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Hello there beautiful and welcome back to my channel! Today I am sharing with you How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry and Accessories ! This is something a lot of brides really should consider when accessorizing for the most important day of her life!
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GORGEOUS Oleg Cassini gown:

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  1. baileybuckethead says:

    I love your sweater! Where did you get it??

  2. Bass_Bunny801 says:

    First off, let me just say I stumbled across your channel as a recently engaged gal (getting married September 21, 2019 eee!!) and even though I have binged watched almost everyone of your wedding series, I always come back to certain videos when I need help with something! Love your channel (including your non-wedding related videos!), and I am SO happy I found you because girl, we are SO similar. My family is southern, so a lot of my wedding preferences are very similar to yours. I second not discounting David’s Bridal, I bought an Oleg Cassini myself and it’s being made right now 🙂 I went into David’s Bridal not necessarily looking to buy, but more to just find the style I wanted. It’s always a good place to start, and I ended up slipping on one of the Cassini dresses, and man I just KNEW! Good advice! I SO SO SO agree with that.

  3. ashley shuman says:

    Im loving your series 🙌 my wedding is next year and I’ve seen all your videos ha I just got my dress so now looking for jewelry

  4. Yolanda Hoil says:

    What color lipstick are you wearing ??? It’s beautiful ❤️

  5. JoelinelifeVlogs says:

    I would love to see a Q&A with your fiancé! ❤️

  6. smoodie_mua says:

    i love when you post wedding themed videos because i get to relive all the excitement of planning and reminiscing about my wedding. You look like you’re young and i know when i was getting married i got a lot of negative ‘rumors’ about my wedding. Do you get that as well? maybe you’re older than you look but im putting a video together about getting married young and id love to hear about your own experience!

    • Moriah Robinson says:

      Emilly Fortanelli awe thanks love!! I am young.. I’m 22! I’ll be 23 in March! I do get the rumors thing, but I think being in social media, people don’t ask as many questions about the wedding because they know I film openly about it!! More often than not- I just get severely put down for being 22 and getting married!
      It is SO frustrating!

  7. Kathryn McLean says:

    My dress is SO extra I can’t decide what necklace to wear. The back is fully beaded and the neckline is also super beaded ( the consultant said there was something like 3,000 beads- ridiculous I know) and I’m really torn on how extra my accessories should be since my veil is beaded too🤦🏼‍♀️😂

    • Moriah Robinson says:

      I looked at some Givenchy ones from Nordstrom for my bridesmaids.. they were amazing!
      I hope it all goes well and you shine bright like a diamond on your wedding day!

    • Kathryn McLean says:

      Moriah – She’s That Girl Guide that’s actually exactly what I was going for when I started looking ! I found some super obnoxious Givenchy ones from Nordstrom I’m considering wearing.. but I got my shoes and my veil and they’re all super beaded too. My dress is weird because normally I wouldn’t wear something so beaded with heavily beaded accessories but this dress almost needs to be as extra as possible 😂 I’m going to try it all on together next week when no ones home and pray it looks good

    • Moriah Robinson says:

      That sounds GORGEOUS!!! Look up pictures of Kim Kardashian’s wedding Kris Humpheries… her earrings were to DIE FOR at that wedding!!!! I would SO recommend something like that for a beaded gown!

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