Meghan Ditched Her Huge Engagement Ring For An Important Reason

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Meghan Markle has a pretty noticeable, blingy engagement ring – a whopper with a 3-carat diamond, in fact – but if you’ve looked at any of her recent pics, you might notice that it’s notably absent and presumably hasn’t come along with the Duchess of Sussex on her royal tour of Africa. Markle, along with Prince Harry and 4-month-old Archie, recently arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, and began making the rounds on an official royal visit.

As photos began to surface from their travels, though, it didn’t take eagle-eyed fans a long time to notice that the duchess wasn’t wearing her giant engagement ring during the trip. Instead, they noticed that she’s sporting a much less flashy, more modest ring, featuring a simple gold band with a small turquoise stone alongside her gold wedding band.

The simple turquoise ring is a Jennifer Meyer creation that is currently sold out. It typically sells for the relatively affordable price point of $250, so nowhere near the cost of a hefty 3-carat diamond. It’s classy and understated, while still being a gorgeous accessory for the Duchess of Sussex on her and her family’s royal visit.

And as it turns out, that desire for simplicity is exactly the reason Markle left her engagement ring behind – a source confirmed to People that she wanted to maintain a more low-key profile during meet and greets while travelling through South Africa.

Her engagement ring isn’t the only thing missing from her ensemble, though. Markle has also chosen to not wear her eternity ring – an anniversary gift from Prince Harry – on the African tour.

Still, it was Markle’s engagement ring that got a lot more interest when the future royal revealed it shortly after she and Prince Harry announced their engagement in 2017. The three-stone ring is packed with deeper meaning – as Harry has detailed in interviews, the smaller diamonds on either side of the center stone are from his mother Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection.

For those out of the know, Botswana is a landlocked country bordering South Africa that Prince Harry calls his second home, as it’s a place that the young prince visited frequently and spent time in after the untimely death of his mother. He told ABC News:

“I first went to Botswana in 1997, straight after my mum died. My dad told my brother and me we were going to Africa to get away from it all. This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world. I have this intense sense of complete relaxation and normality here.”

While everyone is very interested in royal engagements and the resulting rings, fans have noticed that wedding rings aren’t a part of every prince’s outfit. The Daily Mail reports that Prince William, for instance, simply doesn’t care for jewelry – and according to Hello Magazine, Prince Philip does not wear a ring on his hand either. Prince Charles, on the other hand, always dons a ring, as does Harry.

The wedding band Markle wears was fashioned from Welsh gold and was gifted to her from the Queen, while Prince Harry’s band is made from platinum. Prince Charles, of course, wears his wedding ring on his pinky finger, while Harry’s resides on his ring finger.

Markle’s fashion choices are always the subject of scrutiny from the public, and while her rings are the big story here, people have also noticed that the duchess doesn’t always wear a brand-new outfit on outings. For example, when the family first arrived in South Africa, it was noticed that she was wearing a dress that she had already been seen wearing before in October of last year. She also wore a striped maxi dress on this trip that was previously spotted during the couple’s visit to Australia, which also occurred last October. So while Meghan’s reasons for leaving her ring behind may make sense for royal critics, doubling up on outfits might be a little less excusable.

The royal family, who recently spent time with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, are set to continue on their tour for several more days. This is the first visit to South Africa for Meghan, and it’s baby Archie’s very first official tour anywhere.

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172 responses to “Meghan Ditched Her Huge Engagement Ring For An Important Reason”

  1. The List says:

    What’s your favorite thing about Meghan?

  2. Beth Gerow says:

    it was at the jewellers, being “improved”

  3. Mary Whitmore says:

    Probably sold by now

  4. Cody Myers says:


  5. Lynn Ward says:

    She changed the ring Harry gave her then to add insult to injury she leaves it in a draw,daily!

  6. Anita Hickey says:

    She should get locked up in an institution.

  7. Jo Rusnak says:

    Big red flag harry.

  8. Mary Gebhart says:

    I don’t care for her she changed harry willian and harry were close it hurt the family and I think in time she will hurt harry

  9. timmo491 says:

    Probably had to return it to the Queen.

  10. Frances George says:

    Meghan is helping us forget about the crimes of Prince Andrew and the 10 missing children the Queen took from Canada. What a hero she is.

  11. Harrietta Moore says:

    In Meghan’s first engagement interview, she talked about how lovely it was that Harry had it designed for her. Once she was married, she had it re-designed. I find this unbelievable. I have very specific tastes when it comes to jewellery, but I would never re-design something that my husband gave to me. In this case, Meghan had the ring re-designed when it included jewels belonging to Princess Diana. I find that incredibly cold. She should have simply worn it the way Harry had it designed, regardless of whether or not the design was ideal for her. It was these kind of shallow and selfish acts that made me begin to doubt her sincerity. You don’t do that to someone you love

  12. dessie lopez says:

    because she expects that people of Africa will give her gifts like jewelry

  13. ME3 says:

    If she LOVED her husband why not move there to get away from the royal and her family?
    Doesn’t she want her husband to be HAPPY?
    Or is all that matters is she gets what she wants?
    After what his mother went through, what woman wouldn’t understand that the Royal Family is based on SERVICE,
    that you’re just a glorified civil servant with no real freedom?
    *She spent so much time chasing the truck and that she didn’t figure out what happens when she caught it.*

  14. Moaning Minnie says:

    We don’t want to know she’s a lying ungrateful scumbag

  15. Wendy Merchant says:

    It looks as if Meghan’s wedding ring NOW is much smaller than the “original” center diamond ring that Prince Harry purchased for her. The actual
    wedding band is absolutely different—much thinner—also one is silver and the other gold. (Gone is the gold wider ban). I am sure that you called it correctly that the Queen got Meghan to “return” it back to the Queen’s stash—especially Diana’s 2 smaller side diamonds. Megan’s 3-carat diamond appears to be only 1’1/2 or 2 carat now—it could be fake as well, maybe? This is my opinion only.

    Guy, have you tried a headset? It might be easier to use than to hold your mic? Regardless, you and Janine are the BEST!

  16. mercy coleman says:

    No that wasn’t the reason .

  17. vickie arriojia says:

    she probably sold th original, the little gold digger

    • Cecile Joubert says:

      AGREE! That shows you how ‘cheap’ she is. And the ‘ginger’ is too stupid to say anything about the ring!

  18. Pam Lane says:

    You boring people

  19. linda lee says:

    How can a woman with such an ugly nose…have such power over Harry and demand so much….I dont get it…shes a narc..he should get out now….

  20. Carla De Sousa says:

    Omg so ugly. This bicth is.

  21. Jackie Cooper says:

    A new mother will take of jewelry if it might scratch her child

  22. Inez Shooter says:

    Ashamed of her blood diamonds eh!

  23. Bichon Fabienne says:

    She does not deserve Dianas Loose Diamonds. For that he has cut the Diamonds out of Dianas Ring from his Mother. A 3 Carat diamond and she later didnt like the Ring so she had it redone and has a plain Ring from her last Ex Husband that she still had. Can you believe that. I would have divorced her right then and packt her Stuff and thrown her out. How insulting is that. Wearing a Ring from her Last Ex Husband. She wanted the big Engagement Ring that William gave to Kate argued with Harry that she should have it since, Harry gave that Ring to William to give it to Kate’s engagement . But she found that out and she deserves that Ring because Harry had it first.What a Evil Woman. She dosent even care and has Respect for his dead Mothe rDiana and of him. All the People have found out about her and dosent like her at all. Just Money Money and then more. I hope the Queen strips them of the Titles. At least her. Lock her up into the Tower because she is Insane.

  24. Lizzie Dee says:

    What is such a big deal about Meghan leaving her expensive rings at home during an active trip. I would. It would be devastating to lose such things. What is the problem. I was shopping yesterday and saw the most vicious portrayal of Meghan. She is not that. Needless to say I didn’t buy the disgusting tabloids. This is in New York. I was so shocked that this filth has crossed the pond. Well haters I didn’t see anyone else buying either.

  25. Gwen Lusane says:

    Maybe there was concern for possible robbery attempts??

  26. Margo Lockweeze says:

    Damage control MM Much?

  27. maryainaruk sorymark says:

    Huge and kiss you give to the world you father need needs some Meghan

  28. Leigh Ann Thomas says:

    Crochet patterns

  29. Orion Star says:

    ooooohhhhh that is such rubbish…… no woman takes off her engagement ring if she values the meaning of it. Specially somebody like her.

    • Florida Island Girl says:

      @Orion Star It is her decision. We can speculate all we want, but does not make it fact. Sarah Cohen is traveling with her and advicing the couple. I am sure there is a logical reason and not something negative. Honestly it is not an issue for drama!

    • Orion Star says:

      @Florida Island Girl well…come to think you maybe right, I think I have done it to once or twice in my life…but then again I do not have a personal assistant, bodyguards, I do not travel with people who care after and mind my every move, I do not air lift my own car to drive in another country, nor I have a personal driver, I have to go tru crossing and check points at every border like every average traveling Jane Do and if I may add …I have to travel comercial.

    • Florida Island Girl says:

      @Bichon Fabienne That is a lie you made up!

    • Bichon Fabienne says:

      When she was in Africa she took it off
      You can see for yourself. Everyone is asking why she took it off ? She was afraid that one of her black People would slip it off , thats what they assume. I hope she will be gone soon.

    • Florida Island Girl says:

      Not true. I know many women including myself that do not travel with their expensive jewelry. I wear my band and a watch. My friends do the same. I know people that their bags have been lost with jewelry missing when luggage was found too. Why is this even a concern?

  30. britannia tanuvasa says:

    God bless the royals, they are both genuine and they move forward no matter what people think. Many blessings keep up the good work.

  31. The Lovely Woman says:

    She don’t care for juwelery! It is her husband and child that are her diamonds! She is such a nice person!😊 She has the same character as Diana had.

  32. B Davenport says:

    Meghan had the band changed!! The original, that Harry have her, was NOT good enough for her! Meghan is not Royal by any measure! She was not given an allowance for clothes for the trip!

  33. Pearl Ann says:

    Her valuable things is not for ever we all of us vanish from the Earth so let’s collect the good work for the world when you can do

  34. Gloria Mccarty says:

    Why? She doesn’t trust the people she loves and trusts with Archie. What a hypocrite!!!

  35. linda phillips says:

    Looks tacky in that head scarf. Could have fixed her hair instead of leaving it hanging out all around her face. Trying to look like Princess Diana but failed big time. Didn’t even come close.

  36. Queen Gaga Islander says:

    A 3 carat diamond, square in shape, is large and bulky. When you are changing the baby’s diaper it can scratch the baby. Also large stones tend to drift to the side and can tear up the flesh on the others fingers when others try to impress you with their FIRM HANDSHAKE!!I’ve removed rings for this reason….Come on people give her a break!!!

    • Sharon Snider says:

      Like I said, it is awkward and uncomfortable. Americans like to be comfortable. Didn’t you ever hear that before? How do you think blue jeans got so popular?

  37. Brenda Buban says:

    Meagan is not a fraud!You envy her?fake news really…Shame on all of you who despise her!!!

    • linda phillips says:

      I don’t despise her. I just can’t stand a liar, user and abuser. Those kind of people I have no respect for.

  38. S Leah Miller says:

    The family is beautiful. Praying for safe travels!

  39. cynpet kc says:

    I hope Lizzie Cundy will now leave bad mouthing Duchess Mehgan now that she has used her name to rekindle her romance again with her ex. The problem is that all these women bad mouthing the Duchess are missing what she has and instead of admiring her, they went on the offensive. Now that her ex knows she used to be the Duchess ‘s unfriendly friend and reconciles with her hoping for an invite by the Duchess, l hope Lizzie will leave the Duchess alone.

  40. Vicki Lundy says:

    This new way of doing things is directly due to her US PR team. We know what them doing things their way looks like, we’ve been watching that for the last eighteen months. And the recycling of cloths was due to the queen not giving a clothing allowance for the tour. So is rumored. It could also be the new PR, but we know if things would have been done her way she would have had new wardrobe from head to toe. You never know what’s scripted PR and what’s truly them. There’s nothing genuine about her. And to look at the faces of those woman… unbelievable.

  41. charlotteq1 says:

    It’s clearly obvious Meghan Markle is a manipulative twice divorced, third rate cable TV actress with deluded trashy radical left wing attributes. Unfortunately, this, together with her obviously vulgar unsuitability is demonstrated even more with her ‘social climbing’ as time goes on! Please DO go to the backside of Africa (that you like so much!) or back to the US, importantly STAY THERE, saving the UK taxpayers millions for your security!

  42. CarriUSA says:

    But she is wearing her pagan jewelry…. Pagan Magan, the duchess of deceit .guaranteed she won’t make light of the atrocities happening in SA.

  43. Danica Spasojevbic says:

    Pls voch. Whay they visiting richest town in SA. ..RF….dye only looking to make benefits from African Countries taike more daimonts, lands, someone plaises to see and pua erias to halp peapll
    Parading throu vith baby…
    THEY bigast hipocrets in planet….New vold order…..666…to DISTROY Christianity. …
    Whay THEY COMING. …
    RF …?

  44. Tsitsi Zinyemba says:

    Thomas Markel wants to make money out of his daughter stop feeling sorry for him % maryainaruk,,if you can’t trust you parent it’s difficult history shows that Thomas Markel only cares about money

  45. Darlene Dixon says:

    Afraid they would be robbed

  46. quinn hendley says:

    this young woman gets a whole lotta hate and venom spewed her direction. on the regular. the comments are crazy sometimes. lol.

    • Brenda Payne says:

      Best Archer Does it matter? People are so hypercritical of others, period. I get so tired of it. I believe a lot stems from jealousy. She’s not haughty and that’s why I like her.

    • Britannia says:

      She’s not young

    • Brenda Payne says:

      I believe the hate and venom are uncalled for. So many people are so critical of others when I wish they would just look in the mirror and reflect on their own shortcomings and keep their nasty comments about others/Meghan in particular to themselves.

  47. Vera Melvill says:

    Amazing people have lots to say about the royals and the money spent on them but when they wear the same outfit more than once a lot is said why??? Surely normal people rewear their clothes no matter how rich they are!!!!

    • Sharon Snider says:

      I don’t happen to think ANY of them is very stylish, except the queen who has a certain type of Old Lady Charm that I happen to enjoy. The styles the royalfamily wears is dull and uninteresting to me, except the wedding gown and the gown Meghan wore to her reception. It just doesn’t make any difference to me whether they wer something over and over again. I really don’t care.

  48. sinabnet49 says:

    The ring wasn’t good enough for her. She had it redesigned. Along with the large center diamond and two smaller diamonds there are diamonds on the sides of the band.

    • linda phillips says:

      @anne king Those two teeny bombers,, chapo and woohoo, are something else aren’t they? Seems to me they are the one who want to get to get into Harry’s pants. mm did have her ring redesigned. I can’t imagine how that made ph feel. I would have been heartbroken. I for one cont stand mm’s ways. She’s selfish and very jealous. She wants it all and is welling to hurt whomever to get it. She was that way before ph.

    • CHAPO TV says:


    • CHAPO TV says:

      @Woohoo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍾🍸

    • CHAPO TV says:


    • anne king says:

      Woohoo she did have her engagement ring redesigned why do you call people morons when they have a different opinion to you

  49. Heidi Brinkley says:

    She is such a fraud.

    • Heidi Brinkley says:

      @CHAPO TV The race card is as overplayed as the Diana card. She considers herself white and even field out applications where she claimed she was white. Despicable people come in all races; you don’t know me. My mom is not fake, she’s dead.

    • Heidi Brinkley says:

      @Woohoo Hi Meghan

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @linda phillips Americans and Brits have some different ideas about raising children. Until she can find some Brits who are accustomed to American ways, she will be firing nannies. Would you like YOUR children to be raised by Americans instead of British?

    • artsylovelylady says:

      @linda phillips You don’t know this woman. She’s a stranger to you but you claim to know all about her heart and her personal relationships. You’re weird.

    • linda phillips says:

      She’s still a fraud straight up and down no matter what is running threw her veins. She’s got a black heart. She doesn’t know what love is or how to give it. She is insecure with friends that’s why she has such a turnover. She doesn’t know how to work with people that’s why so many have quit. It is plane to see she has a problem she needs help with.

  50. Elizabeth Williamson says:

    Prince Charles the future King has given the Sussexs’ zero clothing allowance. Too bad too sad!

    • mikael blomkvist says:

      @Sharon Snider you know sometimes, there is something much more behind all the story that she claims. and sometimes what people claim that is true is not necessarily the truth. but like what you said she has the right to do whatever she wants, but that does not guarantee that people would just shut up and close their eyes especially now that she is living under the roof of the most popular and controversial family in the world. and that “DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT” is not at all a wise thing to do all the time. so if you want to do whatever you want? you sure do know how to hide it and when to show it and how to show it. you can’t just popping out of no where and you are crying for a privacy like a brat.

    • mikael blomkvist says:

      @Sharon Snider long before she married prince harry? see–this is why..tell me what exactly do you think she was suffering about before she married prince harry? is it what she said about when she goes to auditions and people would say that she is not too black for the role or not too white for the role? is that it? —well, of course she won’t be accepted for the role if what they are really looking for is someone who is really black or really white for the role…she should stop doing always acting like she is someone that has to be pitied about just because she does not get what she wanted. what if the movie is all about black people from the past? well i don’t think she could get accepted because she never look like that case it is just being honest of what the director really wanted to make the movie looks realistic. see?–this is what is really wrong with this woman..she always sugar coat every single word she say…it’s not just her who goes to audition that got turned down really bad. even meryl streep has claimed about her being turned down in an audition because she is not that pretty for the role. AND IF you will say she has no friends then and that she’s looking like an outsider long before she married prince harry, well i don’t think that’s really the case. she has friends and she was loved as what she was long before she married prince harry. SO TELL ME? MAKE ME REALLY UNDERSTAND, WHAT IS IT EXACTLY THAT SHE IS SUFFERING ABOUT LONG BEFORE SHE MARRIED TO HARRY? PEOPLE REACTED WHEN SHE CLAIMED IN HER speech in fiji about her struggle in her education. people did not have an idea. it was when her father reacted to it and her sister. although her sister is really annoying. but seriously what if his father will show that receipt? you see i know i don’t have the right to give meghan or anyone on what to do with their or her life but if i were her just keep it simple. i know that she is used to talking a lot but sometimes i don’t think her speaking all the time what she thinks can bring her any good thing in her. just take for example in wimbledon…she thought people are taking pictures of her so she asked her security to ask the guy or everyone surrounding her to stop taking pictures of her. but actually the guy in front of her who is holding his camera is claiming that it was not meghan that he took a picture of. it was himself. trying to tell his friends that he is in wimbledon. and one of the people working in a media company was also being told and she said in an interview that she did not take pictures of her. i mean how embarrassing is that? assuming things that really happened around you. if i were her she could have just let the people take a picture if they are really doing that and just enjoy her day in wimbledon. anyway, she is not doing anything bad in there. and another thing. i think she really knew that people are really talking about her being pregnant that is not real. what’s so funny is that you can really read it, that by constantly holding her bump, it’s like she is trying so hard to tell the people by doing that gesture all the time that she is pregnant. and people began to notice especially that time when she wore that very bright pink coat that she is trying so hard to show it in the camera by constantly holding her coat back and show her bump as if discreetly. she does not need to do that. and yes, some of her fans are right. she does not need to prove herself all the time to the people. she did not get what the queen means when she said “do not explain, do not complain” just resume with your duty. but her it seems like she is explaining so bad that hey i could get pregnant at my age..or look am really pregnant. you see, it’s not about her race. people sometimes don’t get her when she will say she wants privacy and yet she’s walking out like that in a polo match bringing her 2 month old baby at that time under that hot summer. yes, she has the right to do whatever she wants with her baby. but people were just confuse that if she really wants privacy she can’t just show up like that. she’s in the royal family now she can’t expect people not taking pictures especially in that kind of event because it was not a moment where they could get privacy… because that polo match was meant to be shown to the public because it was for their charity. you see—she just could not imagine being not seen. and yet she is crying for privacy. and yet she appear in a match looking like that bringing her baby when she knew people will really criticize and that people will really say something. if she wants privacy she should do things in a right place at a right time. she should learn doing that. because doing whatever you want is not being a royal. that’s being a celebrity. remember that people are paying whatever she has now. cause if she keeps doing what she wants she will be the reason for the royalty to fall. and stop comparing her to diana because diana’s life was different. she suffered from a different situation.

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @mikael blomkvist her mother did not experience that. Doria Raglund (?) is, unmistakably, a black woman. I don’t know–or care–what Meghan experienced with her first husband. As an anthropologist, I am very well aaware that much of what is thought of as racism is, in fact, rooted in socioeconomic status. I am merely trying to make you understand the kind of stress that Meghan was living under, long before she married Prince Harry, and from which she may still be suffering.

    • mikael blomkvist says:

      @Sharon Snider 73 years? you know i think you need to go out and see the world for yourself. cause i don’t think that’s the case now.. and i think meghan is pretty working well with white men in her life. i don’t think they are violent around her and i think they know that she is a mixed race. you see i’ve been to US. and i don’t think it’s the case now. and if there are some of those happened violently…well, some happens not because of your race.

    • mikael blomkvist says:

      @Sharon Snider the problem is actually not racism. but it’s our socioeconomic status that people are judging us. this is actually one of the biggest factor. if what you said about white men is true, meghan could have experienced that to her ex-husband. or her mother from her dad.

  51. Elizabeth Williamson says:

    Elizabeth Ann Ferrario:C

  52. maryainaruk sorymark says:

    How can you smile when you daddy crying for you love.

    • A V says:

      @linda phillips : Yes, her mother was running around with women. Of course, her father raised her. That’s how she is: if anything on her way, she just leaves. She is exactly like her mother.

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @CHAPO TV Well, THAT ought to tell you something about the family on the whole.

    • Florida Island Girl says:

      @Orion Star Doria’s net worth is the value of the home she inherited. She has to work, Dear. Her net worth is $900,000. She has no pension or retirement! Do your research and stop believing the lying youtube

    • Florida Island Girl says:

      @linda phillips He did not raise her….. Idiot. The only time she lived with him was in high school M-F because his home was in walking distance to her private high school and she had no car. She went to mom’s home every Friday thru Sunday. Doria and Thomas both raised her. Doria NEVER left her daughter! Stop lying!

    • Orion Star says:

      I won’t be too worried about that….I THINK THEY ARE ALL IN…FOR THE MONEY. They all give interviews, paparazzi photo shuts, on a regular basis… Doria is the only one who is directly benefiting from it…since her net worth increase so much since the succubus’ wedding to that poor chap Harry ….but EVERY ONE OF THE HARKLES IS MILKING THE ENGLISH CROWN FOR ALL ITS WORTH.

  53. maryainaruk sorymark says:

    Meghan remember you daddy crying for you love.good or bad he is you daddy you love you son.

  54. Marit Kristiane Haugan Wick says:

    She is a horrible woman that is very sick !!!!!

  55. Regia Macedo says:


  56. Edna Perhach says:

    Did you see Princess Beatrice’s new engagement ring , puts Megnuts to shame , she wouldn’t like that . We’ll see what she brings home though. 🇺🇸👿

    • Sharon Snider says:

      Do you relly think Meghan cares about Beatrice’s ANYTHING?

    • linda phillips says:

      @CarriUSA Tell’em like it is girl. I agree with you. They just don’t know mm like we know mm. That is one cruel witch. Hope ph gets away from IT ASAP.

    • CarriUSA says:

      No…we dislike a narcissist who involves her liberal leftist ideals in the facade of philanthropy / foundation and is disrespects the royals, the queen, and Americans. FYI…she’s 3/4 white…. it’s not about race.

    • artsylovelylady says:

      You all really hate African Americans, don’t you? Because that’s how it reads on the other side of the pond.

  57. Elizabeth Ann ferrario says:

    Yes no clothing allowance from Prince Charles so she has to recycle oh dear what a shame ! She has plenty of clothes which would be suitable but no she looks like a tramp exposing her cleavage which was inappropriate also. Her outfit to the mosque not covering her arms and not covering all her hair again inappropriate! Need I say more she is an embarrassment to the United Kingdom ! And our royal family .

  58. Emma Joseph says:

    how bizzare we hv nvr seen hr dancing with ppl in d uk or being so enthusiastic

  59. Nedra English says:

    So why is this news?

  60. Rebecca P. Jaquez says:

    Shes shedding Harry.

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @Orion Star She will do what SHE thinks is best, I am sure. You can just sit there and moan over it.

    • Orion Star says:

      @Sharon Snider I’ll take it is she doesn’t want it…! If she thinks her engagement ring is an awkward and uncomfortable piece of jewelry she can auction it for charity and give the money to the poor. If it is too big, she can make it smaller and more comfortable by taking off the diamond band she added.

    • A V says:

      @mikael blomkvist : There’s no love but lust if any by now.

    • mikael blomkvist says:

      @Sharon Snider the engagement ring that harry used to express his love to her is awkward and uncomf’table?

    • Sharon Snider says:

      She’s shedding an awkward and uncomfortable piece of jewelry. Get a grip, for God’s sake.

  61. Ummmhummm says:

    Prince Williams…. yeah sure you don’t like jewelry

  62. Jeff Wingham says:

    Glad the Brits have to pay for this piece of shit.

    • sarahspeaks144 says:

      Jeff Wingham – Wrong again, Jeff. The expenses of all royal public duties are paid by the Sovereign Grant, not the British taxpayer.

  63. Joanna B. says:

    Wow what a nice video; I like her. Omg, can’t wear outfit more than once even several months or years apart?? That’s just idiotically ridiculous!! Love that she decided to do so even though not the norm!

  64. joym824 says:

    I think she’s pregnant again! 😊

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @Till Love Why is it that when people want to excoriate strong black women, they decided they have to be “male”. I am thinking, specifically, of Michelle Obama and Serena Williams–and now, Meghan Markle. Here is something interesting from history. Men of Spain first began the custom of excoriting black women because of their strength. In Spain, about the time of the Inquisition, when Spanish women were never allowed any freedoms, and always highly protected, these women pointed to the very free black women in their midst who went anywhere they chose and acted totally according to their own desires. In response, their men labelled black women as being “witches” and capable of acting freely because they were protected by their own powers. Isn’t it interesting that people who cannot or will not admit to the strength and power of black women still fall back on such stupid excuses?

    • Till Love says:

      @Brenda Payne Only a complete idiot would be jealous of her. Take a look at the RF; you cannot say that they are jealous, they just disrespect “her” as much as “she” has no respect towards anyone. So I am with the royals. Best wishes and do not respond me, I don’t need that.

    • Brenda Payne says:

      Till Love Now that was a trulysick comment. What’s your problem? Not jealous, much!!

    • Sharon Snider says:

      Maybe. And?

    • Till Love says:

      Right, with the next pillow. She is a male.

  65. Audra Andrews says:

    She’s a POS.

  66. Susan Wagner says:

    Then she’s the only normal one in the bunch. I think it’s good that she doesn’t waste money and clothes. She seems really modest and the dresses look gorgeous on her. Why shouldn’t she be able to wear them twice or many more times? I don’t understand he fuss about it

    • Joanna B. says:

      @MsRainbow Brite not sure why u addressed ur comment to me. Anyway, I did not know that & no, we Americans are not over here discussing her or Harry. I take it that ur in England.

    • Brenda Payne says:

      Su SAN I’m with you. I love Meghan. I loved who she was before Harry and love her with Harry and he is obviously smitten with her. Isn’t that what counts? All of these naysayers turn my stomach. I wish they’d all be quiet and mind their own business.

    • Britannia says:


    • Woohoo says:

      MsRainbow Brite there hasn’t been a single day in Harry’s life when he’s worn a shoe with a hole in it LOL idiot.

    • donna black says:

      @MsRainbow Brite only to the hateful,jealous,racist peasants like you.Don’t try to project Kate’s phony ass onto Duchess Meghan because all of Duchess Meghan’s supporters knows that she is authentic there is nothing phony with anything that she does and that is a fact not an opinion.

  67. Zahra Abdo says:


  68. Patricia Castillo says:

    Who cares! There are other things to worry or know everyday about than the ROYAL family.

    • Unoino 111 says:

      Patricia do yourself a favor and go find them, here’s a hint if there is a picture of Meghan then don’t click on it LOL

    • Joanna B. says:

      Yet ur here. Lol 🙄🙄
      Did u watch the whole video, too?? 🙄 This video was about her. There ARE videos about other more pressing topics, too. 🙂

  69. Anna KW says:

    Nice, but would be even nicer to sell the ring to feed Botswana for a year

    • Florida Island Girl says:

      Good Lord! Why are you idiots concerned about her wearing her huge engagement ring? Get real….. Her decision! Stop speculating and being stupid. HER DECISION!!!!!

    • mimi hendrikz says:

      I actually thought that she could bring her engagement ring, doesn’t she have security /bodyguards with her? At hotels there is safes to keep valuables. People is surely selected for these events.

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @Tsitsi Zinyemba That could happen in any city in the world, today. In London or New York, it could happen. In ANY crowd, her jewels could be stolen right off her person.

    • Sharon Snider says:

      @TheLegend_2017 It’s a part of history, now, it would sell for far bigger money than that.

    • Sharon Snider says:

      Why in the world should she do that? What would give you the idea she felt as if she needed to take responsibility for these people being fed? Get real, why don’t you?

  70. Carmencita Davis says:

    Who cares if she wore the same dress more than one time, People can be so nit-picky, there’s not one person in the world that hasn’t wore the same outfit before

    • A V says:

      @Gwen Taylor : She is white; thinks like one, dresses like one, treats her hair like one, talks like one, gestures like one, married twice to whites, dated to whites, before becoming famous, all her friends were whites, even her child is white. You’re dreaming if you think if she considers herself a bi-racial woman. She CAN’T put the wool over my eyes. She’s a true chameleon. Knock my words; the guy will file divorce from this lying diva at some point.

    • linda phillips says:

      You people give yourselves way to much credit. Even she list herself as white. She only uses the race card when it suits her or makes her money. No that is not why people do not like her. They or we just don’t like liars, users and abusers. Now you can bring on your useless rhetoric. I know you little mm darlings need to vent.

    • Carmencita Davis says:

      @Gwen Taylor I certainly agree with you

    • Gwen Taylor says:

      Carmencita Davis If she had worn all new clothes there would world wide condemnation and accusation of wasting British taxpayers money. The girl just can’t win because the agenda of a lot of her critics is steeped in racism. It may be a dirty word to some but people should just be honest and say what is really at the root of their criticism of this bi- racial woman.

  71. Alex Woodley says:

    i dont think ive clicked on a video faster 🥴

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