How To Make Complete Wedding Jewelry//Beaded Jewelry// Useful & Easy

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How to make complete wedding jewelry beaded jewelry useful & easy

hi there so today i am gonna show you how to make a complete wedding jewelry set at home this is a pearl beaded weddings necklace, earrings and bracelet set making easy and step by step tutorial everyone can make it and you can use this elegant pearl and crystal beaded wedding jewelry sets in any ocation so hope you love my wedding jewelry sets making idea

Materials we need:
pearl beads,
rondlle crystal beads,
golden beads,
thread, (i am using here regular thread only for the better tutorial, you can use nylon or polyester thread)
lobster clasp, (you can use any kind of clasp)
jump rings,
chain, (optional)
dangler, (optional)

*follow my leads
pearl beads= pb
golden beads= gb
crystal beads= cb

** i am using 200cm long thread for 18″ necklace and 40cm long thread for the earrings and 120cm long thread for 5.5″ bracelet

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“useful and easy”
“useful & easy”

61 responses to “How To Make Complete Wedding Jewelry//Beaded Jewelry// Useful & Easy”

  1. Lynn O says:

    Beautiful Jewelry to make and wear with pride, thank you 😊🤗

  2. Zead Said says:


  3. Sosso Kdr says:

    Wow! I want to learn from you.

  4. POULAMI vlogs & recipes says:

    Wonderful collection of wedding jewelry
    Looking amazing

  5. white swan says:

    Thanks for your videos,very nice all of them!God bless you Sister! 🙂👍

  6. Swarna Sri says:

    Nice and easy to follow. Great job.
    Could you please show us the thread that you used here?. Regular means? What mm is it? Please share more details on thread , as anything we do the strength of the jewellery depends on the type of.thread right?

    • Useful & Easy says:

      its regular beading cotton thread,you can use any kind of beading thread as you like…thanks for watching

  7. Ruth Perez Vivanco says:

    Hermoso!!! gracias por compartir intentare hacer uno y espero que me quede igual. Saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico

  8. Jahaziel fuentes says:

    Love your tutorials

  9. Miralva Sales says:

    Muito lindo!! Vou fazer

  10. Young Raines says:

    Beautiful set of wedding jewelry especially in June – month of brides & bridegrooms.

  11. Kyra Edwards says:

    So stunning

  12. Nolleen Petersen says:

    I LOVE it! Going to make the WHOLE SET.

  13. Odiza Ruiz says:

    Que hermoso jueguito

  14. Maxielle Moreira says:

    Congratulations on your work is very beautiful😍😍, I would like to know what kind of thread you use?

    • Maxielle Moreira says:

      @Useful & Easy thanks for the affection, attention and for sharing your work, I love the way you explain each detail of the jewelry so detailed, congratulations👏😍😘

    • Useful & Easy says:

      dear i use regular thread only for the tutorial porpous you can use nylon or polyester thread thank you

  15. Get Beautiful says:

    beautiful complete jewellery set. Very pretty.

  16. IZOglish Easy English says:

    Very nice 💟💓👑👻

  17. Susmita Mukherjee says:

    Really superb wedding jewelry sets i am going to make😍

  18. Saniya Memon says:


  19. Sosso Kdr says:

    So beautiful. I like it so much. Thank you

  20. Joyce T says:

    I will do it for my daughter’s wedding, thank you very much

  21. Joyce T says:

    good morning and thank you!!

  22. Desi Seasoning says:

    U r jewellery queen.
    What a beautiful creation ❤️

  23. nokia lumia says:

    I can’t resist myself. Again I watched it…..👍👍👍 beautiful design

  24. Rajib Dube says:

    Awesome wedding jewelry

  25. Emine Ersoy says:

    Sehr sehr hübsch herzlichen Dank meine Liebe

  26. rasoi with priya says:

    Very beautiful design sis

  27. Dilek Tolu Can says:

    Çok beğenmedim bugün hemen yapıcam . Çok kolay . Ellerine sağlık 🙏🌸❤️🌸

  28. sita vishwakarma says:

    Very beautiful sharing lovely 👌💞

  29. Jana Urbanová says:

    Náááádhera, jste velice šikovná 👍

  30. علوم و ثقافة Sciences et Culture says:

    Fantastic work, I enjoy watching your beautiful video. Thank you

  31. nokia lumia says:

    Superb jewellery set.💍❤💋

  32. Гюль Багирова says:

    Beautiful 👏🌹♥️☀️

  33. Sandra Smith says:

    I love your tutorials,all are easy to follow and musics are so relaxing and calming love you sisy God bless you

  34. Sandra Smith says:

    Oh my goodness so beautiful and elegant wedding jewelry sets

  35. بناتي حب حياتي حب الله اكبر says:

    ممكن المتابعه للقناتي

  36. MINO CBR says:

    Big like nice vidio

  37. بناتي حب حياتي حب الله اكبر says:

    أفكارك جميله وشغلك رووووووعه

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