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What do you do when you have a stuck ring on your finger? I jammed my ring finger and it swelled so badly that I couldn’t get it off. I tried soap and icing my hand with no luck. I was worried it would turn blue and need to be amputated. So I used a Dremel to cut off my wedding ring after 32 years.

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  1. HandyDadTV says:

    For those who feel this video is purely fake clickbait, it is not. On 3/31/20, I received a message from a viewer who saved his finger by cutting his ring off using a Dremel after watching this video. You can see this graphic photo at

  2. Sayuri Shigematsu-Mack says:

    heck no! remember kids DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME WHEN EVER U GET MARRID

  3. gucci gang says:


  4. Paperwing says:

    You can always have the original ring fixed by any jewelry. When they size a ring, the do exactly what was done here, cut it and add or remove a bit and solder back together. New ring is nice too.

  5. Ryan Crimson says:


  6. Patriot Nation says:

    Imagin not having a breathing room on your hand for 32 years

  7. Raymond Chung says:

    I know wedding rings are symbol for your love, but dammit your finger looks like it is gonna explode😱

  8. Albanian TV says:


  9. Johnny Fowler says:

    Nice tungsten ring! good luck getting that one off if it gets stuck!!😂

  10. ariana ghandi says:

    Sould have just wrapped some string tightly aroumd your fingeer and then just slid it off Iunno lol

  11. Jose Orduno says:

    “Alright i’m in big trouble…..”😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Levetator 2000 says:

    If the tungsten one gets stuck that will be a bigger problem than the gold ring

  13. ItzDevleb says:

    Satisfying asf

  14. K Thompson says:

    just a word of warning with Tungston ring. be careful around chemicals as it can react with the tunsten and either give you a chemical burn or damage the ring. also if you injure your hand you need to get that off as soon as possible because it etremly hard wearing it is very hard to cut through and you may have to go the fire station to have the heavy duty machinery to cut it off. also tungsten cant be resized and is not hypoallergenic. I only say this as until recently I was a jeweller for 8 years and i saw a lot of people have issues with Tungston jewellery. its great for being hard wearing but this can cause issues. your old ring you could have reshaped and rejoined and put it on a chain. its what a lot of people do these days because its closer to the heart.

  15. Mr. TrollPotato says:

    The reason why ring is put in the left ring finger because a vein is connected from that finger to the heart

  16. kirxi says:

    2:04 1:34

  17. Spongebob Squarepants says:

    This was hard to watch imagine if he messed up think of how much blood and pain that would show

  18. Anden TheMemer says:

    From first hand experience, THE STRING AND PULL METHOD SUCKS SO BAD!!! Its very close on the pain scale of dragging your balls across broken glass. Just go to the professionals, and they’ll take care of you. Doing it on your own is a bad idea (no offense to this guy).

  19. DatBoi 125 says:

    The worst thing is when you jam your finger and it swells and hurts for weeks

  20. amber styles says:

    And this is why i am never getting married

  21. Akosi men says:

    In my country. Never used your technic..we just put bleach or soap so can easily remove the ring. Your technic so dangerous

  22. ipawa hamutenya says:

    Wow so calm😲😲

  23. ssbrosking36 says:

    You should have got Titanium! They make absolutely perfect rings.

  24. AssasinGLX says:

    You are an absolute legend

  25. Instant Gamer 101 says:

    I’m very sorry about the ring, must have felt almost as painful to do it then having it on like that. :((( sorry friend!!!!

  26. Cal calli says:

    Just wear it with the crack in it so you can take it back off easy next time

  27. Kyleigh Porter says:

    I love how he just cuts it off I mean he is doing it by him self ;-;

  28. Ethel’s Adventure says:

    0:46 u scare me

  29. The Crazy Squad says:

    Imagine someone came behind him and went up in his ear and said “BOO” right as the ring got hot

  30. Fxde says:

    Bobby dukes

  31. politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy says:

    What are these rings made of ana why are they so expensive.

  32. KEXy KEx says:

    How many people subscribed after this video

  33. A.R.F Your own channel says:


  34. STØØPID VLOGS says:

    Imagine that

    His wife : no don’t cut of your wedding ring we will keep our relationship together for ever

    He be like : I have to got the emergency room
    Next morning : finger is purple
    Few years later: finger is swollen

    Him : ahhh sooooooooo much pain god help me

  35. pernada boriusz says:

    Handydad ur better then this!!

  36. Gameplay_ Tutorials says:

    imagine ur wife says i brake up with u if you take it off hahah

  37. Collin Hansen says:

    oh that mustve felt soooo good finally getting it off

  38. Collin Hansen says:

    this is why im scared to have a wedding ring on my finger

  39. Collin Hansen says:

    who else thought he was gonna say cut his own finger off?

  40. ربيعة امسعيد says:

    dude its so painful i face the same problem 2 month ago and i lose my ring 😔😔

  41. Kisame 2201 says:

    “It was such a releave to get that ring off”

  42. letsfightinglove00 says:

    You won’t be able to do this to the new tungsten carbide ring; you would have to put your finger in a vise and shatter it.

  43. No U YT says:

    His finger after the ring was removed: ⏳

  44. Cason Alan says:

    Man’s said there’s corona

  45. Salman94Gamer says:

    lets be honest here
    noone searched for this video

  46. Yasmin Barbosa says:

    O anel preso no dedo é a pior dor

  47. Tiffany McBride says:

    I haven’t watched this, and I’m not going to. If a ring ever gets too tight on your finger, go to the damn hospital and they will cut it off for you. You can mend the damn ring or get a new one. Or shit, if they remove your finger at least they’ll do it the right way and you won’t have to suffer.
    And maybe don’t get a tungsten wedding ring.

  48. Sean Matthews says:

    Hey, You did what you had to do.

  49. Hektik /: says:

    He’s so chill to

  50. peacenlove3 faith says:

    I still like the gold, would have had it fixed

  51. Keegan Reagan says:

    You had a suffer ring

  52. Francis Velasco says:

    That hurts if i was you

  53. Veroveren says:

    That’s why you should never wear a horcrux that’s not supposed to be yours in the first place.

  54. Sloppy_michael Rojo says:

    Reverse card

  55. arpeemac says:

    Same with my dad. We used diagonal cutting pliers.

  56. Scooby-DooDoo says:

    I have a Tungsten cock ring just like that, or is it Titanium 🤔

  57. Matt R says:

    I see this was 9 months ago, so by now you may have seen that you can use a heavy thread to get the ring off without cutting. You tuck one end of the thread under the ring going toward your hand, then wrap it tightly around your finger from the ring toward your fingertip. Pull on the end that’s under the ring to unwrap the thread and the ring will travel down your finger. I’ve seen it done, and there’s a video somewhere but I don’t have the link.

  58. Skate Mate says:

    Tungsten bruh you better hope that one doest get stuck isn’t the melting temp of tungsten like 6000°F and q 9 on hardness scale. You will catch your finger on fire before cutting through that beast

  59. The Outdoors Club says:

    Put iced water to unswell the finger

  60. Spawnton says:

    Me can’t even get my finger out of the McDonald’s cup lid

  61. donnakaren3000 says:

    He should not be glad because of the COVID-19

  62. donnakaren3000 says:

    Thank you Jesus that is OK

  63. Jonathan Ramirez says:

    You could’ve put liquid soap it helps me when I get something stuck

  64. JD WEB says:

    This has happened to me and they didn’t cut my finger off but 5 doctors and 4 nurses were helping to remove it, it took them three hours of pulling, needles, twisting, they were doing all of this while I was wide awake, I don’t cry to much In front of people but man I was a total baby that.for anyone reading this , have a great day

  65. solvaig williams says:

    Tattoo a ring on your finger .
    Both female and male. Its permanent and for life. And if you dont want to be with someone for life then dont get married at all. Tattoes are permenant and cheaper.. Just like the vows you made permanent. And priceless. Not the guy in the video. Others…

  66. Kennedy productions says:

    Why did I think he was gonna cut his whole finger off 🤦‍♂️

  67. Egg with 1000 subscribers s says:

    Are you jerry’s brother?

  68. NAME101 says:

    3:02 the feeling of relief

  69. ufhero says:

    How about using the ice for your finger instead of cutting that ring off? 🧐

  70. Angela Mekel says:


  71. Ismael Rodriguez says:

    I have a white tungsten carbide ring and it’s awesome! Got it about 5 years ago and still not one single scratch…

  72. Skies Play’s says:


  73. minh Nguyen says:


  74. A Fernando says:

    It’s so hurt???

  75. swapnil shinde says:

    OK.. See you again in 32½ years

  76. RICK says:

    Wow dat sad

  77. Iceza Zaice says:

    That ring is so tight bruh

  78. Anna Zhang says:

    Glad your finger is fine.

  79. Muk Bang says:

    Omg this was scary to watch :0

  80. لينا محمود شعبان الرفاعي says:

    From were

  81. samantha hemingway says:

    I think people should see what happened to Jimmy Fallon’s finger.

  82. Blake Presley says:


  83. zecle says:

    top 10 feel good videos.

  84. Ethan's gaming channel says:

    Good thing you removed it because it can cause ring avulsion which can result to loosing your finger where your ring is. Which is also the picture you showed us

  85. Alex von der Isar says:

    Not a very smart move to get a Tunsten ring after having to cut open the old one! Good luck cutting that one open, next time you hit your finger! 🤣 by the time you get it off you can probably pull off your dead finger along with it. make shure to post that on youTube, that would be educational to watch, medically speaking.

  86. Dead Smoking says:

    That new ring look like a magnet you found…

  87. Honey Kitty says:

    Goodbye 👋 ring

  88. 1966human says:

    Just take it to a jeweler and hell make the ring bigger

  89. Jaylan Peart says:

    U are a riscy man

  90. Isaiah Lopez says:

    You scare me so much because I love your videos and when I realize that your finger was in pain my mind got blown I’m glad you’re OK

  91. stephen deng says:

    Imagine if the tungsten ring gets stuck you’re not getting it off lol

  92. William Jenkins says:

    I feel so happy when you get it off you know I don’t even know you

  93. -Løveley Døvey- says:

    *because your chunky boi*

  94. Random making videos says:


  95. Nyreece Widgell says:

    Abbey you gonna have to chops it off

  96. Mirza says:

    Bro who else wants to feel what he felt when it finally came off 😩

  97. tinslee moye says:

    It’s like when someone wraps a chain around a tree and then the chain grows into it

    • Matthew Campbell says:

      Usually you would do that to kill the tree. What happens is that people stop applying mire and mire gradual pressure on the tree trunk through the chain thats supposed to choke it out, so instead it becomes part of the tree

    • HandyDadTV says:

      Actually true.

  98. contytub says:

    mine is 2 numbers bigger because i used the wrong hand for measurement unaware of the difference . i wanted to shrink it but your video made me reconsider . i’ve gained weight and already the right finger gets stuck if i swith hands so if i get any bigger so will the left one eventually. thank you for saving my finger from unnecessary hassle. plus my new job will require me to not wear it for health and safety so it is confortable to remove it on the fly

  99. Ahrens Brothers says:

    I feel so bad

  100. SAA says:

    I’m glad you didn’t go medieval style and saw your entire finger off.

  101. Not Specified says:

    What happens if you do it again isn’t tungsten harder to cut

    • HandyDadTV says:

      I got a bigger size, I don’t wear it while working, I take it off every night. Won’t happen again.

      But if it does, yes. Tungsten is hard to cut. Easier to break.

  102. crackadoole mest says:

    3:50 me guesses what material: Rubber!
    Me when knew what material it is: ah shid.

  103. Teresita Velez says:

    I’m glad he took it off

  104. Teresita Velez says:


  105. Isolate - says:

    I wanted him to say “this is vibranium” after he thought it was titanium

  106. asap potat0 says:

    I have never in my life seen my father with his wedding ring on.

  107. Kitwanna York says:

    Oh oh😐

  108. jayron Simon green channel says:

    L fell so bad

  109. Bri Peterson says:


  110. Saniah Williams says:

    Lucky he got it off

  111. David Tyndall says:

    I got married 50.5 years ago. Wore my ring one week, took it off and haven’t worn it since. I am a mechanic and carpenter and basically have worked with my hands all of my adult life. I was not married when I was in the Army but we had a drill Sargent tell us to take our rings off during basic training. He told us that one soldier had jumped over the side of a “deuce and a half” and had his ring hang on one of the bolts that holds the wooden side bodies together and pulled his finger off. I have been a believer ever since.

    My wife didn’t like it but I told her that I didn’t need a ring to love her. Still married.

  112. Mike Aux says:

    I got married in a titanium ring. It stays in my watch box. I am an electrician I wear a black rubber ring.

  113. Marilyn Santos says:


  114. Kîttÿ Cøøkîe says:

    That’s wut I. Will do if I was him if my hand is blue or purple I will be like no I will take it off my hand

  115. Tevin C says:

    Good thing you’re the “handy dad”

  116. Derp says:

    I genuinely misread the title so i thought he will cut off his whole finger off

  117. Jayden chang says:

    Please God no no no no nooooooooo!

  118. Paul Swinton says:

    The relief you would feel after that.

  119. Ruben Sevilla says:


    I yelled TF!! Out loud in the middle of the night cause i thought for a split second he actually 🔪 😂😂

  120. Leonid says:

    Ну теперь снять трусы с пятой точки

  121. Calvin Gibbs says:

    When u but the pin on you could of sled it off

  122. Loading Exe. says:

    Wow, ball of steel.

  123. Cory Price says:

    your fingsers are to chubby thats the problem

  124. Lena YangYang says:

    Well next time buddy you should put a smaller finger

  125. Ashton Lindgren says:

    NNOOOOO u could have used the string technique

  126. unicornlover [Time To Be On Mobile] says:

    He sounds young

  127. Charlotte Jones says:

    Thank good up you got it off

  128. Natalie Hutchison says:

    Was you born in the country? That’s our engineer degree in country

  129. siks siks says:

    Well that made me feel relieved

  130. Jaedon procknow says:

    You should’ve put melted butter on it

  131. I hate ads and you do too says:

    I am not even gonna lie I was more scared than yu

  132. Ari Angel cookie says:

    Him:it is titanium oh God I’m wrong! *beep*

  133. Jayson Atienza says:

    I nervious

  134. Sealteam7 says:

    If you think this feels good, divorce your wife.

  135. Eli Christman says:

    I might be scared of rings if that happened to me – go with silicone. 😉

  136. Jack Burr says:

    i thought u were gonna cut your finger off

  137. Roberto H says:

    I’m having a heart attack. I’ll never use a ring ever

  138. Fishy President says:

    She’s going to be ur ex after this..

  139. YGamer TV says:

    I am sad for you

  140. Christian Ayala says:

    That what happend to me with a candy part like the Lucas liquid I wanted to wear it as a ring but it was stuck and my dad took it out with a knife and if I hadn’t told my dad my finger what of been cut off by now

  141. Ethan says:


  142. LELIX xx says:

    Remembers kids; your fingers are more important than marriage.

  143. Ivaaq Lundblad says:

    Good jop you did it im so broud

  144. satheesan edavan says:

    *slowly taking off all my four rings*

  145. Chicken Feet says:

    0:47 pause (your welcome)

  146. Jose Barrientos says:

    At least he is good

  147. Bianca Andrews says:

    Oh God OH GOD

  148. Skyla Kargel says:

    Never wear rings kids. Life lesson.

  149. j Valenzuela says:

    I think it would have been easier if u cut the finger and when done glue it back

  150. Snowii Berrii says:

    That thumbnail though ;-;

  151. Alejandra Valladares says:

    No please

  152. rover woelders says:

    It looks judt as thick as ur other fingers

  153. Kris Brookes says:

    Omg you did it congrats

  154. mido_9055 says:

    after 32 years

    New Video Cutting The Ring Off my finger after 32 years

  155. Jared Alexander says:

    Omg you need to start wearing the rubber ring

  156. JUSK_GDC GAMERS says:


  157. Indeedido says:

    Lmk when we finna cut off the new ring

  158. JULIE M says:

    Are you still married!?

  159. Maria Alejandro says:

    Poor guy y hate that he haves hut his rong of:(

  160. Bella Bach says:

    Get a groove ring

  161. Jesse James says:

    You should have tried wrapping the string around your finger like in some guys video I watched on YouTube

  162. FLAP JACK says:

    Dam bet that felt good

  163. MrTRANSISTOR says:

    Just sell it and get some money!

  164. Samuel Solano says:

    His wife is pissed

  165. Julian says:

    You did the right thing

  166. Minister Victor Simmons says:


  167. Anayah Mordaunt says:

    Are you sure you won’t to wire it because it might do it again

  168. Kassie Holmes says:

    That’s loud

  169. HouseBoyExtrem says:

    You clickbaiter

  170. Alexander Malkovic says:

    That happened to my mom

  171. Dyrone says:

    that’s why you don’t eat a lot

  172. david Brown says:


  173. Keek Craft says:

    But what if the new ring gets stuck and you cant cut it off bc tongston i WAYYY tuffer the gold

  174. shi ying wong says:

    Wow just wow

  175. clouds8D says:

    “HandyDad you’re better than this!” 😂

  176. Cod Bandit says:

    Why did it look worse in the pic when u click on the vid

  177. Bella Gamer says:

    When I first started watching this video I started keep on praying for you

  178. Thegoatnic says:

    I like your new ring better

  179. Courtney Moser says:


  180. Courtney Moser says:


  181. Flygirl Firefly says:

    It’s gold, why didn’t you just use a pair of pliers?

  182. musicapopify says:

    If your ring gets stuck again than you can go to the bathroom and put water and soap

  183. FR4X0R says:

    3:00 RELAXION

  184. M Rijk19 says:

    Try cutting that tungsten one any time soon

  185. Thunder Blitz says:

    is it just me or this whole problem could have been averted if our man here just removed the ring a long time ago to prevent this kind of swelling in the first place. I mean we all know that he loves his wife but is that too much to sacrifice a finger for your love one? I bet someone special to you would much preffer a complete set of fingers than to show that you love them by wearing a ring for a very long time

  186. Tenisha Hewitt says:

    Good luck😫😷

  187. DCUNDERLORD says:

    just put buttter

  188. Leptonaut says:

    You still need to throw that fawker into Mt. Doom.

    But I guess that’s coming in part two.

  189. Leptonaut says:

    I love YouTube. Did I need to see a guy cut his ring off today? I guess I did.

  190. Bitch Ughh says:

    That was oddly satisfying

  191. Leviation YT says:

    How did you stick that ring in so deep? And how did you endure the swelling for 32 years?

  192. Julius Jenkinshygg says:

    Soap and water

  193. Jazzcreb says:

    what a metaphor

  194. marek edit says:

    hahaah 5 45

  195. Lisa Brooks says:

    It is a peg

  196. Kayden Hodge says:

    My toe was swollen before

  197. satyendra verma says:

    Bro you can use that needle formula in which you have roll some thread and open it 👌👊😂👌😂😂

  198. love Mariah Elizabeth says:


  199. ISAAC LIMON says:

    Ouch that must of Hurt

  200. Naruto Studios says:


  201. Naruto Studios says:

    Not cool

  202. MUSTAFA MELVIN says:

    No god PLZ no no noooooooooooooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    I like your videos

  204. Scarlett Gilliver says:

    Bless you😞😞😟😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  205. Amos Kamdoo says:

    Grown obese in 32 yrs

  206. iiLexon Gachaii says:

    Owwwwch that myst of hurt you

  207. nick says:

    think god your finger safe

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    Man u do right ting

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    I was screaming don’t cut your hand

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    R.i.p man

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    0:54 then skip 10 seconds😂

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    I hope you’ll be ok I hope your finger doesn’t believe🥵🥵🥵❤😘🤑

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    Sad life

  216. Shareda Overton says:

    At least you got it off

  217. A P Developments says:

    Maybe you should think about sticking to salads. If your fingers have gotten fat so has the rest of you. lol

  218. megan blum says:


  219. Edyson Richiez says:

    I feel so bad for him

  220. Andrew Marks says:

    Do you know how sad the wife must feel!! 😫

  221. Phirum Son says:

    Feel free handydad

  222. Jamie Rivers says:


  223. Kashirena Smart says:

    I feel so sad for you

  224. Anthony ramsis says:

    ”What do you do when you have a stuck ring on yr finger?…..- make diet …! so it doesn’t need all this and you ‘save’ your ring also …”😁

  225. Masyn Bujalski says:


  226. Miley Harris says:

    Won’t your wife get mad for you taking off ur ring?

  227. Spartan_1 Da Beast says:

    Now you’re wearing a tungsten ring. What happens when that one gets stuck?

  228. Zaree Atkinson says:

    Big bich

  229. Allison Craig says:


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    I hope the ring come. Of

  231. mcxravin says:

    Dude call a doctor

  232. Giggity Giggity says:

    This dudes still hearting and responding to comments 8 months later what a 🐐🐐

  233. prigadiri says:

    so this is why i won’t marry someone :DDD JK

  234. Daniel Jeremias says:

    Why’d he get tungsten, he won’t be able to cut it if it happens again

  235. Craig Hudzinski says:

    Say goodbye finger nexted time it swells up it’s a strong medal and I heard of ppl that lost a finger over tunstun

  236. Sophie Rodriguez says:

    Next time don’t do that

  237. Sophie Rodriguez says:

    I am scared right now

  238. TheOffroadGuy says:

    My wife sold her wedding ring

  239. gladys Rededelosa says:

    what do you do when you have a stuck rig on your finger? i jammed my ring finger and it swell so baby that i couldn ‘t get it off .i tried sopa and icing my hand with and on luck. i was worried it would that turn blue and need to be amputated . so l used a Dremel to cut off my hi Jhellae

  240. ReaperDog says:

    Dont keep the ring cold because Elsa will freeze it on your finger

  241. Yuko Martin says:

    Good job

  242. Yuko Martin says:

    Day thing part God plz no

  243. UNICORN the ONE says:

    dont get narried so it wont happen

  244. Mark Vargas says:

    He had it for that long in his finger how lol


    That’s handy what men do

  246. Razz Note says:

    Him:ok i should becareful of this
    Me:oh shoot it looks dangerous 👁👄👁

  247. Greg Richard says:

    One reason not to get married

  248. Ella Magar says:

    I was thinking that he is going to cut his finger

  249. Mr. Monkey says:


  250. hatelife please kill me says:

    Now how long did it stay there for??

    • HandyDadTV says:

      That was a Sunday night. I probably hurt it that day or the day before. Just couldn’t take the swelling anymore.

  251. 『 lil boba 』 says:

    Great, now I’m trying to make my mom remove her ring before going to bed-

  252. TheSpoopyEmerald says:

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  253. TheSpoopyEmerald says:

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    TBH, I was actually horrified for you. Thank god you had the knowledge and tools in doing this kind of stuff or else you would have to amputate your finger.

  257. Nick Riley says:

    OMG no dont do that!!… but if you do film it 🙂

  258. imposter 0shadow says:

    Came here looking for a purple finger changing color when the ring was removed. Got ripped off

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  264. Harmany Geale says:

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  265. Liza Brown says:


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    Also I thought his finger was achually going to be blue

  269. Kellen Nix says:


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    Ummm it seems handydad and all the commenters haven’t heard of the string method to get a stuck ring off. Please check it out!

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    Id rather do that than lose my finger 😊😂

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  275. Koyahang Limbu says:

    Same problem and I used A nailcutter to cut it out and did lose and weight to the ring too .

  276. Ashley Qualls says:

    My dad bad same but him and my neighbor gladly got it off

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    I remember jamming my middle finger freshmen year, I asked the gym teacher to go to the bathroom to get it off, he said I might just have to get it cut off, I ended up going to the bathroom soaping my finger up as much as possible, and I was pulling nearly as hard as I could, and it took me a couple attempts, I finally got it off, fucking hurt like hell, and it took like 2 months for it to fully heal.

    That SUCKED

  309. Mahrufur Rahman says:

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  310. pro pro says:

    You could save your finger and your ring if you did the floss or thread trick.. just google it🙉 it is very simple

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    That ring is a year older than me. I take it that you were married in 1987? Anyways, congratulations on your lasting marriage ♥️

  329. Reelphresh says:

    You could get it fixed at a jeweler

    • Reelphresh says:

      @HandyDadTV well don’t let the wife know 😂😂😂. But still I’d say you should get It fixed and put on a stainless steel chain. Who knows you might decide someday that that old ring was stylish after all. And I guess I’m a sentimental person and id think about the future. Who knows maybe you want that ring again because it will remind you of your wife more.

    • HandyDadTV says:

      Yes I could. But I wanted a change anyway.

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    Bruh I died at that part😂😂

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    This same thing kinda happened to me i was doing construction and a bar lined with heavy tiles had fell and my reflexes had went to catch it .lucky i had both rings on it kinda saved my hand it hurt more cutting the rings off then my hand being in pain. Lucky is was good gold and diamonds .

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    Their rings get stuck.

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  421. Andrew Essence says:

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  449. ROSS Bryan6 says:


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  455. Surchaufeur says:


  456. LMBC6Brian says:

    Tungsten will scratch everything. It’d far harder than all the screens on phones and crystals on watches. It will scratch everything you touch.

  457. Kira DeLong says:

    I worry because my ring is tungsten being a auto tech I jam a few fingers year . I can’t take my ring off because it’s decided to seat itself snug I feel one day I’m gonna smash or jam that finger and have a hell of time trying to get it cut off

    • Kira DeLong says:

      HandyDadTV I definitely would but over the last few years it has become wedge on my finger. My wife and I have tried to get it off a good amount of times but it’s decided that’s where it’s gonna stay. We have discussed try to get cut off or some other way to remove it but I haven’t really minded it being their so I haven’t pursued any removal options. But after seeing your issues I think I’m gonna get it cut off and just replace it with a better fitting one.

    • HandyDadTV says:

      As an auto tech, I’d recommend taking the ring off at work. Or get a silicone ring for working in. Save your good ring for weekends.

  458. Sergey Smolkin says:


  459. adam a says:

    That ring is like the same ring i use to wrap wire around to make a radio filter.

  460. dylan phillips says:

    I went through the same thing as you when I was a teen. Unfortunately for me my ring was made out of stainless steal which made it near impossible to remove, using ring cutters and even trying to pull it off using nylon which ended up pulling my finger out of its socket (this was all at the hospital). My finger ended up turning blue and black like your thumbnail and I narrowly escaped losing my index finger by around 15-20 minutes. The doctor gave up and called in an Undertaker who specializes in removing jewelry of the deceased, where he managed to remove it using an angel grinder. Extremely unorthodox but happy to have all 10 fingers.

  461. GodlyKing CC says:

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  463. Mags Amazing says:


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  465. CT-5736 Bladez says:

    A friend of mine decided to put his mother’s wedding ring on and well it got stuck. He went to ER and the used this cord to move up past his knuckle. He did say it hurt like hell but the ring was fine.

  466. Dan Van Hoose says:

    Yep the wedding ring really cuts off circulation.

  467. L4WNY says:

    Why wouldn’t you just use the ice to take the swelling down?!! 🙈

  468. Sphinx says:

    My man couldn’t do this 32 years ago

  469. Vyjavi Vyjavi says:

    I know how it feels so painful I experienced before

  470. Cold Chicken Official says:

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  471. Jonathan Bellorin says:

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  472. DJ UNCLE GEN says:


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  478. Ty Estus says:

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    I could see blood flow through in the finger when the ring came off.. must’ve felt good lol

    • Matthew Campbell says:

      @HandyDadTV the first thing you do with blood circulation is compare it to the cold, same concept. If your fingers are on fire, thats a good thing. Means their still alive. When the pain stops without a change in temperature, ya might want to start worrying

    • HandyDadTV says:

      So good 😊

  481. Pastor Paul D says:

    Never love anything that can’t love you back !!!!! if your wedding vows and your marriage are all wrapped up in a 14 karat gold ring your marriage was never worth crap anyway. Now it’s only an object it’s your wife that matters and I know you understand that so don’t say it sentimental don’t love anything that cannot love you back

  482. Leandro Bartolome Jr. says:

    Im demonetized now o/

  483. G L says:

    Who in the Dumb world allow a ring to almost cut off their finger? Oops i forgot that he did

  484. Clayton Miles says:

    It is 5 :45

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  486. Alyssa G says:


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  490. TheFreakKiroshi says:

    I like all the meme sound effects XD

  491. Hi_u RR says:


  492. Richard Stephens says:

    Why not get a silicone ring

    • HandyDadTV says:

      I did get a silicone ring before going to tungsten. It felt cheap, felt like a prize from a Crackerjack box. I didn’t like it. I really like the tungsten though. It’s solid and heavy. I like the color and finish, but there are tons of styles to choose from. This one worked for me.

  493. Melissa Lutey says:

    That is so scary

  494. المصطفى الغانم says:

    Oh, god, 😨.

  495. Bruce Miles Baker says:

    gold rings can be easily repaired

  496. Evan Feehan says:

    The new ring looks cool, but I’d caution you about having a tungsten ring because you can’t cut them off. ERs typically need to cut the finger off in order to remove the ring

    • HandyDadTV says:

      They break, so I’d probably go that route if it happens again. But I take it off every night, so it’s not going to happen again.

  497. Tommy BRO says:

    You know if I ever married to someone, we’ll just a put the ring on a necklace.

    • i et pens lmao says:

      @Ben Hall nice dude go back to your stickman 2 pound wife

    • Emilia Poorabdulahzadeh-Lalehkani says:

      I really dont wanna get married or wear rings, and this is the reason why.

    • Ben Hall says:

      @cyn harman you’re right it was rude. The chap in the video seems like a nice guy and he’s not actually very overweight. It was a cheap shit at his expense and un called for. Maybe they should make me their next president. I mean I’d never mock a disability or racially abuse someone like their great leader does but hey ho. They’re a nation of fat halfwits and racists. Generally speaking of course.

    • Ben Hall says:

      @Brian Vazquez I’m not into guys sorry. I dont want you to “bench” me or any other homo erotic games.

    • The Man That Uploads It All says:

      @skater juggalo stfu

  498. Mr_meatball 44 says:

    Wow you said to your wife 🤫

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  500. Spherical Cheese says:

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  501. JJ3451 says:

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    Avoid this by taking it off when you feel your finger is getting BIGGER !!! RESIZING IT !!!!! 😂

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    Waowww amazing

  513. Fern Hernandez says:

    The one ring to rule them all… or something like that, right?

  514. TejasToolMan says:

    Eat only meats and the swelling goes away. Swelling is from sugars and carb loaded foods

  515. Ashante Jones says:

    Use lotion

  516. Sukattery T says:

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  517. Jakemex 21 says:

    *daughter comes in

    -yes deer now can you be quiet I’m making a video

  518. Scott Smith says:

    It would be a good idea to make certain the cut off wheel is oriented in a direction to keep it from slipping up onto your hand should the wheel grab. In the case of the wheel grabbing, it’s better to have the wheel go up the wood of the clothespin protecting your finger

  519. Blue Q says:

    Found my new fear! From now on, I’m wearing the ring as a necklace.

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    • Greg Read says:

      @HandyDadTV yes. My son dropped his and it broke in 2 pieces. And as a machinist, I know it’s extremely hard to cut. I imagine if you hit it with a hammer while the other side was resting on a steel block it would break fairly easy.

    • HandyDadTV says:

      I heard it’s easier to break than cut tungsten. I take it off every night now.

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    Also fyi tungsten is used in Main Battle Tank rounds(APFSDS)

    • HandyDadTV says:

      Before the swelling, I could get the gold ring off with a little effort. But it came off. Now I take the tungsten ring off every night just to be safe. Thanks.

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    • HandyDadTV says:

      Mine was swollen for a couple of days. I didn’t give it any rest to heal – I had a lot of work to do over the weekend. By Sunday night I was really worried so that’s when I decided to cut it off.

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