Jewelry Expert Critiques Celebrities’ Wedding Rings | Fine Points | GQ

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Master jeweler David Alan came by to break down and critique the trends defining the world of luxury wedding rings. He looks at the wedding bands of some of today’s biggest celebrities, including Offset, LeBron James, Kanye West, Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Henry Golding, Dwyane Wade, Denzel Washington, Russell Wilson, Russell Westbrook, Spike Lee, John Legend, Tyrese Gibson, Chance the Rapper, Pusha T, Gucci Mane, Iman Shumpert, Chris Paul, Barack Obama and more.

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Jewelry Expert Critiques Celebrities’ Wedding Rings | Fine Points | GQ

173 responses to “Jewelry Expert Critiques Celebrities’ Wedding Rings | Fine Points | GQ”

  1. Dunning Kruger says:

    button down shirt slightly ajar

  2. Kiara Williams says:

    Everything is becoming a trend

  3. tiny kass says:


  4. Makayla&Mommy says:

    The jeweler is really smart!

  5. Mr. Miss says:

    Critique? Where?

  6. brave4not says:

    He looks like what he does for a living.

  7. GL0RY G0D says:

    *Uhhh No Sir Lebron Only Has 3*

    *MICHEAL JORDAN* *has alott of rings*

  8. gary corr says:

    Wedding bands are wack 👎

  9. brenda says:

    white ppl don’t wear jewelry lol

  10. Swiss Watch Gang says:

    Lebron is da man!

  11. Packsbe Movington says:

    GQ you have found the new face of on the rocks, finer points etc.

  12. Idontlikethatshit says:

    @5:13..Russell look’n like a black Hugh Jackman

  13. Dad says:

    Ryan Reynold critiques Ryan Reynold’s wedding ring

  14. Treniece B says:

    Do the women wedding rings

  15. Marlon Neffati says:

    How could u forget about Quavos Huncho Rings?

  16. Lil Jaylin says:

    Lil Jaylin Go Check It Out🔥🔥🔥

  17. Crimson Eros says:

    Bring this guy back again!!! So great

  18. Frank Finesse says:

    this guy

  19. Gang Gang323 says:

    Now niggas wearing ankles bracelets

  20. Henry Martinez says:


  21. Nirvana says:


  22. jarvis thomas says:

    *Gucci got that water, talk about diamonds dancing!*

  23. Wesson ! says:

    You should critique Floyd’s jewelry

  24. James Z. Williams says:

    I’m sorry these big bulky center stones on men is a no to me.

  25. whathappenedtothedon says:

    You’re not fooling anyone Ryan.

  26. Legendary Dumb Boi says:

    Did man be lookin like Stan lee and verbal sanders

  27. Olrla says:

    Olrla 1ct 6.5mm Moissanite Engagement Ring:

  28. jade regalado says:

    I could watch a Netflix series of him talking about jewelry

  29. I'll demo in a bit says:

    Professional broker breaks down movies about trading / Wall st

  30. Dalono Jordan says:

    i love these videos

  31. Eric Salyer says:

    I wear a silicone wedding ring… great for working on cars n stuff… and around 6$ for 2 of them!!!

  32. ren carnado says:

    best guy on GQ hands down

  33. Trap Picasso says:

    Free popsmoke type beat #coronavirus #coronabeats

  34. The One says:

    Idk will see

  35. Gc Cg says:

    Do men buy there own weddingbands

  36. TheMontegonian says:

    Jewelry expert with not a hint of bling in sight. Telling.

  37. aaron walton says:

    He’s doing more analyzing than critiquing

  38. Kaitlin R says:

    Did anyone where a simple platinum ring?

  39. Kuda95 M says:

    They brought him back😊🔥🔥yessss💪

  40. Madison Hadden says:

    Adam Sandler looks better in this than in uncut gems

  41. toorealworld says:

    This guy looks like an actor who plays a jewelry seller. His receding hair line looks fake lol

  42. Erick Gallagher says:

    I still think men go underappreciated. Offset and Gucci’s rings are the only ones that show appreciation but, I don’t think Gucci’s wife could afford his. I also think Offset and Gucci cheat so…

  43. Lavish Leaf says:

    They all black. We make style for the world i swear everything we do sauced up

  44. doodles197 says:

    I really enjoy this guy for some reason

  45. Sheila Banks says:


  46. qynk says:

    12:52 he has 3

  47. Raniere says:

    Russell Westbrook always came off Adnan idiot

  48. Mixalot says:

    U know this dude does mad coke

  49. Frida Ballard says:

    This guy looks like he could be Tom Ford’s younger brother

  50. dreambeach. tv says:

    Put some respect on Slick Ricks nameeeeeee

  51. Rutger Hauer says:

    Johnny Knoxville in disguise again.

  52. Yiz Whiz says:

    Another episode !

  53. Bryce Nichols says:

    Do a pt. 2 pls

  54. Raylene Gutierrez says:

    Do blue face on your channel on julery

  55. Jarod M says:

    Obama with the subtle drip 💦…

  56. Lex says:

    This guy looks like Stephen Dorf or a game NPC

  57. s o m e o n e g i v e m e m o n e y says:

    The thumbnail is Ryan Reynolds.

  58. OK]: Skate says:

    5:13 yo wtf is with his hair

  59. MROJAS says:

    I came here for gucci mane i knew he would be here for sure

  60. Thomas Kirkness-Little says:

    If you didn’t notice that the guy talking changes his own rings during the video, go back and watch it again.

  61. thehermanli says:

    5:22 – what happened to the crown of the datejust? O_O

  62. BelieveInMatter says:

    I wonder if this guy was a consultant on Uncut Gems, he’s the real deal version of the character adam sandler plays

  63. Kabelo Kekana says:

    You can’t prepare all this..this guy knows his story

  64. Jacek says:

    None of this matters now martial law it is

  65. Joe says:

    Ryan Reynolds is back babyy

  66. Valerie Pisani says:

    Wanna see a diamond restaurant made like diamond candles just as a restaurant with food so when you pay your bill you have a chance to win a diamond. Just a suggestion.

  67. Rodney Wickfall says:

    Very helpful

  68. Kylo Ren says:

    Wow Uncut Gems looks great!

  69. ramces gaston says:

    I am so happy GQ did this. I like to show my love. It is a symbol of a sacred heart.

  70. Alexander Veats says:

    He looks like a store brand Ryan Renyolds

  71. Joshua Hernandez says:

    Why does this guy look like Ryan Reynolds playing a jewelry expert?

  72. Edward Alcala says:

    He’s back!!

  73. studionv says:

    How about signet rings ?

  74. goober mcgee says:

    budget ryan reynolds

  75. bubblefishbeach says:

    I always loved Kobe’s wedding band.

  76. Philip says:

    The blacks just show their complete lack of class.

  77. Balázs says:

    My mans is back!!

  78. zingGodin says:

    Future’s ring game is undefeated

  79. J. McConnell says:

    So basically, ‘pretentious arsehole’ lul

  80. Byro B says:

    Yessirski this is what we live for GQ 🙏🏼

  81. Michael Herrera says:

    GQ do female engagement rings

  82. Laura S. says:

    I love this show

  83. YeeSoest says:

    Chastity Belts were never really a thing, look it up 😉

  84. ETHAN VON says:

    Sup Ryan Renolds

  85. Ferocious Beast says:

    Uncut Gems

  86. Harmandeep Singh says:

    Cardi B boutta be triggered

  87. Jona Than says:

    Daddy vibes

  88. Jay Whyy says:

    BlingPool strikes again!

  89. Mikkel Schram says:

    seven figure rings? I know for a fact that offset paid 750.000$ for his ring sooo…

  90. Essence Bennett says:

    yayyyy i love this guy

  91. Noah Beezy says:

    They aren’t spending M’s on rings

    It’s Moissanite. Passes diamond testers, shines brighter, and costs 1/3 the price.

    It’s also better for the environment and conflict-free.

  92. 609 WISE3X says:

    Go check out my soundcloud @

  93. slyce says:

    Mal sehen ob der Reaktionsboss zuschlägt

  94. Martin Rubio says:

    Gucci mane has the best jewelry out there 💯💪🏼

  95. Milo says:

    real life uncut gems

  96. TheFacelessGod says:

    Spike lees ring looks like it’s suuuuper tight lol adjustment necessary?

    • No Body says:

      It is right but if you look closely it’s bigger than it looks, it has a glare that makes the edge of it blend into the background

  97. The Chancellor says:

    Nice vid I have like 5 wedding bands. All different kinds. My fav are the diamond eternity band and that’s what I mostly wear

  98. Listhrop says:

    I like this guy

  99. Maths with Muneer says:

    I am sad about whats going on across globe due to #Corona , May you all live healthy and happily. Be safe guys and help each other.

  100. Michael P. Shipley says:

    Straight up Gary Cole’s brother.

  101. Michael P. Shipley says:

    This is my favorite web series now. Fascinating.

  102. Justin Cambie says:

    5:18 Lmao is the crown of his watch missing??

  103. Benzy Boy says:

    This guy is smart

  104. Daisy Love says:

    Ring man 👨 I like him due to his informative talk and does not sound like a douche bag

  105. LR22 says:

    Ich warte lieber auf den Reaktions Boss

  106. KING CYRUS RAPPER Official says:

    New update CORONA VIRUS 🦠 IN ITALY 🇮🇹

    #CoronaVirus #COVID19


  107. Andreas Grubhofer says:

    Didn’t know that Jack Nicholson also is a jeweller

  108. P C. says:

    Do female wedding rings

  109. have a nice day says:

    Rings dont keep them faithful tho 🤷‍♀️

  110. Ben Gem says:

    Ah neuer stuff für den Reaktiondboss

  111. KJDaYungin KJDY1 says:


  112. Newcki Gt says:

    we dont care

  113. Romeo Costa says:

    Eeeeeeyyyy what’s uuuuppppppp

  114. SSB OFICIAL says:


  115. Benny Makes Beats says:

    Any rappers looking to cop some beats for cheap?❤️🔥

  116. Marco DaVincí says:

    Whoever reading this is going to be rich this year

  117. The Gourmet Gorilla says:

    This guy is like a GTA side character

  118. Vasco Oliveira says:

    he talked abou thimself, ryan reynolds ahahah

  119. tripsonmars says:

    I thought it was 2chainz at first

  120. LeBeautiful says:

    Ring man is back!!!

  121. Emoponyinferno says:

    I want ice so bad

  122. Alhagie Jabang says:

    Migos got d best jewellery especially quavo

  123. Vasco Oliveira says:

    wow this guy is.. i dont even know good job GQ

  124. Elmer Productions says:

    second aha

  125. Winter Cookie says:

    loving this series!!!

  126. Danish Jivani says:


  127. Tamsen says:

    The fastest to be in here!

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