Finally Make That Double Wedding Ring Quilt!

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Many quilter’s dream of making a double wedding ring quilt. But often we put it off because you have to make your own templates and then cut it all. With Fons & Porter’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt template set, you can make the necessary cuts quickly, accurately and get right to sewing!

Make cutting the tradition Double Wedding Ring Quilt easier with Fons & Porter’s Double Wedding Ring template set.

Get the template set on our website:

6 responses to “Finally Make That Double Wedding Ring Quilt!”

  1. Valerie Davenport says:

    where can I buy this template set? Not at

  2. Debi Neidrick says:

    26 – 1/2yd pieces of fabric to make the ring segments? Why does it take 13 yds of fabric to make the rings of this quilt top?

    • kathleen stebbins says:

      @Regina Richardson because the more you cut and sew the more you lose to selvage (whats folded under when sewn)

    • Regina Richardson says:

      Debi Neidrick I was wondering the same thing? I was like OMG?! My grandma told me how it used to be a go to pattern if you had “lots of random scraps” but seeing that kind of yardage I was shocked.

  3. Lemolish says:


  4. Trina Waskewitch says:

    do you have an sewing tutorial for putting your template

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