up the trade myself, because the artistic eye required completely escaped me in the “DNA lottery,” as it were, but I took up a totally different occupation which suited me completely – working in Surgery! I believe in Great Britain, the occupation is called an Operating Department Practitioner – Scrub, or an ODP. In the States, I was a Certified Surgical Technologist, or CST. I loved it dearly, and it truly was a pleasure to get up each morning – sometimes as early as 4:30 – and go to work! They say that if you truly enjoy what you do, then you will never “work” a day in your life. My only complaint was that I didn’t find out about it sooner!

      I am retired now, and have been for 6 years, due to physical disability, but had I not been cursed with that, I would still be at it! I wish you the same kind of joy in your work that I found in my own. Now, on to watch more of your videos! 😉

    • Bobby White says:

      Thank you for your nice comment. I am glad you can tell the difference between hand made and mass produced.

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      We have no need to use fake diamonds but If your so confident in grading diamonds via a video, let’s make a £10,000 bet? You visit my studio where you can view the ring and the diamonds. If the diamonds are fake, I will pay you £10,000 if the diamonds are real you will give me £10,000. When do you want to do this? Your welcome to up the bet if you want.

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      I don’t really anymore but back in the day in the early 00’s when I started out I would mess up from time to time. I don’t miss them part of the day back then

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      My dad was buying my mum a ring just before I left school and I was really interested in the making of jewellery from visiting his workshop. My apprenticeship was five years and I did one year at uni for fine jewellery making before that.

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      Thank you, if the customer wanted a hummer finish i would do that for them and I would do it by hand. I don’t hummer finish any of my collection pieces. Yes I have used blue rhodium before.

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