I turn a welding ring into a wedding ring (Pablo Cimadevila’s style)

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The proccess of making a piece of jewellery in a non-ordinary way with the help of welding and an angle grinder (polishing machine).
Hello! My name is Slava. I thought about making such a video long ago to show that the most important thing is the idea and fidelity. And the way of reaching the goal may be different. And I saw a video by Pablo Cimadevila and couldn’t keep myself. I’m the creator of the jewellery brand BONN, it’s very important to transmit the value of the idea and inspiration through my jewellery and its story. I have had not many works for now, but you can make acquainted with them even now on my site . In the near future I’ll add incredible sculptures to my collection. Also, I’ll try to make videos about their creation and contribute my mite into the history of jewellery world art.

Pablo Cimadevila

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288 responses to “I turn a welding ring into a wedding ring (Pablo Cimadevila’s style)”

  1. Bonn says:

    I have a welding degree and I’ve made all the necessary equipment for my workshop myself, which replaced factory ones. Now I’m a professional jeweller-caster and joined with a amazing artist we’ll try to astonish the world with our works! This video is the tribute to the memory of my beginning and how I made my workshop from nothing myself…

    • joey dubbs76 says:

      I don’t get the making of jewelry from crap, that’s why we use gold, diamonds etc. However building your shop, tools, business from nothing & crap is awesome. Congrats on your successes. 👍

    • Falcon de megres says:

      If you want to job alot year you must need all your finger in perfect condition buddy 😁 we not need a hand protection until we have a problem whit the cut machine 😉

    • carri7 says:

      큐빅 쇠덩어리 개나 줘버려라

    • Elsa Mabel Roldan says:

      Me encanta tus trabajos; puedo pasar horas viendo tus videos. FELICITACIONES !!! Te sigo desde Tucumán, ARGENTINA. Besos

    • ken dalton says:

      J Cee Iam guessing it’s a mild steel.. He did a great job turning it into this though

  2. Shashank Gujar says:

    Bro what you do for living?

  3. Xavi García says:

    Esta muy bien pero me parece súper peligroso hacerlo con una radial tan cerca de los dedos es una mala idea para un vídeo que lo puede ver cualquiera

  4. Jan Steini says:

    The REAL Lord of the Rings …

  5. Shed Man X says:

    You are already a craftsman mate.🇦🇺👍

  6. Julián Sosa says:


  7. Scott Weiland says:

    Having a hand grinder on a vice grip and grinding a tiny piece without gloves is asking for disaster. Plus your craftsmanship is noooowhere near his style. Still good work though.

  8. Michele Aldworth says:

    Hi there. Nice job 👍. Just slow the video down a little so we can see the steps you took. Thank you for your video. Take care and God bless.

  9. Stephen Carr says:

    One rusty finger from the steel.

  10. DJB Local DJ says:

    I absolutely love your work. I watch and just sit with mouth open fantastic jewellery

  11. María del Carmen Rodríguez López says:

    A este hombre le sobra inteligencia. El arte forma parte de su existencia. Fabuloso. Un saludo.

  12. Sérgio Pinheiro says:

    Muito bom Pablo parabéns

  13. Игорь Николаевич says:

    И попробуй догадайся что это ручная работа! просто класс!!!

  14. Adam Pierce says:

    Are you sure you didn’t do this because of a bet that you made while drinking Vodka with your friends???? It came out pretty good.

  15. Junior Espinoza says:

    Wow that’s beautiful..
    Respect good sir ..hats off to you love your work

  16. DarkDays says:

    “What is that made out of? Platinum?

    “Na bro, mig wire.”

  17. Doug B says:

    Nice craftman ship but it will rust in 12 mins all welds rust no stopping it.

  18. Mike Hunt says:

    Can your girl say “he made this for me”.? Yeah, I didn’t think so LOL!!

  19. defalt88 says:

    braver then me with the 4 1/2 grinder. a flapper disc i would be willing but a cutting wheel hell no. i know to many people to get hurt. As a experienced industrial welder and a apprentice jeweler specialty equipment is made for a reason that being said great work on the creativity and thinking outside the box.

  20. Ronnie Guerrero says:

    Why do you dip the ring in the water ?

  21. u1es says:

    Outstanding work, man. Love your videos, well done.

  22. Stuart Reyes says:

    What kind of cutting took did you use with the drill?

  23. DEATHKNIGHT5000 says:

    Lmao and I get an ad from Tiffany, however your work is without a doubt worth more compared to theirs

  24. The Crew Bmx says:

    Whats the last song?

  25. Phranzyzko59 says:

    Que Pablo te inspire también a proteger tus manos, usa guantes!!!

  26. Balaji Chandhana says:

    Good job make more

  27. Alessandro Fotografia says:

    Fantastico lavoro

  28. Familia Nava Loyola says:

    A falta de Pablo , Bonn es bueno

  29. Moode M says:

    اكو عرب بالطياره 😂

  30. Midland Marte says:

    Gastas mas en energia para hacerlo de lo que vale el anillo

  31. Sanix Darker says:

    Well done, it’s clear it’s a hard work !

  32. bryan asmar says:

    Great work Bonn, also very happy to hear that pablo is here and watch your video very big fan of pablo and prescriber ! For a minute I thought watch pablo making this till I did scroll to the comments ! And initially I thought that an artist will make anything from any materials.
    Keep up the great work.

  33. boone dalton says:

    Nice man

  34. あきばこ says:


  35. Luz, Câmera e Bagunça says:


  36. Daniel Corrales says:

    Excelente trabajo, pero no tienes que colocar estilo Pablo Cimadevila, el tiene un talento y experticia increible, pero tu trabajo habla por sí solo, es buenísimo, eres un gran joyero, eso se nota. Busca tu propio estilo en tus videos y Volaras más alto que nadie en esta plataforma. Un abrazo enorme

    • Daniel Corrales says:

      Por ejemplo para darle un plus de originalidad a tu trabajo, haz un video donde elabores un anillo utilizando lo mínimo en herramientas posibles, al aire libre, mostrando paisajes, no se, dale un plus de complejidad a tu trabajo, haz lo imposible

  37. Teresa Edwards says:

    I’m just curious. I love watching the making of rings made out of almost any kind of metal. I noticed that you guys usually don’t wear any kind of gloves. It seems you guys would have metal stuck in your fingers. My mother used to work in a factory making spokes for bicycles she would have metal at times in her fingers. It was hard to get out and painful. Just wondering, I guess if you’re doing something that you really love it just doesn’t happen that often. Lol

  38. Apocalypse Childs says:

    Как хорошо, что этот замечательный испанец вдохновляет людей на реальные дела)
    Хороший пример для вдохновения выбрал… и кольцо – отпад… мне лично серию TES напомнило)))

  39. İnci Açık says:


  40. Victor Concepcion says:

    For a person marking a ring that nice just with the tools you had astonishing..
    Great work.🤙

  41. LaShawna Blanton says:

    Awesome! Keep up the good work. I love Pablo also. I think it’s awesome you took inspiration from him and now your also doing AMAZING things. God bless

  42. M. J. says:

    Wouldn’t that rust? Just saying.. nice work though..

  43. Jordi Sunset says:

    3:19 congrats. Your brain its working good. Full dislike for you

  44. беспонтовый пирожок says:

    Сначала подумал, что это Пабло, уж очень красиво получилось, молодец!

  45. Dianzhen Shi says:


  46. Елена Цветочек says:

    Молодец!!! Супер!!!👍👍👍

  47. Samira Adiva says:

    Design beautiful.

  48. Maker per passione! says:


  49. Youtube For Funz says:

    Love this vid cuz its a original idea and never seen this idea. Great job 👍

  50. jessica maria says:


  51. Demón kayot says:

    Ну а зачем эта железка нужна? Куда её? Красиво конечно, но хрень полная!!!

  52. Дмитрий Васильев says:

    1:00 в саундтреке начинается партия бонго или что это, как будто стамеской стучат о бочонок, чтоб отбить сварку. Это специально подстроено так?

  53. Zaur Lezgin says:


  54. jerry baker says:


  55. M Lastname says:

    I look at all these fancy store bought diamond rings and feel nothing if a man made me a wedding ring out of his own hand says a stong statment in it’s self. Its beautiful and no one else will have one.

  56. Andrea Hernández says:

    Buen trabajo!!! 👍 👍 👍

  57. BI says:


  58. sBeats says:

    1:23 😳😳Gloves and an angle grinder!!!! If the angle grinder catches your gloves your hand will be gone 😳😳 pls don’t do this !!!

  59. Razil 1 says:


  60. Snuffying says:

    this is a steel ring? if so, it’s purpose is purely for exhibition reasons, as it would oxidize if worn.

  61. Dima hadi says:

    What is this metal? Amazing work as usual ❤️

  62. Sawma Sailo says:

    Very very very very………… Beautiful 😍💓😘💞

  63. Spiritual Compass says:

    Wow! That is stunning. So much of yourself went into it. I hope she appreciates your craftsmanship. Just beautiful. Is that Ruby or Garnet? Both are beautiful stones. I personally adore Ruby…lol. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Much love to all.

  64. Zeeshan Mughal says:

    so beautiful ring

  65. Luv Cats says:

    Such inspiring work!

  66. Angel Mendoza says:

    Pablo would be proud

  67. Mehdi TMAX says:

    Tu fais quoi pour l’auxydation ou la corsion du métal

  68. Juan Sosa says:

    Mi hermano, no sabe como disfruto este tipo de videos, como ustedes de la nada, hacen un todo tan majestuoso, mis respetos, igual que Pablo Cimadevila, sos un crak de la obra, saludos y mucho éxito. que calidad. 🖒

  69. Browne Hawk says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen pablo hammer a damn stone in lol.

  70. Caroline Laurena says:


  71. A.A. A. says:

    “Pablo, have you, ever broke or chipped a stone, while setting it?..”

  72. Hong Pigeon says:

    I change the “L” into “D”. Welding wedding

  73. 榊原小平太 says:


  74. take it easy bro says:

    4:35 looks like the red army sicle😂

  75. Video Diversity VD says:

    Your amazing

  76. Thạnh Ngô says:

    Fans Pablo Cimadevila. I want to to see your hands

  77. zabihullah Ahmadi says:

    is this iron

  78. Вячеслав says:

    Я на Пабло тоже подписан и на Вас теперь подпишусь , хоть и далёк от ювелирки , классная работа!

  79. SHAON SARDAR. says:

    If u don’t have any work to do, then perfect time to do some junk work like this. And earn some likes instead of money

  80. arief boediyanto says:

    Wow, that’s amazing bro

  81. Deborah Gomides says:

    OMG! You is amazing!!! Congratulations! from Brazil.

  82. J Raval says:

    Impressive work sir.. good job..

  83. Honor Sandiford says:

    Easily one of the most incredible and beautiful rings I have ever seen! 😍

  84. Vis Sondarva says:

    Your Fingers Tells All Your Hardwork brother… ❤️

  85. Au_thenticFabrications says:

    Interesting concept. Mallet was a little dangerous lol.

  86. Jean Herceg says:

    I appreciate your talent but you’ve got to better protect those hands when working with some of those shapers & buffers in the beginning stages of your work. Without those hands, there are no masterpieces ❤️🙏🏻

  87. Courtney Howe says:

    I loved watching this video! 👍👍

  88. luis Fernando Echanique says:

    Uno se queda maravillado de lo que pueden hacer con las manos crear y sus ideas aparte ver qué tienen todas las herramientas me gusta

  89. Purple Martin Racing Team says:

    rough hands, polished ring. nice contrast and nice work.

  90. Isa Rose says:

    I adore Pablo Cimadevila– and your ring is a stunner!

  91. Eric Keller says:

    Is it stainless or?

  92. jack Ken says:

    Everyones jumping on the wagon .i made this inspired by vrack

  93. Andres Tapia says:

    Felicitaciones, su trabajo es impresionante, lo que toca lo convierte en una obra de arte.

  94. sonia rawat says:


  95. Валентина Букреева says:

    Дааа, Славааа, ну ты и умелец, с такими приспособлениями, можно сказать в гараже, на коленке, такое изделие получилось, Слава – тебе слава. Золотые руки. Я представляю если бы у тебя были все инструменты что есть у Пабло, что бы ты сотворил

  96. Alesha Rodríguez says:

    Como puedo contactar para sortija de matrimonio size 11 para mi mama

  97. ülkü ülkü says:

    bu videoları izlerken takı üretenlere saygım arttı gerçekden emek işi. cok güzel yaptınız emeginize saglık. pabloyu izledikden sonra senın videon geldı yandakı seceneklerden. pablonun aletleri cok prof

  98. Christina Delrio says:


  99. Mark Russman says:

    I hope you at least used stainless wire

  100. Glo Morah says:

    The ruby was perfect for it

  101. Badal_Studios says:


  102. Johnna Campbell says:

    Boys have been making them along with bracelets and belt buckles. For over 50 years. Nothing new. Im a welder/ fitter

  103. Mark says:

    Cool 👍…

  104. Maria Do Socorro says:

    Gostei 👍👍👍👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰❤🌹linda peça CAPRICHO

  105. Pruebas Canal says:

    Cojonudo eso de meterle los dedos a una radial… De manual para quedarte sin manos…

  106. Raffy Paladar says:

    How I wish I could able have one of those ring

  107. Rainette013 says:

    L’originalité n’a de limite que par l’imagination, c’est superbe

  108. RABIN RAI says:


  109. Clarabel Blue says:

    Beautiful! I love the contrast of the silvery ring with the red stone.

  110. Ivan Cerqua says:

    Sai che puzza di ferro, lho fatto uno io e puzza da impazzire

  111. Cristian H. Zarate says:

    Nunca el que se dio maña para hacer algo tuvo un mal resultado. Solo hace falta ganas y aptitud.

  112. Sulakshy rastogi says:

    Great 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  113. Мульт says:

    Жене надо будет кольцо из гайки замутить

  114. Puja Das says:


  115. mo ca says:



  116. Estuches joyería Mar Menor. says:


  117. Izzysmom Tattoos says:

    I think i want to do something like this for my husband. I want to hand make him a ring.

  118. 8622rtec says:

    That was amazing.

  119. андрей слинкин says:

    Неее, надо было вытачивать из кругляка на 90мм))

  120. Laura Leavitt says:

    Pablo, PLEASE, go get a manicure…your hands will thank you 🙂

  121. 10G says:

    Bloodstone Ring from RotMG anyone?

  122. Patricio Escobar says:

    Que pretencioso querer compararse con el trabajo de Cimadevila.

    • briza azul says:

      Mmmm el dijo al estilo de cimadeliva , si fuera pretencioso ni siquiera lo hubiera mencionado , son como lps covers , casi nunca suenan igual al cantante original . mas bien el hibiera dicho un anillo de cimadevila a mi estilo.

  123. Rica Caballero says:

    Although Pablo was very careful and seems to have so many specific tools.. You made it in a very meticulous way like him. Its very nice… I love watching this kind of videos even If i dont know much. Keep doing it. Looking for watching more

  124. denie979 says:

    Beautiful… ❤️

  125. Lukas Hodé says:

    And all that with an angle grinder


  126. Pamela Tillery says:

    Fascinating to watch. Beautiful ring. You sir are a great craftsman. Amazing 👍🇬🇧👍

  127. Rober Oute says:


  128. ASSI says:

    Man trägt keine handschuhe bei maschienen wo sich etwas dreht

  129. Bronchiosaurus says:

    I lost 3 fingers just watching this! :O
    On a more serious note, Great video!

  130. MaGuffintop says:

    You ate a master … magician.

  131. O.G. cummins w250 says:

    thats a big finger

  132. Sio Sio says:

    First song please

  133. RektGames says:

    Nice work. But I prefer the actual sounds of the tools. It feels nice to me 😊

  134. ogeid vassallo says:

    Poi rugine

  135. Clear News says:

    For such cave man method that is a gorgeous ring. Great job.

  136. Clear News says:

    Use a standard bench grinder. You are asking for problems withe grinder on the vise

  137. Sedat Yılmaz says:

    Süper bir video olmuş tebrikler

  138. Francesco Porpiglia says:

    Very beautiful piece! Btw i have a question: isn’t it going to rust? Did u plate it?

  139. Hminghlute Q Sailo says:


  140. Game of Movile says:

    Wow qué increíbles anillos haces me impresionan muy buen trabajo 😉😮

    • As de picas says:

      El único comentario en español… Lo que este tipo hace no se si sea buena idea, los metales de la soldadura no están pensados para que rocen la piel humana y hasta podrían ser tóxicos

  141. Santosh Raikar says:

    Am a Fan of Pablo and always been inspired…
    From a welding rod into a Ring…🤔 Wow it’s Amazing.
    Waiting for more video from you Sir
    From India

  142. hadi ghaemipoor says:

    Very good

  143. Kyle Fitzsimmons says:

    This mad man just set a stone with a hammer.

  144. ken dalton says:

    It turned out really beautiful man! Nice work!!. So welding rods, would that be steel ring then? 🤔 it’s looked alot like platinum so that’s testament to how good a job u did!! Pablo is one of my favorite designers too. I make wood rings and silver rings #kendal_rings

  145. Eliezer Negron says:

    Bonn factory i have to said pablo is a great teacher even that he don’t teach but by showing his video’s he is !! And for u to look up to him bye taking his great work is a blessing ..

  146. The One says:

    Dude I love this!

  147. Shamil Abakarov says:

    Молодец! Красивая работа

  148. LaizaFlorr says:

    You are amazing!!!

    Nice work!! Omg great!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  149. Kerry Dangerfield says:

    Fuckin genius

  150. ramesh bala says:

    Use glove… Safety first, your finger skin looks damaged, your fingers made awesome things for fingers to ware, take care of those…

  151. JACOB lol says:

    How long did this take you

  152. Thallassiano says:

    Ahora ya se de donde salen los anillos de AliExpress

  153. Lisa Thomas says:

    What a beautiful ring! You are very talented!💕

  154. Manjaleu Motovlog says:

    Ficou grosseiro

  155. CreativeJE says:

    So lovely

  156. Goblinbutter says:

    One time I dreamt that I had superpowers and ended the world. I wonder if that will happen.

  157. Drake Starfightr says:



    Did anyone else mistake it for sushi lol

  159. Madeleine Karlsson Bengtsson says:

    That is beautiful.

  160. Jake Bailey says:

    How do you stop it rusting when being worn?

  161. JMA JMA says:

    Kkkk não levei muita fé no início, mas, meus parabéns.

  162. Alexis Peña says:

    Checa videos de KAMIKAZE , el te enseñará a hacer un anillo con verdadera profesionalidad y de manera más limpia…

  163. koper 26 says:

    that shit is going to rust zo hard

  164. Jon Jack says:


  165. genecatcher1 says:

    What about the rust? Is this material stainless?

  166. kristine tantoco says:

    beautiful but please Pablo make some infinite ring with aquamarine stone please

  167. jack0cat says:

    I was fine until you brought out the sledgehammer to set the ruby.

  168. John DeLeonardo says:

    Nice ring… But it had nothing on Pablo. I watch his videos and music and you can see the passion he has and pride.. I see he is passing his knowledge down to others in his newer videos

    • John DeLeonardo says:

      @Vitor Bravo not for nothing but if I say I’m making a Pablo style ring. That means I’m making one like how he would make it. He tried to have the music and everything. So yes that is copying. When You make a ring like someone else and even say Pablo style, meaning your making one like him. That’s copying, he copied that style and tried, to do the music style and all. So weekday I have to say it’s. Although it’s nice it’s also far from Pablo’s style video or craftsmanship!

    • Vitor Bravo says:

      @John DeLeonardo He said “Pablo style”. It’s not a copycat

    • John DeLeonardo says:

      @Victoria Karnstein he did do a great job but I was expecting to see a video like Pablo. That’s what it says in the title. He put that name in there to get views. To me that’s not cool. Unless you are as talented as the person your compassion your self or video to. You said it he just started and Pablo is a matter. So don’t compare your work to his

    • Victoria Karnstein says:

      He just started, give him some credit and let’s appreciate. Not everyone can do what he does. Pablo is a master and he appreciate this guy, we should do that too. No offense, I’m just saying 😉

  169. Cristobal Quintrel says:


  170. Lance Mannly says:

    >wearing gloves while working with a grinding wheel


    • Lance Mannly says:

      @STF_ KRS exactly

    • STF_ KRS says:

      this is much more dangerous than not using … if you touch this disc with a bare hand probably you will get a bit scratched to the flesh but if it hangs the glove …. you don’t want to see the result

  171. Evan Cashman says:

    Awesome video! But it is only a 9/10 because there were not enough cuts to you with a whistful expression 🙂

  172. Dill Dough says:


  173. George Serrano says:

    You make it look so easy!!! You awsome talent and vision!!!

  174. jyotshna gogoi says:

    I appreciate your work.. your new fan..

  175. Nano Sax says:

    Pablo Cimadevila’s style caveman!

  176. spwd D’Gamingacc says:

    Top work 👍🏻

  177. Jay Driven says:

    That’s awesome but damn… is that a thumb wedding ring or what 👀

  178. Terri Burlile says:


  179. MattLutz03 says:

    How long did it take to make

  180. Soy Jossie Y ya llegue says:

    Muy bonito y todo no lo niego una obra de arte pero que poco amor por si mismo es trabajar con esas maquinas sin proteccion, nada de salud ocupacional y amor por sus dedos

  181. Ruben Quesada says:

    Wow just as good as pablo !! Great job

  182. Eelis Vanhala says:

    I was the thousanth liker.

  183. Christopher Seifert says:

    I see Ron Swanson had a son we weren’t told about in Parks and Rec

  184. VonDa in Wonderland says:

    Using the vice to hold saw/sander is a genius tip! That’s going to go a long way. Making prongs out of a bezel is great too ♥

  185. so os says:

    Into hamam Arabee hhhhhhhhhhhh

  186. Theresa Goin says:

    Wow seriously just beautiful

  187. Tristan M. says:

    Bobby white is better !!!

  188. Eunice Grijalva says:

    Buen trabajo… Felicitaciones 🎊 🎉 🎊 🎉

  189. Xristos Vlaxos says:

    Good job! Really nice!

  190. Saurav Saini says:

    Wow !! What a work Man.

  191. Supra says:

    What is the song at 6:00? Thanks 🙂

  192. Terry Bowen says:

    Might be a stupid question but do you sell the rings and things you make, if so could you send me a link? Thank you

  193. KHAN DRIFT says:

    Helal hocama sizi çok seviyorum adamım gercekden çok marifetli ve dikkatlisiniz, ince ve dikkatli bi iş tarzı sanırım tam sizin tarzınız

  194. Pablo Cimadevila says:

    Beautiful work!! Congratulations 😉

    • Geraldo Perdigão says:

      @Bonn What is the metal used as weld ring?

    • Geme Everyone says:

      I am your subscriber

    • bryan asmar says:

      Great work Bonn, also very happy to hear that pablo is here and watch your video very big fan of pablo and prescriber ! For a minute I thought I was watching pablo making this till I did scroll to the comments ! And initially I thought that an artist will make anything from any materials.
      Keep up the great work.

    • Ramsha Momin says:

      I’m u r big fan Pablo from INDIA , it’s my dream 2 make my engagement & wedding ring from u
      Hope u understand my fillings 😊



  195. Piripaque News Blá Blá says:

    Minha profissão é soldador. Fiquei impressionado com seu trabalho! Não imaginavá fazer um anel com eletrodo de MIG/MAG! Very good!!!

  196. Arlis Ceka says:

    Wow this ring is so beautifull but do you make rings for males or just for females?

  197. Demon God says:

    Great work man 👌keep it up

  198. Tim Bo says:

    What welding rods and some TLC can do!!

  199. Emmanuel Princess says:

    This is good

  200. danthor45 says:

    like your choice of tools used.
    its like a constriction crane moving a box of matches.

  201. Gatorb8 says:

    I’m here because Alec Steele cant stop thanking you so much for your help, Now I can see why. Amazing work.

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