Making Wedding Bands!

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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!

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2,242 responses to “Making Wedding Bands!”

  1. Partridge Family Prospecting says:

    you have such talent Brotha! we are hoping to make our wedding bands this fall!!

  2. pvt. Pile says:

    It is so awsome that you are able to make all the Rings, I can imagine your wife telling your children and grandchildren, Alex made these rings with love.

    The hammered finish is such a nice touch, it is your personality and passion made in to a physical object that you will share together.

  3. Stephanie Ruggles says:

    What an honour to have the skills to make your own wedding rings. I wish you all the best for you starting your own little family. Will keep following you though. Stay healthy and take care.

  4. Neo Ciotti says:

    bruh did anyone think that at the beginning of the wedding ring video he was going to make the ring out of that green stuff.

  5. Azam Khan says:

    lofi hip hop

  6. Lance Riggott says:


  7. Niki Ivanov says:

    Damascus gold?

  8. Eddie says:

    Allow this comment as a belated CONGRATULATIONS to you and your beautiful bride! May your life together be full of love, joy and success. May the Lords blessings be upon you!

  9. Vera DJ says:

    Oh they look amazing! And you’re right, the impact dents of the hammer make it look that much more special. Awesome work 🙂 Congratulations again ^_^

  10. Haley Franke says:

    Casting Quidditch rings

  11. Henry Jubeda says:

    Most expensive vacuum cleaning bag in the world

  12. Mr. Goopie says:

    Congrats boiiii

  13. eagle21scout says:

    That was cool! Many happy years to you both.

  14. Belinda says:

    is nobody going to talk about his a$$ (time stamp 10:14)

  15. Equus Pallidus says:

    Get you an expanding mandrel and a leather hammer. pour your gold ring a little wider than it needs to be and a little smaller in diameter. Use the leather hammer to smack it down a little ways on the mandrel and then put it on the expanding mandrel and stretch it. Then back to the regular mandrel for a little further beat down. Rinse and repeat until it is sized for you. You can actually use a gold coin to do this and polish all the coin markings off until smooth like a band. Saves a lot of time with the wax and the ring will be at least 18 karat.

  16. thirrteen says:

    Way cool. Job well done.

  17. TJW595 says:

    Imagine 75 years from now their great grandchildren are getting married and they get handed these and when they ask where they came from, their parents can tell them “Your greatgrandpa made them” and imagine that look of awe on their face. Beautiful works of art, amazing metallurgy, and filled with love. Amazing job Alec.

  18. TheGreatWarrior123 says:

    Make Sauron’s Ring

  19. Travis Campbell says:

    Very cool. Congrats to you both!

  20. NitroGamingHD says:

    He needs to invest in a lathe for this stuff, even a small cheap one would work

  21. Luke Paden says:

    Congratulations to you and yours and thanks a ton! Been trying to learn how to make wedding rings and this video has been the most help by far.

  22. Duffy Unknown says:

    That hammered finish looks nice! 👍 👌🏿

  23. Duffy Unknown says:

    Sometimes I wish I was English so I could use words like brilliant and not sound like a Nincompoop

  24. epeterson40 says:

    When do we get to meet her??

  25. Raymond J says:

    dude you should get a julers lathe !

  26. Bigbadscar says:

    Who the hell dislikes a video like this!? *SpongeBob caveman face*

  27. The_Kansas_Kid says:

    Congradulations! I want to make a nice ring for my gf, but I don’t know how to mount gemstones or how much gold or silver to use. I’ve only ever made rings from coins, but what are some tools that could help me make a nice ring? Casting the ring isn’t an option for me.

  28. carolbuzelim says:

    You sound so adorable talking about your family 😍😍

  29. L B says:

    Do you have a sponsor for the accent as well? Everything else is… Love your work but sponsoring everything is douchy.

  30. The Pilot Penguin says:

    Alec is only like 2 years older than me and he makes me wonder what am I even doing with my life 😳☹️

  31. intensity digital says:

    isn’t making a ring out of pure gold kind of dangerous? I’m not an expert but from what I’ve herd, since gold is soft it will bend instead of snap if crushed and can cut off circulation to the finger.

  32. Joey isamazing says:

    Congrats man

  33. 20somthingdrifter11 says:

    Alec Steele – Blacksmith, Sword Smith, Goldsmith… yeah you want this guy on your Zombie team.

  34. The Bean says:

    Aw man what I would give to have all those tools to make my own custom jewelry all the time

  35. shawn Jackson says:

    All I saw was 15 min of your face and you running your mouth. And ring making.

  36. Martin Coatham says:

    Do you Hall Mark the gold yourself?

  37. gunnar koksnase says:

    just for all the guys out there who want to try this too u dont need to have all this fancy equipment to make those rings…

  38. J H says:

    I really hope hes catching all the shavings…

  39. LegendSlayer77 says:

    Everyone: excited for him

    Me: …. I hope he’s recollecting those gold shavings

    • Mr Chittychad says:

      Theres tons of people who keep saying that. Of course he’s collecting the shavings! its like nobody is allowed to make gold jewelry because people only care about money.

  40. RUSH & CO. says:

    Might not have shown her but at least we know he didn’t land himself a Fat girl!

  41. lemon and lime says:

    Na stop flexing those airpodz

  42. omarstreisand says:

    Alec saludos desde México me encantan tua videos la paso muy bien… Te recomiendo a pablo cimadevila

  43. MTB Thiccness says:

    Woah alex actually has a THICC booty

  44. John Benjamin Tatum says:

    Congratulations to you and Will.

  45. hanneskr97 says:

    watch out with the investments

    they contain silicates (most of them) and are bad for your lungs

    better wear masks while working with them

  46. Gyrocompa says:

    Come on guy, you are handsome and skillful enough not to need so much slow-motion !

    And now that we have watched 6 minutes of engagement ring and 16 minutes of wedding bands, at least please show us a photo of your fiancée wearing them !!

    By the way, congratulations and best wishes to your couple !

  47. Peter Babjak says:

    I am so happy watching this … wow I love watching Alec being happy and making something for him and his wife, it is so clear how happy he is.

  48. Marvin Moncevais says:

    Way to go brother!! Congrats and many blessings!

  49. Michelle Mckee says:

    AWESOME job on the wedding bands, man!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!🥂

  50. EngineerSean YouTube says:

    You are using a file to shape your fiance’s ring. Very wasteful considering the price of gold. Better to cast it much closer to the final dimensions (also considering shrinkage during cooling from molten to solid) and then just be able to polish to a final finish.

  51. Nolan Peters says:

    these videos are the only confirmation that you and will aren’t lovers

  52. Priyanka M says:

    He got me at “diviiiider”

  53. Jacob D. Williams says:

    Great job on the rings however you really should have a tray to catch gold when you’re filing.

  54. Nib-Na5ty says:

    God it doesnt look like he is saving any of the gold

  55. Emil Nielsen says:

    That Hammerd finnish is beautiful

  56. Bennett Harris says:

    We are not a socialist state. We won’t every really have freedom thing function and we are America. America is not socialist

  57. Bennett Harris says:

    Vote for trump

  58. MrKeueR says:

    Really happy for you and your future wife !
    Contrats to both of you !

  59. Micheal McKenzie says:

    Every time I hear him say investment I think hes talking about the gold

  60. AaronP11 says:

    He always makes the ring by casting it but I see other Jewelers on YouTube make it by twisting a line of metal around a steel round bar and then cut it.

  61. Robert Robbins says:

    Very nice bands!

  62. Robert Robbins says:

    It’s not failure, he just found 1,000 ways how not to make a light bulb….. Nicholas Cage quoting Alexander Gragham Bell in the movie “National Treasure”

  63. StarOfFire says:


    it looks SOOO amazing. I just can say one: breathtaking.

  64. Christopher McSwain says:

    Dude, you did amazing work.

  65. Waldemar says:

    This lost wax technique reminds me a lot of how my dental lab technicians make old school PFM crowns.

  66. MMALifee says:

    When making bars for implant dentures the investment is mixed in a vacuum mixer, not cheap but it makes really nice investments.

  67. Ramon Huijgen says:

    you have a lucky ladie

  68. Gerard Murphy says:

    Hats off to you Alec , that’s cool as hell making your own wedding bands ,
    Hope you and your fiancé are very happy together 👍🏽
    Good work

  69. Bros Numeral Dos says:


  70. Dark Pone says:

    “This one goes on…it doesn’t really want to come off.”
    HINT; that’s the one.

    Make them out of Damascus!!!

  71. Roys Insights says:

    Great job on rings

  72. Basti T says:

    Congrats that she said Yes.. 😉 🙂

  73. Paul Thompson says:

    Looks awesome! I took my Stop the Bleed course this week! Thanks for highlighting it!

  74. OH YEAH! Podcast says:

    You should wear a ring that she makes! hahaha

  75. Argonian pickels says:

    Very late congrats man

  76. JR Hamilton says:

    Ah making yourself a legally binding lifetime ankle monitor for your finger! Cheers!

  77. Ashleigh M says:


  78. BrenticusMaximus1 says:

    Congratulations 🎉🎊 Happy times!

  79. Elanor West says:

    congratulations! Your handiwork is so beautiful!

  80. adelmo worytko says:

    alec if your fiannce is ever intersted will you do a video introducing her

  81. LOLSflint says:

    1:08 His marriage was sponsored by Skillshare… waht

  82. Conor Court says:

    That hammered finish is incredible. Well done.

  83. WhyEmptyVoid says:

    Just had to flex those air pods huh !

  84. Migdhadh Mohamed says:

    Good for you mate. Good luck both of ye.

  85. jesus Garay says:

    Show me the girl

  86. DaPinkBublé says:

    the hammer finish does look dope. thats gold i would wear and i hate gold.

  87. twostroke350 says:

    Try a kitchen microplane (like you use for parmesan cheese) for reducing wax volume. Never clogs, removes a lot of material quickly but in a very controlled manner.

  88. twostroke350 says:

    My wifes wedding band was left with the final hammer marks too. As time goes on, they will gradually wear smooth to a perfectly smooth, polished band. Takes about 7 years. There may be some symbolism about starting off with many facets and working towards a perfect finish in there somewhere?

    Incidentally, the master goldsmith Ken Moffat who made our wedding bands, also pattern welds GOLD DAMASCUS rings… Just saying.

  89. Supabear says:

    @Alec Steele if you didn’t beat it with a hammer it wouldn’t be yours lol. Very Nice Bro

  90. a s says:

    lol you’re now in my backyard

  91. Mike Stemp says:

    You guys are F-ing dope!

  92. Abby Babby says:

    Just don’t wear your ring while working. To easy to de-glove your finger, seen it happen a lot. If you have to wear a ring get a rubber one the will rip off and not jerk your finger off. Congratulations by the way.

  93. Robert Garza says:

    A little late. Congrats to you and your fiancé Alec! Having fun binge watching your channel. Keep up the great work brother. Keep hammering.

  94. B Norton says:

    Really stunning work man!

  95. fenderplayer946 says:

    looks beautiful on her finger… waves it past the camera on his hand… brilliant haha!

  96. hennelly irvin says:

    Made rings of my own using this video and dental lab equipment! Great video

  97. Tobie Koster says:

    when did Michael McIntyre start making jewellery? 😉

  98. x X_Twisted_X x says:


  99. achelan says:

    Since copper has a similar melting point to gold, is it a good way to practice?

  100. Michael Rave says:

    Those rings are amazing congratulations

  101. Arif Iqbal says:

    Congrats brother.

  102. Amin says:

    Congrats mate

  103. audiobrew says:

    Wow. “Third time’s a charm” instead of “third time lucky”. Get this man his US citizenship papers!

  104. Xavier Rodriguez says:


  105. bernain molina says:

    Let me tell you something even though ur not American originally you have that can do work attitude my friend

  106. Ze Shitten Mother says:

    The lost wax method is thousands of years old though….

  107. Benkay V Falsifier says:

    2:23 I could never wear a ring. I have one of those fingers that have large knuckles and small base so anything that fit my knuckles would be loose on my finger and any smaller would NEVER come off.

  108. toxiccomando says:

    Jewelry stores hate him. Click here to learn his secret.

  109. Martin Rugroden says:

    What a coincidence that the commercial for this episode was by Pampers.

  110. Chris Pennington says:

    Love the videos what happened to your finger grinding without gloves?

  111. Sam just sam says:

    Congrats man

  112. weareewancameron says:

    what a donk

  113. Michel Jubran says:

    Congrats! Love the hammer finish !

  114. Billy Guthrie says:

    You deserve it you seam to be a nice driven guy. I am happy for you take care and forge your futures together.

  115. Putup Orshutup says:

    You should glue some rubber tips on that little V devise you cut and file your rings on. Or better yet go to the local Walmart, in the paint section you will find rubber dip for tolls. Enough said

  116. Brendan Allison says:

    “That is sooooo satisfying” -Alec Steele while shoving a rod through a hole that’s too small. Yikes.

  117. TWH says:

    Looks great man! Impressive

  118. Ruben Romero says:

    why is this man so THIC

  119. John Hyslop says:

    so Alec…when do we get to see her working the forge?

  120. Tyhesheia Allen says:

    Your talent awe me , your going to be flithy rich you should go into business being your own boss making all sorts of custom design rings for people somebody is going to pick you up and make you rich that is your blessing

  121. m y s t i c says:


  122. Nick Heigl says:

    im lonely

  123. Wander Lost says:

    I want a custom made band to propose to my girlfriend . Send me a message and give me prices.

  124. Fil Stewart says:

    Something in my eye – how wonderful and moving to see you making your own rings…Good for you. 🙂

  125. Ryanrulesok says:

    You get engaged and then a month later you think of getting married. Isn’t your relationship going too fast?

  126. Dingo Jo says:


  127. Castro DallasTX says:


  128. Albrat Gaming says:

    for a clogged file.. the best solution to clear it is a wire brush. 45 degree angle strokes from both sides of the file… Nicely cleans the file out of wood or wax…

    I think the hammered finish makes it so fitting for you and a Awesome pair of custom rings. Lovingly made by yourself. Means so much more than a shop bought ring.

  129. Jesse says:

    Pro tip on wax. You have to pour it as soon as it melts. You wait too long it just burns the crud out of you. :p (Honeymoon tip)

  130. ITAGER-DNA says:

    a lot of pablo cimadevila stile songs . i like !

  131. dl200010 says:

    That hammered finish is amazing! Especially with you being a Black Smith.

  132. gavendb says:

    Hammer Potter

  133. BigolJoe says:

    I love how giddy he was in this.

    So happy for you two Alec!

  134. s vernon says:

    wishing you both all the happiness you wish to have .. Slainte mhath .

  135. s vernon says:

    is Will the ring boy ?

  136. s vernon says:

    hey Alex, bunch of us out here were wondering if our invites got lost …

  137. Beren Valari says:

    why not just hammer her band a bit on a mandrel to stretch it to size? No gold lost and you get to do what you’re really good at, hammering metal into shape.

  138. MoonieLu says:

    plot twist: he’s marrying himself

  139. Creating Julie Silversmyth says:

    Such a fancy accent! Love it!

  140. Mike McKeen says:

    Smart lad. Figured out the easiest way to stay in America is to get wifed up.

  141. Julien Napoli says:

    Hammered finish looks fabulous! good job Alec and best whishes

  142. Nope Noway says:

    She must be very shy, as no one has seen her. Tho opposites attract.

  143. Rick Knight says:


  144. muhy3 says:

    Surprised he didn’t stretch this out to 23 episodes.

  145. Jacob Lavery says:

    You look 12

  146. Carianin 52 says:

    Alec, you are an amazing talent. Just 21 and you have mastered so many skills.

  147. Emr0ck says:

    Very happy for you !

  148. melissa darling says:

    crush: hi.
    me: making wedding bands🙂

  149. Joshua Morang says:

    Amazing workmanship as always beautiful work and congratulations.

  150. rymdalkis says:

    I’m so happy for you and Will

  151. Vulpea_Secolului_20 says:

    you should go to forged in fire

  152. grovermatic says:

    Is anyone else vaguely disappointed because Alec and Will would have made the CUTEST COUPLE EVER? No? Just me? Ok.

  153. Matthew Fortune says:

    Just a suggestion and but you should have either made the engagement ring on its one and both wedding bands at the same time or all 3 at the same time. I know it’s all symbolic but had you done it that way the wedding bands would have had more of a connection than just being made by you but literally would have been cast from the same metal.

  154. Katherine Koning says:

    Congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!! Also…

  155. Huzaifa Ibrahim says:

    It is good to see you so happy about it

  156. The Distracted Maker says:

    That hammered finish looks amazing, well done!

  157. Tacet says:

    Leaving it with the hammered finish was the right call. That looks amazing when it’s polished.

  158. Taelend Sauve says:

    That hammered look on your ring is super cool

  159. Kyle Boren says:

    Congratulations Alec!!! And beautiful work as always.

  160. Levi Swang says:

    Congratulations on the engagement sir!

  161. Personamedaniel says:

    2:41 how do you do that whistle I’ve been trying to learn it for years 💀💀

  162. Psyrus says:

    Perhaps a silly question, but why would you conduct the burnout with the hole facing downwards? Would not the – now thoroughly carbonized – residue from the burning wax collect and adhere to the “ceiling” of the mold?

  163. Binary Bug says:

    You sound, and gesture like Michael McIntyre.

  164. nathan moorefield says:

    Bro you’re awesome!!

  165. Yanir Govrin says:

    Isn’t your ring a little soft if it’s just gold? In my highschool material science class I cast a ring with Sterling silver and it was cool

  166. James Dennett says:

    The hammered finish on yours is genius, obvious and utterly beautiful.

  167. B Fett says:

    congrats man!!

  168. scoobtoober29 says:

    Put a covering on that gaping wound you nut job.

  169. Gussyboi says:

    I’m from Montana!! Bro so sick

  170. Clara Does Nothing says:

    I wish I had the skills to make them for my man.

  171. tk says:

    Hammered finish is cool as hell.

  172. SCUMBAG KYLER says:

    You need to make and sell these I’ve been with my girlfriend for 6 years now and I’ve been looking for the perfect ring and that beautiful hammered finish looks like it was ripped from a Vikings grave I need these rings

  173. Onno L says:

    The music is like Tristram from Diablo1

  174. Good and Basic says:

    Congratulations! JB

  175. Kyle says:

    Alec please get a skin for your bench. Collect your Lemel!

  176. CessnaacePVP says:

    Well congratulations again to both of you!

    Been with you since 10k and very cool to see all you’ve done.

  177. Karel Rode says:

    First the Engagement ring, then the Wedding ring. Next the suffering.

  178. Weston Wilson says:

    Start selling this stuff!

  179. Its Skum Life says:

    Will’s manicure looks good. Gratz you two.

  180. Dieselmachine4 says:

    Congratulations brother. I wish you, and the future Mrs.Steele all the best. Be her inspiration, but let her be yours as well. Much love to the both of you.

  181. Rob Rakay says:

    great look nice job

  182. Rowan Wagner says:

    He is very sweet but can he calm down a bit

  183. incognito burrito says:

    Who is she!?!?

  184. Helveteshit says:

    The fact, there isn’t a tray under the working surface for jewellery is mind boggling to me. Why not try collect all the gold dust etcetera?! You can make a tray similar to a keyboard table. Something you pull out once seated. To collect all the golden dust. Over time, it will surely collect into quite a chunk of metal in gram.

  185. Lewisseacadet Can't tell you says:

    Wedding ring

  186. stressly says:

    Congrats Alex

  187. Noe R says:

    Did I miss the proposal?
    Did she love the rings?

  188. Susan Joyner Snodgrass says:

    When do we get to meet your future wife?

  189. Joe Duke says:

    Why not 3D print the ring, then lost wax cast it, near net shape?

  190. Silver Gryffin says:

    Amazing. Totally love the idea and effort of making your own engagement and wedding rings. Honestly I am happy jealous. This has been a bit of a romantic dream of mine for about 15 years to happen to me when I get proposed.

  191. Gideon Larum says:

    so happy for y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. VOLHans says:

    Wow, Will is one lucky lad!

  193. Brad Turner says:

    Silly question, admittedly I know nothing about this skill set, can you make a white and yellow gold damascus?

  194. Gus Gould says:

    I bloody loved this video it’s more like the OG Alec Steele videos

  195. Matt Johnson says:

    The hammered finish looks nice, and it’s apropos for your work. Congrats on the pending nuptuals!

  196. J C says:

    Looks easy. I’ll make mine tomorrow on lunch brake lol. Congratulations on your engagement mayGod keep you both.

  197. L M says:

    I see custom jewelry making in your future. Enjoy the ride.

  198. ringdingading says:

    My husband and I made each others wedding rings. We found a little goldsmith who would instruct us and provide us with tools. It was sooo much fun 🙂

    • Andreas Halemba says:

      we did so too. but we did use some gold strips and bend them and sodered the ends. Was quite a different approach than he did.
      Also in Germany there is a saying you should not make your own rings.

    • grovermatic says:

      Nice! What a charming idea. 🙂

  199. Fergus Dunlop says:

    the chronicles of alec changing from a blacksmith to a jeweler.

  200. Bailey Louque says:

    the music in your videos are always amazing

  201. TonicJuice says:

    ring or BAND?

  202. chewtoy99 says:

    Thought you are a blacksmith?

  203. Liam G says:

    Congrats Alec!

  204. Mr Nohbdy says:

    A hammered finish carries a little more meaning when you or your significant other is the one who hammered it.

  205. Viola Helmgaard says:

    8:39 I hope all that gold dust is being used again or is it just going on the ground and in the vacuum!???

  206. Duy Tùng Phạm says:

    I’m glad that Will said “yes”

  207. Lykos of the Crimson Sky says:

    Just a suggestion you and your girl should do a q and a where either alec or both of you answer some questions while she out of the view so we get know you guys a little more

  208. 14goldmedals says:

    Gold smithing was once a dark art wrapped in secrecy. YouTube has shown us that any dude willing to file etc can make a living even while suffering from a seriously low attention span.

  209. Caleb D says:

    Beautiful work! Also, really nice video.

  210. Clara Mullen says:

    Beautiful set of rings Alec. Best of wishes

  211. cooper pecha says:

    Alec dummy thicc

  212. jonmy357 says:

    I’m ashamed at the lack of effort in my proposal to my wife, damn you alec!

  213. Operator's Anonymous says:

    Can’t beat having made your own wedding rings.. good bit of sentiment and intimacy involved there…

    • Elisenda Pelonegro says:

      Definitely not something you’re gonna see in a store! Much better when it’s one of these one-of-a-kind pieces. Makes them all the more special!

  214. Blake Hensler says:

    Look at Alec all giddy with excitement! Congrats on your arrow to the knee and I love your videos.

  215. keno1964 says:

    Saw the engagement vid when it came out, and first thing I said was “NOW we know why he moved to Montana!” Congrats dude!

  216. Pot ato says:

    being dead serious here, I just got engaged with my fiance too

  217. Heidi Baltom says:

    I really like the hammered finish its unique. Many wedding rings are totally smooth band but these are slightly different

  218. Dihler says:

    Will said yes how cute 😀
    JK thats awesome. Happy for you two!

  219. Marcus Vespasian says:

    Centrifugal caster is what we used when learning to make gold crowns for my patience as a dental student. From preparation impressions, wax up, investment, casting,finishing and

  220. Matthew Hall says:

    😍 so cute loved this so much I wish you and your woman all the best for your Marriage

  221. Cheese dragon says:

    It would be awkward if she said no 😂

  222. super8ben says:

    Something you forgot to mention about the kiln burnout is the third and most important purpose for it. That is that it bakes the investment to force out any moisture still inside. Otherwise the water, even at a tiny scale, will turn to steam when you pour and will fire molten metal back at you or even explode.

  223. Jackson J says:

    Step 1. Go to YT Search
    Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    Making Wedding Bands!
    I met those laughing, fierce hazel eyes. Cassian’s smile softened. “Hello, Feyre.” My throat tightened to the point of pain, and I threw my arms around his neck, embracing him tightly. “I missed you, too,” Cassian murmured, squeezing me.
    When, in the street, I see a mother walking with her grown-up daughter, I can hardly bear to witness the mother’s pride, the softening of her face, her incredulous joy at being granted her daughter’s company; and the iron discipline she imposes on herself, to muffle and conceal this joy.

  224. Maarten van den berge says:

    Carefull my great grandfather pulled of his finger when his wedding ring got stuck

  225. ContaigiousYT says:

    I am very very happy for you😁🎉

  226. Mike Sledge says:

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    I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.
    We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that’s why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I’ll never forget a single moment of it.

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    Men and women speak completely different languages, and one of the best things you can do for your marriage is learn her language. Guys typically want to fix things, do things, achieve goals. We are run by the question ‘can I do it?’

    Women are run by emotions, their question is ‘am I loved?’

    So when she comes home from a rough day at work and is upset about how someone treated her, don’t offer to fix the problem because she doesn’t want you to fix it, she just wants you to listen and provide emotional support!

    Future Misses Steele, the same is true for you. Alec speaks an entirely different language than you do even if you don’t realize it! The best thing you can do is try to learn his language while he tries to learn yours!

    One more thing and I’m done. Always, always, ALWAYS be willing to talk to each other! One day your spouse is going to do or say something that hurts you, don’t just blow it off. They might not realize they hurt you and if they don’t know it’ll happen again and again. Calmly and gently talk to each other about your hurts. And if you don’t want to say something in anger let them know you want to talk but you need time to cool down.

    My wife and I have been married for just 2 and a half years, but this advice has helped in many many ways!

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  355. The Ruined Drone says:

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