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You’re about to discover how to:

  • Naturally calm your levels of anxiety.
  • Automatically boost your ‘feel good’ emotions.
  • Dissolve depression and fear on the spot.
  • Effortlessly improve your mental and physical energy levels.
  • Quickly ramp up your feelings of motivation and excitement for life.
  • See huge improvements in your calmness and clarity.

BEYOND DOUBT: You are hundreds of times stronger than you think. Your mind is thousands of times more powerful than you have ever dreamed. I can help you tap into that power to help you clear ANY emotional problem today…

From Catherine Spence, MA (Oxon), DHP (NC), CHP (NC) RH, RYT, CHBP

I’m a qualified and registered psychotherapist and mindfulness coach based in Islington, London, UK.

I’ve helped my clients clear all sorts of emotional issues including lack of confidence, anxiety, insomnia, self-esteem or self-control.

Hundreds of my clients have gone onto transform their lives and reach their goals with my help.

I’ve tried and failed at Headspace and similar apps whereas this kit quickly became my secret weapon for de-stressing, relaxing, and remaining focused both at work and at home. It’s designed in such a way that I always find something that is the right answer to whatever needs attention. Do yourself a favor and buy this.

BK, London

How I can help you while others may have failed before…

I’ve dedicated many years to helping people get the best results from their time with me.

…Time and dedication that most hypnotherapists just aren’t willing to put in.

  • I have a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford in Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology
  • A Diploma in Hypnosis based-Psychotherapy from the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.
  • I’m a registered member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and the National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness.
  • I’m also bound by the code of ethics, data protection and confidentiality of the UKCP, and…
  • I am also a qualified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.
That’s why I created a powerful set of hypnotic recordings to help you get energized, clear, calm, motivated and feel full of possibility and opportunity again…

My hypnotic recordings are professionally made top- quality recordings to

effect fast effortless change in any emotional issue you’re going through.

All my hypnotic recordings are based on the proven neurological process of

how we can change unwanted feelings, thoughts, and behaviors…

Scientists call it ‘Neuroplasticity’ or ‘Flexibility’

of the brain to change and adapt…

The bottom line is…

Changing emotional states like anxiety, low confidence or depression is not a matter of luck or belief; it is created by particular ways of thinking and acting that can be changed.

Our brains are made up of neuron cells that communicate with each other via ‘synapses’.

Whenever we create a habit, good or bad, we strengthen the synapses which make up the pattern of that behaviour in our brains.

It can seem hard to break existing habits-but once you experience my hypnosis, visualization and relaxation techniques here today…

You will be able to form new healthy patterns in your mind and, with time and practice, you can strengthen those synapses until the new behaviour becomes natural to you.

My hypnosis recordings will bring you into deeper states of relaxation where changes take place even more effortlessly than with other hypnosis interventions

Some of these recordings have embedded binaural beats running through the music.

These are ‘natural sound beats’ that play at slightly different frequencies in each ear, encouraging your brain to produce brainwaves that mimic sleep relaxation states in some cases…like theta brain wave states.

These sleep like ‘theta brain waves’ create the kind of relaxed meditative mind that Buddhist monks spend lifetimes trying to cultivate in the waking state.

Most of my hypnotic recordings use a theta brain wave state.

Inside these deep brain wave meditative states, your mind is even more receptive to making changes and releasing patterns that no longer serve you.

And best of all…

The change you want to see will take place rapidly…

Tapping into the theta brain wave state with my advanced hypnosis techniques is the quickest way I know to affect the changes you want to see in your life today.

You will alleviate and clear problems like anxiety, phobias, insomnia, lack of control, lack of connection, insecurity, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence.

You will easily resolve loneliness, shame, confusion, shyness; pain…even smoking and weight issues.

Inside hypnosis – your brain will naturally and automatically make the necessary changes to clear these conditions rapidly- WITHOUT TIME AND EFFORT on your part.

And don’t worry…you will be in control at all times…

Some people think hypnosis is like ‘mind control’. They think they can be forced to do something against their will.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Hypnosis is just a deeply relaxed state.

During hypnosis, your mind is open to new suggestions to change behavior, thoughts, and feelings you don’t want.

These hypnotic recordings are your gateway to…

You will also feel more confident, more motivated and more focussed.

Why do these hypnotic recordings trump All Other Courses?

The short answer is because I’ve designed it based entirely from the ground up using everything I’ve learned in the last 10 year about treating anxieties, depressions, helping people feel more in control of their emotions and behaviors…and helping people to feel calmer and full of the connection and possibility of life.

I’ve used all these techniques personally, as have many others I’ve helped reclaim their calm, peace and happiness with them. I’ve spent 10 years of my life perfecting this hypnotic technology, getting knocked down and getting back to find something that works…so you don’t have to. I’ve learned all the hard lessons and converted all the techniques to be alarmingly powerful for creating happiness and peace in your life quickly and easily.

To develop this breakthrough hypnotic technology, I’ve read hundreds of books on diverse topics in psychology, brain neuron transmitters, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and advanced hypnosis strategies. Furthermore, I’ve spent countless thousands of pounds attending Oxford University, professional conferences and further training courses to learn advanced techniques for effecting change with hypnosis and psychotherapy quickly and easily.

Could you deal with your emotional issue all by yourself?

Sure you could…but it could take you years of learning, thousands of hours of research and application, and thousands upon thousands of pounds in education.

And you’d maybe see the same results as working with me. What I’m offering you here today is a shortcut to resolving your problems. See, all the best and the brightest piggyback on what has already been done instead of starting from scratch.

That’s what I’m inviting you to do here now. These hypnotic recordings are the one resource some antidepressant companies and people who make the big bucks from endless years of therapy hoped you’d never find out about!

And rest assured…

No matter what your emotional problem you’ll benefit…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or some other behavior you’re trying to get control over. Either way, you’re going to benefit.

These hypnotic recordings are designed to help you quickly clear whatever emotional issue you’re dealing with right now…with no effort on your part.

If you’re feeling down at the moment- you’re going to experience your mood lifting.

If you’re feeling anxious, you’re going to see your happiness levels soar.

And if your confidence is low right now….get ready for that to change too.

No matter how you’re feeling right now-you will experience a quantum leap in your power to experience the good feelings you are after.

All that matters is your desire to get better and to listen to the recordings.

Many people see results so fast it makes their heads spin.

Solving your particular emotional problem is not brain surgery. But you cannot “figure it out” all on your own. I’ve spent the last ten years working hard, studying at Oxford, hanging with the best mentors I could find, making mistakes and following through on the astounding successes.

There is no justifiable reason why you should want to spend the next few years trying to solve your problems when the answer is right here…

So allow me to be your guide in skyrocketing your levels of calmness and wellbeing today. Not all these techniques were available when I started and was dealing with my emotional problems…Therefore, I promised myself I’d make it easier for all those who came after me. These hypnotic recordings let me fulfill that promise. And this is the course I would have walked 30 miles in the Sahara Desert for when I started out.

These hypnotic recordings are like having an ‘accredited hypnosis therapist and psychotherapist’ standing right behind you, whispering into your ear all the perfect things to do every day to feel better immediately. When you own these recordings, you’ll know every secret I know and perhaps most of what there is to know right now, about how to feel wonderful inside…no matter what’s happening out there.

I’m Taking All the Risk Out Of This Offer For You With My Unbeatable 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee…

With my Carved-In-Stone

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee,

All Your Risk Has Now Vanished…

So what is the investment for these hypnotic recordings?

If you were to spend one hour in my practice you would spend $100.

And you are getting the equivalent of 15 hours of hypnotic therapy here.

That’s over $1500 alone in value.

You don’t have to invest that today though.

Since I’ve just launched the course online and I’m hungry to create lots of raving online fans, I’m slashing the price from the recommended $447 to just $47. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the price down this low…So you need to act now to avoid missing out.

Just one of the recordings has the power to skyrocket your level of happiness and pay for itself immediately.

Let’s face it…$47 is not even the price of 2 weeks worth of lattes in Starbucks!

Claim the Biggest Bargain of Your Life!

That’s what smart, savvy people do who are fed up living lives under the weight of anxieties, sadness, lack of confidence and troublesome emotional problems do…Find the few, proven secrets to resolving emotional issues that actually work… and then use them to jumpstart feeling calm, clear and wonderful today and transform their lives . The cost is irrelevant because the results you see are so dramatic…And quick.

You’ll be stunned by how fast you starting feeling great again…waking up excited to see what the day holds in store for you…dreaming with hope about your future.

This insanely low price is just a fraction of the price it would cost you to visit me as a Psychotherapist for a session.

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