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Would you like to learn how to make gold wedding rings? Let goldsmith Barbara Yarde show you how in our new online course!

The perfect course for anyone working in silver looking to advance their skills and build their confidence.

Being able to make wedding rings a great skill to have as a jeweller and a valuable asset to your business, as you will be able to charge higher margins.

In this course Barbara will guide you through how to make the perfect wedding ring in different golds, as well as the ability to create a wishbone or other adaptations to fit around different engagement ring stones.

A wedding ring is an important purchase for your customer, so this course will also give you the confidence to work with your client and the ability to manage a commission based process from start to finish.

The Wedding Ring Making course is now available to buy on pre-sale at just £39.50 (RRP £79) and goes live on Friday 15th May 2020. Whoop!

For full details and to purchase at discounted rate head to…

Happy making!
With love, Jess x

5 responses to “How to Make Wedding Rings – Jewellers Academy Course Trailer”

  1. b fouda says:

    How to join?

  2. fiona R says:

    The setup for making this particular jewellery & buying the materials to make this jewellery must be expensive?

    • Ali_loves _ theUK says:

      fiona R I take it your not a jeweller ? . Just cos this course involves gold doesn’t mean to say getting the tools is going to be expensive. For a beginner you can do this in cooper then work your way up to silver sheet . Maybe you need to take a look at some of the other courses that The jewellers academy does ???

    • fiona R says:

      @Ali_loves _ theUK I realise this is a preview to a new course that you’re going to release soon . To be able to make this jewellery you got to have the tools, the materials, the setup etc…. you can’t make them without. So I was talking about setting up, buying everything you need to make this type of jewellery must be expensive?

    • Ali_loves _ theUK says:

      fiona R no. This is a Preview of a new course that going to be released soon. It’s different not a set up as you put it.

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