How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)

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Proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend is one of the most nerve-racking events a man will go through. Most guys spend a fair amount of time obsessing over engagement rings and trying to find the perfect one for their soon-to-be better half. But what about YOUR ring?

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I wear a 4mm Platinum, slightly curved, traditional fit wedding band in size 7.5. And if you have no idea of what any of that means, you will by the end of this video. We’ll cover types of rings, materials (metals, etc.), size, shape, profile, fit and width. Let’s get into it!

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193 responses to “How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)”

  1. Kalikakumar Chowdhury says:

    I just recently got into jewelry making and my friend recently got married and both he and his wife now wears 24k yellow gold (round cross section) wedding band made by me.
    My father wears a 24k gold (domed) wedding band also made by me.

    I’m no professional but making rings that people wear as a symbol of their love and commitment to eachother …. it’s just very satisfying… oddly satisfying…

    even for the wearer … even he/she knows that what they r wearing is not a mass manufactured stuff off a lifeless corporation’s shelf. It has been personally made just for them by someone by hand.

  2. Yadis Jewelry says:

    Nice content.I like the way choose ring

  3. William Jenkins-Manning says:

    Hahahaha, 24k gold isn’t 100% gold. People need to stop saying that.

  4. Tom says:

    Tried on tons and went with sterling silver

  5. Carlos Banegas says:

    What about stailess steel for daily basis is a great choice never scratch or fade off.
    My 18k ring only for special events.

  6. Shifat Al-Arraf says:

    Which colour would suit me as i just want to have a casual ring

  7. Aloo Satnee says:

    Did u have ur partners name fully engraved on the ring or was it just the first name?

  8. ABC TV says:

    Platinum is garbage

  9. Frank Harry says:

    Which would last better between titanium and Sterling Silver?

  10. David Mathews says:

    I visited a jewellers the other day and was really taken back by the beauty of some of the rose gold rings. I’m heavily considering one!

  11. Isaac Joshoua Castillo says:

    I mean I’m trying to find a ring for my sister boyfriend because they are getting married

  12. Isaac Joshoua Castillo says:

    I mean I’m trying to

  13. Isaac Joshoua Castillo says:

    Sister’s boyfriend

  14. Isaac Joshoua Castillo says:

    Trying to find a ring for my

  15. Isaac Joshoua Castillo says:


  16. Isaac Joshoua Castillo says:


  17. SuperTriz says:

    Men are still getting married in America? 🤔

  18. Michael Robb says:

    I never thought about getting married ever.

  19. Lee Emberson says:

    I’m in the UK and need to get sized for a comfort fit ring I am buying from the US. Its a 6mm band and I was wondering if I should adjust my size for the comfort fit? I have read somewhere that for 6mm you should just order your regular size but for 8mm and above you should go a half size down but I wasnt sure if that is correct or if the half size is talking in US or UK terms.

  20. Andrew Colin says:

    Boyfriend? Wtf kinda gay shit is this?

    • The Modest Man says:

      Funny that you automatically picture a guy proposing to a guy, not a woman proposing to her boyfriend. What could this mean about you? 🤔

  21. Joey Baseball says:

    I will never wear a ring, because of ring aluvsion. But I might get a wedding wristwatch instead.

  22. Wenvir Leyson says:


  23. Luke Icebird says:

    Need to find myself a ring to propose with. So a less karat ring means it’s more durable plus it’s less expensive, isn’t that exactly what you want if you’re not a billionaire?!

  24. Sweet Angel says:

    My fiance gave me 24 hours to choose our wedding ring hahaha . Actually I chose one year ago but I wanted to change and since then I’ve been changing every month. Now he need to buy it so I need to choose. Thank God his patient 😍

  25. Curtis Walker says:

    I had the date I got married inside mine,never forget an anniversary 😊👍🏽

  26. Orchade says:

    Gets an ad from a ring company

  27. Xezatt says:

    Thanks Jimmy Neutron.

  28. Kezia Jiao says:

    You got 1 sub from me. Good job! Very informative

  29. desertfox xx98 says:

    In England ct is used in stead of k. Personally I just get a standard 9ct or 18ct ring I’m not really fussed at all.

    Also, there is no such thing as “pure”. 24ct is “fine” not “pure”.

  30. unclejoemode says:

    That intro was woke yo.

  31. mary ybet Amalia says:

    is this a 4MM TRADITIONAL SLIGHTLY CURVED WEDDING RING ? from james allen? thanks!

  32. Syafiqah Bisnu says:

    Can you explain more on the durability? You explained bout the white gold having to fade after 10-15 years, what about the platinum? And which scratches easily? dents?

    • The Modest Man says:

      Platinum is harder than gold, so it will be more resistant to dents, although it will fade over time like all metals.

  33. Crisanto Christopher Sanares says:

    Thanks for this vid. Came across a few ideas about rings when I bought my fiancée’s engagement ring but never did I ever had any idea about men’s wedding bands. Now this truly helps me in considering what size, make, fit of ring to choose. Thank you very much!

  34. Patric Gmuer says:

    Wait you didn’t answer what the best wedding ring is. That’s the only reason why I watched this video, also can someone tell me what the best dog to get is, or the best car to get?

  35. Thashiznitov says:

    He destroyed my mod by saying “Propose bf”.. He calles himself modest,.. .LLOLL

  36. SCZaka says:

    I am getting married next month… thanks for the advice. I am purchasing the Jens Hansen Lord of the Rings Wedding band in Platinum 😛

  37. Shachar Petrushka says:

    I’ve heard that there’s green gold, although it’s a LOT LESS common. just throwing it out there if someone’s interested. but don’t be thrown off with pretty photoshopped pictures on the internet, ask your local jeweler about it

  38. Ito Fermin says:

    When I get marry, I would prefer silicone, I loved that black one

  39. Esther P says:

    Great info! Something people should know too is that there are a lot of good reasons to be modest in their wedding ring and jewelry purchases. First and foremost, the markup relative to cost of production of jewelry is obscene, and a lot of them are re-sells from inexpensive Chinese or other international manufacturers.

    But if it makes someone feel good to spend that much on a luxury item, that’s an individual choice. People who choose otherwise shouldn’t be shamed for their choices.

    On another note, there’s been a lot of reporting on how De Beers made the purchase of a diamond wedding ring a status symbol in the U.S.:

    Information is key to making the best individual choices that won’t amount to unnecessary debt.

  40. Kevin Higgenbottom says:

    Well it’s been about 3 years I still haven’t got married yet to my sunshine she’s in Philippines I’m not sure what’s taking so long with the paperwork but if I do get married to her I am going to have a different rings from all other rings I want a blue camouflage ring and I want her to have a pink camouflage ring to be different and that’s okay but she wants simple rings and I’m not going to let her overpower Me by simple rings I want a different tradition rings but camouflage because I really like camouflage a lot if one more thing when I Do by rings on eBay because I like to wear different rings on my finger how come sometimes they don’t. Size half some do and some don’t right now I got size 13 and 1/2 on my second finger Indianapolis Colts and it’s supposed to be a snug fit but it’s not turning is there something wrong with that cuz if I had size 13 it’ll be too tight

  41. Viking 1982 says:

    So you tied that guy up for an hour and didnt buy shit? Lmfao, bet he was happy.

  42. Viking 1982 says:

    Men shouldnt have stones in their wedding rings, looks rediculous,

  43. Heather Satura says:

    Babe picked out a damascus ring with a brass stripe and redwood liner. I picked out a pale mint green resin ring with copper flake cast it in. We both bought one another rings we picked! I also picked him up a stainless band for when he doesn’t want to wear something fancy. My fancy ring is sterling with opal and obsidian.

  44. JEFFREY COX says:

    i like rings Jewlery. rings watches bracelets earrings

  45. THE NAFIS SARKER L.T.D says:

    Good sub me

  46. Ms. Lee says:

    Thanks for making this video. I am looking for a ring to propose to my boyfriend with.

  47. Pete Radlowski says:

    So is your ring slightly curved or slightly flat? You used both terms (11:55 and 12:03) when describing your ring and James Allen sells both distinct styles.

  48. MaKarma says:

    I wonder what’s behind the suit on the wall.

  49. Nichole Ledesma says:

    Awesome insight and info! Thanks for breaking it down to such simplicity. Many blessings to you and yours in your marriage!! 🙂

  50. His Dudeness says:

    This wasn’t nerve wrecking for me! I went shopping with my girlfriend and she picked out what she wanted; I had to special order it but once I got it I proposed

  51. Jane Catlow says:

    Flat or domed? Personally, I prefer the domed, although I am well aware there is a whole spectrum inbetween.

  52. Jane Catlow says:

    Quite frankly, I prefer men NOT to wear wedding rings…….I believe it is far more macho not to wear one.

  53. FateAndFurie says:

    My husband and I (woman) got a set of 4 mm (me) and 6 mm (him) yellow gold classic domed wedding bands. We got the set for less than $300 on Etsy a few weeks before we eloped– simple and timeless! We wear silicone bands for working out and physical tasks so our bands don’t get scratched

  54. Tommy Nguyen says:

    what size with are those? 6mm? 8mm?

  55. Teh Bez says:

    I think with the Wolverine comment you’ll appreciate my geekiness.. I’m going for the the one ring from jenshanson I was just doing some research before taking the plunge. Thanks for the video!

  56. Wayne Paul says:

    I went brushed gold with metallic edges. I love it

  57. Colin Ackerman says:

    Platinum isn’t worth the look in my opinion. It will scratch and look exactly like sterling sanding wicked more expensive for not much better of a look. Gold will scratch too but not as bad for the maintenance. And the difference between Platinum and palladium isn’t that much. If you want a light ring get titanium, but it will scratch worst of all. And one important note which wasn’t mentioned that’s VERY important is that comfort fit sizes differently than standard fit. I am a 6.5 comfort fit and a 7.25 standard. And it’s not a standard between the two, I’ve seen a 2 size difference and a no size difference. Tungsten is nice but fragile like a ceramic plate and can’t be sized at all like cobalt, stainless steel, or titanium too. Just my 2 cents and then some.

  58. Venus Dee says:

    The only issue with a gold band, I feel you need a two tone or gold watch to match which is always more expensive. Watch guy here.

  59. LadyLucyla says:

    I just like rings but i think if my boyfriend finds this in my browser history he will think i’m hoping for an engagement… not like i would mind….
    By the way, what metals can be colored black without fading? I have black steel rings but the color is only a “coat” that starts fading at the edges after a few months.

  60. Leo Rivera says:

    White gold is not made with rhodium. White gold consists of a blend of a few metal alloys and then is plated with rhodium. White gold can exist without rhodium but it would not have that silver-like luster.

    • Shari D57 says:

      There are a few jewelry makers online who use nothing BUT unplated white gold. However, the alloy they choose to work with is not an ugly yellowish or unattractive gray color. It’s a darker tone than platinum, but very unique and interesting. A nice option if you’re looking for something a little different.

    • Leo Rivera says:

      And the plating does not last 10-15 years. It would be about a year.

  61. Gaby Lara says:

    For comfort fit rings do I need to go down half a size? I am a size 5 would I need a size 4.5?

    • Shari D57 says:

      The other “rule of thumb” is to get your finger professionally sized first before buying a ring! Jewelers will do this for you for free. You can do like it was explained in the video, but remember, it can vary a great deal between individuals- it can be anywhere from a size and a half difference to being exactly one for one between the standard “D” contour, to the oval contour or comfort fit, which has been around in Great Britain for much longer than it has been here, and is called “Court Fit” there.

      For instance, I need an 8-1/4 in the standard or D shaped size, but I can easily wear an 8 in a Comfort Fit. I can also wear a 7-1/2 in the standard “D” contour size if my fingers have shrunk from the cold, or my arthritis is less swollen than usual.

      One thing you CAN do when you get fit, is once you find the size that seems to fit you just perfectly, is to borrow the jeweler’s set of calipers, and measure the diameter (across) in millimeters of the inside of the ring that fits, and write it down. As long as you have that, you should be able to order any ring from any online vendor, and get the perfect size every time. Many online vendors will have a size chart on their website that equates the different size measurements from different countries, as many of them use a different standard. Make sure you look for it. If you find one there, check it against your millimeter measurement if your ring size, and be sure it equates with the size of your finger that the jeweler told you that you should wear. Sometimes it can vary a bit, depending on which sizes they use. Make sure you look for the diameter measurement, not the circumference. That way you should be able to pick the size you need from each vendor.

    • Gaby Lara says:

      @The Modest Man Okay thank you so much!

    • The Modest Man says:

      That’s the rule of thumb. I found it’s more like a quarter size down for comfort fit.

  62. Simon says:

    honey, for our wedding i got ourselfs a nice pair of rubber bands instead of wedding rings. how does that sound?

  63. Rick says:

    In your opinion, how important is it to match your wedding ring to your watch? Does wearing a silver watch and gold ring look okay?

  64. asambi69 says:

    Surely BROCK would choose some Rock type ring?. Maybe Onyx? Haha …..Kill me.

  65. MLWATKK says:

    Please spend 1-2 hours with a divorce lawyer before you buy the ring.
    If after all consideration everything is OK, happy marriage!

  66. X Drip says:

    You a bitch we not getting married

  67. Baron Kanter says:

    Not exactly about the ring but can we talk about your nails? Do you go to a salon or do them yourself? They look great and I can’t ever seem to get mine to look halfway decent

  68. E Moody says:

    Nice video man! I went with a Tungsten metal with Red Oak Wood Inlaid and Bevels. I went with Tungsten for the durability.

  69. C. Alexander says:

    Good stuff man ! Right on time too, just got engaged 10/28 😁👍🏽

  70. Vic O says:

    I immediately liked the video when you said proposing to your Boyfriend ✌🏽

  71. Matthew says:

    I bought my wife’s wedding band and engagement ring from James Allen and the whole process was seamless. Even had to get it resized with no problems at all. Definitely better than all the brick and mortars.#CushionCut

  72. Jovan Gauthier-Vincent says:

    This video came too late for my wedding, but the plain white gold band worked out pretty well for me. Especially since it was made by my mother-in-law’s friends who are jewelers!

  73. Benoit Labrecque says:

    100%… Yeay, shure

  74. Michelle Howrad says:

    I proposed to my hubby first actually. On the beach in Cayocus
    His is an alternate tungsten band, deep slate grey, craved edge and an engraving on the inside of the band, it reads “for all eternity” in a lovely old English script.

    I’m very particular and artsy so I wouldn’t stand for something so plain for the character that is my hubby. He loves it- he noted that it was a perfect fit (I remembered his size from over a year prior lol)

  75. Natalie-Claire L says:

    My fiance and I loved this – thank you!

  76. Jonathan Battiest says:

    Rhodium typically last 1 to 5 years if you manage 10years without needing it refilled you don’t wear your ring

    • Shari D57 says:

      Depending on how the ring was made in the first place, I have found that most people who wear their rings on a daily basis, never removing it for specific activities, work, home maintenance, etc., except for things which will damage gold, such as exposure to chlorine (in laundry bleach, swimming pools or hot tubs;) or other activities which may cause permanent damage to the metal, can generally get 2-4 years of wear at the most before their ring needs replating.

      Mine were purchased and put on in November of 1975, and July of 1976. Both of them were worn on a daily basis, except for activities which may have damaged the metal, or the Diamond, and definitely needed replating by the end of 1977. However, the cost of it was too much for us to afford by that time, as my husband had been honorably discharged from the Air Force, had moved the two of us to his “home of record,” which was Illinois, (from my home in Virginia) and neither of us were employed for a while. It took quite a while for us to get everything to the point where the money for such things was available.

      By that time, I needed to get my wedding band resized, since I was pregnant with our daughter. Having the ring resized automatically got it replated, as that was a part of the process. It surely did look brand new at that point! It only seemed to last about 2 – 3 years at a time after that. Then we changed to yellow gold, since we had discovered 2 days after we got married that my husband was allergic to the nickel in his white gold ring! So, no more replating!

    • Vanessa Harris says:

      Jonathan Battiest I work with jewelry and you are right for sure

  77. yourlilemogirl says:

    I went with a blue and white stainless steel for my future fiancé :3 I never noticed before just how plain, boring, and just outright ugly or unimaginative men’s rings were til I began my long search for his! I’m so glad nowadays there’s a few more options like crushed opals, glow in the dark pigments, antler, or even meteorite! It was hard to choose but I think being able to mix his favorite colors without the use of stones that may chip or fall out is perfect 😀

  78. Rebecca Alexander says:

    I have beginning to look at rings for my boyfriend. This will help. Out of curiosity, how can I sneakily figure out his ring size if he doesn’t typically wear or have any rings?

    • yourlilemogirl says:

      Rebecca Alexander maybe just ask him? I know proposals are all about that “surprise” but it should be something you’ve long discussed so you know you’re both on the same page for your life path?

      Beyond that tho, maybe ask him to go with you to get sized because he has the same size hands as a friend or sibling that you’re looking to buy for for Xmas or a birthday and want him to be your mannequin :3

  79. kongmw says:

    Getting married soon. Perfect timing.

  80. Brian Nelson says:

    Trying to find the same ring as Bradley Cooper wears in A Star is Born. Any help?

  81. Brandon Ford says:

    Brock, if you don’t mind… Where did you get your wife’s ring?

  82. BLACK JACK says:

    I hear there going to stop mining for platinum???… so our rings will be as valuable as moon

    • Shari D57 says:

      Where did you hear this? Does that mean ALL the platinum family metals they use for jewelry? That sounds very odd – as it could eventually eliminate platinum repair stock, for sizing platinum rings, and repairing platinum pieces of all types. What about the other platinum family metals that are even more rare, like Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium, Ruthenium, and Palladium?

  83. biznakrivera says:

    I like James Allen, just keep in mind every online retailer uses the same inventory of diamonds 🙂

    • Logan Mullins says:

      @Shari D57 I understand the point you’re trying to make but in regards to the old jewelry houses, it simply isn’t true. Tiffany et al sort through the diamonds and choose the best of the best, their cast offs are put into the general population for other stores to look through and access via catalogue. The major houses then have their own private inventory they can move from store to store to use as necessary. No one location would have all of the diamonds, they’re dispersed by market and demand across the world. You cannot get a Tiffany selected diamond from James Allen nor would you get a James Allen stone from Cartier. Online retailers take the liberty of compromising on each of the 4 C’s to provide a wider range and lower price to their customers, which is their entire business model. I’d hazard to guess that many online discount diamond providers aren’t selling top grade D F/IF grade diamonds at all, customers who are willing to spend the amount of money these cost are going to the big houses not only for quality but a luxury experience, not something being shipped to their home by amazon.

    • Shari D57 says:

      @Logan Mullins – Tiffany and Cartier aren’t the only ones, but they do have a basic inventory of diamonds in each location that they actually own in their general stock for their “Brick and Mortar” store locations, where you can go in person to design and/or purchase a ring on site, and walk out with. They also have a group inventory to pull from, plus they can move stones from store to store on pending sales. Many retailers have this availability besides Tiffany and Cartier. VCA – Van Cleef & Arpels – also have diamond inventory on site; plus the independent jewelers who have a smaller on site inventory of stones to work with. It depends solely on how much of their inventory budget they have to sink into a diamond stock. They ALL can get at least overnight delivery of specific stones from whatever supplier with whom they choose to work.

      They also have **access to** a much larger inventory of diamonds held by diamond holding companies, who make their inventory available to retailers, without the retailers having to invest their inventory dollars in having them on site. For instance, having over 200,000 diamonds on site in one place for one company is simply impossible from an inventory investment, storage space and security level. But, they do have wholesale access to the stones, pending prior sale on a time basis – i.e., first come first served.

    • asambi69 says:

      Not rely they all buy from the same mining corps.

    • Logan Mullins says:

      biznakrivera Tiffany and Cartier are the exception! ❤️

  84. Austin Kim says:

    Are you graying? How old are you?

  85. Michel Sennett says:

    Thanks for the ‘girlfriend or boyfriend ‘ in your opening paragraph. In Sweden, men and women also receive engagement rings. So it is very common to see married men with 2 rings on their left ring fingers.

    • yourlilemogirl says:

      Michel Sennett thank you so much 😀

    • Michel Sennett says:

      @yourlilemogirl Congratulations on your upcoming engagement! I wish only the best for both of you!

    • yourlilemogirl says:

      Michel Sennett Im giving my boyfriend an engagement ring when he proposes in a couple months 🙂 idk if it’s traditional or not in the US where I’m from or France where he originates but I think it’s something wonderful that each person has something to hold when apart and reaffirm their commitment to one another to themselves c:

  86. Mike McCleve says:

    Great video. I wear a 10mm wedding band just because I like the look. Mine is hammered which is becoming a fairly popular design. There are also a lot of unique materials out there not mentioned in this video such as antler and meteorite but those are of course quite rare. Just spending 10 minutes skimming through google images can teach you a lot about how many different types of wedding bands there are out there. The options are virtually limitless, even for guys

  87. Mandrew Clock says:

    It’s pretty cool that you put your wife’s name on your ring. Also the way the you put the sponser is this video was very tactful. I’ve heard it can be hard not to look like a sellout to viewers, but also respect the brand you are promoting.

  88. Adam says:

    My wedding in next year. 👌

    • Kevin Higgenbottom says:

      I wish I could get married right now but she’s in Philippines trying to take care of the paperwork but then again I don’t know what her plans are I just wish you was already here but when we do get married if she decides to hurry up with the paperwork we’re going to have a matching rings but I’m going to tell her we’re going to get camouflage rings I’ll get the blue and she’ll get the pink because I want my wedding rings to be totally different from everybody else’s which that’s okay but right now it’s been about three years she should already been out here I don’t know what’s going on but I’m happy for you send a prayer for you so you can have a wonderful life with your new wife

  89. Nikiaf says:

    I actually never put any thought into the guy’s wedding band. This was 100% worth the watch and should help my decision making when the time comes!

  90. Clint says:

    Just got mine and my girlfriend’s bands after watching this. Appreciated that you personally use this company and that their prices were excellent.

  91. Sun Wu says:

    If a girl says yes to a ring pop proposal, she is wifey. Ring pop is the right choice.

  92. AGentlemansJourney says:

    Some of the comments are rather amusing to read. A few salty people.

  93. The Regular Guy Look says:

    Brock, great job 👍, you put out some great, useable information for those looking to purchase that special ring that should be worn forever AND nicely used your sponsor (other YouTubers should take a lesson from this).

    PS: a good jeweller who wants to please their customers should provide them with the same information you just provided here in this video – mine jeweller did over 25 years ago.

  94. okönig says:

    Just don’t get anything with a diamond if you’re not an idiot

  95. aNsWeRkEy02 says:

    how about two tone ring? gold and white gold? is it viable? so that I can match any metal (belt buckle, watch etc)

    • Shari D57 says:

      Certainly. That’s been a very common option for men’s rings – and women’s too, of course – for many years. You should be able to go to most online vendors and use “two-tone” as an option in selecting the metals you are seeking. Or, in selecting the style, if its not listed in metals. That’s a great way to make sure you coordinate your jewelry choices.

      Although, if you think of it in terms of your wedding band not being just “everyday jewelry” but a special piece with a particular meaning, it’s doubtful that most people would expect you to match it to absolutely everything you wear.😉

    • The Modest Man says:

      Yeah that’s definitely an option!

  96. YouTube ED says:

    Very informative 👍🏼 does wearing a gold watch will match a silver colored ring?

  97. Staas Wolter says:

    When I get married, I really want a 14K yellow gold 5mm smooth band.

    • Dnation Apocalypse says:

      @mike jones Nobody: “Get 24k jewelry” 😐

    • mike jones says:

      @Staas Wolter I haven’t had any problems with my ring getting too dinged up. There are a few jewellery brands in the market now that sell 24k gold jewellery based on spot prices with minimal mark up. Or you can go to Asia and buy 24k jewellery. Either option, you get more for your money. Jewellers like Tiffany have 5-6x markup. These 24k jewellers usually have 0.1-0.3x markup.

    • Staas Wolter says:

      @mike jones I would but I’ve heard 24k is too sift and scratches easily. Plus its more expensive.

    • mike jones says:

      get 24k. i did and it blows away anything else. it has a glow to it that can’t be replicated.

    • Staas Wolter says:

      Thank you. I never get hearted comments lol.

  98. TheOneYouFear 1 says:

    Wow, this is an original topic I haven’t personally seen many youtubers who focus on men’s lifestyle talk about this. Good job finding an untapped topic (at least I haven’t seen many other youtubers cover it)

  99. Shaun Leonard says:

    Great, detailed video! I had no idea there were so many things to consider.

  100. Bamaloo says:

    I have a rose gold ring I really love it as I don’t like gold or silver

  101. drlatham22 says:

    I also wear a 4 mm platinum ring. Platinum costs about 50% more than white gold, but the appearance and durability of platinum is worth the extra price.

  102. Ed Lee says:


  103. Mike Hirsch says:

    I’m literally getting married tomorrow, wish this came out like a week ago lol.

  104. moaz Samy says:

    should the gap between my finger and the ring if I push it be small or big? can you give me a number for example?

  105. VetalOFF says:

    How to Choose a Wedding Ring?
    Do not mary !!! Don’t do this mistake man 🙂

    Hi from Ukraine, thanks for all your videos except for this one )) Good luck !

    • Shari D57 says:

      Just because you feel it’s a mistake of some kind for you, does not mean it will be a mistake for everyone/anyone else!

      I have been married to the love of my life for about 42-1/2 years now, and I can promise you that neither my husband or I feel like it was ever any kind of a mistake! We talk about the memories we have made together over the years, and always voluntarily agree we were right to do and glad we did what we did when we did it.

      Anyone who can do that over 4 decades plus, did not make a mistake doing it!

    • The Modest Man says:

      Why not?

  106. Humberto says:

    No idea why I’m watching this. I’ll never get married lmao

  107. Wally G says:

    Brock, great vid brother… been looking to upgrade my wedding band but wasn’t clear on all the fits/details, will definitely look into that sponsor 👌🏻

  108. Dean Winchester says:

    Good video. Could you do a video about engagement rings?

  109. Kenny Ong says:

    Did not expect a comic book joke in this video lmao

  110. AYAZ GUL says:

    I needed this video so badly thanks Brock ❤

  111. Christopher says:

    I am going to presume you won’t be touching on wedding bands designed by the same jeweler intended to match in style with their spouse.

    • The Modest Man says:

      I think you should each get the ring you want, rather than trying to match (unless you have very similar taste).

  112. Johnsey Wakana says:


  113. Sakiv Shams says:

    Give me ❤️ and pin my comment ✌️✌️

    • Sakiv Shams says:

      @Shari D57 hahaha 🤣🤣

    • Shari D57 says:

      Why? What did you say that makes it worthy of either? You did not address any issue concerned with the video – you just said “gimme” as if you were automatically entitled to either one. Better rethink that approach for your future. It does not work that way in the real world. And it makes you sound like you are about 9 years old.

  114. Grim Reaper says:

    I’m proposing tomorrow. Literally couldn’t time this better for me, Brock. I know, all about me.

  115. Tenzin Boss says:


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