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Now, I don’t know your taste and it may be very progressive but from what I can tell, a classic band stands the test of time and chances that you won’t like them anymore after a few years are very little. For example, I’m wearing here a simple yellow gold 14k band with a milgrain edge and it’s accidentally the same style my wife’s grandfather wore and he got married in 1946.

The most popular material for wedding rings is yellow gold. It’s very classic and the best combinations are 14k or 18k because the have the right gold look but they are not too soft otherwise, you’ll see the scratches. Gold itself, a 100% gold is very soft and so if you go over 18k which is 75% of gold, it’s just not perfect for wedding rings.

Traditionally, if you didn’t like gold, which was rarely the case, people went for silver. Specifically 925 sterling silver or 950 or 800 silver. Now, while I like it for pinky rings, I do not like silver for a wedding band because it’s softer and it shows scuffs much more easily.

Back in the day, the alternative used to be platinum or white gold. Platinum is a different material than gold and it’s usually more expensive because it’s also harder to work on it. White gold is quite popular these days and if you like the silver look, it’s a valid alternative to a yellow gold or maybe even a rose gold.

Now, these are the basic classic materials you can wear for wedding rings and I suggest you stick with them because they’ve proven that they work, they last, and they don’t lose their value.

I suggest you go with something maybe 4mm or 5mm because it gets bigger, yes it can look more masculine but it can also be more difficult to get the ring onto your finger and it can be less comfortable when you wear it.

In terms of finishes, you can go with shiny finish that is polished, it’s probably the most classic one. You can get something that’s hammered which is unusual, or ou can get that milgrain edge, the one I’m wearing personally, or you can get something that’s really matte which is hardly ever seen.

So one question I get asked a lot is “Do I have to match the metals of my wedding band to the rest of my outfit?”
I say no, you don’t have to. Don’t stress out about it. Your wedding ring is a part of you and if you can match it, great! If not, that’s okay too.

So what are the wedding ring dont’s?

To me, the number one rule is not to go with unusual materials such as wood, tungsten, cobalt, titanium, rubber, and so forth. They just won’t stand the test of time and chances are you’ll just won’t like the look of them down the line.

Second, don’t go with finishes that are highly unusual such as blackened or matted, or edged, or acid treated because chances are, it’ll just look dated very soon.

Rule number 3 is don’t go with anything that’s wider than 8mm because it’s just way too big.

Rule number 4, do not add diamonds to your ring because it’s just very flashy and it makes you look like a pimp.

Number 5, avoid designer brands.
The wedding band is a very classic thing. You can find them from jewelers and it’s more about the weight, the specific design, and the right size for your finger. The designer simply adds a markup to the ring that does not add additional value to your comfort or looks.

Rule number 6, definitely avoid adjustable rings. That’s something from a gumball machine and it’s really the cheapest of the cheap and since this is a wedding ring, you want something that’s quality.
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69 responses to “How To Choose A Wedding Band Ring”

  1. Return of The Ankh says:

    The short, get diamonds and use other material ideas such as wood, rubber, tungsten. This video was brought to you by societal norms and if you do not want to look like every other man on the block do the opposite of what he says.

  2. -runswithbeer- says:

    Just got married! My wife got me a 14K white gold polished band in 6mm. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see the character it develops over the years

  3. adamglisson1 says:

    Anyone know the style ring that is on the bottom at 3:43?

  4. Enrico Machado says:

    seventy years!? man….

  5. Lewis Carlin says:

    My wife had a 24k gold ring made for me in Nicaragua and its beautiful but as you say it definitely get scuffed easily.

  6. Bacchanalia says:

    Video Summary: Just purchase a yellow diamond band. What is wrong with platinum.
    Also, tungsten carbide and titanium have the look of white gold, but a bit darker.

  7. A Reda says:

    I’m confused-no edging, yet you have a mill-grained edge


    we have black titanium bands for our wedding ring 🙂

  9. Esoteric Pilgrim says:

    Very informative, keep it up 🙏

  10. Michigan Edge says:

    Ahh now we know what happened to the kid from the little rascals

  11. Tomáš Tesař says:

    I know.. I know.. you said dont go with unusual finishes… BUT! What do you think: Is it frosted gold (like royal oak watch) finish suitable for the ring? Won’t it be too rough to wear?

  12. Lassy Amor says:

    Thank you! I am getting married soon! Ha! This is helpful!!

  13. Ronaldo Pascua says:

    Does having your name etched in it good? Is one small diamond ok?

  14. Luke Vuidreketi says:

    great informative video thanks

  15. Kari Jussila says:

    I have heard that 19 k white gold can almost be as strong as platinum but doesn’t form a patina. The jeweler I spoke with also mentioned that it’s alloy will be whiter than 18k gold and that it doesn’t require the Rhodium plating to maintain it’s colour, making it lower maintenance. I was wondering if you know how the alloy changes to get these traits in 19k white gold, and if the claims of improved properties are fair?

    • ruben verschuren says:

      I am not a jeweler but I just bought a white gold wedding ring. I don’t think it matters if it’s 14/18/19k white gold. Because gold is soft. The higher the K the softer it get. Platinum doesn’t form a patina either that’s silver. Platina is completely inert with air and 100% hypoallergenic. I think the alloy that your jeweler is referring to is a high palladium white gold. Palladium is a platinum group metal with much of the fame properties and color. Adding a high amount of palladium to the fold gives it a nice white slightly grayish finis. The color is all the way thtiu so no rhodium coating needed.

  16. JEFFREY COX says:

    i like silver bands

  17. west wood says:

    This information is gold thanx

  18. Wendy Black says:

    I have a titanium ring, & wouldn’t go past it

  19. j r says:

    Very professional and class all the way.

  20. Thomas Walker says:

    I have a friend that is a fireman and he uses a rubber ring while he is at work

  21. Alexander Alekhine says:

    Tungsten will absolutely stand test of time, it’s much much harder than gold(s) and it is not expensive either

  22. calangel says:

    They have a silver alloy it now that comes out of the oven as hard as 900PLAT. You can heat treat it as hard as 14K. I’ve had a ring made in it as a guy, and the cleaning and scratching issues are not present…unless you use a high sulfur shampoo or something!

  23. Breezy Bree says:


  24. Nameless Profile says:

    My wedding band has diamonds. I does not make me look like a pimp though…🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. Purity Of Light says:

    At 2:02 …looks like saurons ring in lotr 😅, nice one tho…like it

  26. Luvenia Waiters says:

    I am pretty sure you may find good solution on woodprix website 🙂

  27. A B says:

    Sounds like he has a german accent.

  28. Üma Å says:

    Good solid advice. Thank you.

  29. TheArchetypeGamer says:

    I personally wear 10mm black ceramic ring with blank blue and silver carbon fiber inlay I wanted a 10mm wide to be different and with long fingers it fit perfect for my hand.

  30. Arcturian Hybrid Girl says:

    Very helpful video. Thank you. I think i will go for high polished 18k- 24k rose gold 4 mm wedding band for myself . It’s very feminine. For my husband to be, 18k high polished yellow gold 6mm as its more masculine. 😊

  31. Elvena Fae says:

    My man is in the military and I was thinking on purchasing a gunmetal grey tungsten carbide ring with rose gold accent. I’m considering this because of the hardness of tungsten and rose gold would match mine. I specifically asked for rose gold lol

    • Shari D57 says:

      The most important one to ask would be your man! Depending on his MOS (or job depending on his branch), would there be any conflict with wearing a wedding ring or any kind of jewelry on the job, or in uniform?

      My husband was a Heavy Equipment Mechanic when he (we!) was in the Air Force, and “NO jewelry of any kind” was the hard and fast rule, for safety. He got a 14kt 5mm white gold plain band when we married, as we both liked white metals, and he could of course wear if off duty. But, in 1976, there was no such thing as “alternative” metals, it was gold or platinum, period. Platinum was way out of our budget, and no matter what we got, he couldn’t wear it to work. So, gold was it!

      Unfortunately, going against the grain, meaning other than yellow gold which was the “standard thing” in those days, went against US as well, as we discovered on our honeymoon (2-3 days after putting them on) that my husband was seriously allergic to the nickel in the White Gold! There was no way for us to have known that beforehand, as the only other ring he owned was a yellow gold high school class ring. There were no other white gold formulations available then, and we certainly couldn’t afford to go right back out to the Jewelry store and buy new rings! “Two stripers” didn’t make much money back then, even with dependents benefits, and me working part time. So, his band went into permanent storage in the ring box, and I kept wearing my rings, as I wasn’t allergic to mine.

      About 10 years later, for our upcoming anniversary, I put a yellow gold band on layaway with my favorite jewelry store, and that was his anniversary gift. I also got a yellow gold band for myself, because I grew up in times when wedding bands “matched” for the couple. And mine was very narrow, and starting to show some wear. So, we finally both had a pair of bands that matched, and that we could both wear.

      Beginning in the following decades, silver bands began to be more than “cheap bands” and the alternative metals began to hit the market. Since then, I have bought him several different bands in different metals, to give him a choice, like I started to wear for myself. He actually now prefers a comfort fit titanium band with an overlapping circle pattern on top. The yellow gold band I got cut down to fit me, because he prefers the white metals, and I like the wider width, and yellow gold now.

      I have a fairly extensive collection of bands myself now, 99% found used on eBay, Etsy, and a couple of local pawn shops. A few new ones, in silver alloys that now don’t tarnish, are much stronger, and hold a polish longer than traditional sterling. Several different styles, widths, thicknesses, and comfort fit or not. It’s nice to have a variety to choose from to suit my mood, my wardrobe, and my general inclination!

      We’re married 44 years coming up in July, and have decided that it’s not rings that make us married, it’s desire and determination. We wear what we like to have the signs to show the world we are dedicated to each other, so they know there’s no need to think either of us are “available” to anyone but each other!

      Best wishes on your band selection. And don’t worry too much about what “other people” think or say about your choices. In the end, it’s what YOU think, feel, care for, and wear – not others! And thank you to both of you for your commitment to maintaining our country’s safety. We appreciate your dedication!

  32. Kelly Fagan says:

    Did you say 70 years !?

  33. Rodney Thornton says:

    I know he says no unusual materials but me and my wife got matching rings of titanium with a box elder inlay dyed blue. It looks like van goghs starry night and we absolutely love it.
    It probably wont be good for others but as a woodworker having that little piece means the world to me and I will never tire of it.

  34. Trotsky says:

    Surprisingly ill-fitting jacket.

    • Lewis Carlin says:

      Noticed in the other video, shoulders are a bit off. Mostly noticed because Raphael normally dress impeccably.

  35. Sparrow Calhoun says:

    “It makes you look like a pimp”! Lol! Love it!

  36. nice Amigo says:

    Thank you, I have been married for 41 years, my wedding ring was made for me, out of welsh gold. plain band wear it every day.

    • Kalikakumar says:

      what is a Welsh gold?

    • Shari D57 says:

      Congratulations to you and your wife! My husband and I have been married 43 years as of July 2019, as it’s now two years later than your post, and 44 years is coming up this summer! Which means we’ve both been married the same length of time! I think that’s awesome, and under today’s circumstances, that’s also very rare! We have two children, one is now 40, and the other 38. And we have 7 grandchildren, all siblings! Very busy world! Best wishes to you both for a continued happy marriage.

    • Dawn P. says:

      Wow.. 41 years; true love

  37. dipro001 says:

    I know you are rather busy Raphael, but I must say, I would love to hear a little more from you on watches and perfume. I always enjoyed comparing my own opinion against yours on these matters. Please pardon me if I failed to spot materials you already created on these topics.

  38. edward gurango says:

    Your opinion on Cartier’s Trinity/rolling ring and the Love ring as wedding bands? I have both and wear them interchangeably. They’re both 18k of course as Cartier makes nothing less than that. The Love ring is in white gold so I wear it w/ my SS watches.

  39. Ryan Calovich says:

    tungsten all the way

  40. MaZaHaKa009 says:

    What about online custom jewelers? Would you suggest brick and mortar only?

  41. Scott Ferguson says:

    I think there’s a case to be made for alternative metals here. Anything blacked out or with a weird finish isn’t going to look great and regular tungsten is (for me) always just a shade too dark, but cobalt, palladium, and even titanium are otherwise pretty good as white gold alternatives. Resizing is tricky but you don’t lose anything on looks. And they’re way tougher, which IMHO is what you want in a ring like this. Same logic as with clothes: for an evening suit you’re only going to wear twice a year you can go with a finer material but for the pair of jeans you wear every day you really need it to be able to take a beating, and even 10k gold isn’t so great for that kind of abuse. My wife and I have a pair of matching cobalt rings that look pretty darn classic but have yet to take on any dents or scratches. Just a quick opinion.

    • kobudo says:

      Agreed. I went with a white tungsten carbide since I do very harsh work with my hands, and gold (especially a white gold, like my wife’s rings) is not going to survive. On the plus side, the white tungsten visually compares quite favorably to the 18k white gold that my wife wears, and she wanted our rings to look like they “go together.”

  42. Mr. Big Evil says:

    thanks for the video! I’ve been really lost on this subject. does your wedding band have to match the color of your wife’s wedding band?

    • Samantha Kirkpatrick says:

      No. I’m about to buy my fiances wedding band and it won’t match mine at all. My engagement ring is rose gold with a pear diamond and a halo. My wedding band will be a plain rose gold band. Both are very thin. My fiance wants his to have a tribal design and be silver and/or black.

    • David Buchanan says:

      Ian Ron no. Get what you like. You’re wearing it

  43. Isabella Cammalleri says:

    PLEASE do a video about signet rings!

  44. ThomasRiekki says:

    Any tips for caring for a silver ring? I have one (not a wedding band) but it scratches so easily (wore it to the gym once by accident which did a number on it). Anything I can do at home without taking it into a jeweler to keep it looking great? Thanks!

  45. TeaLoafer says:

    Have you done watches yet? Watches would be cool.

  46. ZippyXD P says:

    hold up did you just say 70 years married? your not over 40?

  47. The Shadow says:

    And get rekt right after.

  48. Frank Gadson says:

    Thanks for this insightful video just one question when dressing up would it to over the top to adorn ones wedding ring and a pinky ring on the other hand?

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