Jewellery Wholesale Market In Sadar Bazar | Bridal Jewellery Collection & Artificial Jewellery

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Jewellery Wholesale Market In Sadar Bazar | Bridal Jewellery Collection 2018 Artificial Jewellery
Shop Details:
Email: [email protected]
Address: 5150-B, Rui Mandi, Sadar Bazar, New Delhi-11006
SHOP: Yogendra Industries (india)
Contact: 011-23618240

Sadar Bazar is the largest wholesale market in Delhi. While it is a mixedl market that serves a variety of things, it is most well-known for its massive supply of household items—plastic items like buckets, mugs, & dabbas for the kitchen, utensils, and cutlery and crockery items. There a number of smaller markets within the market—like Timber Market, for plywood and timber, and Swadeshi Market for artificial jewellery, gift items, toys for kids, etc.

And being one of the major wholesale markets in the city, it is super crowded read chaotic on all days of the week—but a trip over the weekend will have to be at your own risk.

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  1. That Quirky Miss says:

    Hey #QuirkySquad 🔥 Find out all the information about Yogendra Industries for Bridal/Non Bridal Jewellery in the description box if this video.
    Some more info: This is not a retail shop, its only for wholesale purpose since sadar bazar in itself is asia’s biggest wholesale market.
    The shopkeeper also told us that you can buy a minimum of 6 items of the same design for wholesale purpose, its best when you have a jewellery business & want to make good profit coz the rates are so so cheap. Also, in shadis, marriage functions this can be a good deal to buy in bulk & gift to your rishtedars lol. As for minimum order you need to invest a minimum of ₹5000 to purchase these bridal & traditional ones since they’re so heavy & as mentioned at the end of the video you’ll have to pay the parcel shipping & gst also by transferring in their account first & then expect a delivery. My job is to present the facts here & nothing is made up. Again, I chose to include raw footage because such cases have happened before where the shopkeepers denied my subscribers & blatantly lied that I presented false prices, so I let the shopkeeper do the talking in my videos in order to keep the truth safe. I really hope you enjoyed this video on wholesale jewellery market in sadar bazar & rui mandi and will share OR subscribe if you haven’t for more such crazy videos in hinglish 🙂 Lots of Love, ThatQuirkyMiss❤️

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