How to Photograph Wedding Rings

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For more information on shooting weddings check out the full Fstoppers tutorial here:

Here is a list of equipment used to shoot the rings in the video:
Fstoppers FlashDisc :

Nikon AF-S FX Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED Fixed Zoom Lens:

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens:

Yongnuo Flash:

MagMod Basic Kit:

LED Panel:

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  1. Fstoppers says:

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  2. Manas Santra says:

    Why you are using long expo for that diamond ring..??

  3. scientist100 says:

    Makes me wanna switch to Nikon lol; I currently have the Canon 5Ds, II & IV with 24-70 2.8 II USM lens & the generic 70-250 f3.5 I believe.

  4. APERTURE ADE says:

    What Kelvin temperature did you use for this photo shoot of the ring when you used the purple gel

  5. Yadis Jewelry says:

    Good course,learn a lot.The way take picture look very important for jewelry

  6. pduffy4 says:

    5:35 very cool


    Thanks for sharing your photo tricks, that it`s not very usual.

  8. Aaron Lee says:

    2:01 Patrick looks so done with wedding photographs

  9. Jason Agyeman says:

    What cameras were used? only lenses are listed

  10. John K says:

    4:07 F8 isn’t exactly shallow dept of field or have I been using this term wrong all these years?

    • Fstoppers says:

      It’s relative. F8 can be extremely shallow depth of field on a macro lens if your lens to subject distance is super small. Many macro photographers will actually focus stack at f/8 because it’s still not enough depth of field. Depth of field relies on 1) aperture, 2) distance between subject and lens/sensor and 3) focal length of the lens. So yes, you can’t substitute shallow depth of field with f/2.8 and large depth of field with f/8. I can shoot a telephoto landscape shot at 2.8 from a mile away and everything will be in focus and sharp. -P

  11. Prachi Photo Mayani says:

    nice one

  12. Nelson Club says:

    This is absolutely NOT how we commercial photographers shoot jewelry – clown school is complete for today

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    I have the same flashlight, very cool stuff.

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    Im saving this because im learning now photography and this really a big help being a starter. New fan here Sirs from Philippines. Hope you do visit me too.

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    I’ve been trying this and can’t seem to get the water droplets in the shot. Any ideas?

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    where to buy the photo base/background aluminium?

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    Excellent special on macro and the variety of options available. Like you said, it all has to be done quickly because the couple just got the expensive rings and then youre asking them to remove.

  45. Marco Morganti says:

    horrible photos

  46. guy hartley says:

    they all look bad, sorry to say

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    Love the result of the spritz bottle, but would there be a chance of your client not feeling comfortable with their jewelry being sprayed?

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    Having a small background kit that takes up little space and is light is a great idea.
    The mist shot is money. No way a bride would not like that image unless you used to wrong color. I would definitely use her favorite color and then I would change the gel to give her more options.
    Using the laptop for a background is ok, But is that now a digital background? LOL! I didn’t really like the last image of the ring.

  71. Austin Skeen says:

    That framing at the beginning made Patrick look like a Hobbit.

  72. Elio says:

    The guy with long hair look like “Luis fonsi”

  73. Keith Simonian says:

    Interesting ideas, BUT most wedding photographers don’t bring a tripod to the wedding. So two of those ideas are gone with the wind. As for bringing a laptop to a wedding to just take the ring photo, that seems way over the top, and the risk/reward is quite low. Risk, laptop is stolen. ( yeah, wedding photographers have their stuff stolen ) vs an interesting photo.

  74. Prasenjit Mondal says:

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    Watching in 2019! They both look so funny.. first thing that popped into my head was they look like characters out of two and a half men

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    Muy buen video !!! Enhorabuena, el resultado final sería “Lord Farquaad” = 2 / Stifler = 0

    Pd: Señor Farquaad ignorar mi broma, es que su cabello me provoca envidia, mi cabeza es calva XD

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    New here, do you also have tutorials for total beginners? I know how to use a cam tho lol. Anyways cool channel and interesting tricks!

    • Fstoppers says:

      Yeah, go to the We have an intro to photography on ISO, shutter, and all the beginning stuff but we also have tutorials for all different genres. Most are intermediate to advanced though

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    • Henry Jiang says:

      Alexander Dedic If you’ve tried shooting macro. You’ll know that the DOF is extremely shallow sometimes less than 1mm at f5.6. Light diffraction does affect the image quality but not as much and getting everything out of focus. Also the lens defaults to the fastest and dial down when you hit he shutter.

    • coast2coastimagery says:

      Alexander Dedic I think that was more about maximizing or should I say minimizing the shortest distance that can be shot with that particular Macro. Takes out the crop factor which in turn degrades some of the quality anyway. Besides, who are all the pros???? I’m sure (like anything else we shoot) the settings are based off the appeal he was going for.

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    Happy New Year guys!!

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  202. JamesDaily says:

    For that second setup, an alternative to self timer mode would be to set it into interval timer mode (time lapse mode) if you have it, and have the photos every 1-2 seconds. That way you can fire off a ton of exposures quickly without having to touch the camera between each shot.

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    • Randal Moreno says:

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    • Russell Huffman says:

      Their pictures are not even in focus. I would be embarrassed to come on here and say something didn’t work. If you can’t even focus the camera how can you expect to even be on this level?

    • Fstoppers says:

      It looks like you need your backlight brighter. I don’t see any highlights shooting through the water.

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