How To Troll For Trout Using Wedding Rings (Bait Tipping SECRETS!)

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Trout fishing with a wedding ring lure setup can be super effective on many species but especially trout! Wedding rings get their name from the sparkly band in the middle of the lure, resembling diamonds on a wedding ring. These trout fishing lures are available in tons of sizes, shapes, colors, hook styles, and blade finishes. If you’re thinking about giving wedding ring lures a try on your next fishing trip then you found the right how to fishing video. Jordan from Addicted Fishing is going to go over the full setup of rigging and fishing the wedding ring lure. Jordan also give some secret bait fishing tips, so watch the full video to find out what they are! Thanks again for tuning in, please smash that thumbs up button and we’ll see you on the water.

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45 responses to “How To Troll For Trout Using Wedding Rings (Bait Tipping SECRETS!)”

  1. Addicted Fishing says:

    Bank fishing or boat fishing for trout? What’s your preference?!

  2. Shawn Jackson-Cook says:

    HS Lake. I was just there today on my inflatable kayak and saw two guys kayak trolling and now I want to try it. Thanks for another great video.

  3. Swamp Rat says:

    Can’t help but ask, what kinda boat is that?

  4. robert galletta says:

    Sponsored by Okuma, maybe?

  5. Darren Gerbrandt says:

    have used wedding bands for close to 40 years, rarely get skunked but I have learned some new things from your video. Thank you.

  6. stevelkyles says:

    I just found this channel, absolutely love it. Floored to notice you guys have filmed a bunch right in my “backyard”. Noticed one video looked to be a battle ground lake, and this one is for sure horse shoe lake – I was there this weekend! Really hope to see you all out and about, would be cool to say hi and thanks for the great videos.

  7. Mark Oberlatz says:

    Very similar to the spinner and shrimp set up for Spring Chinook. My thought as I tie up my own is always include the wedding band on any spinner and bead set ups.

  8. Shak A says:

    Good info

  9. Nunya Bizniz says:

    I used the same 4:48 wedding ring and caught 16 trout over at a lake in Western WA

  10. Wilfredo Dinarte says:

    never have one of this thing, but will look for one next time on the store… most I fish is from kayak/canoe so I will give a try. Thanks for the great tips dude. m/

  11. Life of Donn says:

    Jordan I was waiting to see you rip trout lips!

  12. Gary Routledge says:

    Hi guys, I love your instructional videos. I am a new (but avid) fisherman and my main sport is trout so this channel really helps me. I am located in Sweden where we have thousands of fresh water inland lakes. Some are very deep (>50m) and some a quite shallow (<4m). What I would like to learn is how to understand the depth the fish are in the water column depending on water temperature, time of year, weather (sunny, cloudy), hard features etc.... If you have any instructional videos on understanding the water temperature/column that would be great!

  13. Cheat Cheat says:


  14. Phil Hildebrand says:

    Another awsome tutorial Big J. Wedding ring is the universal lure. Change the rig just slightly and your salmon fishing even…lol. so many bait possibilities so dont be afraid to try different rigs ( maggots, meal worms, power worms, etc.). What about scent Big J? Do you tend to use gel or water soluable? Where would you apply the scent?

  15. JofishFlies says:

    I prefer both bank and boat! Thanks for the great video.

  16. Buck Tales Outdoors says:

    Another great tutorial Jordan, thanks for sharing your knowledge as always.

  17. Truth Warrior says:

    Truck trout would bite a piece of corndog an a safety pin. Ever fish Smith Reservoir ? Doesnt matter what you put out they hammer it all.
    Big bows , id be trolling rapalas or other stickbaits flatlined behind the boat , or bait under a float or suspended off the bottom.
    Good to have a varience of gear , but most truck trout will eat anything .
    Just my 2c.

  18. in motion says:

    Put the time in showings it catches fish lol

  19. in motion says:

    Hoochies kill trout pink and green

  20. Russell Woods says:

    Another excellent and informative video. Thank you guys.

  21. Matt Price says:

    We love Jordan. Get it bro

  22. Justin crawford says:

    Still waiting for the video of you wacking them trout while doing a tutorial 😝😝

  23. Ryan Fyfe says:

    What pound braid do you guys run on your okuma cold waters. I am guessing 15 but I would like to know for sure. The video did not say what pound braid you use. Also, wedding rings are the best lure for trout in my opinion. I have atleast 8 wedding rings in my ginormous tackle box. Great video.

  24. Bobby Bryan says:

    I understand garlic amongst other scents work but it is so unintuitive, I challenge you guys to tip any lure with a fresh piece of garlic and catch fish? If for nothing else it would be great content!

  25. Andy Anderson says:

    Been there done that ,it works well, but drag a # 9 black n silver floating rapala, with an oz of weight bout 16 to 24 inches above the rapeallya, that kicks ass too .

  26. Grant 04 says:

    I like using a Kokanee dodger with a wedding ring and the spinner pegged with a split shot about 1 inch above my hook and only put about 1/3 of a worm on them so the trout don’t just rip the back end of the worm off.

  27. Al Jannah says:

    Amazing !!! Anda luar biasa💖🇮🇩

  28. Just Reel N' says:

    Kayak Fishing is the Best, Mine has a Motor, so Trolling is Great…  I ruined the first 2  Wedding rings with tangles,,,  Great advice on Trout…  I live in Utah and Trout are everywhere…

  29. Steve Brock says:

    Thanks for the trolling setup. Will try it out in my kayak this spring

  30. Christopher McMurray says:

    Alright Jordan, we are gonna need you to re upload this video with some take downs. I was literally just watching to see a takedown.

  31. Dave Anderson says:

    Great video presentation . . . good useful tips and information.

  32. Vballnut2117 says:

    Almost nailed every type of trout lure. Next up…flatfish!

  33. JJT B says:

    Keep up the great vids guys!, thanks for inspiring me to trout fish!!!

  34. Nunya Bizniz says:

    Awesome Ive been liking the shrimp and bait vids for trout. I bought a small open kayak and will be doing more lake fishing this year.

  35. Brian Larkman says:

    Love your videos guys !! Been watching all your videos as I’m gearing up for the trout run at the north side of Lake Ontario – the ganaraska river and bommanville creek, . The question I have for yas is when do trout start staging at the mouth of rivers to begin the spawning journey ?

  36. Daniel Funk says:

    Smashed the steelhead this weekend when 8/8 on a couple of 10 lbs and 2 brown trout pretty good for and area with no hatchery

  37. wilson flanders says:

    Another awesome video keep them coming Thank you

  38. SoCalPatriot says:

    Love your guys’ content. Definitely helping me get back into the fishing game here in SoCal. Keep it up fellas. 🎣🤙🏼

  39. Justin crawford says:

    Love these awesome trout videos!!

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