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Custom love mark wedding bands (worldwide shipping)
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Pair of Wedding Bands

– 18K white, yellow or rose gold wedding bands almond seccion
– Woman wedding band 3 mm wide by 1.6 mm thick (Specify size when ordering)
– Man wedding band 3.6 mm wide by 2 mm thick (Specify size when ordering)
– 1.5 mm inner diamond color G VS1
– Internal engraving of fingerprint
– Internal engraving of name and date

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I’m a jewelry designer. In this channel you can find the beauty of the small things.


Special thanks to Quadra Produccións for wedding drone images at the beginning and at the end of the video. Thank you Cuco and Vane !!

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    Muy profesional y muy buenos tus vídeos ,y acerca del equipo de tu maquinaria se ve es lo mas avanzado muchas gracias ,por enseñar parte de tu gran técnica como joyero .

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    Sorry but this is laser print, not finger print. Why not to make wax model , print finger on hot wax model, than casting wax???

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    what does he do after putting the diamond? is it glue? how does it stay in ? some explain 🙁

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      They are called “Surprise Diamonds” and are a secret known only to the couple wearing the rings. Same with the laser engraved fingerprints. Not everything about a relationship needs to be on display to the public.
      I’ve seen rings made by others, where the couple choose their birthstones – his inside her ring, hers inside his ring. Or, if they already have a child or two, they can use those birthstones. It just depends on what they want to do.

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      You’ll need to go to his website and order it. The price listed is for 2 rings of 18kt gold – white, yellow or rose gold – with the inner diamonds and the laser engravings. If you only want one, then I’m sure he could probably work out a price. Click the 🔽 next to the title, and the window opens, with the information in it, and the link to his website for ordering.

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