From the Queen Mother to Princess Eugenie – British Royal Family’s Engagement Rings (Part 2)

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From the Queen Mother to Princess Eugenie of York A Close Look at the British Royal Family’s Engagement Rings.
Desde la Reina Madre hasta la Princesa Eugenia de York Un vistazo cercano a los anillos de compromiso de la Familia Real Británica.

– The Most Stunning Royal Engagement Rings (Part 1)

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21 responses to “From the Queen Mother to Princess Eugenie – British Royal Family’s Engagement Rings (Part 2)”

  1. Kelli Kocha says:

    I love how simple these rings look. Even though they’re royalty they don’t wear tacky jewellery.

  2. m. mache says:

    All the Royal family princess’s I case see you how much existing you are with the Royal family jewellery most of com from the a Queens is Mother very history Colactions and you deserve it as well love it public loves it public voted 4.3 Bilions like every one of you congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  3. Ingrid Marin says:

    Lindos os anéis de noivado , mas eu nunca usaria um desses kkkkkkk

  4. caroline alade says:

    I honestly can not get over some uneducated people or some narrow minded people who can not get over the idea of prince Harry’s fiancée as non full flesh European because to me no skin is really white discrimination is an act of jeolousy hatred wickedness and most people has forgotten so quickly that the who European they are what they are today thanks for every thing they looted from Africa love that is in Meghan ring bless youHarry you and your brother the world is praying for you your mother has planted a solid love in you both no one can take away love

  5. Margarita Martin says:


  6. Margarita Martin says:

    Markle needs hand cream

  7. brandon cliff says:

    This charade only goes for kings and their dearest!

    • Dennis Staughton says:

      brandon cliff Their “dearests” arrive every Friday afternoon hiding in vegetable delivery vans, and any jewels they are given are secret. These rocks are for the consorts Mummy & Dad pick out for their heirs.

  8. Billionaire MrsHMBG says:

    Sweet and true love. Beatrice and jack. wish them happiness and well WORLD’S APART FROM. DOMINATRIX MM CIRCUS
    Cheap mm MANIAC meghan . FYI. I only dislike
    MRS MM because she S manipulative and control freak dominatrix harry seems to have no sense left in him and this Hybrid transgender Mrs my is TRASH

    • Evelynwashere 1 says:

      Why would BEATRICE and Jack have sweet and true love? He’s married to Eugenie! You don’t know Meghan how in the hell can you say she’s manipulative? What are you, an ex????

    • Margarita Martin says:


  9. Luiza H. C. Braga says:

    Wonderful rings !!!

  10. sica h says:

    All of them are pretty I love duchess of Cambridge ring and my favourite is princess eugenie ring

  11. Chrystalla Demetriou says:

    Megan Markle 2017 – get your dates right.

  12. F Debate says:

    The Ring A True Love Of The People. No More.

  13. Tatiana Boniole says:

    🌰🌰🌰🌰🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰 Boa tarde . Excelente trabalho mostrando a realeza já que está tão distante da realidade . Felicidades …

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