How to choose a Wedding Band to suit your Engagement Ring

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  1. Melody Juan says:

    I have a dainty 0.31 ct solitaire ring, i will definitely match it with the gold wedding band 😍 so pretty, i was thinking a white gold but that gold was so pretty

  2. Shari D57 says:

    This is all very true, and quite informative. Many more things to think on and consider than “back in the day” when your grandparents either bought a simple gold band, which most everyone could afford, or an engagement ring which came with a wedding band already designed to go with it in a set.

    ALSO – take into account things like time of year – summer vs winter, for instance. Hot weather can make fingers swell, and your rings that you normally wear to feel somewhat more snug, and more difficult to put on or remove, where in winter, the cold weather can make your fingers shrink, making rings, including those jeweler’s “sizing rings” (those multiple sized plain metal rings all strung together on a hoop, used to determine your finger size) to feel too loose.

    ALSO, for the ladies, hormonal adjustments throughout your monthly cycles can also cause fingers to swell as you may retain fluids, and shrink down again as you lose them. It’s a very personal type of situation, as each woman adjusts differently to those hormone shifts. Each one should know how these affect her, so remember to take them into account if you’ve found they have been problematic in that respect.

    Another thing is that it’s possible to go to three different jewelers to get your finger sized, and look at rings, and get three different sizes! These usually don’t shift more than 1/8 to 1/4 of a size in difference, but they can be significant, depending on the style and width of band you’re looking for. If you’ve decided on the “Court” style – also called “Comfort Fit” in the States – then this style will feel looser on your finger than the “D-shape” or the Standard fit bands that are flat inside against the finger. (The side where the usual engraving of initials, dates, and/or personal messages goes.) Court/Comfort fit rings could be 1/4 to 1/2 size smaller in size when you order them, than the size you would order in a “D-shape” band. So, if your finger has been sized using the Standard jeweler’s sizing rings, and they say you wear a size 6, for instance, and you order a Court fit ring in a size 6, it’s highly likely that the ring will fit you too loosely, and need resizing or even exchanging.

    Certain styles and types of rings cannot be mechanically resized, such as anniversary style bands with stones that go completely around the shank (band) cannot be resized, as a rule. Other rings that are constructed on the same principles, such as those with engraved designs all the way around the band, even without stones, also can’t be resized. Because of the cutting, and either adding or removing metal to change the size, and then the soldering and refinishing processes involved, would destroy the designs on a significant portion of the ring. Other types, including those with milgrain edges, or “step down” edges, or any other kind of edging, can’t be resized, for the same reason. And if you choose rings made of two different metals, such as gold and platinum, OR two different colors, like white and rose gold, the same situation arises.

    The only time the all metal engraved types of bands are not problematic, is if they are originally constructed with a small, plain section in the back of the band called a “sizing band.” It has no design on it, to allow a small space to resize the ring should that become necessary later on. If the ring fits you properly at the start, it shouldn’t “spin” on your finger allowing that blank part to rotate around where it can be seen. If it starts doing that, it usually means it’s getting too loose, and SHOULD be resized!

    ANOTHER situation is with wedding bands made of any of the “alternative” or non-precious metals, such as titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, etc. They can’t be sized, because of the fact that they can’t be cut, have metal added to them, and/or soldered back together again. So, especially in men’s rings, that’s a condition you might want to keep in mind. However, there are many sources for these metal bands, which sell them for very reasonable prices, so replacing rather than resizing, can be a very affordable option, if you want to use some other metal besides gold, platinum, Palladium, (or even Argentium Silver.)

  3. Daniel Gallego says:

    good video

  4. betyl says:

    Thank you for this video. It was very beneficial.

  5. Zmay Jewelry says:

    I’d only add that if you buy jewelry online, double check your finger size. That way you’ll avoid additional costs if the ring does not fit.

  6. Kalash Shah says:

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