How to Choose your Engagement Ring Design (Part 1 – Ring Material)

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Welcome to part 1, of the Ultimate Guide on How to Choose your Engagement Ring Design video series!

In part 1, we would be sharing with you the different types of ring materials that you can use for your proposal ring; Platinum and Gold (white, rose, yellow, black).

There would be 7 videos in the ”How to Choose your Ring Design Guide”, in the following order,
Part 1 – Ring Material ()
Part 2 – Number of Prongs ()
Part 3 – Prong Tips
Part 4 – Crown Head
Part 5 – Band Design (Top)
Part 6 – Band Design (Side Profile)
Part 7 – Ring Design with Side Diamonds


125 responses to “How to Choose your Engagement Ring Design (Part 1 – Ring Material)”

  1. Surajit Adhikari says:

    So elegant

  2. Quick review says:

    I am quite sure that there is no girl who would refuse this ring

  3. Mak Mak Fajutag says:

    how prize sell

  4. micojj23 says:

    PLAT-NUM. not PLATY-Num

  5. aza s says:

    Ngl the black one looks like it came straight out of wallmart

  6. Yadis Jewelry says:

    I like classical design of engagement ring,solitaire ring is good

  7. Is Josh says:

    Only 16, gotta plan ahead!

  8. jB15 says:

    Kind like the idea of the black, sexy like my black watches and golf clubs. downside will be their scratches will make it damn ugly

  9. Pupin Siang says:

    Rose gold I love ❤️👏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  10. T&PJs says:

    The worst part is…
    Being married and still looking at engagement or wedding rings

  11. Lenni Leem says:

    Palladium and tourmaline for mine only.

  12. Christina Delrio says:

    Milo ventimiglia and myself one enegment ring .

  13. Rebecca Khoo says:

    I love rose gold but , for engagement ring , white is always nice ~

  14. TP says:

    why am I watching this I’m probably never going to receive one lol.

  15. DESIGN jewelry says:

    Good job

  16. Marley Hampton says:

    I now know that I would prefer white gold in my ring. Thank you for enlightening me!

  17. RUBY COLEMAN says:

    Platinum 💍

  18. Leah Blake says:

    The constant microphone pops in this video was so distracting! You need to back up from the microphone

  19. Prashanth Andugulapati says:

    Because its 3am, school children are watching this.
    For a 30 yr old like me, I get suggestions on cleaning ears and draining pus.

  20. Đồng hồ & Phụ kiện says:

    nice video, alway supporting you

  21. Konstantina Gkouma R. says:

    the music was so annoying that i almost punched my screen.

  22. Eason Lin says:

    18k white gold are significantly less expensive than Platinum??LMAO this vedio are bull shit~~check the prize ok??

  23. Ivy Ramirez says:

    I came on yt after daydreaming ab being married 💀😂

  24. ndgo says:

    I’m gonna be real harsh here. Having a terrible voice makes even incredibly smart people sound like an idiot.

  25. Mero jewellery workshop says:

    nice work

  26. 7charlierox says:

    Don’t go for a band on your engagement ring with tiny pave because you will have endless damage .

  27. itsMOCA says:

    Helpful! Thanks!

  28. sinta ibramoKha says:

    Soft color near color pinky 😍

  29. Priscilla Ramya says:

    The narrator’s voice sounds like Emma from Glee.

  30. Afaf Al K says:

    Great job!

  31. Empress Love says:

    What about Sterling silver

  32. Lipgloss 2000 says:

    I really want a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring

  33. evalrong _13 says:

    the first 2 are the best 😍 I Like them ..

  34. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur says:








  35. Rachel Mulveen says:

    My boyfriend is going to be giving me a friendship ring in a box we just got engaged in December 2019 and we 8 years together now he is hiding it very well I am just wearing my claddagh ring on the outside of my finger now engaged 8 years together now a sliver ring in a red box I have never seen it but I gave him my size so he can get it all himself I can’t wait to see it on me

  36. Stchamps says:

    The way she says platinum kills me!

    • Just So says:

      @Stephanie Margaret Keeling Yeah, her accent definitely isn’t American.

    • Stephanie Margaret Keeling says:

      She pronounces it,
      “PLAT- I-NUM” . Rather than dropping the ‘I’ and saying US accent of “PLAT- NUM’.
      She says it like us Europeans. I observed the word “greyer” is spelt English way. Not “grayer” too. And she says “gowd” rather than Gold. And “tricaution ” , rather than precaution? And “der” rather than “the”. Maybe she isn’t American.

  37. Chainsaw Jonathan says:

    Whats with silver

  38. Mamba 4Life says:

    U sound cute

  39. Teagan Burton says:


  40. Teagan Burton says:

    This is so good because I am engage to.

  41. Patricia Crawford says:

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  42. Captain Goomba says:

    Super great voice and very informative video. Thanks!!

  43. mixxi cute says:

    i don’t like black gold it is like a toy

  44. SABAHAT says:

    I loved the pink one
    Rose gold
    So pretty

  45. wiktoria kłos says:

    I choose an onion ring 😀

  46. Skylark says:

    What a pleasant and enjoyable video. Sweet voice, gentle music and so informative. Many thanks!

  47. Qingzhuoran Guo says:

    i wonder where to get the 2 tone white and rose one @6:27, I like it

  48. Jacques says:

    Is it just me or can you tell whether a woman is bangable just from her voice?

  49. LoonyInAsia says:

    But what about silver?

  50. cmd says:

    How she says platinum 😂

  51. Ch Nguyen says:

    😊😊😊❤❤❤ love

  52. John Bocchino says:

    Platinum is my choice, but many of the metals have beautiful, individual qualities. However, I can’t say I like the black gold at all.

    • zSilverWingz says:

      I got my girl stainless steel and printed a receipt saying the ring was platinum. She hasn’t noticed yet so it’s all good

  53. Sacrosanct says:

    your Ps and Bs hurt my ears

  54. Camille Crichlow says:

    I like rose gold it’s so pretty but doesn’t look good on my complexion 😩

  55. Matt Wegner says:

    Plat tin um

  56. Christina Delrio says:

    Wow ! 😗😗😗

  57. ike fanfan says:


  58. mehmet emin Dogru says:

    Wedding Engagement Ring

  59. Snowden's Jewelers says:

    watch my video on huge to buy a diamond.

  60. Shiella Hoy says:

    Why usually they said 14k is a perfect match of diamomds coz it wont yellow faster in time

    • Mike D says:

      @Narda Torres Again you’re stating things with no evidence that are simply wrong. It’s not bullshit, it’s fact. How EXACTLY is it bullshit that platinum is denser than gold? Or that platinum used in jewellery is purer than gold used in jewellery? Please do explain…

    • Narda Torres says:

      All of that is BS by Retail stores they just want your money, if I was working right now I would say yes to all the above but in reality is not like that. Anyway if you ever want to get a ring its better to go to the diamond and gold district they give you better prices (the real price of gold and diamonds). Most of them sale wholesale but some sale individually.

    • Mike D says:

      @Narda Torres Buddy, what are you talking about? Precious metal prices aren’t dictated by the stock market. The spot price on gold is higher than platinum, however platinum jewellery costs more than gold as it’s (A) pure .995, (B) denser therefore an item of the same size weighs more, (C) much harder to work with than gold with greater wastage.

      Most places where you buy decent diamond will throw the ring in for free, it’s value is inconsequential compared to the cost of the stone.

    • Narda Torres says:

      @Mike D yes, specifically in a Jewelery store. It’s sad but that’s how it works( I work in a retail store). They even make you believe platinum is more expensive than gold when is not. You can check prices in the stock market. Platinum has less value than gold.

    • Mike D says:

      @Narda Torres Nonsense. You think the price differential between a 14ct gold diamond ring and an 18ct gold diamond ring will be much? No chance…

  61. Jeannie Alford says:

    Swoop style must be hard to put band with it. Suggestion, use 2 bands.

  62. Molly Brookes says:

    Background music?

  63. Snowden's Jewelers says:

    to learn how to choose the perfect diamond watch this video.

  64. Nina G says:

    16 years old, still in school, single. Watching a video about engagment rings


  65. LBlush says:

    Palladium is another option for sensitive wearers and cost less than platinum

    • Mike D says:

      Although ironically the actual cost of Palladium is well over double the cost of Platinum. (£1,907 per ounce vs £785 per ounce at time of posting). Incidentally gold is also much more expensive than platinum (£1,196 per ounce). The main reason for Platinum rings being more expensive is because historically Platinum was the most expensive precious metal and the jewellery industry spent decades building up it’s reputation as a premium product worth paying extra for. They’re not going to let a pesky thing like it actually being considerable cheaper than gold/palladium these days get in the way of their marketing gains!

  66. Joshua Lee says:

    Great series, the thumbnails are truly amazing as well. You could perhaps lower the background music.

  67. Susie Cook says:

    The black one is sooo ugly omgg

  68. Jayne Tan says:

    So educational!

  69. Sun Jara says:

    Awful microphone quality. 🙁

  70. Durango Eightytwo says:

    Black gold ring makes the ring look cheap

  71. joshi shivang says:

    I am diamond merchant contact me at [email protected] fir diamonds

  72. Kalikakumar Chowdhury says:

    Yellow gold! Traditional and timeless!
    All these others will go in and out of fashion ..

  73. Annemarie May says:

    The problem of choosing an engagement ring is best solved by the groom paying for it. Let him choose what he can afford and likes to look at, as he will be looking at it on her hand for years to come, too. He can ask her opinion but is not obliged to obey her wishes. A worthy prospective bride simply graciously and gratefully accepts whatever he offers her. If she hates it so much, she can a lways refuse his proposal or return the ring but what sort of woman would string a man along to the point of engagement and then reject him all because he gave her a ring she didn’t like or had no say in its style or cost etc eg because it was a treasured family heirloom, from, say his own deceased mother…. As a fiancee asked to choose a ring, I felt very embarrassed and uncomfortable. I knew he had to slave in a slummy factory doing overtime and long shifts to pay for this engagement ring trinket for me and I knew which one I liked. But, what if he could not afford it or hated it on my hand but was too polite to tell me so? It is much better if he simply gets a ring and puts it on the relevant finger, in person, with the fulll ritual while the girl breaks down in tears, overwhelmed by emotion, lust, fear, romantic love or whatever causes women to crack emotionally in such scenarios involving knights and their metal rings, on bended knee etc etc. By same token, as a modern woman who considers herself an equal, and not just one who takes but never gives, I would wish to give my fiance a ring as a token of love, friendship, a promise to marry or some such thing. I might try to sus out his preferences but I would hate it if he told me what he wanted because I am the one giving him the gift. And besides, I may not be able to afford what he wants or I might be able to afford it but I would hate being seen with a man wearing such an ugly, bad taste ring as he might choose, purely based on value eg those disgusting gaudy big expensive gold and Ruby etc monstrosities certain ethnic men wear, as if to say ‘Look how rich I am, with my huge harem…’ I would want to choose his ring and I would expect him to graciously and proudly accept and wear it. Given that, as a woman, I am not required to give him such a gift but choose to do so, because I want him to know that I do really value ie treasure him as my chosen life mate. The problem with young women gettin g engaged or married in this era is they believe it is all about them, as the bride or fiancee, and only them, when it is not. They have a grossly exaggerated notion of their own value and self importance and this is evidenced by the tantrums they throw unless a man spends money he cannot afford to take them out on expensive ‘sugar daddy’ dates, buy them expensive engagement rings etc etc. And all they might give their fiance or husband is some tacky cheap ring made of some tinny ie not precious metal. Sorry, but a stainless steel or tungsten or similar cheap man’s tinny ring some women may give, after receiving a diamond and gold ring worth thousands is just what it cost ie tacky, cheap, tinny. And, as the female giving a man such a tacky gift, it says just how little you think of him. Unless a man insists he prefers such a tacky ring, I would not give him such a ring not made of precious metal. And, if he does prefer such a ring made of cheap metal, it would seriously make me wonder if he doesn’t have low self worth issues that might make him a bad choice for a marriage mate, or, at very best, a guy I am going to have to send off to counselling, to fix his low self esteem issues as a man. So, guys, you don’t have to get her the ring she wants or even give her a ring at all, to be engaged to her. You can simply announce the news. And, if she chooses to buy you a ring, go for a precious metal one, not some bit of fancy tin. You want her to show she values and respects you as a man because you are precious and, if she won’t some better woman will. The only time you would accept a cheap metal ring is if she is a poor girl who genuinely loves you but cannot afford a precious metal ring to show it. She will make her love abundantly clear in other ways, as such working class good girls typically do. Just accept it graciously. Even if it looks like some metal washer she took from her father’s shed and polished up and engraved etc to give you as a ring. A lot of thought and effort will have gone into acquiring your ring for you…. The other situation where tacky tin ring is OK is if you bought her such a ring because it’s all you could afford eg on the Dole and she decides to buy you a similar value ring. The rings exchanged are mere tokens of the relationship. They are not the relationship itself, just as a wedding is not a marriage, just a party and a bride in big merengue dress is not a wife, just s bride in big merengue dress, until she proves she is more than a mere bride in a big dress as T her own party. Most young fiancées and rides have problems grasping these important distinctions and remaining firmly grounded in reality. The result is often anger, disillusioned young Brides and fiancées, angry, confused young men trying to do everything right but somehow managing to completely stuff up their relationship or marriage, despite their good intentions and trying so hard.

    • Mike D says:

      This is an incredibly long string of utter nonsense. Why would you want to give someone a ring they’ll wear (hopefully) EVERY DAY for the rest of their lives, without consideration of what they might like to wear? How utterly self obsessed? The material choice has relatively little impact on the cost of the ring, which for engagement rings is usually dictated by the diamond, not the metal material which is the subject of this video.

  74. Gina Eredera Vlog says:

    Wow now I know the differences.thank you ❤️

  75. Ayça Şahin says:

    nice editing 🙂

  76. may day says:

    a wrecked Fiat has more resale value than a diamond.

  77. Odd Geir Frausing says:

    Moissanite is better then Diamonds, have both. Sparkles more, and cost less. Diamonds is a waste of 💸💸💸💸

    • Mike D says:

      @Joel D Do you really need to justify your life choices in the YouTube comments?

    • Cole Yeung says:

      Love the moissanite rainbow disco 🕺 ball effect that is so obvious & distinct from diamonds white brilliance. The bigger they are the more obvious it’s rainbow 🌈 imagine being a disco ball among classy ladies, instead of shining bright like a diamond, shine bright like a unicorn 🦄 that’s how much your man value you, a unicorn 🦄 over the rainbow 🌈!

    • briteif says:

      amit rastogi pretty much all Moissanites are lab grown. They are super rare so they make them in a lab.

    • Joel D says:

      13456 24444 they are overpriced on the bigger picture scale. They are the only item serving 0 functional purpose (except the cheap commercial grades) while costing as much as genuinely functional investments that people pay insane prices to obtain. Gold is an element, it is rare. Alexandrite is ultra rare. Platinum, same. So it’s not a matter or rarity vs. functionality. Diamonds are just a social scam. Most people aren’t diamond brokers investing in them. Diamond prices are based upon an outdated relic of a time when people had few interesting things in this world to be fascinated about – and they don’t break. The diamond market should be relegated to the elite trading genuinely interesting 4+ ct monsters.

    • 13456 24444 says:

      Demand sets prices, not practical value.

  78. CAD Jewels says:

    I am Jewelry cad designer

  79. Legolas E says:

    Quick answer: WHATEVER MATERIAL YOUR GIRL LIKES!! Though this video explains the details between the similar looking metals very well.

  80. Yohan Wadugey says:

    Very clear content Thanks

  81. Precious Gonzales says:

    So is are platinum rings silver? Or are Siler rings a different material. There’s also black silver.

    • Canii says:

      Silver is a different material and an uncommon choice in wedding rings since it tarnishes and has to be polished often

  82. Norma Casto says:

    Great video !!
    black gold??

  83. DonGizzle615 says:

    Great video editing skills !
    It was a pleasure to watch this video.

  84. d1Ngk1Ng says:

    Very clear, easy to understand!!!

  85. Y H says:

    Thank you! This is informative.

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