Esidisi and Wamuu give Joseph “the wedding rings of death” (Eng Dub)

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  1. SuperSwordman1 says:

    Something occurred to me the other day. Kars doesn’t have any kind of ring on him. So, does he not have a Wedding Ring of Death or does he just not have an antidote?

    Or, God forbid, is his ring somewhere we can’t see?

  2. Shadow Marco says:

    Ok but can we talk about how happy Wammu looked when telling Joseph “the good news”?

  3. Kyle Shea says:

    Speedwagon: JoJo did you manage to defeat the Pillar Men?!
    Joseph: No, but I’m married…

  4. Shivangi Tyagi says:

    They’re actually very honest and brave warriors

  5. Zetsu Akatsuki says:

    Say hello to the wedding ring of death, guess where its goes? A hints not on you finger

  6. Lord Kars says:

    Wow…that wording, Wammu

  7. Makhyusni Makhyusni says:

    We know
    Joseph is straight but the Pillar Men definitely gay

  8. RT 66 says:

    What will Susie Q will have to say about this?

  9. Ashlyn Wolff says:

    0:33 Nigerundayo-blocker

  10. Leo Ruiz says:

    I wonder where kars ring went😏

  11. FangTheRagingWings says:

    Joeseph is married to 3 people. Waamu, Essidisi, and Suzie Q

  12. Iker David says:

    The reason why Kars didn’t put a ring inside Jospeh,was because Kars knew that he was gonna be invencible so he couldn’t drink the antidot.

  13. Cocomelon fan account says:

    This is why I secretly ship Joseph with Wamuu

  14. Pocky says:

    to bad that jojo clapped wamuu

  15. Kaiser Franz von Lappen der 2. says:

    So this us why Mohammed said His Aorta was cut.

    Actually no, he died in the 7th century, so it must have been a cousin of Wamuu.

  16. Random Person says:

    AC/DC:and I keep the antidote for the poison in my nose ring. Me:ew boogers.

  17. OneDaxSter says:

    That’s definitely a 17 in deception

  18. CorpseBlood says:

    “guess where it goes….a hint, not on your finger…” 😏

  19. Sarah the Seraph says:

    “Say hello to the wedding ring of death. Guess where it goes — A hint; not on your finger.” Is the best out of context quote from jojo without question

  20. Eric Fisher says:

    AC/DC: hahaha I was wondering when you was proposing
    Jojo: wait what
    Wamuu: here is a wedding ring
    Jojo: woah hold up I didn’t even say yes to the proposal…

  21. Marluxiaify says:

    When Wamuu speaks, I can only hear Xemnas.

  22. Miu Iruma says:

    Wamuu’s *T H I C C*

  23. Dan Eyal says:

    if you keep pressing 0:00 a few times, you’ll get a new meme…

  24. Yusuf Iğnak says:

    this is gay.

  25. Lunatic Cultist says:

    This made me laugh so hard because of what i thought where it went 0:42

  26. Bradley Atkin says:

    If you don’t yell “cock ring” at 00:42 your doing it wrong or your lying

  27. Sir Samwise says:

    Joseph Joestar gets proposed by two Aztec Gods of death and I’m here alone.

    Sigh, I wish two burly vampire Aztec gods of death would shove their rings in my windpipe ahd heart and propose to me via death.

    Why is this world so cruel? 🙁

  28. Paul Chan says:

    Reality: Dating to Kneeling Proposal to get a Fiancee to Marriage.
    Pillarmens: Hold our Rings*
    Also Pillarmens:

  29. Dope-io says:

    I already shipped Whammu and Joseph, rewatching this just solidifies the ship imo.

  30. Grue noncehelmet says:


    Is…is wamuu’s voice actor also the voice of zasalamel

  31. Shawn {The Berserker Fighter} says:


  32. toot of toot says:

    Japanese wamuu: esidis
    English wamuu:ACDC

  33. 0xVENx0 says:

    1:43 why is that so funny

  34. Brian brush says:

    For a second I thought this was going in a VERY different direction

  35. Carolyn Pitts says:

    He’s a very good question of very good one why in the hell do you keep telling them where you keep the antidote

  36. n00bplayer says:

    D&D dungeon masters, *_THIS_* is how you punish your bards for trying to finesse your villains!

  37. GETSA 15 says:

    So wamuu have the antidote on his lip ring and esidisi have the antidote on his nose ring?!

    Yare yare daze….so gross

  38. Pilot says:

    Gay marriage

  39. Daniax II says:

    hint: not in your finger
    me: wait what

  40. thanoscar 11 says:

    Is it bad that I thought he was gonna put the ring on his dick

  41. Nathan Sanchez says:

    When he said that the ring doesn’t go on your finger, I thought at first, that it was a….
    Well you know

    A Cock Ring

  42. Oplars says:

    Master acdc… Ok

  43. The Vault The Official Channel says:

    Jojo’s Bizarre Marriage

  44. LT War Chief says:

    I don’t know how, but the dub made JJBA even gayer.

  45. Matt the Grappler says:

    I want Wamuu to tell me a tale of souls and swords.

  46. Little Skittle says:

    *Ha Gayyyyy*

  47. Handsome Jack says:

    Shoulda went mgtow there , Joe

  48. no name says:

    My heart and my throat

  49. Fendi’s kanal says:

    Guess where the 3 ring goes
    ( ‾ ʖ̫ ‾)


  50. The Seeker of Dankness says:

    My Heart and my Throat


  51. Finn Jackson says:

    literally they sound ugly what the fuck did u guys do …. im so sad

  52. Airplane Towards the Sky says:

    Guess where it goes. A hint, no on your finger

    Anyone else thought it would be a cock ring or was it just me

  53. Captain Valourous says:

    Xemnas proposing to Young Xehanort 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. zigaudrey says:

    0:04 Is that an Ace Attorney’s sound?
    0:40 “Says hello to the wedding ring of death! Guess where it goes. An hint: not on your finger”
    0:50 OH MY GOD! It is not even on the neck! (Though it is too small for the neck)
    It’s worst then operation.

    1:41 OH MY GOD! It’s fit the neck! (Well, it is the oesophagus but still).
    Ugh, I feel strangled!

  55. Smile Kappa says:

    Lol Kars’s proposal ring gose on Joseph’s anus and the antidote is on his… Well you know… So so when he fucks him later on in the story he gets cured and that’s why we didn’t see it.

  56. SeekerMillan says:

    Wammu the most honorable Pillar Men

  57. Scott Price says:

    Now I can’t help but wonder if Star Platinum could have safely removed the Wedding Rings.

    • Linus Mota says:

      bismar syauqie thinking better now I think Golden Experience could save him by turning the rings into a part of Joseph’s body

    • bismar syauqie says:

      @Linus Mota maybe, but crazy diamond didnt have a great eyesight as star platinum have, so maybe josuke would kill joseph or make him dying ( and theres a possibilty that josuke couldnt save joseph in time cause the poison would spread faster before the healing proces)

    • Linus Mota says:

      Maybe Crazy Diamond could

    • eggchjf says:

      Probably not; any attempt to remove them releases the poison.

  58. Enne Scarborough says:

    Aww their engaged

  59. Shellshocked 'Nam soldier says:

    It’s crazy how we come back to the Roman coliseum 3 parts later

  60. Brandon Cutler says:

    As Elroy once said to Day Day, “Looks like you got yourself a fatal attraction on your hands, boy.

  61. JackofWheels says:

    The only acceptable form of gay marriage.

  62. Adrian Arshad says:

    All things considered, it’s a better deal than divorce court.

  63. peter siri says:

    I remember Caesar said to Joseph he will never get a girl.
    So Joseph get a 2 buffed man instead.

  64. Brian C says:

    0:45 just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild

  65. Mathias says:

    I thought it was going to go on his cock

  66. tea wrecks says:

    Omae WAMUU shindeiru!

  67. mikuhatesducks leek lover says:

    Does kars have a ring toos?

  68. Captain Valourous says:

    Did Xemans just got married to Nigel Uno?

  69. Finnteen 711 says:

    Why is Wamuu so damn polite

  70. Alissa Oldham says:


  71. Ruphite says:

    Couldn’t Joseph have just gotten the rings removed in surgery? Or was that beyond medical tech at the time

  72. Channel CASenine says:

    Never in my life did I ever think I would ever combine words to describe a situation as “threateningly gay”

  73. Mr Lowkey says:

    0:17 I love Joseph’s *“dis dat bullshit”* face.

  74. Labib Hoque says:

    If jolyne got the wedding rings of death AHH! MY BREASTS AND MY OVARIES!

  75. Orhan Gazi Tokmak says:

    What about a third ring?
    *glances at Kars*

  76. Oh my Clari says:

    Sister wives

  77. Tack The wise says:

    Fuck, with the way they pronounce Esidisi’s name, they’re not even trying to be subtle.

  78. Meme Master James says:

    Did you Know that xemnas and wammu have the same voice actor


    british man gets fisted by buff aztec stripper while best friend watches [18+]

  80. Maša Nikolić says:

    see i thought…… that goes somewhere else than his heart…. this just shows that im a slut for joseph

  81. Shellshocked 'Nam soldier says:

    You see Araki thinks *outside the box*

  82. Shellshocked 'Nam soldier says:

    *Ahh my heart and my throat*

  83. Brandon Hopper says:

    This isn’t average every day gay.
    This is.
    Advanced Gay.

  84. Dragon Holyfire says:

    Joseph joestar: proposed to by the Aztec gods of masculinity 😎

  85. 0 0 says:

    Imagine if it was actually a cock ring and after 33 days he won’t be able to have kids

  86. Daddy Kars says:

    Wouldn’t you like to know where my ring is

  87. Garrion Isidore says:

    I thought it was going on his dick

  88. Kennedy Leon says:

    안돼 반지 두개는 중혼이라고!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!그나마 카즈는 반지를 안걸어서 천만다행이지 안 그랬다면 카즈는 우주로 추방당하면 죠죠는 끝나는데….그나마 와무우 와 에시디시여서 다행이지…

  89. SmashLiXs says:

    the wedding ring of death part is funnier without context because it’s worse in context

  90. Super Star says:


  91. J Double C says:

    Sheesh and I thought a regular wedding ring was bad enough

  92. samiamtheman 73 says:

    Joseph: “I want a divorce.”
    Wamuu: “Sorry, but it’s till death do us part.”

  93. Dwaynes rock hard Johnson says:

    Is it me or does it sound like whammu says master ac/dc in the beginning

  94. Snip Snip says:

    the pillar men are so underrated

    especially Wamuu

    like that dude was still living when he was just a HEAD

  95. Cole Sanchez says:

    So Suzie Q is technically Joseph’s third spouse; all in less than a year no less.

  96. Mikey 64 says:

    Good thing Kars didn’t give Joseph a ring, otherwise he would’ve just died.

  97. MR. BRONZO says:

    I imagine Kars’ wedding ring goes down where the sun don’t shine

  98. Luna Zeppeli says:

    Heh…..I counted and got 84

    Sheesh Jojo…..pretty quick if ya ask me

  99. pleb weeb says:

    Esidisi’s voice is fucking hot
    -and so is Wamuu’s-

  100. AaronAmerican518 says:

    0:41 I can’t help but imagine a lone stranger who stumbles upon watches and hears this whole scene out and then in this moment shouts out,”Ha! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

  101. TheScaleless says:

    Meh….Cock Ring of Death would’ve made for better suspense frankly….and that’s pretty much what everyone was guessing when he did the “guess where it goes? not on the finger…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” part lol

  102. Dan The Enigma says:


    Wamuu: Take a guess where this wedding ring goes. I’ll give you a hint. Not on your finger.

    Joseph: …are we talking about a cock ring?

    Wamuu: We are talking about a cock ring.

  103. Storm Bringer777 says:

    The moment you realize Joseph was proposed to by two 7 foot tall Aztec men.

  104. Tagmon74 says:


  105. Archer Bennington says:

    My neck
    My back
    My hamon and my clack(ers)

  106. MegaKossak says:

    -Say hello to the wedding ring of death. Guess whereit goes? Not in your finger.
    -What are you doing with THAT???

  107. Skyrogue19 says:

    Odd how all the Pillarmen call Joseph Jojo and not by his actual name.

    • Shadow Marco says:

      @samiamtheman 73 Also because the J is never used in italian so GIO is a great workaround if

    • uberpwner48 says:

      Ultimate Kars is the exception.
      “I shall commemorate this occasion with the ABSOLUTE ERADICATION OF JOSEPH JOESTAR!!”

    • paulman34340 says:

      Skyrogue19 Somewhat in a wayn at best the JoJo’s is just called JoJo once (well minus Giorno) at the start of the story and then never again since Stardust Crusaders? likely as a way to tell the reader that “Yep this is the JoJo for this part” since it’s always right at the beginning of that part Josuke 4 was called JoJo by the bullies at the start of Diamond’s is Unbreakable, Jolyne only gets called JoJo once by her a****** lawyer at the early part of Stone Oceann and then tells him never to call her that as only her mother is allowed to, and I’ve yet to truly read part 7 and 8, but I’m sure Johnny and Josuke 8 were called JoJo at the start of their stories

    • Arc Caravan says:

      +Skyrogue19 I heard the nickname dropped out when multiple Jojos appeared in parts. Makes it less confusing.

    • samiamtheman 73 says:

      Jonathan: JOnathan JOestar.
      Joseph: JOseph JOestar.
      Jotaro: JOtaro kuJO.
      Josuke: My nickname only makes sense if you read Japanese.
      Giorno: GIOrno GIOvana. I know it’s spelled differently from Jojo, but fuck the spelling and worship part 5.
      Jolyne: JOlyne kuJO
      Johnny: JOhnny JOestar
      Gappy: Same deal as the other Josuke.

  108. ReyaitheShadowWolf says:

    Joseph, the only human worthy enough to receive a wedding ring from not one, but TWO Pillar Men. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  109. Levobertus says:

    That was hella gay and awesome at the same time

  110. Kridley664 says:

    Joseph: You could’ve at least bought me a drink before proposing!

  111. RB PB2 says:

    Please leave a like.

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