How to wear RAJPUTl BRIDAL JEWELLERY | राजपूती ज्वेलरी कैसे पहने | #Rajputivideo #kaleidoscopeoflife

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In this video we are showing the traditional Rajputi Jewelry.
Jewlery from head to toe what a Rajasthani Bride wears.
Name of the jewelry and where and how to wear it.
The main jewelry includes:

100 responses to “How to wear RAJPUTl BRIDAL JEWELLERY | राजपूती ज्वेलरी कैसे पहने | #Rajputivideo #kaleidoscopeoflife”

  1. Kaleidoscope of Life says:

    Watch from wear you can buy online RAJPUTl POSHAK’S video here:
    Please Subscribe to our channel 🙏

  2. chhitizsaphire says:

    what is a kandora and where can I buy it?

    • Kaleidoscope of Life says:

      Jewellers sell anything they want to. Frankly speaking it won’t look good on a poshak.

    • chhitizsaphire says:

      @Kaleidoscope of Life thankyou di.I saw it in rajasthani rajput bridal collection of malabar golds and dimonds so I just got a bit curious.🙂

    • Kaleidoscope of Life says:

      As far as I know Rajputs in Rajasthan don’t wear Kandora or kamarbandh. If I will see any I will definitely try to make one 😊

    • chhitizsaphire says:

      @Kaleidoscope of Life is there any specific rajputana design of kandora di? if yes please make a video on it.

    • Kaleidoscope of Life says:

      Kandora is another name for kamarbandh. You can find it at any silver shops easily but if you are looking it in gold then you might find it at some specific gold shops only!

  3. Arman Bhoyar says:

    Aap Rajasthan mein kahan

  4. Angie Dguez says:

    Khamma Ghanni jija sa, i love all your jewellery please show us more jewellery videos, how to use it

  5. Mool Singh Jagmalot India rajsthan says:

    Ji Khamma Ghani Sa Hukum Bahut hi badhiya Sa Hukum aap Rajputi bridal makeup ka video bhi banao saa

  6. Rituz Sah says:

    Ponchi is also a jewelry of uttrakhand

  7. Rajesh Sharma says:

    Very nice video looking

  8. Rohini yadav says:

    So pretty

  9. Juhi Naruka says:

    Beautiful Rajputi Jewellery 😍

  10. Kapoor Singh Panchal says:

    You are soo sweet

  11. Naresh reddy says:

    Naath is superrrr

  12. kotdwar volgs says:

    Apni shaddi ki video share karna plzzzzz

  13. Umar Khan says:

    Bhut hi khubsurat Beautiful 😍👌💙💙💙💙

  14. shilpa s says:

    Beautiful and informative video. Ur poshak is very beautiful. Can u please guide from where u made this beautiful poshaks.

    • Kaleidoscope of Life says:

      Hello Shilpa ma’am do watch our new video, ‘Where to buy RAJPUTl POSHAK’ here:

    • Kaleidoscope of Life says:

      @shilpa s Thank you so much for the appreciation 🙏😊

    • shilpa s says:

      Kaleidoscope of Life : Thanks for the info dear. It’s a beautiful wedding dress. Highly appreciate your informative videos. Very elegantly and beautifully presented. Wish u all the best and keep up the good work. 👍🏻

    • Kaleidoscope of Life says:

      Thank again Shilpa 😊
      This is my wedding poshak and it was made at “YUVTI” by Bhupendra singh, Jaipur.

  15. Shivam singh says:

    Are all of these made of gold


    Nice music and video🇮🇳😀🇮🇳😀🇮🇳

  17. Angie Dguez says:

    You look so beautiful Baisa I love all of your videos

  18. Pasang Gurung says:

    Nice presentation

  19. augustinemj1 says:

    nice jewellery …pls put more videos like this

  20. mahendiran mahe says:


  21. Kuldip Gawande says:

    Very informative

  22. Rohit Nagar says:

    Great collection of jewellery

  23. Arpit Kushwaha says:

    दीदी आप ने ये गहने कहाँ से लिये है प्लीज बताये आप बहुत अच्छा और सुन्दर लगा रहो

  24. Jitendra Rajput says:

    Ye sb gold he di.. Aap ke gale ka set gold h

  25. Abigail Summers says:

    💚 Keep up the great work. How long have you been making videos for?! Why don’t you use zmsocial(.)com?? Lot’s of people use it to grow their channels quickly!!

  26. Shailesh Singh says:

    Mast video hai ese hi video banao baisa rajputi chijo par

  27. neelu Neelu says:

    Very nice

  28. YASH KUMAR says:

    Hello mam m aapka new subscriber hu to please aap nose ring collection pr ek video banao or ha reply jarur krna

  29. Pooja Singh says:

    Jai bhwani

  30. Deepika Rao says:

    Lovely video

  31. Ravindra Rana says:

    Love from America…

  32. Awesome vines says:

    wow nc


    Gjb ki jaankari…..nice

  34. Brian Fernandes says:

    Great outfit and knowledge

  35. Hairy Bald Dude says:

    Love u juhi maam… Reply if u know who I am.

  36. Ravindra Rana says:

    lovely video…love the music and …….

  37. Shivo hum says:

    Really very elegant Rajputana Jewelry 💕 beautiful presentation Royal India

  38. Sapna Rathore says:

    Mere ko bhi Rajputi jewelry a66i lgthi h. You looking beautiful juhi

  39. govind singh says:

    Lovely video..Keep it up!!

  40. Santosh Naruka says:

    Khoobsurat Dulhan aur Khoobsurat Jewellery. 😍😘

  41. Puja Naruka says:

    Beautiful jewelry..🤩 and so are you..😍😍

  42. Ruchi Pundir says:

    Lv d rajputana jwllrryyy❤️ n u luknggg gorgeous daalngggg😍😍

  43. Deepak Naruka says:

    First view

  44. Deepak Naruka says:

    Those are so beautiful

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