How Much Should I Be Spending On An Engagement Ring?

Category: Wedding Rings
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486 responses to “How Much Should I Be Spending On An Engagement Ring?”

  1. derek flint says:

    I had an ex girlfriend that bought herself an engagement ring right after we broke up. Maybe she wanted to deceive people into thinking she was engaged? I had never proposed but she really wanted to marry me and was really pushy about it. She was horrible at managing money, buying herself a Corvette in her mid twenties when she was still living with her parents. I look back at how each of our lives turned out and I think mine turned out far better than hers, , both romantically and financially.

  2. Julia Marlin says:

    A real keeper would buy me an engagement amazon stock

  3. Frank Lesser says:

    The price of the engagement ring should be proportionate to the woman’s hotness in the man-scale, combined with how hot she I in the sack, also on the man-scale. Divide this by 85% and you’ll have the price of the ring that you should use.

  4. Colonel John Matrix says:

    My GF wants a 22k ring. I make 70k per year. High maintenance.

  5. Anna Yang says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted a diamond ring, but when I really thought about it financially I decided to go with moissanite. I do not want to go into marriage being broke!

  6. derek flint says:

    A friend of mine worked at an upscale jewelry store. She says that the majority of engagement rings had stones that were NOT mined diamonds. She says couples often come in to shop together . They buy rings with moissanite, cubic zirconium, or lab grown diamonds. They use the money that they’ve saved towards a house, or to pay off debt. That makes a lot more sense than spending it on jewelry. Even some celebrities wear large flashy engagement rings that are actually synthetic. All the flash without the loss of cash. Remember the 5 C’s of engagement rings- color, cut, clarity, carat weight, and most importantly COST! A lot of couples opt to have wedding rings but no engagement ring. It’s no wonder the value of mined diamonds keeps declining. The lower cost options are the better options.
    Just a reminder if you do decide to buy an engagement ring, do not propose with it. It’s always best to let the woman choose what she likes (within cost parameters). Give her a budget and stick to it. I’ve heard stories of awkward conversations where the woman says yes she’d like to marry the guy, but she doesn’t want the engagement ring- or at least not the one he picked out. Let her have some input too. Oddly enough, I know one woman who even bought herself an engagement ring even though her boyfriend had never proposed!

  7. Ilovdance says:

    I have always known the price of the ring should be 3 months old f your salary but if you make a lot then 2 karat it’s nice size .. don’t ask a man about this .. ask a woman

  8. Judith Neeley says:

    “She’s wearing a headlight on her hand”, too funny. “1/4 carat and it worked just fine” too funny. Good call. Informative, great humor thrown in, too.

  9. aleterra says:

    I am.disappointed about this advice. Why buy a diamond ring at all?

  10. Lord My Rock says:

    The more expensive the ring, the quicker the divorce…

  11. Anthony says:

    $0. Don’t do it!!!

  12. Moses Yang says:

    as much as you will for a divorce lawyer

  13. Annabel Hawksworth says:

    3 months don’t be stingy

  14. Ballsy Bunny says:

    society has IMPOSED so much on us. Its truly sad people dont stop to think for themselves. SMH!!!!!

  15. SgtVon CarStein says:

    Thinking about proposing to my girl Friday been together 7 months

  16. Samuel Eden says:

    “Which means it’s on the other persons” haha

  17. Germide Brenor says:

    People are too cheap nowadays , if you have the money; nothing is wrong getting a great valuable ring for your soon to be wife. She’s worth that & more

  18. NoDominion DIY says:

    Anyone who buys an engagement ring is a simp

  19. noahadamh916 says:

    I purchased the stone for my fiancées ring from a supplier and same with the metal and in total spent about $2k. I designed and made the ring myself. I didn’t buy a diamond I bought a colorless Sapphire and it’s a 2.48 kt. The ring is roughly worth between $5-$10k.

  20. K V says:

    Forget spending all that stupid money and put it in a savings account for the both of you.

  21. Bob Smith says:

    What real woman smiles at the sight of diamonds lol

  22. Di Chi says:

    I think even 1 month’s salary is way too much for an engagement ring! It’s about the gesture more than anything in my opinion. I hate it when people think you can measure love by what a ring or wedding or engagement costs. (I am a girl by the way.) Spontaneous flowers are the best! No thousands of dollars needed to show someone you love them, gosh

  23. Xavier Ramirez says:

    I bought a ring at a price of 1 month and a half of my income. Kill me now lol

  24. Ramblin Man says:

    Look at a lab made diamond.

  25. Georgiann Maloney says:

    Engagement ring and wedding rings are a waste of money. Use the money to purchase items you need for your home . My opinion. Those things do not go up in value. When you sell it, you don’t get your money out of it. Lose lose

  26. Daniela Fiorino says:

    My fiancé bought me an $8k ring on a teachers salary. I’m a nurse and together we have 200k in savings for the house we’re looking to buy in the next 6 months. our only debt being the 10k I owe on my car. And we live in NJ, it can be done with lots of hard work and being frugal. We pay ourselves first

  27. marie cruz says:

    Most high school sweetheart marriages end in divorce 🤷🏻‍♀️. Stick to a one month’s salary 😂

  28. Teri Sawlaw says:

    We got my ring at a local jewelry store. Walked in with cash and they gave a 3% discount. Also the same ring at Kay’s was double, dave is right you’re paying for the ad!! Plus the ring doesn’t define the marriage

  29. Zoran Milic says:

    I thought the guy said “I am getting buried” lol kinda same

  30. Freedom Please says:


  31. Look Outside says:

    Lol. He tells a 21 year old he’s ready to get married before even talking to him.

  32. Alex Gray says:

    Just go to James Avery lolol

  33. CrNessata says:

    Diamonds are a scam, but I love rings! Sapphires come in a ton of different colors, are almost as durable, and much cheaper per carat! There’s also moissanite, which look JUST like diamonds, but cost a lot less 🙂

  34. Matt Collins says:

    Good advice but it would have been better if Dave would have explained that diamonds are an overpriced scam due to an artificial scarcity created by DeBeers & Co and that if you wanted to spend good money on something valuable he should be buying rubies, amethysts, emeralds, garnets, sapphire, etc

  35. allah bless says:

    Horrible advice. Should be no more than 100$

  36. Lm S says:

    I hope Mrs. Ramsey’s 0.23 karat ring has been included as a part of the upgraded ring(s).

  37. wfangnxd117 says:

    “If she requires 3 carrots she’s probably not a keeper.”

  38. Scott Stapp says:

    The ring should be contingent on signing a prenup.

  39. Lewis Johnson says:

    No marriage failed based on the ring not being expensive enough

    • CrNessata says:

      It can be indicative of dedication though. My ex husband proposed with a $99 ring that I picked out, and he complained. We lasted 6 years just because we’re awesome friends, but he was never in love with me, and it showed. I think a ring that takes some saving up will show thoughtfulness on their account. And that’s at least one thing you don’t have to question. They’re already willing to sacrifice for you.

  40. Lewis Johnson says:

    None. The prospect of marrying you should be worth enough.

    jk, $29,000 will make her happy

  41. David Stagg says:

    Dave, I don’t understand how you calculate folks’ take home pay… It seems like you aren’t used to most people taking a standard deduction and paying typical 25% federal and 5%+ state income taxes. How can his take home pay be $3800 with a 55k salary. My math says 3800 x 12 = 45600 which is 17%. this is also before deducting for health care, dental, 401(K) etc that comes out of pay. I think its more reasonable to think his take home pay is closer to $3000.

  42. LittleMopeHead says:

    Diamonds are a scam.

  43. Erik Hopkins says:

    21 years old making 55k!!??!!

  44. Adrianne Sills says:

    Thank you for finding a happy medium and not saying to go for the cheapest option.

  45. Jeffrey Abbey says:

    Rubies Emeralds and Sapphire with a diamond band…

    Diamonds are overrated and way over used…

    Love when I see a Ruby or an emerald on a woman’s hand. I always make a compliment.

    Instead of the lame diamond choice that MOST do. Ugh.

  46. Jeffrey Abbey says:

    Why people use or choose diamonds only… Like it’s the only stone???

    Diamonds just like Roses are not as rare or valuable as other stones or flowers

  47. BRBallin1 says:

    I would say spend no more than [salary]/$50,000.

  48. Big Picture Thinking says:

    Brace yourselves for the comments full of people saying their ring is a piece of thread and they have been happily married for 80 years.

  49. LikesandLoves says:

    Also for people worried about the ethics behind diamond mining, just get a lab created diamond. Brilliant Earth is an example of a company that does that.

  50. LikesandLoves says:

    Let me guess. A bunch of women in the comments section will brag about how cheap their ring was and how happy they are. Great! But everyone is different. People value different things. As long αs you values God first, it’s ok if you want an expensive ring if you have a lot of money and are financially responsible. It’s also ok if you want a cheap ring for $20. BUT please people stop bragging about how much or how little you spend just to sound like you’re better than others.

  51. ragazziita says:

    My cost $3500. I wanted to kill him when I accidentally found the receipt. I love my ring, but I think that’s too much money to spend on a ring.

  52. Tyler Clark says:

    My advice is definitely to use a local jeweler. They will give you a much better price and service. I got about twice the ring for the same amount of money.

  53. SkillzwhoKillz says:

    How about none. Let women buy their own jewelry.

  54. Jane O'Leary says:

    Go to Costco. Gorgeous diamond rings

  55. Paws Not Claws says:


  56. Leah Mann says:

    For $3,800 you can get a beautiful 5 carat moissanite ring. Diamonds are intrinsically worthless.

  57. TheWaterman1000 says:

    Really Dave?? 21 is way young. He needs to reach his education, Financial and othere goals in life. Within one year a kid will show up and there goals out the window. Maturity creates more opportunities. In short do be quick to run down the isle. Been with a woman for more than 18yrs. She finally agrees the situation is fine. I’ve seen friends in similar position get married and ends in divorce. My point is in a lot of managanuse relationship (sic) both partners seem to be more attentive to each othe and the real issuse come out in a marriage leading to breakup. Guese its the you dont like or being a pain there’s the door. No lawyers courts expenses leading to ruin.

  58. Case White says:

    1 dollar dave

  59. CHICO CADILLAC salazar says:

    Great advice Dave I buy precious metals and bullion and coins I buy them using stock market value of the precious metal. and a lot of people come to me thinking they’re going to get the price they paid or more . they could have had spent $1,000 but in metal weight the piece of jewelry it might only be worth a hundred bucks and they say I got it appraised and I got to explain that is retail price not total value of the medals or even the diamond I try to stay away from buying diamonds because people come in there with a $3,000 diamond ring and I might only worth be a couple hundred

  60. angela merkel says:

    Only morons spend more than $500 on a ring.

  61. Retired Manager says:

    Up to a couple grand is decent for a wedding ring. Anything over that or if the girl says traditionally it’s x amount of the guys pay, then I won’t marry unless I get a traditional dowry. Her parents better pony up land or something of value in return.

  62. Nicks Kicks says:

    Imma spend anywhere from 1.5k-5k on my wifes because I want to make sure its atleast a full Ct & that she feels like a queen. Whether or not it’s over hyped

    • Nicks Kicks says:

      @CrNessata I understand that. The quality of the diamond is important if it’s a I or si or vs or vvs or internally flawless or flawless 1 or 2. Either way imma get her a full carat of a good quality diamond and cut

    • CrNessata says:

      Carats themselves are overhyped. That’s just a diamond weight, so 1 carat of 1 cut will look bigger or smaller than 1 carat in another cut (not all diamonds are round). It’s cheaper to go .90 carats vs 1. 1.90 vs 2ct. Etc. Lots of tricky things. Also, don’t buy in a chain jewelry store, as they’re marked up considerably.

  63. Charisse Lambert says:

    I told my now husband that he could only spend no more than $200 on a ring, and I gave a list of a approved stones, none of which included a diamond. He got me a beautiful handmade moonstone ring with engraved silver band, but spent about $250, but I forgave him.

    • Retired Manager says:

      Charisse Lambert we’ll find out in a few years, they’ve been married 11 months

    • Charisse Lambert says:

      @Retired Manager wise people. I bet they also have a successful marriage.

    • Retired Manager says:

      That’s awesome. My friend and his girl got married after many years of dating. They had turquoise rings made for a couple hundred bucks. They used the money they saved to remodel a house and have zero debt, zero student loans, zero car loans and no mortgage after 1 year of marriage. Now they stepped out of high pressure jobs and work part time. While many people in California are saddled with debt. They hike, camp and sightsee. They prove it doesn’t take a lot of money to be happy.

  64. Brent Creed says:

    Never buy retail. I find that used engagement rings can be bought for half the price. I bought my wife an engagement ring from a pawnshop for half of the retail price

  65. Theresa Bruntom says:

    Waste of money. “Headlight” = braggart.

  66. George says:

    What if I go into debt to buy the ring?..can I go into the financing route or do I have to pay cash?

  67. 3of11 says:

    No more than a weeks’ take home salary for the ring. Another week for the honeymoon. The wedding total six weeks salary. Grand total of 2 months salary.

  68. Bradley Maravalli says:

    Seen plenty of terrific wedding rings from $900 to $1500 online. Just got to figure out her ring size, sometimes specific to that website/brand.

  69. MrCander000 says:

    My fiance didn’t want a big diamond. She wanted an Amethyst. Yesssss! Spent less than a thousand and she loves it. It does have diamond baguettes, though.

  70. td li says:

    Grant…. Don’t get married! Look how much that saved you bro!

  71. Joe B says:

    I know someone who owned and operated a pawn shop for 30 years. He said that a pawn shop is the best place to buy an engagement ring. He told me he will pay $300 for a jeweler’s $5,000 ring and will sell it for a few hundred profit. He said the drawback is most people don’t do it because it isn’t romantic to buy an engagement ring at a pawn shop.

  72. ytube777 says:

    no. waste of money.

  73. Ahmad Sarwar says:

    Naw man. Lolipop ring is the way to go 👌🏼

  74. Matthew Delsignore says:

    first dont get married

    2nd pawn shop

  75. jvolstad says:

    A friend of mine is a former auctioneer. She once told me not to waste my money at a Jewelers. Buy a ring at a estate auction. Jewelry for pennies on the dollar.

  76. Sadie Lanier says:

    How have diamonds NOT gone up in value in 30 years?

  77. bigroy38 says:

    None.Don’t do it!!!😀😂

  78. larrybud says:

    When I got engaged, my wife and I were driving to a golf lesson. We had planned on taking a long vacation with the dogs in August (this was in June). i said “while we’re up there, how about we get married?”. I then gave her a “ring” made of golf tape that I pulled off my finger… what was her engagement ring. We have the date written on it with a sharpie in our memory box!

    We then took her old ring from her previous marriage (which is freakin’ huge), and put it in a new setting. Cost me about a grand.

    It was my first marriage, I didn’t want the whole shebang, and she didn’t either (her 2nd). The wedding itself cost about $800 including the rental on the house (which we were going to rent anyway) and finding a preacher online. We still needed 2 witnesses, and we found two strangers who happened to be looking in on the house next to the one we rented after we got up there. Had a 15 minute ceremony on the beach, busted open a bottle of champagne with our witnesses, and that was it.

    Bride to be was really worried about finding witnesses, and I said worst case we find a couple of drunks at the local bar and pay them $100 each. 🙂

    True story!

  79. larrybud says:

    I’m amazed that dave doesn’t give some relationship advice in that you have a much higher divorce rate when you get married before age 28.

  80. Kenji says:

    Spend what you could afford without having to get a loan for a ring. In my case, it was 3k.

  81. Caitlin says:

    My ring is a cluster diamond, so it’s made up of multiple smaller diamonds instead of one stone. It’s 0.33 carats in total, but it looks like one big diamond on the finger & still has all the sparkle. Great option if you want the look of an expensive rock at a fraction of the price. I could have replaced it 10x over but I love the memories attached with it!

  82. D Guardabassio says:

    Engagement rings are a bizarre thing to non americans.

  83. Liz He says:

    Get a moissanite ring!! They’re a really good substitute and they look like diamonds and they’re waaaay cheaper! You could get like a 3 carat moissanite for one months salary of that guy.

  84. Ethan king says:

    Get one on a online “on sale” for $75-150 because when she looks it up she’ll see it priced for 1,200-1,500 and think you dropped check.

  85. clericstorm2009 says:

    I knew my wife was my soul mate when she said she considers expensive jewlry and and expensive wedding a waste of money. She said to just save the money. We have been married 13 years and are on the cusp of $1 million net worth.

  86. Penelope Guzman says:

    One month’s income is a lot too, so the two month (and recently hearing it’s three months) rule is made up by jewelers, because diamonds are just pretty rocks that spend a lot of time in jewelry boxes, don’t save lives, and don’t actually improve life in any way. I like this advice.

  87. verfed says:

    I bought a $150 ring with no stone (later we added a stone, but not a diamond) and to this day, when we argue about money, she’ll bring up that ring and how she should have known based on how small an engagement ring I gave her.

  88. monkeynumber nine says:

    See? I helped you…

    *go to a pawn shop and get one*

  89. Alex To go says:

    2:05 thought it was chucky🤨

  90. Dark_Architect1 says:

    I spent $2,500 on a ring. Married the girl. “She lost it.” And a year later we are getting divorced. If there is a next time im getting the girls a cheap one, no point in wasting money on somthing that can be lost, stolen, etc.

  91. Mstislav Varev says:

    Don’t get married.

  92. Colyers says:

    Dont’ get married at 21…

  93. JewelBlueIbanez says:

    Don’t buy pawn shop rings. As a woman I would not feel comfortable wearing someone else’s ring. I don’t need a big expensive ring, but I don’t want a ring that has someone else’s baggage attached to it.

  94. Jill Pruett says:

    My theory is that a sidearm is a better statement of a man’s intentions than a diamond ring. The sidearm should have a caliber that begins at least with a 4.

  95. Earlando Johnson says:

    My husband and I have been together 12 years. We make $85k each as truck drivers. We opted for wedding bands that costed us $400. 😁

  96. Andrew F says:

    LOL I love Dave but he’s such a conservative… if I was that caller, when Dave asked “so how long have you been dating her” I would have been tempted to say “uh, why do you assume it’s a she” just to see his reaction 😂

  97. Lin Haton says:

    Dave likes to brag. ” My wife wears a headlight on her hand.”

  98. Suzy Valentin Realtor says:

    💍 My Wedding Ring Makes Me Smile 😊 My Husband Makes Me Laugh 😍
    Wishing them lots of Laughter and Love ❤

  99. Scorpion says:

    Get a really cheap ring if you want to know if a woman truly loves you.
    You can always upgrade it later on in the marriage.
    You’re welcome.

  100. MC says:

    Engagement ring: $3.4K
    Average wedding cost: $33K
    Average divorce rate: 40-50%
    Average divorce cost: $5K to $31K (attorney fees)
    Average alimony/child support payment: (not available)

    I guess Dave believes more in marriage than he believes in good finances. I don’t blame him. He just stands for his values.
    In current day and age, marriage is kind of a scam where the state, attorneys (and some women) prey on men.
    That guy thinking on getting married should instead work hard, save money, invest, and wait until the laws become fair – or go overseas.

    • Scorpion says:

      @Trust the_process
      Yes, but there are also organized crime “syndicates” (for lack of a better word) centered all around using women to get Western $$$.
      You never really know who/what you’re dealing with.

    • Scorpion says:

      Agree fully as long as you change “some” women to “most women… and … be careful oversears – most women are scammers.

  101. Jaxmusicgal23 says:

    I’d rather save the moola for the wedding (frugal for that too) but I also dont like alot of expensive jewelry.

  102. IDontKnow WhoIAm says:

    i’ll answer this question before even watching the video. $0. don’t get married – today’s culture is far too anti-man to take that risk. just live with her if you must; but don’t make it legal because then youre just handing her all the power, with the government on her side the rest of your life.

  103. 1 says:

    21, good job and a guy…don’t get married

  104. Edge HODL says:

    I don’t agree here, engagement ring is waste of money

  105. Rebecca Dawson says:

    When I got married, my engagement ring was $200. It’s made with gold and had 7 tiny diamonds. I wear it till today. 10 years from then, we are doing better and my husband wants to upgrade my ring. We’ll spend $8000. He desires to do this and I’m happy to allow him to. Point being, you don’t have to begin a marriage with an expensive ring. Work together to build financial freedom and then, if you like, buy some nice things for yourself and the person you love.

  106. Chip Shuhart says:

    I got my wife an antique platinum ring for $425. We spent $250 on our wedding and she wore a $26 dress. Our marriage is better than anyone we know. How much you spend on “stuff” is meaningless.

  107. KParks says:

    Biggest waste of money on the planet!

  108. kendal thorne says:

    You should spend 0 and not get married!

  109. minecraftvideo2547 says:

    4 $3000 bucks you can buy basically anything just go on eBay.

  110. Eye Am Coa says:

    My wedding ring cost $138 on sale at JC Penny’s!! We were broke and in love! Fast forward 15yrs and I have the same ring! I could have upgraded it ONE MILLION TIMES by now but 1. I love it cuz it reminds me of where we were and 2. Diamonds are man made in a lab and are pushed on the masses as a precious stone when it is not!! We need to wake up people! Everything is a 💰grab!!!

  111. dachicagoan says:

    At my age, all the good women are already taken. It will be difficult to find someone who’s worth the $3k-$4k for a ring

    • GlimGlam says:

      The good women are the ones who will never divorce or take their man to the cleaners because they love him too much. So basically, my husband’s parents. Been married for 50 years now and I’ve seen nothing bad between the two and they’re both great people. The thing is, those women are reserved and most likely taken already. You can’t pry them away from their man because they’re bonded to him, and I noticed most of them aren’t into dating or sleeping around, they stick with 1 person their whole life.

    • Scorpion says:

      Just marry a younger woman… solved.

  112. I May Just Say says:

    Innocent children DIE for the sake of these ‘blood diamonds’

    Dave’s ‘christian’ advice contributes to child slavery

  113. I May Just Say says:

    Dave Ramsey is totally against buying Gold and Silver (as a store of value against inflation)
    …but is happy for men to purchase Diamond rings to make a girl ‘smile’


    • Nathan Freeman says:

      He’s against buying gold/silver as an investment for your future. Not necessarily to buy for the sake of having it. I.e. jewelry

    • jo jo says:

      It is a pointless tradition Maybe one day it will go away

    • jo jo says:

      He knows most girls won’t marry a guy unless they put some type of ring on the finger

    • wolf dog322 says:

      I May Just Say if you actually love your future wife
      Why not get her a ring every one will admire
      U can get her a fake diamond at Walmart if you like thou
      Then her friends will tell her bad things about you on how he ain’t nothing
      Believe me I’ve seen it happen

  114. fishslab says:

    Moissanite is a great cheaper alternative to diamond

  115. Pupin The Turd says:

    “Diamonds are intrinsically worthless” – DeBeers Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer 1999

  116. Ted Striker2112 says:

    or how about not getting married at all?!?!?! way easier and cheaper. just like how dave preaches about being brainwashed with debt, this also applies to getting married, seems everyone has to do it, not for me!! i am selfish and proud of it. i prefer to spend my money on rescuing animals, not a picky woman. not to mention why do religious peope eat gods creatures? where is the compassion?

  117. Frank Forex2btc says:

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  118. Diego Martinez says:

    Don’t buy diamonds. They’re a huge ripoff. Moisanite looks better, virtually flawless and is a fraction of the price of a diamond. I bought a 1 carat 14k white gold princess cut ring for $650.

  119. KY N says:

    Not 10K ring, it’s out of hand but yeah any engagement ring below $1K says pretty much about the dude. Stingy. Don’t marry any stingy dude and if you like stingy dude, go to Dollar General to buy a plastic ring then you guys will be happy forever after. The end.

    • Scorpion says:

      This is a live, working example of how women always end up choosing the wrong guys.
      Read slowly and carefully to avoid repeating the same mistake.

    • KY N says:

      Love is easier than buying a ring. That’s what you want to buy a plastic ring to propose. I understand. Yeah that’s why a woman shouldn’t marry a stingy guy especially a guy never bother to give tips in restaurants is a big warning sign also.

    • KY N says:

      @We who are about to die salute you Because it shows your sincere. 1K is reasonable and presentable. 10K is expensive, no need. If you don’t have a presentable ring to propose for the most important moment, then you’ll probably will not take care of her once you’re married. Same for the first date, the guy asks the woman out and expects her to pay then yeah the woman should run away. She can pay for him a few dates later. And let’s be honest okie, the ring that your woman wears forever you calculate for just $1K. $1K diamond is not a good diamond, an average kind. You ask a woman to marry you and then you ask “What did you do to earn it” Then don’t ask, save for yourself and save her life too. I feel like once you’re with a stingy guy and you become his wife, just make your life harder than normal. Too wasteful is not good, too stingy is bad.

  120. Sunny Days says:

    $0 she stop putting out and want marriage divorce cost 1000 the ring.

  121. Laura Cannon says:

    My engagement ring was thirty dollars, wedding band was 100 even (simple gold band) and I’ve been happily married for three years so far, together for six. Not bragging, just saying it’s possible. Of course it’s not possible if your partner is insistent on a diamond, which wouldn’t make them a bad person, just something you should start learning about your fiancee.

    • Laura Cannon says:

      All that being said, my husband and I are on our way to making a six figure income together and we’ve talked about getting much nicer rings for each other in the future. So it’s not that we don’t care at all about nice things, we just insist on saving and living within our means.

  122. LIFE STARTS NOW says:

    My wife and I spent $30 for each of our rings.

  123. MC says:

    I wonder why Dave didn’t ask him how much debt he had

  124. JNightlife says:

    Marriage these days is joke. The Man never truly benefits. Statistics prove this statement and this isn’t up for discussion with losers who are in their feelings.

  125. Alex Hunnicutt says:

    Litrally the advice i was needing!

  126. Ssam says:

    So what will SHE buy him?

  127. Jennifer Shkolny says:

    Don’t waste your money on diamonds

  128. Hiram Bright says:

    They say you spend two months salary on an engagement ring. I chose the two months I was unemployed lol.

  129. Sidney Outlaw says:

    Up to $100.

  130. Lockhart says:


  131. ForgeofSouls says:

    Get a nice band and get a moissanite stone…looks exactly like a diamond and it’s 1/10 the cost. You’re welcome.

  132. Josh Wells says:

    They can go up in value but it will be centuries and my advice as being a jewelry designer is to get with someone that will hand make the ring from scratch and you get with a good one yeah they can get the stone for you too little bit cheaper then what the markup value that you have to pay is and the rain will actually be better made then those Factory Rings you see

  133. Steve Wiseburn says:

    Diamonds can be used to transport wealth as they are small for their value. As FRNs (federal reserve notes) and Euros are limited to $100 and €500 denominations it takes a large quantity and volume to transport significant wealth.

    Diamonds are a girls best friend

  134. jcrowley1985 says:

    Give her a card with a note that she will get a really nice ring for her 50th anniversary.

    Give her incentive not to divorce you

  135. Zibzo says:

    I’d say at a minimum, all of your retirement money.

  136. derek mcculler says:

    I love the advise.

  137. Tania Martinez says:

    I love how everyone has an opinion on not getting married or spending a lot on an
    engagement ring… wonder how many actually follow it…. 🤔

    • GlimGlam says:

      I hate jewelry actually
      That’s why my engagement ring was plastic and my wedding ring is made of my birth stone but it’s pretty cheap. I think it’s pointless and not even a store of value like gold or silver most of the time. I don’t see the value in it.

    • jo jo says:

      Would a woman is happy it makes the guy happy

    • jo jo says:

      Ladies love their rings

  138. DeeDee Redeemed says:

    “Now the woman wears a headlight on her hand” lol hilarious😂😂😂😂

  139. owen k says:

    I spent 3k on my wife’s engagement ring she loved it! 😁

    • Prii D. says:

      @Kaleen Cunningham (student) Maybe i’m just too pressed on spending so much on a ring … In reality or rather truth.. I’m just shocked that there’s an actual recommend amount to spend when buying an engagement ring… lol I don’t even like diamonds…. generic and colorless.. better as an accent.
      $3k is fine but over that … holy wow

    • Kaleen Cunningham (student) says:

      @Prii D. if you have it why not?

    • Prii D. says:

      Where are the people that think a ring should cost more than $3k ? Even $3k is pushing it

  140. starstoryteller says:

    Also you don’t have to get diamond. White Sapphire or a chemlab stone like Moissanite 9.5 hardness compared to a diamonds hardness of 10. I have a moissanite stone and it is so clear and perfect it’s like a little disco ball on my finger, driving around on a sunny day. Also see if your girl is down for just an engagement ring and not a double band. I hope this is helpful.

  141. Angel Love says:

    “If she requires 3 karats she’s probably not a keeper?” That’s BS.

  142. IrelandVonVicious says:

    $1000 or less or forget her. Girls who need big rings don’t stay married.

  143. Ryan Hildreth says:

    Have passive income pay for it!💰 this was the only way I was able to become a Millionaire by age 26. Invest first, pay for “things” with the cashflow!🔥🙏🏼

  144. darte coates says:

    21 about to get married, spend about NOPE.00

  145. Don Cuyson says:

    $0…Marriage as it currently stands is a one sided business contract that currently really only benefits one party. Stay in relationships if you like, make rules and arrangements for relationships but don’t have someone put a gun to your head (legally and by extension… literally).

  146. Charlie S. says:

    Get a Cubic zirconia 💍.

  147. Meg Peg says:

    We were married when we were 17 . Broke as heck. No engagement ring and my wedding ring cost $30. Been married to the same person for 42 years. The ring doesn’t make a marriage. Tell her that and if she stays around she’s a keeper. 2 things to tell you my friend. eBay. Fake stone on nice ring. Type in fake engagement rings from China. $1 to $2 each! Can’t tell the difference! I have several. My ex Sil saw it and rushed out and bought a 10 K ring thinking she was outdoing me. I’m still laughing.
    2. If you get married at the very young age of 21 I will personally come to America and slap you. 😁

  148. L L says:

    Some of these questions…Dave, should I use Charmin or Quilted Northern?

  149. Chocolate Nomad Vlogs says:

    $90 no more no less

  150. D C says:

    None! Get out of there man!

  151. sticK&Clutch says:

    Don’t become a simp stay offffff the blue pill!!!!!!

  152. Indie Fury says:

    Grantheft Diamond 💎 I steal and sell them to pwn shop

  153. Ryan De Witt says:

    Remember folks, one thing that is provable is diamonds are not that rare at all. If they were, we sure wouldn’t have diamond saw blades and such. They are the price they are because of probably the best marketing campaign of all time and the fact that one major family has a large monopoly on the diamond supply and releases small batches of year to keep the price high.

  154. George McGovern says:

    One word: Costco

  155. LightningBlueMeanie says:

    Just. Say. No.

  156. bhs says:

    Nothing. The cost of something that will most-likely end in divorce should cost $0.

  157. Bobby Drives says:

    Tom Leykis
    Tom Leykis
    Tom Leykis… now kid.

  158. Howzit Cruzin thru life says:

    If my husband had spent a few thousand on a ring, I would hope it had a rocket launcher or anti-gravity device.🤷🏽‍♀️

  159. Tomias Thexder says:

    If your partner loves you, you don’t need a ring to confirm that. She will accept nothing, or a cheap ring you really want to get her one….fake woman want expensive stuff to feel like you love them. The average markup on jewellery is over 300% (retail price). that’s why they have 50% of sales and still double their money.

  160. - says:

    My cousin’s wife makes 415k. He makes 380k. He paid 2k for the ring. It’s worked out great.

  161. Edward Yii says:

    I’m planning to get a $5000+ ring

  162. Nathan Freeman says:

    Buy moissanite, thank me later.

    • Amateur Professional says:

      @Nathan Freeman YES! 😂 He did an entire video on diamonds being a scam and told men to buy moissanite instead. That’s why I thought you got the idea from him.

    • Nathan Freeman says:

      Amateur Professional No actually haha! Is that a channel? 😅

    • Amateur Professional says:

      @Nathan Freeman Let me guess you got that from GradeAUnderA? 😏

    • Nathan Freeman says:

      cliftt ???

    • cliftt says:

      Nathan, “Sol: No, it’s a moissanite.
      Bad Boy Lincoln: A what-a-nite?
      Sol: A moissanite is an artificial diamond, Lincoln. It’s Mickey Mouse, mate. Spurious. Not genuine. And it’s worth… **** all.”

  163. Kal El says:

    I bought my wife’s ring for about $1,200. I made about $70,000 a year at the time. It’s about 3/4 of a karat. I told her the plan is to buy a larger ring at our 10 or 15 or 20 year anniversary (we’re at 15 years now). My wife said “no way, you gave me this one and I love this one”. She still feels that way today even when she’s around other women with like 3 karat diamonds on their finger. I’ll never let her go!

  164. Suck My Ass says:

    I got my engagement ring for $600. I was upset I couldn’t get it for $500.

  165. Matthew finch says:

    Its not about diamonds cost ect. Its about a covenant.

  166. Red Balloon says:

    I can’t believe people spend so much on jewellery. Over 1,000,000,000 are facing acute water scarcity. Apathy at its finest.

  167. Reiden Lightman says:

    Got an engagement ring as before this. Lol. Diamond are one of the top five biggest scams in our world. Don’t spend any more than you have to. Something thought out and meaningful is worth much more than a million dollar ring.

  168. Jen Hughes says:

    Great question and (as always)– great advice.

  169. Karla Shmeeda Vlasta says:

    I bought my jewelry on the pawn shop and the deals were so good that after a few years I could sell it for more. But normal jewelry at the store is not a good investment in my opinion.

  170. slimflex1 says:

    Dont do it buddy. Dont get married. You will regret it 😮
    . 21 year’s old? Dont

  171. Nikkole says:

    Married 12 years here and have never worn a ring. I don’t see the big deal. The ring doesn’t make the marriage.

  172. Mark G says:

    If your fiance demands some expensive ring…run.

  173. Machiavelli says:

    Buy from Blue Nile or James Allen.

    • P G says:

      Machiavelli mine is James Allen and I love it. It has been for 13 years on my finger and it looks still like new.

  174. Kathleen DiGregorio says:

    My parents married without an engagement ring, the marriage lasted 58 years – my Dad gave my Mom an engagement after 11 years of marriage on an ordinary Tuesday meatloaf night 💐

  175. c. 1 says:

    This is how much you spend, ZERO! Marriage is a bad investment, PERIOD!

  176. Monica Bella says:

    My engagement ring and wedding band cost $300 for both and we earn comfortably but we’re not into expensive things. Our wedding was also cheap. 😂 It’s better than getting in debt.

  177. Hyperinflation says:

    This video reminds me of grade a under a

  178. Hyperinflation says:

    Im glad that the jewellery business is slowly collapsing

  179. fanofbama14 says:

    We did a $700 loose stone and a $600 ring at the same diamond store. Nothing wrong with not spending a ton on a ring as long as it makes her smile.

  180. Miguel O says:

    Getting married at 21, good luck boy

  181. Finances For Everyone says:

    All the rules for engagment rings can go out the window if you find the right person who doesn’t care for ourside appearances. I bought my wife a ring right in the middle quality .74 karat at a local shop who owned the diamonds. When you go to these other shops they very often dont need to compete but local shops will work with you.

  182. Aaron Osborn says:

    He is to young to get married. He has no idea how bad a deal it is for men.

  183. Marquis Patterson says:

    One month’s salary? Lol

  184. Chris Baker says:

    I’m surprised dave didnt ask about his debt.

  185. gangstalishis says:

    i would not get diamond, hopefully he gets another stone.

  186. Alucard says:

    When I was younger and heard the 6 months salary suggestion, I just about threw the concept of marriage out the window. Being the curious mind I am, I researched it and found out it was a manufactured vision propagated to make society spend more on diamonds.

  187. JJ Anthony says:

    Get her a $100 ring. It’s supposed to about what it signifies, not about the ring itself. If she’s not happy with it, don’t marry her. It baffles me that people spend thousands on a stupid rock just because society says you’re supposed to.

  188. dskmb3 says:

    Zero. Let strong independent Wamen pay for their own ring. Also, don’t get married.

  189. Garret says:

    I thought karat described how pure the mineral is? The higher the karat the more pure it is?

    • Karla Shmeeda Vlasta says:

      No. When it comes to diamonds or other jewels carat means the weight. When it is about golden jewelry karat means the amount of pure gold. Many items have 14 k or 18 k which means 585 parts or 750 parts of 1000 are pure gold. The rest is other metall. The higher the purer…

  190. Molly R. says:

    If the woman truly loves you she won’t give a flip about the size of that diamond.

  191. BK_Deltor says:

    Avoided a girl that wanted a rock, marriage and kids at a young age. She always prefered men in uniform anyway, so she married a military man, got him to spend his money on her for this big rock on her finger, barely knew each other 2 years she married him at age 21.
    I found out she was either crazy or desperate for marriage since he cheated once before engagement and again a mere months before the wedding. Why she went through with it is a mystery, she says shes the the kind of girl that wont settle, wants that fantasy relationship, im sitting here thinking girl you settled for a man that cheated on you twice…

    • GlimGlam says:

      I see it as a single mistake doesn’t define a person. At my job, I’ve worked with people who have gone to prison/jail and came out and have changed. Their mistakes are in the past and they want to move on from it. If they are repeat offenders then they have no desire to change at all so of course they aren’t forgiven. If you see things like people CAN change or become better, then you can see a brighter future. The reason why that saying exists is because people are protecting themselves from being hurt, even if there’s a small chance it was a mistake and can be changed. People who actually want to be better and do good after doing something like cheating aren’t that common, so yeah my dad might be an exception. But this is all on a case by case basis, really. You need good instincts and knowledge of who you’re dealing with before you commit or decide anything. If my mom decided to leave him I wouldn’t be born and I wouldn’t be telling you all this, nor would they have been married over 30 years.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Personally, I don’t think any self-respecting woman should stay with a man who cheats. There are so many “fish in the sea”…and I don’t think I would be able to forgive a man who cheats. But that’s just me.

      Also, there’s a reason the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” exists. I find that to be true in many cases of cheating men. Your dad seems to be the exception, not the rule.

    • GlimGlam says:

      I am. Usually when men are accused of cheating by women it’s a misunderstanding and it never happened. I’ve seen more than my share of accounts where women overreact and accuse their man of cheating and go through his entire phone history looking for “proof” of something that never happened. If a man actually does cheat, that’s a huge red flag for a relationship going south but it can still be salvaged under the right conditions.
      My dad cheated on my mom the 1st year they were dating, but my dad almost committed suicide over the decision according to what he told me as well as my mom forgave him. They’ve been married for like 30 years now and nothing else has happened since then. I think that’s a good example of salvaging a relationship, but the person has to actually feel bad about it and they have to be forgiven completely and never do it again. When it’s the opposite case of a woman cheating, that’s much harder to forgive because women aren’t attracted to men the same way men are attracted to women. Women tend to stick to people and that’s bad when it comes to cheating. Men can deal with flings better and move on from them than women so it’s much, much easier to salvage a relationship after cheating if a man does it. We have a long history of men have mistresses and wives and those relationships DO work, but women doing the same does not work.

    • Jacqueline says:

      @Karin: Can’t tell if you’re serious or not…

    • GlimGlam says:

      meh cheating once if it was a mistake isn’t too bad but only if it’s a man (women shouldn’t be given any 2nd chances). But doing it so close to a wedding date and a 2nd time is pretty bad. Men should be given more of a benefit of the doubt when it comes to cheating than women for a few reasons, especially considering having mistresses and such isn’t that uncommon with men and it works out. Women sleeping around/cheating NEVER works out.

  192. uare you says:

    Engagement rings can be anything….even home made ones…
    its the wedding ring that costs half your net worth….forever.

  193. Beast from the East says:

    Just get a mossanite or cubic zirconia. Hahhahaha

  194. Northwest Girl says:

    There is no amount you “should” be spending. Personally I wore a promise ring while dating my husband, and continued to wear it while we were engaged.

  195. Rich Alkins says:

    Nonetheless y buy the cow when the milk is free. Ponder upon that before you buy a diamond. Jus saying.

  196. mso008 says:

    Too young to get married. Only 21!

    • CandyCrushes IT says:

      My husband and I were 22 when we got married…we’ve now been married 6 years… we know a lot of couples that got married young and are still happily married 20+ years later… it really depends on the people.

  197. Peyton Aaron says:

    Buy a 50$ ring and if she loves it. She’s worth it… then get her the real one that’s a little bit more👌🏼just an idea

  198. Miguel says:

    It might also be cheaper to get a lab grown diamond. They are chemically and physically exactly the same and come with the benefit of not being mined for by African children.

  199. Clair3 Kee says:

    My husband bought me a ring for $900ish 3 years ago I’ve literally worn it a handful of times. Honestly a waste of money. Don’t overspend on a ring! If the girl demands an expensive ring she’s not the right girl for you.

    • Clair3 Kee says:

      Lol I hate jewelry. I don’t wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings, Rings nothing at all.

    • Motoryzen says:

      I agree with and respect your point, but why have you only worn it a handful of times? that would make any good man be suspicious of his wife.

  200. Brian Waller says:

    You should be spending $0. Marriage is for suckers that like parting with half of their assets.

  201. PinkGlitterTV says:

    Mine was $5,000

    • Jacqueline says:

      As a licensed attorney now, I have way more than enough to spend on any jewelry, including diamond rings. I don’t personally like jewelry, however. Thus, it has nothing to do with not having to “spend a dime on one.” I can’t seriously say with a straight face that spending $5K on a diamond ring is worse than, say, spending $5K on gambling and losing.

    • JJ Anthony says:

      Jacqueline Says the female who doesn’t have to spend a dime on one.

    • Jacqueline says:

      @JJ Anthony There are worse things to spend $5K on…

    • P G says:

      JJ Anthony mine was $15.000 and I didn’t even know it until a few year ago, I found the authenticity certificate by accident, so… should I feel guilty?

    • JJ Anthony says:

      You were okay with the man you “love” spending $5000 of his hard earned money on a dumb ring? A RING.

  202. Adam A says:

    Entering into a contract that offers you no protection in this day and age…Good God. Poor fool. Get married in _eyes_ of God if you must but never with the State. The financial ‘benefits’ will never outweigh the risk and what you lose in tax benefits you can simply consider the cost of this new form of ‘life’ insurance.

  203. Dariusz Maslowski says:

    None. Dont get married

  204. novola1972 says:

    If you got a right woman you will spend zero on it

  205. Mr. Carroll Ware says:

    $0.50 out of a toy machine

  206. The Truth says:

    Nothing! Stop this madness and stop the blood diamond trade!
    After she’s served you well for 50 years and given you 4 kids, then you can give her a ring…made of gold and NOT diamonds. Diamonds are worthless and have an inflated value due to western false advertisement and brain washing!

  207. Luminous says:

    Have her watch the documentary Blood Diamonds and tell her that you care too much about child slaves to participate in that market by buying a diamond. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!

  208. lamp5matt says:

    Dang I’d love to invent a pointless luxury item and then convince literally everyone that they *must* spend 2-3 months’ income on it.

    • Kaleen Cunningham (student) says:

      Like the iphone

    • I May Just Say says:

      You can, you American men are so easy to fool nowadays!

    • Jacqueline says:

      Basically follow the DeBeers mining company model then: have a monopoly on the item and then artificially inflate the prices and then run a huge campaign telling people to save several months worth of their income on this supposedly rare (but in reality, not rare) item.

  209. SunshineLaw Fan says:

    Costco has good deals on diamonds.
    Also good place for his or hers wedding bands. With or without diamonds…

  210. Bejon Nelson says:

    BR stand up!!!🤗🤗

  211. Fred R says:

    That’s a trick question !

  212. N. Roy Singh says:

    I think im gonna go 6 months of salary. So she respects my authority.

  213. Honest Erica says:

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But a man with a good faithful heart matters more than diamonds. We all want a loyal, faithful and understanding mate. We all want love and attention. Let God lead you. By serving and making your wife first priority . That means you are serving and making God first priority too. Being equally yolk with someone meaning be a christian . Wives should be prudent, decent, appropriate and self controlled, submit to her husband. Husbands are the provider and leader. So many people dont believe in marriage no more. Too many divorces are happening. People dont value relationships no more. Some people dont have no good morals or no good values. You dont wanna be too desperate and choose the wrong partner. No ones perfect but God. God is the best everything. He is the best mate, father, mother, friend, etc. 💟💖🙏🙋

    • Honest Erica says:

      @Trust the_process Hello. Well women are suppose to serve their husbands. They should always take care of the house, their husband and kids. Never neglect the house. If the couple decides to be equal and go half on bills. This just whatever agreement that couple decides. Thats why communication is the key. Let that person know why you feel. Marriage is like sharing. Whats mine is yours. Whats yours is mine. Also my body is yours. Your body is mine. That body part does under being faithful, no adultery. Seek the Word of Christ. Bible counsel is the key. Christian fellowship is the key. The Holy Spirit dwells in us. He guides and teaches us. Im trying to help you. Im trying to give you some knowledge that I have learned through the years. I hope that I have helped you at least some. Also as for gifts. Women can buy and make gifts for men too. Im single but I love buying gifts for my brothers and nephews. Even my male friends too. Having fun and presents arent just for women. Enjoy the rest of your day.😇🤔🤓🙏🙋💑✋💖🌝🌞

    • Honest Erica says:

      @Luminous Yeah, I have heard men and women say when the wedding is over will you still love me or will you love my money that I spend on the expensive wedding and expensive ring. You cant fall in love with a person’s bank account. Common sense tells women to pick a guy that can take care of you but still if he goes bankruptcy or get layoff a job. Will women stick by their men until he gets income again. Bible says dont put all your trust in money. Put trust in God. But no one should be a golddigger. Most people arent but the high cost of living makes us want more income. We all do try to be content. But too many people are becoming homeless. God is our Provider. We must help one another. 🤔🙋🙏💖💟

    • Luminous says:

      Sweet, I can get out of buying a diamond by explaining that my good faithful heart matters more than a diamond. You just saved me a lot of money, thank you!

  214. lmgam says:

    No pawn shop 🤦🏻‍♀️

  215. Miranda Holley says:

    The wedding ring does not make the marriage!

  216. Nathan Freeman says:

    I’m hoping to buy my girl a ring someday and moisannite is absolutely the way to go as an alternative to diamond. A fraction of the cost, many people say it sparkles better than diamonds, has a hardness that’s very comparable (~9.3 on the hardness scale) so it can take wear and tear no problem, and is made in labs so they’re not unethically sourced. It’s a no brainer for me.

  217. ALCAN52 says:

    The correct answer is $0.00. No exceptions!!!

  218. Yash Thakar says:

    u can spend as much as u can as long as u buy cash.. just spend understanding u are never going to see that money again

  219. yamamancha says:

    Aliexpress sells engagement rings for $5 or less. Here’s what you do with the other $3795.
    -$1000 to newlywed emergency fund = $2795
    -$1000 on 5 shares of Apple stock to commemorate your new marriage = $1975
    $1800 on Jamaica honeymoon package (all inclusive) = $175
    $150 on groceries & toiletries on your first post-honeymoon shopping trip together = $25
    $25 on Chinese when you get home from shopping but are feeling too lazy to cook.

    Mall jewelry shop diamonds are THE worst investment a man can make.
    If you’re crazy enough to ignore the above plan and are determined to waste money on an industrial tool disguised as luxury, stop with the diamonds and at least buy a gold band.

  220. Ryan De Witt says:

    For sure no 3 months salary like those dang Debeers people made up with their marketing.

  221. Corolla 2018 says:

    Men should spend $0 dollars on an engagement ring!
    It’s silly that it’s 2019 and men out here still getting married 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Full Hands House says:

      Pair bonding is outdated? How is the species to continue in your wise estimation? I agree on the cost of the ring.

    • herbielina says:

      James Marquis
      So James you’re telling me you’re an evangelist? Lol.
      Some of our best missionaries have be married and have brought their families with them.
      The evangelist I support here in the USA, all have wonderful wives who are their soulmates.
      I get it guys, as a female in rebellion to God’s plan for mankind. I had my tubes tied at 19 yrs old in the late 70’s. Did not like marriage.
      Made up a God in MY own image, (Idolatry),
      Thankfully I repented and became a born again believer in 2013, whereas a few months later, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had to remove several ancestral demons from me. Shocker… to say the least.
      The war is real. And the fallen side is after your soul to take you with them into eternity.

    • James Marquis says:

      @herbielina Gods Word also says that if you get married you are going to have more problems, headaches, hassles, and heart aches and your devotion to the things of God will be divided. God also says if you are serious about serving Him you should not get married and stay single. Just sayin’………..

    • Joshua says:

      @herbielina god also say that men who cannot provide for their families are worse than an unbeliever. There are TONS of unbelievers out there..

    • Corolla 2018 says:

      herbielina doesn’t apply to me. I’m agnostic

  222. gta5 master says:

    Plot twist his gf watches dave Ramsey

  223. Ben Corwin says:

    Dave’s advice is so uniquely spot on and slices through all of the societal advice that leaves you dead broke. I’ve always been told 3 months pay, which is criminal. Save up for a house!

    • Julia Marlin says:

      I would be terrified to even wear a ring worth that much.

    • KY N says:

      No way 3 month pay. An average salary is $4K per American. I say $2K for the ring is good, if poor then $1K ring. She would be more happy with $2K ring and the rest of your saving toward the house. That’s a smart move!

  224. Chris Lopez says:

    Diamonds are a sham. Jewelry in general is a sham. But neither is more of a sham than marriage.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Marriage isn’t a sham, per se…it’s the actual wedding reception and the engagement activities that are a sham. Plenty of people get married at a courthouse for dirt cheap.

    • Luminous says:

      Yeah I don’t know why any man would want his net worth to be tied to the subjective happiness of another person 😂

  225. James Jr. says:

    If she has a problem with how much the ring costs that says something about her.

  226. shibal sekki says:

    Engagement rings = waste of money

  227. Boo Ya says:

    Diamonds are worthless

    • Tomias Thexder says:

      Exactly…they are used in machinery to dig holes in hard stuff…years ago the Jewish diamond mafia fooled people into thinking they valuable. They are no more valuable than any other rare stone, they just sell you the idea they are valuable.

  228. Nathaniel Carreon says:

    The more expensive the ring, the longer the marriage. lol

  229. Angel Hernandez says:

    A ring is a total rip off. They are artificially inflated. That being said. I will buy my girlfriend when we are ready a 2carat ring that’s around 8k because it’s a very beautiful ring. Also anything under 1 carat is worthless 1.5 and above actually has value.

    • Angel Hernandez says:

      Nathan Freeman I like real diamonds so I would just buy a real one. For around 8k no color. I also have some friends in the jewelry business so I know they can help me out in getting something super nice for less.

    • Nathan Freeman says:

      Angel Hernandez I suppose that’s true. If I was going for size and everything else I’ll be going with moissanite for a fraction of the cost of the same diamond. It has essentially all the same features and you don’t have to worry about whether it’s ethically sourced or not.

    • Angel Hernandez says:

      Nathan Freeman anything under 1.5 is actually very common then everything under 1 is really common to the point where it’s a rip off. 1.5 and above are actually pretty rare. It’s why the price jumps so much.

    • Nathan Freeman says:

      What difference does size make?

  230. Godless Melanisia says:

    1 week is good enough for a ring. Save your money for a down payment on a house.

  231. Black Vito - Moneyology says:

    *(Black Vito has left the chat)*

  232. Just cats says:

    When my husband and I got engaged when we were 22, my husband made about $65k a year at the time and he spent about $1500 on my ring. In hindsight I would have bought an artificial one because all real diamonds are blood diamonds and all the “ethical” stuff is just supply chain manipulation.

    • Leslie B says:

      Just cats Not true. I live in Canada and we have diamond mines. They are definitely not “blood diamonds”. Now, actually knowing where your diamond is from is the tricky part. But, no, not all diamonds are blood diamonds.

  233. Candace Oglesby says:

    Better check out the .25c machine!!!

  234. Jay says:

    This kid is making a big mistake.

  235. Daniel Iles says:

    *“They say 3 years salary”*
    -Michael Scott

    • T J says:

      Never buy an engagement ring from a retail store…now a days there are great rings that are used and beautiful second hand…I’ve purchased three for my family members who have come to me for help from eBay…I know a lot about cut clarity and carat…all three rings so beautiful without breaking the bank for the next five years and believe you me life is a much happier experience when your not struggling to pay for something that as soon as you have it…it has lost its luster

    • Simply Wine says:

      LOL! I love him

    • Alicia Collymore says:


    • Cornsnake 4815 says:

      That’s the first thing I thought about when I saw this headline LOL

    • DiscoFalcon says:

      That episode was fantastic!

  236. Rudy Salas says:

    Good morning everyone!

  237. Raul J. Gomez says:

    I’m coming around to this question myself. 🤔 and I’d say exactly what Dave recommends. Maybe 2 months

  238. James Grosskurth says:

    $15 can get you some great Zarconium from Cuba.

  239. Zachary Laid says:

    The old saying is 3 paychecks.

  240. Meh says:

    Wedding rings, detergent, TGI Friday’s, conservatism : All things our grand kids are going to ask why we believed those things

    • Lord Beasley says:

      Right..Let’s give rich people tax breaks, and poor people will benefit..future generations will think we were insane

  241. Julio Chavez says:

    You are to young to get married please wait dude… please yall are both barely becoming adults… coming from someone who got married at 18 I love my wife but just wait

    • Julio Chavez says:

      @Corolla 2018 I can’t say its exclusively women young men can be very dumb and reckless as well but I agree with the fact that they are young and most likely will change drastically in the next few years and who knows they may hate who each other turns into.

    • Julio Chavez says:

      @SOBC are you that triggered ?I’m not holding a gun to his head. No one is pressing anything on anyone. The guy is 21 I don’t think the majority of adults can look back at when they were 21 and say they were in the right mindset/ had enough life experience to make that big of life decisions.

    • Nathan Freeman says:

      My parents got married at 19 and I was already 4 years old then. They’re about to celebrate 21 years of marriage. If lead by God and done right, age doesn’t particularly matter.

    • Corolla 2018 says:

      Storyoftheblackconservative SOBC I agree with Julio. This man should not get married at all. He is young and in some years he and she will change. Especially women ..they are snakes 🐍

    • Dave P says:

      Storyoftheblackconservative SOBC lol he’s hardly imposing. It’s just an opinion from his own wisdom. It can be unapplicable in this young man’s case but he should still hear it.

  242. Lou Sassle says:


  243. Alton Riggs says:

    Never buy a premounted diamond.

  244. BLacKNesMonsTaz says:

    Noooooooo don’t get it.
    Just get married. Why get engaged? Dating how long and want to be engaged? Pffff smh waste

  245. Mike Arredondo says:

    Don’t believe that 3 months salary bs she will love anything you get her but I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending is more then 2000

    • Mike Arredondo says:

      Aaron Hernandez that all depends on your expenses and idea of low income annually I clear about 75k for my self but my company makes upwards of 250k a year but I have business expenses not to mention wages to pay my employees

      2k May seem like a lot to some1 making min wage but at 2k your basically guaranteed a nice fine metal gold preferably since it comes in gold or white gold take your pick and leaves just enough for a small yet quality diamond Mayb a half carat

    • Aaron Hernandez says:

      Mike Arredondo you must have a low income.

  246. Matt McLoughlin says:

    I saved and spent 3 months salary on my wife’s engagement ring. It’ll be with her forever, looking at it all day every day for life… don’t skimp out. It’s just one of the only things that’s worth the extra cost imo. If you go and change the ring later, it muddles the visual reminder of the most exciting moment of the girl’s life. Just my view on it.

    • NoDominion DIY says:

      You sound like a stupid simp….have fun in divorce court.

    • WhatShipsAreBuiltFor says:

      @Greg Mago for $10k you could save 3-4 lives (properly save, and offer a good future) in the developing world. No bling is worth that.

    • Greg Mago says:

      Ur good man, a lot of cheap guys in this chat. I think spending 10k on a ring is fine. It’s your wife already all and she ain’t worth $1000

    • Jacqueline says:

      @Trust the_process It has nothing to do with “American culture” actually — in fact, the “three-month rule” for engagement rings originated from campaign ads by DeBeers, the British diamond mining company that still has a monopoly on diamonds and therefore artificially inflates the prices for this not-so-rare, overpriced rock….

    • Aaron Osborn says:

      Matt McLoughlin it does not matter how much you spend on your wife’s ring it comes off just as easy with soap and water as a cheap ring haha

  247. Alexander Jackson says:

    Dont buy a ring.. its a waste of money

  248. The Last Danite says:

    A ring is literally a shiny rock that does nothing.

    • JewelBlueIbanez says:

      CaptainRidley they help keeping the creepers away.

    • cliftt says:

      Captain, “But make her smile.”

    • Gymrat1504 says:

      Actually it does do something. It empties your bank account and gives a woman power over you once you marry her.

    • Hyperinflation says:

      Remember guys, a woman is never yours. Its just your turn

    • Nathan Freeman says:

      ChicagoTRS Agreed. I’m hoping to buy my girl a ring someday and moisannite is absolutely the way to go. A fraction of the cost of diamond, many people say it sparkles better than diamonds, has a hardness that’s very comparable to diamond, and is made in labs so they’re not unethically sourced. It’s a no brainer for me.

  249. Elegant Anne says:

    Awe that’s so cute. Personally I wouldn’t care about the cost of the ring. Wal-Mart has some cute rings. Don’t judge me😊

  250. Deteria says:

    As little as possible

  251. Progressives Thriving says:

    Engagement rings are artificially inflated in price, as they control the supply stream.
    waste of money.

    • Simply Wine says:

      Your woman is so lucky 🙄

    • Markus says:

      @No Comment gems made in lab are cheaper. My watches all have synthetic gems. They dont make them expensive.

    • Rick B says:

      Absolutely useless

    • Eye Am Coa says:

      Darnel W I agree we have been brainwashed but there are women out there who don’t give a dam about stuff like this!! Also you may find a women who is OPEN to receiving the information!! Give us some credit all hope is not lost

    • Darnel W says:

      Eye Am Coa I’m not comparing her to a rock. But do you know how long and hard it takes to get people to UN-LEARN most of the brainwashing they have been put under by society. It’s not even their fault. Especially when you consider the fact that we all are born ignorant. Women just have been socialized into the belief of getting a wedding ring. A nice one. The kind of woman you’re describing is far and few.

  252. CJ Willis says:

    Can I also say, you CAN get an engagement ring for under $1000. Mine cost $500, and as Dave says, it makes me smile. The cost wasn’t the key to making me smile – the fact that it’s tailored to me is. I didn’t want a diamond, I wanted a unique design, and I wanted something I could actually wear every day and not snag on every other thing I touched. I ended up with a garnet set into a gold and white gold puzzle ring, and I ADORE it. Don’t fall for ‘traditional’ designs just because that’s what’s recognized as an engagement ring. Just buy a ring she’ll love and will want to wear on her left ring finger.

    • Eureka Hope says:

      Good point. I have a friend with a lovely pearl engagement ring. She adores it! It cost a few hundred dollars and they have been married almost 20 years.

    • Ultramarine Waters says:

      CJ Willis I would love to see your ring! It sounds so unique!

  253. Investing Hustler says:

    I wouldn’t spend more then 10% then what I make sometimes even that is too much . So if ur making 50k a year no more then 5k

  254. NICU Grad says:

    Just know if you buy from Jared’s if it less than 1500 dollars the ring not real.

  255. Lord Beasley says:

    One month salary for an engagement ring?…Really?

  256. GL says:

    Let’s ask coach Wittenberg :V

  257. Boompjekappen says:

    You should? You should nothing!

  258. live2dogood says:

    $5 or less

  259. Wichael Meston says:

    He is not ready… he’s 21

    • Zap Brannigan says:

      Wichael Meston
      That is just stupid. If you care about someone it is about THEM. Not what is the best deal you can find. That is not a marriage. It is a person not an appliance.

    • slimflex1 says:

      @Miranda Taylor typical female response 😂

    • Wichael Meston says:

      Miranda Taylor well no man needs to get married at 21 then find out later that there’s a better woman that suites him & cheat on his wife. I rather date 10 psychos to find out what I want & feel is best suited for me. He might think she’s the one till another woman comes around that he never thought could exist. You can say the same for his fiancée. If she goes out and sees a better guy she’ll cheat. But to each our own ideals

    • Miranda Taylor says:

      Not every man needs to date psychos for the next 10 years with no commitment and end up getting some woman pregnant that’s not his wife.

    • Wichael Meston says:

      Matt McLoughlin I’m saying it as the consequences & not legality of it. He is still young. Marriage deprives you of your youth. You cannot learn & experiment with life being tide down. Studies have show that eventually one or the other will get bored & divorce rates are over 60 percent for this scenario. Divorce rates plummet after marrying at 28. The older the better. Wish them luck tho

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