Making My Wedding Ring From A Block Of Steel!

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Last February I made a decision that would change my life. I asked the most wonderful person to ever enter my world, to be my wife. We were on a mini-vacation in Washington DC and I got down on a knee in front of the Washington Monument like any true gentleman, and I popped the question. Fortunately, she said yes! Fast forward to September 2019, a short 8 months later, and we’re 30 days away from the big day. As any true maker would, I didn’t want to go purchase some random old wedding band, so I started to dig a little deeper.

Craig Cowan is a local blacksmith with his own business called The Barefoot Forge. Where he teaches classes in Pittsburgh PA, on making Damascus Wedding Rings. I knew this was the perfect choice for me. So I took him up on an offer to take a class and made 2 beautiful stainless steel Damascus Rings!
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137 responses to “Making My Wedding Ring From A Block Of Steel!”

  1. Sarphendon says:

    “A coaching session to tell me [not to put my hand in the fire]”
    Fire hot John. Fire hot.

  2. Tom Blow says:

    Cool that you got Ed Sheeran to help you make your wedding ring! 💪🏼👌🏻

  3. Andrew Christian says:

    @12:57 Are you polishing your steel ring on the machine that says “NO STEEL”? 🤣

  4. P. E. Yates says:

    Forgive me… I have never done metal work in my life; so, I have to ask. Did he just cut that steel wirh a razor blade?!🤔🤔🤔

  5. Stop The Insanity says:

    At 13:00 label on polisher motor says “NO STEEL”, as they are polishing steel! LOL! 😂

  6. Clyde Balcom says:

    From one happily married man to another, I wish you and your family every happiness.

  7. Cole Myrick says:

    So if I wanted to make my wedding band, could I pay and go to the shop or do you personally know the guy?

  8. Karl Basson says:

    Very cool piece. Pitty the camera work is so bad.

  9. Sherry Blaylock says:

    Nice video. Although, forging/blacksmithing while wearing sandals has to be one of the stupidest ideas since the invention of shoes.

  10. Moh. Alsam. says:

    I am from Damascus , how can I get a ring like that?

  11. Alex Turner-Nowak says:

    This dude is filled with killer lines. Personal favourite: “If you put your face in the Dragon’s Breath, it will affect your face.”

  12. Angi Johnston says:

    Beautiful ring, looks like wood grain. So awesome. Incredible to see how it’s made.

  13. blazin blade says:

    You just like… blew my mind with the “big squish” part I thought it was metal like wtf

  14. Egan Andreasen says:

    Nice video, but why did it show up when I put in no power tools.

  15. boyce1204 says:

    Don’t do Instagram!

  16. pmm4177 says:

    I’d much rather wear flip flops while forging molten steel over having a man bun any day

  17. nick gustafson says:

    What was the purpose of the insert inside the ring? Just for sizing purposes?

  18. Trenton says:

    7:56 had no idea that was clay i lost it

  19. Pete Lasko says:


  20. oDoyle says:

    Anyone notice the Damascus puddy??

  21. Jonathan Waffle says:

    10 seconds in and this video is already worth the next 13 minutes and 50 seconds …even if it’s just static

  22. Skelton Slay8er says:

    “If you can’t feel the heat on your meat, your too far from the kitchen”

    Get a tattoo saying that. Now.

  23. Dee_xx says:

    Nice ring – looks kind of like wood grain!

  24. JT Holderman says:

    Bravo. That was fun. I want all the forge tools. And let’s be honest, the best way to learn about dragons breath is to experience dragons breath. Hah

  25. Matthew Myers says:

    make a ring from a brass flare nut but only use a dremel to do it

  26. David W says:

    STEEL….she’d be sooooooooooooo impressed with that

  27. Mike Francis says:

    Thats not damascus steel. Thats just layered steel this guy is a joke. Its sad because I love maleckis channel. But this guy is a hack

  28. Stormy Effects says:

    Is gold, silver Damascus a thing?

  29. Nadine Miller says:

    Is it rude of me to ask if there is significance of the flowers in the shop?

  30. Smitty says:


  31. A Wilson says:

    8:58 Would you like some Cheese with that Whine?

  32. Will Miller says:

    Congrats! Pitt guy from NoVA here. My fianceé graduated from Franklin Regional a year before you. H2P!

  33. peter reid says:

    my mate aaron plays rugby

  34. Tom D says:

    If you can’t feel the heat on your meat, you’re too far away from the kitchen… I’m gonna need that on a t-shirt. STAT

  35. Bulats Schmiede says:

    Hi John !This is the best wedding rings have seen here !Great job man !Nice work!!👍👍👍😎🤘

  36. David White says:

    That’s the kind of Damascus you buy at the county fair

    • The Barefoot Forge says:

      David White what’s your Instagram so I can see your stainless Damascus?
      If you haven’t made stainless Damascus and haven’t made things from stainless Damascus- I would certainly consider this an uneducated statement that demonstrates a general lack of understanding, experience, or knowledge.

      Johns ring is flawless, and the material it is made of is some of the finest stuff produced, and certainly nothing you can get at a fair. It is neither foreign, made of recycled materials, or unethically sourced. It’s quality US materials processed entirely in the United States and forge welded by A crew consisting of several PHD scientists and a combined material science experience (not fabrication) experience of nearly 100 years.
      I see no visible issues with any of the scenes showing the ring, nothing that alludes to anything other then fantastic quality, and I implore you to back your statement with facts. Point out the flaws, the visible issues with grain boundaries or signs of carbon migration- before saying it’s crap. Since you’ll find none, and I expect to see no relevant experience on your Instagram page- you are not the expert I thought you were. As a troll, this is my final engagement, and I wish you well in your endeavors to make better Damascus.

      I hope you found joy in demeaning the work of others, and telling someone the wedding ring they made and take pride in, is crap- you live a fascinating life.

    • David White says:

      I don’t doubt his normal work is high quality I’ve looked at it. I was referring to the ring made in the video. I’ve been a lead stainless fabricator for 10 years so I do have knowledge as far as welding and fab work. And I have Instagram so I can backup my work

    • John Malecki says:

      Well i will say David, The Damascus for the ring was made before i arrived for my class, its a process Craig holds close to heart. He also commented about it below. Appreciate you coming in with some quality commenting!

    • The Barefoot Forge says:

      Hey David- I don’t Like to engage with Internet trolls but luckily, you’re a professional metallurgist and a damascus steel expert, so I look forward to the resulting discussion.

      As an internationally recognized producer of some of the highest quality stainless damascus steel on the market today, a statement I can back with metallurgical testing and a team of experts in house- I would certainly take offense to being told our product isn’t high quality from anyone other then a true expert like yourself. In terms of not enough time being applied- this is a video, that sums up about 20 hours of filming in 14minutes. Additionally, as mentioned in the video that block being shown being made is not the block the ring is made of – that block was made up ahead of time in a controlled atmosphere using the highest quality stainless steels available and it took several hours of prep to produce. As you know from the lab you run, using materials with certified ASM alloy standards results in consistency products- so we purchase all our materials directly from Uhlbrich and have them processed in ISO9001 facilities right here in the USA. Since the heating and Eutectic bonding process can change aspects of the alloys- we have additional chemical and physical testing performed to make sure the block remains within our established ranges and tolerances. We send random samples out for EU1811 nickel permeation testing, to ensure that unlike carbon damascus (containing 15N20 steel)- our stainless damascus will not cause any nickel poisoning/permenant skin allergies.

      I tried to look over your youtube channel to see examples of your expertise, but found no content. It’s hard to demonstrate expertise without content, but certainly you make ALOT of damascus and particularly have mastered the tricky aspects of stainless damascus if you’re going to mention and criticize the quality of whats shown. Because I’m confident you’re not an internet troll who’s never swung a hammer let alone done any forge welding and that you are in fact an expert with a degree in metallurgy (Such as the three Material Science experts that work in our shop)- I’ve chosen to take the higher road and subscribe to your youtube channel. I look forward to learning!

    • David White says:

      You have Damascus that sells for a lot and you have Damascus you can get out of a Bud K magazine or like I said at a county fair and I personally don’t believe there was enough time put into that to be a higher quality Damascus especially not stainless Damascus

  37. Tequila D'killa says:

    Nice ring!

  38. Bob Woodhams says:

    that’s really neat…….. does the misses love it

  39. jesusbonnie says:

    I’ll buy that sticker..

    • jesusbonnie says:

      @John Malecki Absolutely…I even replayed it for the wife…and said…”IF THESE TWO FUCKERS DESIGN THAT STICKER….I’M GETTING IT” lol It’s not everyday that you drive and see those words in the back of a car or truck…

    • John Malecki says:

      Hahaha hilarious right ?

  40. Rafael Sanchez says:

    That’s badass

  41. Chris Howell says:

    Those aren’t even sandals..

  42. TheTranq says:

    That looks dope

  43. Jeff Peterson says:

    Awesome looking ring! Just got married last year and had a Damascus band made for myself as well, with a 3 mm hammered white gold inlay as well. I’m so glad I went Damascus, such a unique look that not many people have seen or know much about

  44. JcMakes says:

    Looks aw some! Lucky man!

  45. Denis Krako says:

    Lost it at “Is that why you see a bunch of pricks on the internet just tack welding?” Bahahahahah

  46. Mahendra Tiwari says:

    One beautiful looking ring John👌it’s called the Damascus style or something 😊

  47. The First says:

    I bought mine at Walmart. $25 bucks. :). You should have Alec steel make your soon to be wife’s ring.

  48. Daniel Rushton says:

    Congratulations on getting married.

  49. FTWTexas Stephens says:

    Congratulations. Great ring.

  50. Adam Rich says:

    i had the privilege of stopping by Craig’s shop the last time i was in Pittsburgh. Was a great experience! he does classes of all types and not just rings. Check it out!

  51. David Hansen says:

    I dub the the dew die pie ring. Now only if it was red

  52. michael camenzuli says:

    Run Forest Run

  53. Fred McIntyre says:

    Awesome rings, nicely done John! 😃👍🏻👊🏻

  54. Gib Clark says:

    You need to forge more!!!!

  55. Gib Clark says:

    Those look awesome 👍👍👍👍

  56. Brian White says:

    Yeah, the ring is cool and all, but those safety glasses! Where did you get them?!? Do they come with a Run DMC tape??

  57. David Foss says:

    That ring is awesome! Thank you for sharing. As an Emergency Physician I worry about having to cut this off and the safety of a steel ring for someone who uses power tools for a living. Tungsten rings are brittle and will shatter. Gold/silver are soft and can be cut. I am not sure how we would remove this ring if you had an injury that resulted in swelling…

    • David Foss says:

      Sweet. Thanks for the reply. The rings are fantastic. I enjoyed watching…

    • The Barefoot Forge says:

      Easily. Our rings are tested extensively for this exact reason and will be easily cut off with a standard “Beaver” style ring cutter, hack saw, dremel, or all manner of tools available to an emergency Physician. We’ve worked directly with EMTs, Emergency room doctors, and a variety of materials engineers to test these procedures in real world situations and even on real ringers.

  58. Double Dare Fan says:

    Wedding band: A group of people who perform songs like “Here Comes The Bride”.

  59. Shane Warren says:

    I love all your builds, but this has to be the most badass thing I’ve ever seen. Congrats on the engagement!!

  60. KevBotWorkshop says:

    Ive been waiting for this video ever since you showed the ring on Insta.. Congrats on the engagement btw, if you need a wedding videographer, I do it for a living 😉

  61. jimgam730 says:

    Cool ring. You know what Red Green used to say, if your woman doesn’t find you handsome she should at least find you handy. I think your’s will find you very handy….. lol

  62. Royce Nelson says:

    That would be great on a sticker or a shirt

  63. D day Family 2 says:

    Dream office

  64. Jay Eckhart says:

    Congratulations John!  Beautiful ring.  From the point of view of 38 years of wedded bliss (or so she tells me) keep this one rule in mind; Happy wife happy life. All the best.

  65. Mike’s Garage says:

    Very cool! Awesome to see something like this done, makes you appreciate the ring you’ll wear hopefully forever even more. Question though- do you see yourself going to a rubber/silicone ring for everyday wear being a maker?

  66. Jim Stewart says:

    Cool project!
    Congratulations! (I’d recommend NOT punching her in the face😳😜)

  67. Phil On Cars says:

    Congrats on the big day bro. Wishing you and yours many many years of health and blessing.

  68. SgtRudy0311 Smith31bRet says:

    What was the flat metal that was turned into a ring?
    10:05 mark

  69. Juliet Phillips says:

    All the best to you and yours John…very exciting and memorable time ahead for you both.
    Why can’t you keep the ring as wide as you wanted? (He said,”no”).
    Did you make one for you and one for your wife? If you did that is very special!

    • The Barefoot Forge says:

      Juliet what we’ve found is that we need to start the day by writing down the size and width of the ring we’re making, or we’re going to make a ring that almost certainly won’t fit. What happens is we make the rings WAY wider initially (so it might be forged to 12mm wide even if we’re making a 7mm wide ring) then we need to cut that down to the desired width.
      We etch it before doing this, which reveals the pattern. At this point, everyone falls in love with the whole thing and it be comes that much harder not to say “hey instead of a 7mm wide ring, lets go with a 10mm wide ring”.
      Well, a 10mm wide ring fits completely differently then a 7mm wide ring, and that’ll change your size… but we’ve already cut the size.
      So in summary, if we let everyone make the ring entirely the way they wanted- they’d be 12mm wide and wouldn’t fit…..anyone.

    • John Malecki says:

      Thanks Juliet! I made 2 blanks so I could see the process. When you take the class he uses one for test, and you get to pick your pattern!

  70. Kathleen Orce says:

    Awesome rings, John! Congratulations to you and your Bride! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. 🙂

  71. Michael Potase says:

    Great collab. and congrats on the upcoming big day. Craig is a great craftsman seen some of his work posted on the ILTMS forum. I just found out he has a YT channel.

  72. Kenmaira says:

    Congrats on the wedding! It’s probably not going to be a change at all, (it wasn’t for us, because we’ve been together so long). it’s amazing none the less.

  73. Dave Phillips says:

    Flippy flops while forging…WTF?!?

  74. David Patel says:


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