Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

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What’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? This question is a lot more common than you think. You’ve probably heard the terms engagement ring, proposal ring, #weddingring, wedding band and bridal set used to describe the rings that people wear when they get engaged and married. But what’s the difference??

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65 responses to “Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?”

  1. Jovanny Carino says:

    Thank you for the advice!

  2. ibrahiym ghany says:

    Lol. And how I know

  3. Alexandro Montoya says:

    I was so confused with the 2 rings thanks for this video

  4. Nathaniel Copperfish says:

    How does the guy get his ring? and he buys 3 rings? One engagement ring and two wedding rings?

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Historically/Traditionally no, typically men will only have a wedding ring. But I’m also seeing this start to shift in today’s society since now both partners in a relationship are much more equal and traditional gender roles are no longer important. I’ve had couples where a woman proposes to a man with an engagement ring before he proposes, or they both propose to each other, in which case then yes, he does get an engagement ring. Ed Sheeran and his fiancee both wore an engagement ring, so times are definitely changing

    • Nathaniel Copperfish says:

      @Abby Sparks Jewelry Does the guy get an engagement ring?

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Typically what I’ve seen is couples will get their wedding rings together, after the proposal with the engagement ring. Usually my clients pay for their wedding rings together, as a team. But it really just depends on your relationship and how you and your partner want to get married! There are no rules 🙂

  5. Toasty Productions says:

    Multiple people have tried to explain it to me and i still had so many questions! Thanks for giving me all the facts in a quick easy video!

  6. david luzbelle says:

    Two rings? Fuck you!

  7. Tyjuan Sigler says:

    Glad my friend recommended meet this video it was really helpful thank you 😊

  8. donnie greeen says:

    Thank you for this

  9. Joey Baseball says:

    Why am I watching wedding ring videos? No girl is ever gonna wanna marry me.

  10. Rocket Fatts says:

    Everybody should know this

  11. mehmet emin Dogru says:

    Wedding Engagement Ring


  12. Alyssa says:

    im fine with just getting one ring tbh

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Totally! I know lots of people who only get one ring, and they didn’t think twice about it. There is no “right” way to do it, whatever feels good to you is the right way 🙂

  13. Loula Lucille says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this video!!! My boyfriend didn’t understand what ring was what. This video explained it in “guy terms”.

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Haha love this! He’s not alone, I get questions about this from my clients more often then you may believe 🙂 Glad I was able to help!!

  14. leroyatleroys says:

    The love of my life is particular. She is not materialistic. She actually hates expensive things. So I have decided to make the rings myself. She also has jewelry allergies so I am going to have to get very creative with the metal I choose to use. That being said, since she doesn’t like buying expensive stuff, should I make the wedding ring or should I just make the engagement rings and then let her tell me what she wants for the design of the wedding ring?

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      @leroyatleroys Of course! Glad I could help!

    • leroyatleroys says:

      Abby Sparks Jewelry Thanks for the input! 🙂

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      That is such a thoughtful thing to do! I bet she will love it, especially because you made it, that makes the ring so special. Some tips for metal that are hypoallergenic, go with palladium or platinum and you shouldn’t have any problems. And then wether or not you want to loop her in for the wedding ring is up to you! I know in my video I mention that she’ll have opinions, but there is no “right” way to do this. Go with your gut, if you feel like she’s going to enjoy making that wedding ring with you then wait on the wedding ring, but if you think that she’ll love the surprise of both rings then you should surprise her 🙂

  15. Joe White says:


  16. Emile Agenor says:

    Would you suggest purchasing one online and which online retailer? James Allen?

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      ​@Emile Agenor I would love to help! It might be easier to give us a call so we can get all the information about the ring and your budget in more detail, then we can better help direct you towards what you’re looking for. Our phone # is on this page:

    • Emile Agenor says:

      @Abby Sparks Jewelry Abby, I appreciate the quick response! I have a very specific budget and enough details (4Cs) to make an informed decision. I’m just struggling with finding legitimate assistance with finding the most authentic and beautiful wedding ring I can find with my specific budget, can you help me out?

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Hi Emile! Great question! I usually recommend seeing the ring or the materials being used to make the ring in person if you can. If you do decide to go the online route, you don’t always know for sure what you’re going to get, so make sure the jeweler you choose is someone you can trust. Read lots of reviews, do research on the quality or ethics factors that are important to you, and ask a ton of questions!

  17. Tranquility says:

    I dont see comments right now but yes Abby it all depends on personal preference. Hugs, have a good week!

  18. Drunk Squirrel says:

    Fuck that shit. I’m only buying one ring

  19. Alicia and Family says:

    So how do i wear my rings the engament goes on first then the othere peice at a ceremony

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Great question! Some of my clients will wear their engagement ring on their right hand on their wedding day so that the wedding ring can be placed on their ring finger during the ceremony, and then they’ll put their engagement ring back on stacked on top of their wedding ring. But I’ve also seen clients who just wear their engagement ring normally and have the wedding ring stacked on top of it during the ceremony. It’s really about whatever feels comfortable to you!

  20. Tiffany Ann says:

    When does the male receive his ring ? Do we go shopping for his afterwards or wait until the wedding day ?

    • Brittany Rix says:

      No u need to have the ring before the wedding lol

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Traditionally they would have purchased the wedding ring before the ceremony, and then they would actually receive their wedding ring at the wedding ceremony and wear it from that day forward. However, I’ve seen more and more men going against tradition and wearing a ring like their fiancé wears an engagement ring before the actual wedding to show their commitment with their partner. You and your partner should do whatever feels right to you! If you want to start wearing your rings right away wear them! If your man wants to wait until the ceremony, that’s ok too. It’s about what feels right for your relationship 🙂

  21. Don Julio says:

    So if im trying to surprise her how do i know what size to get so that i dont have to later go get it resized?

    • Don Julio says:

      Thank you for the help andx replies

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      @Don Julio This is really great feedback, I’m new to YouTube and might need to invest in some better sound equipment. Thanks again for your message and feedback! Glad I could help.

    • Don Julio says:

      Got it thanks. Was hard to hear with the volume on high and the phone in my ear. But thanks ill see what i can do

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Don, I talk about this exact dilemma in this video! 🙂 —->
      Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions after watching!

  22. Op Con says:

    Jesus christ.
    So I need to buy two rings…

    Thx for the advice!

  23. v miller says:

    thank y0u for your help…n0w ikn0w what to do.✌

  24. AudioAndroid says:

    A Wedding Ring needs to be made so that every 10 years another ring is made to connect to it, that first connecting ring needs to represent what the couple has gone through as Husband and Wife during the first 10 years of their Marriage. When 20 years have passed a second connecting ring is added that also follows the same theme as above but representing the 2nd 10 years of their Marriage. In the end a Woman’s ring should be able to tell her story, a story that could show Love and Determanation or the Birth of their First , Second, Third Child etc. Seeing a Woman wearing a ring made up of a combined 5 rings would let anyone know she has been Happily Married for 50 years and that message and show of rings on its own would be a driving force for any couple, a goal and a message for couples to work through their hardships and to achieve a 5, 6 or 7 Ring standard or more. P.S. the Young Lady in this video has one of the Prettiest Smiles I have ever seen, she is definitly the Second most Beautiful Woman I have ever layed eyes on.

  25. jdubdoubleu says:

    So, does she wear two rings together, or does the wedding ring replace the engagement ring during the wedding? What if im not buying the two rings as a set, do i purchase the engagement ring, then later purchase the wedding ring? Im overwhelmed!

    • Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

      Not to worry! The only ring you need to get her first is the engagement ring. You can shop for the wedding and engagement ring together, but typically women like to help pick out the wedding ring. Make it easy on yourself, get the engagement ring first, pop the question, and then go shopping for wedding rings together. Typically women will wear their engagement rings with their wedding ring together, not as a replacement. But it’s also a personal preference! The process of getting engaged can be really overwhelming, but I’m sure you’ll do amazing! Just focus on getting that engagement ring first. 🙂

  26. Abby Sparks Jewelry says:

    What did the process of getting your own wedding ring look like?

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