Got our WEDDING RINGS! | Shopping with the Fiance

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97 responses to “Got our WEDDING RINGS! | Shopping with the Fiance”

  1. madisoned says:

    About 10 years ago, I bought a bunch of Neutrogena face sunscreen because the store had a BOGO deal. It was the most horrible sunscreen I’ve ever used. It made my entire face white as a ghost. It was not white cast, the sunscreen refused to absorb into my skin and the layer of white cream just sat there on top of my skin. I wasted at least $100 in Neutrogena sunscreen and have not bought sunscreen from them ever since. I’m now using Japanese face sunscreen exclusively

  2. Mina Choi says:

    if you’re willing to invest a bit more, you should try/use Shiseido’s sunscreens. They’re amazing and def not sticky lol you don’t even notice you’re wearing it

  3. jojiiestarree says:

    Congratulations and Many Blessings😊💌

  4. Alexandra Teodorescu says:

    I have only heard it was taboo for the groom to see them.

  5. christine frazier says:

    The best man keeps the rings usually the ring bearer is just for show to be cute! Have yuki come down but let the best man keep the real ones to keep them safe

  6. Claudia M. says:

    Who says that showing the rings would be bad luck? Never heard of that as well as showing the dress to friends. I work in the wedding industry and the only thing that’s said to bring bad luck is to show your dress to your partner early and putting the rings on each others hands before the ceremony… Meh….. I wanted to see the rings -.- feeling clickbaited now.

  7. LVL1HERO says:

    Since Yuki wears a harness maybe she can carry a cushion that’s attached to her harness and have something that can secure your rings while she walks down the aisle but easy for you to remove

  8. ncncncc says:

    Wow, sunglass hut, so OG!!

  9. ncncncc says:

    Also please start a family channel (one day, if that’s an idea you wanted to pursue. haha 🙂

  10. ncncncc says:

    Congrats Kim!! Hope everything goes well for the wedding! <3

  11. Ni cool says:

    Kim I love your viog’s

  12. Julianne Esquela says:

    Had an accidental ip man marathon with dad, including master z. Now he wants to go see the 4th 😅

  13. Michdear Michelin says:

    I love Neutrogena products 😍

  14. Claudia L says:

    The folding chopping board is the worst! It won’t stay down when you’re cutting.

  15. Jennifer Miller says:

    Ahh that was such a tease for the wedding rings hahah I can’t wait to see them! When is your wedding btw? I’m probably like the only one that doesn’t know 😭😂

  16. C N says:

    Appointment with benefit
    Sounds so much like f+ 😂


  17. Elizabeth Carpenter says:

    For the wedding rings, you should attach them to a decorative ring pillow, then attach that to Yuki’s harness. Search for “ring bearer pillow” or “wedding ring pillow” and you should be able to find one (I hope). I see them on some Aussie wedding sites, so you should be able to get one quickly.

  18. Tack Coma says:

    Hope you are safe and far away from the fire Kim

  19. Endalia says:

    When we got married, our four month old puppy brought us the rings. My mother made a ring cushion to tie the rings to and used velcro straps to put it on her collar. I imagine it’s possible to use the same idea to put the ring cushion on Yuki’s harness, if she prefers that. DM me if you’re interested in photos of the cushion 🙂

  20. Nasheed Harris says:

    😉😏Kim please vlog when you go to the sunglass hut because I want to see what you spend that voucher on😊🤔

  21. Nasheed Harris says:

    😉😘🤑That outfit is so damn cute Kim. So Kawaii 😏🥰😍

  22. Antonella I says:


  23. Y C says:

    Like your new brow shape

  24. TaraBoo Art ARMY says:

    When you said you can cook, but you can’t bake, I could totally relate. I’m great at cooking, but baking has never been my thing. It might be because I don’t like baked goods all that much, for the most part. Or maybe because I’m not a big fan of measuring. I like to just add a little of this and a little of that, which works great in cooking, but terribly in baking.

    • kimdaovlog says:

      haha same! I’m also not a fan of measuring. I just taste whilst I cook and just do whatever I think feels right in that situation haha

  25. TaraBoo Art ARMY says:

    I have some of that Neutrogena sunscreen in stick form. I’ve had it for a few years. I love how it feels and smells. I never use regular sunscreen anymore. Just the stick and spray. That’s awesome that they gave you $400 for Sunglass Hut! What a great bonus!

  26. Shannon Margrethe Juanata says:

    I have combination skin, and I have used the Neutrogena sun screen (the deo shaped one) during my vacation in the UK during Spring time. Primarily used it on my face, under make-up and it didn’t feel oily for quite a long time (or maybe bec. it was still cold ^_^; )

  27. Hellokitty says:

    I guess it depends what you want to show! In ours we don’t show anything except the rings as you choose what you want

  28. momo Khatun says:

    who is your fiance

  29. Akk Malhotra says:

    Love ya, happy new year

  30. Bibimbapski says:

    That xiao long bao ripping and the soup spilling out froze my soul! TT__TT I hope it was still yummy.

  31. Don't Mind Me says:

    Thats the cutest thing to do kim let yuki hold your rings 😭😭😭

  32. P Heart says:

    Showing the dress is fine as long as you dont show the entire outfit,hair makeup etc.

  33. Sarah F says:

    This is the first time I felt I really liked the new openings to your vlogs. There was thought and care put into the selection of the intro clips/shots. Keep it up!

  34. Riley Rainbow says:

    Im so stoked for this harry potter wedding 😍😍

  35. Red October65 says:

    Sun screen for some, new sunglasses for others!

    /and if This is after the fact, I hope all goes well with you’re Wedding and wish you two all the happinesses and long life together.

  36. La H says:

    15:19 what a beautiful ring box! 🤣
    Kim you are so funny i love you 😆

  37. Karen C. says:

    WHERE IS MY DRESS?! *monster voice 😂

    Are they going to refund your rush fee? 🤔

  38. First Day of Spring says:

    Do you folks have wedding registry so your wedding guests can see what you two like and that way you two don’t need to buy so much pre-wedding.

    • kimdaovlog says:

      Nah we don’t. These days a lot of couples already live with each other before marriage so we already have everything we need so I didn’t set up a wedding registry.

  39. Laura Cálix says:

    Kim how do you feel about the terrible wildfire that it’s occurring in your country 😥

    • Ann Boivin d'Abiose says:

      Please, use you channel to inform about what is going on and give links to show where to give to help the victims and the wildlife.

    • Laura Cálix says:

      @kimdaovlog Hope it gets better soon 😔, thanks for donating…

    • kimdaovlog says:

      It’s really bad and has been happening for over a month now, it only just got picked up on international news recently. I’m doing what I can to help by donating to some charities that can help out.

  40. SRR Founder1 says:

    Don’t fall for superstitions… SHARE YOUR JOY! ~Mikio 💚

  41. leggzd says:

    I waited the whole video and no rings, 😑… I love watching what people pick out..

  42. Amy Amy says:

    This video…pixel is wonderful. Is there something difference ?

  43. violetsprite says:

    I’ve seen every Ip Man movie and I love Donnie Yen. I can’t wait to see the final movie.

  44. Jodie Wang says:

    Kim thank you for Vlogmas and the frequent uploads! Take care! <3

  45. cheryl says:

    U look much more beautiful than before😍🥰 is this the wedding glow?!

  46. Bree says:

    Ahhh Lucky! Anxiously awaiting to see Ip Man 4! 🤩

  47. jonesr227 says:

    Who was that Amish guy at the Neutrogena event? 🙂

  48. sofapinda says:

    Pls do a wedding vlog!!! 😀 <3

  49. Anon User says:

    Kudos for showing the tricky dumpling shenanigans! Love an honest vlogger. 😁🥟

  50. Glory Belle says:

    In the West it’s only unlucky for the groom to see the wedding dress before the ceremony. Everyone shows off their rings.

  51. Anjel IHart says:

    I’m glad your dress came in. 😊 If Yuki (I’m sorry if I’ve misspelled their name) is use to a harness over a collar, maybe see if you can get a fancy harness in your wedding colours or make one out of ribbons and attach the box on top. Not sure how it would look or work, but that’s what came to mind.

    Also how did you like Ip Man 4? I saw it over Christmas and really enjoyed the film (I’m a big action movie fan). Minus the political aspects.

    • Anjel IHart says:

      @kimdaovlog 🙁 Ah the sucks. I live in Toronto and 99% of the time the foreign films are just subbed in theatre. Wich is great cus I really only speak English. 😣

    • kimdaovlog says:

      Yeah I might do that! She usually doesn’t wear a anything when she’s with me but she’s fine wearing a harness so I might try to get one custom made for her haha. And I didn’t mind ip man4, it’s just that they played a dub version so it was less enjoyable I think haha

  52. Scarlett To 歐洲旅遊頻道 says:

    So happy and excited for you 🥰

  53. Debby Jansen says:

    That pink dress you’re wearing at the event looks so beautiful on you!

  54. Melanie Jane Procter says:

    Hi Kim
    Can’t wait to see the wedding if you film or ever small bits.

  55. R B says:

    I agreed with you Kim, suncream in Australia is always so greasy and I only used the neutrogena sun stick on my hands. I only used Korean sunscreen because it is the best

    • Katherine Robertson says:

      kimdaovlog I love the Japanese Biore Aqua Riche sunscreen! I am so white (and red haired) that I burn THROUGH most sunscreens in under 30 minutes but the Biore one works wonders and isn’t greasy at all! ❤️

    • kimdaovlog says:

      ah I’ve been using Japanese ones and I find they work really well!

  56. ia akra says:

    I gotta watch Ip Man 4

  57. Sakura Moore says:

    I hope it will be a wonderful year for you. ❤️😊😘💐🤗

  58. Ailin Ell says:

    Kim, what’s the lipstick you have on in the very beginning of the video? Looks so fresh

  59. t I f f a n y says:

    This is so exciting to watch it’s really cute 🥺

  60. RedLadyBug U says:

    When is the wedding and where are you having it ? 0z or Korea

  61. Jenna Sears says:

    I’m so excited for u and Eric and I love watching your wedding prep videos

  62. Hiba Naciri says:

    OMG!! I cant wait for your wedding!!

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