I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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214 responses to “I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)”

  1. DALLMYD says:

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I’ll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!! <3 We're currently Trending #13 on YouTube!! This is awesome! <3

  2. Richelle G. says:

    4:13-4:16.. I haven’t read through all the comments yet but I’m 101% certain this is Peter Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri from Sopranos.

  3. Travis jr Hix says:


  4. Alyssa says:

    that first one looks exactly like my dads that he lost

  5. Coin Treasure Hunt says:

    I love treasure hunting of all kinds. Great video, great story and a very kind gesture to return the ring to its owner. Well done! : )

  6. Cassandra Andamon says:

    Poor Brandon 😂😂😂

  7. UltimateKarma 98 says:

    this wars 2 €

  8. Alec Blommers says:

    It looks like he’s holding a vibrator the small metal detector xD

  9. kuboyama yumi says:

    That is so good

  10. Gianna Sandlin says:

    💍When you found the first ring I could see someone in the background to the left and for some reason they were dancing! 🕺💃 😂

  11. Ehneeman says:

    Do you really get a gold and diamond ring when you go to school in the USA?🤔

  12. JAYVIN ALLDAY says:

    waikiki beach hotel <3 HILTON

  13. animeshmDnextsupers says:

    I cant find tristans channel

  14. Teagan Keamber says:


  15. Sergio Playz says:

    4:59 *Congrats!*

  16. Majic says:

    Watching this in first person feels like one of those slow mission levels were you spend an hour underwater to find the key to the door for the next level

  17. Family Roberts says:


  18. Rama Sri Krisna says:

    that my ring… please return it to me…

  19. Nafisa Miah says:

    Omg Yor vids are amazing saving stuff good but not allowed to be in the water is going school I am scared to go swimming in might drown so I might miss school so

  20. Topher says:

    Jake: I found this penny and I’m going to run dna Test and return it back to the owner

  21. Harry John says:

    You speak to fast

  22. Moongazell 14 says:

    Damn that guy talks fast

  23. Colin Cool guy says:

    At first I thought he found a Super Bowl ring

  24. ryan cue says:

    My mans actually hurt from that

  25. Matthew Taylor says:

    Omg this is so heart warming!!!! Jake is the man!!!!

  26. Rilanda tipan marie says:

    You mean 10 rings not nine

  27. ItsRobloxBunny /PokeGoTips_1 says:

    I’m scared of sharks

  28. Royal Enfield garage says:

    i think most of the rings you found has a sad love story behind it 💔

  29. Royal Enfield garage says:

    mohan govindharajan this name belongs to a tamilan, tamilnadu, south india . good work jake , the smile on face was so nice, its so crazy to hear that u got back your ring which was lost on the other part the world


    You are like sméagol with your ring (“my precious”)
    Lord oof the rings

  31. Overclocked NimbX says:

    Discrimination mode.

  32. Bloxy Game says:

    He was so happy he found a 5 dollar ring from walmart

  33. hand sanitizer vs. stuff says:

    Cool 😎

  34. Diana Watson says:


  35. lele offical says:

    Lol wie geil

  36. daboys1215 says:

    If you ever find a wedding ring off of the coast of Florida, it’s my mom’s.

  37. Natanael Lazaro says:

    Omg Jake and Tristan, you guys are so mean. I feel so bad for Brandon… but what he said “I wish the first jetski you got was a prank”🤣🤣🤣

  38. Ryan Dunsford says:

    Jake is so stubborn just take the goddamn gift bro wtf

  39. libra8a says:

    I new that was Waikiki beach as soon as I saw it. I went to Hanauma Bay on the same trip. Small world. Dude, no one is going to feel less of you if you accept a reward as long as you don’t ask for one. It did cost you something to get the guys details.

  40. RepktTheAnimator says:

    He said guy was too nice man if i were you and found the ring too be honest i would have kept it but you are kind just like him

  41. Abigail Blunt says:


  42. TayTay’s Channel says:

    I wanna see somebody watch this vid and see there ring that would be funny

  43. epicgaming6554 says:

    Look at the kid in background at 6:08

  44. Layla Dashi says:

    does anyone else think the bigger metal detector sounds like a messed up squeaky chew toy???

  45. DeLayna Mashak says:

    that kid in the back at 6:09, that’s a mood.

  46. Christina Simpson says:

    This is the way it’s supposed to be. Looking out for one another. Putting the punking aside.

  47. Michael Bryant says:

    one time i was swimming in the ocean and it found some kind of shell

  48. Katelynn TenBoer says:

    One year ago I was in that exact same beach snorkling!

  49. SolaLupus says:

    I love how it is either a quarter or multi-thousand dollar jewelry.

  50. Raina Manuel says:

    I love how you guys do this for fun and when you find big things like that ring you try and find the person and give it back, most people would just keep them for themselves.

  51. Ranuka360 says:


  52. Neri Perez says:

    Where do yuo live

  53. Breizhad says:

    14:00 I don’t think it’s a Peso, I think it’s a 2€ coin.

  54. Lee Marvin Opigal says:

    That coin looks like 10 philippine piso

  55. Carson James says:

    Why for some reason does it sound like a dead seal in the background

  56. Ju Ke says:

    Hawaii is beatiful i was there two Times

  57. bobbythebobby says:

    jake: gets a ring and gives ring back
    me: gets a ring and keeeps it

  58. Oren phoenix Ganny Alvarado says:

    Dude that’s not piso that’s ges

  59. Jayden Remy says:

    omg that was mine

  60. Subscribe to me cuz i have no videos says:

    ever wanted to hear a sigh underwater? 10:50

  61. Yeshua is Coming says:

    So good

  62. Thelma Louise says:

    Jake you are awesome that’s all there is to it !!!! Nice find though !!!!

  63. Lazar Beam says:


  64. Susan Farley says:

    I wish there had been someone with an underwater metal detector around when I felt the silver ring I inherited from my mom slip off my finger. I broke my heart to lose it.
    Maybe that’s enough pranks? You could see how let down he was when he found out it was a prank.
    You are in Georgia? That’s where I lost my mom’s ring! Weird!
    Just checked the date on the video. A year ago. You probably are somewhere else now.

  65. Pascal Côté says:

    Glad to see people like you still exist. Respect my friend !

  66. Xxsunnyxx says:

    My mom looking on my phone seeing I’m watching you her: u still watch Him? Me : yes I love him her: yes he is a good man . I tell her how great you are to people #truefan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Chanessa Martin says:

    Who else saw the kid in the right corner at 6:09

  68. Jason Kutz says:

    Guess what you found Kim’s diamond earring?

  69. 27Genevieve Urgan says:

    i mean that was kinda mean <:(

  70. N Choy says:

    I live in Hawaii so it’s amazing to see that he cane here

  71. Disturbing Shakira says:

    6:09 whos going to notice that kid doing a fortnite dance-

  72. officialorangeorifices says:

    Love your videos!

  73. Kasey Schroeder says:

    fu why do you prank that pore guy

  74. Sean T says:

    *nice vid*

  75. Mateo Castro says:

    6:09 what’s that kid oing in the back?

  76. Tas Dervalics says:

    At 7:06 the ring that jake found was Kim Kardashian’s diamond 💎 earring 🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂😂

  77. Josh Riendeau says:

    The one that has yellow in the middle that was10pesos

  78. Ahfye Steve says:

    You are awesome n you are a genuine man.chapeau bas.

  79. Mark says:

    It’s €2. Not a peso.

  80. Tanner Betsinger says:

    i actually live in Hawii

  81. carly TV says:


  82. Joan Storer says:


  83. Andrew Sexton says:

    The title of the video makes it sound like all 9 weddings rings belonged to one person lol

  84. DmG_Diego says:

    14:59 10 pesos! My people have been visiting Hawaii and I’m sitting here watching how to get swag with bunch of expensive equipment in a high tier beach in a matter of hours maybe

  85. Reel Fishing Fever says:

    I feel so bad for brandon

  86. Timo valkjärvi says:

    Yo did he take him up on that offer? since its been a year i was wondering?

  87. Alex says:

    What a stupid prank

  88. Hannes. Key says:


  89. IBG Racer says:

    Where can i get the pin pointer?

  90. Rowful says:

    Man that looks so fun to do..

  91. JML GenX says:

    Jake, you are a kind-hearted
    person. What you did there was priceless. What a wonderful feeling to be able to heal someone’s sorrow. Keep up the good work! and yeah, I subscribed to your channel today.

  92. BIG BEAST says:


  93. BIG BEAST says:

    You know the underwater finding metal sound like someone criying

  94. Thandi King says:

    im gonna give u something in return made me want to cry so bad cause u hardly meet ppl like those these days god bless all of u

  95. Thandi King says:

    i would cry

  96. Polly MCP says:

    I don’t really think it was nice to play with Brandon’s feelings and he got so hyped up and then he was quite upset so you shouldn’t have done that prank.

  97. Rehman Arshad says:


    *Mosquito noises intensify*

  98. P says:

    Is it just me or does the big metal detector sound like a dog

  99. Marisa And friends says:

    My heart went boom❤️❤️💥💥 when he called the guy!!!!!

  100. Michael Haas says:

    Damn I remember when this guy would troll kids on GTA and now he has 10mil subs. Came a long way

  101. Shampagne Hernandez says:

    That’s nice of you that you find things and give the owner back there things😊😊😊

  102. Riche Galuno says:

    Just looking at the thumbnail, I would doubt this is real due to the fact he found a 5 dollar BILL underwater with a Metal Detector. lol

  103. FIRE FLAMINGO says:

    Let’s be honest I would’ve kept the stuff

  104. Sid the Tabs Unit says:

    He’s talking so fast
    He do be excited tho

  105. Natasha Montgomery says:

    Hey love THIS 1st lol but whatcha wearing

  106. Pam Harris says:

    The man that lost his ring with so happy that you found it What an absolute blessing and it is his culture Jake that he returns the favor to you so please understand okay have a blessed day

  107. Lorenzo Lopez says:


  108. doopblem. says:

    6:10 did anyone else see the kid doing orange justice?

  109. Arleene Byers says:

    So just thought it was funny when the little kid comes in and starts dancing behind jake at 6:10 lol

  110. Dylan and Bailey Channel says:

    What about sharks?

  111. Its Hanah says:

    I love you your channel and your videos 🙂

  112. Finned. says:

    Why is there 20k dislikes on this video this was a great video👍🏻

  113. Flab 2 Fit says:

    do you pawn your finds sometimes (other than guns and knives)

  114. donnyboy says:

    As a diver for over 40 yrs. I can remember when the lakes, rivers and ocean were lush in vegetation and plant foliage. Now they all look like deserts. It is a wander there is any food left for the marine animals to eat. Thanks for helping to do your part in cleaning it up.

  115. S & L Gilmour says:

    You are awesome

  116. Brandy Veatupu says:

    Them: wheres jake

    Me: he’s near the sand in the water

  117. Israel Saldana says:

    That prank was kind of ass I don’t like any type of those pranks it ruins people’s hopes

  118. April Nasworthy says:

    Branden is my favorite person in your videos so stop pranking Branden.

  119. April Nasworthy says:

    I don’t like y’all peaking brandan.

  120. JC_The _Watermeløn says:



    Not a soul or a rat

    Metal detector: reeeeehhhhhhh

  121. Alexandria Barth says:

    Did you find Kim’s missing earring

  122. mia rrhodes says:

    He found Kim kardashians diamond earring

  123. Eflakes studios says:

    People swip this guy walks under water

  124. Tracy Davies says:

    How much rings are j going to find??

  125. CAMILLE COULON says:

    the water was so clear.

  126. J squirrel says:

    Sooooooooo HAPPY for that man!! 🙌🏼💕💕💕💕

  127. J squirrel says:

    🐿💕 at first I was feeling a little salty BUT then you said you would look for the man who lost the class ring I felt so happy. I was really hoping for that to come out of your mouth and now I know u r good guys! Gained a sub just for that!

  128. Christian Siddall says:

    Over $54,000

  129. ReeceTheBeast for life says:

    Bro u could make like a million dollars doing that this you could be rich lol

  130. Brenden Wethington says:

    thats so amazing you returned the ring your a true hellfish bro awesome content man

  131. Goofy Flan says:

    Lose my diamond wedding ring, you’d better come home with 9 fingers.

  132. Freckle The Rainwing-Mudwing Hybrid says:

    6:09 lmao that kid tho

  133. J Patt says:

    Instead of shipping the next item you find to the original owner what about delivering it yourself. The reaction would be priceless

  134. Xaviur Cruz Chavez says:

    I wish I can do ths with you

  135. Cassandra Williams says:

    ummm, why do I actually have that Walmart ring lmfaoooo

  136. Viva la raza says:

    I’m from El Paso 😀😀😀😀

  137. Marjorie Taylor says:

    Dolphin me

  138. Miguel says:

    i foound your ring , it will be 5000$

  139. Leroy Ray says:

    Oh what a guy needs more nice people like these and a lot less Hater’s.

  140. Julia Bachmann says:

    I feel so bad for him! He was so excited to find it!

  141. Ahmed Salvatore says:

    Thats really great story, man your amazing

  142. Brandino Tarantino says:

    This is the coolest treasure hunting video!!

  143. kevin savage says:

    i went there it was so good so much pool’s a lake 4 or 5 hotels to stay at

  144. MaryBeth Dueno says:

    Your the greatest to return his ring.

  145. Randquez says:

    That sucks playing jokes on friends like that. I’m not even going to finish the video. Thumbs way down. . .

  146. Rayan Bakir says:


  147. LIVINGROOM ENT. says:

    Simply awesom.

  148. Kevin Ng says:

    Was I the only one expecting him to find the One Ring?

  149. Brandon Klyberg says:

    he found kims earing

  150. Paul Ignacio Lao says:

    Theres gonna be that time brandon is gonna find a mega tooth a go pro and a ring

  151. Courtney Feil says:

    Would never do this I would be too scared of 🦈 sharks

  152. Reideneille Bucocastro says:

    What 18k yellow gold w/dimond wow

  153. 69 The legendary meme says:

    Me saving up to get a ring looking at the title………..

  154. Johnny Reis says:

    Can u find my ring 😆

  155. Johnny Reis says:

    Damn she thrown that thing far from the bridge 😆

  156. Johnny Reis says:

    Looks like x ring 😆

  157. Bryant Ok says:

    So mean 😂

  158. Tortlezz says:

    I honestly feel bad for him i really dont wanna see more

  159. Ryan J says:

    Tristan looks like travis from tiger king

  160. AURORA DICKENS says:

    Hawaii is really pretty :p

  161. Baemax says:

    so wholesome

  162. Angelica Pol says:

    Omg 😆 lol 😂 😂 😆

  163. Maggie Li says:

    Him: Finds a bunch of stuff
    Me: **ignores and only pays attention to the cute fish**

  164. Atharva mankame says:

    Just love this guy

  165. jeff nelson says:

    Awesome you gave it back to him! Thanks man!

  166. مروة مراد says:
  167. TheMythicalMary says:

    Its surprising how many people go swimming with their wedding bands on and they get upset when they lose it. As a jeweler I usually get paid to replace a ring that has been lost to swimming or something reckless. People please down wear lose jewelry while doing activity’s like this. If your going to wear earrings they better be screw back. If its a necklace, don’t do it the clasp can come undone easier underwater and if its a ring (even the best fitted) it WILL slide right off. Please share this info with family members. its better safe than sorry and paying $5000 because you kept your engagement ring on during your honeymoon.

  168. Safaboi says:

    Found this channel by chance and its the coolest thing ever

  169. Theoden Alexander says:

    wow thats really crazy you could find somebody on the internet, duude

  170. OOFAFI Big shaq says:


  171. Ranie Evans says:

    Do it!

  172. Aidan Holman says:

    The metal detector sorta looks like a gamma gun (fallout)

  173. Dark City says:

    I love your videos. Super epic, much wholesome.

  174. August 27Thole says:

    He’s in the water duh!

  175. I love you 1 says:

    Why 20.000 unlike?💍🤷🏻‍♂️

  176. laundromat says:

    Omg some of those rings are incredibly beautiful. If it were me finding them, they’d definitely all be in my jewelry box, lol.

  177. Demon xyo says:

    U real have a nice heart …..

  178. Cookie*-* Chan says:

    Dang that kid tho 6:08 😂

  179. Lindie Wolhuter says:

    Only reason there are rings in the ocean is becaus people dont take of there rings before swiming

  180. Reem Hany says:

    Quarantine sucks

  181. ѕнezυĸa тaιĸι says:

    Pin pointer says : beep beep😂😂

  182. Krispy Kris says:

    I love the sound, Asmr check~

  183. Eric Neilson says:

    You fu

  184. Eric Neilson says:

    A kid in the background dancing

  185. mackenzie daukas says:


  186. mackenzie daukas says:

    omg thats probs Kim Kardashians diamond earring that she lost in the ocean!!! LOLLLLL

  187. Nonconformi TEA says:

    That metal detector basically pays for itself haha

  188. Dishant Palkar says:

    Poor Brandon

  189. Jenny Wu says:

    Kind and funny men!

  190. Torikki Jinx says:

    I appreciate how when they find a coin there’s a cha ching sound effect.

  191. April Lockaby Radford says:

    Man that is really cool! I’ve always wanted to metal detect and also to scuba dive!

  192. Steve H says:

    So honest and kind that you located the owner of the ring and he gets it back 👍🏻

  193. brahim et-tassafi says:

    keep going bro im MOROCCO

  194. Red Knight of says:

    You are the lord of rings

  195. voldenuitzzz says:

    Kudos to you and your team. Awesome videos… keep up the good work!

  196. critical banana says:

    What beach in hawaii is this?

  197. enamoring says:

    You might find kim’s diamond earings

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