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Making segmented wood wedding rings using the Carvey by Inventables. Every year my wife and I retire our old rings and make new ones. I’m using cocobolo and maple woods in this woodworking project

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Wood Provided By Kencraft

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Titanium Rings vs Wood Rings:
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160 responses to “Making Segmented Wood Wedding Rings | Woodworking Project”

  1. zisis georgiou says:

    What kind of sandpaper you use?

  2. freeman621 says:

    Dave – I got married 6 months ago with a wooden ring, an idea that originated from seeing you make some wooden rings. It mostly resembles this design, but I had no Carvey. Instead I drilled a small hole in the middle of my block, and put a nail of the same diameter through a small piece of plywood so that I could rotate the block. I clamped that fixture to my band saw and rotated it around until I had a roughed out outer diameter. Sometimes you gotta “just keep movin!”

  3. Rajiv kumar says:

    I like the way you grind with brill on it.,😍😍

  4. Jay Perdue says:

    You might want to try a ca glue finish instead of lacquer. It really makes a difference in the strength of the rings. I have started using CA on all my rings. Just a thought. Love your videos and keep up the good work and hopefully many more rings to make in the future.

  5. Kim Bryan says:

    This is so awesome, I absolutely love them. My husband and I have been married for 29 years we were high school sweethearts and still going strong. We meet when I was 13 and he was 16. It’s funny though we don’t wear are wedding rings only because I’m not that kind of girl that’s all about diamonds and he’s not all about gold or silver although I love the black titanium I think it is but of coarse 29 years ago it was all about gold so that’s what we both have but I would to get these I know we both would love to rock these.. so glad I came across you’re channel new subbie here for sure thank you for all you share. Ps you n you’re wife are adorable. 😘

  6. Know What Mom Knows says:

    BUY The Lady A Dinner Already 😉 Loved the Show …..Do you feel Laquare is better than sealling with Poly or just CA Glue? Just wondering. I hope you have the BEST Year Ever!!
    Shelly Cole
    MOM 😉

  7. PaoloBrada DIY english español says:


  8. Roman Craftchenko says:

    really liked it

  9. Chaparrito77 Poker says:

    If is lost, you lose. Don´t be cheap, buy her dinner! XD

  10. Cammie's Garage says:

    Very cool project! Nicely done.

  11. Leathersmith vlogs says:

    Wow love the rings… I made my wedding rings out of leather 😎

  12. Jean-Philippe Herbieng says:

    I’m following your videos for a while, I like your sensibility, the way you work and you explain things. Thank you for that.
    Concerning the rings, I guess it was a way to train with your new CNC. But, I think there’s a simple way, involving more “low tech” tools: gluing the three sheets of wood then drill holes with pilar drill then cut external circles with holesaw bit.
    Or, even simpler: buy a ring bit for the vertical drill …

    Best regards, take care.

  13. Andrew Ahn says:

    Hellurrrr from Cleveland!

  14. The Random Guy says:

    What is the thing he sprayed on the ring?

  15. Sonal S says:

    Yeah, you gotta buy her dinner…then you’ll probably find the missing ring after 😛

  16. Brendan Kearney says:

    In relation to the conversation on Making It about impregnating with resin:

  17. Smoke eater says:

    Will the super glue hold up in wet conditions, I used epoxy with wood and antler and they separated after being wet from washing hands by the end of the day😖

  18. Josh Wiley says:

    Dude, that Carvey seems amazing. I think Toth got one and he hasn’t broke it yet. Congratulations on the anniversary. Next year you should make a silicone band. MatterHackers just put out a mold making video. Just a thought. I enjoyed the video very much. Keep it up.

  19. TEJAS SARMA says:

    Do you preserve all the previous rings? It’d be so great if you do 😀

  20. ToolsToday says:

    Another awesome vid !! Ps- vintage 35mm camera projector in your office .. like !

  21. Max Castro Jr says:

    Buy the woman dinner

  22. Jordan Felipe says:

    I love your ring videos and I love the fact that you two replace them every year. It is a reminder of the importance of the relationship over symbolism. Keep up the great work.

  23. Nicholas Martin says:

    I think you owe your wife the fancy dinner

  24. Dave Strain says:


  25. pt eddie says:

    Thanks for another great video. I love all that you make. I am interested in the fully stocked bookshelf behind you and your lovely wife. I love woodworking books and I would love to know your favorites. Thanks again.

    • Make Something says:

      Thanks! I’m almost done archiving them on Pinterest. I have about 50 more to add:

      I also plan on doing a series on my 2nd channel dedicated to woodworking books. Look for that early next year!

  26. Dylan's DIY Workshop says:

    I love the idea of making new rings every year!

  27. Matthew Dezii says:


  28. Darren Reed says:

    hey dave It has nothing to do with this video but what do you use as your glue scraper?

  29. Julian Do It says:

    So cute

  30. Van Loftis says:

    Happy Anniversary David! My wife and I just celebrated three years this month as well!

  31. Build Stuff with AJ says:

    Cool project! I would like to make a wood ring someday! They look cool and fun to build!

  32. Kelsey Watson says:

    Wood ring book??

  33. Phil Makes Things says:

    Among all the other awesome in this video is your wood paneled office. Nice!

  34. Crafts With Ellen says:

    Beautiful rings, and such a nice tradition!

  35. Chipped Builds says:

    Love these rings! Awesome video as always. Hope the move isn’t stressing you out too much.

  36. John Made it says:

    Happy anniversary.. You need to make a display case for all the previous years rings and the recipient of the dinner if the ring goes missing… And David make yourself a back up ring in case yours goes missing 😉 I won’t tell anyone.

  37. John Buerger says:

    great idea. The rings look really nice.

  38. Patrice says:

    You owe your wife an expensive dinner, happy anniversary!! 32 yrs happily and counting

  39. Vance Made says:

    Happy anniversary! Love your videos and makingitpodcast! Keep up the great work (you too Eric)! Love the outtake where Kelly burns you lmao!

  40. the hobbyist says:

    Congratulations! We’ve been married 27+ and maybe I’ll make our first wooden rings for our 28th. Enjoy your anniversary with your queen!

  41. Justin Dietrich says:

    Great job! I like how you’re changing up the process in how you make them! Also enjoyed the Carvey and how you showed the process.

  42. Smudgie33 says:

    How do people dislike a video that’s basically about love? There are some sad people out there… ❤️

  43. Matryx Michaelz says:

    Have you considered petrified wood? I am in the process of making one of them now. Thanks for sharing

  44. Josh Dill says:

    Love your videos. Happy anniversary. When you forgot to plug in the band saw I died laughing. Keep it up man.

  45. Rafael Cardozo says:

    David, I really enjoy your videos and the Making It Podcast, keep on the good work

  46. Nik Levin says:

    Hey David great video! What was the purpose of cutting the triangles and gluing them together? Happy anniversary!

    • Make Something says:

      +Nik Levin thanks! That way there’s mostly long grain and glue in it to strengthen it up. If I just The the circles out of a flat piece of wood there would be weak points.

  47. Brad Parler says:

    Happy anniversary y’all!!!

  48. JoeBcrafts says:

    ‘the last one broke’… as David slams his right fist into his left hand. Damn near broke this year’s right off the bat. Next year you guys need to go gaudy. Make your wife’s with a “huge rock” (limestone, granite, something substantial)…. on second thought that might be hazardous to your health.

  49. Benjamin J says:


  50. Adam Bordelon says:

    Ive seen people use salt to keep parts from slipping when gluing up small things

  51. New Zealand Chris says:

    Sweet new workshop dude, awesome rings too.

  52. slimkt says:

    Happy Anniversary! Super cool idea, especially when you get old and can look at all the rings you’ve collected over the years.

  53. Ryan Petzold says:

    Happy Anniversary and take Kelly out to dinner!

  54. Tuscarora WoodWorks says:

    Happy Anniversary! Another great video. I really appreciated you making this video even though you’re not fully setup yet. We moved our shop back in March of this year and had to fill some orders before we were ready, so we feel your pain! Keep up the great work! Also, really enjoying the Making It Podcast…good stuff!

  55. lordviper556 says:

    just curious why did you cut them out into triangles and then glue it back together? wouldn’t it have been easier to just glue up the laminate and then cut it out into the final shape?

  56. Robin Lewis Makes says:

    “Low pressure” deals are how I’m going to start pitching ideas

  57. Jim Dockrell says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  58. Zac Swan says:

    God damn it I just missed the bus watching this. totally worth it 👍

  59. JMakes says:

    Great project Dave, I made something really similar last week, so if anybody is interested in a more limited tools version of making a layered ring check out my channel 🙂

  60. Canal da Poeira - Felipe Miranda says:

    Happy anniversary! Cool job. It’s different to watch a video with natural sun light. Kidda liked it.

  61. 3D Printing Nerd says:

    Absolutely LOVE this, David! Very easy to follow, very inspiring!

  62. Humam Altai says:

    Your wife is amazing

  63. Smoke eater says:

    Man that machine is nice! I made a few rings last week with wood and antler, had to use a drill bit, palm sander and bandsaw. Needless to say they weren’t perfectly round but pretty good. Wish I had thought about mounting it on that drill bit and then sanding, nice tactic that I’ll be using on the next one👍

  64. Kermit Frog says:

    My wife and I also married three years ago! 😀 And yes, I also think you should by her dinner for the broken ring. 😉

  65. Ben's Worx says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 12 months already, loving your anniversary ring videos, 3 years and no expensive dinners your doing great guys!

  66. Pat Lap - Le PicBois says:

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

  67. MoonshineMetalworks says:

    I love that you guys do this, such a nice idea. Also, love the the drill/sanding trick!
    And yeah, I agree with Kelly, you gotta buy her dinner.

    • Dosbomber says:

      It’s almost like renewing your vows every year. It’d be even better if she were a crafty/maker type person as well, and they made their rings together.

  68. Homam Meshreqy says:

    Happy anniversary
    Yo, you should buy here that fancy dinner 😁

  69. Ellie Gibson says:

    Buy Kelly dinner!

  70. robzilla2165 says:

    Pony up and buy the lady a nice dinner, or have you blown the dinner budget on the new shop? UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!!!! Great video, thanks for posting

  71. Tony Schultz says:

    Wonder twin powers activate. LOL great work.

  72. Cy says:

    I love the blooper at the end ❤️

  73. Modustrial Maker says:

    Never noticed the art on your bandsaw before — I love it! Totally unique. And a very cool little project as well 🙂

  74. Max1Million says:

    Happy anniversary! God bless you with many more years 👊

  75. Jordan Kiener says:

    How many of these CNC machines are nicknamed Dana?

  76. Bernhard Rindlisbacher says:

    Happy anniversary. Its a good sign if after three years your wife still makes you nervous 🙂

  77. Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works says:

    Dude love this video I have been wanting one of these. Thanks

  78. Jason B says:

    Cool idea

  79. Robert Tucker says:

    I think you owe her a dinner. Awesome idea by the way.

  80. markpeach74 says:

    I love this one idea, although my wife wants to stick with her Wedding ring she says.

  81. Charles E Graham II says:

    haha broken ring? I think someone gets taken out for dinner…

  82. Jeff Beegle says:

    My wife and I made our own wedding rings based on your earlier videos. I think I made 9 “prototypes” just in case one of us lose one or they break. Thanks for the vids!

  83. Open Eye says:

    It’s going to be real awkward if he doesn’t produce a wedding ring video one year. Lol

  84. slowdaze says:

    Love that you make these every year. If you haven’t already, you should make a display case where you display each ring (even the broken one) as a visual reminder of each year of marriage.

  85. Robin Gingerich says:

    Awww, your nervous in front of your wife.. that’s so sweet!

  86. Steve Maverick says:

    You can’t help but appreciate the craftsmanship demonstrated here and the final product is undeniably beautiful, but ironically these wooden rings are a fitting metaphor in regards to my views on marriage… time and effort spent on something that can easily be broken.

    • Steve Maverick says:

      Dave, I just call ‘em as I see ‘em. — Sincerely, I love the channel; love the content. Since seeing the filling wood knots and cracks episode, I’ve been using pigmented resin for every wood project (unless getting stained). Total game changer. This has vastly increased my lumber choices when going through the wood stacks at the at the mill and hardware store. Keep up the good work.

    • Make Something says:

      Wow! Thank you Steve!

  87. Fred Forthofer says:

    I think you owe her a dinner. Happy anniversary! I think the rings turned out great. Good job!

  88. almagill says:

    Nice ring,s again!

    Happy Anniversary to you both and many, many more to come.

  89. Infinite Craftsman says:

    Love the sneak peak during the ad.

  90. tor_selden says:

    Well done!

  91. Small Shop Works says:

    Awesome! Congrats!

  92. grandolddrummer says:

    AAAHHH!!! New(ish) shop video!
    Also, cocobolo is such a beautiful wood.

  93. Tiny Woodshop says:

    Great project, miss your old shop already but excited to see the new one!

  94. Galaxy Gaming says:

    you where asking about these a while ago lumber crayons

  95. Matt Williams says:

    Nice set of rings! I think it would be cool to have a display case for all your rings or maybe make some picture frames that also display the rings somehow, and every year put a picture of the two of you with the rings. It would be neat to see them over the years.

  96. Bill Diehl says:

    Happy Anniversary, Bro-heim!!! All the best to you and your lovely wife.
    The ring for this year looks great!!

  97. Bill R says:

    Yes you should buy your wife dinner for breaking your ring. LOL
    Great video. I will have to check out that CNC.

  98. Matt Heron says:

    Hey, super awesome handy tip for securing material to the wasteboard….use the masking tape on the baseboard like in the video, but also put masking tape on the piece you’re cutting. CA glue in between. then and the masking can be pulled off the piece without having the CA glue stick. It is stronger than you think, easy and the clean up is extremely fast.

  99. Thom spillane says:

    This is such an awesome Anniversary tradition and the rings keep getting better all of them are sweet. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  100. Peter O'Connell says:


  101. Master of None says:

    Impressive, David. Thanks for sharing.

  102. CrypticWorks says:

    Man this annual video is always a ringer…

    Looks awesome man!

  103. Kye K says:

    That’s Awesome! Always great to see the real life side of people.

  104. Angie Williams says:

    They turned out great. That’s a great tradition to have as well. Thanks for sharing.

  105. Tiffany Johnson says:

    You two are too cute.

  106. EvanAndKatelyn says:

    1:21 macbooks do double nicely as a makeshift work surface 😋 But seriously, thought the painters tape + CA glue was an awesome trick, wanna try that ourselves. Also you and Kelly should do more intros together, somebody’s gotta keep you on your toes 😁

  107. Jeff Eberl says:

    If you put tape on the bottom of the blank, then CA glue the two pieces of tape together, you’ll have less cleanup afterward.

  108. EPIC BOSS COW says:

    I want to do this but I don’t have any machines

  109. Austin Kelley says:

    That wide angle shot when you were putting the lacquer on made you look like you had the tiniest hands. 😂🤣😂🤣

  110. Jesse Tate says:

    I vote dinner for Kelly.

  111. Hubbard's Handmade says:

    Very happy for you two! I’ve made wooden rings before… and broken them too….

  112. Jackman Works says:

    #teambuykellydinner 😜

  113. Hu Ko says:


  114. retrocub4 says:

    For a broken wedding ring you should have to go buy her ice cream. I think it’s a fair trade off. lol

  115. Nick Ferry says:

    nicely done man!

  116. Anseur says:

    I like to see you ‘make do’ in certain respects in your work. It makes your projects seem more down to earth and achievable for Joe average. Would you consider doing some more stuff where you artificially restrict yourself in terms of tools/materials or both and try to make something the best you can and show the work-arounds you used?

  117. Chris White says:

    Nice! At first I was like, “Where is he?” and then I remembered you moved. Hope the new shop is coming along smoothly. Also, I’m loving the podcast . I started with ep. 1 a little over a month ago and I’m up to 87 now. Keep up the great work.

  118. Júlíus Hraunberg Kristjánsson says:

    Those rings are very beautiful and the annyversary custome also.

  119. xXJack derpXx says:

    When will we get a progress report on your dream workshop? With your creativity, I can’t wait to see what designs you come up with!

  120. Tyler Appling says:

    Another year another ring… wood pun?

  121. Slovenian Woodworker says:

    I’m just about to make fev of those. I have nice Brasilian rosewood on hand and EU walnut. This video will sure come handy when I start. Nice job man. Cheers

  122. Curious Creator says:

    Wow that was awesome! I’ve made quite a few wooden rings but never seen them made like this! Really beautiful Dave!

  123. Benny Woodworks says:

    Another great video! Keep it up!

  124. Bob Bob says:

    Another wedding ring video! Always excited for these!

  125. Dope Artista says:


  126. daniel moreno says:


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